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21 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 00:14 GMT+2

01/03/2013Istat, positive variation of the indices of the turnover of the field of the marine transport in fourth trimester 2012
For the destagionalizzati data is of the +5.3%; for the raw datas of the +3.8%

01/03/2013Fusion of two law firms Americans specialized in the admiralty law and of the transports
draft of The Chartwell Law Offices and Houck Anderson

01/03/2013Undersigned the contract of sale of the Croatian ship yard Brodosplit
is yielded to group DIV for 486 thousand euros

01/03/2013Portocittà announces the abandonment of the plan for the Old Port of Trieste. The Harbour Authority asks the respect for the engagements
Monassi: we have cleared the areas doing the impossible. Assembly of NAPA

01/03/2013and May to Naples will hold national convention of the The International Propeller Clubs
In program an international convention on the topics of the marine economy

01/03/2013the assembly of Interporto Bologna deliberates a capital increase
Ricci: it begins a new era

01/03/2013the logistic group French Gefco has instituted a branch in Middle East
Has center in the bonded area of Jebel Ali, to Dubay

01/03/2013Assagenti gives the ballots to the scenes of development of the assumed port of Genoa from the Harbour Authority
a commission ad hoc constituted by the association has elaborated a document that is delivered to the agency of Saint George Palace

04/03/2013To January the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto is diminished of the 34.5%
Calo in all the merceologici sections

04/03/2013the Italian association of the fleeting shipowners of the transport tourist denunciation the insostenibilità in which pours the section
the AIATP evidences the problematic ones and indicates some urgent provisions that they could attenuate the difficulties

04/03/2013Konecranes confiscates an order record emitted from the Indonesian one Lost
Store clerks also to the French Gaussin Manugistique and the Realtime Australian Solutions Business

04/03/2013In the 2012 clearly generated result from the Vopak group is diminished of the 15.2%
Revenues in increase of the 12.1%

04/03/2013Chilean CSAV reduces the losses
Last year the revenues of the shipowning society are diminished of the 28.4%

04/03/2013Calo of the economic results of the logistic company Helvetic Kuehne + Nagel
In the 2012 is increased marine and aerial shipments enlivened by the group

04/03/2013Hubways promotes the use of the intermodal terminals and the sustainable corridors goods
kick-off the meeting of the European plan has held recently to Brussels

04/03/2013Last January the traffic enlivened from the port of Venice has grown of the 4.3%
In increase the bulk sand banks (+20.8%). Decrease of liquid bulk (- 2.2%) and of the goods several (- 1.1%)

05/03/2013the CLIA supports the initiative of the ISF in order to facilitate the release of the approvals to the marine ones that must disembark
the next month is in program the reunion of the Facilitation Committee of the IMO in sight of the review of convention FAL

05/03/2013has passed away Pietro Calleri, president of the Silomar Spa
This morning numerous exponents of the genoese harbour community have participated to the funeral

05/03/2013Large the Navi Veloci chooses ABB in order to pull down the edge consumption
Installation of electric motors to high yield and drives to variable frequency on board of cruise ferry "the Supreme one"

05/03/2013Bakkelund (RS Platou): the current excess of ability to the ship yards can last to the maximum for a pair of years
"At the end - it has explained - the ability which suppressed waiting for better times will become necessary"

05/03/2013Prosegue the trend negative of the transport goods in Italy
Strong (Confetra): "also for the first months of 2013 not there are resumption signs. The only positive data is the arrest of the erosion of the margins"

05/03/2013STX OSV assumes new denomination VARD
the proposal of change of the corporate name will be subordinate to the assembly of the shareholders that will hold to April

06/03/2013In the 2012 Seaspan Corporation is returned to the profit
Wang: 2013 are begun with two important contracted with the companies MOL and Yang Ming well

06/03/201315 March Interporto Padua will celebrate the 40° anniversary of foundation
Round table on the topic "Scenes of the intermodalità"

06/03/2013Panalpina closes budget 2012 in loss
Monika Ribar: "we are not successful to compensate the rest in the field of the aerial transport"

06/03/2013Orient Overseas Container Linens improves the economic performances
Tung: 2013 will be newly a challenging year

06/03/2013In the 2012 French Bourbon whiskey has recorded an emphasized increment of the result clearly
the revenues are increased of the 17.7%. Good perspectives also for exercise 2013

