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19 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 16:19 GMT+2

03/02/2014UASC orders to others six ships from 14.000 teu and invests in a new container terminal to Port Saïd
Practised options with Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. Agreements with Egyptian PSCCHC

03/02/2014In increase the traffic cargo enlivened from the Italian airports
In 2013 has recorded an increment of 1.5%. Decrease of 1.9% of the passengers

03/02/2014Convention on the topic "Airports, the rediscovered one"
will hold 19 February to Rome in the center of Unioncamere

03/02/2014In the 2013 Kombiverkehr has enlivened 937,671 railway shipments (+1.1%)
the international traffic has grown of +1.0% and that national one of +1.4%

03/02/2014Reunion of the Harbour Committee of Trieste on the agreement of program on complex the industrial crisis of Trieste
Sent to the president of the Harbour Authority to deepen some points

04/02/2014Presentate seven offers for the expansion of the port of Topic
the value of the investments arrives to beyond two billions of dollars

04/02/2014Cargotec has closed 2013 with a bending of the -38% of the result clearly
Revenues in decrease of -4%. Consisting increase of the new orders in the fourth trimester

04/02/2014Agreement of the Harbour Authority of Livorno with the association of the constructors buildings
Between the objectives, the strengthening of the culture of the project financing and the ability to attract private investments and of access to the European financings

04/02/2014In the 2013 port of Ancona has established own record of the container
Enlivened 152,394 teu. Decrease of the other cargo types

05/02/2014In the 2013 terminal of DP World has enlivened almost 55,0 million container (- 1.9%)
To perimeter parity the traffic has recorded an increase of +0.7%

05/02/2014the Region Friuli Venice Julia intends to reactivate the marine service with Slovenia and Croatia
will be used - the Santoro city council member has explained - deep the Europeans allocated from which put on the EASeaWay plan and 110 thousand euros in the last Financial institution

05/02/2014the Neapolitan group Palumbo acquires the ship yard International Technic Marine of Marseilles
is equipped of four dry docks of 120 meters

05/02/2014CSAV will include the port ecuadoregno of Guayaquil in the service of Mediterranean line
Connection directed with the Italian and Spanish ports

05/02/2014Agreement in the field of the naval planning between Mitsubishi Maritime Heavy Industries Ltd. and Odense Technology
the Japanese group and the Danish society will cooperate to the development of plans of ships of various types

06/02/2014the negotiations between the ACP and GUPC are to a critical point and the intense activities of widening of the channel of Panama hat are suspended
the Autoridad of the Canal de Panama City has intimato to the consortium to resume the activity. This last retort that "the companies that take part of GUPC are construction enterprises, not banks"

06/02/2014Al Propeller Club of Venice debate on the plan of the offshore harbour platform
Bernardo: still to estimate the impact that will be able to have in the world of the shipping

06/02/2014Satisfaction of Confetra for the green light to amendments that impose an acceleration of the times of clearance
is approved of by the Commission Finances and Productive Activities of the Chamber

06/02/2014In the 2013 operating result of terminalista group German HHLA has recorded a decrease of the -15%
the revenues are piled to approximately 1,15 billion euros (+2%)

06/02/2014Last year the harbour terminals of the Eurogate group have enlivened 14,1 million container (+7.3%)
Eckelmann: from P3 Network more opportunity that risks

06/02/2014from Liguria ports of Genoa, La Spezia and Savona for the first time with Logistic Fruit
Miazza: "we anticipate ourselves joined because we represent in absolute the first pole in the Mediterranean specialized in the traffic of the ortofrutta"

06/02/2014In Senate is approved of a unitary agenda on the transit of the great ships in the Lagoon of Venice
Zoppas (Venice Confindustria): we appreciate that between the criteria to the center of the comparative appraisal of the plans they are inserted the impact on the economy and the continuity of the crocieristica offer

07/02/2014the ranking 2013 of the first ten Chinese ports container
Qingdao has occupied the fourth position climbing over Guangzhou

07/02/2014Last year the volume of the goods transported in Germany has grown of +0.8%
Calo of the -0,6% of the marine transport

07/02/2014In the 2013 traffic in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven is diminished of the -6,2%
Container in decrease of 4.7% to 5.830.711 teu

07/02/2014the port of Genoa has closed 2013 with a traffic of 49,5 million tons of goods (- 3.7%)
To recorded December an increment of +7.1%

