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21 April 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:47 GMT+2

02/04/2013MSC will sell the 35% of Terminal Investment Ltd. to the Global active trust Infrastructure Partners
the transaction will have a value of beyond 1,9 billion dollars

02/04/2013the shipowning group Evergreen clearly closes 2012 with a result of positive sign
the revenues are increased of the 5.6%

02/04/2013Attica has archived item 2012 with a net loss of -53,3 million euros
the volume of transactions has recorded an increment of the 3.7%

02/04/2013to February the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Genoa
the containerized trade records a bending after 21 consecutive months of increase

02/04/2013Fortunes International Transport nozzle the "preventivatore"
Service on-line in order to obtain automatically pre-emptive for the shipment of goods via sea

03/04/2013Bureau Veritas has bought German LVQ-WP
the society of Mülheim an der Ruhr carries out nondestructive testing for the industrial field and that naval one

03/04/2013Seminary on the topic "the insurance guarantees in favor of the shipper and of the carrier"
from Fedespedi and Alsea Milan, will hold 10 April in the Lombardic chief town

03/04/2013STX Offshore & Shipbuilding look for an agreement with the creditors
the navalmeccanico group has closed exercise 2012 with a net loss of 782 billion won

03/04/2013Undersigned the contract with which Chinese SITC it orders to new ships to group CSBC of Taiwan
draft of eight portacontenitori from 1.800 teu

03/04/2013the EU commission proposes budget 2014-20 of the European Agency for Marine Safety
the previewed financing is of 160,5 million euros

03/04/2013DB Schenker Rail entrusts to SBB CFF FFS Cargo the rail shipments between Germany and Italy through Switzerland
draft of thousands of trains per year. The galleries of base of the Saint Gottardo and Ashes are to good point

03/04/2013Collaboration UASC - CSCL for three transpacifici services
the Middle Eastern company will introduce ships in two services of the Chinese society. New line between southern China and the south-western Pacific

03/04/2013To Monika Ribar the end of May
To the guide of Peter Ulber the subentrerà company

04/04/2013Arriva to the eighth day strike of the workers of Hongkong International Terminals
Tomorrow HIT and CHT will ask the Supreme Court for Hong Kong a delay for the injunction that it forbids to manifesting to approach the terminals

04/04/2013Conclusi the ten years of intense activities of dredging of the main navigation channel of the port of Los Angeles City
the backdrops are carried by -45 to -53 feet with an investment of 370 million dollars

04/04/2013Negotiations with the German Poland Sweden Line for the privatization of Polferries
Will be under way from the Polish ministry of the treasury

04/04/2013Green light of the Board of Directors of CSAV to the investment for the acquisition of seven new portacontainer from 9.300 teu
Assembly 29 April in order to propose an increase of capital of 500 million dollars

04/04/2013d' Amico (Confitarma): the resource to the private armed teams on board of our ships is "in fact impossible"
the shipowning confederation asks the immediate opening for a job table

04/04/2013Sassan Rabet is the new managing director of the railway alliance Xrail
Assumerà the assignment 1° the May

04/04/2013precise the Louis Cypriot the impact of the decisions of the Eurogroup on the bank accounts of the society
According to the board of directors, the losses near Laiki Bank will pile to 100.000 euros and near the Bank of Cyprus to zero euro

05/04/2013Russian agency Rosimushchestvo authorizes the privatization of railway group JSC Russian Railways
In according to trimester of this year plan will be subordinate to the examination of the government

05/04/2013the property of Unifeeder will pass from Montagu Private Equity to Nordic Capital Fund VIII
the terms of the transaction are not returned famous

05/04/2013In the first trimester the 2013 port of Savona has enlivened 3.169.952 tons of goods (- 0.9%)
March has made to mark an increment of 1.4%

05/04/2013prompt Assiterminal the adoption of measures in order to allow with the harbour terminalisti to face the crisis
Gilberto Danesi, Marco Simonetti and Vito Totorizzo are the new vices president of the association

05/04/2013the workers of the port of Hong Kong can return to manifest within the terminalistiche areas
However the Supreme Court has established the maximum limit of 80 strikers

