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19 February 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 21:02 GMT+1

02/05/2013In the first three months of the 2013 revenues of the society of classification and certification Bureau Veritas has grown of the 7.2%
the volume of Marine transactions of the division is increased of 1.5%

02/05/2013the port of Rotterdam closes first trimester 2013 with a decrease of 1.0% of the traffic
Smits: for the entire year we expect a modest increase

02/05/2013Hapag- Lloyd Cruises has taken in delivery the new ship from cruise of luxury Europe 2
will be christened 10 May to Amburgo

02/05/2013Green light of the shareholders of the CSAV to the increase of capital of 500 million dollars
the emission of 6,75 million actions will happen in the course of this year

02/05/2013Austal closes the activities of service carried out in Spain and the center services of Henderson
Cut of 26 places of work

02/05/2013In the first trimester 2013 Bourbon whiskeys has recorded an increment of the 13.4% of the revenues
the volume of transactions has been of 315,1 million euros

02/05/2013Hanjin Shipping reduces the losses
In the first three months of the 2013 fleet of portacontainer of the company has transported 1.109.285 teu (+9.3%)

02/05/2013Brussels asks France to recover part of the economic aids granted to SNCM
draft of the compensations poured from 2007 for the operated additional services from the company between Corsica and Marseilles

02/05/2013the fusion of the Helvetians Glencore and Xstrata
Constituted the fourth world-wide group in the field of the raw materials

02/05/2013Four candidates to the realization and management of the third container terminal of the port of Melbourne
Is the consortium CMA CGM - ANL - Macquarie, consortium ICTSI - Anglo Ports, terminalista group HPH and the Australian Qube Holdings

02/05/2013Eurogate upgrades the connections with the hinterland of the port of Wilhelmshaven
Cooperation with German ACOS Group

03/05/2013Agreement for the creation of the historical archives of the port of Civitavecchia
is signed by Harbour Authority, Provveditorato to Archival the Public works and Supervision

03/05/2013Conference of Services for the start of the realization of the terminal cruises to Olbia
the plan financed entirely from the Harbour Authority with 5,5 million euros

03/05/2013To March the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of 1.4%
Increase of the bulk sand banks, mineral oils and the crocieristi. In decrease container, goods conventional and fleeting of the ferries

03/05/2013In the first trimester the 2013 profit clearly of Terex Corporation is diminished of the 7.5%
the turnover has recorded a bending of the 5.3%

03/05/2013the new summits of the ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports do not satisfy the waits of Spediporto
Belts: "bitterness and disappointment"

03/05/2013Merlon (Assoporti): I will propose the institution to Palazzo Chigi of a direction cabin in order to slim the procedures in the ports
"the harbour world and of the marine economy lays by many expectations in this government"

03/05/2013d' Amico yields a Handysize ship
Constructed in 2001, is sold for 12.250.000 dollars

03/05/2013Manifestation in order to restate the importance of the cruises for Venice
Luggage carriers, ormeggiatori, assigned to the vigilance, operators of the receptive tourist segment has given appointment for the start of the crocieristica season

06/05/2013Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. records a bending of the 39% of the clearly quarterly profit
In the first three months of this year the revenues of the group are diminished of the 5.7%

06/05/2013the containerized trade anniversary enlivened from the terminals of Portek for the first time exceeds quota a million teu
the Algerian terminal Bejaia Mediterranean Terminal has recorded an increase of the 20%

06/05/2013the agency for the economic development of Bremen will yield its participation in Lloyd Werft to group BLG
the quota the 13.16% will pass of hand for 4,8 million euros

06/05/2013VARD will construct an Offshore Supply Vessel for Offshore the Island Norwegian
the ship will be delivered in the fourth trimester of 2014

06/05/2013In the first three months of the 2013 traffic goods in the Spanish ports is diminished of the 6.9%
the passengers are increased of the 4.2%

06/05/2013HHI confirmation the order from CSCL for the construction of five portacontenitori from 18.400 teu
the store clerk has a value of 700 million dollars

