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19 April 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:32 GMT+2

01/07/2013third of a series of Fremm unit is launched in the yard of Riva Trigoso of the Fincantieri
the frigate will be delivered to Marina Militare Italiana in the first months of 2014

01/07/2013the ECSA asks a system for monitoring, communication and verification of the emissions of co2 of the ships practicable
Second the shipowning association will have to be based exclusively on the fuel burnup of the ships

01/07/2013Wärtsilä will supply the systems of propulsion for 24 new ships of China Navigation
Option for others 12 ships

01/07/2013In the yard of Nakasaki of MHOS is begun the construction of before the two new ships for AIDA Cruises
Will have a tonnage of 124.500 tons and will be able to accommodate 3,300 passengers

01/07/201362% of IHC Merwede to the Dutch society of Indofin investments
10% is stopped by the Rabo Capital (group Rabobank) and 28% from management and the staff

02/07/2013the new terminal you ferry of Grimaldi to Barcelona
Occupa a surface total of 63.000 square metres

02/07/2013But Zehua is the new one chairman of shipowning group Chinese COSCO
Succeeds to Wei Jiafu

02/07/2013Excel Maritime Carriers anticipates request in order to approach the Chapter 11 of US Bankruptcy Tails
the Greek company has reached an agreement with the own main backers

02/07/2013the VeMarS consortium has released the qualification of apprentice officer of covered 12 students
Already in the next few months will come boarded on mercantile ships with the degree of second or third deck official

02/07/2013the EU commission authorizes the acquisition of the aeronautical section of the Aviation Italian from the GE American
the green light is subordinated to a series of engagements

02/07/2013Tomorrow to Marseilles will open the conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists
To the encounter will participate Umberto Masucci, vice president of the Federation of the Sea

02/07/2013the Antitrust wants to assess if the operators of services in the Strait of Messina have placed in existence a restrictive understanding of the competition
Notification and inspections to the centers of seven companies

02/07/2013the EU commission authorizes a public aid to the Harbour Authority of the Pireo for crocieristiche infrastructures
the plan - Brussels has explained - could not be realized without the support of public funds

02/07/2013RINA Services assumes the presidency of the IACS
the president of the Italian company, Roberto Cazzulo, is elected chairman of the association

03/07/2013the Bergen group is next to an agreement with an European naval constructor
the new partner will invest in the navalmeccaniche activities of the Norwegian group

03/07/2013Adani Ports formalizes the joint venture agreement of with MSC in order to manage the third container terminal of the port of Mundra
Will have a traffic ability anniversary pairs to 1,5 million teu

03/07/2013the governing one lives test to make from peacemaker in the crash between Salerno and Naples on the portualità
"the enemy - it has emphasized Stefano Caldoro - is not in house ours"

03/07/2013the EU commission starts a consultation on the aids of State on the airports and the airlines
Almunia: the objective is to guarantee that the money of the contributors is spold wisely, where is indeed necessary

03/07/2013the Israeli government offers to private the two new ports of Hadarom (Ashdod) and Hamifratz (Haifa)
Netanyahu: "the era of the monopolies in the Israeli ports is ended and it will not return more"

03/07/2013Nuovo service ferry between the port of Bari and Greece
Four touched weeklies magazine of a ship of IN the Lines. The apulian port of call is prepared to face the summery peaks

03/07/2013Green light to Taranto to the offshoring of the Consortium Terminal Bulk on the Cementir Pier
the Harbour Authority: it is prevailed the knowledge that the perseguimento of the public interest generates diffuse advantages

03/07/2013Started in the port of Trieste the transfer of the destined floodgates on the new channel of Panama hat
Costruite from the Cimolai, comes via barge from Porto Nogaro

04/07/2013Letter of attempts Scandlines - STX Finland for the construction of two new ferries
the ships will be taken in delivery in the spring of 2015

04/07/2013CIMC orders to DSIC the construction of seven portacontainer from 8.800 teu that they will be rented to MSC
the store clerk has a total value of 595 million dollars

04/07/2013Scorpio Tankers enters in segment LPG with orders for 5-10 new ships VLGC
will be constructed by Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Ltd. and DSME

