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26 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:02 GMT+2

03/06/2014Letter of Vard attempts (group Fincantieri) - Nordic Offshore American for the construction of two PSV
Option for a third ship

03/06/2014Rossi: for Costa Concordia "or it is taken in consideration also Piombino or all the Tuscany will be put sideways"
the last word on the destination of the property left at death one - it has emphasized from Tuscany governor - is up to the Observatory presided from the Tuscany Region

03/06/2014To April the traffic of the container in the Chinese marine ports has grown of +7.2%
is enlivened 15,1 million teu

03/06/2014Marcucci (Confetra): perhaps in simplification topic it is possible to return to hope
If of the logistics and the transport - it explains - many corrective ones to the bureaucratic hypertrophy are already patrimony of Europe and the common sense

03/06/2014ESPO is realizing a code of good practical for the ports in which they land ships from cruise and ferries
Verranno proposed councils on the acceptance of the fleeting ships in matter of applied policies and services available

03/06/2014a delegation of Turkish investor has visited the port of Trieste
Era composed from the U.N summits. RO-RO, Esas and Actera

03/06/2014Protest for excessive workloads to which the staff of the services of the port of Palermo is subordinate
Naples (Fit Cisl Sicily): "today on the attache's hung the triple one of cargos regarding the other Italian ports"

04/06/2014the EU commission authorizes Maersk Line, MSC and CMA CGM to start the operating activity of the P3 Network
Green light also to the G6 Alliance of companies APL, Hapag-Lloyd, HMM, MOL, NYK and OOCL

04/06/2014Confetra is worried that the attempt of reform of the norm on the ports is translate in a flop
Marcucci: "the logistic development of the Country would demand vice versa that the reformist will prevailed presents in the government and the parliament"

04/06/2014Ancanap finds new attempts of the Spanish ship yards to introduce mechanisms distorted you of the competition
the association remembers that last year Brussels has decreed to the bastardy of the Tax Scheme Leasing put into effect from Spain

04/06/2014In the first trimester of the 2014 the goods transported on track in Germany is increased of +4.4%
the traffics of export and import have grown respective of +8.7% and +8.3%

04/06/2014the ECSA has institute a specific group of contact for the naval fleet to service of the offshore industry
the quota EU of world-wide the offshore fleet is increased by 28% in 2005 to 37% in 2014

04/06/2014the Yildirim Turk intends to yield the 20-30% of the terminalista society Yilport
the company manages terminal in Turkey, Malta and Sweden

04/06/2014ESPO, the weighing of the container do not have to constitute an obstacle to cargo handling in the ports
Second the association of the European ports, the weight would have to be verified rather in the place of origin of the shipment

05/06/2014A.P. Møller-Mærsk obtains a loan union of the value of 5,1 billion dollars
Rappresenta the refinancing of a credit line of 6,75 billion dollars with maturation in 2015

05/06/2014immediate Boarding for the 20 awardn a diploma of the technical institute nautical G.I coast of Gaeta
Lavoreranno on the ships of the Group of Friendly Society of Navigation, of the Carboflotta Group and the Brothers of Friend

05/06/2014the LYG-PSA Container Terminal of the Chinese port of Lianyungang
is managed by joint venture formed from PSA International and Lianyungang Port Group

05/06/2014In the first trimester the index of turnover of the services of transport and storage has grown of +2.2%
aerial Transport (+1.2%); marine transport (- 1.8%)

05/06/2014the Harbour Authority of Livorno anticipates the Fire-Lift attendant plan for the development of technologies applied to portualità and transports
Initiative which candidated to an European million financing four euro

05/06/2014Part in Liguria the plan Régional Project for European Port Community
is realized by AS.FO.R, CFP, Foundation Italian Academy Marina Mercantile, SNTL and Spediporto and previews the four development of formation course

05/06/2014Venetian AssoAgenti and Federagenti wish that the protest against the ships from cruise to Venice does not lead in violence
the ships that journey in lagoon - emphasize - the enforced norms respect all

05/06/2014Green light to plans for 105 million euros for the ports of Palermo and Termini Imerese
Cannatella: "the job proceeds in order to assure, with new investments, fundamental participations for the development of the shipbuilding one in the port of Palermo"

