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17 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:29 GMT+2

02/05/2014Giovanni Grimaldi is named extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro
has been president of the agency for two consecutive mandates

02/05/2014In the first three months of the 2014 traffic of the goods in the port of Valencia is diminished of the -2,9%
the contraction is determined by the decrease of the -10,2% of containerized cargos

02/05/2014ICTSI makes its income in the Australian harbour market adjudicating the new container terminal of Melbourne
Diventerà to end 2016 and will be completed a year after. It will have an ability to traffic of 1,4 million teu

02/05/2014ArcelorMittal will sell 78% of harbour society and logistic ATIC Services to the HES Beheer
the Dutch company will become only owner of the ATIC

02/05/2014China Merchants Group and Hastings will manage the Australian carboniferous port of Newcastle
the concession contract has a duration 98-year-old

02/05/2014the Swiss railway industry approves of the strategy of the federal Council in order to promote the traffic goods on track
SBB CFF FFS Cargo, BLS Cargo, UTP and Hafenbahn Schweiz has introduced a strategic document with a series of demands

02/05/2014the EU for a long time until July to the Philippines in order to demonstrate that marine the national ones are formed the international standards second
To October the EMSA will carry out ulterior inspections in order to verify the performance of the adopted measures

05/05/2014In decrease the number of actions of marine piracy
In the first three months of the 2014 has been 49

05/05/2014Eleven marine dispersed because of a collision between two ships to Hong Kong
Collision between portacontainer "MOL Motivator" and the Chinese cargo vessel "Zhong Xing 2"

05/05/2014In the first three months the containerized trade in the Turkish ports has grown of 11%
two million teu are enlivened beyond

05/05/2014Workshop on the topic "an opportunity sea. From the transports to the occupation, the search to the technological innovation"
will hold 21 May to Rome

05/05/2014the contest for the construction of the new Peruvian port General Saint Martín de Pisco
is the consortium constituted from the Servinoga Spanish and the Brazilians Pattac, Tucumán and Fortesolo

05/05/2014Agreement between the portuguese government and PSA for the potenziamento of the container terminal of Sines
PSA Sines has ordered three cranes ship-to-Shore to Paceco España

05/05/2014Caldoro (Campania Region): "the topic is not the issolution of the Harbour Authorities, but to reason on a system of governance integrated"
Incontro with a delegation of the harbour community of Salerno

05/05/2014the assembly of the shareholders of Fincantieri gives the go-ahead free to the plan of quotation in Stock exchange
an increase of capital for a maximum of 600 million euros

06/05/2014dissent of Trapani Confindustria regarding any hypothesis of amalgamation of the port of the city to a new authority
Bongiorno: "the issue port cannot and it does not have to be circumscribed the single harbour operators, as this regards the entire territory and the community all"

06/05/2014Yards of Pisa, cancelled the purchase preliminary matter and reopened the procedures for the cession of the boat yard
the interested subjects will have time until 30 May for the presentation of the offers

06/05/2014Today the Harbour Authority of Manfredonia will introduce a development plan of the port
In the course of a public assembly will be illustrated the lines guides for the newsroom of the harbour town development plan

06/05/2014Improvement of the performances financial institutions of Finnlines
the first trimester has been archived item with a profit clearly of 328 thousand euros

06/05/2014PSA signs the contract of concession for the fourth container terminal of the port of Jawaharlal Nehru
Has a duration 30-year-old

06/05/2014In the port of Livorno is inaugurated the new customs passage Zara
Consentirà to decongest the carrier language traffic around the harbour area

06/05/2014In the first trimester of the 2014 traffic in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven has grown of +0.3%
the goods containerized is diminished of the -0,8%

06/05/2014the port of Taranto has closed the first trimester with an increase of +10.1% of the traffic goods
To March is recorded a bending of the -9,2%

06/05/2014In the first quadrimestre of this year the traffic goods in the port of Savona I go is increased of +1.4%
To April the increment has been of +6.7%

06/05/2014in increase of +23.4% for the American Textainer
In the first three months of the 2014 revenues of the charterings of container is increased of +7%

