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21 April 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 04:10 GMT+2

01/10/2014ABB will supply systems of automation and production of energy for a new unit FPSO
Order of the Armada Kraken, branch of the group malaysian Bumi Armada

01/10/2014prompt Taranto Confindustria the performance of the agreement of 2012 for the development of the containerized traffics in the apulian port
the emergency - the association of the manufacturers emphasizes - risks the point of no return

01/10/2014Matteo Gasparato is the new president of the Union To interpose Reunited you
the future priorities of the association

01/10/2014the United Kingdom Major Ports Group exhorts the government of London to giving support to the national portualità
Second the association, is necessary to assure that the EU operates to favor and not against the ports of the United Kingdom. Introduced "Ports4Prosperity"

01/10/2014the responsible for Europe of the Zim to Livorno in concomitanza with the return of the ships of the company in the Leighorn port
Dotan: "we wish that the situation to Livorno continuous to improve"

01/10/2014and October to Rome the Maritime convention "Labour Convention 2006: state of the art and future perspectives"
Is organized from the University of the Studies of Genoa and from the General Command of the Harbour offices

01/10/2014To Genoa is inaugurated 54ª the edition of International the Nautical Hall
Perotti (UCINA): "the support of politics is fundamental for the resumption of our field"

02/10/2014Green light of the government of Moscow to the construction of the new harbour complex on the Baltic Sea
Segue the agreement which signed between the administration of Kaliningrad, Rosmorport and Grandi Navi Veloci

02/10/2014Convention on the topic "Venice to the challenge of the adriatic high portualità"
from the Party Democratic, will hold saturday to Mestre

02/10/2014a delegation of the association of the shippers Austrians has visited the port of Trieste
the invitation of the Association of the Shippers of the Port of Trieste

02/10/2014the officials of Costa Crociere to lesson in order to get up to date on the mooring techniques
Run in collaboration with Guard Costiera of Savona

02/10/2014the association of the Croatian shipowners Mare Nostrum enters to take part of the ECSA
the companies that are under responsibility of the Croatian organization operate 141 ships

02/10/2014Gianluigi Aponte leaves the rudder of shipowning group MSC the Diego son
the founder of Mediterranean Shipping Company will assume the new role of chairman

03/10/2014the European Rail Freight Association exhorts the Council of the EU to remove the obstacles that prevent the development of the railway field
the association denunciation that the historical railway operators continue to being in possession of the instruments actions to weaken and quite to expel the new operators from the market

03/10/2014Taranto is interrogated on the reasons for which the port it is outside from the oceanic routes of the containerized transport
Stops (UIL): it does not reside in the competence of some agency to place remedy to the situation. Count (To propel Club): because the uproar of these days was not made when Evergreen announced that the large one of the activity from Taranto was moved to the Pireo

03/10/2014Alarm launch from the New Consortium of the Port of Trapani for the abolition of the Trapani-Cagliari line of Tirrenia
"To cancel a draft as that for Cagliari - it has emphasized the society cooperative - means to put in knee an entire section"

03/10/2014the terminalisti of the port of Trieste look with confidence to the future
In program private investments in order to answer to the forecasts of increase of the long traffics the Adriatic director Nord

03/10/2014Agreement between ETF and ECSA in order to guarantee that the marine ones are dealt on a plan of parity regarding the earth workers
Tytgat (ECSA): draft of a delicate balance between the interests of our respective organizations

03/10/2014and October to Naples will hold the fifth edition of "Shipping and the Law"
To the encounter will convene some between the greater actors of the world of the shipping, the finance and other asset tied to the marine industry

06/10/2014Genoa, Renzo Piano, I fresco it, blueprint and the dance of the naval repairs
the architect, the mayor and the presidents of the Harbour Authority and the Region have introduced a new proposed for rearrange of the area more oriental of the port

06/10/2014Green light of the Israeli government to the privatization of the ports of Ashdod and Haifa
the plan previews the emission of new actions of the governmental societies to quote to the Stock exchange of Tel Aviv