07/02/2014the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Barcelona in 2013
the traffic of the containers has been pairs to 1.720.383 teu (- 2.2%)

10/02/2014Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti, servants to take part on the extension of the norms for the Civil Service to the Harbour Authorities
Second the three unions, is necessary to modify a confused and not adherent normative system to the will of the legislator

10/02/2014Tomorrow to Genoa will hold the seminary of start of the plan "SOS - Stress On Ships"
is elaborated by the Foundation Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile

10/02/2014Assomarinas has participated to the conference on the strategy of increase of the Adriatic-ionic macroregion
Incontro with the president of the association of the Greek tourist ports

10/02/2014In the 2013 marine traffic in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore has reached the quota record of 77.973 ships
the peak of 2008

10/02/2014Al Logistic Fruit of Berlin the port of Gioia Tauro tightens the ties with the P3 Network
Incontro with the responsibles of the Chiquita Brand International

10/02/2014Cruises Star has ordered a second ship from cruise of luxury to Meyer Werft
the contract has a value of 697,2 million euros

10/02/2014In the winter season the 2014-15 new ship from Costa Diadema cruise will carry out 47 ports of call in Liguria
Previewed 23 landings place to Savona, 23 to La Spezia and one to Genoa

10/02/2014Assologistica wishes that the demolition of Costa Concordia is carried out in the port of Taranto
Appello to president Napolitano for an oxygen puff to the exhausted economy of the city

10/02/2014Confetra anticipates proposed for the competitiveness to the Parliamentary commission for the Simplification
Two packages of measures subdivided for times of possible performance

10/02/2014Serracchiani restates the necessity to arrive to a governance unitary of the portualità of the Friuli Venice Julia
Bill "Italy Destination": the three plans sent to Rome from the Harbour Authority of Trieste

11/02/2014Zim will enroll burdens pairs to 72 million dollars for the cancellation of orders for eight portacontainer
Four ships from 12.600 teu were commissioned to Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd. and four from 8.800 teu to Hyundai Samho

11/02/2014"Level playing field between ports: to must or to myth"
Will be the topic of conference 2014 of the European Sea Ports 16 the 15 Organisation that will hold and May to Goteborg

11/02/2014the Harbour Authority of Antwerp will start negotiations with MSC for the transfer of the activities of the company on the Deurganck Dock
To the authority has not reached other manifestation of interest for uses it of the harbour area

11/02/2014the Gold ship Star 1 is removed by the port of Pozzallo
Era subordinate to seizure for illicit narcotic traffics in sea

11/02/2014Federagenti invokes an acceleration of the intense activities parliamentarians on the reform of the harbour legislation
Pappalardo: the times are more and more incompatible with those of the market

11/02/2014In the 2013 harbour terminal of HPH Trust has enlivened 22,8 million container (- 1%)
the group has closed the exercise anniversary with a profit after the taxes of 3,0 billion dollars of Hong Kong (- 15%)

11/02/2014In the 2013 revenues of Textainer has grown of +8.6%
the result clearly is dropped of the -11,7%

11/02/2014Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Livorno has grown of +2%
Green light of the ministry of the Atmosphere to the dredging of the side north of the Italy Pier

12/02/2014Incontro institutional in Region Apulia on the state of advance of the works in the port of Taranto
a new Internet site will allow to monitor in real time the advance of the activities

12/02/2014Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics has opened a new office for the Iberian market
Has center to Barcelona

12/02/2014the crocieristica division of TUI has emphasized the operating liabilities
Revenues in increase thanks to the increment of the ability to the fleet

12/02/2014Reunited Tugs has ordered a new tug to the Damen Dutch
Will have an ability to shooting of 70 tons and will be used in the port of Genoa

12/02/2014CAI International has closed fourth trimester 2013 with a profit clearly of 15,6 million dollars (- 10.5%)
the volume of transactions is increased of +9.4%

12/02/2014the Harbour Authority of Trieste knocks to the door of the ministry of the Atmosphere in order to obtain answers
the agency in is attended provision of revocation of decrees of compatibility of the regasification plant of Zaule

12/02/2014ACP and GUPC has reached preliminary agreements for the prosecuzione of the intense activities of widening of the channel of Panama hat
has announced It the administrator of the Autoridad of the Canal de Panama City, Jorge Luis Quijano

