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23 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 22:08 GMT+1

02/01/2014Undersigned the contract of concession for the several terminals for goods of the port of Bar
In the next few days the Global Turk Holding Ports will assume the management of the activities of Montenegrin KTGT

02/01/2014In the first eleven months of the 2013 traffic goods in the Spanish ports is diminished of the -3,6%
the container has been pairs to 12.674.118 teu (- 2.0%)

02/01/2014the consortium formed from Sacyr, Impregilo, Jan De Nul and CUSA threatens not to carry to term the widening of the channel of Panama hat
Presentate demanded for additional costs pairs to beyond 1,6 billion dollars

03/01/2014Navico acquires the activities in the segment of the radaristica of the Swedish group Consilium
Agreement of commercialization and relative distribution to the range of producing Simrad Professional

03/01/2014In 2014 Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. previews to record an increase of +9% of the turnover
also an increment of +8% of the new orders

03/01/2014the increases in the highway tolls - Trasportounito denunciation - risk to being insufferable for the Italian road haulage
the association asks an encounter with minister Lupi

03/01/2014the traffic of the goods enlivened in 2013 from the port of Savona I go
the passengers have grown of +6% thanks to the increment of +16% of the crocieristi

07/01/2014Maersk Tankers sells all its 15 ships VLCC to the Euronav
the transaction will have a value of 980 million dollars

07/01/2014American group XPO Logistics will acquire the compatriot Pacer International
the transaction will have a value of 335 million dollars

07/01/2014A.P. Møller-Mærsk will sell the participation in Dansk Supermarked for four billions of dollars
This year will be yielded 49% of the capital stock and in 2019 19%

07/01/2014Spain-Panama hat Summit in order to ask for a block of the intense activities of widening of the channel of Panama hat
Spanish minister Pastor has assured that consortium GUPC has been engaged to that all its demands follow the contractual way

07/01/2014In the 2013 Singapore has confirmed third party world-wide port goods with a traffic record of 557 million tons
Record also in the container with 32,6 million teu

07/01/2014Scorpio Bulkers orders the construction of 22 new ships to rinfusiere
the investment piles to approximately 1,17 billion dollars

08/01/2014the masterplan for the development of the Suez Canal will be ready in nine months
Second the forecasts, the start of the intense activities will be able to happen already at the beginning of 2015

08/01/2014mexican Al Fernando Chico Pardo 49% of the Carrix, parent company of the Marine SSA
the capital of the society, from which Goldman Sachs Infrastructure Partners has exited

08/01/2014the AGCM commina fines for 771 thousand euros to Moby and Italian Compagnia of Navigation
Cappellacci (Sardinia Region): "the antitrust once again recognizes the fondatezza of our denunciations against the gentleman of the sea"

08/01/2014In the 2013 harbour terminal of PSA has enlivened 61,81 million container (+2.9%)
To Singapore the traffic has been of 32,24 million teu (+2.7%) and in the terminals foreign countries of 29,57 million teu (+2.7%)

08/01/2014Last year the port of Kaohsiung has enlivened 9,94 million container (+1.6%)
To December the traffic has grown of +10.9%

08/01/2014Last November the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is diminished of the -2,5%
In the first eleven months of 2013 is recorded a progression of +0.2%

08/01/2014Dura letter of the president of the Harbour Authority of Venice to the senators of the PD on the issue of the great ships from cruise in Lagoon
the parliamentarians have asked the government to block the participation of escavo of the Twisted Channel S. Angel

09/01/2014Maersk Line gives again life to the SeaLand brand
1° January 2015 will become active at the market a new dedicated company intra-American

09/01/2014Sfuma the possible one takeover of Rolls-Royce on Wärtsilä
the two groups have confirmed to have carried out negotiations, than but they are not more in action

09/01/2014the port of Columbus has closed the 2013 with a traffic container record of 4,31 million teu (+2.8%)
the traffic of transhipment has been pairs to 3,21 million teu (+4.7%)

09/01/2014In 2014-2018 Morocco will invest 560 million euros in the national ports
In program investments for 160 million euros in solo 2014

09/01/2014the company of navigation APL centralizes own decisional structure
10 February will become operating a specific team guided from president Kenneth Glenn

10/01/2014Order to Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd. for the construction of five portacontainer from 14.000 teu
the store clerk, emitted from an European shipowner, has a value of 580 million dollars

10/01/2014Meyer Werft has delivered the new ship from cruise Norwegian Getaway to the Norwegian Cruise Line
the unit, of 145.655 tons of tonnage, is constructed in 15 months

