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24 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:08 GMT+2

01/04/2014Seaspan Corporation orders four new portacontainer from 10.000 teu
will be constructed by the Chinese yards Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co. and Jiangsu Yangzi Xinfu Shipbuilding Co…

01/04/2014Incontro of Propeller Club of Genoa on the topic "Eco Ships: theoretical opportunity or real threat"
will hold this evening

01/04/2014Friday to Venice will carry out a technical seminary on the topic of marine, internal and fluvial navigation
Is organized from the College Captains Lagoon Navigation of Venice, from the Association Captains Lagoon Navigation and the Harbour Authority of Venice

01/04/2014Last February the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of the -22,3%
the crocieristi are dropped of the -84,6%

01/04/2014Convention on "the excellence of the Italian logistics in sight of the Expo the 2015 - Lombardy, the port of Genoa"
will hold 7 April to Milan

01/04/2014Convention of the Lombardy Section of ATHENA on the hybrid propulsion
will carry out 10 April to Milan

01/04/2014Last year the fleet of Hamburg Süd has transported approximately 3,3 million container (+1%)
the revenues are diminished of the -3,9% to 5,3 billion euros

01/04/2014Fusion of the three German societies of shipmanagement MPC Steamship, Thien & Heyenga and Ahrenkiel
the new Ahrenkiel Steamship will be one of the first ten societies of management of ships in the segment of the container

01/04/2014the Vroon Dutch has bought the genoese company Petrolmar
the society work services of bunkeraggio in the ports of Genoa, Savona and La Spezia

01/04/2014Today to Rome the PD has introduced own proposal of reform of the legislation in harbour matter
Serracchiani: the requirement that agrees to satisfy is the rationalization and better employment of the Harbour Authorities

02/04/2014shipowning group Danish A.P. Møller-Mærsk sells the Danbor to the Norwegian NorSea Group
the company work service and logistic agency, servicings and of safety for the industry of the oil and the gas

02/04/2014ECSA, the aids of State are essential in order to guarantee the competitiveness of the European industry of the shipping
the section contributes with 145 billion euros to the Gross Domestic Product one of the EU

02/04/2014the crocieristica season in the three ports of the Sardinia North
To Porto Torres is for the first time attended landings place of ships of the group Royal Caribbean

02/04/2014the shipowning groups Maersk and China Shipping intend to strengthen the cooperation in the terminalistico field
Made official to Brussels the investment of the Chinese company in the Belgian port of Zeebrugge

02/04/2014From Genoa years and its port does not succeed to equip of a car park and Trasportounito nozzle a protest
the union proposes a great alliance to the genoese citizenship

02/04/2014Confcommercio/Fedarlinea, Italy must throw again the Freeways of the Sea
the modality needs of adapted support measures. Slowly of Tirrenia-CIN in order to increase the energetic efficiency of the fleet

02/04/2014crocieristi English will reach Genoa through the Christopher Columbus airport
Monzani (Marine Stations): it is the first time that a ship uses the air terminal as point of arrival of all its passengers

03/04/2014To February the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung has grown of +9.8%
In the first period of two months of the 2014 increment has been of +6.0%

03/04/2014Region, Province and Municipality asks the convocation for the Harbour Committee of Trieste in order to face the issues of strategic importance
the Santoro city council member confirmation the engagement of the regional agency to favor the development of the port

03/04/2014In rise the economic results of the Greek companies Minoan Lines and Anek Lines
an ulterior increase in 2014

03/04/2014Coordination Portualità From Liguria-Tuscany, topics of the reform of the law on the not coherent ports with the requirements of ports, traffics and enterprises
Not to the "unjust tax" asked the operators for the baby Authority for regulation for the Transports

03/04/2014the shipowners plaudono to the proposals of the EU commission in order to return the norms in matter of approvals more flexible
the initiative - they have emphasized - constitutes "a first important step in order to facilitate the release of the approvals to the marine ones"

03/04/2014Tarlazzi (Uiltrasporti): "in order to compete in Europe and the Mediterranean the concept of ports of regional competence must be old"
the concept of Authority of system with increased territorial competences within which to make to meet the ports comprised in the Core net - it has emphasized - is not unavoidable condition