07/05/2014Agreement between five European ports for the employment of the GNL which fuel for the fluvial transport
is signed by the ports of call of Antwerp, Mannheim, Rotterdam, Strasbourg and of Switzerland

07/05/2014In the first three months of the 2014 traffic of the goods in the port of Palermo is increased of +5.7%
Fleeting in decrease of the -8,3%

07/05/2014Trasportounito has joined to the Confetra
Thought: the moment has reached to find dialogue tables common in order to face the difficulties of the road haulage goods in Italy

07/05/2014German BLG Logistics has closed 2013 with a bending of the economic results
the volume of transactions has grown of +3.1%

07/05/2014Saipem has adjudicated four new contracts for approximately four billions of dollars
Contracted onshore E&C in Saudi Arabia and an offshore contract E&C EPCI in Brazil

07/05/2014Boskalis under consideration has a new larger semisubmersible ship of the Dockwise Vanguard
Berdowski: we catch a glimpse interesting opportunities in markets FPSO and FLNG

07/05/2014the next month Nordana Line will start the program of renewal of the fleet
Verrà put in service the new constructed ship ro-ro multipurpose from the Visentini ship yard

07/05/2014the Council of State reopens the road to the prosecuzione of the intense activities of requalification of the Polisettoriale Pier of Taranto
the resource proposed from Stable Consortium Great Intense activities

07/05/2014Enterprises and unions of Venice criticizes indecision of the government on the access of the great ships to the Station of Marine
Rejected the hypotheses of the adaptation of the channel Vittorio Emanuele III or the transfer of the crocieristica to Marghera

07/05/2014To Genoa meets the directive council of OCEAN, the European association that represents the ship chandlers
Detail attention will be placed to the examination of the new communitarian customs text

08/05/2014Venetian AssoAgenti, not to the transit in the Vittorio Emanuele channel of the directed fleeting ships to the terminal of Marine
the association emphasizes possible the serious damages to the harbour economies commercial and tourist and the increase of the risks of safety of navigation

08/05/2014Herik Rail suspends the connection with railway shuttle between Amsterdam and Milan
Era inaugurated some weeks ago

08/05/2014d' Amico International Shipping has closed first trimester 2014 with a net loss of -6,8 million dollars
an improvement in the next few months

08/05/2014Cgil, Cisl, Uil of Savona, the proposal of reform of the ports is ill-timed and harmful for Savona
Privare the territory of the government of the processes legacies to the portualità - Veirana, Bosio and Giangrande have explained - us does not seem the just choice

08/05/2014the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT Latium establishes that GNV, Moby, Marinvest and SNAV have not agreed increases of rates
the Authority Antitrust had comminato fines for beyond eight million euro to the four societies

08/05/2014ministers UE have approved of unanimously the "Declaration of Athens" on the shipping
Stabilisce the political priorities for the European marine transport. Verhoeven (ECSA): he is positive and far-sighted

08/05/2014In course to Genoa the intense activities of maintenance of the ship from cruise Grand Celebration
the investment from Costa Crociere piles to 4,5 million euros

08/05/2014In the third Hapag-Lloyd trimester will inaugurate a new Mediterranean service - East Coast the USA
Rimpiazzerà lines MAS and ZCX. New configuration of the transpacifici services of the Zim

08/05/2014Last year Rail Traction Company has recorded an increase of +2.2% of the transported volumes
the increase of the turnover

08/05/2014DNV GL has bought Marine Cybernetics
the Norwegian company is specialized in the control of the computerized systems

09/05/2014Pietro Davide Margorani is the new general secretary of the Harbour Authority of Ravenna
Succeeds to Fabio Maletti, production manager engaged full-time in the planning and realization of the Progettone

09/05/2014the Finnish government chooses Meyer Werft which industrial partner for the negotiations of acquisition of the ship yard of Turku
negotiates with the South Korean property is still to the initial stage

09/05/2014To April the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung has grown of +4.8%
In the first four months of the 2014 increment has been of +4.3%

09/05/2014Is consisting the transfer of volumes of goods from the aerial transport to the marine transport
Tyler (IATA): the industry of the aerial transport must perfect own value proposition if it will want to attract increase when the markets will improve