08/04/2013Yesterday Spezia has reopened the port to the cruises
With the arrival of "Costa Classica" is inaugurated the temporary terminal cruises Gulf of the Poets Cinque Terre Cruise Terminal

08/04/2013Today and tomorrow strike of the workers of the transport container of the Gavio group
is proclaimed by Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti

08/04/2013Conclusi the intense activities of dredging in the port of Jebel Ali
the terminals of DP World will be able to receive at the same time until ten large ones portacontainer from 18.000 teu

08/04/2013Three manifestations of interest for the acquisition of Scandlines
would be introduced by some societies of private equities

08/04/2013In the 2012 ferries for the Corsica has transported 4.387.453 passengers (- 1.3%)
the connections with continental France have recorded a +2.3%, those with Italy -10,0%

08/04/2013POSCO will increase the realized volumes of traffic through the port of Koper
Last year the cargos (mainly sheet coils) disembarked in the Slovenian port are piled to 250 thousand tons

08/04/2013In the first trimester of the 2013 traffic of the container enlivened from the port of Gioia Tauro has grown of the 22%
the motors vehicle are increased of the 300%

09/04/2013the Italian tourist portualità is ready to the resumption
Perocchio: the "new deal" already is set up through the normative new obtaining

09/04/2013the Greek Thanos Pallis is the new general secretary of MedCruise
In last the two decades has worked in the harbour field

09/04/2013STX Corporation tries to yield own quota STX Pan Ocean to the Korea Develpment Bank
the attempt to sell the participation through a public offer

09/04/2013Agreement of collaboration between Russian Railways, Sinara and Siemens for the construction of locomotori
the supply of 350 locomotives to the Russian railroads within 2020

09/04/2013the frank point of the port of Venice
Debate on the technical-nautical services organized from the The International Propeller Club Port of Venice

09/04/2013Al via the contest for the increase of the channel of access to the port of Livorno
Gallanti: the restrictions will be removed that up to now they prevent to the ships of last generation to reach the port of call

09/04/2013In increase the results of CePIM - Interporto of Parma
Captains: we are proceeding in the just direction

09/04/2013Within end 2013 will be the 200 workers engaged in the construction of the Third Pass of Giovi
Operatively in 2015 and the 2016 occupied ones will be 4,000

10/04/2013the government signature you decree for the increase of the highway rates
Franchini (CNA-Fita): it is a real raid in favor of little and usual you notice concessionaires

10/04/2013Bourbon whiskey tightens an agreement with Chinese ICBC Leasing for the sale and the charter back of ships for 1,5 billion dollars
will be yielded until 51 supply vessel, of which 24 currently in exercise and 27 under construction

10/04/2013Maurizio Fasce is the new president of the genoese shippers
is named for applause from the directive council of the association

10/04/2013has passed away Giuseppe Marasco, writer and journalist of shipping
Was an appreciated and authoritative professional with detached human dowries

10/04/2013Morace: the performance of the industrial plan of Tirrenia CIN proceeds without hesitations although I confront between the associates
"our objective - the managing director of the company has explained - is to continue the experience of the Tirrenia new privatized"

10/04/20131° the june will stop the activity of the pool of chimichiere constituted in 2009 from Odfjell and NCC
Divergences between the associates on the employment of the fleet

10/04/2013Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung has grown of the 4.1%
In the first trimester of the 2013 is enlivened 2.386.253 teu (- 0.1%)

10/04/201316 April to Naples a round table on naval gigantism and total crisis
Is organized from Propeller Club Port of Naples

10/04/2013Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Salerno is diminished of the 3.4%
Stable the rotabili. In decrease the conventional goods containerized and the goods

11/04/2013Mayday has confirmed Franco Cornagliotto to the presidency of the association
Renzo Provedel and Daniele Testi named vices president

11/04/2013First ship with system of distribution in continuous current
"Dina Star", delivered to the Myklebusthaug shipowner from the Kleven Yard, is equipped with the system supplied from ABB

11/04/2013Eurogate closes 2012 with stable revenues and bending of the economic results
On the performances weighs the costs of start-up of the new container terminal of Wilhelmshaven and the smaller yields generated from the investments