06/03/2013the Harbour Authority of Trieste starts the procedure in order to equip itself of the system of environmental management EMAS
the objective is continuous the environmental improvement

06/03/2013Christened before a series of eight new portacontainer from 13.386 teu of Chinese COSCON
the "COSCO Belgium" will be employed in the service NE3 that connects Asia with the Europe North

06/03/2013Nasce Foundation FS Italian
the objective is to value and to preserve historical, technical, ingegneristico and industrial the patrimony of the group Italian Railroads of the State

06/03/2013BP-EBX in order to distribute fuel to marine use in Brazil
the new society will be participated jointly by the two groups

07/03/2013Dockwise anticipates demanded for the delisting from Euronext Amsterdam
Second the forecasts, the removal of the title from the list will have effect 12 April

07/03/2013DP World yields participation in the container terminals situated in the harbour area Kwai Chung di Hong Kong
100% of ACT Holdings will go to HPH Trust, while the 75% of CSX World Terminals and ATL Logistics Centre will go to bottom GHKLF

07/03/2013Med Cross Lines will extend the Adriatic-Libya service to the ports of Ancona and Bari
Currently the line scale Koper, Venice, Benghazi, Tripoli and Misurata

07/03/2013the Louis group has sold the ship from cruise Calypso to Argon Systems Fze of Dubay
the Middle Eastern society takes care of the acquisition of ships to assign to the demolition

07/03/2013Cambra (AP Barcelona): the investments in railway infrastructures produce a decrease of the transport costs
a reduction between the 15% and the 22% of the cost for ton

08/03/2013Nuovo marine service Genoa-El Khoms via Radès of Tunisian CTN
transit the total Time is of 8-10 days

08/03/2013Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung is diminished of the 10.3%
the port of call has closed 2012 with a traffic goods total of 120,8 million tons (- 2.6%)

08/03/2013shipowning alliance CKYH will renew the Network of Asia-Europe services
the next month will be suspended spin NE1. Confirmed the suspension of line NE4

08/03/2013Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Trieste has grown of the 15.2%
In the first period of two months of the 2013 increment has been of the 4.2%

08/03/2013the Harbour Authority naval of Carrara anticipates the plan for the requalification of the waterfront
the Tuscany Region will show off it to the MIPIM of Cannes, the event dedicated to the real estate industry

08/03/2013Centro Italia Terminal obtains the authorization for the customs warehouse of temporary guard
TCI is the business unit created last year from Interporto Marche

08/03/2013Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti denounce the state of stall of the railway connections with the port of Genoa
the unions ask a urgent encounter with the E region the Harbour Authority

08/03/2013the property left at death one of the ship from Costa Concordia cruise will be transported to the port of Piombino
has decided It today the Council of Ministers

11/03/2013Attica has yielded the Superfast ferry YOU for 54 million euros
the ship is sold to the Genting malaysian

11/03/2013In the 2012 Philippine terminalista group ATI has recorded an increase of the 10.4% of the result clearly
the volume of transactions is increased of the 10.7%

11/03/2013Katoen Native-born anticipates a proposal in order to realize according to container a terminal in the port of Montevideo
the possible investment of 75 million dollars

11/03/2013In the 2013 Italian market of the cruises will return to grow
the forecasts of Cemar and Answers Tourism to the Seatrade di Miami. For the 2014 port of Salerno it attends a doubling of the ports of call of ships from cruise

11/03/2013the classification and accounting firm RINA has launch the new "Cruise Ship Centre"
the objective is to become the point of reference of operators, planners and constructors of the crocieristica industry

11/03/2013acquisice Saipem Offshore contracts E&C for approximately 1,1 billion dollars
New activity in Egypt and Angola

11/03/2013AIDA Cruises has taken in delivery the new ship from AIDAstella cruise
Constructed from the German ship yard Meyer Werft, will be christened saturday to Warnemünde

11/03/2013ANITA, to return the destined resources to the field of the road haulage spendable
the enterprises - the association emphasizes - have urgent necessity of being able to count on such resources

11/03/2013Last year the harbour terminals of group ICTSI have enlivened 5,6 million container (+7.5%)
the Philippine company has recorded a profit clearly of 144,0 million dollars (+9.9%)

11/03/2013China COSCO will sell branch COSCO Logistics to group leader COSCO
the operation has the objective to improve the performances financial institutions of the society

11/03/2013the Italian government will not indent in India the two marò accused to have murdered two fishermen
a note of the precise Farnesina that the decision is assumed "being the formal foundation of an international controversy between the two States"