10/01/2014Agreement to Ravenna between Province and Harbour Authority in order to equip to the terminal cruises of new services
Realization of a new line of the drinkable water and predisposition to the wiring with broadband

10/01/2014Within March will be decided in which port to transport Costa Concordia and to june the property left at death one will be removed by Isola del Giglio
In lists for the dismantling is 12 ports and destinations, of which four in Italy (Civitavecchia, Genoa, Piombino and Palermo), four in Turkey and respective in France, Norway, Reign Unito and China

10/01/2014In the 2013 national terminal of the group Contship Italy has enlivened 5,2 million container (+11.7%)
Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello: "2014 will continue to being characterized from a high level of uncertainty"

10/01/2014Alarm of president of Propeller Club Port of Taras for the decline of the port of Taranto
Count: "we are at the beginning of a new year of was globalizzata, but Taranto returns behind"

10/01/2014Minoan Lines program an increase of capital of approximately 30,6 million euros
convened extraordinary Assembly for 31 January

10/01/2014In the 2013 traffics container and cruises in the port of Venice is increased of +2.5% and +4.8%
the Napa ports have enlivened 1.683.000 teu (+5.9%)

13/01/2014Last month the port of Singapore has recorded an increase of +7.5% of the traffic goods
is enlivened beyond 2,7 million container (+5.3%)

13/01/2014Evergreen will rent others 10 portacontainer from 14.000 teu
will be used by the company in order to replace other ships

13/01/2014the German company BBC Chartering has opened an own center in France
the new office of Rouen is guided by the country Charles Akrout manager

13/01/2014Rail Traction Company, "acceptable" the economic result of 2013
However - it has specified the company - the efforts that compiamo are clearly advanced to those necessary ones in order to organize regulating flow of train-mere us

13/01/2014the Finnish company Kristina Cruises stops own crocieristica activity
the only ship of the fleet is sold to a group of international investor and will be managed by the FleetPro Ocean

13/01/2014the American Overseas Shipholding Group entrusts own ships of foreign flag to the management of V.Ships
With the outsourcing - Johnston has explained - we will place our international business so as to emerge with success from Chapter 11

14/01/2014MacAndrews (group CMA CGM) has acquired 25% of the Spanish Progeco Bilbao
the activity of the Iberian society is centralized on the port of Bilbao

14/01/2014Mounts will introduce to minister Lupi the contribution of Assoporti to the plan of reform of the legislation on the ports
"Sul scale pan - it has emphasized - we do not put the strengthening of the portualità, but the strengthening of the entire system Country"

14/01/2014To the ECT Delta Terminal of Rotterdam post-Panamax has arrived five new cranes of dock ultra
Is able to operate on portacontainer of the ability to beyond 18.000 teu

14/01/2014In 2013 genoese the Marine Stations has recorded a new record of traffic of the crocieristi
the passengers of the ferries instead are diminished of the -6,4%

14/01/2014Brittany Ferries has ordered the construction of a large one cruise ferry to ship yard STX France
the store clerk has a value of approximately 270 million euros. The ship will be completed in the spring of 2017

14/01/2014Fiom Cgil invokes throws again of the field of the naval repairs to Genoa
Pezzoli: to pick the opportunities offered from I fresco it of Renzo Piano and from the dismantling of "Costa Concordia"

15/01/2014In 2013 Hong Kong, having enlivened 22,3 million teu (- 3.6%), is come down to the quarter place in the ranking of the world-wide ports container
is climbed over by Shenzhen

15/01/2014prompt Federmar the government to activate itself in order to promote the boarding of the Apprentice officers
Would be sufficient - it has found the union - that the ministry of the Economy modified its decrees of the 23 june 2005

15/01/2014In the 2013 ships of Sardinia Ferries has more transported than 485 thousand passengers from and for Sardinia (+15%)
the vehicles are increased of +14% to 165.000 units

15/01/2014Federagenti wishes that the dismantling of Costa Concordia is carried out in Italy
Pappalardo: our Country has all the credentials in order to close in house this sad page

15/01/2014the agreement for I renew of the national contract of the workers of the Italian ports
Riconosce an increase of the salaries and wage pairs 105 euros

15/01/2014Incontro in order to accelerate the realization of the doubling of the railroads in the genoese harbour area of Voltri
Within the end of March will be completed a feasibility study in order to realize the work

15/01/2014Tomorrow to Bari will hold the first meeting technical of plan ARGES
Between the objectives, integration between the system informative of the Greek and Italian ports