12/02/2014Ok of the Harbour Committee to the agreement of program on the area of complex industrial crisis of the port of Trieste
Insertion of a letter of the Mit that confirmation the exercise from the Harbour Authority of the activities of quantification and collection of the marine state property canons

13/02/2014Uljanik Shipyard launches a new ferry of the Jadrolinija
Is the second one of four ordered twin ships ro-pax from the company of Croatian navigation

13/02/2014Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore has grown of +7.3%
Aumento of +12.0% of the goods containerized in terms of weight

13/02/2014SUCH International clearly has archived item 2013 with a profit of 143,2 million dollars (+10%)
Slow down of the trend of increase of the results in the second half of the year

13/02/2014Last year ABB has recorded an increment of +3% of the result clearly and a decrease of the -3% of the new orders
the revenues are increased of 6% (- 8% in Italy)

13/02/2014This afternoon to Genoa will carry out a conference on the recent developments in the shipping
will be held by Reza Ziarati (Piri Reis University). The encounter is organized from Propeller Club

13/02/2014Al via the Table of the Legality demanded from the Confetra
is installed near the ministry of the Job

13/02/2014Interporto Bologna has obtained the certificate for the management of the quality and safety
is released by the certificatore agency Dasa-Rägister

13/02/2014marine agency genoese Medov has acquired a participation in South American tour operator TNM Corp
the Italian company will support TNM in the development of the business of the cruises and agenziale

13/02/2014a group of British parliamentarians prompt the government of London to block the proposal EU on the harbour services
Denholm: independence of the ports of the nation is necessary "guardian"

14/02/2014CSAV plans two increases of capital in sight of the possible fusion with Hapag-Lloyd
first will pile to 200 million dollars, the second - realized only if the transaction with the German company will be realized - to 400 million dollars

14/02/2014To January the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung has recorded an increment of +2.9%
the Asian port of call has enlivened 872 thousand teu

14/02/2014Budget of the first year of the marine service feeder between the ports of Vasto and Trieste
In the period of test the landings place of portacontainer have been approximately 30 to from Abruzzo port of call

14/02/2014Al via the procedure of consent of the concessions of areas of the Old Port of Trieste
the requests will have to be delivered within the 30 june

14/02/2014the British All Leisure will sell the ship from Discovery cruise
Currently the unit is rented the Cruise & Maritime Voyages

14/02/2014Costa Crociere has activated a new site web dedicated to the staff search
This year for the solo for the brand Coast is previewed approximately 1.200 assumptions

14/02/2014Spediporto, 20 February the activation of the procedure of clearance in sea
Seminary of A.SPE.DO.RI. on the evolution of the communitarian customs norm

14/02/2014This year in the port of is attended 493 thousand crocieristi (+140%)
Previewed 183 ports of call between which that of the "Allure of the Seas", the larger ship of the world

14/02/2014In the 2013 traffic of the goods in the Swiss Rhenish ports is diminished of the -5,3%
Record of the container with 104.945 teu (+2.6%)

17/02/2014Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is increased of +2.5%
the Californian port of call has enlivened 658 thousand teu

17/02/2014Assomarinas asks politics to resolve the criticalities of the field of the tourist portualità
Shareholders' meeting of the association to Rome in the within of the eighth edition of the Big Blue

17/02/2014Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the -2,7%
two million teu are enlivened

17/02/2014Incontro on the organized naval planning from Propeller Club of Genoa
will hold tomorrow in from Liguria chief town

17/02/2014Grimaldi has upgraded the freeway of the sea that connects the ports of Livorno, Savona and Valencia
the service goods has become every day and the ability is doubled

17/02/2014the Helvetic association of the haulers asks a rinegoziazione for the Switzerland-EU agreement on the terrestrial transports
Second the ASTAG, the maximum limit of transits of truck on the alpine roads goes per year increased from 650 thousand to a million unit

17/02/2014Hupac has widened the capacity of the intermodal connections between Italy and Sweden
the trains shuttle from Busto Arsizio and Verona reach Sundsvall

18/02/2014Last year the volume of the goods transported by the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal has grown of +2.0%
the marine traffic has recorded a bending of the -3,6%

18/02/2014the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro has signed an agreement with the regional Agency for the protection of the atmosphere
In program activity of monitoring and control of the territory of competence of the harbour agency

18/02/2014In the 2013 Spanish ports has enlivened 445,4 million tons of goods (- 3.4%)
the container has been pairs to 13.892.231 teu (- 1.3%)