06/05/2013prompt the Calabria Region the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro to realize a terminal cruises in the port of Crotone
the regional agency indicates the area where to construct a temporary infrastructure

06/05/2013Interporto Bologna clearly has archived item 2012 with a profit of 454 thousand euros
Traffic goods total in increase of the 27%

06/05/2013an university delegation of Belarus has visited the port of Olbia
Lesson on the trasportistico system of the Sardinia North

07/05/2013In the first three months of the 2013 operating profit of Norwegian Cruise Line is diminished of the 33%
Fleeting in bending of the 4%

07/05/2013Panalpina clearly has archived item the first trimester with a profit of 14,3 million franchi Swiss
the volume of transactions has grown of the 4%

07/05/2013Costa Crociere has programmed the first turn of the world in dedicated cruise at the market Chinese
"Costa Atlantica" will leave 22 March 2014 from Shanghai for a travel of 83 days around the globe

07/05/2013Thursday to Trieste will be introduced a search on the marine transport and the economic development
is realized by Studies and Searches for Southern Italy in collaboration between the others with the ISTIEE

07/05/2013In the first trimester 2013 Finnlines has recorded a net loss of -10,9 million euros
the revenues are diminished of the 8% to 133,9 million euros

07/05/2013Improvement of the quarterly result of Friend International Shipping
the company declares of being extremely positive on the perspectives of mean/along term of the field of the tankers

07/05/2013Kalmar buys the Mareiport Spanish
the society of Algeciras takes care of the maintenance and restructure of harbour cranes

07/05/2013Textainer finds an light decrease of the rate uses of the container fleet
Brewer: the last weeks have shown signs that the decrease has slowed down or it has been stopped

07/05/2013Green light to Livorno to the exchange of areas between two terminalisti Lorenzini and LTM
Gallanti: a lot important for the entire harbour community is "a consent unanimity"

08/05/2013Disaster in the port of Genoa caused from the collision of a ship against a pier
the incident has provoked three died and the wounding of four people, while others six turn out dispersed

08/05/2013marine line ro-pax between the port of Trieste and Albania
is realized by Adria Ferries with motor-ship "AF Marina"

08/05/2013To April the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung is increased of 1.6%
In the first four months of the 2013 increase has been of the 0.3%

08/05/2013Calo of the results of Wilh. Wilhelmsen in the first trimester
Increase of the performances of the logistic activities, while it is in bending the segment shipping

08/05/2013In the first three months of the 2013 traffic goods in the port of Palermo is diminished of the 4.9%
the passengers have grown of the 69.8%

08/05/2013Al via a new service ro-ro between Genoa and the Algerian port of Mostaganem
will be realized by the Spanish company Nisa Maritima

08/05/2013Confetra asks the government to attend the pronunciamento of the Law court EU before to take to position on the costs minimums of the road haulage
Marcucci: the executive abstains from continuing to defend intentional provisions from last governments and Parliaments

09/05/2013Wilh. Wilhelmsen has ordered to HHI the construction of two ships garage from 7.930 cars
the contract includes an option for others two unit

09/05/2013Mission of the port of Cagliari to the international fair Logismed of Casablanca
the delegation was constituted by the Harbour Authority, CICT and other operators

09/05/2013In the first three months of the 2013 terminal of 1.496.462 ICTSI container (+11.8% has enlivened)
the increase of the traffic is determined by the new acquisitions. In increase the economic results of the group

09/05/2013Between 50 Maersk days will take in delivery before the 20 new mega portacontainer Triple
the 28 june the ship will be delivered by South Korean group DSME

09/05/2013FerCargo, the rail shipment goods in Italy remains the back marker in Europe
Di Patrizi: in last the five years we have assisted to a real collapse of the traffic

09/05/2013Ban in order to stimulate the enterprises to carry out new investments in Polo Logistico di Gioia Tauro
is introduced by the Calabria Region and the resources available are pairs to 25 million euros. Scopelliti restates the importance of the bridge on the Strait of Messina