12/03/2013ZIM doubles the touched ones to the port of New York of service ZCA
a second port of call to the port American in the relation eastbound

12/03/2013the Calabria Region heads to widen own presence in the crocieristico market
the objective is to reach a traffic of 50-80mila fleeting within next the three years

12/03/2013To January world-wide the containerized exports have recorded an increment of the 1.5% year on year
Second the surveys of CTS, the data discounts a decrease of the 2.3% regarding December 2012

12/03/2013the Harbour Authority of has accommodated the conclusive day of the master inserted in the Trainmos plan
Thirty between students and teacher have faced the topic "Smart cities and intelligent ports"

12/03/2013In the 2012 traffic of the goods in the port of Naples is diminished of the 7.0%
the passengers are dropped of 1.0%

12/03/2013insurance company SIAT records a decided increment of the results
exercise 2012 has been archived item with a profit clearly of 5,2 million euros (905 thousand euros in 2011)

13/03/2013Last month the traffic goods enlivened from the port of Singapore has recorded a bending of the 7.0%
the containerized tons of goods are diminished of the 9.1%

13/03/2013d' Amico International Shipping orders to others two new tankers
Option with Hyundai Mipo Dockyard for two ulterior units

13/03/2013VTE collaborates with the local authorities in order to guarantee safety in the schools of the West genoese
In program the reactivation of the systems antifire of the institutes scholastics of the delegations of Voltri, Pra' and Pegli

13/03/2013Bolivia announces a plan in order to upgrade the connections with the markets foreign countries through new outlets to the sea
the objective is to transfer great part of the commerce with the foreign country, than currently it journeys for Chile, towards the Peruvian ports, Argentine and Brazilian

13/03/2013Confitarma expresses satisfaction for the decision of the government not to indent the two riflemen in India
d' Amico: "I wish that the entire event can be defined as soon as possible, with a friendly solution of the issue in judicial or arbitral way"

13/03/2013the EU commission anticipates a plan of directive for the sustainable management of the coastal and marine zones
Maria Damanaki: "our proposal inaugurates a new phase of integrated marine politics of the Union"

13/03/2013Alarm of Trasportounito for the crisis of the road haulage, in particular of the societies that operate with the Sardinia
Thought: the governments have not known or intentional to give concrete answers to a fundamental category for the national economy

13/03/2013Calo in 2012 of the traffic goods through the Swiss Alps
is redescended under the threshold of 40 million tons

13/03/2013the European Parliament has rejected to wide majority the proposal on budget 2014-2020 of the EU
the eurodeputati ones ask a more flexible and efficient budget

14/03/2013To conclusion of obligatory the public purchase offer Fincantieri obtains ulterior only a 4.88% of STX OSV
the quota the navalmeccanico group Italian salt to the 55.63%

14/03/2013Great interest to the Cruise Shipping Miami for the next stage of the America's Cup to Naples
Dassatti: The position by now consolidated in the field of the cruises mantenerrà Naples

14/03/2013Federmar-Cisal nozzle an alarm for new a possible participation of Brussels on the privatization of Tirrenia
the union accusation of "fury" the EU commission for the modalities with which it is estimating such procedure

14/03/2013Rickmers-Linie will inaugurate a new service westbound around the world
Collegherà the ports of the Far East with those of the South and America North via Capetown

14/03/2013Green light of the ministry of the Economy to I leave again of the resources for the road haulage for 2013
Unatras plaude to the common front of Italy, Austria, France, Belgium and Denmark against the opening of the cabotage

14/03/2013an amendment to the new regulations EU for the recycling of the ships can make to leaven the costs of the ports of call in the European ports
Verhoeven (ESPO): "the risk of a transfer of the traffic towards ports EU is not absolutely real"

14/03/2013Tuesday to Savona a round table on the perspectives for the marine and harbour operators
will hold near the Fortress of the Priamar

14/03/2013the harbour agency of Trieste restates its position on the reconversion of the Ironworks for a destination logistic-manufacturer
the objective is throws again economic-occupational of the entire complex

14/03/2013Incontro 8 April to Venice on the topic "technical-nautical Services and harbour systems"
Is organized from the The International Propeller Club Port of Venice

14/03/2013Large the Navi Veloci suspends the service for passengers and Genoa-Olbia goods
the connection with Porto Torres

