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20 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 22:05 GMT+2

02/09/2013Three people arrested for the tried one attack to portacontainer the COSCO Asia in the Suez Canal
Yesterday the marine traffic in the water way Egyptian is continued regulations with the transit of 51 ships

02/09/2013Undersigned the binding agreement for the cession of Russian NCC to the Global Ports
the entire share capital will be acquired through the payment of 291 million dollars and the emission of new actions

02/09/2013In the first semester the port of Amsterdam has enlivened 40,3 million tons of goods (+5.4%)
the entire harbour system of Amsterdam has recorded a traffic of 48,3 million tons (+3.7%)

02/09/2013In according to trimester 2013 Anek Lines has recorded turned out economic stable
the volume of transactions is diminished of 13%

03/09/2013the portacontenitori new mega of the UASC will be placed in class DNV
the society of Norwegian classification confirmation that the system of propulsion of the ships could be fed to gas

03/09/2013the Bechtel American anticipates a plan in order to realize offshore harbour terminal in Africa
the objective is to resolve the congestion problems that characterize the coastal ports of call

03/09/2013In the first semester of the 2013 traffic in the port of Ghent has recorded a bending of 3.8%
In according to trimester the decrease has been of 4.1%

04/09/2013the 21 september to Genoa will hold the convention "Confronts between the professions of the sea in the Med area"
Is organized from WISTA Italy

04/09/2013RINA approves of the plan for the greatest system than natural gas storage compressed the world
will be situated to Pleasing, in Indonesia

04/09/2013the Spanish government adopts two measures in order to increase the competitiveness of the national ports
the reduction of 5% of the amount of the harbour taxes and the decrease of 8.5% of the tax of occupation of the harbour ground

04/09/2013Is in increase the transported containerized volumes on the railway line Transiberiana
the Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation promotes the institution of new connections with trains container

04/09/2013Bimco, IAPH, ICS and WSC speed up the IMO to adopt the compromise solution on the control of the weight of the container
"Is time - they have emphasized - to resolve the problem"

05/09/2013In the exercise 2013 DNV previews to obtain organic increase of the revenues of 6%
In the first half of the year the increment has been of 5%

05/09/2013A.P. Møller-Mærsk starts a procedure of accelerated bookbuild in order selling its participation in DFDS
Part of the quota, that it is pairs to the 31.3%, will be acquired from same DFDS (12.0%) and from the shareholder of reference Lauritzen Foundation (2.0%)

05/09/2013the Italian group Coeclerici has acquired 100% of the German Dako Coal
the company is specialized in the trading and in the implementation of innovative techniques for I use it of solid fuels

05/09/2013Italy scale 29 places in the ranking of the Economic World Forum on the quality of the infrastructural equipments
the railroads have gone up twenty steps and the ports twenty-two

05/09/2013Carried out to Marghera puts down it in basin of the block of bow of the new flagship of Costa Crociere
"Costa Diadema" will be delivered by Fincantieri 30 October 2014

06/09/2013a new railway service weekly magazine connects the port of Koper with Breslavia
is operated by the society Baltic Rail

06/09/2013While Spain reduces the harbour taxes in order to increase the competitiveness of the economy - Confetra denunciation - Italy prepares to increase them
Marcucci: it is favorable that the Harbour Authorities making use of the impositiva autonomy decide to neutralize those increases established to central level

06/09/2013today Fedele Sanciu is to the guide of the Harbour Authority of the Sardinia North
the extraordinary commissioner succeeds to Paolo Piro who has concluded two consecutive mandates to the presidency of the agency

06/09/2013certification green "7 Golden Pearls" to the four ships of class Fantasy of MSC Cruises
is released by the Bureau Veritas

06/09/2013To Arenzano (Genoa) will be instituted a pole of the professions of the sea
Diventerà center of the row "hotellerie of edge" of the Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile

06/09/2013the Harbour Authority of Augusta promuoverà the start of operations of allibo of liquid bulk
a substantial discouragement of the anchor duty

06/09/2013To July the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Barcelona has grown of 5.3%
In the first seven months of the 2013 port of call has recorded a traffic of 24,4 million tons (- 0.5%)

06/09/2013the Greek Top Ships leaves again from zero
the company will sell the entire fleet to the active trust AMCI Poseidon