10/05/2013a decree of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT of C#lecce risks to block the participations for the requalification of the container terminal of the port of Taranto
the resource proposed from the Consortium Terminal Bulk

10/05/2013Assologistica exhorts the Italian government to take care of the infrastructural adaptation of the ports
Mearelli: with growing of the dimensions of the ships our ports become dangerous little ones more and more and

10/05/201327 May will be inaugurated the second international terminal cruises of the port of the Pireo
Has a total surface of 5.600 square metres

10/05/2013In the first trimester Hyundai Merchant Marine halves the losses
the period has been archived item with clearly consolidated liabilities of 131,3 billion won

10/05/2013Convention on piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Italian marine interests
will carry out 17 May to Trieste

10/05/2013In the first trimester the 2012 profit clearly of Global Ship Lease is diminished of the 9.0%
the revenues are dropped of the 8.2%

10/05/2013Incident in the port of Genoa. The Messina denunciation the lacked participation the two tugs
we indeed do not succeed to accept - the company explains - than the two tugs have not been able to hold a far ship average-sized from the docks

13/05/2013Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore is increased of the 3.8%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2013 port of call has enlivened 171,5 million tons (- 4.0%)

13/05/2013Convention on the topic "the development of the nautical row. Issues lawyers and fiscal"
will hold 24 May to Viareggio

13/05/2013a new law in the United Kingdom will modify the norms on the harbour pilotage
Alle Autorità Portuali will be assigned some competences that in Italy are own of the Marine Authority

13/05/2013Régional Lines Container reduces the losses
In the first trimester of the 2013 fleet of the company has transported 541,453 container (+1.4%)

13/05/2013Green light of the EU to joint venture DP World Asia (DP World - Goodman)
In the first trimester of this Goodman year has rented warehouses in China for a total of 100.000 square metres

13/05/2013Incontro of Propeller of Genoa on the plan of removal of the property left at death one of Costa Concordia
will hold next thursday in from Liguria chief town

13/05/2013Euroports has yielded inland the Belgian terminal Euroports Containers Meerhout to the Inland Terminals
the society will be renamed BCTN Meerhout

13/05/2013UIRNet has introduced National the Logistic Platform to an event of the FutureMed plan
the international conference has held friday to Civitavecchia

13/05/2013last of the seven new cranes ship-to-Shore of the Durban Container Terminal
is ordered in 2011 to Chinese ZPMC

13/05/2013Renewed the summits of the National Federation of Customs brokers ANASPED
Cosimo Ventucci president

14/05/2013Premuda has archived item first trimester 2013 with a net loss of -4,3 million euros
the revenues Time base charter are diminished of the 38.4%

14/05/2013Last month the traffic of the goods enlivened from the Chinese marine ports is increased of the 9.0%
the container has recorded an increase of the 8.6%

14/05/2013the World Cruise Center of the port of Los Angeles City will be managed by Ports America
the concession contract has a duration of five ulterior years with option for five years

14/05/2013Austal forms an alliance with the Thai ship yard Unithai Shipyard and that Vietnamese Cam Ranh Shipyard
Cooperation in the repair and maintenance of military and commercial ships

14/05/2013In the first three the 2013 months of the container terminal of group HHLA has enlivened 1,8 million container (+5.0%)
the German company has closed the period with a profit after the taxes of 22,3 million euros (+16.8%)

14/05/2013Neptune Orient Lines improves the economic performances
In the first three months of the 2013 fleet of portacontainer of 772,000 APL has transported container feu (- 2%)

14/05/2013Hapag-Lloyd announces a General Rate Increase of 1.000 dollars/teu for shipments To make East - North Europe/Med
In program also the introduction of Peak Season Surcharge

14/05/2013Assologistica, is not sciacallaggio to ask the infrastructural adaptation for the ports
Is instead - the association emphasizes - a responsibility action

