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23 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 21:44 GMT+1

04/11/2013Japanese NYK acquires 12.5% of Kao Ming Container Terminal
In the first nine months of the 2013 terminal of COSCO Pacific has enlivened 45,7 million container (+10.2%)

04/11/2013innovative Plan for the logistics of the produced ones beverage, spirit & wine
Realized from Carrefour with BeveRete, is introduced by Assologistica Cultura&Formazione

04/11/2013ABB has completed the incorporation of RGM Polycontrol
the industrial base of the Helvetic group in Italy and in particular in the pole of Genoa

04/11/2013Italcertifer (group FS) disembarks in Australia
To the Italian company is assigned the certification of safety of the railway net of the mining multinational Rio Tinto

04/11/2013the role of the INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY for the development of the marine transport in the Mediterranean
To Rome is introduced the results of plans MoS24 and ITS Adriatic Multiport Gateway

04/11/2013the Authority Antitrust Costa Crociere fine
Practical commercial incorrect relative to the information on the prices of the cruises and to an optional insurance policy

04/11/2013Med Cross Lines widens the offer in the western Mediterranean
Named new agents in Spain, France, Italy and Greece

05/11/2013Prosegue the reorganization of the managing summits of the crocieristico group Carnival
Jan Swartz president of Princess Cruises and Stein Kruse CEO of the new Holland America group. Alan Buckelew will become COO of the Carnival group and Howard Frank will assume the assignment of special advisor of the CEO and the chairman

05/11/2013PSA will operate a new container terminal in the port of Lianyungang
the group of Singapore, in joint venture with the Lianyungang Port Group, will find the plan from Chinese company CSLC

05/11/2013Last year in the European Union 827 million fleeting has travelled in airplane
Increment of 0.7% regarding 2011

05/11/20133i Group finds the quota Scandlines in hand to Allianz Capital Partners
the transaction has a value of 165 million euros

05/11/2013Alfredo Tosato is confirmed unanimously president of the European Ship Suppliers Organization
Vice-president is newly the Dutch Dirk Cupido and the Finn Matti Kokkala

05/11/2013To August the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven has recorded the eleventh consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic
In the first eight months of the 2013 is enlivened 53,09 million tons of goods (- 8.6%)

05/11/2013Workshop of the IACS on the system of quality of the classification societies
will hold tomorrow to Genoa

05/11/2013From 1° the November 2014 stop to the transit of the ships from cruise of beyond 96.000 tsl in the Channel of the Giudecca to Venice
has decided It today the government. For the first time - he has emphasized mayor Orsoni - the government is taken part in concrete terms. Bernardo (Committee Cruise Venice): it is an irrational limit that will end in order to put in knee the port of Venice

05/11/2013Emanuele Grimaldi is the new president and CEO of Finnlines
the company has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 6,1 million euros (+15%)

06/11/2013In the third trimester the profit clearly of Textainer is dropped of the -20,8%
Brewer: it has been necessary to set aside reserves for uncollectable credits and to record a relative reduction of irrecoverable value to container

06/11/2013the Capstone American nozzle in Italy own system in order to reduce the emissions of the ships in port
draft of an application with gas turbine oil-free

06/11/2013Calo of the traffic in the port of Genoa in the months of August and september
In the first nine months of the 2013 port of call has enlivened 36,89 million tons of goods (- 4.6%)

06/11/2013the port of Livorno tightens the relations with New York, first commercial partner of the Leighorn port of call
Which met a thick representation of international operators

06/11/2013the EU commission starts an investigation on the tonnage tax French
will be centralized on the inclusion under this fiscal regime of the ships that fly not-EU flags employed with Time contracts charter

06/11/2013In the first nine months of the 2013 port of Bremen/Bremerhaven has enlivened 4.438.476 container (- 6.5%)
To september the total traffic of the goods is dropped of the -5,6%

07/11/2013Matson orders the construction of two portacontainer from 3.600 teu to Aker Philadelphia Shipyard
the store clerk has a value of 418 million dollars

07/11/2013Tomorrow to Piombino will hold the encounter "Destruction and naval repair. A new row for Piombino"
Is organized from the Foundation of the Freedom for the Common good

07/11/2013To Port Canaveral will be realized a new terminal cruises
the previewed investment piles to 80 million dollars

07/11/2013In the first nine months of the 2013 traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports is diminished of the -4,1%
the traffic of the passengers is increased of 7.3%

