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23 August 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 21:34 GMT+2

03/06/2013the Italian tourist portualità must be defended
has emphasized It the president of Assomarinas Perocchio taking part to the celebration of the twenty-year period of Federturismo Confindustria

03/06/2013Napolitano Paolo nomination d' Amico, Gianluigi Aponte and Ugo Salerno Knights of Labor
you decree are signed friday

03/06/2013To April the traffic enlivened from the port of Taranto is diminished of the 34.6%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2013 bending has been of the 31.9%

03/06/2013CMA CGM has concluded first trimester 2013 with a profit clearly of 102 million dollars
the revenues are increased of the 6% to 3,8 billion dollars

03/06/2013To April the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Barcelona is diminished of the 4.4%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2013 decrease has been of the 3.0%

03/06/2013Thanks to the innovated systems of control from remote ABB makes sure a consisting quota of the market of cranes STS
In the 2012 group has received three orders for 41 cranes of three harbour terminals

03/06/2013Trasportounito announces a new protest of the road haulage from the 10 to the 14 june in the ports of the Sardinia
Under accusation the prices of the ferries

03/06/2013the ports of Venice, Trieste, Koper and Rijeka will participate to the Transport Logistic di Monaco
the logistic fair will open the clappers tomorrow

03/06/2013Is necessary that the government faces the criticalities in the field of the transports of the Friuli Venice Julia
has emphasized It the president of the Commission Transports and Infrastructures of the Chamber, Michele Meta, in the course of a visit to the port of Monfalcone

03/06/2013Incontro to Trieste on the planning and of the construction of the structures offshore
is promoted by the Harbour Institute of Marine Culture

03/06/2013In the first trimester of the 2013 traffic goods in the port of Civitavecchia has grown of 1.4%
the port of call has enlivened beyond 2,7 million tons

03/06/2013Completed in the genoese yard T. Mariotti the intense activities of restyling of the Seabourn Quest
has involved a reorganization of the internal and external spaces

04/06/2013Ports in negotiations for the acquisition of the National Russian Company Container
Last year the NCC terminals have enlivened 1,2 million container

04/06/2013Ingalls Shipbuilding otteniene from US Navy a pluriennale contract for the construction of five naval destroyer
the store clerk has a value of 3,33 billion dollars with ulterior options for 60 million

04/06/2013of the Dutch Boskalis and VolkerWessels for it puts down of cables submarines
Boskalis will acquire the 50% of the Visser & Smit Marine Contracting

04/06/2013Workshop on "the harmonization of the customs procedures in the East South Europe"
from the Harbour Authority of the East and from the Region Apulia, will hold tomorrow to Monk of Bavaria

04/06/2013Rolls-Royce will supply systems of propulsion for the two new Viking ships constructed by Fincantieri
Agreement of the British group with Baleària for the conversion of three ferries to the propulsion LNG

04/06/2013Pitruzzella (Authority Antitrust): it is necessary to activate the Authority of regulation of the transports
Adoc exhorts the government to invest on the improvement of infrastructures, in particular on the transport on track and via ship

04/06/2013Bertschi, De Rijke and Hoyer constitute joint venture for the logistics of the chemicals ones
Log4Chem will operate which Fourth Party Logistic Service Provider

05/06/2013Assologistica rewards the SEA leadership which better Italian management of the field infrastructures
the acknowledgment is delivered to the president Giuseppe Bonomi

05/06/2013Bonsignori (Province of Livorno) proposes a single Harbour Authority for the ports of Carrara, Livorno and Piombino
could and have take advantage of - it has explained - the characteristic different that they return them complementary

05/06/2013Textainer enters in the market of tank the container signing an agreement with Trifleet Leasing
the Dutch society will acquire and rent container on behalf reservior of the American company

05/06/2013In the first five months of the 2013 traffic goods in the port of Savona-Go is diminished of the 2%
In decrease several liquid bulk and the goods; held of the bulk sand banks. Cruises +43.8%

05/06/2013ABB has inaugurated the new Turbocharging center of Venice
is dedicated to the customers of the naval field of the adriatic and industrial area in the Italy Center-North

