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23 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 23:19 GMT+2

01/09/2014Merlon retort to the Spanish harbour community: without transhipment Genoa it is the eighth European port
"I am elaborating - it has announced the president of the Harbour Authority of Genoa - a package of norms "unblocks ports" that within the september month I will transmit to government and parliament"

01/09/2014CSAV closes according to trimester with a net loss of -58,2 million dollars
the volumes transported from the fleet have recorded an increment of +7.9%

01/09/2014Last month the traffic goods in the port of Barcelona has recorded an increment of +14.9%
In the first seven months of the 2014 increase has been of +8.3%

01/09/2014Norwegian Cruise Line in negotiations in order to acquire Prestige Cruise Holdings
PCH work through the crocieristiche companies Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises

01/09/2014manifest Confcommercio disappointment for the lacked inclusion ports and logistics in "Unblocks Italy"
Boredoms: "so it is continued alone with politics of announcements"

02/09/2014In the first Premuda semester has recorded a net loss of -15,4 million euros
For the entire exercise anniversary 2014 is attended a sign result negative

02/09/2014Wärtsilä inaugurates a new plant for the assemblage of marine engines in China
is realized in joint venture with the Chinese Yuchai Marine Power Co. (group Guangxi Yuchai)

02/09/2014In according to trimester of this year railway traffic goods in Germany has recorded a bending of the -1,2%
the bending is determined by the decrease of the -4,2% of the volumes of national shipments

02/09/2014NCL confirmation the acquisition of Prestige Cruises
the transaction will be capacity to term in the fourth trimester of this year

02/09/2014the minister to the Regional Transactions has visited the port of Gioia Tauro
Lanzetta: "I am convinced that this harbour truth goes supported with aimed actions"

02/09/2014the new group of initiative Venice prompt Alive the removal of the great ships from cruise from San Marco
Petition for it I use of the Twisted Channel S. Angel in order to reach the terminal of Marine. The Agency of Customs has the experimental start of the pre-clearing for the ports of Venice and Trieste

02/09/2014the 27 september to Bari a convention on the New Customs Code of the Union
Is organized from the Territorial Council of the Customs brokers of Bari and the Association Customs brokers of Bari

03/09/2014Five you carry in the narrow rose of candidates to the allocation of the ESPO Award 2014
Sono Huelva, Koper, Lisbon, Marseilles and Rotterdam

03/09/2014To July the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Valencia is diminished of the -2%
Goods containerized in decrease of the -4%

03/09/2014Fusion of the South Koreans Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd. and Samsung Engineering
Second the forecasts, will be capacity to term 1° the December

03/09/2014Bureau Veritas has bought the MatthewsDaniel, society that offers services for the insurance market
the company has center to London and is present in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Americas

03/09/2014Royal Caribbean Cruises sells the ship from cruise Celebrity Century to the Exquisite Marine of the Chinese group
the unit will continue to being operated from Celebrity Cruises until the next April

03/09/2014In increase transported the fleeting railway traffics and goods from Helvetian SBB CFF FFS
the group has closed the first six months of 2014 with a consolidated result of 57 million franchi Swiss (- 43.2%)

03/09/2014Alliance between the groups Grimaldi and Fremura with the objective to invest in the port of Livorno
Spa di Navigazione has entered in the share capital of financial institution CO.I.FI…

04/09/2014Strasbourg rejects relative the Italian norm to the costs minimums of the road haulage
Marcucci (Confetra): "we must accept the lessons that arrive us from Europe. However in competition topic us they cannot be alternatives at the market"

04/09/2014In according to trimester of the 2015 to La Spezia Container Terminal post-Panamax will arrive two new cranes ultra
the terminal will be able to operate simultaneously two ships of tonnage pairs to 150.000 tons

04/09/2014Aharon Fogel will be the new president of the shipowning society Israeli Zim
Has a pluriennale experience in the field of the economy and finances

04/09/2014Assologistica, the sentence of the Court EU on the costs minimums of the road haulage places end to thousands of litigations
the association is declared ready to work because correct and transparent relationships of free market between committenza and haulers settle