07/11/2013Costa Crociere carries three ships to Genoa in order to subject them to maintenance intense activities
will be carried out in the Saint George ship yards of the Port

07/11/2013British BAE Systems announces the cut of 1.775 places of work
In the second half of the 2014 will stop the activities of shipbuilding in the yard of Portsmouth

07/11/2013Sixth consecutive trimester of the reduction of the traffic in the port of Marseilles Fos
the French port of call has archived item the period July-september with a total of 20,15 million tons of goods (- 6.6%)

07/11/2013the port of Antwerp has won prize ESPO Award
Acknowledgment to the plan "Heritage: the breadcrumbs trail between City and port"

07/11/2013Understanding Ministry - Region Marche on the nomination of Rodolfo Giampieri to president of the Harbour Authority of Ancona
Agreement also on a distance of organization and strategic lines for the anconetano port

07/11/2013In the third trimester the shipowning society Italian Premuda has accused a net loss of -5,6 million euros
the revenues Time base charther are diminished of 12%

08/11/2013In the third trimester the 2013 traffic goods in the port of Palermo is piled to 1,64 million tons (- 0.9%)
In the port of Termini Imerese is enlivened hardly 59 thousand tons (- 83.5%)

08/11/2013Revoca of strike of the dependent of the Harbour Authority of the Sardinia North
the decision - law in a note - is matured to light of the lack total of adhesion from the dependent of the olbiesi and portotorresi harbour enterprises

08/11/2013Israel Antitrust Authority establishes that the ports of Haifa and Ashdod are managed by a oligopoly
Tax you limit and obligation to Haifa Port Company and the Ashdod Port Company

08/11/2013Program of incentives of the port of Los Angeles City in order to increase the traffic of the container
Five dollars for every container enlivened in more in 2014. The figure salt to 15 dollars if the increment is at least 100 thousand teu

08/11/2013Fourteen Asian nations have undersigned an agreement for the development of the interportuale net
Between the objectives, the international acknowledgment of interposing to you and favoring the investments in interportuali infrastructures

08/11/2013Assoporti expresses solidarity to the workers of the Italian ports in strike
Mounts: it is absolutely urgent to realize a reform of the field

08/11/201315 November to Genoa will be introduced the book "Men and ships. Fincantieri, history of a company of State"
the volume of Alessandra Fava is published from the Ediesse

08/11/2013Grimaldi illustrates the strategy in order to bring back Finnlines to generate meaningful profits
Letter to the shareholders after to have reassumed the charges of president and managing director

11/11/2013This year in the ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres is landed 115 ships from cruise (142 in 2012)
Currently for the 2014 is the 102 cruises previewed in calendar

11/11/2013In the first ten months of the 2013 traffic of the container in the port of Trieste has grown 12.5%
is enlivened 247,240 containers for a volume pairs to 383.001 teu

11/11/2013Dimissionario the president and managing director of Hanjin Shipping
the decision is motivated by the continuous losses of the society and by the delays in the support financial of the main banks creditors

11/11/2013To October the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung is diminished of the -2,2%
In the first ten months of the 2013 bending has been of the -0,4%

11/11/2013In the third trimester of the 2013 terminal of group ICTSI has enlivened 1,6 million container (+15.5%)
In the first nine months of the 2013 traffic has been of beyond 4,6 million teu (+13.3%)

11/11/2013Improved the operativity on six European railway corridors for the goods
Dalla Regione Friuli Venezia Julia green light to three strategic participations for the Ronchi draft of the Legionnaires - Trieste of the Tav

11/11/2013Mostra on the history of Lloyd Triestino di Navigazione
will be inaugurated Wednesday near Hydrodynamic Headquarters of the Old Port of Trieste

11/11/2013To Salerno has held a seminary in the within of the plan "Italmed Maroc"
a Moroccan delegation has visited the commercial port Salerno province

11/11/2013Friday to Livorno will hold the edition of the 2013 of the Forum Mediterranean Euro
Promoted from the Harbour Authority, will hold near Foundation LEM

11/11/2013Nuovo service of Trenitalia Cargo between the port of Venice and the logistic platform of Lonato of Garda (Brescia)
Rail shipment of the coming sugar from the Mauritius islands disembarked in the Venetian port of call