06/10/2014Soon in the port of Trieste will arrive the trucks loaded on the trains with the NiKRASA system
the plan involves private logistic operators and the association of interposing you Bavarians

06/10/2014and October to Naples will hold the fourth edition of Italian Cruise Day
Bending of the crocieristico traffic in the Italian ports in 2014

06/10/2014increase of the number of passengers and vehicles transported from the fleet of Trasmediterranea
Revenues in increase of +2%

07/10/2014In the first semester of the 2014 fluvial traffic of the goods in Germany has grown of +1.1%
the containerized trade has been pairs to 1,2 million teu (+7.3%)

07/10/2014Seventh (Uiltrasporti): the division Cargo of Trenitalia risks the closing
Disappointment of the union for the umpteenth passage of machinists from the division Cargo to those Passengers

07/10/2014In the crocieristica season the 2014-15 channel of Panama hat will be crossed by 200 ships from cruise
the number of the transits

07/10/2014UIRR denunciation like the data I am diffused by Eurostat on the transport goods in the EU
the precise association the expectations of the operators of the transport arranged approximately European politics on the transports

07/10/2014the EU co-finances with 322 thousand euros a plan of the association of the ports of Alto Adriatico
the objective is the realization of a masterplan for the harbour infrastructure development for which liquified natural gas

07/10/2014the European shipowners ask certainties on the use for the scrubber in order to pull down the injurious emissions of the ships
the ECSA emphasizes the necessity to harmonize the norms EU in order to avoid that the washing water drainages can be prohibited from the legislation of a single State

07/10/2014the EU commission has adopted a proposal in order to favor the more ecological fuel use for the transports
the objective is the reduction of 6% of the intensity of the gas emissions to greenhouse effect of fuel within end 2020

08/10/2014Today to Livorno opens the panel meeting of the Society of International Gas Tanker and Operators Terminal
the event coincides with the 50 years of activity of the transport via natural gas ship which liquified and the 35 years of life of the association

08/10/2014the ports of Seattle and Tacoma decide to unify management that manages the respective harbour terminals
Is - they have explained - a strategic answer to the competitive pressures that are redesigning the field of world-wide the marine transport

08/10/2014the crocieristico group Carnival will realize a new center of formation to Almere, in Holland
will be attended annually by 6.500 officials of covered and car

08/10/2014UPS increases its presence in the e-commerce with the acquisition of the i-parcel
the market of the transboundary e-commerce will reach this year a value of 105 billion dollars

08/10/2014Presentate the lines guides of the ban of contest for the dry docks of Livorno
Gori (Tuscany Region): "to Piombino a pole of repairs is being born. We avoid useless doppioni. Livorno takes note some"

08/10/2014Fusion of the shipowning societies Golden Ocean and Knightsbridge Shipping
Nascerà one of the companies world leaders in the field of dry the bulk with a fleet of 72 ships

08/10/2014the Council of the EU has adopted own position on the harbour services
Cargo handling and services to the passengers subject to the transparency rules financial institution, but exempted from the access dispositions at the market. The States can decide not to apply the norms to the pilotage

09/10/2014Green light of the Federal Maritime Commission to the alliance 2M of Maersk Line and MSC
the American governmental agency has approved of the Vessel Sharing Agreement with four ballots to favor and against

09/10/2014ESPO partially is satisfied of the position of the Council of the EU on the harbour services
"the glass - it has emphasized the association of the European ports - is full means"

09/10/2014Saipem, Chiyoda and Xodus have created a new society of submarine engineering
will take care of the realization of studies and the supply of services of engineering and advising

09/10/2014In the week-end to Alassio and Garlenda an event turned to the commanders and manager of superyacht
the participants are to international 95%

09/10/201415 October to Rome will hold the public session of the assembly anniversary of the Confitarma
Grimaldi that will make the point on the situation of the Italian mercantile fleet and on the future perspectives of the field