05/06/2013Audition of the UIR to IX the Commission Transports of the Chamber in the within of the new normative picture of interposing to you
the association emphasizes the requirement of a legislative text extremely simple, but clearly and which spelt from objectives and sets in action precise

05/06/2013Merlon: the priority participation of the next harbour town development plan of Genoa is the realization of the new outer dam
the objective of the harbour authority is that to proceed with the realization of the work like extract anticipated to the PRP

05/06/2013Confetra appreciates the position of the minister Lupi on the costs minimums of the road haulage
prompt Confetra the attention towards the indispensable participations in order to avoid the loss of quotas harbour and airport traffic

05/06/2013Maersk will insert ports of call to Khor Fakkan in service ME2 West Med - Middle East
the first touched to the port of the 10 United Arab Emirates will happen june

06/06/2013the European association of road haulage UETR has met to Trieste
Cinzia Franchini (CNA-Fita): "it must re-balance the costs of labor and of the fuel. And the cabotage remains an emergency"

06/06/2013the Brazilian president Rousseff has promulgated the new law on the ports
Abrogate some dispositions, between which I for a long time renew automatic rifle of contracts of concession in vigor

06/06/2013the EU commission prohibits to Eurotunnel to operate services ferry with the MyFerryLink company
Gounon: the decision of Brussels unavoidably will lead to an increase of the price of Must crossing

06/06/2013To september DB Schenker Rail will activate a new railway service between Germany and Turkey
Initially will be realized three couples of trains to the week

06/06/2013Business forum on the topic "Hong Kong: hub total for the Made in Italy"
will hold the 14 june to Milan

06/06/2013the port of Gioia Tauro in display window to the Transport Logistic di Monaco
Incontri specific with Chinese logistic operators

06/06/2013the logistic-harbour systems of Naples and the Tuscany to the logistic hall of Monk
the missions of the Harbour Authority of of the Campania chief town and the Tuscan Port Authorities

06/06/2013Merlon (Assoporti): an acceleration of the nets is right TRIES
Forum on the cooperation Italian-German for the development of the Trans-European Transport Network

07/06/2013the Antitrust reopens the preliminary investigation regarding the private companies that operate marine services from and for the partenopee islands
the procedure for presumed restrictive understanding of the competition was closed in 2009

07/06/2013In the first trimester of the 2013 traffic goods enlivened from the port of Hong Kong is dropped of the 3%
the volumes with origin and marine destination are diminished of the 5%

07/06/2013CNA-Fita has not signed the "chapter road haulage" in the within of the negotiations for renews of the CCNL
Franchini: "an agreement cannot be accepted that does not give certainties"

07/06/2013STX Pan Ocean asks the controlled administration
the South Korean shipowning company has a fleet of approximately 370 ships

07/06/2013Last April the traffic goods in the port of Genoa is increased of the 4.7%
In increase the mineral oils and the bulk sand banks enlivened in the basin of Sampierdarena; decrease of the volumes in the other fields

07/06/2013Green light to the allocation of 60 million euros to the port of Ravenna
the deep ones are destined to the realization of the plan of deepening of the backdrops

10/06/2013the Read Prime Minister nomination governor Rossi commissioner for the intense activities of adaptation of the port of Piombino
the port of call - it has emphasized the president of the Region - will be able to acquire competitiveness and to be equipped in order to receive the hull of "Costa Concordia"

10/06/2013the South Korean government is disposed to yield own quota in DSME
Is pairs to the 17.15% of the capital stock and has a value of beyond 740 million dollars

10/06/2013Agreement in order to introduce to the crocieristi the attractions and the produced ones of Salerno
has been undersigned from Municipality, Harbour Authority, Chamber of Commerce, EPT and trade associations

10/06/2013the traffic of the container enlivened from the port of Kaohsiung to May
In the first five months of 2013 is recorded an increase of the 0.1%

10/06/2013Letter of attempts Costamare - HHIC Phil for 5+5 new portacontainer from 9.000 teu
the store clerk will have a value of 400-800 million dollars