15/05/2013Hapag-Lloyd considers a rise of the hires absolutely essential
Behrendt: "we cannot afford to repropose the nonexistent one last year peak season"

15/05/2013Safmarine Italy is main sponsor of the permanent installation "Dialogue in the Dark" of Genoa
the plan is promoted by the institute for visually impaired blind people and "David Chiossone"

15/05/2013the Tidewater American buys Offshore the Troms Norwegian
will be yielded by the HitecVision for approximately 395 million dollars

15/05/2013In the 2012 result clearly of the Hupac group has grown of the 65.6%
Study on the benefits for the traffic goods on track deriving from the potenziamento of the line of the Gottardo

15/05/2013Trasportounito calls in the institutions in order to stop the increase of the ferries for the Sardinia
In absence of urgent measures - it has emphasized the association - the single percorribile road will be that of the block total of the Sardinian ports

15/05/2013CEVA Logistics has officially inaugurated the "City of the Pharma" of Stradella (Pavia)
entirely is dedicated to storage and handling of pharmaceutical products

15/05/2013Confcommercio, in 12 years the lacked participations for the transports, infrastructures and the logistics have cost 24 billion GDP
Sangalli has sped up the new government to take part on the economy leaving from these fields. Inefficiency of the logistics - the minister Lupi has confirmed - makes us to lose competitiveness

15/05/2013Sunday 26 May is in program tours guided for "behind the scenes" of the port of Trieste
the event "Day Open" is promoted by the Harbour Authority

15/05/2013Fincantieri starts the construction of the new ship from cruise for P&O Cruises
In the ship yard of Monfalcone has happened puts down it of the first block ship

15/05/2013To April the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the 12.2%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2013 bending has been of the 8.1%

15/05/2013the volume of traffic enlivened in the first three months of 2013 from the port of Amburgo
In increase bulk (+6.3%), while the goods several is diminished of 1.7%

16/05/2013Last year the number of transported container the fleet of Hamburg Süd has grown of the 4%
Revenues in increase of the 15% thanks to the strengthening of the dollar

16/05/2013To April the container in the port of Los Angeles City is diminished of the 9.5%, while to Long Beach they have grown of the 12.5%
Enlivened respective 640,330 teu and 519,464 teu

16/05/2013In the first trimester 2013 Evergreen has reduced the losses
the period has been archived item with liabilities clearly of approximately -65 million dollars

16/05/2013d' Amico Tankers orders to two new tankers MR
Practised the right of first refusal agreed to March with Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co…

16/05/2013In the 2012 DNV has increased the revenues and maintained to the results online with those of the exercise precedence
Part of the increase of the volume of transactions is effect of the acquisition of Dutch KEMA

16/05/2013the ports on the Black Sea will constitute an alliance on the model of that adriatic one of NAPA
Agreement of collaboration of the ports of Burgas, Constanta, Galati, Odessa and Vahrn with the community of the Danube region

16/05/2013To Livorno three days in order to celebrate the European Day of the Sea and Open Port
a long series of events in program from the 20 to 22 May

16/05/2013Road haulage, the EU commission announces the suspension the liberalization of the terrestrial cabotage
ANITA: it is a great result

16/05/2013the first approach of Assoporti with the new government
President and the vice president of the association has met the minister Maurizio Lupi

17/05/2013Tomorrow the yard Marino Rosettes will deliver a new Platform Supply Vessel to the D'Amato Siblings
the ship is long 82 meters, wide 16 meters and a gross capacity of beyond 3.400 tons

17/05/2013Crescono the economic results of shipowning group Danish A.P. Møller-Mærsk
Improvement of the accounts of Maersk Line

17/05/2013a delegation operating Chinese of the logistics has visited the port of Taranto
has been organized in the within of the "Plan: Logistic field" realized from the Region Apulia

17/05/2013Tomorrow to the Interporto Marche the meeting final of the Synthesis plan
the objective is to promote and to increase the intermodal transport and the logistic processes in the Adriatic basin and the Mediterranean oriental