09/05/2014the Saint George yard of the Port of Genoa has obtained the relative certification to the activities of demolition and recycling of a ship
is released by RINA Services

09/05/2014Nuovo service groupage from and for Libya of S.T.C Service Arranged Transports
the genoese company is present to Tripoli and in the main Libyan destinations

09/05/2014Disembarkation record of soybean to the Terminal Italy Bulk of Marghera
Movimentate 100 thousand tons of cargos

09/05/2014Costa Diadema, the new flagship of Costa Crociere, will be christened 7 November to Genoa
the ship is under construction in the Fincantieri plant of Marghera

09/05/2014Royal Caribbean has ordered to the construction a fourth ship of class "Oasis" to STX France
the unit will be taken in delivery in 2018

09/05/2014Liguria Region, no environmental impact with digestion of Costa Concordia to Genoa
draft - the city council member to the Atmosphere has confirmed, Renata Briano - of a great engagement that our city is able in a position to carrying out

09/05/2014Hyundai Glovis has ordered to four new car carrier
the investment piles to approximately 298 million dollars

12/05/2014Thursday to Savona will be celebrated the European day dedicated to the sea
Trips in boat and visits to the Fortress of the Priamar

12/05/2014In the 2013 result of exercise of Hupac is crescito of +49.5%
the volume of transactions is increased of +5.7%

12/05/2014Assologistica, an excess of controls to risk to make to turn out the Italian ports from the international traffics container
Mearelli: "in our Country the border between controls to support to the regular development of the business activities and controls that suffocate the initiatives is labile"

12/05/2014the genoese company Messina upgrades the service for the Europe North
Through the hub of Barcelona and Castellon directly comes place in logon with the other lines of the group

12/05/2014Nordana Line will realize a new service ro-ro in the Mediterranean
will be started on half june and will have a frequency of 30 days

12/05/2014the Carnival group will be the first international crocieristico operator to place four ships in China
In 2015 "Costa Serena" of Costa Crociere will place side by side to Shanghai the ships "Costa Victoria" and "Costa Atlantica" and "Sapphire Princess" of Princess Cruises

12/05/2014the Harbour Authority of Trieste adjudicates in definitive way the intense activities of the Logistic Platform
the work will be realized by the RTI between ICOP, Francesco Parisi, Interporto Bologna and Ambient Cosmo

13/05/2014Ok of the Harbour Authority of Antwerp to the transfer of the activities of shipowning group MSC in the Deurganck area Dock
To joint venture with PSA will be assigned also part of the currently managed spaces from the Antwerp Gateway di DP World

13/05/2014Worsening of the quarterly economic results of the Hapag-Lloyd German
the first three months of the 2014 have been archived item with a net loss of -119,1 million euros

13/05/2014This Snav summer will restore the marine connection between the port of Pescara and Croatia
the Neapolitan company has been the only one to introduce offered

13/05/2014From thursday to the end of July to Genoa will hold a series of events within Port Day 2014
the objective of the program is to open the port to the city

13/05/2014Confitarma institutes the new permanent commission "Education"
the objective is to improve the professional figures employees, on board and to earth, from the shipowning enterprises

13/05/2014and May to Bremen will be celebrated the European Day of sea 2014
Conference on the topic "the innovation like motor of the blue increase"

14/05/2014the The International Propeller Club Port of Trieste has organized an encounter on the topic of the road haulage
will hold 21 May in the giuliana city

14/05/2014In the first trimester of the 2014 Chinese marine ports has enlivened 41,2 million container (+6.6%)
To March the increase has been of +7.5%

14/05/2014the international transportation. Legal, straight institutes and obligation of the parts, you appear practical for the operators
Is the topic of an organized seminary from ASLA that monday will precede a conviviale encounter of Propeller of Milan

14/05/2014In the first trimester group NOL has recorded an improvement of the operating result
the revenues are diminished of 4% so like the costs

14/05/2014To Genoa will hold a seminary on the activity of the marine agencies in the branch tramp
Is organized from the Group Young of Assagenti

14/05/2014HHLA records a quarterly increase of +2.4% of the harbour traffic
the volumes enlivened for intermodal way are increased of +5.1%