15/01/2014the agreement with the unions for the privatization of Laziomar
the society is yielded to Latium Company of Navigation (Alilauro, Snav and Medmar)

16/01/2014the number of actions of piracy against the ships has reached the level more low of last the six years
In the 2013 264 have happened attack, with a -11% regarding 297 in 2012 and a -40% regarding the peak recorded in 2011

16/01/2014the Federal Maritime Commission puts under examination also the G6 Alliance
the shipowning alliance has introduced to the federal agency American demand in order to extend the agreement between the companies to all the main routes the Asia-USA and Europe/Jellyfish

16/01/2014the Japanese MOL yields 49% of the terminalista society American TraPac to the Brookfield Canadian
the quota will be sold for approximately 201 million dollars

16/01/2014In the 2013 port of Los Angeles City has enlivened almost 7,9 million container (- 2.6%)
rise of the traffic in last the two months of the year

16/01/2014Dalla Regione Toscana to seem favorable to ratifies of the understanding on the PRP of Livorno
positive Judgment of the president of the regional agency on the agreement between cooperatives CFT and CLP

16/01/2014the Harbour Authority of Trieste has been equipped of a Port Community System
Monassi: "the scope is that of velocizzare the operations tied to the implementations of safety, logistic and customs"

16/01/2014prompt Unatras minister Lupi to giving to answers to the road haulage on the beloved tolls
Franchini: CNA Fita is ready to the mobilization of its territorial structures

16/01/2014Green light of the European Parliament to the new directive on concession contracts
Feport, is difficult to estimate the impact of the new norms before they are implemented in the national orderings

17/01/2014Japanese group NYK has become only owner of the terminal for Kazakh car Tranco Terminal
the quota 75% of Tranco JSC

17/01/2014the creditors of the Zim will assume the control of the Israeli shipowning company
Write-off of half of the debit of three billions of dollars. To Israel Corporation it will remain a third party of the capital

17/01/2014Last year the port of Long Beach has enlivened 6,7 million container (+11.3%)
To December the traffic has been of 582 thousand teu (+4.0%)

17/01/2014In the 2013 terminal of COSCO Pacific has enlivened 61,3 million container (+10.1%)
In the fourth trimester of the year the traffic has been pairs to 15,6 million teu (+9.6%)

17/01/2014This year the number of crocieristi will go up of 2% to 21,7 million unit
In the 2014 companies of the CLIA will introduce 24 new ships in own fleets

20/01/2014Last year the traffic of the container in the port of Trieste has recorded a +11.5%
the crude oil is piled to 41,4 million tons (+18.1%)

20/01/2014CSCL increases the ability to the five large new portacontainer ordered to 19.000 HHI to teu
the ships will be completed between the next November and the end of the first trimester of 2015

20/01/2014In the first eleven months of the 2013 traffic in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven is diminished of the -6,4%
To November is recorded an increment of +2.9%

20/01/2014prompt the Calabria Region the government to accelerate the iter for the institution of the ZES in the port of Gioia Tauro
Stasi: the classified attention to the port for the transfer of the Syrian chemical weapons must sure be accompanied from concrete measures

20/01/2014Interest of China to the development of the new Albanian port of Shengjin
the port of call is visited by a delegation of the ministry of the Commerce of Beijing

20/01/2014In the 2013 port of Marseilles has established new records in the container and the cruises
the total traffic of the goods has recorded a contraction of the -7% due to the decrease of the -12% of hydrocarbons

20/01/2014Nuovo record anniversary of traffic in the port of Amsterdam
In the 2013 is enlivened is piled to 78,5 million tons (+2%)

21/01/2014French SNCF and RFF experience the longer cargo train of Europe
Convoglio almost 1,500 meters on the line between Sibelin, near Lyon, and Nimes

21/01/2014Ports, Grupo Sousa, Royal Caribbean and Creuers of the Port of the Barcelona will manage the new Lisbon Cruise Terminal
the new crocieristico landing place will be completed to end 2015

21/01/2014Seabourn has emitted the order to Fincantieri for a new ship from cruise extra-dislocates
the unit, of approximately 40.350 tons of tonnage, will be completed in the second half of 2016

21/01/2014Incontro in Confitarma with the president of the IACS and the general secretary of the ICS
Messina: the shipping Italian, except rare cases, "it has faced and it is facing the crisis in dear way"

21/01/2014Region Marche, not to an eventual downgrading of the port of Ancona
the hypothesis - it has emphasized the Giorgi city council member - would be totally in controtendenza regarding European plans and programs that evidence the centrality of the infrastructure

