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25 April 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:57 GMT+2

01/08/2014In the first semester the container terminal of the Hutchison Whampoa group has enlivened 39,6 million teu (+5%)
the revenues are increased of +2%

01/08/2014has been born Donelli Group, specialized in the customs advising for the international shipment enterprises
the fusion of the Donelli Srl di Porto Marghera and of the Donelli & the Tinplates of Trieste

01/08/2014semiannual Record of the traffic of the container in the port of New York
In the first six months of the 2014 volumes is increased of +3.9%

01/08/2014Prosegue the decrease of the traffic of the container in the port of Valencia
In the first semester the total traffic of the goods has grown of +0.4%

01/08/2014the contest for the realization of Centro Servizi Polivalente of the port of Taranto
the objective is to activate a process of requalification of waterfront harbour and integration between city and the port

01/08/2014European Financing for the plan "Port of Ravenna Fast Corridor"
Di Marco: we candidate ourselves to this experimentation aiming to become door of access for the goods that gives Asia will arrive in Italy for Expo' 2015

01/08/2014the general secretary of the Harbour Authority of Trieste has resigned resignation
the thanks of the agency for the professionality that has characterized the activity of Sinigaglia

01/08/2014Acciona has in program to put again in Trasmediterranea sale within this year
In the first half of the 2014 company of Spanish navigation has recorded revenues for 185 million euros (- 1%)

01/08/2014Incontro Doria-Merlon for the possible passage of the former areas Fair of Genoa to the Harbour Authority
Mayor and president has been declared agrees in considering that the availability of the harbour agency to take part also on the plan of the properties constitutes an important opportunity

04/08/2014Georgia Ports Authority archivia fiscal year 2014 with three records of traffic
To Savannah three million are enlivened more than than container

04/08/2014In the first semester of the 2014 traffic of the goods in the port of Salerno has recorded a consisting increment of +34%
To seem favorable of the CIPE on triennial program 2014-2016

04/08/2014TUI Cruises orders two new ships from cruise to yard STX Finland, that it has been acquired from Meyer Werft
the units, of 97.000 tsl, will be taken in delivery in 2016 and 2017

04/08/2014the harbour agency of signs an agreement for the visits of the crocieristi to 5 Lands
the objective is to return the tourists participant who intend to visit the territory of the plans of recovery and safeguard of the atmosphere

05/08/2014Collaboration between the ports of Livorno, Piombino and Fortification in order to offer more information to the passengers
Plan for the creation of a system integrated for the exchange of data between the ports of call

05/08/2014Undersigned the agreement in order to complete the third series of closed of the channel of Panama hat
the plan of widening of the channel records an advance of 78%

05/08/2014CSAV collects 108 million dollars from the increase of capital in option
a second phase of the offer procedure will be started thursday

05/08/2014In the first semester the port of Koper has enlivened 9,2 million tons of goods (+4%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 333.203 teu (+13%)

05/08/2014In the port of has concluded the demolition of the granari silos on Garibaldi Pier
was realized at the beginning of years '60

05/08/2014the Harbour Authority of Civitavecchia has undersigned a letter of attempts with the port of Dongjiang
the scope is to create the best conditions for a profitable collaboration with the Chinese market

05/08/2014the widening of the channel of Panama hat could grow the insured values of cargos of beyond a billion of dollars to the day
evidences It a study of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

06/08/2014In the first semester of the 2014 traffic of the goods in the port of Zeebrugge is increased of +3.7%
In increase rotabili and container. Bending of the goods conventional and the bulk

06/08/2014Initiative of Interporto Bologna and Terminali Italy in order to support and to stimulate the market of the intermodal transport
HIL, net of enterprises premails to logistic integration of all rings of the chain of the transport and to the management of the terminalistici services

06/08/2014the government Egyptian announces the next realization of a new navigation channel parallel to the Suez Canal
the new work will have a length of 72 kilometers and will cost approximately four billions of dollars

07/08/2014In according to trimester of the 2014 terminal of ICTSI has enlivened 1,8 million teu (+18.2%)
the increment is produced by the entrance in activity of two terminal in Central America

07/08/2014Contraction of the financial results of the charter of Textainer container
In according to trimester the revenues of the company has recorded an increment of +7.3%

07/08/2014the pre-clearing procedure is activated near the port of Savona - Vado Ligure
To Genoa the new procedure has succeeded in to cover approximately 80% of the portacontainer

07/08/2014American Eagle Bulk Shipping approaches the simplified procedure of controlled administration
Agreement with the creditors

07/08/2014Primo disembarkation of a cargo of cippato to the Terminal Genoa Bulk of the port of Genoa
In the port of call of from Liguria chief town has arrived a new tug ordered from the Reunited Tugs

07/08/2014In according to trimester group NOL has recorded an improvement of the operating economic results
the period has been archived item with an accentuation of the net loss

08/08/2014Fortress Investment Group invests in the shipowning group Greek Attica
an agreement with the backers