06/06/2014Agreement for the institution of an open bonded area inside of the port of Civitavecchia
is signed by the president of Unindustria, Maurizio Stirpe, and from the president of the Harbour Authority of Civitavecchia, Pasqualino Monti

06/06/2014the 20 june to Trieste will hold the assembly anniversary of Federagenti
Verrà introduced a study on the real perspectives of the Italian portualità

06/06/2014the ports must make system, it is supported to Savona and in Friuli Venice Julia
the savonese harbour community has restated just not to the amalgamation to Genoa. Santoro: "entire the Friuli Venice Julia goes considered like an only logistic platform"

06/06/2014Helvetian AAE Cargo will have the control of the Slovakian Wagon Cargo
the transaction includes the purchase of 12.450 railway wagons goods

06/06/2014In the first quadrimestre of the 2014 traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports has grown of +5.1%
Crocieristi in increase of +15.4%

06/06/2014ulteriorly aggravates the fight between the associates of Tirrenia Italian Company of Navigation
the board of directors has deliberated to confer sent to own lawyers of protecting its interests

06/06/2014Under way the intense activities for the widening of the Barcelona Europe South Terminal
the traffic ability will be raised to 2,65 million container teu per year

09/06/2014CIMC will construct one factory for the intermodal construction of container to Ningbo
the total investment will pile to approximately 487 million dollars

09/06/2014Philippi (PD) explains to that point is the intense activities parliamentarians on the reform of the ports and which is the position of own political part
"a reform of the portualità - it emphasizes - does not certainly make if not with possible the wider consent of the interlocutors and not with the contrarietà of the government"

09/06/2014Forcieri (AP Spezia): an participation of efficientamento of the logistics can be translate in times breviums in the recovery of a point of GDP
Mounts (Assoporti): it is necessary to give again to the State the full competence on ports and logistics

09/06/2014In the 2013 revenues and Ebitda of the Rina group has recorded increments of +4% and +6%
Ugo Salerno reconfirmed to the presidency

09/06/2014Pappalardo (Federagenti): "constantly we are worried when politics put the hands on the management of our ports"
Peleggi (Customs) has proposed the creation of an only administrative door for the enterprises

09/06/2014To April the traffic in the port of Taranto is increased of +16.8%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2014 increase has been of +11.7%

09/06/2014the two harbour terminalisti spezzini La Spezia Container Terminal and Speter have announced a fusion plan
Speter, of which the Contship group it stops 45% of the capital, will be absorbed by LSCT

09/06/2014Sled of ten days the decision on the final destination of the property left at death one of Costa Concordia
the administrations taken part to the Conference of the Services have found the necessity to arrange more time in order to analyze in the detail the plan proposed from Coast

09/06/2014Friday to Naples will be introduced the first annual report "Italian Maritime Economy. New broken for the increase" of SRM
Wants to represent a contribution to the understanding of the world of the economy of the marine transports and the logistics

09/06/2014UCINA - Nautical Confindustria, does not exist inside dissident of the directive council
Disavowed - the association emphasizes - the hypotheses wanted some of the ready associates to leave with the attempt to operate a division

10/06/2014Rossi (Tuscany Region): the plan for the transport of the property left at death one of the Concord to Genoa goes resent to the sender
"Means - it explains - to risk five times more than to carry it to Piombino"

10/06/2014In the first trimester of the 2014 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Hong Kong has grown of +10%
the sun goods of origin and marine destination is piled to 48,1 million tons (+13%)

10/06/2014VARD confirmation the order more consisting of its history
Costruirà an Offshore Subsea Construction Vessel for Offshore the Solstad Norwegian

10/06/2014Finland anticipates demanded to approach deep the European FEG for the workers of the ship yard of Rauma
the previewed total economic engagement is of 2,4 million euros

11/06/2014No offer for the quotas Interporto Bologna stopped from Municipality, Province and Chamber of Commerce of Bologna
the public auction has gone desert

11/06/2014Obama has signed the law that gives the go-ahead free to investments for beyond 12 billion dollars for the ports and the ways of USA water
the legislative provision gives sent to US Army Corps of Engineers to put into effect 34 plans

11/06/2014Confetra supports the proposal to institute an only administrative door for the enterprises
Marcucci: sure we have allied in order to realize all the reforms that have replaced controls physicists with an intelligence job