03/04/2014d' Amico International Shipping orders two new tanker Handysize
the store clerk to Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co. it has a total value of 73,2 million dollars

03/04/2014the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT for the Apulia has rejected the resource against the award of the intense activities of requalification of the Polisettoriale Pier of Taranto
Stable Consortium Great Intense activities had asked the cancellation for decrees of 20 December of the Harbour Authority

04/04/2014the shipowning society Genco resorts to Capitolo 11 of the American bankrupt norm
Agreement with the creditors. A credit line will be converted in the property of 81.1% of the new company

04/04/2014the Federal Maritime Commission authorizes the plan of widening of the services of line of the G6 Alliance
Second the American federal agency, will not determine a reduction of the competition

04/04/2014Kuehne + Nagel inaugurates to Segrate a new cool zones dedicated to pharmaceutical industry
To total level the logistic group has widened the shipment offer groupage LCL

04/04/2014the Calabria Region asks the convocation for a interistituzionale table for throws again of the port of Gioia Tauro
Letter of the Faithful city council member to minister Lupi

04/04/2014In the next few days to Genoa one of the two meets anniversaries of the General Group Policy of the IACS
will be accommodated by the RINA that will put on own offices

04/04/2014next Thursday to Brindisi a debate on the future of the port
Interrogation to minister Lupi on the possible downgrading of the apulian port of call

04/04/2014Assologistica asks to transfer the Authorities of regulation of the services of public usefullness to Rome
Mearelli: "it is an obvious diseconomia to have scattered the Authorities in turn for Italy"

04/04/2014To February the traffic in the port of Taranto has grown of +8.3%
In the first period of two months of the 2014 increment of the volumes has been of +23.9%

04/04/2014Confetra invites minister Lupi to adopt on Flat the Airports the same chosen formulation for the harbour reform
Second the Confederation, must indicate little hub logistic strategic for being able to concentrate on they the infrastructural resources and investments

04/04/2014Costa Crociere nozzle the service "Rail&Cruise" in collaboration with Trenitalia
the passengers who will embark themselves on the ships from cruise of the company will have of a classified car on the Trenitalia Arrows

04/04/2014Letter of attempts SNCM - STX France for the construction of four ferries
the new ships will have a propulsion to gas

04/04/2014Filt-Cgil is in favor of the assumed amalgamation of the governance of the ports of Genoa and Savona
This dimension - the representatives of the provincial secretariats of the union have explained - could accelerate the realization of the investments private publics and

07/04/2014From the 17 to the 19 september to the Fair of Ferrara will hold the fifth edition of Coast Esonda Expo
Detail relief will be given to the thematic ones tied to the sea, spacing from the planning of the marine space to the harbour and marine works

07/04/2014To Savona a round table on "the field bulk. To analyze anticipates in order to look to the future"
from the Harbour Authority, will hold 11 April

07/04/2014Bureau Veritas widens own presence in America North acquiring the Quiktrak American
the company is specialized in the stock activities audit of vehicles and agricultural cars

07/04/2014Mitsubishi Corporation enters in the terminalistico field with a participation in Spanish TCV
With the Kamigumi Co. East in the port of Valencia has acquired 25% of the society manages the container terminal to the Muelle de

07/04/2014the opportunities offered from Expo 2015 to the logistics
the event will generate 9,000 places of work and 1,8 billion additional production

07/04/2014the agreement for the new university and marine pole of
Verrà realized a center of excellence for research purposes and the innovation, a campus for university the university formation and post, dedicated to the naval one, the nautical one, the marineria

07/04/2014the American group Saltchuk buys the company of navigation Tropical Shipping
the transaction will have a value of approximately 220 million dollars

08/04/2014Rail Cargo strengthens the railway connections between Germany and Austria
Rebranding of the activities of the company in Italy

08/04/2014the American Crowley acquires the control of the society of ship Accord management
the company has offices to Hong Kong, in India and Holland and manages a fleet of 23 ships

08/04/2014Konecranes anticipates a Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane to structure simplified for the emergent markets
the cabin of the operator is at the level of the ground