04/09/2014ANITA, we leave again with I confront with the committenza of the road haulage
Baumgartner: "I believe that the dialogue is the only percorribile road in order to set up with every reasoning on the future of our field"

05/09/2014Nuovo regular railway service from China (Zhengzhou) to Germany (Amburgo) of DB Schenrker
From 2012 today the services of the German company that connect the two nations have transported 40 thousand container

05/09/2014Fincantieri has delivered to a new amphibious unit to Marina Algerian
the "Kalaat Assets" has a length of 143 meters, a width of 21,5 meters and a displacement fully loaded of approximately 8.800 tons

05/09/2014the Law court of the EU has arranged the possible final blow to SNCM
Tax the restitution of the aids of Been about to a total of 220 million euros received from the company of French navigation

05/09/2014the Italian ports are classified to 55° the place in classify of the quality of harbour infrastructures of the Economic World Forum
Scaled 12 places. Before in ranking, for the third consecutive year, it is Holland

05/09/2014Spanish union CCOO asks the government to clarify which it will be the future of Navantia in the civil naval production
Second the labor organization, the future of the company must preview a diversified, with military constructions and civil ships, offshore industrial production, naval repairs and wind power

05/09/2014the fleet in class Bureau Veritas has for the first time exceeded the threshold of 100 million tons of tonnage
At the end of the first semester of this year was constituted by 10.700 ships

08/09/2014Al port of Trieste two million euro from the Region for the promotion of the arranged transport
the contribution is to the Harbour Authority

08/09/2014To July the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is increased of +4.5%
In the first seven months of 2014 is recorded a bending of the -12,1%

08/09/2014Trasportounito accusation other trade associations for the failure EU of the costs minimums of the road haulage
Longo: "ulterior smacco for furbetti very notes associations of representation"

08/09/2014Seaspan agrees the chartering for five years of four new portacontainer from 10.000 teu
the number and the ability to the ships in option with the Jiangsu yards New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co. and Jiangsu Yangzi Xinfu Shipbuilding Co…

08/09/2014extremely positive Budget of the first six months of start of the procedure of pre-clearing in the ports of Genoa and La Spezia
Wednesday will be activated also in the port of Civitavecchia

09/09/2014"K" Linens orders to others five new portacontainer from 13.870 teu to Imabari Shipbuilding
will be taken in delivery in the spring and the summer of 2018

09/09/2014Hapag-Lloyd announces a variation of the spin of the service Mediterranean Gulf Express
cancelled Verranno the ports of call to Port Everglades and inserted touched westbound to the port of Kingston

09/09/2014To end 2016 Mediterranean Shipping Company would have to become the first carrier of line of the world
Second the projections of Alphaliner, the consistency of the fleet of portacontainer of the group will go up from 2,5 million to 3,0 million teu

09/09/2014strike of the Italian marine section of the 15 september
Riprende the negotiation on the national collective bargaining agreement

09/09/2014In the first six months of the 2014 traffic of the container in the port of Naples is diminished of the -14,3%
Enlivened 209 thousand teu, of which 162 thousand full (- empty 11.2%) and 48 thousand (- 23.0%)

09/09/2014the alliance Ocean Three di CMA CGM, CSCL and UASC is ready to start the operating activity on end 2014
is based on relative agreements of vessel sharing, slots exchange and slots charter to the Asia-Europe services, the Asia-Mediterranean, to the transpacifici services and Asia - East Coast the USA

09/09/2014Euronav wants to land to the Stock exchange of New York
Recording near the SEC of the proposal of initial public offer

09/09/2014the logistic group Australian Brambles has bought the British Ferguson Group
the Scottish company is specialized in the supply of container and inhabited and working modules for the offshore and onshore energetic industry

09/09/2014ABB anticipates a new strategy and the financial objectives for period 2015-2020
a program of I buy back of actions for a value until four billions of dollars

10/09/2014DHT buys the Samco Shipholding for 317 million dollars
the company of Singapore has a fleet constituted from seven Very Large Raw Carrier