17/05/2013formation of relatori to national convention of the The International Propeller Clubs
will hold and May to Naples

17/05/2013Bending of the economic performances of TUI Cruises
In the period October 2012 - March 2013 the revenues of the company are increased of the 17.9%

17/05/2013Conference of ATHENA on the ships with propulsion LNG
will hold monday to

20/05/2013the Regions Campania, Liguria, Marche, Tuscany and Sicily speed up the EU see again the shipbuilding strategy for the naval one
Letter of the presidents of the regional agencies to the minister of the economic Development Zanonato

20/05/2013Assomarinas will appeal the provision with which the Sicilian Region it establishes the increase of the 600% of the state property canons
Perocchio: it is inconceivable that they are completed "risks normative" that the financial plans of field wreck all

20/05/2013In the first trimester 2013 Yang Ming has reduced the losses
In the period the revenues are increased of the 4.1%

20/05/2013d' Amico International Shipping sells two tankers MR
Costruite in 1999, will be yielded to a price of 12,2 million dollars each

20/05/2013To Venice is ratified the voluntary agreement Venice Blue Flag II
Orsoni: it is "a first step that allows us to face the topic of the passage of the great ships with greater concreteness"

20/05/2013Giovanni Gasparini is the new president of Federagenti Yacht
also the managing committee

20/05/2013In the port of Bari is activated a new service of acceptance dedicated to the MSC passengers Cruises
Put on the elegant and comfortable premises of the Circle of the Sail

21/05/2013COSCO Pacific will yield own quota in the producer of container CIMC to group leader COSCO
the participation will be sold for 1,22 billion dollars

21/05/2013ANITA exhorts the political institutions to put into effect serious and true industrial politics of the transports
Arcese: it must but make in a hurry and act with courage, without too many illusions"

21/05/2013Wan Hai Lines has closed first trimester 2013 in profit
the revenues are diminished of the 5.5%

21/05/2013Fit Cisl, the closing of the system of Brescia of SBB Italy Cargo is the demonstration of the failure of the liberalization of the rail shipment
the union announces the opening of a season of conflicts

21/05/2013Diana Containerships archivia first trimester 2013 in loss
the liabilities (31,8 million dollars) is generated by adjustments for the reduction of the value of three ships

21/05/2013Last month the port of Ravenna has recorded a consisting rise of the 8.7% of the traffic
In the first quadrimestre of the 2013 increase of the volumes has been of the 3.5%

22/05/2013the port of Montreal has become accessible to the ships post-Panamax
the Coastgard Canadese has authorized the transit in the navigation channel San Lorenzo to wide units until 44 meters

22/05/2013Today to Rotterdam is inaugurated the new great harbour area Maasvlakte 2
the first phase of the plan has cost 150 million euros less of the previewed one

22/05/2013today shuts to Genoa the fourth edition of "Citizens of the Port"
From september the 2012 today plan has involved 170 classes, 3,800 students and 300 teachers

22/05/2013SBB Italy Cargo, the denunciation of Fit Cisl Lombardy does not find reply some of the facts in reality
the system of Turin Orbassano - the railway company emphasizes - never is not closed and to Brescia the system regularly is opened

22/05/2013Switzerland decides to finance and to realize long a railway corridor from four meters the axis of the Saint Gottardo
an agreement with Italy for the financing of the widenings long the Uproar-Milan draft and in the Italian section of the line of Luino

22/05/2013FS closes budget 2012 with result clearly that for the fifth consecutive year it is of positive sign
is piled to 381 million euros

23/05/2013SinOceanic signs with Jinhai Heavy Industries Ltd. a contract for the construction of ten portacontainer from 8.800 teu
the store clerk, undersigned on behalf of interests foreign countries, has a value of 2,4 billion dollars enclosed the charterings of the ships

23/05/2013the Americans Delos Shipping and Tennenbaum Capital Partners have acquired the 80% of the König & Cie…
the German society has reached and an agreement with the creditors