11/06/2014Abdul Hameed Hajah (Singapore) will be the new president of the International Shipsuppliers & Services Association
1° January 2015 will upon maturity succeed to Jens Olsen, whom reached of its sent second

11/06/2014the American ports are vulnerable to attack computer science
evidences It a relationship from the LAST Government Accountability Office that exhorts the department for national Safety to place remedy

11/06/2014Agreement in order to accelerate practical of withdrawal and the delivery of the goods in the port of Venice
the system of port community LogIS will be returned interoperabile with the new technological platform of Assosped

11/06/2014the Germans Briese Schiffharts and Harren & Partner constitute a pool with a fleet of 15 ships heavy lift attendant
the management is entrusted to the BBC Cartering and the Combos Lift attendant

12/06/2014the ship ro-pax Finneagle has stranded in the Swedish port of Kapellskär
No wounded between the 168 passengers and 30 members of the crew

12/06/2014the phase of public consultation of the new Town development plan of the ports of Olbia and Golfo Aranci
With the warehouse of the document to RAS, is begun the iter conclusive of Strategic the Environmental Appraisal

12/06/2014Wärtsilä signs a technical assistance and maintenance contract with Royal Caribbean Cruises
Agreement of I subcontract with ABB Turbocharging

12/06/2014In the first five months of the 2014 traffic goods in the port of Venice is diminished of the -11,3%
the bending is effect of the passage from the traditional refining to the green refining to Marghera Port that has determined a decrease of the -46,7% of the oil traffic

12/06/2014From the 26 to the 28 june to Genoa will hold the convention "Harbour Cities - To organize itself in order to create job"
Is organized from the AIVP with Istituto Internazionale of the Communications

12/06/2014Rejected from the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT the resources against advance the Harbour Authority of from concessionaires of navy of Narrow channel
Forcieri: "we confide that the recurrent ones do not want to continue on the road of the opposition of no use"

12/06/2014Ok of Borsa Italiana to the admission of Fincantieri at the market MTA
Soon will be communicated the date of beginning of the negotiations

13/06/2014Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 643,9 million tons of goods (+3.5%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 15,1 million teu (+4.9%)

13/06/2014To May the traffic in the port of Singapore is diminished of the -1,0%
Loaded containerized in increase with +3.5%. Decrease in the other fields merceologi

13/06/2014the German Greens want that the port of Amburgo is holder of world-wide an environmental leadership
the port of call would have to be founder of the "ecological modernization"

13/06/2014the crisis of the Italian economy cure with the export and growing the competitiveness of the marine-harbour field
To Maritime Naples is introduced Primo Rapporto Annuale "Italian Economy. New broken for the increase" of SRM

13/06/2014Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is increased of +3.2%
In the first five months of the 2014 increment has been of +7.9%

13/06/2014NYK has acquired 30% of the share capital of the mexican group CSI
is specialized in the supply of logistic services to the automotive industry

16/06/2014Thursday and friday to Genoa will hold a national convention on the topic of the "Naval and Marine Culture"
Is organized from the University of Genoa and ATHENA

16/06/2014the Cypriot group Louis has closed first trimester 2014 with a net loss of -22,0 million euros
Stable the revenues

16/06/2014the new norms for the shipping - the ICS emphasizes - will have to take into consideration the atmosphere, but also of the sustainability of the marine transport
the Japanese Masamichi Morooka is confirmed president of the shipowning association for according to mandate

16/06/2014Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is increased of +4.5%
In the first five months of the 2014 increment has been of +3.5%

16/06/2014In the 2013 contribution of the crocieristico tourism to the European economy has reached the quota record of 39,4 billion euros
Last year the crocieristica industry has created in Europe beyond 12 thousand new places of work

16/06/2014To May the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is increased of +8.2%
the increment in the first five months of 2014

17/06/2014Fusion of the companies Star Bulk and Oceanbulk
Metteranno in field a fleet of 69 ships portarinfuse for a total ability to 8,7 million gross capacities in tons

17/06/2014To May the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is increased of +2.7%
In the first five months of the 2014 increment has been of +1.3%

17/06/2014Al Medcenter Container Terminal of Gioia Tauro is carried out with success the update of the operating system
Thursday is realized the migration to new version NAVIS N4