10/09/2014In the first semester of the 2014 traffic goods through the Swiss Alps has recorded an increase of +2.9%
contraction of the trend of increase between first and according to trimester

10/09/2014the 18 september to Genoa will hold "international Conference 2014 on the Rhine-Alps corridor"
Is organized from the Federal Office of the Transports of Switzerland

10/09/2014has concluded Sustainable Cruise, the plan for the reduction of the refusals on board of a ship from cruise
Costa Crociere has illustrated the outcome of the actions adopted on board of "Costa Pacifica"

10/09/2014In the Fincantieri yard of Palermo is carried out the lengthening of the ship from cruise MSC Harmony
the program Renaissance that previews important intense activities of restructure on four ships of MSC Cruises

10/09/2014the Slovak Maros Sefcovic will be the new European commissioner for the transports and the space
Fusion of the Ambiente Head office with the DG marine Transactions and peach

10/09/2014In the first semester the traffic goods in the ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta is dropped of the -4,2%
Bending of the -16,9% of the number of crocieristi

11/09/2014the Law court of the EU has confirmed the regularity of the nomination of Haralambides to president of the Harbour Authority of Brindisi
"article 45, paragraph 4, TFUE - the sentence explains - must be interpreted in the sense that does not allow with a Member States to reserve to own citizens the exercise of the functions of president of a Harbour Authority"

11/09/2014state of health of the industry of the shipbuilding civil American is excellent
Paxton (Shipbuilders Council of America): "in the commercial markets it is assisted to a boom that was not seen from decades"

11/09/2014Cooperation between ABB and BYD for the combined development of new solutions for storage of the energy
the collaboration will be centralized on storage of energy connected to the net, on the applications in order micro nets, the solar energy and the applications in the naval field

11/09/2014Convention on the harbour and marine works to Ferrara within Coast Esonda
will hold next the 19 september to the Fair of Ferrara

11/09/2014communitarian Financings record for the nine corridors of the central net of the transports of the EU
Kallas: to invest in this field is more important that never for feeding the economic resumption

12/09/2014Brussels authorizes the plan of fusion of the services of line of Hapag-Lloyd and CSAV
the green light is subordinated to the condition that the South American company decoy from the consortia Euroandes and Ecuador Express

12/09/2014Mounts (Assoporti): with the approval of the norms of base for the Italian ports it can be the moment of the carried out one
To the presidency of the association the role of privileged partner in order to define the contents of the reform

12/09/2014Yang Ming agrees with Seaspan the extension of the period of chartering of five new portacontainer from 14.000 teu
the option of purchase for five ships in head to the taiwanese company

12/09/2014To Marghera the cut of the first sheet of the ship from Viking Sea cruise
Currently in the Fincantieri plants two ships for Viking Ocean Cruises are under construction others

15/09/2014the semplicistica prescription of the Italian government for I throw again of the portualità
From the same pantry Merlon (AP Genoa) takes other ingredients and reshuffles all

15/09/2014the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Singapore to August
In the first eight months of 2014 is recorded an increase of +4.8%

15/09/2014the ports of Naples and Savona will participate to the Seatrade Med
the crocieristica fair will open the clappers to Barcelona tomorrow

15/09/2014To August the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the -2,9%
In the first eight months of this year is recorded an increase of +3.0%

15/09/2014In the first half of this year the traffic of the container in the terminals of Global Ports is dropped of the -1,3%
In Russia is recorded a bending of the -2,8%, in Finland an increase of +15.8%

15/09/2014In the port of Civitavecchia has reached the ship from larger cruise of the world
"Oasis of the Seas" will be tomorrow to Naples and successively in Spain and to Rotterdam

15/09/2014CLIA previews an ulterior increase of the North American crocieristica industry
In the 2013 crocieristi all over the world has been 21,3 million, with an increment of +77% on 2003

15/09/2014manifest Assologistica worry on the future of the management of the airport of Brescia
Warning to institutions, national premises and to ENAC so that they supervise on the allocation of the airport concession

16/09/2014To August the traffic of the container to Los Angeles City is increased of +6.8%, while to Long Beach it is dropped of the -9,1%
In the first eight months of the 2014 two ports has recorded respective increments of +7.6% and +1.0%