08/04/2014Nuovo stop to the intense activities of requalification of the Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto
the Council of State has decreed the reform of the device of sentence emitted from the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT. Fixed audience for 6 May

08/04/2014To Trieste a meeting international from the title "the new historical harbour districts"
Is organized from the Harbour Institute of Marine Culture with the Cultural Association Italy Ours

08/04/2014Hitachi will buy the society of Valcom engineering of Milan
will be renamed Hitachi Engineering Europe Srl

08/04/2014Meeting on the technology to support of the development of the ports and the creation of the harbour logistic systems
will hold tomorrow to Rome and will constitute the event of presentation of plan ARGES

08/04/2014Cgil restates its not to the quotation in Stock exchange of Fincantieri
the union throws again the hypothesis of the creation of a national pole of the energy and the transport

08/04/2014lascerà the charge of general manager of MSC Cruises
Intraprenderà a new professional opportunity

08/04/2014Convention on the topic "Livorno, development and sustainability in a city-port. The role of the urban planning"
Promoted from the Ce.N.S.U., will hold thursday in the Leighorn city

08/04/2014Giachino: Forza Italia has always considered strategic infrastructures of transport for the Country
Incontro with the logistic operators on the economy of the sea, the transports and the logistics

09/04/2014To March the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung has grown of +0.8%
In the first trimester of the 2014 increment has been of +4.1%

09/04/2014In the 2013 economic result clearly of the terminalista group Eurogate has grown of +13.3%
an important increment of the activity to the terminal of Wilhelmshaven

09/04/2014In Spain the model of pubbico-private cooperation for the development of the ports is having happened
has emphasized It the president of Puertos of the Estado, José Llorca, having remembered that the private investments have exceeded those publics. Under consideration the extension from 35 to 50 years of the duration of the concessions

09/04/2014Partnership Solar Impulse-ABB in order to circumnavigate the globe with a fed aircraft to solar energy
the attempt will be realized in 2015 by the new airplane realized from Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg

09/04/2014the EU commission authorizes investments publics for 12,7 million euros for the airports of Verona and Brescia
Consentiranno to carry out infrastructural investments for a period of ten years

09/04/2014Ravenna Confindustria exhorts to put into effect the deepening of the backdrops of the port of the city
Ottolenghi: the harbour port of call is the first industry of our territory

09/04/2014In the port of Tanger Med is inaugurated a new intermodal complex
Under way the intense activities for the construction of a Zone of export

10/04/2014prompt Assomarinas the approval of a new proxy law for the update of the Code of the Nautical one
Perocchio: it is necessary to melt the still unsolved nodes for the canons and the concessions of the tourist ports

10/04/2014Yes of the mayors to the plan in more phases for the high railway speed Venice-Trieste
Serracchiani: the Region has joined to the proposal introduced from RFI in order to exceed the criticalities of the tracing of 2010

10/04/2014the percentage of the losses totals of ships on the total of the world-wide fleet is come down to an historical minim
the relationship of the IUMI evidences the increasing worries of the insurers for the impact on the branch cargo of the new mega portacontainer

10/04/2014prompt Federmar-Cisal the shipowners to increase the employment of the marine Italians
"the places of work are - denunciation the union - only that mostly they are occupied by marine non-EU citizens"

10/04/2014terminalista group ICTSI will manage the traffic of the container of the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr
the construction of new docks

10/04/2014the port of Venice will be equipped of an luminous path to led fed from fotovoltaici panels that will guide the ships cargo
Investment of beyond three million euro

10/04/2014the public EU commission a "school report" on the state of the system of the transports of the single nations EU
Holland and Germany record the better results

10/04/2014Nuovo Asia-Mediterranean service of the UASC
In Italy scale the ports of Genoa and La Spezia

10/04/2014is not previewed esuberi in Tirrenia CIN
the precise company that persists criticality with respect to the not uniform distribution of the staff

10/04/2014Also in the USA is discussed about amalgamation of ports
a proposal formulated from Los Angeles City badly is received by Long Beach

11/04/2014Lufthansa Cargo, the aerial market continuous cargo to show signs of a light resumption
In the first three months of this year the German company has recorded a next increase to 72% of the sold ability