11/11/20136 December to Rome will hold convention "MLC 2006: a deep change in the marine world"
Is organized from Wista Italy and the General Command of the Harbour offices

11/11/2013Forcieri is confirmed for according to mandate the guide of the Harbour Authority of
Today the notification of I decree

11/11/2013Green light of the Tuscany regional committee to the potenziamento of the port of Piombino
Ceccarelli: the participations will strengthen the candidacy of Piombino for digestion of the property left at death one of "Costa Concordia"

12/11/2013Behrendt (Hapag-Lloyd): the irrational behavior of the section of the marine transport of line is completely incomprehensible
the German company has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 16,6 million euros (- 64%)

12/11/2013Chinese CIMC will buy the German group Albert Ziegler
the Germanic society is one of the first five world-wide producers of fire engines

12/11/2013In decrease the traffic goods enlivened from the Swiss fluvial ports on the Rhine
In the first nine months of the 2013 is enlivened 4,8 million tons (- 10.9%)

12/11/2013Régional Lines Container has closed the third trimester with a net loss of approximately seven million dollars
the fleet has transported 524 thousand container (- 11.7%)

12/11/2013Improvement of the results of Friend International Shipping in the third trimester
the period has been archived item with a net loss of -4,6 million dollars

12/11/2013the Municipalities of the harbour cities ask a greater involvement in the nomination for the summits of the Harbour Authorities
Cosimi in audition in front of the eighth commission Infrastructures of the Senate

13/11/2013In the third trimester the A.P profit clearly. Møller-Mærsk is increased of 28%
Revenues in decrease of 1%

13/11/2013Tomorrow to Genoa conference of Roberto Cazzulo, chairman of the IACS
the encounter is organized from ATHENA and the DITEN

13/11/2013Last month the traffic of the goods in the Chinese marine ports has grown of 4.8%
the container has been pairs to 14,3 million teu (+7.1%)

13/11/2013In the third trimester the traffic enlivened from the harbour terminals of HHLA has grown of 1.9%
the intermodal transports are increased of 19.8%. Profit after the taxes in bending of the -19,1%

13/11/2013La Spezia Container Terminal ultra orders to MGM GMO two new cranes of dock post-Panamax
Verranno constructed in China and finished in 18 months

13/11/2013the Harbour Authorities demand greater power in the disciplinamento of the technical-nautical services
Servants - specific Assoporti - a role still more fort of the Harbour Authority for the determination of the organization of the services and the relative tariff variations

13/11/2013To October the port of Singapore has enlivened 49,2 million tons of goods (+9.4%)
the container has been pairs to 2.823.900 teu (+5.6%)

13/11/2013Gallanti wishes an opening of the EU to the nations Africans also through the freeways of the sea
In Europe - according to the president of the Harbour Authority of Livorno - must be faced also the topic of naval gigantism

13/11/2013T. Mariotti has delivered a new unit of offshore assistance for operations to the United Ships
the ship is long 38 meters and wide 8,7 meters

13/11/2013Last month the traffic in the port of Taranto is diminished of the -6,3%
In the first ten months of the 2013 decrease has been of the -21,0%

13/11/2013the widening of the park for the container reefer to terminal VTE of the port of Genoa
is equipped more than 1500 plugs and occupies 6,800 square metres

14/11/2013the Greek Aegean will buy the carried out activities of bunkeraggio from the Hess Corporation on the East Coast the USA
the transaction will have a value of 30 million dollars

14/11/2013Accentuation of the liabilities of Hanjin Shipping
the South Korean company has closed the third trimester with next a net loss to 300 million dollars

14/11/2013Costa Crociere strengthens own presence to Genoa
New offices beside the headquarters of the crocieristica company

14/11/2013Tomorrow to Genoa will hold a seminary on the marine arbitrateed one
is promoted by the Department of Jurisprudence and the Italian Association for the Arbitrateed one

14/11/2013Air France-KLM confirmation the intention not to sign the increase of capital of Alitalia
the airline Franco-Dutch emphasizes its engagement "to remain a faithful and reliable partner" of the Italian society

14/11/2013Assoporti claims the role of first interlocutor in the centers where the future order of the portualità is debated
the association restates the priorities: escape of the Harbour Authorities from the Istat list; they acknowledgment which only subject of governance of the logistic row; autonomy financial institution

14/11/2013Unatras and Anita proclaim the national arrest warrant of the road haulage
strike is fixed from 9 December to 13 December