06/09/2013the minister Lupi has signed decrees for the logistic platform of the port of Trieste
Ok to the financing of 32 million euros that will complete the total investment of 132 million

09/09/2013Agreement ABB - Statoil for the development of technologies of control and feeding in the submarine depths
a combined industrial program

09/09/2013the Chilean Grupo Empresas Navieras program the amalgamation of the harbour activities to the Agunsa branch
Fusion with Harbour Cabo Froward and Portuaria Sea Austral

09/09/2013Tomorrow the ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia will visit the port of Salerno
In program also an encounter with a delegation of local entrepreneurs

09/09/2013Coeclerici Coal Network has acquired the totality of the division coal trading of Alley-Cassetty Companies
the society, between most ancient in America, is active in the brokerage and trading of coal

09/09/2013Trasportounito proclaims for the end of October the arrest warrant of five days of the road haulage
With the total furtiveness of the government - it has specified national president Franco Pensiero - that of the arrest warrant almost is not chosen

09/09/2013Porto of Genoa two-faced to june and July 2013
In the two months the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of call has recorded respective a decrease of a -16,5% and increment of the +11.4%

09/09/2013the first operation of drainage of GNL in new terminal FSRU Tuscany
the commercial operations will begin within the end of November

10/09/2013the Chinese Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group Co. it obtains the 40% of the port malaysian of Kuantan
Transaction with IJM Corporation of the total value of approximately 101 million dollars

10/09/2013Brussels anticipates new measures in order to increase the volume of goods transported on internal the navigable ways
Thursday to Mantua an event ALOT in order to introduce the multimodali and computer science solutions for a more attractive transport

10/09/2013Genoa throws again its status of marine-harbour capital with the new manifestation "Genoa Shipping Week"
Nasce from the fusion of the international events "Shipbrokers and Shipagents Dinner" and "Port&ShippingTech"

10/09/2013a delegation of Japanese students has visited the port of Venice
Era composed from investigators of the Waterfront Vitalization and Environment Research

10/09/2013the terminal cruises Altona di Amburgo will be equipped of a system in order to supply electric power to the ships
For the realization of the system of cold ironing is previewed an investment of 8,85 million euros

11/09/2013Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung has grown of 1.9%
In the first eight months of the 2013 increment has been of the 0.2%

11/09/2013Shortly the award of the adaptation intense activities/consolidation of the Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto
Yesterday the extraordinary commissioner Priest has met the head of the DISET Mancurti

11/09/2013the Eni group will invest 140 million euros for the reconstruction of the outer dam of the port of Freezes
Renewed of twenty years the contract of concession of the Refinery of Freezes

11/09/2013In the port of Marseilles will be created a pole dedicated to mega the yachts
Under way two contests for the allocation of a building, a dock and the adjacent areas

11/09/2013In the first seven months of the 2013 traffic enlivened from the port of has grown of 4.7%
In increase the container. Decrease of the goods several and the bulk

11/09/2013organized Round table from Propeller and Assoagenti of Genoa on the "Profession of the shipping agent and European marine politics"
With the income of Salerno salt to 20 the number of the Clubs of national Propeller

11/09/2013the multipurpose Yong Sheng has concluded its China-Europe travel through the Sea Glacial Arctic
the ship of the COSCO Shipping has arrived yesterday to Rotterdam

11/09/2013Tomorrow will become operating the fusion between the societies of classification Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd
DNV GL will introduce a annual turnover of 2,5 billion euros

11/09/2013Promossi with full marks all the offices of the ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports
Almost the totality has obtained the maximum level of performance anniversary

12/09/2013the Italian tourist portualità will meet in shareholders' meeting the 19 september to Chioggia
"We will launch - it has anticipated the president of Assomarinas Perocchio - a pressing invitation to riormeggiare in our structures"

12/09/2013Nuovo terminal of the Dutch Verbrugge Terminals in the port of Zeebrugge
will be dedicated to the several, loose traffics of goods and of wood flesh

12/09/2013In the first half of the 2013 railway traffic goods through the Swiss Alps has grown of 6.9%
the traffic for street way is diminished of 8.9%

12/09/2013the new lever of command Azimut of ABB has won Red Dot Design Award
the instrument affords to maneuver giant ships from cruise with a precision to the decimeter

12/09/2013the port of Villa San Giovanni has entered to take part of territorial administrative division of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro
approximately Currently 7,5 million passengers journeys in the calabrian port of call