10/06/2013Wolves reproposes in center EU the hypothesis of scorporare the investments for the nets TRIES from computes of the deficit
"the node of the golden rule - it has emphasized the Italian minister - is fundamental

10/06/2013RINA lancia un nuovo regolamento per le unità OSV e nuove notazioni per la protezione dell'ambiente
Nuova guida per l'analisi strutturale delle navi passeggeri

10/06/2013TNT Express will cut approximately 850 places of work in Italy
Jakobsen: "unfortunately the slow down of the economy and the pressure on the prices that the field of the transports interests imposes these changes"

10/06/2013the Union To interpose to you Reunited has presided the table on the logistics of task force Italy-Russia
Introduced numerous plans of collaboration and investment

11/06/2013the Herkules Norwegian Private Equity will buy the compatriots Umoe Schat-Harding and Noreq
the two companies are specialized in the production and commercialization of equipments and apparatuses for safety of the marine transport

11/06/2013BBC Chartering will yield own quota in joint venture Teras 50:50 BBC to the Teras partner Transport Cargo
the transaction will have a value of 3,5 million dollars

11/06/2013formative Workshop on the institute of the "Limitation of the debit of the shipowner"
will hold friday to Mazara del Vallo

11/06/2013Al via the collaboration between Province Matera and Harbour Autorità Taranto
Under consideration a logistic platform in the materano that acts as intermodal center with the apulian port

11/06/2013CMA CGM the cession of the 49% of Terminal Link to Chinese CMHI
the quota is sold for 400 million euros

11/06/2013This year International the Nautical Hall of Genoa will change face
Anticipated of some days the development of the manifestation. More space to the areas in water and less to earth

12/06/2013Med Cross Lines introduces a second ship in own intra-Mediterranean services
"Victoria" places side by side the "Birka to YOU Express"

12/06/2013Excel Maritime Carriers intends to approach the procedure of the Chapter 11 of US Bankruptcy Tails
the value of the society is estimated between 575 million and 625 million dollars

12/06/2013the Committee Cruise Venice writes tomorrow to the mayor Orsoni in sight of the reunion on the great ships to Venice
exhortation to assume near the Municipality the unemployed people created from the eventual prohibition to the crocieristico traffic

12/06/2013in order to create an only Harbour Authority of Veneto
the PD asks governor Zaia to institute a table of coordination with Harbour Authority of Venice, Chioggia Reel and Porto East

12/06/2013SBB shares principles and objectives of the new proposed legislative Helvetian on the railway transport goods
the railway group has confirmed own support to the bill

12/06/2013Debora Serracchiani rejects the plan of the offshore port of Venice
"Creed that Trieste, as Koper - the president of the Region has declared Friuli Venice Julia - is called to more defend and better own interests"

12/06/2013Louis protests for its transfer from Main the Market to the Special Category Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange
the decision - it has emphasized the crocieristico and hotel group - unwarrantable and is based on a wrong task

12/06/2013Trasportounito suspends strike in the Sardinian ports and judges positive the encounter with the government
the Sardinia Region has asked the immediate freezing for the increases and the review of the prices from Tirrenia

13/06/2013Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore has recorded a rise of the 8.1%
the container has been pairs to 2.826.600 teu (+1.2%)

13/06/2013Company of the Islands (former Siremar) signature an agreement with the unions
Prevede the stabilization of 223 workers

13/06/2013d' Amico and Coeclerici has constituted joint venture Maritime 50:50 dACC Ltd…
Tidy two Supramax ships (more two optional ones) to the Japanese yard Oshima. Clerici: after 10 years our group returns to invest in the shipowning business of the bulk sand banks

13/06/2013Ancanap asks a modification for circular 263/2006 of the Bank of Italy
the prompt association the inclusion of the naval mortgage like requirement in order to approach the patrimonial weighting

13/06/2013the Spanish government announces a package of measures in order to increase the competitiveness of the ports and the harbour companies
Include a review to the decrease of the harbour taxes and the elimination of the obstacles to the supply of harbour services