08/08/201422 August CSAV in assembly in order to approve of according to increase of capital until 400 million dollars
the deep ones will be employed for the performance of the plan of fusion of the activities of containerized marine transport with those of Hapag-Lloyd

08/08/2014HMM has taken in delivery the last one of the five new portacontainer from 12.154 teu ordered to DSME
"Hyundai Pride" will be introduced in the 6 Loop Asia-Europe of the G6 Alliance

08/08/2014In the first six months of the 2014 traffic in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven is diminished of the -2,3%
Goods containerized in decrease of the -3,3%

08/08/2014Alitalia and Etihad have undersigned the agreement
Investment of 560 million euros of the airline emiratina that will acquire 49% of the Italian carrier

11/08/2014OOIL records an improvement of the economic results
Tung: the increment of ability to the fleet will continue to weigh on the performances of the containerized marine transport

11/08/2014Serracchiani: the Harbour Committee of Trieste discusses itself about the issue of the general secretary
"I would wish - it has emphasized the president of the Region - ended politics of the completed fact"

11/08/2014Chinese CHEC wants to participate to the plans of ulterior widening of the channel of Panama hat
we are interested - the president has confirmed - to the planning, construction and financing of a fourth series of locks

12/08/2014Hapag-Lloyd has concluded the first semester with a net loss of -173,3 million euros
Habben Jansen: "in the second half of the year we expect to record a better result, even if the continuous scene to being difficult

12/08/2014APM Terminals orders to 13 cranes to Chinese ZPMC for the new container terminal of Petkim (Izmir)
Three cranes of dock STS and ten cranes to portal on rubber in order to equip the first phase of the plan

13/08/2014Last month the traffic of the goods enlivened from the Chinese marine ports is increased of +3.2%
the container has recorded an increment of +4.4%

13/08/2014decrease of the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore to July
In the first seven months of the 2014 port of call has enlivened 336,4 million tons of goods (+5.3%)

13/08/2014In the first half of the 2014 traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports has grown of +4.3%
In the field of the container is enlivened more than seven million than teu (+8%)

13/08/2014In the first seven months of this year the traffic of the passengers in the ports of the Sardinia North is increased of +4.5%
Increase to Olbia and Porto Torres, while to Golfo Aranci an light bending is recorded

14/08/2014decrease of the traffic of the container enlivened from the harbour terminals of HHLA in according to trimester
In the first half of the 2014 is enlivened 3,78 million teu (+1%)

14/08/2014CSAV the increase of capital for 202 million dollars
the quota participation of the Quiñenco group is gone up by 46.0% to 54.5%

14/08/2014China extends the fiscal measures in order to stimulate the export to eight ports
Enclosed the ports of call of Jiujiang, Lianyungang, Nanjing, Qingdao, Suzhou, Wuhan, Wuhu and Yueyang

18/08/2014Last month light increase of the traffic of the container in the ports of Los Angeles City and Long Beach
Enlivened respective 717 thousand teu (+0.2%) and 583 thousand teu (+3.7%)

18/08/2014Agreement between SBB CFF FFS Cargo, Hupac and Contargo in order to collaborate to the management of the future terminal of Basel Nord
Understanding in order to constitute a society that will take care of the transfer activities railroad/road

18/08/2014To July the port of Hong Kong has enlivened two million container (+1.6%)
In the first seven months of the 2014 traffic has been pairs to 13,1 million teu (+3.5%)

18/08/2014In according to Yang Ming trimester has recorded an improvement of the economic results
Revenues in increase of +14.6%

18/08/2014the port of Amburgo closes the first half of the 2014 with a semiannual traffic record of 72,6 million tons (+6.6%)
the containerized trade has been pairs to 50,7 million tons (+9.0%)

18/08/2014the Bergen group to yield being remained 30% of the NorYards to the Calexco
the Luxemburgian society will become only owner of the ship yard

19/08/2014Increase of the performances of group A.P. Møller-Mærsk in the field of the line transport
In according to trimester of this year fleet of Maersk Line has transported 2,4 million container feu (+6.6%)

19/08/2014German TUI records an increase of the results of the crocieristica division
In the period April-june the revenues are dropped of the -5,2%

20/08/2014Evergreen closes clearly according to trimester with a result of positive sign
the revenues are dropped of the -3,6% and the operating costs of the -6,6%

20/08/2014In the first half of the 2014 traffic in the port of Amsterdam has grown of +4.3%
Altogether to Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Ijmuiden and Zaanstad is enlivened 51 million tons (+5.4%)

20/08/2014semiannual Traffic in the Swiss Rhenish ports in decrease of the -8,6%
the bending is determined by the reduction of the producing imports of oil

20/08/2014ABB yields the division Service Full hand to Nordic Capital
takes care of the activities of maintenance in the industrial field

20/08/2014NOL does not refute the possibility to yield own logistic division
Under consideration also its eventual quotation in Stock exchange

21/08/2014the terminalista group Vopak has closed first semester 2014 with a profit clearly of 148,7 million euros (- 20.4%)
Stable the revenues