17/06/2014Beijing rejects the P3 Network. Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM decide to renounce to the operating alliance
the measures proposed from the three partner in order to answer to the worries manifested from the difettano Chinese authorities - according to the ministry of the Commerce - of adapted legal bases and tests of the their effective effectiveness

17/06/2014the next week will hold the first edition of the Naples Shipping Week
In of the Campania chief town is in program cultural initiatives, conferences and meets dedicated to the marine field

17/06/2014Grimaldi (Confitarma): in spite of the crisis the Italian armament has maintained its position on the scene of world-wide the marine transport
15 October to Rome will hold the public session of the assembly of the shipowning confederation

17/06/2014This year will record a contraction of the Italian crocieristico market
In 2014 Italy will confirm however like the more important European destination in the field of the cruises

17/06/2014the new section of the site of the MIT for the administrative regime of the ships
To Rome the Shipping Young assembly of the Group of Confitarma

18/06/2014Completate the procedures of two diligence for the fusion of the Saudi shipowning societies Bahri and Vela
Saudi Aramco will stop 20% of the capital stock of Bahri

18/06/2014RINA Services assigns to MSC Cruises the Best certification Scheme Management
Premia the efficient management of the fleet

18/06/2014To May the marine traffic in the Suez Canal has recorded a bending of the -0,3%
the transported volumes of goods from the ships in transit are increased of +6.4%

18/06/2014Mounts (Assoporti): if a provision of urgency for the ports is not possible, then an agreement for the bill with preferred lane is found
For the president of the association, is indispensable urgent and that "government and Parliament adopt shared measures and immediate"

18/06/2014the port of Livorno participates to the sixth edition of the Transport Logistic China
acquisition of a traffic of cars from digging and tractors directed in New Caledonia

18/06/2014Under way the procedures for the newsroom of the preliminary plan for the completion of the Idrovia Padua-Venice
Can be used is like navigable way for the goods is like scolmatore channel

18/06/2014In implementing the directive on the sulfur tenor - the ECSA emphasizes - the Commission and the States EU must be severe, but also realistic
the association of the European shipowners has evidenced that the field of the marine transport must tackle to a series of legal and technical uncertainties

18/06/2014the Harbour Authority of Savona visits the container terminal of APM Terminals to Shanghai
from Liguria agency participates to the fair Transport Logistic China

19/06/2014Maersk Line and CMA CGM will apply a General Rate Increase to shipments from Far East to the North Europe/Med
the tariff increase will take effect 1° the July

19/06/2014the Federal Maritime critical Commission the decision of Beijing to prohibit the extension of the P3 at the market Chinese Network
the FMC has specified that own green light to the shipowning agreement remains in vigor in absence of a revocation from Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM

19/06/2014the crocieristico group American Royal Caribbean Cruises will realize a new terminal cruises to Taiwan
Within year-end will be constituted joint venture with the harbour group public Taiwan International Ports Corporation

19/06/2014the Harbour Authority of Livorno will manage the Old Fortress until end 2015
I renew of the concession action

19/06/2014Thomas Baumgartner is the new president of ANITA
the objective of its mandate is "to put the field of the transport goods and the logistics to the center of the choices of economic politics, in Italy and Europe"

19/06/201425 October Naples will accommodate the career day dedicated world of the crocieristica
Will be the 100 places available in order to participate to CARRIERE@ICD in program within Italian Cruise Day 2014

19/06/2014Rossi (Tuscany Region) writes to Renzi in order to recommend the transport of the property left at death one of Costa Concordia to Piombino
According to the governor, is not completed an adapted preliminary investigation on the feasibility and convenience of I use it of from Tuscany port

19/06/2014Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Valencia is increased of +3.5%
Goods containerized in decrease of the -4,9%

20/06/2014Bureau Veritas anticipates a series of lines guides for the planning, construction and management of tugs
is developed in collaboration with a series of companies of the field

20/06/2014the directive council of the Association Shipping agents of the Sardinia
Michele Pons is elected president for biennium 2014-2016

20/06/2014Confetra asks the government who the costs for the operation of the independent Authorities fall back on the budget of the State
In all the other European Countries - the Confederation emphasizes - the cost of the Antitrust is at the expense of the general fiscality