13/06/2013Wolves: the responsibility, shared from all is assumed us, than in front of Venice the great ships not child's step more
has said the minister to It to the term of the today's reunion to Rome on the transit of the great ships in the Venetian lagoon

13/06/2013Zaia (to Serracchiani): we together put our dossiers on infrastructures and let us meet, without to shoot on the pianists
"We verify if and as the divisions are superable", it proposes the governor of Veneto replying to "not" of the president of the Friuli Venice Julia to the plan of the offshore port of Venice

13/06/2013june to Civitavecchia will hold the "Two days of the Mediterranean"
Round table on the role of the Mediterranean in the European marine transports. Concert of Ennio Morricone

14/06/2013Japanese IHI, JMU and JGC will acquire 25% of the Brazilian ship yard Estaleiro Atlântico Sul
initial Investment of approximately 70 million euros

14/06/2013Freight Council Leaders proposes customs only door, technologies and shuttle trains
Some solutions advanced from the association for a competitive logistic chain

14/06/2013unitary Assoporti, Federagenti and Fedespedi in order to throw again the Italian harbour system
will be introduced tuesday to Rome

14/06/2013Kawasaki Heavy Industries fires three top manager and blocks the negotiations for the fusion with MES
the three leaders are moved away because of arbitrary lead actions unbeknownst of the majority of the board of directors

14/06/2013the Antitrust commina endorsements for beyond 8 million euros to Moby, SNAV, GNV and Marinvest
In the course of the preliminary investigation is found a "parallelism in the increase of the prices" that, second the AGCM, "is not moreover justifiable in other way if not with the concertazione"

14/06/2013Christened before 20 mega-portacontainer Triple of the Maersk group
the ship has an ability to 18.000 teu and is long 400 meters and wide 59 meters

14/06/201326 and june to Gioia Tauro will hold the international conference of the World Free Zones Convention
the event will put in evidence the role of the Bonded areas and the ZES in world-wide the economic development

14/06/2013the first terminal cruises of Honduras
the first ship to scale the Coast Banana will be the "Ryndam" of Holland America Line, that it will land 19 November 2014

17/06/2013the Harbour Authority of the East starts collaborations with Turkey, Germany, Austria and Croatia
Is yields of the participation to the fair Transport Logistic di Monaco

17/06/2013Worry of Interporto Marche for the possible stop to Ravenna of the Corridor Baltic Sea-Adriatic
Pesaresi: if such decision were confirmed would represent a defeat of many battles

17/06/2013Satisfaction of UCINA for the dispositions for I throw again of nautical the contained ones in "I decree of making"
Magazine the tax on the possession of the boats and widened the relative norms to the occasional chartering

17/06/2013Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is diminished of the 12.9%
In the first five months of the 2013 bending has been of the 7.5%

17/06/2013Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 14,4 million container (+6.5%)
the total traffic of the goods is piled to 621,9 million tons (+8.5%)

17/06/2013Tecnimont sells the participation in Consortium COCIV (Third Pass) to Impregilo and Italian Society for Water Conducts
While the deep ones for according to lottery of the plan are diverted towards others infrastructural works

17/06/2013Worry of Federmar-Cisal for attacks it of the Sardinia Region to Tirrenia-CIN
the union proposes a rivisitazione of the existing second convention the indications considered indispensable from the regional agency

17/06/2013Deutsche Bahn will be able to operate fleeting services through the Channel Tunnel under the Handle
an ulterior traffic of 3-4 million passengers

17/06/2013Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the 10.5%
In the first five months of the 2013 bending has been of the 9.1%

17/06/2013the Harbour Authority of has equipped of two new cars electrical workers
Forcieri: "now the fotovoltaici cars and panels for feeding them. Shortly sound deadening barriers and cold ironing"

17/06/2013the terminal of regasification FSRU Tuscany is in navigation towards Italy
Arriverà to half of the next month. The business activity will be started within the last trimester of this year

17/06/2013Last month the Suez Canal has recorded an light rise of the transits of ships
increment (+0.4%) is determined by increase (+13.6%) of the number of oil tankers