21/08/2014To July the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto has grown of +18.4%
In the first seven months of the 2014 increment has been of +3.5%

21/08/2014improvement of the economic performances of DFDS in the third trimester
the start of a new program of purchase of actions own

21/08/2014TIL (group MSC) acquires 50% of the Argentine International Trade Logistics
the society manages the Exolgan Container Terminal of Buenos Aires

22/08/2014Asciano confirmation the possible cession of a quota not control of the harbour division Patrick
In the finished year 30th june the division has enlivened a containerized trade pairs almost three million teu (+2.4%)

22/08/2014Beyond the half of the traffic of the container enlivened from the Spanish ports is constituted by transfers
In the first four national harbour ports of call the percentage salt to 61%

25/08/2014To new July records salary of the volume of the goods transported by the ships in transit in the Suez Canal
Last month the marine traffic has recorded an increment of +6.7%

25/08/2014Migliora the economic account of the Zim in according to trimester
In the period the fleet of the company has transported 619 thousand container (- 2%)

25/08/2014the 26 september to Milan a convention on the responsibilities of the logistic operator in case of loss or damage of the goods
Is organized from LC Larizza Consulting and Assologistica in collaboration with Propelling Club of Milan

25/08/2014the Aztech group buys a ship yard to Singapore
Occupa an area of 23 thousand square metres

25/08/2014In according to trimester Hyundai Merchant Marine reduces the operating liabilities
Revenues in decrease of the -14,7%

25/08/2014Green light of the shareholders of CSAV to the increase of capital of 400 million dollars
Hasbún: milestone on the road for the completion of the plan of fusion with Hapag-Lloyd

26/08/2014Chinese CIMC has closed the first semester with an increment of the result clearly pairs to +80%
the volume of transactions has grown of +12%

26/08/2014Al Container Terminal Burchardkai di Amburgo can land portacontainer from 18.000 teu
dock 5/6

26/08/2014In increase the economic results of terminalista group Chinese COSCO Pacific
Last month its terminals have enlivened 5,9 million container (+8.9%)

26/08/2014Confetra asks guarantees the government in sight for the launch for decrees "Unblocks Italy"
Verification of the modalities with which the field of the transport of the goods it will have to connect own computer science systems with UIRNet

26/08/2014MSC Cruises has announced a plan of approximately 6.000 assumptions
will be employed on board of the seven new ships from cruise commissioned to Fincantieri and STX France

26/08/2014the mayor of Messina has introduced to Renzi a proposal in order to institute a Harbour Authority of the Strait of Messina
the authority would supervise to the area of the Strait of Messina (Messina, Reggio Calabria, Villa S. Giovanni) with the eventual inclusion of the port of Gioia Tauro

27/08/2014DP World obtains the entire control of the Trilogiport Container Terminal of Liège
the quota stopped from Euroports

27/08/2014the crocieristico group and hotel Louis reduces the losses
In the first half of this year the revenues are increased of +12.5%

27/08/2014Teasing discusses the topic about the amalgamation of the Harbour Authorities with the representatives of the savonese community
the president of the Liguria Region has remembered to have already sent a proposal to Renzi

27/08/2014the port of Venice leads the way in the regulation of the type of marine fuel
Today in all the Italian harbour ports of call has taken effect the provision that fixed new limits and imposes to the ships the fuel use to low sulfur content

27/08/2014Appello of the Region Marche and the institutions of Ancona for the maintenance of the Harbour Authority of the doric port of call
a letter to the Prime Minister Renzi

28/08/2014In increase the Marine performances of the division of Bureau Veritas
In the first semester of the 2014 revenues is piled to 150,3 million euros (+3.4%)

28/08/2014In the first half of the 2014 volume of transactions of DP World has grown of +9.9%
the harbour terminals of the group have enlivened 29,4 million container (+10.7%)

28/08/2014In the first semester of this year the terminals of Chinese group CMHI have enlivened 38,5 million container (+18.1%)
the bulk traffic is piled to 181,1 million tons (+2.6%)

28/08/2014national Strike of all the which proclaimed marine section for the 15 september
Cortorillo (Filt-Cgil): I renew of the Ccnl of field lacks give beyond four years

29/08/2014China Shipping Lines Container returns to record a result of positive sign clearly
In the first six months of this year the fleet of the company has transported beyond 3,9 million container (+1.4%)

29/08/2014Stable the economic results of the shipowning group Greek Attica
first semester 2014 is closed with a net loss of -21,2 million euros

29/08/2014To Taranto the intense activities of requalification of the Polisettoriale Pier are adjudicated to the consortium second classified
the Harbour Authority has cancelled compulsory decrees of definitive award of the contract

29/08/2014Minoan Lines closes clearly according to trimester with a result of positive sign
In increase the number of the passengers transported from the fleet

29/08/2014In the first seven months of this year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna has grown of +10.7%
To July the increment has been of +9.8%

29/08/2014In according to trimester CMA CGM has recorded an improvement of the results
the fleet of the frnacese company has transported 3,1 million container (+8.0%)

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