20/06/2014Approved of in France the law that on board allows the boarding of private armed teams of the ships
Armateurs de France, the provision "an action hard for the competitiveness of the French flag"

20/06/2014Pappalardo (Federagenti): continuous politics to condemn the Italian marine industry in a kind of limbo without time
Serracchiani: it must recognize like strategic 14 ports in Italy. Bologna: the harbour canons are four inferior times to those of a interporto

20/06/2014Mearelli (Assologistica): strong worries on the management of the controls of the Agency of Customs on the goods
Velvet (TCT): to only discredit the logistics of transhipment with invasive and unwarrantable controls us door to the abandonment of the terminal of Taranto from the navigation companies

20/06/2014Confetra, minister Lupi guarantees the gratuity of UIRNet
will not involve burdens at the expense of the companies

20/06/2014Last stoccate between Genoa and Piombino before the final choice on the destination of the property left at death one of the Concord
Ok of the council of from Liguria chief town to the plan of transfer and digestion. The mayor of the Tuscany city will embark himself on tug PD

23/06/2014the ports of Genoa, Savona and La Spezia have participated to the logistic fair international Transport Logistic China
the delegation guided from Gian Luigi Miazza has met the representatives of the Shanghai Port Trade Association

23/06/2014This evening to Taranto will hold a conference on the cabotage in the Mediterranean
Is organized from Propeller Club of Trieste, Brindisi and Crotone

23/06/2014"K" Linens has ordered to two new ships garage from 7.500 cars
will be constructed by Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co…

23/06/2014APM Terminals orders to Hans Künz others 22 automated cranes to portal on rubber
will be employed in the new container terminal to Maasvlakte II of the port of Rotterdam

23/06/2014In the first quadrimestre of the 2014 traffic of the container in the port of Naples is diminished of the -11,7%
To April the bending has been of the -15,3%

23/06/2014Serracchiani has met the chairman of shipowning group Chinese COSCO
the president of the agency of the Friuli Venice Julia has illustrated the potentialities of the region like efficient logistic platform

23/06/2014Launched to Marghera the ship from Viking Star cruise
the president and founder of Viking Cruises is received to Palazzo Balbi, center of the regional committee of Veneto

24/06/2014the harbour community of Barcelona does not have some intention to pay 30% of the terrestrial connections with the markets of all the Spanish ports
Harbour Authority and Chamber of Commerce is lined up against the modality of financing of the Bottom of Accessibility previewed from the government

24/06/2014Gulftainer enters in the harbour market American
the Middle Eastern society will manage a new terminal for several container and goods in the port of Port Canaveral

24/06/2014Kombiverkehr depends on an ulterior increase of the volumes transported on the Germany-Italy axis
Last year has been pairs to 389.806 shipments (+3.6%)

24/06/2014In the trimester March-May the profit clearly of Carnival Corporation has recorded an increment of +158%
the increase is determined by a reduction of the not operating expenses

24/06/2014Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of +17.6%
In the first five months of this year is enlivened 10,3 million tons (+12.4%)

25/06/2014the Harbour Authority of Trieste asks the restoration for the circulation on "Transalpine" the railway draft
the temporary suspension of the percorribilità - the agency emphasizes - constitutes an important limitation to the access via iron to infrastructures of the port

25/06/2014Brussels extends until April 2020 the validity of the regulations of exemption for category for the companies of marine transport of line
Satisfaction of the World Shipping Council and the European Community Shipowners' Associations

25/06/2014Agreement on the acquisition of 49% of Alitalia from Etihad Airways
Colaninno: Etihad is for Alitalia an ideal strategic partner

25/06/2014strategy of marine safety of the EU
is approved of yesterday by the Council of the European Union

25/06/2014Sled still the decision on the destination of the property left at death one of Costa Concordia
Would have to be assumed in the next few days from the Council of Ministers

25/06/2014Costa Crociere emphasizes that the only suitable solution in Italy for the dismantling of the Concord is its transfer to Genoa
"Piombino - it has explained the CEO Thamm - does not constitute a valid alternative because of the substantial delays in the operations of adaptation of the port"

25/06/2014To Livorno the Harbour Authority will economically support the Agency for the Job in Port
the proposal has obtained the positive opinion of the Advisory Commission and will come subordinate to the attention of the next Harbour Committee