14/03/2013MSC Cruises has taken in delivery new Precious flagship MSC
23 March the ship will be christened in the port of Genoa

14/03/2013China Shipping Development Terminal will acquire the 24% of APM Terminals Zeebrugge
Shanghai International Port Group stops the 25% of the Belgian terminalista society

15/03/2013the Harbour Authority of the East promotes the realization of intermodal connections with Turkey
the agency has participated to the "2nd Annual Port Expansion Summit" of Istanbul

15/03/2013Last month is recorded a decided increase of the traffic of the container in the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles City
In February 2012 the traffic was dropped because of the smaller exports from Asia for effect of the festivity of the lunar New Year's Day

15/03/2013Eleventh consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong
Last month the Asian port of call has recorded a bending of the 8.8%

15/03/2013Eurotunnel protests for the preliminary outcome of an investigation antitrust EU that would impose the arrest warrant of MyFerryLink
According to the group, the income on the market of the new company has not had the effect to reduce the competition, but to increase it

15/03/2013GTS program a fourth departure weekly magazine on the railway line Piacenza-Rome
From tuesday the service will be upgraded

15/03/2013Carnival Corporation has closed the first trimester of exercise 2013 with a profit clearly of 37 million dollars
New technical problems on board of the ships of the fleet of Carnival Cruise Lines

15/03/2013falling of the situation of the social shocks-absorber in exception in Liguria will hardly hit the field of the transport
denounces It Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti

15/03/2013the Harbour Authority of Trieste constitutes a commission of international experts in order to take advantage of all the opportunities of the Carriage free
Monassi: today the put into effect benefits of the regime of Carriage free are essentially customs, while to be developed also the potentialities of fiscal nature

15/03/2013Interporto Padua celebrates own fourty-year period remembering that it has given the go-ahead to the history of the Italian interportualità
Round table on the topic "Scenes of the Intermodalità"

18/03/2013in the 2012 traffic goods enlivened from the port of Palermo
the passengers are diminished of the 10.9% to 1,6 million unit

18/03/2013Thursday to Ravenna workshop on the topic "Offshore Service Vessels - Technology, Innovation, Design, Operation"
will be coordinated by ATHENA and the group Marino Rosettes

18/03/2013Forcieri: the Liguria will reach this year two the million crocieristi
2013 will see La Spezia to triple its traffic and the consolidation of Genoa and Savona

18/03/2013the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT Latium sends back the issue of the costs minimums of safety of the road haulage to the Law court EU
prompt Confetra the ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports to disapplicare the discipline

18/03/2013"K" Linens orders to Imabari Shipbuilding five new portacontainer from 13.870 teu
the ships will be taken in delivery in the spring and the summer of 2015

18/03/2013Agreement Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. - Hakata Shipbuilding Co. in order to realize innovative portacontainer from 1.000 teu
Order for the first two ships from South Korean KMTC

18/03/2013Last year the terminals of the Russian group Global Ports have enlivened 1.628.000 container (+8.0%)
the exercise has been archived item with stable revenues and a decrease of the 30.4% of the operating result

18/03/2013the furtiveness of the current government and the uncertainty on the formation of the new executive induces also Assoporti to appeal to Napolitano
the association of the Harbour Authorities asks the president for the Republic a fort engagement for the next government for the portualità

18/03/2013the G6 Alliance announces the ports of call touched from the new Network of transpacifici services of the alliance
the net includes the Italian port of Cagliari

18/03/2013the Harbour Authority of Salerno has promoted the new crocieristico pole in occasion of the Cruise Shipping Miami
the landing place will be inaugurated within the April of 2014

18/03/2013Bevilacqua is named commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Palermo
"I hope in this period - it has declared - to see approved of the Portuale Town development plan"

18/03/2013Marco Conforti is the new president of Assiterminal for the next biennium
the directive council of the association

19/03/2013Zim will cooperate to the realization of the new Network of transpacifici services of the G6 Alliance
Five of the nine ships of the service WAKES will be introduced by the Israeli company

19/03/2013Morooka (ICS): the financings lack in order to continue to operate the ships in sure and echo-sustainable way
"the protection of the atmosphere - it has emphasized - is of great importance, but we must balance the measures that we adopt with their economic impact"

19/03/2013the minister Clini makes clarity on the procedure of removal of the property left at death one of Costa Concordia
the relative decision to the choice of the modalities of transport and the site that will have to receive the property left at death one - has specified Costa Crociere - it will be taken in the full respect of the laws