23/05/2013a new service weekly magazine of Hapag-Lloyd will connect Italy with Turkey and Egypt
Scalerà the ports of Cagliari, Alexandria, Damietta, Port Saïd, Mersin, Izmir, Genoa, Livorno, Naples and Salerno

23/05/2013the Union Industrial of Naples throws again the proposal to institute an only Harbour Authority for Naples, Salerno and Castellammare
Graziano: "it is useless to make the war between poor and making competition inside"

23/05/2013the EU commission proposes a first normative detailed list for the harbour field and the potenziamento of 319 ports
the objective is to allow with the ports to develop to services and infrastructures and to guarantee a greater autonomy financial institution to the Harbour Authorities

23/05/2013the harbour community spezzina to the job in order to remove the elements that hinder the full competitiveness of the port of call
Forcieri: we must work all together in order to eliminate the eventual "necks of bottle"

23/05/2013For the port of Rotterdam the new proposed EU on the ports will generate useless procedures and will provoke delays
Under accusation the previewed institution of an independent supervisor for the ports

23/05/2013Trieste will adopt an advanced model of environmental management of the harbour activities
Agreement between the Harbour Authority and the Foundation for the sustainable development

24/05/2013Reunion in order to estimate the impact of the plan of the offshore port of Venice on the activity of the peach
the regional city council member Manzato has convened the crisis unit

24/05/2013Fort decrease of the traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven
In the first three months of the 2013 is enlivened 18,9 million tons (- 13%)

24/05/2013In the first trimester of this year the traffic in the port of Koper has grown of the 2.9%
Enlivened 146,903 container (+4.4%)

24/05/2013Battezzate two new portacontainer from 9.600 teu of Hamburg Süd
is constructed by Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd

24/05/2013Is necessary to invest in the ports
emphasizes It a study realized from SRM - Studies and Searches for Southern Italy

24/05/2013In 2012 CIM - Interporto of Novara has recorded increments of the 2% of the turnover and the profit
Calo of the 5.4% of the intermodal traffic to the terminal of Novara Small wood

24/05/2013Nuovo railway connection between Switzerland and Italy started from IMS Rail Switzerland and Hannibal
Has biweekly frequency and offers a yield A-B

27/05/2013the 14 june to Venice will hold a convention on the topic "Assurance of the shipowners for the marine credits"
Is organized from Wista Italy

27/05/2013the ETF union more is worried that satisfied of the proposed new of the EU commission on the ports
Fears for the impact of the new norms on the technical-nautical services

27/05/2013To April the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is dropped of the 5.8%
In the first four months of the 2013 bending of the transits has been of the 8.7%

27/05/2013CNA-Fita, the Italian diesel oil between dearest and is taxed in Europe
Invitation to the minister Zanonato so that regulation mechanisms are introduced in order to harmonize taxation and prices to the pump

27/05/2013Ship Finance International orders four new portacontainer from 8.700 teu
the ships will be constructed by the South Korean ship yard Sungdong

27/05/2013the European shipowners are not satisfied of the proposed new legislative of the EU commission on the ports
the ECSA wonders because they do not include the cargo-handling, the services to the passengers and the harbour job

27/05/2013Zim yields own participation in two Chinese factories that produce container
the capital gain will pile to 31,5 million dollars

27/05/2013Agreement SBB CFF FFS Cargo and Innofreight Swiss for the development of innovative systems of cases you furnish
will be signed in occasion of the fair "transport logistic" of Monk

27/05/2013the National Association Provveditori Naval Contractors has met in assembly to Genoa
Valentina Schiavi has evidenced the first floor role that the shipping it covers for the entire Italian economy

27/05/2013the Association of European Vehicle prompt Logistics the reintroduzione of the incentives to destruction
Baldissara: the automotive industry gives a contribution to greater the European economy regarding that of Greece

28/05/2013Harkand will buy the Veolia Marine Services
Passeranno to the born group last February the 150 dependent of VMS, three multipurpose ships and six robot submarines ROV