04/07/2013In the first half of the 2013 traffic of the goods in the port of Savona I go is increased of 0.4%
Fleeting to +26,6% thanks to the increase of 40.6% of the number of crocieristi

04/07/2013FS puts on of CIM - Interporto of Novara the areas of the railway port of call of Novara Small wood
In the council of the Interporto enters to take part a member indicated from the Railroads of the State

05/07/2013the Chinese ship yard Rongsheng in serious crisis financial institution looks for the support of the government
the navalmeccanico group confirmation the delays in the payments to own suppliers and workers

05/07/2013Tomorrow to Salerno will carry out the eleventh edition of Sea Sun Salerno
the event inaugurates the Arena of Sea 2013

05/07/2013Abel Lamé is the new general manager of Gefco Italy
Subentra from today to Pierre-Jean Lorrain

05/07/2013the Harbour Institute of Marine Culture of Trieste has celebrated a year of activity in the Old Port
Twelve months ago, after the restructure, opened the clappers Hydrodynamic Headquarters

05/07/2013Al external director Relazioni of MSC Cruises the prize "Comunicatore of Year 2013"
Maurizio Salvi will receive the acknowledgment in the within of Ischia the international Prize of journalism

05/07/2013Trieste Passenger terminal has taken in delivery warehouse 42
New opportunity for the congressional activities

05/07/2013Panalpina and Arcese intensify the cooperation in the street transport of the goods
Besides Belgium and to Italy, the partnership is extended to Spain

05/07/2013Imbarchi to Savona of prestigious sailing boats from competition
the operations to the Savona Terminals of the Campostano group have carried out with the supervision of the British Peters & May

05/07/2013Store clerk of the value of 28 million euros to the Marino Rosettes from the Pole Lotos Petrobaltic
Supply of relative services EPMS to the conversion of the mobile platform of perforation in oil platform of production

08/07/2013the Committee Cruise Venice restates its "not" to the transfer of the crocieristico traffic to Marghera Port
Bernardo: the crocieristico traffic is worth approximately 465 million euros of direct expense

08/07/2013"Cargo" of Vincenzo Mineo has won the competition for short films dedicated to the port of Genoa
the prize in the within of the thematic national competition "the port today, between local identities and total nets"

08/07/2013the admiral Mameesh Egyptian guarantees: navigation in the Suez Canal is absolutely sure
the president of Suez Canal Authority has emphasized that the water way is garrisoned by the Armed Forces

08/07/2013the EU commission anticipates the package "blue belt" in order to simplify the customs formalities of the ships
Algirdas Semeta: "the blue belt will extend the only market to the sea"

08/07/2013ABB extends the life utility of the system of automation of the ship from cruise Virgo Superstar
carried out participation on board of the binoculars "Norwegian Spirit"

08/07/2013Serracchiani: the port of Trieste can grow if the decisions of the government are in tune with the priorities of the EU
Exhortation to put into effect coherent choices "with the morphology of Alto Adriatico, holding for example account of where is the apt natural backdrops to the oceanic ships"

09/07/2013the regional committee of the Tuscany has approved of the new Portuale Town development plan of Piombino
the plan comes now transmitted to the regional council for successive the green light

09/07/2013the shipowning group Italian Messina begins the second series of investments in four new ships
In the yard of Jinhae of South Korean STX has carried out the ceremony of cut of the sheet of the new "Jolly Titanio"

09/07/2013the livornese shipment house Ms Group Service has opened an office of representation to Mogadishu
At the end of the month will be inaugurated a service of connection from Italy for the nation African

09/07/2013Tomorrow near the Harbour Authority naval of Carrara will be introduced the sculpture "Travel"
Is work of the Francesco Siani carver

09/07/2013Al VTE of the port of Genoa is installed a telephone exchange for the monitoring of the acoustic emissions of the terminal
the collected data will be put on of the Harbour Authority of Genoa and ARPAL

09/07/2013Bergen Group Fosen has delivered new cruise ferry the Stavangerfjord to the Fjord Line
the ship is equipped of an exclusively fed system of propulsion to which liquified natural gas