16/09/2014Italian CLS increases own presence in the market of the presse for packing
compatriot ORMIC. Agreement for the distribution of the produced ones of German HSM

16/09/2014the Orsero group will yield own participation in interporto the VIO to the Harbour Authority of Savona
the quota the authority will go up from current 8% to 72%

16/09/2014Boarded two exceptional cargos in the port of Venice
Medium in a year in the lagoon port of call is enlivened 900 exceptional necks from the all up weight of 80 thousand tons

16/09/2014DFDS announces the next cessation of the service ro-pax the Havre - Portsmouth
the decision to close the connection is due to the continuous economic losses generated by the line

16/09/2014Deposited the plan for the access of the ships to the Marine Station of Venice through the Twisted channel Sant'Angelo
the documentation will be consultabile on the situated web of the ministry of the Atmosphere

17/09/2014Al via the intense activities for the realization of the new harbour city of Columbus
Is adjacent to the container terminal managed from Chinese CMHI and Sri Lanka Ports Authority

17/09/2014Hapag-Lloyd will vary the modality of connection between the ports of the western Mediterranean and Florida
In the Mediterranean America Service will be inserted touching to Miami

17/09/2014the Harbour Authority of Livorno delivery to RFI the harbour areas in order to put into effect the connection of the Tuscany Dock to the railway net
the intense activities will begin in the next few days and they will be concluded within the end of 2015

17/09/2014Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 17,6 million container (+7.2%)
the total traffic of the goods has been pairs to 657 million tons (+6.6%)

17/09/2014Incontro of Propeller Club of Trieste on the plans of investment of the terminalisti of the giuliano port
will carry out the 30 september

17/09/2014ESPO signs an agreement of strategic cooperation with the European crocieristiche associations
Undersigned from Cruise Baltic, Cruise Europe, Cruise Norway and MedCruise, has the objective of giving greater importance to the European industry of the cruises and the ferries near Brussels

17/09/2014a new resource to the Regional Administrative Court threatens to block the start of the intense activities of requalification of the Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto
the resource of constituting RTI Ccc Yards Constructions Concrete, Matarrese and Ikotecne

18/09/2014ANITA announces the notice to leave to the protocol of understanding of 28 November 2013 on the road haulage
Baumgartner: "the government must say us once and for all what intends to make of the section"

18/09/2014ABB signs agreements of service, assistance and maintenance with the groups Royal Caribbean and Hapag-Lloyd
Is relative to six ships of the fleet of the American crocieristico group and to 46 ships of the German company

18/09/2014group COSCO orders five new portacontainer from 14.500 teu
will be constructed by Lowers Shipbuilding Trading and Changxing Shipbuilding. The unitary costs are of 123,6 million dollars

18/09/2014UFT and RFI signs the convention for the adaptation of the shape of the railway corridor of Luino
Füglistaler (UFT): "within the end of the 2020 entire axis of Saint Gottardo it will be equipped of a corridor that will allow with the logistic enterprises to transport on track loaded with height to the angles with four meters"

18/09/2014Assoporti anticipates its proposal of harbour reform
Between the main points the autonomy and the self-determination financial institution for the Harbour Authorities and they operating simplification with more powers to the president let alone the velocizzazione of the procedures for the new works

18/09/2014Tomorrow to Venice will be introduced the door Youth Corner for the access to the job in port
the service is organized from the Intermodal Consortium Logistic Formation

19/09/2014Ship Lease buys a portacontainer from 8.063 teu constructed in 2005
the acquisition has happened for 55 million dollars

19/09/2014increase of the traffic goods in the port of Valencia in the period January-August
the container has been pairs to 2.929.032 teu (- 0.2%)

19/09/2014Like reducing the number of the Italian Harbour Authorities maintaining it unchanged
a history of Italian we, Christian Boscolo Papo and its and our philosopher's stone

19/09/2014Damen Shipyards has delivered to a new tug to the genoese group Reunited Tugs
the means has been destined initially to the Tug Malta branch