12/09/2013& Co. the opportunities of the market of the mega-yachts are equipped with new covered dry dock of 102 meters in order to pick all
the genoese company, with a pocketbook orders of seven unit between the 50 and 90 meters, invests 5,6 million euros

12/09/2013Tomorrow CMA CGM will celebrate its 35° birthday
the 13 september 1978 Jacques R. Saade has founded the Maritime Companies of Affrètement

12/09/2013Today the ambassadress of the Republic of the South Africa has visited the port of Genoa
Incontro with the general secretary of the Harbour Authority D' Aste

12/09/2013Five you carry in the shortlist of the plans that this year will compete for the ESPO Award
Sono Anversa, Cartagena, Having, Livorno and Oslo

13/09/2013To August the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Singapore has grown of 9.0%
In the first eight months of the 2013 increment has been of 2.3%

13/09/2013CIMC orders to the construction of others two portacontainer from 8.800 teu that they will enter in the MSC fleet
Store clerk to ship yard NTS. Salt to 14 the number of ships rented from the Chinese group to the shipowner of Geneva

13/09/2013Last month the traffic goods enlivened from the Chinese marine ports has grown of 14.4%
the single containerized volume has been pairs to 14,7 million teu (+9.5%)

13/09/2013Two Cafè Business for the valorization of the potentialities of the port of Ravenna
will hold the 19 september to 22 Cesena and October to Bergamo

13/09/2013Undersigned Protocollo di Legalità for all the activities of the port of Augusta
is signed by the prefect of Syracuse Gradone and the president of the harbour agency Garozzo

13/09/2013To July the 2013 traffic in the port of Taranto is diminished of 18.1%
In the first seven months of the year the decrease has been of 26.4%

16/09/2013Friday in the port of Cagliari will be introduced the first plots the world to compressed air
the vehicle will be constructed in Sardinia, to Bolotana

16/09/2013In the first six months of the 2013 traffic of the crocieristi in the port of Civitavecchia has grown of the 22.1%
the goods has recorded a bending of 1.2%

16/09/2013To July the 2013 export Italian has recorded a decrease of the -2,3%
import regarding the month the precedence has grown of the +0.4%

16/09/2013restructure of shipbuilding society Finnish STX Finland
the activities carried out in the yard of Rauma will be transferred in the plant of Turku. 700 places of work will be cut

16/09/2013Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the 5.9%
In the first eight months of the 2013 bending has been of the 6.9%

16/09/2013the property left at death one of Costa Concordia is slowly straightening
the parbuckling is happening like from plan. Rossi (Tuscany Region): I will be content when the Lily will be freed by this monster and still more if the property left at death one will go to Piombino

16/09/2013In the first half of the 2013 volume of transalpine traffic operated from BLS Cargo has grown of 4%
Tornano in the accounts of the Helvetic railway company

17/09/2013is carried to term with success the rectification of the property left at death one of Costa Concordia
the operation has lasted 19 hours. Now the ship from cruise rests on the underwater platforms which placed to 30 meters of depth

17/09/2013Federmar-Cisal exhorts the institutions to restore the conditions for the employment of the marine Italians
Is necessary - the union emphasizes - to find an just balance between employment of the marine communitarian Italians/and that of the extra-European workers

17/09/2013Last month the traffic container in the port of Los Angeles City has stable state, while to Long Beach it has grown of 16.0%
In the first eight months of the 2013 two Californian ports of call has enlivened 5,1 million teu (- 5.6%) and respective 4,4 million teu (+13.6%)

17/09/2013In the port of Civitavecchia has carried out the simulation of a serious situation of sanitary emergency
the practice is realized on board of the "Cruise Rome" and on the large square of pier 21

17/09/2013Agreement between the Harbour Authority of Antwerp and Exmar for the bunkeraggio of GNL in the Belgian port
the activity will be started in 2015 with the employment of an appropriate lighter

17/09/2013Brussels authorizes SNCF to acquire a quota Spanish COMSA Rail Transport
Up to now the company is of entire property of Spanish group COMSA EMTE

17/09/2013Legambiente, the property left at death one of Costa Concordia must be carried in a near port, not in Turkey
the damage to the flank of straight - the Civil Protection announces - is of remarkable entity, but smaller of that feared