11/04/2014Maritime and the Port Authority of Singapore and PSA extends the collaboration in the research & development of the technologies in harbour within
Co-financing of the activities for next the five years

11/04/2014Last year the traffic goods in the German ports is diminished of -0,4% to the 297,6 million one tons
In the second half of the year is recorded an increase of +1.8%

11/04/2014Agreement of cooperation between the Croatian ship yard Brodosplit and the Fincantieri Italian
In the Shovelled plant of will be realized four dissects of bow of the hull of a ship from cruise

11/04/2014the association "Cluster Transports Italy 2020"
the objective is the recovery of the competitiveness of "made in Italy" in the rows of mobility on rubber, track, water ways and of the "intelligent transports"

11/04/2014Four international terminalisti are ready to manage the new Israeli harbour areas of Hadarom and Hamifratz
Is the Dutch Terminal Investments Ltd., the Eurogate German, the Philippine ICTSI and the Bolloré French

11/04/2014the Harbour Committee of Genoa has approved of a Plan of the Iron
Merlon: the objective is to arrive to 40% of traffic container on railroad

11/04/2014the new Town development plan of the port of Livorno is to the examination of the Higher council of the Public works
Provincial Peaks and: the maximum technical organ of the State has substantially shared the general system

11/04/2014In the first trimester of the 2014 port of Trieste has enlivened 110,678 container (+2.5%)
the construction of a railway platform in order to transfer on track 100% of the coming heavy vehicles from Turkey

11/04/2014Agreement on the amendments to MLC 2006 in order to tackle to the abandonment of the marine ones and the indemnifications
First reunion of Special the Tripartite Committee to Geneva

14/04/2014Incontro to the port of Bari for the increment of the security and the protection of the legality
has participated the vice minister inside, Filippo Bubbico

14/04/2014Japanese NYK will rent eight new portacontainer from 14.000 teu
the ships know constructed from the Japan Marine United Corporation for a Panamanian shipowner

14/04/2014Satisfaction of the port of Naples for the ok of the Higher council of the Public works to the dredgings
Sul plan will have to express the ministry of the Atmosphere

14/04/2014harbour the economic community and of Salerno says not to the abolition of the local Harbour Authority
the hypothesis of the amalgamation of the agency to the authority of Naples

14/04/2014the International Transport Workers' Federation has undersigned an agreement with the All China Federation of Trade Unions
Individua various areas of possible cooperation and establishes semiannual reunions in order to verify the progresses

14/04/2014To March the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore has grown of +14.1%
In the first trimester of the 2014 increment has been of +11.8%

14/04/2014In biennium 2014-2015 is attended a moderated rise of the rate of growth of the world-wide commerce
This year is previewed a +4.7% and the next year a +5.3%

14/04/2014Also to Taranto and Messina is discussed about the amalgamation hypothesis of the Harbour Authorities
Count (To propel Club) is interrogated on the future of the apulian port. The representatives of the professionals, the enterprises and the unions of Messina want that the center of the Logistic District is placed in the city of the Strait

15/04/2014Kuehne + Nagel has archived item the first trimester with a profit of 150 million franchi clearly Swiss (+12%)
the gross volume of transactions has recorded a contraction of the -1%

15/04/2014ThyssenKrupp signs a memorandum of understanding with Saab in order to yield them the ship yards in Sweden
the negotiations - they have specified the two groups - are still in preliminary phase

15/04/2014VTP anticipates an investigation on the perception of the Venetian population regarding the topic of the great ships in San Marco Basin
the panel of answering - it has emphasized the company - thinks that the great ships are an opportunity for the economy and the job

15/04/2014Assoporti and unions ask clarity on the contract for the dependent for the Harbour Authorities
the uncertainty situation - they have emphasized - cannot drag on beyond

15/04/2014Livorno has signed a strategic agreement with the port of Santos
the understanding previews the exchange of know-how-how and economic information in order to strengthen the Italy-Brazil relationships and in order to stimulate the commercial exchange between the two ports of call

15/04/2014To March the port of Hong Kong has recorded an increase of +8.7% of the traffic of the container
In the first three months of this year the increment has been of +2.5%

15/04/2014the European Parliament has approved of the proposal of review of the directive on the weights and the dimensions of the trucks
Satisfaction of the ECGs and ANITA