09/07/2013ECSA and WSC plaudono to the proposed new EU in order to promote the development of the intra-European marine transport
However the associations evidence that the truth is made of total marine services that transport the majority of the goods communitarian, than for a minimal quota is only enlivened by services limited to the ports EU

09/07/2013increase of the traffic of the container in the managed harbour terminals from Contship Italy
In the first half of this year the traffic in the single MCT of Gioia Tauro is piled to beyond 1,5 million teu (+15%)

10/07/2013Dole orders to Hyundai Mipo Dockyard the construction of three portacontainer refrigerator
Store clerk of HMM to Hanjin Heavy Industries Ltd. for four new ships portarinfuse

10/07/2013To Livorno is inaugurated the new system of biodiesel of the Indonesian group Musim Mas
the investment will increase the activity in the port of Livorno and will create direct and indirect occupation

10/07/2013In the first semester of the 2013 traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung has remained stable
Last month is recorded a bending of the 0.6%

10/07/2013China Navigation Co. (Swire group) has acquired the entire control of the company Polynesia Line
Previously stopped 13% of the capital stock

10/07/2013To May the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of 13.3%
In the first five months of the 2013 contraction has been of 3.9%

10/07/2013In the first quadrimestre of the 2013 traffic of the containers in the port of has grown of the 2.3%
In the single month of April 2013 is recorded an increment of the 6.3%

10/07/2013To South Korean DSME orders for the realization of three new mega-portacontainer
the unitary value of each construction is of approximately 140 million dollars

10/07/2013Fincantieri will construct a ship from cruise extra-dislocates for Regent Seven Seas Cruises
the value of the store clerk is of approximately 450 million dollars. The unit will be realized in the yard of Genoa

10/07/2013Installate two new cranes of super dock post-Panamax in the port of Abidjan
the means of raising take part of the equipment of the terminal of Bolloré Africa Logistics

10/07/2013Incontro on the environmental objectives of the port of Trieste
will hold the 16 July in the giuliana city

11/07/2013Green light of the Ambient Commission of the European Parliament to the proposal of regulations on the demolition of the ships
the assembly parliamentarian will conclude the first reading of the regulations the next autumn

11/07/2013In the first semester of the 2013 traffic of the container in the port of Tanger Med has grown of the 36%
the Moroccan port of call has enlivened 1,2 million teu

11/07/2013Piro (AP Nord Sardinia) writes to minister Lupi in order to ask for the abolition of the service Genoa-Olbia-Arbatax ferry
draft - it has emphasized - of "a continuous connection that has been and to strategic being in the system of the marine transports from and for the island"

11/07/2013Protocollo of Unioncamere understanding - Assoporti for I throw again of the economy of the sea
has been undersigned today from Ferruccio Dardanello and Luigi Merlo

11/07/2013the EU confirmation the financing of 1,55 million euros to the ports of Trieste, Venice and Koper
the resources are destined to the plans Napadrag (escavi) and NapaProg (development plans)

11/07/2013the level of the investments in infrastructures of transport in nations OCSE
In period 1995-2011 in the countries of western Europe has been pairs to the 0,8-0,9% of the GDP

11/07/201368% of the incidents in the ports is correlabile to the employment of harbour means
18% is attributable to the atmospheric conditions

11/07/2013the 22 July to Genoa will hold the convention "Infrastructures and logistics, indispensable for the Country and the Liguria"
Is organized from the genoese center of CISL

11/07/2013In the first semester of this year the traffic of the container in the port of Trieste is increased of 13.6%
In the single month of june the increase has been of 5.7%

12/07/2013Fedex Express has opened a filial new to Bari
Altogether in Italy the society is present in 21 alleviates

12/07/2013the port of participates to the exhibition "Mémoire DES Ports de Méditerranée"
is inserted in the calendar of European Vital Marseilles of Culture 2013

12/07/2013Ok of the Board of Directors of the Piraeus Port Authority to the prosecuzione of the construction of the dock cruises to Agios Nikolaos
Will be ready for crocieristica season 2014

12/07/2013Tirrenia CIN refutes to have taken to decisions and initiatives approximately the abolition of the Olbia-Genoa route
a similar decision - it has explained the company - could not be assumed unilaterally