17/09/2013Last month the traffic in the port of Barcelona is increased of the 5.5%
In the first eight months of the 2013 progression has been of the 0.3%

17/09/2013In the first semester the 2013 port of Naples has recorded a decrease of the container and an increase of the crocieristi
the containers have been pairs to 244.043 teu (- 11.0%)

17/09/2013Confetra, the transport goods in Italy has recorded a timid resumption in first semester 2013
Marcucci: it seems that the bottom of the crisis is touched to half last year

18/09/2013First Ship Lease Trust asks OMNI Ships gives back it of two ships portarinfuse
Last July FSL Trust had obtained from the Geden Holdings the restitution of two tankers

18/09/2013Agreement ICTSI - PSA in order to construct and to manage the container jointly Columbian terminal of Aguadulce
the Philippine group will yield to the company of Singapore the half of own participation (91.28%) in the Sociedad Puerto Industrial de Aguadulce

18/09/2013Trapani Confindustria asks an participation the minister Lupi for the escavo for the backdrops for the port for Trapani
Bongiorno: participations of dredging give beyond 30 years do not come places in existence

18/09/2013In the first eight months of the 2013 traffic of the container in the port of Algeciras has grown of 3.6%
increment of the volumes in the months of July and August with the new summery record of 740 thousand teu

18/09/2013From the 2 to 6 October to the Fair of Genoa will hold the 53ª and renewed edition of International the Nautical Hall
the manifestation - the organizers have explained - is very various and not comparable to those which they have preceded it

18/09/2013the managing director of Costa Crociere has thanked the team who has straightened the Concord
an approval for the success of the operation from the president of Confitarma

18/09/2013a new railway service of Rail Cargo connects the port of Koper with Bavaria
Realizzate five departures weeklies magazine

18/09/2013Convention "the technologies in order to improve efficiency, competitiveness and to reduce the transport costs"
will hold the 23 september to Turin

18/09/2013RINA forms according to Technical Committee Turco in support of the shipping national
the Italian group is active in Turkey from 1996 where it employs more than 40 resources

19/09/2013In the first half of the 2013 traffic of the container in the port of New York - New Jersey is dropped of 3.7%
the number of full containers is diminished of 4.4%

19/09/2013Order to ABB for the supply of Azipod systems and constituents for two new ships icebreaker
the store clerk has a value of approximately 25 million dollars

19/09/2013the automotive houses are come to an agreement with the Spanish government in order to develop the railway connections with the car factories
the field automotive represents 16% of the total exports of the Country

19/09/2013Task force Asamar - Port of Livorno 2000 in order to develop the crocieristico traffic in the port of Livorno
the initiative is sponsored by the Harbour Authority of the Leighorn port of call

19/09/2013Green light of the Harbour Committee of Savona to the agreement with the BEAUTIFUL ones in order to finance the construction of the container terminal to I go from Liguria
Sent to the president Miazza to proceed to the contraction of a mutuum

19/09/2013the German Kathrin Obst will be the new director of the European Federation of Inland Ports
Assumerà the assignment 1° the November

19/09/2013Last month the traffic in the port of Taranto is dropped of the -28,0%
In the first eight months of this year the bending has been altogether of the -26,6%

19/09/2013the contract for the construction and management of the Interporto of Termini Imerese
the contest is won by a grouping of enterprises constituted by Tecnis, Cogip, Sintec and Notarimpresa

20/09/2013In the first semester of the 2013 result clearly of railway group SBB CFF FFS is dropped of the 27.8%
the division Cargo is returned to the profit

20/09/2013Convention "New activities for the doganalisti"
from the Anasped, will hold the 28 september to Mestre

20/09/2013For Federmar-Cisal is necessary a specific CCNL for the field of the ferries
Pico: fintantoché the only contract will stay standing will be always the risk that the Italian workers are replaced with those non-EU citizens

20/09/2013Protocollo of understanding between the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro and the Chinese Ying Kou Port Group Corporation
Postponed the terms of the public warning for new entrepreneurial initiatives in Polo Intermodale di Gioia Tauro

20/09/2013Gefco Italy has realized its first international transportation entirely on railroad
Shipment from Prato to the Uzbekistan realized through beyond 6.000 kilometers of tracks

20/09/2013the oil group Finnish Neste dismetterà Oil the activity of marine transport
In program the cession of the fleet and the transfer of 320 dependent