17/06/2013Cgil, Cisl and Uil protest for the diversion of deep the destined ones to the Third Pass
the unions propose to the institutions, the politicians and the entrepreneurs "to beat a blow"

18/06/2013Gianni Onorato leaves Costa Crociere
the general manager of the company has decided to leave the company with immediate effect

18/06/2013Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM will constitute the new P3 alliance Network
the three main carriers of the line transport will put in field 255 ships for an ability to 2,6 million container that will be employed in 29 services

18/06/2013Cagliari International Container Terminal announces new landings place of oceanic ships and feeder
Modifications to the services operated from the shipowning lines customers

18/06/2013To Salerno has carried out a day for the work safety in the port
Incontro near the center of the "House of Harbour and the visits to the places and the operating areas

18/06/2013Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is increased of 17.2%
the rate of growth in the first five months of 2013

18/06/2013Without efficiency of the ports and the logistics - Assoporti, Federagenti and Fedespedi emphasize - does not exist possibility of throws again for Italy
Merlon has proposed to transfer to the Harbour Authorities the Federal property for patrimonializzare it

18/06/2013Convention "Intermodalità and logistics: North-West platform between Italy and Europe - To make system in order to grow"
will hold thursday to Genoa

18/06/2013Dalla Regione Toscana 3,25 million euros the year for the Harbour Authority of Piombino
the objective is to receive the next spring in port property left at death of the ship from cruise "Costa Concordia"

18/06/2013Renewed in Spain the contract of the workers of the ports and the Harbour Authorities
its validity is postponed until 31 December 2015

19/06/2013European Shippers' Council and Asian Shippers' Meeting express worry for the new shipowning alliance P3
does not have in some way - they have emphasized the associations - to prejudice or to put to free risk the chosen one of the loaders

19/06/2013Brussels authorizes the modifications to the plan of restructure of the Croatian ship yard 3.Maj
Green light to the privatization within 1° the July

19/06/2013Bureau Veritas announces a split share
the objective - it has explained the French society - is to continue to diversify and to widen the share compages

19/06/2013Consisting order of Deutsche Bahn to the Bombardier group
the supply until 450 locomotives electrical workers for a value of 1,5 billion euros

19/06/2013Helvetic group ABB has adjudicated a contract EPC in Algeria
Prevede the realization of a new station of surge of LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS to Haoud El Hamra

19/06/2013Agreement between the Belgian port of Zeebrugge and the British Forth Ports
Has the objective to attract new volumes of containerized trade

19/06/2013the ports of Bari, Barletta and Monopolies are prepared to equip themselves of the marine only door
Demanded of financing for the performance of plan ARGES

19/06/2013Emanuele Grimaldi towards the presidency of Confitarma
the Italian fleet is placed to 12° the place in the world-wide ranking

19/06/2013Al port of the meeting international of the Chemlog plan
Sviluppa the topics of the intermodal transport of the goods dangerous in Europe

19/06/2013Teasing (Liguria Region) speeds up the government to guarantee the execution of the plan of the Third Pass
In a letter to the executive the president of from Liguria agency manifest worry for the decision to definanziare according to lottery

19/06/2013the port of Trieste will have the two cranes for container of greater ability to all the ports of the Adriatic
Trieste Marine Terminal in existence has the upgrading of two means of raising

19/06/2013Inspections to surprise of the EU commission near railway companies that operate services goods in the European south-east
is carried out in order to ascertain if the societies have adopted anti-competitive practices

19/06/2013Assologistica anticipates nine requests of the logistic field to politics
Audition to IX the Commission of the Chamber

20/06/2013the regional council of the Latium asks that the Costa Concordia ship is dismantled to Civitavecchia
approved of Motion to majority

20/06/2013the Harbour Authority of Naples participates to the SIL of Barcelona
With almost 500 present enterprises, the event confirmation the main hall of the logistics of the Mediterranean

20/06/2013Maersk Line sells railway society ERS Railways to the British Freightliner
ERS stops the 47% of the capital stock of the German boxXpress