11/04/2013In 2012 Anek Lines has accused a net loss of 61 million euros
the volume of transactions of the Greek company is come down of the 18%

11/04/2013RINA has conferred to Sirius Ship Management first certificate "MLC 2006 - which released Crew Manning Agent" in Italy
Maritime the Labour Convention defines the norms tied to international the marine job

11/04/2013the EU commission has approved of the plan for the potenziamento of the commercial port of Augusta
Garozzo: it has been passed from the vision of a port of transhipment to a bound strategic mink more to the territory

11/04/2013Tomorrow to Genoa an encounter on the topic of the transport of the goods on track
Is organized from the CIFI with the CIRT and the collaboration of SBB International Cargo

11/04/2013the Harbour Authority of Livorno has introduced advertising plan 2013
In program not only institutional missions, but real activities of scouting

11/04/2013Companies Tunisienne de Navigation will upgrade the connections with France and Italy
For the next high season 75 crossings are programmed on the route Tunisi-Marseilles and 73 on the Tunisi-Genoa route

11/04/2013Israel Corporation refutes that Zim is able to not to reimburse the debit in confronts of the bondholders
30 April will be introduced a business plan and a regarding plan the structure of the capital of the company

11/04/2013the terminalisti of Livorno have constituted the Agency for the Job in Port
Gallanti (Harbour Authority): "sincerely we are satisfied"

11/04/2013In worsening the economic results of the shipowning group Premuda
For exercise 2013 attended still turned out negatives

12/04/2013Sfociano in an agreement the negotiations between Boskalis and SAAM for the activities of towing in America
will be constituted two joint venture, one for the Brazilian market and the other for Panama hat, Canada and Mexico

12/04/2013Last month the traffic of the container enlivened from the Chinese marine ports has grown of the 8.4%
In the first trimester of the 2013 increment has been of the 8.1%

12/04/201318 April to Venice a seminary on the topic "The Adriatic-Baltic corridor: the perspective NAPA"
Is organized from the Harbour Authority of Venice, NAPA and the European Intermodal Association (that it will hold the shareholders' meeting)

12/04/2013Shortly the Rumanian government will start the privatization of the Mangalia ship yard
In the next weeks will be given the go-ahead to a program of cession of the public companies

12/04/2013In the fleet of the SKI will enter six ships of the Irano Hind Shipping Company
Dissolution of joint venture with the Iranian Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines

12/04/2013of a year the completion of the new container terminal in the harbour area of Muuga to Tallinn
the Transiidikeskuse Estonian in negotiations in order to acquire the Rail Garant Estonia, the society that will manage the system

12/04/2013Between a week to the port naval of Carrara will land training ship Pogoria the sail
Is a schooner to three trees of the Polish marine fleet

12/04/2013the workers of the yard Fincantieri di Sestri West have said yes to the trade-union agreement
the 90.9% has been expressed favorably; the contrary ballots have been the 7.7%

15/04/2013terminalista group Spanish TCB will manage the new container terminal of the Guatemalan port of Quetzal
an investment of 250 million dollars

15/04/2013Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore is diminished of the 10.6%
Held of the goods in container. In decrease loaded conventional and bulk

15/04/2013To March the traffic enlivened from the port of Taranto has recorded a decrease of the 17.5%
In the first trimester of the 2013 bending has been of the 30.9%

15/04/2013world-wide the shipowning industry opposes to the normative proposals EU on the recycling of the ships
Is inapplicable and will irritate the partner of the European Union, emphasizes ECSA, ICS and ASF

15/04/2013the Harbour Authority of Venice has concluded a mission to Shanghai and Ghuangzou
Incontri with the summits of COSCON and COSCOL

15/04/2013Incontro of Propeller Club of Genoa on the role of the Marine Authority
will hold next thursday

15/04/2013Kuehne + Nagel closes first trimester 2013 with a profit of 134 million franchi Swiss clearly
the revenues have grown of the 5.4% to 5,1 billion franchi Swiss

15/04/2013Saint George of the complete Port the intense activities of repair of the flagship of YOU fleet of US Navy
the activity has engaged daily approximately 200 workers