15/04/2014Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is increased of +5.5%
In the first trimester of the 2014 is enlivened almost 10,6 million tons (+9.3%)

16/04/2014In the first trimester of the 2014 port of Long Beach has enlivened beyond 1,5 million container (- 2.0%)
To March the traffic is dropped of the -1,9%

16/04/2014a ferry with 477 people on board is sunk in Korea of the South
Two dead and beyond 290 dispersed

16/04/2014the community of Savona is lined up to defense of the autonomy of the city port
the economic Chamber of Commerce convenes the category. Giacobbe (PD): "this history of the amalgamation of the Harbour Authority of Savona to that of Genoa does not work". The town council approves of a contrary agenda to the unification

16/04/2014the presidency of turn of the North Adriatic Ports Association is passed to Koper
In the next few months the association will define a detailed outline of the priority plans to realize and on which to demand the compartecipazione to the European programs

16/04/2014Orsoni: we start with the procedure for the new town development plan of the port of Venice
the mayor invites to share the better solutions for a development in harmony with the choices of the city

16/04/2014(Cisl Salerno), the unification of the ports of Naples and Salerno can be useful if it increases the competitiveness of the two ports of call
the heart of the problem - it has found - is if the amalgamation represents an improvement of the economic conditions and operation of the ports

16/04/2014the Chamber of Commerce of Savona lists the "ten good reasons" in order to defend the autonomy of the port of the city
: "we must remain strong in Liguria in order to make to become all from Liguria system more hard"

17/04/2014Hapag-Lloyd and CSAV have signed the binding agreement for the fusion of the respective activities of containerized marine transport
the new company will have a fleet of approximately 200 portacontainer for an ability to a million teu

17/04/2014the Council of State definitively gives reason to the shipping agents and to the shippers
the memory proposed from the Antitrust, that it had comminato fines for beyond four million euro

17/04/2014the financial groups Intesa Sanpaolo and VEI Capital become associates of RINA Spa
In the possible medium term quotation in Stock exchange of the Italian group of classification and certification

17/04/2014Saipem obtains contracts for beyond four billions for two FPSO in Angola
the units Floating Production Storage and Offloading will be of property of Total

17/04/2014Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City has grown of +34.2%
In the first trimester of the 2014 port American has enlivened beyond 1,9 million teu (+7.5%)

17/04/2014Satisfaction of Assagenti and Spediporto for the sentence that reaffirmation legitimacy of the agreements on the fixed rights
Duci: amazing the decision of the Antitrust to hang in. Blow: the accusatory system was yields of a superficial preliminary investigation

17/04/2014Al Terminal Genoa Bulk is inaugurated a new system for the insaccaggio and the pallettizzazione of the pellet
Investment of approximately a million euro

17/04/2014the M5S anticipates a motion to the stiff Chamber to safeguard the Italian marine job
Gallo: "we want to bring back to too much overturns a neglected field from all the governments"

17/04/2014the traffic of the goods in the port of Rotterdam in the first trimester
In increase bulk conventional and rotabili sand banks, goods. Decrease of the liquid bulk. Light increase of containerized cargos

17/04/2014Not of the dependent of the Harbour Authority of Savona to the amalgamation to Genoa
Total dissent regarding expressed the positions favorable to the operation from the Filt Cgil

17/04/2014the Harbour Committee of Venice has approved of unanimously budget 2013 of the Harbour Authority
Carried out investments for 40 million euros

17/04/2014the European Parliament has approved of the directive proposal on the planning of the marine space
Stabilisce a series of requirement minimums for the elaboration of national plans of management of the marine space

17/04/2014the CLIA adopts the dispositions of the Harbour office of Venice on the restrictions to the transit of the great ships to San Marco
Roosters: "the "Concord" goes dismantled in Italy"

17/04/2014In the first trimester of this year the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is increased of +2.1%
the number of transits in the March month

18/04/2014In the first three months of this year the traffic of the container in the port of Tanger Med has grown of +30%
the Moroccan port of call has enlivened 735 thousand teu