14/05/2014the port of Venice to the Breakbulk Europe 2014
To Antwerp comes among other things introduced the publishing application "PortVenice Digital-Edition"

14/05/2014To April the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore is increased of +2.4%
the volume of containerized cargos has grown of +8.2%

14/05/2014ECASBA plaude to the Declaration of Athens formulated from the ministers of the Transports of the EU
Belmar from Coast: it constitutes a clear and unambiguous confirmation of the importance attributed to the development of European policies on the marine transport efficient and effective

14/05/2014Assembly of the categories and the unions of Venice in order to emphasize that the crocieristica industry cannot abandon the city
Incontro of Propeller Club on the reconversion and the reclamations to Marghera Port

14/05/2014Savona promotes its port to Antwerp
the Harbour Authority and the operators are anticipate to Breakbulk Europe 2014

15/05/2014Agreement Harbour Authority of Genoa - FS in order to facilitate the boarding of the container on the trains
the practical simplification and velocizzazione of the bureaucratic ones thanks to new technological systems

15/05/2014In the first three months of this year the terminals of group ICTSI have enlivened 1,76 million container (+17.4%)
Great part of the increase is produced by the start of new activities in Mexico (Manzanillo) and Honduras (Puerto Cortés)

15/05/2014Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is increased of +10.3%
In the first four months of the 2014 increase has been of +4.7%

15/05/2014In the first trimester of the 2014 fleet of Thai RCL has transported 472 thousand container (- 12.8%)
Reduction of the quarterly net loss

15/05/2014the port of Civitavecchia closes the first trimester with a decrease of the -9,8% of the traffic of the goods
Fleeting of the ferries and crocieristi in decrease respective of -14,5% and -13,4%

15/05/2014In the first trimester of the 2014 result of exercise of Fincantieri has recorded a decrease of the -58%
the revenues are piled to 923 million euros (+5%)

15/05/2014Evergreen and archiviano Yang Ming the first trimester in loss
the liabilities clearly has been pairs respective to approximately -64 million and USA -51 million dollars

15/05/2014Last March the traffic goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of the -5,4%
the total volume in the first trimester of 2014

15/05/2014Gallanti: the European ports are not ready to the arrival of the large ones portacontainer of the new shipowning alliances
"If we continue to ignore the problem - it has emphasized - the phenomenon of naval gigantism delivers to the history not winners and losers but died and survivors

15/05/2014Al Trieste Marine Terminal is riposizionata also the second crane of dock
the means of raising is veteran from a suit refitting

16/05/2014In the first trimester 2014 Premuda has reduced the net loss to -3,3 million euros
increase of the revenues Time base charter

16/05/2014increment of the traffic of the container in the ports of Los Angeles City and Long Beach to April
Enlivened respective 706 thousand teu (+10.3%) and 570 thousand teu (+9.7%)

16/05/2014In the first trimester of the 2014 has emphasized the recorded net loss from Hanjin Shipping
the fleet of portacontainer of the South Korean group has transported beyond 1,1 million container (+0.7%)

16/05/2014In the first three months of this year the Spanish ports have enlivened 112,8 million tons (+4.3%)
Record of the crocieristi with a total of 1,3 million passengers (+30%)

16/05/2014Forcieri (AP La Spezia) has met a representation of shippers and Helvetic operators of the logistics
To the organized encounter from Propeller Club Port of Basel has participated also some managers of Contship Italy

16/05/2014ESPO anticipates a memorandum for the next European elections
the document evidences the importance of the field of the transports and the ports for the economic increase and the industrial development

19/05/2014Massimo Perotti is new president of UCINA Nautical Confindustria
First signs of resumption of shipbuilding the nautical Italian after five years of ongoing decrease

19/05/2014Incontro of Propeller Club of Genoa on Tunisia and the Italian enterprises
Is in program next Wednesday

19/05/2014Israel Corporation reaches an agreement with the creditors of the Zim that involves the loss of the control of the company
Understanding also with the Defense Ministry for the review of the terms of golden the share. The capital of the Zim new will have a value of 600-800 million dollars. The quota IC will come down to 32%

19/05/2014the naval emissions, their impact on the quality of the air and the strategies for a sustainable development in the harbour cities
Is the topic of a round table in program Wednesday to Genoa