09/10/2014To Genoa a convention on the protection of the marine ones
Is organized from the The International Propeller Port Club of Genoa jib

09/10/2014Maersk Line and Mediterranean Shipping Company confirm the start of the VSA 2M in January 2015
the agreement already is notified and recorded near the Ministry of Transportation of Beijing

10/10/2014the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT unblocks the intense activities for the requalification of the Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto
the resource introduced from New Frontiers Job on the supply of temporary job in the port of Brindisi

10/10/2014the port of has introduced its offer to Milan in an encounter to Propeller Club
Forcieri: "thanks to the dredgings today we can operate ships from 14 thousand teu and, through ulterior participations, we will be soon in a position to allowing the berthing also with the ships from 16 thousand teu"

10/10/201427 October will hold the Conference of the Services on the plan of platform of height of the port of Venice
Last dowel before the sottoposizione of the plan to the CIPE

13/10/2014Tests of I difrost between Spediporto and Maersk Italy
Sconti commercial to the associates of Spediporto who will use the services of the company

13/10/2014To september the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore is diminished of the -5,1%
In the first nine months of 2014 is recorded an increase of +3.9%

13/10/201424 October to Portogruaro will hold the event of presentation of the hub logistic Eastgate Park
is developed on an area of approximately 1,8 million square metres

13/10/2014Hyundai Merchant Marine sells two own container American terminals to Lindsay Goldberg
the transaction will have a value of 140 million dollars

13/10/2014G6 Alliance announces the temporary fusion of two transpacifici services
draft of the lines New York Express and South China Express

13/10/2014Al Venetian terminal Vecon is in existence a program in support of the environmental safeguard
the objective is also to improve the competitive standards

13/10/2014In the third trimester of this year the turnover of Kuehne + Nagel has grown of +4.2%
marine and the enlivened aerial shipment volumes from the logistic group are increased of +7.9% and +4.8%

13/10/2014the Supreme Court of Costa Rica confirmation the allocation of the new Moin Container Terminal to APM Terminals
Will have 1,500 linear meters of docks

13/10/2014the Antitrust commina a fine of 180 thousand euros to Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
the crocieristica company would have placed in existence practical commercial an incorrect one

14/10/2014the number of the transits of the ships in the channel of Panama hat in fiscal year 2014
the tonnage of the ships that have crossed the Central American water way is increased of +2.0%

14/10/2014the new net of services of line of Ocean Three will value the French ports
assures It CMA CGM emphasizing that every year they will be the 3,200 ports of call in France, pairs to a ship every three hours

14/10/2014Deep European in order to help 565 former workers of STX Finland to find a new employment
the EU commission has proposed the distribution of 1,4 million euros of Bottom FEG

14/10/2014the ports of the Northern European Range are contrary to an investment policy of the EU that better the competitiveness of the south-European ports
the European economic resources - the ports of Amburgo, Amsterdam emphasize, Antwerp, Bremen, Groningen, Moerdijk, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge - must be put on of the more efficient ports of call

14/10/2014In the plant of Monfalcone is begun the construction of the ship from Seen Carnival cruise
Will be the new flagship of the fleet of the Carnival group

14/10/2014the shipowning group Lowers Shipping has signed an agreement of strategic cooperation with commercial bank ICBC
the understanding - the parts have announced - has a value of approximately 13 billion dollars

15/10/2014Israel Corp will transfer its quota in the Zim to integrally controlled Kenon, that it will be quoted to New York and Tel Aviv
Investment of 100 million dollars in the branch to which a credit line of 200 million dollars will be granted

15/10/2014emphasizes the bending of the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong
Last month is recorded a decrease of the -7,3%

15/10/2014ECSA exhorts the EU not to accelerate the iter relative to the system of monitoring of the emissions of co2 of the shipping
Perplexity on the urgency to reach an agreement to level EU "when - the European shipowners emphasize - it would be not only possible, but also more twitches to attend the results of deliberations IMO"