14/11/2013Giachino: the logistics of the goods is the Italian oil
Presentation to Naples of the Logistic book "and you transport motor of development for the change of step of the Country"

14/11/2013In the third trimester the taiwanesi companies Evergreen and Yang Ming have recorded a decrease of the economic results
In bending also the performances of the period January-september

14/11/2013the marine operators of Propeller Club Port of Venice ask clarity on the future for the lagoon portualità
the meeting in program in the 2014 will be focused on great infrastructures, the logistics and the crisis of the port of Venice

15/11/2013To light October increase of the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong
In the first ten months of the 2013 port of call has enlivened 18,3 million teu (- 5.4%)

15/11/2013accentuation of the net loss of STX Pan Ocean
In the third trimester the 2013 revenues are diminished of the -80%

15/11/2013In the third trimester the traffic in the port of Amburgo is increased of 11%
In the first nine months of the 2013 increment has been of 5.9%

15/11/2013Today to Marghera has carried out the ceremony of the technical launch of the future flagship of Costa Crociere
Fincantieri will deliver to the new ship from cruise "Costa Diadema" 30 October 2014

15/11/2013Nuovo railway service between the Interporto of the Marche and the Apulia
complete Trains will transport approximately thousand tons of mineral waters for every travel

15/11/2013To October the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is diminished of the -1,7%
In the first ten months of the 2013 Spanish port of call has enlivened 32,13 million tons (+0.4%)

15/11/20135 December to Genoa will hold a conference on the removal of the property left at death one of Costa Concordia
has been organized from ATHENA and the DITEN. Reporter will be Franco Porcellacchia (Carnival)

15/11/2013Gallanti: the P3 trust Network excludes from the main lines of traffic many ports of the South Europe
Vedremo - it has found the president of the Harbour Authority of Livorno - if the organisms of control on the competition will not have nothing to say

18/11/2013To October the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is diminished, while to Long Beach it has grown
the two Californian ports of call have enlivened respective 684 thousand (- 4.8%) and 576 thousand teu (+8.7%)

18/11/2013Switzerland and Austria will connect own national nets for the arranged traffic
Agreement between Helvetian SBB CFF FFS Cargo and the Rail Austrian Group Cargo

18/11/2013Rain of orders of Emirates and Etihad Airways on Airbus and Boeing
Has a total value of 166 billion dollars

18/11/2013Holding Ports will acquire 62% of the Montenegrin port of Bar
the quota will remain to the Turkish society for 30 years

18/11/2013Xu Lirong succeeds to Them Shaode which chairman of the shipowning group Shipping Lowers
Previously has covered various charges in group COSCO

18/11/2013of the EU commission in order to include the category marine in the perimeter of five directives on the labor law
the main objective is to grant to the same rights of information and consultation which the other workers enjoy in case lay-offs collectives and transfers of enterprises

18/11/2013In the first nine months of the 2013 terminal of the Eurogate group has enlivened 10,7 million container (+4.9%)
In the solo third trimester is enlivened 3,7 million teu (+14.9%)

19/11/2013Orders to ABB for the supply of systems of energetic recovery for 14 new portacontainer from 8.800 teu
the two store clerks have a total value of 23 million dollars

19/11/2013Federmar-Cisal, perplexity for the plan of unification of Marine the Traffico head offices and Ports of the ministry
the union has sent a letter to the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports

19/11/2013Appreciation of pilots, society of towing, shipowners and agents for the position of Assoporti on the technical-nautical services
Condivise also the proposals to eliminate the roof to the autonomy financial institution of AP and a bottom near Cassa Warehouses and Loans

19/11/2013For the fifty years of its birth the Federation Italian Haulers has realized a documentary
Will go on the air next Sunday on Channel Dynamics

19/11/2013Collaboration of Yang Ming, United Arab Shipping Company and China Shipping Lines Container in the Pacific
the three companies will melt respective services PSW4, AWS1 and AAS2

19/11/2013the protocol of understanding for Centro Unico Servizi in the retroportuale area of
In the area will be concentrated the controls and the verifications to which the goods in escape from the port of from Liguria city must be subordinate

19/11/2013Delivered to minister Bonino the instrument of ratifies of Maritime the Labour Convention
Incontro to Rome with the general manager of the International Labour Organization