20/06/2013DP World will realize and manage a new container terminal in the port of Nhava Sheva
Will per year have a traffic ability pairs to 800 thousand teu

20/06/2013the ports of Koper, Rijeka, Trieste and Venice confirm their common engagement in the association NAPA
Insured the support to the plans of development of every port member

20/06/2013the EU commission submits Spain to the Law court EU in matter of harbour job
Under accusation the norms that they prohibit to the terminalisti to address to the free market in order to recruit personal

20/06/2013a delegation of the port of Shanghai has visited the harbour port of call of Gioia Tauro
Last February is signed a twinning agreement

20/06/2013To May the traffic in the port of Taranto is diminished of the 27.3%
In the first five months of the 2013 bending has been of the 30.7%

20/06/2013Requalification of the boat yard of Mondo Marine to Savona
Installation of fotovoltaici panels on the Sopraflutti Pier of from Liguria port

20/06/2013the Friuli Venice Julia is candidated to guide the plans EU on the Adriatic-Baltic Sea Corridor
We must - it has emphasized the regional city council member Santoro - give to concrete answers to the requirements of the main productive rows presents long the axis

20/06/2013From the July end the service Phoenician Express di CMA CGM will touch Venice
the port will be scaled every two weeks

21/06/2013Federlazio and Cdc Rome anticipate plan LOG.IN for the development of the logistics
the initiative has the scope to raise awareness the small and averages enterprises of Rome to the topic of the integrated logistics

21/06/2013the German shipowning industry sees black
the majority of the companies previews a progressive consolidation of the field

21/06/2013the plan of SNCM rescue, that it previews the cut of 515 places of work
the next year the fleet will be reduced by nine to eight ships

21/06/2013the Singapore Shipping Association asks that the fires in the forests of Sumatra are stopped
To risk navigation in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore

21/06/2013At the end of the month Holding Grimaldi will inaugurate the new marine connection Augusta-Malta
will be realized with the extension of the line in departure from Salerno

21/06/2013the Boskalis Dutch will realize the new harbour area of Bronka to Saint Petersburg
Undersigned a contract of the value of approximately 25 million euros

21/06/2013the Tower Pilots of the port of Genoa will be accommodated temporary to Columbus Bridge
the Harbour Committee has approved of the provision of update of the rates for the supply of temporary job

21/06/2013Mounts confirmation the plan for a great container terminal in deep waters to Civitavecchia
Simonetti (Contship Italy): "our will exists to be part integrating of this challenge"

24/06/2013the terminalista group Gulftainer acquires 51% of the Saudi Gulf Stevedoring Contracting Company
the company work terminal in the ports of Dammam, Jeddah and Jubail

24/06/2013DFDS confirmation of being outside from the procedure of sale of Scandlines
the offer of the Danish group is not accepted

24/06/2013the company Asiatic Lloyd of Singapore has ordered two new portacontainer from 9.000 teu
will be constructed by the South Korean ship yard Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Ltd

24/06/2013To May 2013 the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna is diminished of the 2.4%
In the first five months of this year is recorded an increase of the 2.6%

24/06/2013Maritime and the Port Authority of Singapore cancels two licences of bunkeraggio
is revoked to Golden Lights HS Bunkering and the Shing Them Shipping

24/06/2013Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Valencia has grown of the 8%
In the first five months of the 2013 increment has been of the 4.5%

25/06/2013Nuovo order to Brodosplit for the construction of a ship from fluvial cruise
Verrà delivered in the first half of 2015 and will be employed in Russia

25/06/2013Saipem obtains a new contract in Nigeria of the value of three billions of dollars
In program activity in the offshore Nigerian in depths of water that reach the 1,700 meters

25/06/2013Order of a billion of dollars to the Rolls-Royce from the airline SAS
Is relative to the supply of motors for 12 aircrafts

25/06/2013Wallenius Lines has ordered to two new ships garage post-Panamax to the Chinese yard Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding
will be delivered in 2015 and 2016

25/06/2013Increase of 193% of the profit clearly of Carnival thanks to the reduction of not operating burdens
In the trimester March-May of this year the revenues of the group are diminished of the -2%