12/07/2013the Mota-Engil Portuguese will manage the lacustrine ports of the Malawi
the filial new Malawi Ports Company

12/07/2013Satisfaction of Piro (AP Nord Sardinia) for the step behind of Tirrenia CIN, but disappointment for the modalities with which it is announced
has been the same president of the company - it has specified - beginning from to inform me of the hypothesis of suspension of the Genoa-Olbia-Arbatax route the first October

12/07/2013Agreement Odfjell Terminals - Harbour Authority of the Havre for the realization of a great terminal for liquid bulk in the French port
For the first phase of the plan is previewed an investment of approximately 150-200 million euro

12/07/2013Financing EU to the great plan of the Hub Harbour of Ravenna
Contribution also to the intense activities of adaptation of the idrovia ferrarese and connection with the idroviario system Po-Veneto

12/07/2013the Grimaldi group doubles the departures of the Brindisi-Igoumenitsa service in the weekend
will be assured by the twin ships "Sorrento" and "Catania"

12/07/2013Wolves: the government will engage for the insertion of the port of Civitavecchia in Core European Network
the works for the port of call to finance will be inserted in attached infrastructures and to the CIPE

15/07/2013In the first half of the 2013 port of Los Angeles City has enlivened 3,7 million container (- 7.5%)
To june the traffic has recorded a decrease for the fourth consecutive month

15/07/2013the Committee of the Regions asks the EU to put the ports to the center of throws again and development of the European economy
Perplexity of the regional local authorities and on the strategy of Brussels: "we are worried - the mayor of Livorno Cosimi- from the fact has explained that the Commission has underrated, in its study of impact, the territorial dimension of the harbour activities"

15/07/2013In the first semester of the 2013 traffic in the port of Singapore is diminished of 0.7%
Last month is recorded an increment of 0.7%

15/07/2013decrease of the traffic enlivened from the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven
In the first five months of the 2013 German port of call has recorded a contraction of 8.9% of the volumes of goods

15/07/2013the Interporto of Bologna participates to the plan in order to return more "green" the corridor goods n. 3 Stockholm-Palermo
the initiative is inserted in the within of multiannual program 2007-2013 TRIES

15/07/2013In the first half of the 2013 traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of 7.7%
Last month the bending has been of 3.0%

15/07/2013In the yard of Castellammare di Fincantieri is launched the pattugliatore Ubaldo Diciotti
the unit will enter at the end of the year in service

15/07/2013In according to trimester 2013 Kuehne + Nagel clearly increases the profit of 6.2%
the revenues are piled to 5,3 billion franchi Swiss (+1.4%)

15/07/2013the directive council of WISTA Italy
Daniela Fara is reconfirmed president of the association of the women who operate in the shipping

15/07/2013In the first half of the 2013 Chinese marine ports has enlivened 81,5 million container (+7.9%)
In the single month of june the traffic has been pairs to 14,2 million teu (+6.4%)

15/07/2013Widening of the park dedicated to the container reefer to the VTE of the port of Genoa
Investment of 2,8 million euros

16/07/2013Cargotec will buy the Hatlapa German for 160 million euros
the company is specialized in the supply of equipments of covered for mercantile ships and offshore unit

16/07/2013In the first semester of the 2013 traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach has grown of the 14.2%
To june is enlivened 565 thousand teu (+1.8%)

16/07/2013Brussels authorizes the fusion between the societies of classification Germanischer Lloyd and Det Norske Veritas
the EU commission considers that the operation does not give rise to distortions of the competition

16/07/2013the Greek Marine Petroleum Network Aegean disembarks in the port of Algeciras
Tavlarios: we are strategically widening our presence in the western Mediterranean

16/07/2013Pasqualino Monti assumes the guide of Assoporti
Luigi Merlo has passed the testimony to the president of the Harbour Authority of Civitavecchia

16/07/2013the Harbour Committee of Naples approves of a variation to the budget of forecast 2013
a greater expense for maintenance operations for 1,7 million euros

