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20 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 16:08 GMT+1

03/03/2014In the 2013 Finnlines is returned to produce useful
the total volume of transactions is diminished of the -7%

03/03/2014Agreement between Harbour the Marine Authority and of Singapore and the society of classification DNV GL
Has the objective to promote the activities of research & development and innovation in the field of the marine transport

03/03/2014a new portacontainer from 9.600 teu of Hamburg Süd
Is the fourth of a series of six ships of new class "CAP Saint"

03/03/2014Hyundai Merchant Marine celebrates the baptism of a new portacontainer from 13.100 teu
"Hyundai Dream" is long 365,5 meters and wide 48,4 meters

03/03/2014TransAtlantic will concentrate own activity on the marine transport of rotabili and the services feeder
Cessation of the service of TransPal line and cut of 70 places of work

03/03/2014the RINA is authorized to watch ships of Danish flag fed to GNL
the Italian company has developed to norms and specific requirement dedicated to the use of the which liquified or compressed natural gas

03/03/2014the National School of Transports and Logistics has opened a center to Genoa
is situated near the incubatore Bic of enterprises of Cornigliano managed from Filse

03/03/2014Introduced to Milan the first business school for manager of the road haulage
the objective is the creation of a new professional figure: the Truck Innovation Manager

03/03/2014Terminal Investment Limited buys 29% of APM Terminals Callao
the Peruvian terminalista society is participated also by Unimar (20%) and APM Terminals (51%)

03/03/2014Seaspan Corporation has closed 2013 with a clearly standardized profit of 121,4 million dollars (- 11.2%)
the revenues have grown of +2.5%

04/03/2014In the 2013 result clearly of the logistic group Kuehne + Nagel has recorded an increase of +23%
Stable the revenues

04/03/2014Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Naples has grown of +1.8%
the passengers of the ferries and the crocieristi are dropped respective of the -7,3% and the -4,4%

04/03/2014ESPO Parliament and Council EU to find an agreement on clean fuel for the ships
Isabelle Ryckbost exhorts "to go to any length in order to reach an agreement in first reading"

04/03/2014In 2013 Régional Lines Container has reduced the losses
In the year the fleet of portacontainer of the company has transported 2,1 million container (- 6%)

04/03/2014To January the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of the -13,8%
Fleeting in decrease of the -68,1%

05/03/2014the assembly of Assoporti approves of six points unanimously for throws again of the ports
a greater autonomy financial institution for the Harbour Authorities let alone an administrative autonomy in a position to placing them in the condition for operating like enterprises

05/03/2014Panalpina improves the economic results
In the 2013 Helvetic group has operated marine shipments for a total pairs to 1,5 million container (+8%) and air shipments for 825 thousand tons (+3%)

05/03/2014Started on Cagliari plan OPTIMED in order to strengthen the relations between the ports of the Mediterranean
the objective is to optimize the net of marine commerce

05/03/2014This year is attended a decrease of the -7% of the traffic of the crocieristi in the Italian ports
previews Answers to It Tourism, that cured consuntivo 2013 for the National Observatory of the Tourism anticipates

05/03/2014Confetra, Fedespedi and Federagenti throw again the candidacy of Roberta Oliaro to undersecretary to Infrastructures
the reference ministry - Marcucci, Lazzeri have restated and Pappalardo- needs specific professionalities in order to arrest the decline of the Italian logistic section

05/03/2014Last year the number of crocieristi accommodated on the ships of AIDA Cruises is increased of 20.7%
has been the 763,700 coming passengers from Germany who have carried out a cruise with the company

05/03/2014Giachino and Gibiino (Forza Italia) have met the associations of the haulers
the world of the transports, of the economy of the sea and the logistics - they have emphasized - must return to the center of the government activity

06/03/2014Bureau Veritas has closed 2013 with a profit clearly of 356,5 million euros (+16.0%)
In the segment of the naval industry is recorded a bending of the economic results and an increase of +88.6% of the new orders