25/06/2013Freezing of the Tirrenia rates for the transport of the goods
is decided today after the summit between the president of the Region Sardinia, the minister Lupi and the administrator of the navigation company

25/06/2013Friday in the port of Trieste will be celebrated the thousandth intermodal train to the Pier YOU
the convoys from the EMT terminal are operated by Rail Traction Company

25/06/2013In increase the volumes of transport arranged operated from Kombiverkehr in the first part of 2013
Last year the volume of transactions of the German society is diminished of 5.5%

26/06/2013Railway Net Italian confirmation the intention to realize the railway gateway of the port of Gioia Tauro
the current impasse of the plan - it has explained to Elia in an encounter with the vice president of the Calabria Region - is attributable to procedural delays

26/06/2013a bottom managed from Tufton Oceanic becomes shareholder of Friend International Shipping
a advanced quota to 2%

26/06/2013the Israeli group Israel Corp. it is prepared for the spin-off of shipowning society ZIM
the operation could be carried out over 6-12 months

26/06/2013the ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports has instituted the Inspecting Service of the Marine Job
Definite the lines guides and the procedures for the inspecting verifications

26/06/2013Odfjell Terminals will realize a new cisterniero terminal in China
50:50 with the Chinese group Founder. The system will be constructed to Quanzhou

26/06/2013Corrado Fois is the new Young president of the Group of Federagenti
Rinnovate the associative charges for biennium 2013-2015

27/06/2013Geodis Wilson heads at the rail shipment for the connections between China and Europe
Pedersen: "we address customers who are on the lookout for an alternative to the aerial transport with a longer time of answer"

27/06/2013a new portacontainer from 13.208 teu of the OOCL
the ship will be employed in the service Loop 5 that connects Asia with Europe

27/06/2013Pier III of the container terminal of the Pireo managed from group COSCO
Samaras: "any is the intensity and the type of the crises, the answer is to invest in competitive fields"

27/06/2013financial Brussels approve of the FSI support, Yildirim and Merit to the French CMA CGM
the concentration plan

27/06/2013Green light to the widening of the terminal Palacruceros cruises of the port of Barcelona
Potenziamento of the railway terminal to the Muelle Sur

27/06/2013the apulian Harbour Authorities confirm their common strategy
Assembly of Apulian Ports, whose presidency is assigned to Franco Mariani

27/06/2013Interporto Bologna is connected also virtually to the port of Rotterdam with the InlandLinks platform
Is the only Italian terminal of the Network

27/06/2013Morace (Tirrenia): with the adaptation of the Convention at the market a review of the rates will only be able to be carried out goods
Affronteremo also with the Antitrust the tariff topic, has explained the managing director of the navigation company

28/06/2013COSCO confirmation the ulterior investment of 224 million euros in the port of the Pireo
Verrà the western widening of the terminalistica area of Pier III

28/06/2013Rickmers buys five portacontainer from 2.200 teu
present the German group considers that this segment of market a growth potential

28/06/2013the hydrocarbons hold "afloat" the port of Barcelona
To May has grown also the goods conventional. Decrease in the other fields

28/06/2013of the EU commission in order to obligate the shipowners to monitor and to communicate the carbon dioxide emissions of the ships
Norms with application beginning from 1º January 2018

28/06/2013Tuesday to the festivity of inauguration of the new bridge "Thaon Di Revel"
is realized by the Harbour Authority and will join the Morin al Porto Mirabello walk

28/06/2013Fonds Stratégique d' Investissement becomes shareholder of CMA CGM
Green light to the investment of 150 million dollars

28/06/2013Convention "Increase and transports in Friuli Venice Julia"
will hold Wednesday to Udine

28/06/2013Fincantieri delivery the ship from extra cruise luxury the Soléal to the Companies du Ponant
Will be the new flagship of the French company

28/06/2013harbour year 2013 to Venice begins indicating a recrudescence of the conflict port-city
the intimate mayor Orsoni bluntly to the port to make a step behind and adapting themselves to own addresses of territorial politics

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