18/02/2014Positive (but not for the shareholders) the economic performances of exercise 2013 of Norwegian Cruise Line
Last year the fleet of the company has accommodated 1,6 million passengers (+8%)

18/02/2014two main shipowning societies Chinese COSCO and Lowers Shipping signs an agreement picture of strategic cooperation
Riguarda all the fields of the marine transport, the terminalistiche activities, the logistics and the shipbuilding

19/02/2014CMA CGM extends the service Nord Europe - Mediterranean to the Black Sea
Inserted ports of call to the ports of Samsun (Turkey), Novorossiysk (Russia) and Constanta (Rumania)

19/02/2014joint venture Rickmers-Apollo has acquired is portacontainer Panamax of Hamburg Süd
the ships of 54.000 tpl, yielded for 176 million dollars, are constructed in 2006

19/02/2014Without the Italian smaller airports - Unioncamere supports - would increase diseguaglianze between rich and poor regions
a study evidences the risks connected with the application of the new lines EU on the zero setting of the aids publics for the management of the ports of call

19/02/2014Friday to Ravenna will hold the round table "Port: to choose the future - Occupation, development, legality in our territory"
Is organized from the provincial center of the Filt Cgil

19/02/2014Road haulage, CNA-Fita asks that the foreign cabotage is blocked activating the safeguard clause
today makes - the association explains - the only really useful thing for the Italian enterprises: the hemorrhage is blocked

19/02/2014Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is diminished of the -1,4%
is enlivened 529 thousand teu

20/02/2014Evergreen will enter to take part of alliance CKYH (COSCON, "K" Linens, Yang Ming and Hanjin)
operating Agreement limited to the services between Asia and Europe, included the Mediterranean

20/02/2014the G6 Alliance anticipates the own new transpacifici services of line and ocean-going liners
Net of 17 spins, of which 12 between Asia and the western coast of the America North and five for the Europe North

20/02/2014the ACP announces that consortium GUPC has been engaged to today restart the intense activities of widening of the channel of Panama hat
the Panamanian Authority confirmation that permangono still some issues on which an agreement is not reached

20/02/2014the duration of the contract of concession of Terminal Tuscany Dock is postponed of ten years
the term is carried to the 30 september 2031

20/02/2014Agreement to in order to reduce the waits of the road haulage in the harbour operational cycle
is signed by the Harbour Authority with all the associations of representation of the field

20/02/2014In the port of Ancona is opened the Unico Doganale Door
Giampieri: "it represents a concrete opportunity to increase the competitiveness of the port"

20/02/2014the operating experimentation of the "controlled corridor" La Spezia - Santo Stefano Magra
the container in arrival to the port breaks can be immediately transferred to the back-harbour area

20/02/2014Green light of the Ambient ministries of it and Arts to the dredging of the port of Taranto
Vendola: it is indeed decisive carrying out for the ionic port

20/02/2014Fredriksen has yielded 15.7% of the capital stock of the TUI
the stopped residual quota from the Norwegian shipowner is of 4.4%

20/02/2014the EU commission has adopted the new guidelines on the aids of State to the airports and the airlines
the concession, to determined conditions and for a transient period of ten years, aids to the regional airports with an inferior traffic to three million passengers

21/02/2014In decrease the economic results of fourth trimester 2013 of group NOL
Last year the fleet of portacontainer of APL has transported beyond 2,9 million container feu (- 2%)

21/02/2014Brookfield acquires 50% of the society of APM Terminals that manages a container terminal to Port Elizabeth
the approval of the competent authorities is attended within two months

21/02/2014PSA newly wins the contest for the fourth container terminal of the port of Jawaharlal Nehru
Will have an ability to annual traffic pairs to 4,8 million container teu

21/02/2014BLG AutoRail has realized the first rail shipment of car towards the Asian part of Turkey
Two complete trains of Skoda vehicles are transported by the Czech plant of Mlada Boleslav to the port of Tekirdag

21/02/2014In the 2013 profit clearly of Terex Corporation has recorded an increase of +113%
Improvement of the results in the second half of the year

21/02/2014Confetra, Fedespedi and Federagenti propose Roberta Oliaro which undersecretary to Infrastructures and Transports in the new Renzi government
has worked - they have explained - in order to start important reforms that the field of the shipping attends from years