06/03/2014the port of Rotterdam loses containerized trade because of the aids publics granted to the German and Flemish ports of call
a study evidences the entity and the impact of the economic support on the traffic of the container enlivened from the ports of northern the range

06/03/2014Communication of the EU commission for a strategy of the EU on marine safety
Ashton: "we need an integrated approach, like demonstrated in the Horn of Africa, where we have reached turned out meaningful in the fight to piracy"

06/03/2014Hanjin Shipping selects the best offerer for the acquisition of the container terminal of Algeciras
Is the consortium constituted from South Koreans IBK Securities and Korea Investment Partners

06/03/2014Last year the volume of goods transported through the Swiss Alps has grown of +1.8%
the transport on road has totaled 12,9 million tons (- 5.7%) and that transported on track 25,2 million tons (+6.2%)

06/03/2014Brussels authorizes the acquisition of 49% of International Transportation Inc. from Brookfield
the quota is yielded by the shipowning group Japanese Mitsui O.S.K. Lines

06/03/2014Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Salerno has grown of +7.8%
the passengers of the ferries are dropped of the -17,6%, while the crocieristi are increased of +7.6%

07/03/2014the Dutch Herik Rail has started a new railway shuttle from Amsterdam on Milan
the frequency of the service is trisettimanale

07/03/2014United European Car Carriers has ordered the construction of two ships PCTC
will be realized in ship yard Chinese NACKS and delivered in the second half of the year of 2016

07/03/2014d' Amico International has yielded 10% of DIS
Sold 42.195.531 common stocks

07/03/2014Green light of the ENAC in order to exceed the problem of the aerial cone in the port of Genoa
Al Voltri Europe Terminal could be installed new high cranes 90 meters

07/03/2014In the 2013 harbour terminal of group ICTSI has enlivened 6,3 million container (+12.1%)
the organic increase has been of +2%

07/03/2014the ports of La Spezia and Savona to the Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention
the more important international manifestation of the crocieristico field will hold to Miami from the 10 to 13 March

10/03/2014the UASC exercises the option for a sixth new ship from 18.000 teu
Salt to 17 ships the consistency of the program of constructions of large portacontainer of the company

10/03/2014In the second half of the year of 2013 is continued the deterioration of the economic results of OOIL
the entire exercise anniversary has been archived item with a profit clearly of 47,1 million dollars (- 84%)

10/03/2014This year is attended a decrease of the -12% of the cruises in the port of Civitavecchia, but in 2015 a new record is previewed
Mounts: the rest one is due mainly to the diversification of the routes in European areas

10/03/2014RINA nozzle a software for the monitoring of the not propulsive power consumptions of the ships from cruise
the half of the total consumption derives from the services hotel

10/03/2014For the 2014 Cemar previews a decrease of the -9,9% of the crocieristico traffic in the Italian ports
the Harbour Authority of Naples to the Seatrade di Miami

10/03/2014Tomorrow to Genoa an encounter of Propeller Club on the ships ro-ro and ro-pax
Detail attention to the experience of "Viking Grace"

10/03/2014Greenpeace rejects the port of Piombino which center for the dismantling of Costa Concordia
Gianni: we wish that the reclamation and destruction happen in the limits of the legality, in one of the former present ship yards in Europe

11/03/2014Vopak will acquire 30% of an industrial terminal for producing petrochemical in Southeastern China
Has a storage capability pairs to 890 thousand cubic metres

11/03/2014Tomorrow the marine-harbour cluster of Ravenna will meet the university students
the initiative is promoted by the cultural association Port Ravenna Progress

11/03/2014Louis Dreyfus Armateurs has yielded the Fairmount Marine to the Boskalis Dutch
the French group had bought the company in 2007

11/03/2014the University of Genoa and ABB has renewed the collaboration agreement
From 2008 is in existence a cooperation in the field of the planning, the development and the sustainable productions

11/03/2014the port of Palermo heads at the improvement of the services and the control of the rates for the development of the cruises
This year is previewed approximately 200 ports of call of ships for a traffic almost means million passengers