18/04/2014the Harbour Authority of Civitavecchia has undersigned an agreement picture with the National Research Council
Collaboration in the fields of the search, technological transfer and innovation in the within of the environmental sustainability, the energetic efficiency and renewable energies

18/04/2014MSC will inaugurate a direct service of line Asia - West Africa
On the route will come employees 10 portacontainer from 4.000 teu

18/04/2014First Chinese naval store clerk for the Japanese group Tsuneishi
Is relative to the construction of four portacontainer for the Shanghai International Port (Group) Co…

22/04/2014Premuda has closed 2013 with a net loss consolidated pairs to -32,7 million euros
For this year is attended a sign result negative

22/04/2014Genco Shipping asks for being admitted the controlled administration
the procedure in order to approach Chapter 11 of the American bankrupt legislation

22/04/2014edition of the Faranda Prize instituted from the CoNISMa
Is destined to young investigators who operate in the field of sciences of the sea

22/04/2014navigation in the new fluvial channel that reaches I have Who Minh City
portacontainer "the Xutra Bhum" of the MSC is landed to the Saigon Prime Minister Container Terminal

22/04/2014the EU commission has adopted new guidelines on the marine cabotage
the new lines guide preview that the contracts of public service can have a duration until 12 years

22/04/2014Nuovo step ahead in the procedure of fusion of the services of line of CSAV and Hapag-Lloyd
the shareholders of the South American company have exercised the appraisal right only 2.7% of the capital stock

22/04/2014the new portacontainer from 13.386 teu COSCO Italy
will be introduced in the service North Europe Express 3

23/04/2014Federagenti, the industry of the shipping is pulling ahead for the EU and must be supported from adequate fiscal policies
Pappalardo: not to an indiscriminate rigor, species if place compared with the positive consequences of increase politics

23/04/2014Peel Ports orders 17 new harbour cranes to ZPMC for the Liverpool2 plan
the store clerk has a value of 100 million pounds

23/04/2014the Harbour Committee of Livorno has approved of consuntivo budget 2013 of the Harbour Authority
Provincial: the infrastructuring of the port is one of the priorities of the agency

23/04/2014In the first trimester of the 2014 port of Ravenna has enlivened 5,9 million tons of goods (+13.7%)
Di Marco: it is necessary to before start possible the intense activities of deepening of the backdrops in order not to lose traffic quotas and to endanger the activity of the port and of which they find occupation to you

23/04/2014UASC anticipates a new configuration of the services of line that connect Asia and to the Europe North
is constituted by five spins, of which three new

24/04/2014In the first Wärtsilä trimester has recorded an improvement of the economic results and a contraction of the orders
the new acquired orders from the division Ship Power are piled to 467 million euros (+5%)

24/04/2014Incontro of Propeller Club Port of Venice on the reconversion and the reclamations to Marghera Port
will hold 13 May to Mestre

24/04/2014Tirrenia Italian Company of Navigation announces new assumptions
In program also 83 promotions to advanced qualifications

24/04/2014SUCH International has closed the first trimester of 2014 with a profit clearly of 30,0 million dollars (- 20.0%)
the revenues have grown of +0.8% to 157,2 million dollars

24/04/2014the port of Antwerp has archived item the first trimester with an increase of the traffic of +2.5%
the volume of the goods containerized has been attested 26,0 million to tons (+2.1%)

24/04/2014In the first trimester of the 2014 result clearly of Royal Caribbean Cruises has recorded a bending of the -65,3%
the revenues are dropped of the -1,3%

24/04/2014Delivered to the Body Pilots of Genoa the new operating center
is situated in the former-Tirrenia building to Columbus Bridge

24/04/2014the Harbour Committee of Savona has approved of consuntivo budget 2013 of the Harbour Authority
the exercise has been archived item with a remainder of competence of 10,6 million euros

28/04/2014CoNaTeCo confirmation the confidence in the development of the port of Naples
Legora De Feo: it serves the dredging of the port for the income of the ships and the filling of the dock of East for the realization of the new terminal that my group attends from 10 years

28/04/2014In the first trimester of this year the OOCL fleet has transported 1,35 million container (+8.9%)
the medium revenue for teu is diminished of the -6,6%