19/05/2014Begun to Palermo the restructure of the four ships of "Lyric" class of MSC Cruises
the total investment piles almost 200 million euros

19/05/2014To April the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +9.4%
the increment is determined by the increase of the liquid bulk. Goods several +1.7%

19/05/2014the European associations of the transport once ask that the aids of Been about to the plans TRY, authorized persons, are not questioned
sent combined Document to the EU commission from ASECAP, IRU, ESPO, EFIP, CER and EIM

19/05/2014the Board of Directors of Tirrenia CIN has approved of unanimously new the slowly industrial one
temporary reduction in the winter months of some race that have had an inferior medium occupation to 5%. Morace: "lively regret for the dialectic one between the associates"

19/05/2014In the first trimester the traffic in the port of Amburgo has recorded an sensitive increment of +8.6%
the German port of call has enlivened 35,6 million tons of goods

19/05/2014Nencini: the reduction of the Harbour Authorities alone not enough
has emphasized It the vice minister to Infrastructures in the course of an encounter with the president of the Harbour Authority of Livorno

20/05/2014the Carnival group will consolidate own leadership in the Australian crocieristico market
In November 2015 two ships of the Holland America Line brand will be transferred to the P&O Cruises (Australia)

20/05/2014Adani Ports buys the new Indian port of Dhamra
Acquisirà 100% of the Dhamra Port Company for approximately 941 million dollars

20/05/2014Convention on the topic "La Spezia: gateway-port for the Italy North"
will hold 28 May to Milan near the center of Assolombarda

20/05/2014Agreement of fusion between shipbroker British the Braemar and ACM
the two companies gives job respective to 886 and 140 people

20/05/2014Within fine summer the ban for the cession of the quotas the Port of Livorno 2000
Gallanti: "once published the ban will pass at least eight months before the effective cession"

20/05/2014To April the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is increased of +1.8%
the journeyed ships transported 66,8 million tons of goods (+8.7% altogether)

20/05/2014Assoferr wishes that the bill in parliament on the development of the transport goods for railroad becomes truth
Marcucci (Confetra): the situation in which it pours the railway cargo is most serious for national the logistic system

20/05/2014Livorno enters to take part of the international net of the Port Center
the Harbour Authority has undersigned the paper with the association Villes ET Ports

21/05/2014rise of the economic performances of shipowning group Danish A.P. Møller-Maersk
the improvement of the results of Maersk Line and APM Terminals

21/05/2014Norwegian Cruise ulterior Line program participations of restyling of the ships of the fleet
a plan of investments of the value of beyond 250 million dollars

21/05/2014Tomorrow will conclude plan COSMEMOS on the meteorological innovation applied to marine navigation
a demonstration articulated on three days will finish with technical workshop to the Island of Elba

21/05/2014the plan of the offshore terminal of Venice in the shortlist of the prize to the innovation of the ITF
- the motivation recites - that has the possibility to be replied in other ports with insufficient draught

21/05/2014the management of the dredging mud. Strategic element for the development of the national portualità
Is the topic of a workshop that will hold this afternoon to Ravenna

21/05/2014Sent back to the autumn the operating start of the shipowning alliance P3 Network
the partnership of Maersk Line, MSC and CMA CGM is still under examination from the European and Asian authorities

21/05/2014In the first quadrimestre of the 2014 port of Ravenna has enlivened almost eight million tons of goods (+11%)
To April the increase has been of +2.7%

21/05/2014the committee of the Sardinia Region has riapprovato the Portuale Town development plan of Cagliari
the acceptation of a resource to the president of the Republic had invalidated the precedence approval of the 15 september 2010

21/05/2014Tomorrow will be introduced the first store clerk for new constructions entrusted from MSC Cruises to Fincantieri
the ships that currently take part of the fleet of the company have been all constructed by STX France

22/05/2014the president of Confindustra Ravenna rejects the adopted strategies in order to safeguard the competitiveness of the city port
Ottolenghi, has been a waste of economic and organizational resources

22/05/2014CLIA Europe and Helcom start an investigation on the drainage of the sewage of the ships from cruise in the ports of the Baltic Sea
Initiative in sight of the effectiveness in January 2016 of the norms on the "special area"