11/03/2014the EU commission has authorized the public financing that has allowed the construction of the Liverpool Cruise Terminal
the English landing place is completed in 2007

11/03/2014the ship from cruise Voyager of the Seas will be restructured in the ship yard Sembawang Shipyard of Singapore
the unit, of 137.276 tons of tonnage, takes part of the fleet of the American Royal Caribbean Cruises

11/03/2014From Assiterminal a series of proposals for I throw again of the Italian portualità
Second the association, the bill of reform of the norm on the ports to the examination of the Senate is pejorative regarding the existing

11/03/2014Defined the moorings of the 230 ships from cruise that this year will call in the port of Livorno
Gallanti: with the decree we can finally guarantee to the great companies owners of a shipping company a certainty of I approach for all 2014

12/03/2014minister Lupi has restated the strategicità of the Third Pass of the railway line Milan-Genoa
a new site web monitors the course of the intense activities

12/03/2014Plan in order to monitor the flows of goods that journey for from Liguria ports towards the Italy north and oltralpe
the Liguria Region is front man of the plan blue wools

12/03/2014Cruise Lines International Association opens a center in Italy
the association previews that in the 2014 number of crocieristi it will go up to 21,7 million regarding 21,3 million 2013

12/03/2014Named the coordinators of the nine corridors of the transeuropea central net of the transports TRIES
Sono Péter Balázs, Kurt Bodewig, Laurens Jan Brinkhorst, Pat Cox, Mathieu Grosch, Ana Palacio, Karla Peijs, Carlo Secchi, Brian Simpson, Pavel Telicka and Karel Vinck

12/03/2014VTE and unions to the short irons on who it must pay the account of the supply of temporary the harbour job
Danish: we risk to become "an automatic teller". Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti: the terminalisti have used the company as social shock-absorber in order to save their accounts

12/03/2014the pragmatic Gallanti wishes a fast approval of the bill on the ports
Servants - the president of the Harbour Authority of Livorno has explained - some balance and goes found

12/03/2014Convention of ATHENA on the norms and the planning of the great fleeting yachts
will hold 2 April to

12/03/2014To Miami the port of Trieste "capture" Costa Mediterranea and the port of Salerno anticipates crocieristico Polo
With its 2,680 passengers, the ship of Costa Crociere will be the never programmed greater unit with seasonal continuity in the giuliano port

13/03/2014In the 2013 traffic enlivened from the container Maltese terminal of Marsaxlokk has grown of +8%
the total is gone up to 2,75 million teu

13/03/2014To February the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore has grown of +8.8%
the container has been pairs to 2,4 million teu (+2.2%)

13/03/201424 March the port of Trieste will meet the Milanese entrepreneurs
Meeting in the organized Lombardic chief town from Propeller local Club

13/03/2014In sensitive rise the economic results of the Dutch group Boskalis
exercise 2013 has been archived item with a profit clearly of 366 million euros (+47%)

13/03/2014the terminaliste societies of groups COSCO and Lowers Shipping invests in the port of Hong Kong
Acquired respective quotas 40% and 20% of Asia Terminals Container of group HPH Trust

13/03/2014the regulations EU on the ports will not be voted before the European electoral consultations
has announced It the reporter Fleckenstein. Ryckbost (ESPO): we are pleased that there is a clear will to continue the job after the elections

13/03/2014the Harbour Authority of Trieste signs the agreement of program for the Ironworks of Servola
Contiene an addendum that confirmation the competence of the agency for the quantification and collection of the state property canons

13/03/2014To Miami the ports of Cagliari and La Spezia anticipate the best of their offer to the crocieristi
Today the exhibition manifestation Cruise Shipping Miami closes down of the thirtieth edition

14/03/2014a new element of risk for shipowners and insurers is constituted by gigantism of the portacontainer
emphasizes It an analysis of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