15/04/2013In the 2012 revenues of group RINA is increased of the 23%
the operating result has been attested to 26,3 million euros

15/04/2013Tomorrow to Savona the presentation of the plan "Wind and Ports" for safety of the harbour operativity
illustrated Verranno the functionalities and the modalities of I use of the final version of the portal Meteorological WEB GIS

15/04/2013To March the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the 8.5%
In the first trimester of the 2013 decrease has been of the 4.6%

15/04/2013Convention on the topic "the function of security between sea and earth: bridge towards other businesses"
from the AIAS, will hold next friday to Genoa

16/04/2013Nordana has ordered a new ship multipurpose ro-ro to the Visentini Ship yard
will be delivered in May 2014

16/04/2013In decrease of the actions of marine piracy
"If the naval presence is reduced or if the ships diminish their vigilance - Mukundan (IMB admonishes) - the number of attack go up to the last levels"

16/04/2013the Japanese "K" Linens starts activity of marine transport coasting vessel in India
the branch "K" Linens (India has used a ship to chartering

16/04/2013the port of Los Angeles City loses containerized trade quotas; Long Beach acquires some
Last month the first port of call has recorded a decrease of the 22.6% of the volumes, the second an increment of the 5.4%

16/04/2013Undersigned contract SHI-CSAV for seven new portacontainer from 9.300 teu
the ships will be delivered within the month of May of 2015

16/04/2013the EU commission has proposed new norms for the construction of the Tir
Worry of Freight on Rail for the introduction of the EcoCombi on the British territory

16/04/2013the scope of the second edition of the plan "Wind and ports" is extended to the sea
the objective is to increase to every marine activity the controls in order to assure the always greater safety

16/04/2013Trasportounito recites the epitaph of the Italian road haulage and asks the escape from Europe
the association denunciation that, with a liberalization to small table, the EU has created the foundations for the financial ruin in action

16/04/2013Workshop "the norms, the instruments and the modalities of monitoring ships in the inland navigation and coastal"
will hold 8 May to Venice in the within of European plan RIS

16/04/2013In the first trimester of the 2013 marine traffic in the Suez Canal is diminished of the 9.6%
the cargo volume transported from the ships in transit is dropped of the 4.1%

16/04/2013the port of Bari challenge the crisis with the support of a Technical Committee International Scientifico
Those apulian is the first placed side by side Harbour Authority from this type of structure

17/04/2013Civitavecchia-Salerno Agreement in the crocieristico field
the objective is the creation of synergies for the promotion of tourist flows

17/04/2013Started in Vietnam the intense activities for the construction of Hai Phong International Gateway Port
Previewed investments for 1,18 billion dollars

17/04/2013increment of the traffic in the terminal car of the port of Gioia Tauro
last October has attested on an average salary of 20.000 vehicles

17/04/2013In the 2012 has happened a stagnation of the total value of the world-wide exports of goods
the slow down of the export is found everywhere

17/04/2013the Harbour Authority of Rotterdam has taken in delivery the first phase of the new harbour area Maasvlakte 2
the intense activities have lasted five years. The terminals of APM Terminals and RWG will become operating at the end of 2014

17/04/2013of the Helvetic federal Council dedicated to the railway transport goods
the services will have to cover own costs. Group SBB will be exempted by it obligation to supply performances in the cargo

17/04/2013Portek buys terminalista society RUT of Line
Rigas Universalais Terminals work a several terminal for goods in the port of the Latvian city

18/04/2013In the first trimester of the 2013 Wärtsilä group has obtained an increment of the 22% of the new orders
the period has been archived item with a decrease of the 12% of the volume of transactions

18/04/2013Q&A between American Maritime Officers and CLIA on the level of preparation of the officials of the ships from cruise
Carnival Cruise Lines starts a program in order to increase to safety and the efficiency of the fleet

18/04/2013the European Parliament has rejected the regulations proposal on the recycling of the ships
Sent to the EU commission to introduce within the end of a 2015 legislative proposal based on a system of incentives

18/04/2013Unioncamere, new the Slowly national one for the airport development puts to risk 15 ports of call to the service of the territories
Dardanello: it is necessary to not only consider of the results budgetary, but also of the benefits for the territory