22/05/2014the MSC order Cruises to Fincantieri is for two new ships of 154.000 tsl more units in option
the new prototype "Seaside" will be the greatest ship from cruise never constructed from the Italian shipbuilding company

22/05/2014Fusion of the American ship yards Oregon Iron Works and Vigor Industrial
Has offices and yards in Oregon, Alaska and Washington

22/05/2014the minister of the Atmosphere has signed decrees that riperimetra the Site of National Interest of Livorno
Cosimi: he will be simpler to proceed with the indispensable dredgings in order to give back the maximum functionality to the port

22/05/2014Renewed the summits of Federtrasporti
President Claudio Villa; vices president Roberto Grechi and Paolo Morea

22/05/2014the enterprises of the road haulage of the Friuli Venice Julia depend on a resumption hauled from the port of Trieste
Meeting of Propeller Club of the giuliana city

23/05/2014In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the container in the port of Naples is diminished of the -10,5%
the containers in import are dropped of -12,4%) and the bending of those in export has been of the -8,4%

23/05/2014d' Amico International Shipping announces the launch of two new tankers ECHO
is constructed by the Vietnamese Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard Co…

23/05/2014BW Group buys ships and constitutes joint venture
the group of Singapore has constituted new companies with the compatriots Pavillon Energy and P

23/05/2014Nine commissariate Harbour Authorities on 24: complexity of the procedures or complex politics
Is the topic of an organized round table from Propeller Club of Naples that will hold monday

23/05/2014Convention on the trades of the sea and the challenge of the innovation
from the Foundation Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile, will hold 29 May to Rome

23/05/2014Pappalardo (Federagenti): slogan convenient besides, for politics the ports and the shipping count or nothing little
Is as if Italy - denunciation - were a Country without coasts, ports, sea

23/05/2014the port of Livorno rinsalda the ties with Mediterraneanean Shipping Company
the company has been engaged to increase at least to 40% own volume of traffic in the port of call and the Harbour Authority will carry out intense activities in order almost 18 million euros

23/05/2014Sunday will land to larger the largest Trieste portacontainer that has never gone back the Adriatic
"CMA CGM Cendrillon" has a nominal load ability of approximately 8.500 teu

26/05/2014increase of the traffic in the port of Koper in the first trimester
Movimentate 4,9 million tons of goods (+8.9%)

26/05/2014Stable the economic results of shipowning group Danish DFDS
In the first trimester of this year the revenues have grown of +5.0% thanks to the performances of the logistic division

26/05/2014Renewed the summits of the ANPAN
Angelo Novelli is elected president for biennium 2014-2016

26/05/2014UASC obtains a financing for two new portacontainer from 14.000 teu
Credit line of 190 million dollars granted from Burgan Bank

26/05/2014To April the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of the -4,5%
In the first four months of the 2014 bending has been of the -1,3%

26/05/2014For the first time Venice has accommodated the assembly of the International Seafarers Welfare and Assistance Network
Incontro between all the world-wide delegates of approximately 30 associations

26/05/2014Med Cross Lines has introduced a third ship in own intra-Mediterranean services
ro-ro "the Pelican" is inserted in the line East-West Med

26/05/2014CMA CGM clearly closes the first trimester with an increment of +1.2% of the economic result
the operating profit is diminished of -7,4%. Revenues in increase of +2.7%

27/05/2014Agreement of fusion between the Japanese shipbuilding societies Namura Shipbuilding and Sasebo Heavy Industries Ltd
the operation will be realized the next October

27/05/2014Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of the -12,3%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2014 bending has been of the -13,6%

27/05/2014Incontro of Propeller Club of Genoa on the new rules on the marine transport of people and the insurance covers
will hold this evening

27/05/2014Sogester (APM Terminals - Gestao de Fundos) will manage the port angle of Namibe
Undersigned a contract of concession of the duration 20-year-old

27/05/2014Privatization of some tourist ports to Majorca
draft of the landings place of Colònia de Saint Jordi, Bona Cove, Christ Port, Fornells, Sant Antoni de Portmany and Andratx