14/03/2014Federagenti asks to Assoporti to assume clear and innovative positions for the management of the Italian harbour system
Pappalardo: "now the moment has reached to pass from the principle declarations to the concrete facts"

14/03/2014prompt CNA-Fita an incisive action in order to safeguard the road haulage from the wild competition of the carriers of the East Europe
the association throws again the proposal of the activation of the safeguard clause in order to interrupt the regime of cabotage for a semester

14/03/2014Leap forward of the volumes enlivened from the port of Barcelona to February
the Spanish port of call has enlivened 3,6 million tons (+25%)

14/03/2014Di Marco (AP Ravenna): no future for the cruises in Adriatic if Venice will not continue to exercise the towing role
To Livorno is landed the "Splendid MSC for the first time"

17/03/2014Assologistica asks the minister Lupi who is named the new president of the port of Naples
the association "the most serious" denunciation like the situation of the partenopeo port

17/03/2014To February the traffic of the container in the Chinese marine ports has grown of +6.2%
In the first period of two months of the 2014 increment has been of +7.4%

17/03/2014Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong has grown of +6.4%
In the first two months of the 2014 increase has been of +0.9%

17/03/2014the port of participates to the communitarian ban TRIES Freeways of the Sea with two progettuali proposals
Affrontano the topics of the customs corridors and the strategies for a greater alternative fuel use in the marine transport

17/03/2014the ports of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto have introduced the crocieristica offer of the Apulia to the Seatrade di Miami
has participated under the brand Apulian Ports placed side by side from the Region Apulia

17/03/2014the Regional Administrative Court has ordered the suspension of the limits sets up to the transits of the great ships from cruise to Venice
the Harbour Authority: this decision cannot to enjoy oneself us finding and realize within the 2016 water way alternative in order to reach the Marine one

17/03/2014the contest for the realization of the microtunnel in the port of Livorno
Provincial: it is a particularly strategic work for the Leighorn port of call

18/03/2014Last year the terminals of the Global Russian Ports have enlivened beyond 1,6 million container
the group has closed exercise 2013 with a profit clearly of 114,1 million dollars (- 7.6%)

18/03/2014the Japanese Antitrust commina fines for 224 million dollars to primary shipowning societies of the segment car carrier
the investigation has involved the Japanese NYK, "K" Linens, NMCC and MOL and Norwegian WWL

18/03/2014For the thirteenth time in 14 General Motors years rewards the Grimaldi group
the Supplier acknowledgment "of the Year"

18/03/2014Singamas previews a rise of the question of new container
the Chinese group has closed 2013 with a decrease of the revenues of the -16,5%

18/03/2014Commission of the Higher council of the Public works in visit to the port of Livorno
pronounces It of the maximum advisory technical organ of the State on the harbour town development plan of the port of call is attended for 11 April

18/03/2014Eurostat anticipates the data on the traffic of the goods enlivened in the ports of the EU in 2012
the single Italian ports of call have recorded a traffic of 476,8 million tons (- 4.6%)

18/03/2014Convention of Confcommercio Tuscany on transports and infrastructures of the region
will hold 26 March to Florence

19/03/2014To February the traffic of the container in the ports of Los Angeles City and Long Beach is dropped of the -9,0% and the -2,6%
the Californian ports of call have enlivened respective 559,786 teu and 517,173 teu

19/03/2014Wärtsilä has concluded the negotiations for the cut of places of work in Finland
Lay-off for 142 dependent

19/03/2014the society of ClassNK classification buys the Finnish computer service company NAPA
the European society supplies solutions for the naval planning and in order to improve the performances of the marine industry

19/03/2014the Global Shippers' Forum renews the exhortation to the FMC and the EU to estimate the impact of the shipowning alliance P3
Welsh: the greater fear is the impact that the agreement would have on the market

19/03/2014Confetra asks the new government and its ministers to quickly assume decisions on the ports
Second the Confederation, is necessary to avoid an executive "to various speed"