20/09/2013Convention on the new modalities of transport for the sustainability of the agricultural and food- one
will carry out the 27 september to Mantua

20/09/2013Incontro of Propeller Club of Genoa on the activity of the Harbour offices
will hold the 24 september

20/09/2013Unifeeder will buy the United Feeder Services
the net of UFS services touches in Italy the ports of Ancona, Catania, Cagliari, Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, Naples, Salerno, Trapani and Venice

20/09/2013the main classroom of the Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile is dedicated to Raimondo Pollastrini
the admiral, passed away 15 August, has been one of the founding fathers of the institute

20/09/2013Al Terminal Ravenna Container has commissioning a crane of dock in a position to operating on portacontainer gives beyond 6.500 teu
the modifications to a second crane will be completed at the beginning of the spring of 2014

23/09/2013a new yard of construction and naval repair to Baku, in Azerbaijan
is managed by joint venture participated azere SOCAR and Azerbaijan Investment Company and by the group Keppel O&M of Singapore

23/09/2013This summer the number of passengers transported from the ferries of the Trasmediterranea Spanish has grown of 10%
the fleet has transported 1,20 million people

23/09/2013Ban of contest for the promoted naval technological innovation from Fincantieri and Università of Genoa
the total investment will be able to arrive until 500 thousand euros. Bono: "we are ready to extend such collaboration also with other University"

23/09/2013In the first half of the 2013 harbour terminal of Global Ports Investments has enlivened 812 thousand container (+2.1%)
the revenues of the group are diminished of the -2,6% to 249,1 million dollars

23/09/2013Assologistica, the formation is an obliged choice
Daher: the operativity of the logistic enterprise must be supported with adequate formative instruments

23/09/2013is begun the construction of the third great ship from cruise of Oasis class
STX France will deliver the ship to Royal Caribbean Cruises to half 2016

23/09/2013Tenova (Techint group) centralizes the entire total management of the logistics in Italy
the company, than work for the metallurgical and mining industry, has beyond 5.000 dependent and a annual turnover of approximately two billions of euro

24/09/2013Green light to the Pireo to the widening of the crocieristico port
the plan previews an investment of 120 million euros

24/09/2013Rickmers Group - Apollo Global Management in order to invest in the market of the portacontainer
the initiative initially will be focused on the second hand ships

24/09/20131° the July 2014 Rolf Habben-Jansen will assume the assignment of chairman of the Hapag-Lloyd
the lascerà Michael Behrendt sixty - two - year - old the company of which it is to the guide from 1/2 years

24/09/2013Confetra, the calculated fuel surcharge on the volume of the aerial cargo will hit the export heavy Italian
Marcucci has called in the minister Zanonato

24/09/2013For the great ships - the Harbour Authority of Venice exhorts - is time to pass from the blatant gestures to the decisions
Every other temporeggiamento - the agency emphasizes - will have the single consequence not to make to reach the objective primary to remove the ships from San Marco

24/09/2013Bending of the economic results of the crocieristico group Carnival in the summery trimester
the period june-August has been archived item with a profit clearly of 934 million dollars (- 30%)

25/09/2013Venetian Assoagenti accusation the Municipality of Venice not to defend the fundamental value of the portualità in the economy of the city
the approach proposed from some technical improvising to unify the commercial traffic and that crocieristico to Marghera Port - denunciation the association - goes evidently towards a deleterious situation for both traffics

25/09/2013the Old Port of Trieste is introduced to in charge of the Real Estate division of German HHLA
Incontro organized from the Harbour Authority of Trieste in collaboration with the Harbour Institute of Marine Culture

25/09/2013Collection of signatures of Trasportounito in order to ask the elimination for the Sistrum and the compensation of the damages endured from the enterprises
Approximately 350.000 entrepreneurs - it has denounced the association - has been obliged in 2010-2012 to pour 500 million euros in order to adapt itself to a system that has not never worked

25/09/2013Cgil, we block the transit of the great ships to Venice without to penalize the portualità
the union emphasizes the necessity to estimate the impact of the displacement of the cruises to Marghera on the activity of the commercial port

25/09/2013marine Transports and logistic: the role of the Marine Authority
Is the topic of conference-meets with admiral Felicio organized Angrisano from Propeller of Naples