19/03/2013the ports of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto have participated to the event Cruise Shipping Miami
For the first time has been introduced jointly with the brand Apulian Ports

19/03/2013Hapag-Lloyd records a worsening of the economic results
exercise 2012 has been archived item with a net loss of -128,3 million euros. Costs in increase of the 17.1%

19/03/2013Zim cancels orders with Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd. for the construction of five portacontainer from 12.600 teu
Sent back from 2015 to the 2016 delivery of other four ships of the same ability (with option in order to cancel the orders)

19/03/2013Tomorrow in Old Port to Trieste will be inaugurated the photographic exhibition "Navigating underwater"
Ripercorre the evolution and the history of the submarines and the Italian submarines

19/03/2013Rodolphe Saadé: "2012 have been an important year for CMA CGM"
the French shipowning group has closed the exercise with a profit clearly of 361 million dollars

20/03/2013the mission of Assomarinas to the Moscow Boat Show
Perocchio: we have recorded beyond 500 contacts between diportisti, real estate tourist agencies and, nautical circles

20/03/2013In increase the economic results of the Middle Eastern terminalista group DP World
Mohammed Sharaf: "we continue in the long term to having confidence for the perspectives of our field"

20/03/2013prompt Confetra a political participation on the costs minimums of the road haulage
is need - the Confederation explains - of certainty in the commercial relationships in the row of the transport goods

20/03/2013Brussels authorizes a modification to the plan of restructure of the Croatian ship yard Brodotrogir
also a financing to the Polish ship yard Nauta Shipyard

20/03/2013In 2013 to the ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres will land 118 ships from cruise
Last year the ports of call have been 142, with a doubling regarding 2011

20/03/2013Debate to Savona on the perspectives of resumption of the marine-harbour field
Lazzeri (Fedespedi): 2013 negative will be a year still, but from the 2015 we expect a radical change of direction

20/03/2013Convention to Genoa on the topic "From the restructures to the diversification of the production in the shipbuilding one"
from Polo Navale of the DITEN of the University of Genoa and from ATHENA, will hold friday

20/03/2013In the 2011 traffic goods enlivened from the ports EU is piled to 3,7 billion tons (+1.7%)
the traffic of the passengers has recorded a decrease of the -3,5%

20/03/2013Al via to the selection for the formation for 15 railway technicians
Oceanogate Italy will assume the 60% of the participants

21/03/2013a second new portacontainer from 13.208 teu enters in the OOCL fleet
the "OOCL Berlin" is christened yesterday in the yard of Geoje Island of Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd

21/03/2013Porto of Trieste, the workers of cooperative GSI will be assumed by the Leo Sferch enterprise
draft - it has emphasized the Harbour Authority - of a positive solution from the point of view of the occupation

21/03/2013In the 2012 has emphasized the recorded net loss from ZIM
the revenues are increased of the 5%. In 2013 an improvement of the performances is previewed

21/03/2013Incontro Tirrenia-CIN with the unions on the topic of the navigating personnel management
the objective is to reach agreement integrated within next 30 April

21/03/2013contraction of the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Barcelona to February
the Catalan port of call has enlivened beyond 2,8 million tons (- 13.7%)

21/03/2013the Region Friuli Venice Julia assigns six million euro to the Harbour Authority of Trieste
the objective is the promotion of the intermodal transport and the maintenance of harbour infrastructures

21/03/2013Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Bari is diminished of the 17.2%
the passengers are dropped altogether of the 2.4%

21/03/2013In the 2012 crocieristico traffic in the ports of the Adriatic is increased of the 0.9%
the number of the passengers of the ferries instead is diminished of the 9.3%

21/03/2013Baldissara (ECGs): the companies that transport car fight for the survival
the association of the logistics enterprises invites Europe to introduce the incentives to destruction

22/03/2013Last month the traffic in the port of Taranto has recorded a bending of the 41.5%
is enlivened beyond altogether 1,7 million tons of goods

22/03/2013To APM Terminals, Bolloré Africa Logistics and Bouygues the management of the new container terminal of Abidjan
the consortium constituted from the three societies is selected which preferential offerer

22/03/2013Eighty million euro to the ports of Cagliari, Civitavecchia, Genoa, Gioia Tauro and Savona
the minister Passera has signed decrees of division of the bottom for harbour infrastructures