19/03/2014Saturday the ship yard Marino Rosettes will deliver a new PSV Offshore to the Gulf Scot
the ceremony coincides with the beginning of great intense activities of potenziamento of the logistics of the plant of Port Saint Vitale

19/03/2014Assoporti protests for the reading given from some to the data on the traffic of the ports EU is diffused by Eurostat
Mounts: "it is not true that the Italian portualità is neglected"

19/03/2014Assomarinas has participated to the seventh edition of the Moscow International Boat Show
Perocchio: it has been concluded with success "mission" aimed at the sensitization of the emerged Russian user

19/03/2014Merlon (AP Genoa): the study of Eurostat on the European portualità is dated and clamorously mistaken
In 2012 - it has emphasized - Genoa has obtained its historical record with beyond two million container while million are only attributed to him about it to 1,5

20/03/2014In 2013 in Germany is enlivened 373,7 million tons of goods on track
Increment of +2.1% on the year precedence

20/03/2014Also Federagenti protests for the Eurostat data, but it informs: Italy of the ports indeed risks to sink
Pappalardo: it must remove the bureaucratic ties that they prevent to the Italian logistic platform to attract traffics

20/03/2014Aldo Negri is the new Young president of the Group Assagenti
Vices president is named Gian Alberto Cerruti and Carolina Villa

20/03/2014In the 2013 has arrested the trend negative of the traffic of the goods in Italy
Centro Studi Confetra evidences that, however, the modest positività of the results denotes the embrittlement of the resumption

20/03/2014Fincantieri has archived item 2013 with a profit of exercise of 85 million euros
the revenues are piled to 3,8 billion euros and the new orders almost five billions of euro

20/03/2014Trasportounito asks Renzi to abolish the White CNEL and the national one of the road haulage
"Must still exist - Trasportounito wonders - structures that cost to the collectivity approximately 40 million euros"

20/03/2014Costa Crociere includes the Calabria in the crocieristico circuit
In program 18 ports of call with three ships in the ports of Reggio Calabria, Crotone and Corigliano Calabro

20/03/2014To Genoa will hold a presentation of the The Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers
Is in program 26 March

20/03/2014In the 2013 result clearly of the terminalista group DP World has grown of +7.9%
the volume of transactions has recorded a bending of the -1,5%

21/03/2014the Federal Maritime Commission authorizes the constitution of the shipowning alliance P3 Network
Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM will be obliged to supply information to the American authority periodically

21/03/2014Convention on "Marine Enterprises and Welfare: increase strategies"
will hold 4 April to Genoa

21/03/2014Parliament and the Council EU has reached an agreement on the alternative fuel use in the field of the transports
Ryckbost (ESPO): the directive implies for the Harbour Authorities and the harbour industry some investments and activity of planning

21/03/2014RINA Services has signed an agreement of cooperation with the Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association
the objective is to support the Greek marine field in the naval classification, safety, sensitization to the environmental protection and training of the staff

21/03/2014Tuesday to Mestre an encounter of Propeller of Venice on the Marco Polo airport
Reporter will be the president of the group SAVE, Enrico Marchi

21/03/2014Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti want to contribute to the reform of the legislation on the ports
we expect - they have emphasized the three unions - an adapted consideration and involvement to the intense activities

24/03/201484.5% of the shareholders of the CSAV has approved of the plan of fusion with Hapag-Lloyd
Within 20 April the shareholders who have expressed contrary ballot or that they have not participated to the voting will be able to exercise the right of apprisal

24/03/2014Saturday is inaugurated the Substation Electrical worker of the Franco Vecchio Port of Trieste
Takes part of the museum didactic pole of the giuliano port of call

24/03/2014Il Comitato concessionari demaniali marittimi di Manfredonia definisce un programma per lo sviluppo della portualità
Salvatore Guglielmi è stato confermato presidente del direttivo

24/03/2014the South Korean Fair Trade Commission asks the Chinese antitrust to collaborate to the examination of the P3 Network
the Korea Shipowners' Association has invited the authority to take note of the impact negative of the shipowning alliance on the competition