28/05/2013To April the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice has grown of the 0.6%
the passengers are increased of the 9.0%

28/05/2013has concluded to Naples the fourth edition of the plan "the Port meets the schools"
In four years approximately 2.400 boys of 9 and 10 years has taken part to the initiative

28/05/2013Thursday to Bari will hold the presentation of the Ecowarriors video game
is realized in the within of plan TEN Ecoport

28/05/2013Round table on the topic "North Africa and Turkey: more opportunity or more risks for the Italian ports"
will hold friday to Vado Ligure

28/05/2013of the Aldrees Saudi and the Bertschi Helvetian
will take care of the logistics, the chemicals transport and storage of

28/05/2013Preliminary investigation of the Antitrust in order to verify if the railway group FS has misused own dominant position
the investigation is started as a result of signallings sent from competitor NTV

28/05/2013the tirrenico service L02 di Maersk Line will scale Vado Ligure rather than Genoa
Hapag-Lloyd will modify the touched ones in Egypt of service EUM, that it will land to Port Said East instead of Damietta

28/05/2013a new harbour dock of 600 meters to the Freeport di Monrovia
the Liberian port is managed by terminalista society Dutch APM Terminals

28/05/2013Medcenter Container Terminal establishes a new enlivened record of container in a day
25 May container is dealt 8,341, pairs to beyond 13.000 teu

28/05/2013Tomorrow to Trieste will hold an encounter on the great Italian fleeting ships of the past
Is in program to Hydrodynamic Headquarters of the Old Port

29/05/2013In the first trimester of this year the shipowning society Indiana SKI has reduced the losses
the period has been archived item with a net loss of approximately 50 million dollars

29/05/2013Minoan Lines diminishes the liabilities clearly
In the first three months of 2013 is come down to 5,8 million euros. Revenues in decrease of the 4%

29/05/2013Agreement between the Norwegian Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions and the Roccheggiani Italian
the two companies will commercialize systems HVAC for the offshore market jointly

29/05/2013the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro begins the procedure in order to realize a new passenger terminal in the port of Crotone
Al via the intense activities of completion of the water, antifire net and of collection of white waters in the port of Corigliano Calabro

29/05/2013in the first quadrimestre the 2013 traffic enlivened from the port of Valencia
Appreciation for the decision of the government to reduce the harbour taxes

29/05/2013Isabelle Ryckbost will be the new general secretary of the European Sea Ports Organisation
Currently is director of the European Federation of Inland Ports

29/05/2013the fast ferry Dimonios enters in service on the Naples-Cagliari line of Tirrenia CIN
the ship will be employed also on the lines Palermo-Cagliari and Trapani-Cagliari

29/05/2013In the first three months of 2013 Chilean CSAV has reduced the net loss of the 53%
the operating liabilities (to clearly of billetings for 40 million dollars) has recorded an improvement of the 69%

29/05/2013prompt Confetra I confront with the government also in sight of the developments of harbour politics EU
the Confederation considers that the ministries must abandon the principle that every participation must be to "cost zero" verifying that it is to "balance zero"

29/05/2013Conclusi in the port of Genoa the intense activities of restoration of the area of Giano pier after della Torre collapse of the Pilots
Assagenti announces the cancellation of the traditional public assembly in sign of participation to city mourning for the victims of the incident

29/05/2013the port of Trieste will make pressures to Rome so that the deep ones for the logistic platform are unblocked
also the demand for financing for according to extract

29/05/2013Maersk Tankers exits from the segment of the Very Large Gas Carrier
Ten ships VLGC will be sold to BW Group

30/05/2013Agreement Costamare - York Capital Management for the acquisition of portacontenitori ships
Previewed investments until approximately 500 million dollars

30/05/2013the cession of the 35% of Terminal Investment Limited to Global Infrastructure Partners
the transaction has a value of approximately 1,9 billion dollars