19/09/2014Rinnovo of the summits of the Coordination committee of the Customers and the harbour Operators of Trieste
President is Fabrizio Zerbini, vice president Franco Napp

22/09/2014the New Consortium of the prompt port of Trapani the reopening of the Place of Frontier Inspection of the Sicilian harbour port of call
Asked the delay for some other week for the activity carried out in the old structure that accommodated the PIF

22/09/2014the Italian ports of Genoa, Gioia Tauro, La Spezia, Livorno, Naples and Trieste in the Network of the shipowning alliance 2M
Maersk and MSC will employ a fleet of 185 portacontainer that 77 world-wide ports will climb

22/09/2014Confetra, moderately positive course of the traffic of the goods in Italy, but the volumes pre-crisis are still far
the conjunctural note of first elaborated semester 2014 from Centro Studi of the Confederation

22/09/2014To August the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Barcelona is increased of +5.4%
In the first eight months of the 2014 increase has been of +8.0%

22/09/2014the summit of Assologistica is confirmed unanimously
Mearelli: "next the two years are shown of great engagement on the crucial topics of the logistics of the goods on account third party"

22/09/2014Brussels authorizes joint venture railway Thalys of SNCF and SNCB
Under such brand the French group and that Belgian cooperate with German DB and Dutch NS

22/09/2014increase of the economic performances of logistic group GEFCO
In the first six months of the 2014 turnover is increased of +6.9%

22/09/2014Round table "Port of Salerno: cruises, tourism, commerce and opportunity for the territory"
will hold the 29 september to Salerno and is organized the premises To propel Club

23/09/2014Last month in the Suez Canal is journeyed 1,577 ships (+8.8%)
In the first eight months of the 2014 marine traffic has been of 11.188 ships (+3.4%)

23/09/2014ECSA, the plan of reform of the legislation EU in harbour matter are getting bogged down
Verhoeven: "in this phase the interest of the field of the marine transport of the European Union to support this proposal is indeed much limiting"

23/09/2014Trasportounito, the discouragement of the reductions in price on the octrois is the final blow for the Italian road haulage
Longo: the risk is that the entire category becomes protagonist of this time indeed ingestibile protest

23/09/2014Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto has grown of +43.4%
Thursday will hold a workshop on the simplification and harmonization of the customs procedures in the port

23/09/2014governmental Loan to American TOTE for the first new portacontainer to the world fed to GNL
Financing of 324,6 million dollars for the construction of the two ships

23/09/2014In the trimester june-August the crocieristico group Carnival has recorded turned out advanced to the waits
the period has been archived item with a profit clearly of 1,25 billion dollars (+33%)

23/09/2014the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro has entered in the crocieristica association MedCruise
Sylvan: the association offers to the calabrian portualità an important stepping stone

23/09/2014Karrer (AP Naples): there are the technical-administrative foundations for I throw again of the partenopeo port
Approved of to majority consuntivo budget 2013

23/09/2014the increase of the ability on the route To make East - programmed Med from 2M and O3 it risks to ripercuotere itself negatively on the hires
previews Alphaliner to It specifying that the increase of the ability will be pairs to 14.000 teu to the week

24/09/2014the Israeli government signs the agreement with Chinese CHEC for the construction of the new port of Hadarom (Ashdod)
the intense activities will be started in the end of this year and will be completed in seven years

24/09/2014Tirrenia Italian Company of Navigation has transferred own legal situs to Cagliari
To Naples is maintained the center operating

24/09/2014In six years the produced gas emissions greenhouse from world-wide the marine transport are diminished of the -20%
is dropped to approximately 2.2% of the total emissions world-wise in 2012 regarding 2.8% of 2007

24/09/2014UASC signs an understanding of total cooperation with Hamburg Süd
Some days before the Middle Eastern company has signed an agreement of partnership also with CMA CGM and CSCL

24/09/2014To July the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa has recorded a bending of the -2,7%, while to August it is increased of +4.8%
In the first eight months of the 2014 is enlivened 33,9 million tons (+2.3%)