22/01/2014More close an agreement in order to guarantee the prosecuzione of the intense activities of widening of the channel of Panama hat
consortium GUPC has proposed a compartecipazione to the financing of the unexpected costs

22/01/2014the Harbour Authority of Livorno will participate to Logistic the Fruit fair of Berlin
Will be present with the Chamber of Commerce and to Tuscany Promotion

22/01/2014the EU commission intimate to the Saremar to give back deep for 10,8 million euros distributed from the Sardinia Region
draft of sums obtained in 2011 and 2012 for the marine connections Civitavecchia - Golfo Aranci and Vado Ligure - Porto Torres

22/01/2014To the Maltese Heron Ventures the 12 ships portarinfuse of the Deiulemar
is adjudicated to the auction for 82,5 million euros

22/01/2014Battezzate two new portacontainer from 8.452 teu of Evergreen Line
will be used in the services that connect Far East with the Middle East

22/01/2014STX Finland yields the area of the ship yard of Rauma to the communal administration
Verrà an industrial park for the development of the marine industry

23/01/2014Hapag-Lloyd and CSAV have undersigned a not binding agreement for the fusion
To the Chilean company 30% of the Hapag-Lloyd new. The understanding is relative to the activities in the field of the containerized marine transport and explicitly excludes the other segments of business

23/01/2014In the 2013 traffic of the goods in the port of has recorded an increment of +0.7%
Fleeting in increase of +325%

23/01/2014Record of the tonnage of the ships journeyed in the channel of Panama hat
is established in the period October-December 2013 with 87,7 million tons PC/UMS

24/01/2014ICTSI will construct and manage a container terminal in presses of the congolese port of Matadi
the Philippine group has carried to term the cession of its participation in Cebu International Container Inc Terminal…

24/01/2014has passed away Alvaro Spizzica, vice president of Assologistica
has been one of the more important figures in the Italian panorama of the logistics on account third party

24/01/2014the Authority of Regulation of the Transports has met the presidents of the port and the airport of Genoa
connected Affrontate the problematic ones to the cession of the quota stopped 60% from the Harbour Authority in Airport of Genoa

24/01/2014Rise of the transported volume of container from the fleet of OOCL in the fourth trimester of 2013
Still in decrease the revenues

24/01/2014Incontro of Propeller Club of Genoa on the market of the great yachts in Italy
will carry out 28 January

24/01/2014the port of Ravenna has concluded the 2013 with a new record anniversary in the container
Di Marco: "the Harbour Authority does not fear some reform market-driven. Mingozzi: "Ravenna gives annoyance because it is the only port that grows"

24/01/2014Spain will have a Registry of the authorized enterprises to supply services of general interest in the ports
Includerà the technical-nautical services, the services to the passengers and the licences granted to the harbour companies

24/01/2014Ancona cannot endure penalizations from the redefinition of the logistic and harbour districts
Incontro between the city council member to the Ports of the Region Marche and the extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority

24/01/2014FuoriMuro loses revenues pairs to beyond 30.000 euros to the day for the interruption of the coastal railway line between Italy and France
the company, that it inside manages the railway maneuvers of the port of Genoa, speeds up the institutions to restore the connection

24/01/2014Reunited Tugs finds 50% of the society of Gesmar towing
the remaining quota is possessed by the Vitiello siblings that lead the operating management of the company

27/01/2014Hutchison Port Holdings will invest other 150 million euros in the port of Barcelona
the responsibles for Europe and Spain of the terminalista group have met minister Pastor and the president of Puertos of the Estado

27/01/2014ASL Marine will buy a ship yard to Batam
Is adjacent to the plant that the group of Singapore already possesses on the Indonesian island

27/01/2014In the 2013 port of Algeciras has enlivened a traffic record of 90,2 million tons (+2.1%)
the container has been pairs to 4.336.459 teu (+5.5%)

27/01/2014Round table on the topic "Terminals, ports and institutional investors: possible relation"
will hold 3 February to Naples in the within of the organized encounters from Propeller Club

27/01/2014Fain (Royal Caribbean): the 2014 are anticipated very promising
the crocieristico group American has closed fourth trimester 2013 with a seven profit clearly million dollars

27/01/2014British crocieristica company CMV has bought the TransOcean Kreuzfahrten
the objective is the expansion of at the market German activity

27/01/2014Tomorrow the signature of the agreement for the Swiss financing of railway works on the Italian territory
the Switzerland Confederation will invest 280 million franchi