24/03/2014the Maona has organized for 14 April a debate on the topic "Manifest Genoa: a future for Genoa"
the association proposes the candidacy of from Liguria chief town to Vital Italian of the Culture in 2015

24/03/2014To January the traffic in the port of Taranto has recorded a rise of +38.6%
the increase is produced mainly by the increment of +71.0% of the solid bulk volume

24/03/2014d' Amico International Shipping acquires a contract for a new tanker
the decision - it has explained DIS - is motivated by the strong question from the Oil Majors

24/03/2014ECSA, FEPORT and ESPO exhorts the European legislators not to discourage the employment of the container from ' on the 45 territory EU
the three associations criticize the decision to amend the proposal of directive 2013/195 replacing the definition "intermodal transport" with "arranged transport"

25/03/2014In the 2013 volume of transactions of COSCO Pacific has grown of +8.6%
the profit clearly is piled to 717,3 million dollars, with an increase of +102.4% (+2.1% to clearly of the activities stopped)

25/03/2014In the first period of two months of the 2014 marine traffic in the Suez Canal has grown of +3.3%
the transits of oil tankers are increased of +26.9%, while those of the other ships are diminished of the -2,7%

25/03/2014the industry of wind energy invests in the British port of Hull
310 million pounds from Siemens and Associated British Ports

25/03/2014the Damen group inaugurates a new ship yard in Vietnam
Currently in the plant works some 300 people

25/03/2014In the December-February trimester the crocieristico group Carnival has recorded a net loss of -15 million dollars
stable Revenues. The number of passengers accommodated on the ships of the fleet has grown of +4.5% and the reservations rally of +20%

25/03/2014Paolo d' Amico is confirmed president of the Federation of the Sea
Umberto Masucci vice president

25/03/2014To Livorno the Harbour Authority, Confindustria and the unions have instituted a job table in order to resolve the problems of the port
Provincial: "it is not a doppione of the Harbour Committee". The protuale agency starts the procedure for the cover of 11 vacant places

25/03/2014To February the port of Ravenna has enlivened 1,7 million tons of goods (- 0.6%)
is not more possible - it has emphasized the Harbour Authority - to still send back the intense activities of deepening of the backdrops previewed in the so-called Progettone

25/03/2014is constituted the bottom of bilateral solidarity in the marine field
Has the scope to put into effect participations to protection of the yield of the marine workers

26/03/2014Last year Hapag-Lloyd has recorded a net loss of -97,4 million euros
Behrendt: "this result is very beneath of our expectations for 2013 and, after all, it is disappointing". The revenues are diminished of the -4,0%

26/03/2014Incontro to Bologna between the representatives of Federtrasporti and the responsible Trasporti di Forza Italia
Pietrelli: to grant a support to the road haulage is equivalent to invest on the Country

26/03/2014CIMC, 2013 has been a difficult year for the industry of the containers
Positive the economic performances of the Chinese producer, but not in the segment of the container

26/03/2014To Singapore the baptism of the ship from cruise Silver Discoverer of the Silverseas Cruises
Has a tonnage of 5.218 tons and can accommodate until 120 passengers

26/03/2014In 2013 China Shipping Lines Container has accused a net loss pairs to approximately 420 million dollars
the revenues have grown of +2.8% and the transported containerized volumes from the fleet are increased of +2.0%

26/03/2014For the first time in beyond 40 years the division Cargo of railway group SBB has recorded a positive result
FS Yesterday Italian has introduced industrial plan 2014-2017

27/03/2014Confetra is outraged because the first action of the Authority of regulation of the transports is to ask money the enterprises
In times of spending review - denunciation the Confederation - the private companies of the transport and the logistics of the goods is calls to pay the umpteenth unjust tax

27/03/2014Scorpio Bulkers acquires five new portarinfuse Capesize
Noleggiate others seven ships

27/03/2014In the 2013 economic result clearly of terminalista group HHLA is dropped of the -25%
For this year is attended light increments of the traffic and the revenues