15/10/2014Last month the Chinese coastal ports have enlivened 633,5 million tons of goods (+3.2%)
the containerized trade has grown of +6.3%

15/10/2014To september the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is increased of +18%
rise of mineral oils (+47.1%)

15/10/2014Grimaldi (Confitarma): it is fundamental that the pillars are not modified on which the competitiveness of the Italian fleet rests
Squinzi (Confindustria): "the harbour reform is a priority not more postponable"

16/10/2014Carnival signs an agreement with the CSSC with the objective to constitute joint venture for the construction of ships from cruise in China
the understanding will be extended to the Fincantieri group

16/10/2014Royal Caribbean confirmation investments and engagement in order to assure the full transparency of own offers on-line
To July is renewed the reservation motor

16/10/2014configuration of the services of CSAV between the Europe North and the Middle East/Indian subcontinent
In program three services weeklies magazine

16/10/2014Louis Dreyfus Armateurs announces the cessation of the activity to the terminal for bulk of Cherbourg-Octeville
the company: in five years we have lost 12-13 million euro. Negotiations with two potential purchasers

16/10/2014Brittany Ferries abandons the plan of the propulsion to gas that includes the order of a ship to STX France
Three you ferry will be equipped of systems scrubber in order to pull down the emissions with an investment of 70-80 million euro

16/10/2014Hupac and FS confirm the common engagement in order to adapt the railway infrastructure to the requirements of Alptransit
the entrance in exercise of the gallery of base of the Gottardo is previewed for December 2016

16/10/2014Al VTE of Genoa the certification of excellence for quality, atmosphere and safety
is achieved achieved in four-year term 2010-2014

16/10/2014Luca Vitiello indicated for the presidency of Assorimorchiatori
the candidacy will come subordinate to the assembly for the formalizzazione

16/10/2014the Spanish government will launch a program of incentives for truck destruction
will be put on also a credit line of 200 million euros

17/10/2014Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is increased of +9.0%
In the first nine months of this year is recorded an increment of +7.8%

17/10/2014Goldman Sachs and Prudential are in negotiations in order to yield 33% of harbour group British ABP
66% is stopped by the Canadian group Borealis and GIC Special Investments of Singapore

17/10/2014the port of Cagliari to the European forum on the ecosostenibilità of the harbour systems
To Barcelona is introduced the systems of reduction of the emissions of the ships from cruise

17/10/2014Wednesday to Brussels the port of will introduce the results of the plan on the Freeways of the Sea
Scope of the encounter is to share them with the EU commission and beyond 50 stakeholder and supporter that they will participate to the event

17/10/2014Tuesday to Salerno will hold the workshop "Portualità and logistics: the South moves, in direction of the development"
the encounter represents second of the four initiatives in development in the regions Objective Convergence: Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily

17/10/2014the Higher council of the Public works has approved of the Portuale Town development plan of Livorno
Green light with some prescription which to fulfill during planning of the works

17/10/2014Tomorrow to Genoa will carry out 47ma the edition of the Prize S. Giorgio
the event is organized from Long the National College Captains Course and Car

20/10/2014the government Egyptian has assigned the contracts for the widening of the Suez Canal and the construction of according to channel
the intense activities will be realized by a consortium constituted from NMDC, Boskalis, Van Oord and Jan de Nul and from a consortium constituted from Dredging International and GLDD

20/10/2014Friday and saturday to Ancona will hold the first "Open Port"
Is organized from the Harbour Authority in order to introduce the port and its professionalities

20/10/2014To september the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Barcelona has grown of +3.6%
In the first nine months of the 2014 increment has been of +7.4%

20/10/2014To Ravenna a convention on the clearance in sea
Is organized from the Chamber of Commerce and Propeller Club of Ravenna and Milan

20/10/2014Lupi and Caldoro: they are not more tolerable delays in the realization of the plan for the development of the port of Naples
Retort of the minister and the governor to the declarations of the commissioner of the Harbour Authority