28/01/2014In the 2013 traffic of the container enlivened from the port of the Pireo has grown of +15.7%
Aumento of +11.1% of the crocieristi

28/01/2014Collected 112 thousand euros for the families of the victims of the incident to the Tower of the Pilots of Genoa
the sum will be delivered to admiral Melone, president of the Committee Vittime

28/01/2014Hanjin Shipping has archived item 2013 with a net loss of -680,2 billion won
Worsening of the performances of the division container in spite of an increment of +6.0% of the transported volumes

28/01/2014Last year the port of the Havre has enlivened 68,0 million tons of goods (+6%)
the containerized cargos are increased of +9%

28/01/2014the Switzerland-Italy agreement for the financing of the widening of the two railway passes of Uproar and Luino
From Helvetic part the investment will pile to 120 million euros, from Italian part to 40 million euros

28/01/2014Howard Frank is the new president of Costa Crociere
Is also president of the executive committee of the Cruise Lines International Association

28/01/2014Al group CMA CGM 25% of the new container Nigerian terminal of Lekki
the quota will be yielded by ICTSI to CMA Terminals

28/01/2014the contract for first and according to extract of the third phase of the commercial port of Augusta
the useful term for the execution of the intense activities is of 840 days

28/01/2014Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Palermo is diminished of the -1,1%
the passengers of the ferries are dropped of the -7,3%, while the crocieristi are increased of +16.0%

29/01/2014the Finnish group Wärtsilä Corporation will cut thousand places of work
Reduction of approximately 200 places of work in Finland and the remainder in the foreign centers. 2013 have been archived item with an light bending of the revenues. Profit before taxes +12%

29/01/2014CSCL previews to close exercise 2013 with a net loss of -2,63 billion yuan
In the year precedence was recorded a profit of clearly 525 million yuan

29/01/2014China COSCO has ordered the construction of five portacontainer from 9.400 teu
the order for four new to rinfusiere of 64.000 tpl

29/01/2014Royal Caribbean signs a quinquennial agreement with the port of Galveston
Increment of the number of the ports of call and potenziamento of the Terminal Cruises 2

29/01/2014Trieste consolidates own status of first oil port of the Mediterranean
the giuliano port of call tip also to Russia

29/01/2014Fim, Fiom and Uilm reject like "unacceptable" the plan of esuberi introduced from Wärtsilä
This reorganization - they explain - will have heavy effects also on the Italian work force for a total of 10% of the total force job of the group

29/01/2014Under way the operations of allibo of liquid bulk in the oadstead of Augusta
a deliberation of the fixed Harbour Authority a reduction of the anchor duty for this type of operations

29/01/2014Last year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Taranto is diminished of the -18,5%
decrease of the solid bulk volumes (- 18.7%), liquid bulk (- several 20.7%) and goods (- 16.7%)

29/01/2014Conventions of ATHENA and ASCOMAC Unimot to the Seatec naval of Carrara
Ideas, competences and proposals for the sustainable development

30/01/2014Profit warning of Lowers Shipping Development Co…
the company previews to record exercise 2013 with a net loss of approximately -344/377 million dollars

30/01/2014minister Lupi has declared Massidda decayed from extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Cagliari
Al its place is named Vincenzo De Marco, commander of the Harbour office


30/01/2014Incontro of Propeller Club of Venice on topic "NAPA: offshore platform and intermodal connections"
will hold tuesday to Mestre

30/01/2014Wallenius Lines orders to Tianjin Xingang Shipyard two new ships garage from 8.000 cars
will be taken in delivery in the second and fourth trimester of 2016

30/01/2014the institutions - with the exception of the Harbour Authority of Trieste - sign to Rome the agreement of program for the Ironworks of Servola
the harbour authority has explained that the understanding would have carried to a decrease of entrances to the budget of the agency and an extraordinary overload of environmental burdens

31/01/2014In decided increase the volume of transactions of the Japanese companies "K" Linens, MOL and NYK
In the trimester October-December last year the revenues have grown respective of +22%, +19% and +22%

31/01/2014In the 2013 volume of transport arranged enlivened from the Hupac Helvetian has grown of +1.7%
On the transalpine director the increment has been of +2.1%

31/01/2014This year the ESPO Award will be assigned to the European port that will introduce the best innovative environmental plan
Up to now the prize is won by the ports of Gijón, Helsinki, Stockholm, Genoa and Antwerp

31/01/2014Last year the traffic of crocieristi in the Greek ports is piled 5,7 million passengers (+3.3%)
Recorded the ports of call of 4.288 ships (- 9.8%)

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