16/07/2013NCL exercises the option with Meyer Werft for the construction of a second ship from cruise of 163.000 tsl
Verrà taken in delivery in the spring of 2017

16/07/2013the European State Audit Court rejects the programs "Marco Polo", considered ineffective and to suppress
Second the institution of the EU, in future the financings would have to depend on an impact appraisal ex ante

16/07/2013the Harbour Authority of Trieste anticipates the initiatives in order to return "more and more green" the port of call giuliano
Edo Ronchi and Marina Monassi restate a dry one "not" to the hypothesis of a rigassificatore in the gulf of Trieste

16/07/2013the port of celebrates the activation of the connection with Canada operated from MSC
Forcieri: this ulterior development increases the role of La Spezia and its logistic system like door of total market access

17/07/2013In the first semester of the 2013 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Taranto is diminished of the 27.7%
Monday in the apulian city will hold the Which future seminary "for the port of organized Taranto" from Magna Grecia Formazione and Formare Puglia

17/07/2013In according to trimester of the 2013 result clearly of the Bahri Saudi is diminished of 36.0%
the operating result has recorded a decrease of 16.3%

17/07/2013BIMCO and World Customs Organisation sign a new memorandum of understanding
Is face also to strengthen the role of the marine industry in the fight against the illegal activities

17/07/2013Fincantieri will realize a fourth ship from cruise extra-dislocates for the French Companies du Ponant
the construction will be assigned to the plant of Ancona and the unit will be delivered in the spring of 2015

17/07/2013Ban of the Region Marche for the development of the intermodalità
Pesaresi (Interporto Marche): from measures as these other regional administrations have drawn remarkable benefits in terms of boosting of the traffic on iron

17/07/2013Piero Lazzeri is named president of the Sanilog Bottom
Is the integrating bottom for the staff employee of the logistic field, transport goods and shipment

18/07/2013the port of Antwerp closes the first semester of 2013 with an increment of 2% of the traffic thanks to the rise of the liquid bulk
Bending of several the solid bulk and the goods

18/07/2013In according to trimester the 2013 Wärstilä has recorded a decrease of 11% of the new orders
the turnover clearly is increased of 5%

18/07/2013the adriatic ports of NAPA to the international conference Asean Ports and Shipping
Little the European harbour truths invited to take part to the event held to Have Who Minh City

18/07/2013Brussels authorizes the distribution of the resources for the relative Ecobonus to 2010
the delay of a year of the benefits, decision that - ANITA has explained - is taken for the economic slow down of Italy and its repercussions on the transport activities

18/07/2013European Financing of 3,9 of euro for the widening and the modernization of the harbour basin Ronco-Canepa of Genoa
Such resources cover approximately the 10% of the all in cost of the works of the plan

18/07/2013the sixth new portacontainer from 13.208 teu of the OOCL
the ship is rented Japanese NYK

18/07/2013Debora Serracchiani throws again the plan of a governance only for the three ports of Trieste, Monfalcone and Porto Nogaro
Every time that a decision must be taken - has denounced the president of the Region Friuli Venice Julia - ten various subjects are called to the table

18/07/2013the Serbian government is about to privatize the fluvial ports of Apatin and Belgrade
has announced It the minister of the Transports, Milutin Mrkonjic

18/07/2013Monassi: full availability of the Harbour Authority of Trieste on the plans for the area of the Ironworks of Servola
Shared with the unions a line that sees the future of the area in the industrial development connected to the logistics

18/07/2013In bending the economic results of the Cargotec group
Contraction also of the orders to the Finnish group in according to trimester 2013

18/07/2013Ancanap, the demand restitution EU of the contributions distributed from the Spanish government is late
Moreover - second the Italian shipbuilding association - door "elements of new turbulence and uncertainty in an European market already so strongly depressed"

19/07/2013In according to trimester of this year port of Rotterdam has enlivened 110,6 million tons of goods (- 0.9%)
the bending the bending of the volumes enlivened altogether from the Dutch port of call in the first half of 2013

19/07/2013the Greek shipowners sign a voluntary agreement that previews a doubling of the taxes to they loaded in order to support the economy of Athens
deposits for 140 million euros regarding current the 75