27/03/2014Brussels authorizes investments publics for 71 million euros in the port of Salerno
the financing comes from deep regional the Europeans

27/03/2014In the 2013 net loss of the Zim Israeli is gone up to -530 million dollars
the fleet of the company has transported beyond 2,5 million container (+4.7%). The medium hire for teu is diminished of the -8,6%

27/03/2014the group Railroads of the State is object of an investigation of the EU commission
Verification on the compensations for obligation of public service and on the transfer under gratuitous title of asset

27/03/2014From the government green light to deep for 1,8 billion euros for Tav Venezia - Trieste
"Finally", the president of the Harbour Authority of Venice has commented. "It must acknowledge minister Lupi - it has added Coast - to have cultured the national interest at stake"

27/03/2014Porto of Cagliari, archived item the accusation of abuse compulsory for minister Lupi
formulated Era for the nomination of Massidda to commissioner of the Harbour Authority

27/03/2014To February the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa has grown of +3.3%
Crocieristi in increase of +18.6%), while the passengers of the ferries are dropped of the -2,4%

27/03/2014Arcese (ANITA): the contribution to the Authority of the Transports is "unreasonable, unjust and indefensible"
the field - it has remembered - already "is regulated" by organisms which White of the haulers and the Antistrust

28/03/2014Noatum Ports will invest 100 million euros in its container terminal of Valencia
This year is attended an increment of +1% approximately of the traffic

28/03/2014Last year the profit clearly of terminalista group PSA has recorded an increase of +13.4%
the revenues are increased of +3.3%

28/03/2014In the 2013 fleet of portacontainer of Chinese COSCON has transported 8,7 million teu (+8.5%)
the medium hire in dollars/teu is dropped of -8,8%. COSCO lowers has closed the year with a net loss from next the running activities to 300 million dollars

28/03/2014Last year the result clearly of group GEFCO has grown of +28%
the revenues have reached the quota record almost 4,0 billion euros (+11%)

28/03/2014a delegation of Commission ITRE of the European Parliament has reached today in the port of Venice
Costa: "the visit to Marghera Port has been crucial for being able to take vision of the reconversion in concrete terms today in existence"

28/03/2014In decrease the traffic of the passengers transported for marine way from and for the Corsica
the services ferry have recorded a bending of the -3,0% and the cruises of the -15,6%

28/03/2014Green light of Brussels to the first tranche of deep for the plans TRIES
the distribution of 12 billion euros

28/03/2014the Harbour Authority of Trieste has introduced a study on the advantages generated from the free points
Monassi: the analysis has the objective to stimulate the interest from national investor and foreign countries on the harbour port of call

28/03/2014Vopak buys two terminal for storage of producing refined to Montreal and Quebec City
the ability offered from the Dutch group in Canada salt to 712 thousand cubic metres

31/03/2014In the 2013 shipowning group Greek Attica has reduced the liabilities
the revenues are increased of +1.6%

31/03/2014Assagenti and Spediporto want to manage the harbour computerized system of Genoa
For the first time two trade associations have carried out together the public sessions of own assemblies anniversaries

31/03/2014Assologistica denunciation the increase in weight of the accounts of the enterprises in order to finance the Authority of the Transports
Mearelli: if it will not be proceeded to a second thought this provision will have dramatic occupational consequences in many enterprises

31/03/2014Wednesday to Rome a seminary on the Freeways of the Sea
Is organized from Confcommercio and Federlinea

31/03/2014In 2013, thanks to the cession of 49% of Terminal Link, the result clearly of CMA CGM has grown of +22.8%
the operating result has recorded a bending of the -26,9%

31/03/2014In the 2013 taiwanesi companies Evergreen and Yang Ming has recorded an accentuation of the liabilities
Of sign negative also the operating result

31/03/2014ECSA, ICS and WSC supports the proposal to extend the exemption for category to the consortia of marine transport of line
Verhoeven: the reasons for its maintenance are valid anchor today

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