28/04/2014In decrease the economic results of Chinese CIMC
In the first three months of the 2014 revenues generated from the sale is diminished of the -29,0%

28/04/2014In the first trimester of the 2014 terminal of DP World has enlivened 14,3 million container (+11.6%)
In the single United Arab Emirates the traffic has been pairs to 3,6 million teu (+17.5%)

28/04/2014the port of Marseilles closes first trimester 2014 with a bending of the -6% of the traffic goods
Fleeting in increase of +18% thanks to the cruises

28/04/2014In the first trimester of the 2014 harbour terminal of COSCO Pacific has enlivened beyond 15,4 million container (+9.2%)
the clearly quarterly profit of the Chinese company

28/04/2014Al Terminal Ravenna Container is inaugurated the commissioning of two new great cranes of dock
Can operate on ships of new generation of the ability until 8.000 teu

28/04/2014Brussels authorizes the acquisition of 50% of APM Terminals North America from Brookfield
the society manages the terminal for Elizabeth Container Terminal containers of the port of New York

28/04/2014In the port of Salerno is under elaboration innovations to the system of control of the harbour naval traffic
the Harbour Authority has introduced the first results of the plan Habitat

29/04/2014In the first three months of the 2014 economic result clearly of Seaspan has recorded a decrease of the -67,6%
in bending of the -2,5%

29/04/2014In the first trimester of this year VARD has acquired new orders for 665 million euros (+99%)
In the period the profit clearly has recorded a bending of the -53%

29/04/2014Panalpina records an increase of the operating activities and the economic results
the Helvetic logistic group clearly has archived item the first trimester with profit of 17,8 million franchi Swiss

29/04/2014In the first three months of the 2014 terminal of group HPH Trust has enlivened 5,4 million container (+2.8%)
the society has recorded a profit clearly of 761,4 million dollars of Hong Kong (+18.6%)

29/04/2014continuous Asia to being the locomotive of the increase of world-wide the commercial exchanges
the continuous question to being weak person in the developed economies

29/04/2014Livorno will celebrate the European Day of the Sea with a series of events in program from the 6 to 25 May
the initiative has the scope to bring to light the fundamental role of the seas and the ports in the total ecosystem

29/04/2014rise of the economic results of Norwegian Cruise Line
the company has closed the period with a profit clearly of 51,7 million dollars

29/04/2014the Harbour Committee of Trieste approves of budget 2013 of the harbour authority without the ballot of the local institutions
seriously insufficient Risultano - denunciation the regional city council member Mariagrazia Santoro - the information that the members of the Committee receive from the president of the Harbour Authority

29/04/2014Incontro to Propeller Club of Milan on topic P&I protection & ndemnity
Host Robert Dorey, offshore director of Charles Taylor & Co…

29/04/2014China Shipping Lines Container is returned to the profit
In the first trimester the 2014 profit attributable to the shareholders is piled to 87,4 million yuan

30/04/2014In the first three months of the 2014 fleet of Chinese COSCON has transported 2,08 million container (+7.2%)
the relative revenues have grown of +1.8%. COSCO lowers has reduced the liabilities clearly

30/04/2014the division Marine of Bureau Veritas has closed the first trimester with revenues for 72,4 million teu
the increment is pairs to +4.9% (organic increase +9.8%)

30/04/2014Rise of the financial results of the three shipowning societies Japanese NYK, MOL and "K" Linens
the improvement is determined mainly by the performances in the segment of the bulk transport

30/04/2014Convention "Trasport… are the resumption"
from Confcommercio, will hold 14 May to Rome

30/04/2014between the port of Rotterdam and TPK Logística in order to realize the new Brazilian port of Porto Central
the intense activities will be started in the second half of the year of this year

30/04/2014Propelling Club of Genoa will hold an encounter on the classification societies
Is in program for next tuesday

30/04/2014Prologis will realize a new center of distribution in the harbour area of London Gateway
Occuperà approximately 30 thousand square metres

30/04/2014In the first three months of the 2014 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Venice is diminished of the -14,1%
Collapse of the -96,6% of the crocieristica activity

30/04/2014Francesco Karrer is named commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Naples
has been Advanced Prime Minister of the Public works Pubblici

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