19/07/2013In according to trimester of this year OOCL has recorded a bending of the volumes and the revenues
the fleet of the company has transported 1,31 million container (- 2.6%)

19/07/2013the CIPE has deliberated the restoration of the cover financial institution of according to lottery of the Third Pass of Giovi
Assigned to 802 million euros for the realization of the railway line Alta Velocità/Alta Capacità Genova-Milano

19/07/2013To Città di Castello is started the construction of the intermodal logistic Platform of Alto Tevere
the total investment is of beyond 19 million euros

19/07/2013Is the Zaliv Ukrainian the new associate for the navalmeccaniche activities of the Bergen Norwegian
the two companies will constitute joint venture 51:49

22/07/2013Euronav has closed the first half of 2013 with a loss after the taxes of -41,4 million dollars
the revenues are diminished of 13%

22/07/2013To Salerno has been born ventunesima the Italian section of the The International Propeller Clubs
is presided by Alfonso Mignone; directive Prime Minister is Orazio De Nigris

22/07/2013In the first half of the 2013 result clearly of Belgian CMB is diminished of 38%
the volume of transactions is dropped of 5%

22/07/2013the Native-born summits of Katoen in visit to the port of Savona - Vado Ligure
Incontri with the representatives of the Harbour Authority and APM Terminals

22/07/2013the Interporto of Bologna has renewed own Internet site
rich Portal of timely information and useful documents

22/07/2013In the first five months of the 2013 traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of the 2.0%
To May the bending has been of the 13.8%

22/07/2013Paita (Liguria Region): the territory must maintain the attention high on the topic of infrastructures
Al organized convention from CISL is restated the necessity to realize indispensable works for Italian North-West, firstly Third Pass, highway Node of Genoa and Tav Torino-Lione

22/07/2013the port of Wilhelmshaven is time connected for railway way with the inland port of Duisburg
the service, started experimentally, will shortly become to regulate

22/07/2013AP of Livorno announces endorsements for the enterprises that do not appeal to the society of temporary job
Green light to the concession to Scotto on the Italy Pier side south

23/07/2013Yes of the Commission Finances and Job of the Senate to Turin which center of the Authority of the transports
Cota: "the Piemonte team works"

23/07/2013In the first semester of the 2013 port of Palermo has enlivened 2,9 million tons of goods (- 5.9%)
In the second solo trimester is recorded a decrease of the 6.7%

23/07/2013Round table on the topic "Bari and the port. Plans Borbonici and Murattiani"
will hold tomorrow in the apulian chief town

23/07/2013the mayor of Venice sharpens the weapons in sight of the encounter of thursday to Rome on the great ships in Lagoon
Orsoni evidences the importance of the port, but it asks the application with urgency for I decree Clini-Passera

23/07/2013With the contribution of Vard, the revenues of the first six months of the Fincantieri group have grown of the 57% to 1,9 billion euros
the company has confirmed the prosecuzione of the resource to the extraordinary redundancy fund for the Italian yards

23/07/2013the Harbour Authority of Livorno has joined to two new strategic European plans
draft of the B2Mos and EHPPC MED

23/07/2013Serracchiani: the Region intends to exercise in more incisive way its competences on the port of Monfalcone
Yes of the Region to the definition of a new Portuale Town development plan

23/07/2013in the first six months of the 2013 traffic goods enlivened from the port of Barcelona
the crocieristi are increased of 15%

24/07/2013Worsening of the economic performances of Konecranes in according to trimester
the measures of restructure adopted by the Finnish group will involve the reduction of 600 places of work

24/07/2013Finanziate the works in German territory in order to extend the railway line Betuwe goods to the industrial heart of Europe
Investment of approximately 1,5 billion euros. The line takes part of the European corridor Rotterdam-Genoa

24/07/2013the Interporto of Bologna nozzle the cargo stock exchange on-line Sinergibo
the service is realized by the interportuale society

24/07/2013Shortly I renew of the organs of the Harbour Authority of the Sardinia North
the procedure in order to select the new members of the Harbour Committee and the Advisory Commission