24/02/2014In the new camerunese port of Kribi has arrived the cranes produced from the ZPMC
draft of two two ship-to-Shore, five crane to portal and two crane you furnish

24/02/2014In the 2013 profit clearly of the Bahri Saudi has recorded an increase of +49.3%
the revenues are increased of +7.3% to 2,84 billion riyal

24/02/2014the Harbour Authority of active Livorno a new system for the access in port of the haulers
the badge will be closely personal and will have validity anniversary

24/02/2014To Saipem new contracts of engineering and offshore construction in Indonesia and the Republic of the Congo
Has a total value of approximately 520 million dollars

24/02/2014In the 2013 port of Venice has enlivened 24,4 million tons of goods (- 3.6%)
the crocieristi are increased of +5.8% to beyond 1,8 million passengers

25/02/2014To January the traffic of the container in the Chinese marine ports has recorded an increase of +5.3%
Volume salary record to Shanghai with 3,0 million teu

25/02/2014the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Barcelona to January
the rise of the bulk sand banks (+9.5%) has balanced the several decrease of goods (- 0.5%) and of the liquid bulk (- 3.5%)

25/02/2014Acceleration of the participations of dredging in the port of Livorno
the second Overwhelmed Bathtub of will be completed with an advance payment year

25/02/2014the ports of Monfalcone and Chioggia have asked to take part of the North Adriatic Ports Association
the semester of presidency of the association passes from Venice to Rijeka

25/02/2014Last year the harbour system of Vancouver, has enlivened 135,0 million tons of goods (+9%)
the crocieristico traffic has been of 812 thousand fleeting (+22%)

25/02/2014Monday vice-president vicar of the European Parliament will visit the port of
Pittella is invited by Forcieri in occasion of the talks for the insertion of the port of call in the net of the Cores Ports

26/02/2014BW Group will buy the participation of the Heidmar in the Womar pool
joint venture work a fleet of 40 ships until 30.000 gross capacities in tons

26/02/2014the Indian port of Ennore is renamed port of Kamarajar
the port of call archivierà fiscal year 2013-14 with a traffic of approximately 24 million tons of goods

26/02/2014Record of new acquired orders from VARD in 2013
the company of the Fincantieri group has closed the exercise anniversary with a bending of the economic results

26/02/2014the green light today's of eurodeputati to the fourth displeased railway package EU commission, but not CER
Kallas: "this is not the strong sign of which needs the European railroads and that they attended in order to increase own attraction"

26/02/2014Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa has grown of +2.3%
Proclaimed 20 hours of strike to March in the field of the naval repairs

26/02/2014Vendola throws again the candidacy of the port of Taranto which center for the dismantling of Costa Concordia
Evidenziate the implications of economic and occupational order on a territory dramatically hit from the crisis of the iron and steel pole

27/02/2014In the 2013 Maersk Line has achieved an improvement of the economic results thanks to the cost reduction
Bending of the total performances of group leader A.P. Møller-Mærsk

27/02/2014Last year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Amburgo has grown of +6.2%
Aumento of the container and the bulk. In decrease the goods conventional

27/02/2014the EU commission starts the consultations on the extension of the regime of competition for the marine transport of line
the plan previews to postpone the period of application until 25 April of 2020

27/02/2014Improvement of the financial results of Friend International Shipping in 2013
the company has archived item the exercise clearly anniversary with a profit of 18,8 million dollars

27/02/2014Under way the first operations of preclearing to the port of
the clearance of the goods contained in the container transported from the "MSC Clorinda" has happened while the ship was still in navigation

28/02/2014CSAV closes 2013 with a net loss of -167,6 million dollars
21 March the extraordinary assembly on the plan of fusion with Hapag-Lloyd. Paid a fine for anti-competitive practices

28/02/2014ACP and GUPC has defined a final preliminary agreement for the completion of the works of widening of the channel of Panama hat
the third series of locks will be finished in December 2015, so as expected from the contract

28/02/20146 March to Genoa a Young encounter of the Group Assagenti on the marine hires
This evening the Tg2 television programme Point of view entirely will be dedicated to the Italian ports

28/02/2014In increase the economic results of shipowning group DFDS
the Danish group previews to record an increment of +6% approximately of the revenues in 2014

28/02/2014the Harbour Authority of Ravenna has acquired a participation in UIRNet Spa
Last month the traffic of the goods in the harbour port of call has marked an increment of +16.8%

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