25/09/20133 October to Naples will hold the fourth edition of the international convention "Shipping and the Law"
In program the participations of beyond 60 newscasters and panelist

25/09/2013In the first eight months of the 2013 traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of the -2,1%
the crocieristi have recorded an increase of 5.4%

26/09/2013Kalmar will elevate the height of four employed cranes of dock from the APM Terminals in the port of Algeciras
the means of raising to operate on the new great full hands Triple container

26/09/2013Formentera Sea will realize a new tourist port in the area of the Old Port of Barcelona
the investment of the company will pile to beyond 30 million euros

26/09/2013In the first eight months of the 2013 traffic in the port of Ravenna has grown of 3.3%
In the single month of August the increment has been of 9%

26/09/2013To the fair Seatrade Europe the ports of Savona, Genoa and La Spezia anticipate their crocieristica offer
Last year the economic increase of the crocieristico section in Europe has been of the 3%

26/09/2013the port of Livorno has closed the first seven months of 2013 with an increment of the 1% of the traffic
is enlivened 16.706.327 tons of goods

26/09/2013Skou: the force of the question of containerized marine transport badly is estimated
In an interview to the WSJ the CEO of Maersk has specified that, with it ratifies it of the agreement with MSC and CMA CGM, the three companies will reduce from 300 to 250 the number of the ships employed between Asia and Europe

27/09/2013the Council of State has declared illegitimate the nomination of Massidda to president of the Harbour Authority of Cagliari
the resource of the ordinary by right of Massimo Deiana navigation

27/09/2013the Carnival group will have according to terminal cruises in the port of Barcelona
bordering Landing place for ships post-Panamax to the Palacruceros

27/09/2013Holding Helvetian AAE has become only owner of branch operating AAE Cargo
37.5% of the capital in the hands of the American GATX

27/09/2013For the Committee of the Regions of the EU is not necessary a new European authority for the ports
Cosimi: in Italy it serves politics for the ports that selections the investments and them east in a total strategy; today - it has found the mayor of Livorno - all make what it seems to it

27/09/2013In the Interporto of Abruzzi has been born the pole of logistic innovation FORWARDS
To the initiative has joined 58 enterprises

27/09/2013Today to Lisbon opens the encounter anniversary of the European Maritime Networks of Clusters
Lombardi (Federation of the Sea): the Italian marine Cluster has lost the European supremacy of the interchange with the remainder of the world to the detriment of the Low Countries

27/09/2013a Serbian delegation has visited the port of Bari
Al center of the encounter the intermodal trasportistico corridor towards the Balkans

27/09/2013To year-end the "Lloyd's List" will abandon the paper edition and will be diffused alone in digital
the British publication is founded in 1734

27/09/2013Solidarity of Federagenti to the shipping agents of Veneto to the taken ones with the querelle on the great ships to Venice
Availability of the Federation under consideration of an income way alternative in order to reach the terminal cruises

30/09/2013Federimorchiatori, on the transit of the great ships to Venice a greater deepening is necessary and I confront technician
Chiudere the access of the Marine Station - it has emphasized the Federation - means to erase thousands of places of work

30/09/2013Serracchiani (Region Friuli Venice Julia): a regional Harbour Authority is necessary
the North Adriatic Ports Association - it has clarified - "goes considered means and not the aim"

30/09/2013Kuehne + Nagel and VTG will melt some railway logistic activities
1° January 2014 will be born joint venture VTG Rail Logistics

30/09/2013ECU Linens has bought operatove the American NVOCC Econocaribe Consolidators
the company has center to Miami and is founded in 1968

30/09/2013Nuovo intermodal service of Kombiverkehr, Cemat and Adria Kombi between Germany and Greece/Turkey
a train shuttle will connect Frankfurt and Ludwigshafen with the port of Trieste from where the cargos will continue via ship

30/09/2013the potentialities of the Italian harbour system and the port of Taranto
is introduced by the president of the harbour agency apulian Priest to Euro-Asia Economic Forum 2013

30/09/2013ESPO rejects the proposed new of regulations of the EU commission in harbour matter
Second the association, the heterogeneity of the harbour field returns the development very difficult of with of rules that goes beyond the guiding principles

30/09/2013Passage of deliveries to the summit of the Harbour Authority of Palermo
the extraordinary commissioner Vincenzo Cannatella has met the former president Nino Bevilacqua

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