24/07/2013has reached today Marghera Port the portacontainer larger never landed to the Venetian port of call
the touched one is propedeutica to the activation of the line directed with Far East of CMA CGM

24/07/2013the Port of Oakland in the long term tightens an agreement with terminalista group SSA
Prevede the consolidation of activity on an area of beyond 140 hectares

24/07/2013Last month the marine traffic in the Suez Canal has recorded a bending of the 4.9%
the ships journeyed in the water way Egyptian in the first semester of the 2013 transported 363,7 million tons of goods (- 1.8%)

24/07/2013To Lerici will celebrate the eightieth anniversary of the conquest of the Blue Tape from the Rex
On all will dominate a shape of 85 meters for 35 of the ocean-going liner

24/07/2013To Castellammare di Stabia Fincantieri starts the construction of the ferry for Société DES traversiers du Québec
the ship will be delivered at the end of 2014

24/07/2013To june the port of Ravenna has established the own new record of traffic salary of the container
In the first six months of the 2013 port of call has recorded an increment of 2.8% of the total traffic of the goods

24/07/2013the directive council of the The International Propeller Club Port of Trieste
President is named Fabrizio Zerbini

25/07/2013CIMC has ordered to New Times Shipbuilding the construction of five portacontainer from 8.800 teu
the new ships will be rented to group MSC

25/07/2013BC Ferries will acquire three new ferries
In the next few days will be started the contest procedure in order to select the ship yard that will construct the ships

25/07/2013ABB clearly closes according to trimester 2013 with an increase of 16.3% of the result and decrease of 7.4% of the new orders
the volume of transactions has recorded an increment of 5.8%

25/07/2013In the first half of the 2013 profit clearly of SUCH International has grown of 21.2%
the revenues are piled to 328,0 million dollars (+13.8%)

25/07/2013Deutsche Bahn records an increase of the transported passengers and a decrease of the goods
In bending the goods on track so like street, marine and aerial shipments

25/07/2013Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice has grown of the 19.2%
Nuovo belt conveyor prototype electrical worker devised from the Cooperative Luggage carrier of the Port of Venice

25/07/2013Royal Caribbean Cruises has closed the second trimester with a profit clearly of 24,7 million dollars
the revenues are piled to 1,9 billion dollars (+3.4%)

25/07/20131° August in the port of Palermo will be inaugurated a great photovoltaic system
Copre an area almost 10,000 square metres

25/07/2013a boiler of 70 tons "is flown" by Italy to the United States
the left exceptional shipment from the airport of Zurich is cured by the Milanese Fortunes

25/07/2013To October the government will take a definitive decision on the transit of the great ships to Venice
the mayor of the lagoon city has been declared satisfied of like the ministers is facing the issue

26/07/2013Panalpina records an ulterior progression of the economic performances
For the first time after nine consecutive trimesters of decline the air shipments operated by the group are returned to grow

26/07/2013On the stumbling block of the road haulage the negotiations between unions break and enterprises for I renew of the ccnl
Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti have proclaimed a general strike for 5 August

26/07/2013Warriors: the port of Piombino will be able to receive the property left at death one of Costa Concordia
Green light from the commission Transports and infrastructures of from Tuscany regional council to the new Town development plan of the port

26/07/2013In according to trimester of this year traffic goods enlivened from the port of Marseilles has grown of 2%
In the first half of 2013 is recorded a decrease of the -4%

26/07/2013New nominations in the terminals of La Spezia and Cagliari of the group Contship Italy
Michele Giromini and Franco Nicola Cupolo are the new managing directors of LSCT and CICT

29/07/2013In the first half of the 2013 profit clearly of the Exmar Belgian has grown of 170.5%
the revenues are diminished of 5.1%

29/07/2013the president of the Region Friuli Venice Julia has proposed to the port of Trieste to exit from the North Adriatic Ports Association
Monassi: I will face the problem with the ports of Koper and Rijeka

29/07/2013the port of Mina Zayed will be equipped of a new terminal cruises
a temporary structure will be prepared in sight of the next season

29/07/2013the scene of the world-wide exchanges of goods continuous to being characterized from a remarkable uncertainty
Even if Asia, and more in particular China, continues to being the locomotive of the increase - has explained the International Transport Forum - there are signs of a slow down