20/11/201314 December to Trieste will hold the seminary "Doganalisti 3.0. The new challenges of the profession"
Is organized from the Association Customs brokers of the Friuli Venice Julia

20/11/2013In the third trimester the result clearly of shipowning group Danish DFDS is increased of 17%
the volume of transactions has grown of 5%

20/11/2013Green light of the eurodeputati ones to the budget of Connecting Europe Facility
Satisfaction is expressed by the associations of the shipowners and the European ports

20/11/2013Assologistica sets up a guide for the award of the contracts of the sanitary logistics
Mearelli: with the logistics it is possible to straight conjugate to the health with the control and the efficiency of the public expense

20/11/201328 November to Varese will hold the convention "the Italian answer to AlpTransit"
is promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Varese and the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland in Italy

20/11/2013Incontro of Propeller Club Port of Milan on the new communitarian customs code
will hold 25 November to Milan

20/11/2013first of the 74 blocks of the keel of the new ship from cruise Anthem of the Seas
the ceremony has been carried out today in the Meyer Werft ship yard

21/11/2013the EU commission intimate to SNCM to give back to the French State 440 million euros
the French government contests the decision

21/11/2013ANITA confirmation the national arrest warrant of the road haulage from the 9 to 13 December
Arcese: "it is an unavoidable choice"

21/11/2013the ship from Costa Mediterranea cruise is subordinate to intense activities of maintenance in the Fincantieri yard of Palermo
the investment piles to beyond four million euro

21/11/2013the ship from cruise MSC Divina makes its income in the port of Miami on the wake of some Fiat 500 floaters
the MSC flagship Cruises will be the first ship of the company to navigate all the year in the Caribbean

21/11/2013Ok of Brussels to the acquisition of 49% of Scandferries from 3i Group
the investment has a value of 165 million euros

21/11/2013the ECSA invites the EU to define a proposal on the emissions of co2 of the ships that the adoption of a solution near the IMO facilitates
Verhoeven: the addition of other emissions and the inclusion of a measure based on the market sure would determine the arrest warrant of the progresses in international center

22/11/2013d' Amico International Shipping announces the resolution of the contract of sale of a tanker Handysize
the company previews to yield the unit to another purchaser in the course of first semester 2014

22/11/201340% of Fincantieri will go up the market
the Italian government has introduced a privatization plan that indirectly regards eight society participated directly and from the State

22/11/2013In the first ten months of the 2013 traffic of the container in the port of Tanger Med has grown of 42%
the Moroccan port of call has movimentto approximately 2,1 million teu

22/11/2013To Genoa the ceremony of delivery of the prize Student Naval Architect Award
the prestigious acknowledgment is assigned to Raphael Zaccone

22/11/201329 November to Milan will hold the ninth edition of the prize "the Logistic one of the Year"
Mearelli: one of our fundamental objectives is also to scatter "thinking logistically" between the decisive ones and in the Country

22/11/2013Investigation antitrust of the EU commission on various shipowning companies that operate in the line field
Brussels, the commercial communications are used in order to inquire alternatively on the evolution of the hires

22/11/2013the unions contest the decision of the government to put into effect the partial privatization of Fincantieri
Second the representatives of the workers, the intention is exclusively that "to make case"

25/11/2013the Interporto Marche in Core Network of the trans-European net of the transports TRIES
Pesaresi: the contextual presence of the port of Ancona and, in the comprehensive Network, of the airport of Falconara strengthens the concept of Territorial Logistic Platform

25/11/201328 November to Rome a convention and a workshop will hold on the inland navigation
will be carried out near the center of Confitarma and the Chamber of Deputies

25/11/2013In decrease the economic results of the French shipowning group CMA CGM
In the third trimester of the 2013 fleet has transported a volume of loaded records pairs to 3,0 million teu

25/11/2013In the 2014 level of the harbour taxes to Rotterdam will grow of 1%
structural Resi the applied reductions in price during the last few years

25/11/2013confirmed Pensiero and Longo to the summit of Trasportounito
the decision of the national arrest warrant of the services from the 9 to 13 December

25/11/2013the contest for the management of the Zagreb Pier Container Terminal of the port of Rijeka
Option for the construction of ulterior 280 linear meters of dock

25/11/2013ESPO spouse the thesis of eurodeputato the German Fleckenstein on the access at the market of the harbour services
the relation plan is discussed today by the Commission for the transports and the tourism about the Parliament EU