26/06/2014Rossi (Tuscany Region): Piombino is "the only port in Italy that has the authorizations for destruction"
the "window" useful in order to carry the "Concord" in from Tuscany port - it supports - would be opened all the year. Visit to the port of call of the Pietrelli alderman in order to state the state of advance of the intense activities

26/06/2014ARPA Tuscany, yes to the transfer of the Concord to Genoa if before verification the availability of the port of Piombino
the new examination of the final destination - second the Agency - is necessary in order to ulteriorly reduce relative the environmental risks and of safety to the towing operations

26/06/2014the manager of the UIRNet platform will be chosen within December
the society wishes the definition of a norm that assures also for the future the gratuity of the onboard equipments

26/06/2014Federmar-Cisal denunciation the indefensible condition of the marine labor market
the union has sent a letter to the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports

26/06/2014AP Venice, not to decide on the great ships to S. Marco makes us to make a very bad figure in front of world-wide the public opinion
the Regional Administrative Court has sent back to October the pronunciamento on the decree of the Harbour office

26/06/2014Al Transport Logistic China the port of Cagliari has tightened the ties with the Asian market
Which met the responsibles of a series of enterprises and institutions

26/06/2014the Harbour Authority of Livorno to the TOC Europe 2014 of London
the agency has realized two road show in order to introduce to the international community the plans of technological innovation

26/06/2014In the 2012 produced direct added value from the six ports Belgian is diminished of the -0,5%
That producing from the single marine cluster is increased of +8.2%

26/06/2014Propelling Club of Trieste renews the efforts in order to promote the development of the economy of the sea in the giuliana city
In the year the 2013-14 number of the associates is gone up to 96

27/06/2014Agreements between Kotahi, Port of Tauranga and Maersk Line in order to develop the export New Zealand with ships from 6.500 teu
To the Danish company is guaranteed a traffic of export until 2,5 million teu in the arc of next the ten years

27/06/2014Others two ships in the agreement Wärstilä - Prestige Cruise for the maintenance of the motors of the fleets
the understanding now covers eight ships for a total of 35 motors

27/06/2014the summit of the Agespedo, the genoese association of the customs brokers
President is named Claudio Melandri

27/06/2014Assoporti asks the nomination for the presidents of the nine commissariate Italian Harbour Authorities
Mounts renews the appeal to the unit of the marine-harbour cluster

27/06/2014ABB will sell Meyer Steel Structures to the American Trinity Industries for 600 million dollars
the transaction will be put into effect in the course of the third trimester of this year

27/06/2014Cgil, Cisl and Uil denounce the bureaucratic diffuseness and the slowness of the administrative law that block the infrastructural works in the port of Taranto
to the government. Demanded the advance of the public audience of the fixed Council of State for 28 October

27/06/2014Sunday the maiden voyage of before 28 new ships from 9.400-10.900 teu of CMA CGM
"CMA CGM Danube" is long 300 meters, wide 48 1,458 meters and can transport container refrigerator from 40 '

27/06/2014Grimaldi (Confitarma): the shipowners do not want to elude the new rules on the atmosphere, but they must be put in condition for being able to apply them
the new norms - it has emphasized - will take effect at the same time, demanding participations also on the already existing units

30/06/2014the pension fund Danish Danica Pension becomes minority stockholders of the Unifeeder
has bought 400 million actions of the company

30/06/2014FerCargo, the minimal increment of the costs of the electric power would determine immediate the default of the railway companies
In a note to the government full the manifest association and absolute contrarietà towards the heavy increase of the cost previewed from the bill "Competitiveness"

30/06/2014a newyorkese delegation has met economic the harbour community and of
the reunion was finalized to create occasions of exchange of experiences and contacts

30/06/2014To the institutional investors will go only 11% of the public offer for sale realized from Fincantieri
Al public retail will go 89%. The total proceeds deriving from the total offer are pairs to approximately 343,6 million euros

30/06/2014To May the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto is diminished of the -27,1%
In the first five months of 2014 is recorded an increase of +1.9%

30/06/2014the next year in the fleet of British the CMV will enter the ship from Azores cruise
from the Portuscale Cruises, will be rented in the long term

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