27/05/2014the Attica Greek has closed the first quarterly one with a net loss of -16,6 million euros
the group is in looks for of partner strategic

27/05/2014Royal Caribbean Cruises will upgrade the Chief Liberty Cruise Port di Bayonne (New Jersey)
Verrà a new terminal with an investment of 55 million dollars

28/05/2014Verrà the height of three cranes of dock of the Terminal de Contenitors de Barcelona
the intense activities will be carried out by the Kalmar

28/05/2014ship yard P+S Werften is bought by the Nordic Yards of the Russian entrepreneur Yusufov
Within the next year the German plant will appoint to a job 500 people

28/05/2014Hupac previews an improvement of the results of the intermodal transport on the transalpine axis north-south
In the 2013 intermodal terminal of Arsizio-Gallarate Bust has recorded an increase of +2% of the which reshipped volumes

28/05/2014Second the ECGs the automotive future of the logistics is rose-colored
Baldissara: they are necessary investments in ability to the aim to satisfy the next increase of the question

28/05/2014Ignazio Messina & C. reorganize and improve the frequency of the service ro-ro for the West Africa
Agreement of Vessel Sharing Agreement with the Marguisa Spanish

28/05/2014In the first trimester the Zim Israeli almost has halved the net loss
the volumes transported from the fleet of portacontainer have grown of +2%

28/05/2014Study of the factors to the base of the success of the port of
Realized from the Research center on the Logistics of the Carlo Cattaneo University, is introduced today to Milan

29/05/2014the management of the Ichnusa Pier of the port of Cagliari for the mooring of great yachts
the contest is won by the Ichnusa Marinas Srl

29/05/2014Switzerland will not separate the management of the railway infrastructure from the exercise of the railway services
However will be constituted an independent institute for the allocation of the traces

29/05/2014Mounts (Assoporti): it is urgent that the government who acts on the sensitive ganglia of the competitiveness of the harbour system
must be resumed immediately in hand - it has clarified - a provision that organic sees engaged government, parliament and Assoporti in the newsroom of the final text

29/05/2014In first trimester CSAV has reduced the net loss of a third party
Revenues and costs in decrease respective of the -15,0% and the -13,3%

29/05/2014public Fonasba on-line a database of the course and programs of formation for the shipping agents
Is consultabile through searches for argument, language and didactic method

29/05/2014Saturday to Venice will become operating the new terminal of the Freeways of the Sea of Fusina (Marghera)
is equipped of four able docks to accommodate four ships at the same time

29/05/2014the Harbour Committee of Savona has approved of investments for approximately ten million euro
is proposed by operators of from Liguria harbour port of call

30/05/2014Italian Michele Mario Elia is the new managing director of FS
Marcello Messori is named president of the railway group

30/05/2014Convention to Lerici (Spezia) on the priorities and the emergencies of the Italian ports
from the Harbour Authority of, will hold the 9 june

30/05/2014the genoese group banchero coast has acquired the branch of Dry company Chartering Cargo di Genoa Sea Brokers
"Is - it has emphasized Lorenzo Banchero - as if it were be a matter of a return to house"

30/05/2014the ACP will rent a ship post-Panamax in sight of the widening of the channel of Panama hat
will be employed in order to form the staff to the transit of unit of greater dimension

30/05/2014the property left at death one of the ship from Costa Concordia cruise will be dismantled in the port of Genoa
Enrico Rossi (Tuscany Region): "Piombino remains the more rational and reasonable hypothesis". "Attention to carry in turn for four or five days this ship"

30/05/2014Gian Enzo Duci is reconfirmed president of Assagenti Genoa
will place side by side vice-president to It Alberto Banchero, Gianfranco Gazzolo and Paolo Scerni

30/05/2014the 3 june to Trieste will hold a convention on the search and the innovation in the naval field
Verranno introduced the research projects industrial OpenSHIP and Innovative Porte Firebreak

30/05/2014ANITA denunciation the excessive attended time of for the haulers in the port of
the concrete risk - it has emphasized the association - is that the enterprises decide to move the traffics towards bordering ports of call

30/05/2014Today in the port of the first four Genoa container is journeyed addressed to Expo 2015
the operation of clearance, arrival, disembarkation and I forward of the goods

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