25/11/2013Costa: the importance of the harbour system NAPA is confirmed by the insertion in two main runners EU and the services of the P3 Network
To Brussels carries out the conclusive event of plan ITS NAPA

26/11/2013the institutions of the Tuscany and Livorno have undersigned an understanding for the Leighorn port
Gallanti: every participation will have to be coherent with the design programmer that we have traced

26/11/2013the Spanish government proposes the definition of a specific law for the field of the logistics
a plan in order to optimize the transport of the goods and to increase the competitiveness of the national industry

26/11/2013Agreement China, Serbia and Hungary in order to upgrade the railway connection between Budapest and Belgrade
the understanding has been undersigned today to Bucharest

26/11/2013Venetian Assoagenti, is impossible to make to berth the ships from cruise to Marghera Port
Directory of the problems that - it has emphasized the association of the shipping agents - are "practically unsurmountable"

26/11/2013CSAV has archived item the third trimester with a net loss of -46,1 million dollars
the revenues are diminished of the -5,6%

27/11/2013the prows of the ships of the shipowning society genoese Messina will head also for north
Verrà a new service from and for the North Europe and Portugal

27/11/2013Fincantieri tightens agreements in Russia for the plan of a ship from perforation and the construction of a floating platform
operating Start of the understanding with the Krylov It are Research Centre. Contract with RosRAO

27/11/2013Is indispensable to invest along the Luino-Gallarate axis in order to pick the future advantages of infrastructures of Alptransit
Tomorrow to Varese I deliver on the Italian answer to the infrastructural investments in Switzerland. The opinion of Livio Ambrogio

27/11/2013the Chamber has approved of the bill in parliament on interposing to you
Ricci (UIR): "confirmation is a result that once again the will of the government to change broken"

27/11/2013next the four years will be determining in order to perfect the European Customs Code
Round table of Propeller Port Club of Milan on the communitarian customs normative new

27/11/2013Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna is increased of 15.5%
In the first ten months of the 2013 increment has been of 4.2%

27/11/2013I renew of the fleet of Marina Militare Italiana is indispensable
is evidenced in the course of an organized encounter from Propeller Club of

27/11/2013Trasportounito rejects the dispositions on the road haulage contained in the Law of Stability
the association confirmation the national arrest warrant of the services from the 9 to 13 December

28/11/2013To October the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of the -1,8%
In the first ten months of the 2013 traffic is dropped of the -4,3%

28/11/2013Tomorrow to Genoa the convention "the Italian mercantile fleet in front of the normative new"
Is organized from the National College Captains L.C and M. in collaboration with Rotary International

28/11/2013Alla Spezia is constituted the limited company La Spezia Shunting Railways
will take care of harbour railway maneuvers and the activities of rail shipment with the retroportuali areas and the connected territorial areas

28/11/2013Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of the -6,2%
In the first ten months of the 2013 is enlivened 20,11 million tons (- 3.9%)

28/11/2013the Italian answer to AlpTransit is a mulattiera in order to approach to a freeway
Convention to Varese with presentation of the study of the Mouthfuls on the impact on the Italy North of the Swiss infrastructural plan

28/11/2013the workers of the Harbour Authority of sfiduciano Naples the extraordinary commissioner of the agency
Asked resignation for Luciano Dassatti

28/11/2013UNATRAS and ANITA for with of participations on the road haulage promised from the government
the understanding protocol will be subordinate to ratifies of the organs of the associations

28/11/2013Convention on the railway line Luino and the multimodale corridor Italy-Switzerland
will hold 2 December to Luino

29/11/2013the economic results of Attica, Anek and IN the 30 Lines to september
the three Greek companies operate services ferry

29/11/2013Confetra Sicily will propose measures in order to throw again the national logistics leaving from the Sicily
Primo encounter of the new association

29/11/2013Fincantieri will construct an oceanographic ship for Norway
Store clerk of the value of approximately 175 million euros. The unit will be realized in the integrated yard of Riva Trigoso-Muggiano

29/11/2013the French Bolloré Africa Logistics will manage the terminal ro-ro of the port of Dakar
an investment of 97 million euros

29/11/2013the Brasil Portuário Terminal of the port of Santos
the terminal for containers has a annual ability to traffic of 1,2 million teu

29/11/2013the opinion of the Committee of the Regions on the proposal of regulations on the harbour services
is introduced to Brussels from the mayor of Livorno Cosimi

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