29/07/2013Fincantieri tightens an agreement with Centro Krylov of Saint Petersburg in the field of the naval search
In program the combined development of new destined plans to the technological innovation of the field

29/07/2013group STX Corporation yields own participation in STX Energy
temporary Acquisition from Japanese ORIX

29/07/2013Inaugurate in the Port Channel of Cagliari the new docks for the conventional traffics of goods and helter-skelter
From the Turkish ship "Suat Bey" is disembarked two thousand tons of bentonite

29/07/2013NCL has archived item second trimester 2013 with a net loss of -8,8 million dollars
the revenues are increased of 10.5% and the operating profit has grown of 9.6%

29/07/2013Diana Containerships has closed the period April-june with a net loss of -5,0 million dollars
In the first half of the 2013 liabilities is piled to -36,8 million dollars

30/07/2013the Harbour Authority of Livorno assumes for a year the management of the Old Fortress
the agency will use the good for cultural and tourist scopes exclusively shared by the Municipality

30/07/2013In according to trimester of the 2013 operating result of Seaspan Corporation is diminished of the 23.0%
the company has signed orders of the total value of 550 million dollars for the portacontenitori new construction

30/07/2013Kombiverkehr will extend own net of services to southern France
a new service will connect Cologne and Duisburg with the Miramas terminal, between Avignon and Marseilles

30/07/2013Today in the port of Venice is activated the Unico Doganale Door
draft of a version evolven of that already experienced to Ravenna, Civitavecchia and Naples

30/07/2013In last weeks MSC has given a jolt to the orderbook world-wide of mega-portacontainer
the Genevan company is leader in the field of the new constructions with orders for 34 ships of the total ability to 375.207 teu

30/07/2013In order to continue to carry the great ships from cruise to Venice is imperative to characterize a route alternative to that of San Marco
has emphasized It the Venetian Harbour Authority specifying that he is fundamental to pursue the objective to apply I decree Clini-Passera

30/07/2013Understanding for the mitigation of the impact on the peach brought from the construction of the new offshore harbour terminal of Venice
is signed today by Region, Harbour Authority and trade associations of the peach and the aquaculture

30/07/2013Saipem has closed the first semester of 2013 with a net loss of -575 million euros
the revenues are diminished of 18.9%

30/07/2013In according to trimester of the 2013 profit clearly of Finnlines has recorded a bending of 84%
the revenues are piled to 149,7 million euros (- 9%)

30/07/2013the terminal of regasification FRSU Tuscany has arrived today in waters of the Tuscany
the beginning of the business activity is in program within the last trimester of 2013

31/07/2013In improvement the economic results of the Japanese shipowning societies MOL, NYK and "K" Linens
the three companies have closed the first trimester of fiscal year 2013 with clean results of positive sign

31/07/2013Yes of the Harbour Committee of Genoa to the new outer dam
the contest for the realization of the work could be under way in 2015

31/07/2013the Japanese "K" Linens will constitute a new society dedicated to rotabili cargos
"K" Line Roro Services will have centers to Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Hiroshima

31/07/2013Fourth consecutive trimester of the reduction of the traffic of the container in the terminals of DP World
In the period April-june of this year the result after the HPH taxes Trust is diminished of 14.7%

31/07/2013In decided rise the results of Friend International Shipping
the second trimester has been archived item with a profit clearly of 15,5 million dollars

31/07/2013Trimester positive April-june for shipowning society Chilean CSAV
In the first six months of the 2013 fleet of the group has transported 900 thousand container (- 7.8%)

31/07/2013the resumption of the harbour traffics is a sign of confidence for Ravenna
has emphasized It deputy mayor the Mingozzi and the president of the Harbour Authority Di Marco

31/07/2013Prosegue the positive trend of the economic results of CAI International
In according to trimester the profit clearly has grown of 11.9% and the revenues are increased of 33.4%

31/07/2013Primo boarding on an Italian cargo vessel of a private antipirateria team
Attached of the Londoner Triskel Services on board of the rinfusiera "Pan One" of the Augustan Atlantic

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