18/04/2013Tuesday to Livorno will hold a seminary on behavioural safety in the job places
Is classified to the staff of terminal and enterprises of the port and the logistics

18/04/2013In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the container in the port of Tanger Med is increased of the 37%
the Moroccan port of call has enlivened approximately 570.000 teu

19/04/2013Bending of the enlivened intermodal traffic from the TransContainer Russian
In the first trimester the 2013 rail shipments have been pairs to 342.400 teu (- 1.3%)

19/04/2013Conference on the perspectives and great opportunity for the nautical one in the Gulf of
from ATHENA, will hold 23 April to

19/04/2013the management of the ports of Port Botany and Port Kembla to consortium NSW Ports Consortium
has become operating the White Bay Cruise Terminal of the port of Sydney

19/04/2013the Brazilian Wilson Sons has inaugurated a second ship yard to Guarujá
is dedicated to the construction, repair and maintenance of ships for the oil industry and the gas

19/04/2013New nominations in the commercial branch and marketing of Costa Crociere
genoese Andrea Tavella has assumed a double quantity assignment

19/04/2013Named three vice-president of the association of the genoese shippers
Sono Claudio Melandri, Renzo Muratore and Alessandro Pitto

19/04/2013In the first trimester 2013 HHI has recorded an increment of the 84% of the new orders
In the segment of the shipbuilding the increase has been of the 33%

19/04/2013Conclusi the intense activities of escavo of the harbour channels of Venice until the maximum share -11,5 meters
has involved a total investment from 2004 today of 250 million euros

19/04/2013the Harbour Committee of Livorno has approved of unanimously the relation of the activities carried out from the Harbour Authority in 2012
the consuntivo budget of the agency

19/04/2013CMA CGM has taken in delivery the second one of the three new portacontainer from 16.000 teu
"CMA CGM Alexander Von Humboldt" is employed in service FAL 1

22/04/2013Bending of the economic results of the Belgians CMB and Euronav
Maritime Companies Belge clearly has archived item the first trimester with a profit of 11,2 million dollars and Euronav with a net loss of 10,7 million dollars

22/04/2013Today to Genoa the managing director of Maersk Line will meet the main Italian customers
Initiative in favor of the restoration of the medieval work Pallium of San Lorenzo

22/04/2013Emphasized decrease of title MISC after the failure of the Opa introduced from Petronas
the offer was conditioned to the obtaining at least the 90% of the total capital stock

22/04/2013Inaugurated the intense activities for the construction of the new Moroccan port of Safi
before the three phases of the plan will become operating in 2017

22/04/2013Agreement of collaboration between the company of Spanish navigation Balearia and the Italian Tirrenia CIN
the objective a widening of the market through a mutual representation in own Countries

22/04/2013decrease of the volume of GEFCO transactions
In increase the turnover generated from the main international customers of the group

22/04/2013Today to Genoa is inaugurated the exhibition dedicated to the Rex ocean-going liner
Will be open every day from tomorrow to the 30 september

22/04/2013In the 2011 in Italy added value produced from the economy of the sea has been of beyond 41 billion euros
the incidence on the total of the national economy is pairs to the 2.9%. The field counts beyond 210 thousand companies with 800 thousand occupied

22/04/2013Al via to the assembly of the pedestrian bridge between Morin walk and Mirabello marina
Forcieri: "draft of a fundamental work in order to be connected the city with navy of Mirabello"

22/04/2013Saipem adjudicates new contracts for 500 million dollars in Latin America
Is relative to activity in Venezuela and Brazil

22/04/2013Navios Maritime Maritime Holdings and Navios Acquisition buy ten ships from debtors of HSH Nordbank
draft of five product tanker and five portacontainer

22/04/2013Fincantieri delivery a pattugliatore second to Marina Militare of the United Arab Emirates
Ceremony in the ship yard of Muggiano

22/04/2013Marina Monassi (AP Trieste) has participated to the assembly of the Arab Sea Ports Federation
Located the bases for an increase of the traffics between the giuliano port of call and the ports Egyptians

23/04/2013ship yards KHI and MES - it announces prints Japanese - are dealing the fusion
the two companies refute