30/05/2013the Dole group invests 165 million dollars in order to acquire three frigorifere container vessels
Carter: we have I take advantage of a moment in which these specialistic ships they can be constructed to very competitive costs

30/05/2013Agreement Consortium Net You carry Sardinia - Tirrenia CIN
Previewed rates the marine lines from and for the Sardinian island facilitated for the diportisti on all

30/05/2013In the first trimester of 2013 Israeli ZIM has reduced the liabilities clearly
Revenues in increase of the 6.1% and operating costs in decrease of 1.2%

30/05/2013the quarterly liabilities of the Attica Greek
In the first three months of this year the revenues of the group are increased of the 2.7%

30/05/2013Agreement between Parliament, Council and EU commission on the new trans-European net of transport
Kallas: "it is an historical agreement"

30/05/2013Gallanti (AP Livorno): it is necessary to extend the Freeways of the Sea to the side South of the Mediterranean
Incontro with the summits of the Agence Nationale of the Ports of Morocco

30/05/2013Royal Caribbean Cruises orders to Meyer Werft a third ship from class cruise "Quantum"
will be completed to half 2016

30/05/2013Bono (Fincantieri): the national steel production is necessary
the new flagship of the Princess Cruises

30/05/2013the Harbour Committee of Naples has approved of the consuntivo budget the 2012 and relation anniversary
Dassatti: the spending review it removes resources for our institutional engagements

30/05/2013Nuovo investment of terminalista group PSA in the port of Fuzhou
a participation in the Fujian Jiangyin International Container Terminal

30/05/2013John Denholm is the new president of the BIMCO
Is the third member of the Scottish family to preside international the shipowning association

30/05/2013Orders for 40 million dollars to group ABB in the naval field
Prevede the supply of systems of propulsion and electric power supply for ships LNG

30/05/2013Erria finds from APM Terminals the 51% of harbour society Vietnamese APM Saigon Shipping
the 51% is in the hands of the governmental society Vietnamese Samco

31/05/2013Hapag-Lloyd will insert ports of call to the port of Salerno in the service Mediterranean Gulf Express
will be cancelled the touched ones to the American port of Savannah

31/05/2013the EPCSA anticipates some recommendations in order to avoid the duplication of procedures in the European harbour field
the 11 june to Brussels the association will hold a conference on the topic of the "Simplification of the harbour procedures"

31/05/2013Mission of the Harbour Authority of Naples to the event Trans Middle East di Beirut
the exhibition and congressional manifestation on the transports and 30 the 29 logistics has held and May

31/05/2013Proroga of the term of the concession of West Basin Container Terminal (Lowers Shipping, Yang Ming, Ports America) of Los Angeles City
is moved by 2021 to 2030

31/05/2013Deep from the Liguria Region for a research center inside of the From Liguria District of the Marine Technologies of
Allocated five million euro

31/05/2013Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. will constitute a society dedicated to the machinery for the marine field and to the diesel motors
will take care of planning, development, commercialization, services post-sale and activity of licensing

31/05/2013Anek Lines and Superfast Ferries extend their 31 cooperation to May 2017
In the first trimester of the 2013 Anek has diminished the losses

31/05/2013Alla Spezia will hold a conference on the technical innovations presents on the Fremm frigates
In program for the 4 june, is organized from the section spezzina of ATHENA

31/05/2013Monday to Trieste will hold the shareholders' meeting of the European Road Haulers Association
the encounter will be accommodated by CNA-Fita

31/05/2013the CIPE has authorized the realization of according to constructive lottery of the gallery of Brenner
Rimodulato a financing for the new railway line Turin-Lyon

31/05/2013Kallas clarifies the objectives of the legislative proposal of the EU commission for the ports
In occasion of the assembly of the European Sea Ports Organisation, the commissioner has answered to the fears expressed from some representatives of the ports

31/05/2013terminalista society genoese SECH celebrates twenty years of activity
This morning in the port of from Liguria chief town is inaugurated the Port Day Little ones

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