24/09/2014the Carnival group program for the next year 127 ports of call of ships from cruise to Livorno
Provincial: "we can look to 2015 as per year of I throw again"

25/09/2014Proseguirà the activity to the Taranto Container Terminal
Vendola asks Renzi a urgent convocation to Rome for all the parts

25/09/2014the district Court of Rotterdam has rejected the resource of ECT against the Harbour Authority
No discrimination in the allocation of the terminals of the new harbour area Maasvlakte 2

25/09/2014the Arcese group has activated a service Full hand Truck Load for the East Europe
Shipments from and for Russia, Ukraine, Countries the Baltic Sea and CSI

25/09/2014and October the port of Civitavecchia will accommodate the Two Days of the Mediterranean
This year will be focused on the topic of the tourism that comes from the sea

25/09/2014To Venice the escavo of the Sant'Angelo-Contort channel for the transit of the great ships can be made in 19 months
Costa: "on the realization of the solution of the problem of the great ships from cruise to Venice the credibility of the Country is on stack"

25/09/2014Arkas Line strengthens the connections with the Adriatic
1° the October the ship "Horace" will be introduced in the service ADS that in Italy scale Venice, Ravenna and Ancona

26/09/2014Containerships, GNS, Nordic and Arkon have ordered to others two new portacontainer fed with GNL
will be taken in delivery in 2017

26/09/2014Columbus will be the first landing place Sri Lankan to being used like home port from ships from cruise
the Board of Investment of the Asian nation has signed agreements with the Royal Asian Cruises and CMA CGM

26/09/2014For the European terminalisti the proposal of reform of the norms EU on the ports is following the just road
FEPORT, is absolutely indispensable that the legislative text does not destroy the efforts of the terminalisti in order to remain performing and competitive

26/09/2014Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of +6.0%
In the first eight months of the 2014 is enlivened 16,3 million tons (+10.2%)

26/09/2014Siem Industries buys the German ship yard Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft
the transaction will be concluded within the October end

29/09/2014the Nam Cheong malaysian will acquire 30% approximately of the Indonesian BBR
the investment will pile to 30,7 million dollars

29/09/2014Tomorrow to Taranto will hold the convention of presentation of the plan Fresh Port
is promoted by the Harbour Authority of the apulian city for the development of the agricultural and food- field

29/09/2014Marine Italy (Evergreen group) has activated a service shuttle between the ports of Taranto and the Pireo
the line has frequency weekly magazine and is realized with a portacontainer by 737 teu

29/09/2014the traffic of the goods in the port of Palermo in the first eight months of 2014
disembarks to It is diminished of the -3,2% and it embarks to it are increased of +11.2%

29/09/2014CNA-Fita denunciation the conflict of interest of Palenzona, president of the highway concessionaires and honorary president of FAI-Conftrasporto
the association wonders because the government does not impose increases to the highway concessionaires and programs you cut to the remorse of the octrois for the haulers

29/09/2014the Japanese Mitsui & Co. it will invest almost 3,7 billion dollars for the chartering of five ships LNG
Will have an ability to 155 thousand and 174 thousand cubic metres

29/09/2014the Harbour Committee of Genoa has approved of the new regulations for the harbour railway exercise
Green light to the night use of the mouth of West

30/09/2014and November to Genoa will hold the meeting anniversary of Fleeting the Shipping Italian Association Transport
For the first time the event will be of national interest

30/09/2014Fifty Helvetic managers have visited the port of
Conclusion of a series of organized encounters from Propeller Club Port of Basel and from the Swiss Shippers' Council

30/09/2014Fillea Cgil nozzle an alarm for the state of crisis of the genoese Furnishings Port
the union has asked the local institutions a engagement to the aim to maintain to occupation and professionality in a strategic field for the economic citizen

30/09/2014the Ormeggiatori Group of the Port of Ravenna is equipped of a new boat and a new self-propelled crane
the investment program that continues to being financed with resources own of the cooperative

30/09/2014Workshop on the topic "Design for disassembling, in the naval and nautical planning"
from ATHENA and Polo DLTM, will hold 15 October to

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