23/04/2013Maersk Line will renew the configuration of the routes West Med - North America and Europe - Middle East
a series of national services feeder in order to serve the ports of Middle Eastern the western one

23/04/2013the port of Antwerp has joined to the European Federation of Inland Ports
Currently a third party of the traffic of container from and for the Belgian port is enlivened for fluvial way

23/04/2013In the 2012 Harbour Authority of Venice has recorded a remainder of administration of 13,6 million euros
Last year the investments in pieces of real estate, works and escavi have been pairs to 48,8 million euros

23/04/2013In the first three months of the 2013 traffic enlivened from the port of Marseilles is diminished of the 9%
decrease of the liquid bulk. Light bending of the goods several and the bulk sand banks. Passengers +26% thanks to the cruises

23/04/2013In the 2012 revenues of German group BLG has grown of the 13.5%
Increment of the performances of the divisions Automobile Logistics and Contract Logistics. Decrease in the segment Logistics Container

23/04/2013Region Calabria and AP of Gioia Tauro meets Venice Passenger terminal with the objective to develop the cruises
Stasi: "that to carry the know-how-how matured from VTP in ports characterized from a potential one little taken advantage of is a strategy that it has given good yields"

24/04/2013In the 2012 consistency of the fleet in class ABS is gone up of the 4% to 193,5 million tsl
Somerville: "in spite of the uncertainties of the world-wide economy and the markets of the shipping and the offshore one, ABS has exited with another performance record"

24/04/2013In the first trimester of the 2013 revenues of ABB has grown of the 9%, while the result clearly is dropped of the 3%
In the period the Helvetic group has confiscated new orders for 10,5 billion dollars (+1.2%)

24/04/2013Konecranes closes the first trimester 2013 with new orders record for 582,5 million euros
In decrease the economic performances of the Finnish company

24/04/2013Massimo Brancaleoni is new general the manager of Iberocruceros and Costa Crociere in Spain
"Spain - it has emphasized - is the third crocieristico market of continental Europe and one of the main ones for Coast"

24/04/2013In the first trimester the 2013 result clearly of the Saipem is diminished of the 52.4%
the revenues are dropped of 1.4%

24/04/2013Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is increased of the 3.6%
In the first trimester of the 2013 port of call has enlivened beyond 9,6 million tons (- 2.5%)

24/04/2013the Harbour Committee of Savona has approved of budget 2012 of the Harbour Authority
Green light also to the intense activities of demolition of the former Solimano Yards

24/04/2013Convention of WISTA Italy on Italian portualità between reform requirements, liberalizations and economic crisis
will hold 23 May to Genoa

24/04/2013Merlon (AP Genoa): in 2012 our port it has held the crisis thanks to the investments and to the job of the harbour community well
From 2007 to the 2011 is invested approximately 90 million euros

24/04/2013the Harbour Authority of Naples participates to the fair on the transports and the Transrussia logistics
the increase of the exhibitors has forced the organizers to change center of the event

24/04/2013In the first three months of the 2013 port of Venice has enlivened 6,1 million tons of goods (+1.2%)
To March a bending of the 3.2%

24/04/2013RFI gives back to the Harbour Authority of the railway railroads insides to from Liguria port
Understanding that closes along litigation

24/04/2013Med Cross Lines chooses Augusta which port hub for own intra-Mediterranean services
of second ship

26/04/2013a delegation of ravennati operators has participated to 1st Med Ports 2013 to Alexandria
composed Era from the terminalista society Terminal Ravenna Container and from the shipper Tra. Ma.Co…

26/04/2013Meyer Werft has delivered to the NCL the new ship from cruise Norwegian Breakaway
Has a tonnage of 146.600 tons and can accommodate 4,000 passengers and 1,600 members of the crew

26/04/2013Confetra wishes that the new government gives to the logistic row a competent interlocutor
Letter of Nereo Marcucci to the whom charged Prime Minister Enrico Letta

26/04/2013In the first trimester of the 2013 profit clearly of Royal Caribbean Cruises has grown of the 62.3%
In the first part of this year the volume of reservations has turned out medium advanced of the 5%