22/03/2013Notices of financing of the Harbour Authority of the East for the sustainable transport
Sommariva: "the sense of these plans is that to open the territory of Apulia and the Network of the East to new markets"

22/03/2013Evergreen has bought 49,200 new container
is ordered to Chineses CIMC, Singamas and CXIC

22/03/2013the Harbour Authority of Antwerp servants of an electronic game in order to increase safety in port
Bruyninckx: we try to put employee ours and the other customers of the port to acquaintance of potentially dangerous situations

22/03/2013Today in Italy strike of the workers of the logistics
is promoted by Itself and Adl-Cobas. CNA-Fita: the protest demonstrates how much the climate is stiff

22/03/2013Course of formation on the management of the emergencies for the attache's of the port of Livorno
will hold from 26 March to 16 May

22/03/2013No choice of commissioner Gabrielli on the port in which carrying Costa Concordia
is proceeding to the verification of the feasibility and convenience of the transport of the ship to Piombino

22/03/2013the Harbour Committee of Trieste has approved of update 2012 of the Plan of Throws again Pluriennale
Monassi: "it is the first time that a not economic public body adopts an industrial plan for own technical-economic programming"

22/03/2013voluntary Agreement between the crocieristiche companies for the use of fuels "greens" in the Lagoon of Venice
Orsoni: "it is a fundamental and unavoidable dowel in order to face the topic of the great ships from cruise to Venice"

22/03/2013prompt Fiom Cgil the start of the contest for the upset to sea of the ship yard Fincantieri di Sestri West
Manganaro: "at this rate it is risked to arrive in 2017 in order to see the beginning of this work"

25/03/2013Saturday to Genoa has held the baptism of the new ship from Precious cruise MSC
: this year very nine ships MSC will leave from the port of from Liguria chief town

25/03/2013Hapag-Lloyd and Hamburg Süd interrupt the negotiations for the fusion
the two German shipowning groups are not successful to reach an agreement

25/03/2013TNT Express will cut 4,000 places of work in next the three years
the group has introduced a new one slowly of restructure

25/03/2013Spediporto asks infrastructures, normative and administrative simplification and fiscal reform
the genoese shippers repropose the issues not resolved that they prevent to take advantage of the marine-harbour economy which they fly for the increase

25/03/2013temporary Award of the dry docks 2, 4 and 5 of the port of Genoa
first will go to the Consortium Basin 2, the n. 4 and the n. 5 to the Consortium Genoa Dry Docks

26/03/2013Roué (Brittany Ferries): it urges delay in the law enforcement EU on the sulfur tenor in fuel for the ships
Also for the CRPM is favorable a deferral of the application of the directive

26/03/2013of MHOS and Imabari Shipbuilding for the planning and commercialization of new ships to metaniere
the ships will be constructed in the yards of the two groups

26/03/2013Last month the traffic goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of the 12.7%
In the first period of two months of 2013 is recorded an increment of the 10.6%

26/03/2013Thursday to the commercial port of Marghera will be inaugurated new Centro Controlli Sanitari
Ospiterà the Point of Inspection Borderer, the Marine Health and the Office Phytosanitary Inspections and Controls

26/03/2013Tomorrow in the port of will be inaugurated the widening of the Garibaldi Pier
the intense activities are carried out by the Lead Italian Water Society

26/03/2013In the port of Algeciras is inaugurated a new terminal for liquid bulk
is realized in joint venture from the Vopak Dutch and the Spanish Vilma Oil

26/03/2013Neste Shipping will cut 124 places of work
Finished the agreements of ship and crew management for three ships in co-ownership with Stena

26/03/2013a delegation of union DGB of Amburgo has visited the port of Naples
Between the objectives of the mission, an exchange of information in the field of the trade-union relations

26/03/2013Nereo Marcucci is the new president of the Confetra
objective Primo is that to subject to politics a crash program on the logistics for throws again of the field

26/03/2013company CNAN MED will extend own regular line to the port of Salerno
In Algeria scale the ports of Algeri, Skikda, Oran and Bejaia

26/03/2013the Commission for the atmosphere of the European Parliament has approved of the controversial proposal for the recycling of the ships
Verhoeven (ESPO): useless the efforts in order to return the aware eurodeputati ones of the serious implications of the tax for the recycling

27/03/2013In the yard of Fincantieri to Monfalcone is launched the ship from cruise Regal Princess
the new flagship of the fleet of Princess Cruises will be delivered in the spring of 2014