26/04/2013Third consecutive trimester of the reduction of the containerized trade enlivened from the terminals of DP World
In the first three months of the 2013 is totaled 12,8 million teu (- 7.0%)

26/04/2013Last year the German ports have enlivened 299,4 million tons of goods (- 1.1%)
Aumento of the 5.1% of the traffic in the first semester and decrease of the 2.7% in the second

26/04/2013decrease of the transported containerized volumes from the OOCL fleet
In the first three months of this year is piled to beyond 1,2 million teu (- 0.3%)

26/04/2013In the first three months of this year the terminals of COSCO Pacific have enlivened 14 million container (+10.7%)
the result clearly of the Chinese group is diminished of the 15.6%

26/04/2013China Shipping Lines Container reduces the losses
the company clearly has archived item the first trimester with liabilities of 115 million dollars. Revenues in increase of the 22.9%

26/04/2013genoese Alpha Maritime Services has entered to take part of Lognet
Is one of the widest and important world-wide nets of shippers

26/04/2013CAI International records satisfactory quarterly economic performances newly
In the first three months of the 2012 result clearly has grown of the 11.6%

29/04/2013China COSCO reduces the losses
the first three months of the 2013 have been archived item with liabilities clearly of approximately 275 million dollars

29/04/2013In the first trimester of the 2013 traffic in the port of Ravenna has grown of 1.5%
To March a bending of the 13.8%

29/04/2013Two cinematographic competitions on the topic of the portualità
has been indetti from the Harbour Authority of Genoa and Genoa Film Festival

29/04/2013OOCL has taken in delivery the fourth of ten new portacontainer from 13.208 teu
the "NYK Hercules" is long 366,5 meters and wide 48,2 meters

29/04/2013increment of the traffic in the port of Antwerp
In first trimester 2013 recorded an increase of the +1.4% thanks to the record of the liquid bulk

29/04/2013the second container terminal of the port of Mombasa will become operating in 2015
Will have a annual ability to traffic of 1,2 million teu

29/04/2013Andrea Clavarino has entered in the Board di Coeclerici Spa
today is the only manager of the group to reside in the board of directors

29/04/2013the protocol of understanding for the completion of the strategic plan of the hub harbour of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta
Simplification of the administrative procedures

29/04/2013French SNCF will acquire the 25% of railway society Spanish COMSA Rail Transport
Agreement for the development of the railway traffic goods between France, central Europe and Iberian Peninsula

29/04/2013La Spezia Container Terminal has completed the upgrade of the cranes
the intense activities are completed without the minimal interruption of the activity

30/04/2013Stable the economic results of Seaspan Corporation in the first trimester
the revenues are increased of the 7.5%

30/04/2013In the fiscal year 2012 "K" Line and NYK returns to the profit, while MOL emphasizes the losses
Aumento of the volume of transactions of the three Japanese shipowning societies

30/04/2013Centro Internazionale Città d' Acqua of Venice closes down
In beyond 24 of activities the association has deepened topics legacies to the relation between the city and the water and the city and the port

30/04/2013Prosegue the positive trend of the economic performances of SUCH International
CIMC invests 2,9 billion dollars in new productive centers and research centers. Change of property of SeaCube

30/04/2013the traffic through the Swiss Rhenish ports in is decided decrease
In the first three months of the 2013 fluvial ports of call has enlivened 1.535.045 tons of goods (+16.3%)

30/04/2013In the first trimester of the 2013 terminal of HPH Trust container (0% has enlivened 5.280.000)
the period has been archived item with a profit clearly of 642,0 million dollars of Hong Kong (- 6%)

30/04/2013the Liguria Region heads for the extension of the social shocks-absorber in order to avoid the lay-off of 38 workers of Gerolamo Scorza
Is a very difficult attempt, has specified the Vesco city council member

30/04/2013Nona edition of the international convention Mare Forum Italy
will hold 8 May to Rome

30/04/2013Reunion of the Harbour Committee of Trieste
Presente for the first time the neopresidente of the Debora Serracchiani Region

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- Piazza Matteotti 1/3 - 16123 Genoa - ITALY
phone: +39.010.2462122, fax: +39.010.2516768, e-mail