27/03/2013CSCL, graces to an improvement of the results in the second half of the year, closes 2012 with a clearly positive result
Last year the fleet of the Chinese company has transported eight million container (+8.0%)

27/03/2013Klaus-Dieter Peters (HHLA): we are satisfied of the economic results of 2012
the exercise has been archived item with a profit clearly of 72,4 million euros (- 18.9%)

27/03/2013the Liguria Region will participate to the Widermos plan promoted from the Harbour Authority of
is to deepen a railway tracing of interest for the development of the marine port of call

27/03/2013Costa Crociere Sunday will celebrate anniversary own 65°
In program initiatives dedicated to the hosts on board of the ships of the fleet. For the 2014 and winter the 2014-15 company has programmed approximately 1.000 cruises

27/03/2013Convention "a new way to see the world - navigable Ways in order to connect Europe"
will hold 19 April to Ferrara

27/03/2013is landed today for the first time to the port of Savona the ship from cruise Grand Celebration
This Iberocruceros year will carry out 37 ports of call to from Liguria port

27/03/2013the port of Cagliari is anticipated to the SITL of Paris
Massidda: "it is being proceeded fastly for the development of the bonded area"

27/03/2013Inaugurated to the new Garibaldi Pier, to which 7 April will berth the first ship from cruise
Forcieri: "it was necessary not to lose this umpteenth occasion of development for our port and our city"

27/03/2013Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is increased of the 2.6%
the passengers are diminished of the 56.4%

27/03/201318 April to Rome will hold a workshop on the little ones and means airports
Is organized from Unioncamere in collaboration with the magazine "Head Horn"

28/03/2013the Cyprus Shipping Chamber reassures on the efficiency and solidity of the industry of the Cypriot marine transport
the manifest association optimism approximately the positive outcome of the measures for the stability of national the bank system

28/03/2013Paolo Salvaro is the new president of Confetra East Nord
Succeeds to Giulio Bresaola to the guide of the association in the last biennium

28/03/2013Last month the Chinese ports have enlivened a traffic of 523 million tons of goods (+5.3%)
the container has been pairs to 10.750.000 teu (+1.5%)

28/03/2013the Court of Cassation establishes that the harbour canons are not taxable
Cause introduced from the Harbour Authority of Genoa against the Agency of the Entrances

28/03/2013in order to exclude the port of Livorno from the area Until and velocizzare the procedures for the dredgings
will be delivered by the Tuscany Region to the technicians of the ministry of the Atmosphere

28/03/2013In the 2012 result clearly of terminalista group PSA has grown of the 11.5%
the volume of transactions is increased of the 4.3%

28/03/2013In 2012 railway handling in the port of Trieste realized from Adriafer has grown of the 31.4%
Marina Monassi exhorts the social parts and political citizens to activate itself united in order to pick the opportunities of the Carriage free

28/03/2013In 2012 Yang Ming has improved the economic performances
Increase of the results in the second half of the year

28/03/2013the fusion of NYK-Hinode Global Line and NYK Corporation Bulk will have effect the next 1° October
the new company will be called NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd…

29/03/2013China COSCO has closed 2012 with a net loss of 1,3 billion dollars
the volume of transactions has grown of the 4.4%

29/03/2013To twenty years from the first order, a Chinese company will newly buy ships from a yard of Taiwan
Next store clerk of the SITC International Holdings regarding the CSBC

29/03/2013MSC Cruises announces an own fixed presence in the North American market
new ship "MSC Divina" will sail from the port of Miami for all 2014

29/03/2013Marian (AP Raises): the intra-Mediterranean line of Med Cross Lines is an opportunity for the export apulian
Will be possible to intercept that traffic that from Southern Italy it is irradiated via road towards the Italy north

29/03/2013open Letter of Friend (Confitarma) to defense of the presence of the soldiers on the Italian ships
the president of the shipowners scale against the proposal of some parliamentarians to suspend such measure

29/03/2013the contest for the construction of a new oil terminal in the port of Danzica
Will have an ability to 700 thousand cubic metres, of which 400 thousand in the first phase that will be completed in 2015

29/03/2013To Hapag-Lloyd june will inaugurate a new Mediterranean service - East Coast USA
Scalerà Livorno, Genoa, Fos, Barcelona, Valencia, New York, Norfolk, Savannah, Tangeri and Marsaxlokk

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