20/10/2014In the first eight months of the 2014 Spanish ports has 307,6 million tons of goods (+4.2%)
To August is recorded a bending of the -1,7%

20/10/2014Eni confirmation Porto Marghera which strategic area for the development of plans to wide sustainability
Incontro between chief downstream and industrial operations officer of the oil group and the president of the Harbour Authority of Venice

20/10/2014Friday to Ravenna will hold the seminary of spread of the European plan Safeport
has involved the ports of Ravenna, Chioggia, Venice, Monfalcone, Nogaro, Trieste and Koper

20/10/2014a new dock of the container terminal of the port of Lomé
Al Togo Terminal the traffic ability will go up per year to 1,2 million container

20/10/2014Negative the outcome of the negotiations for the fusion of railway groups North American CP and CSX
Second the Canadian company is necessary to adopt new solutions in order to resolve the problems that plague the railway field

21/10/2014Holding Navico, world leader in the field of the electronic one plays hooky, buys the MARIS
an agreement with the Grieg group

21/10/2014In rise the results of the logistic group Panalpina
In the third trimester the volumes of air shipments and marine are increased respective of +4% and +9%

21/10/2014Ok of the Ministry of the Atmosphere to the dredgings in the port of Naples
the plan is approved of with decrees of 16 October

21/10/2014the prompt ERFA the legislators of the EU to get ahead the fourth railway package in its entirety
the invitation is not to disconnect the pillars "technical" and "politician"

21/10/201414 November to Milan will hold the tenth edition of the prize de the Logistic one of the Year
the chosen topic this year to frame of the event is the sustainability

21/10/2014In the first nine months of the 2014 traffic in the port of Koper has grown of +3.2%
Container in increase of +14.6%

21/10/2014the nomination of the general secretary of the Harbour Authority of Trieste
Province and Municipality of Trieste has candidated Nereo Marcucci and Zeno d' Augustin to the presidency of the Harbour Authority

21/10/2014Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach has grown of +7.3%
In the first nine months of the 2014 is enlivened 5,1 million teu (+1.7%)

22/10/2014In third trimester ABB has recorded a bending of the economic results and an sensitive increase of the orders
In Italy the orders have grown of +30%

22/10/2014BBC Chartering chooses Manchester Terminal of Houston which own hub dedicated for the America North
Agreement with the Marine American Gulf Stream

22/10/2014CKYHE has introduced to the demanded FMC to widen the within of the cooperation to the traffics with the USA
the shipowning alliance has informed also the authorities of China and the EU

22/10/2014the role of the international airport of Naples inside of the tourist row
Is the topic of an organized convention from Propeller Club of Naples in program 29 October

22/10/201430 October in the commercial port of Augusta will hold the "Day Blue"
international Laboratory on the Blue increase in the Mediterranean

22/10/2014In the third trimester the traffic of the goods in the port of Antwerp has grown of +5.8%
In the first nine months of this year is enlivened 148,3 million tons (+3.7%)

22/10/2014To determined september rise (+21%) of the traffic goods enlivened from the port of Genoa
In the first nine months of the 2014 is enlivened 38,5 million tons (+4.2%)

22/10/2014Tomorrow to Taranto the third stage of the encounters promoted from the PON Nets and Mobility 2007-2013 in the main ports of Southern Italy
In program the conference "Portualità and logistics - the South moves, in direction of the development"

23/10/2014In the third Wärtsilä trimester has recorded an emphasized increment of the new orders
In the segment of the systems of naval propulsion the increase has been of +24%

23/10/2014Incontro of Propeller Club of Venice on the plans for the development of the city port
will hold 18 November. Reporter the president of the Harbour Authority

23/10/2014the ECSA proposes to subdivide the European legislation on the ports in single specific norms for activity areas
Verhoeven: "I believe that the moment has reached to separate politics of the EU on the ports from the within of the wide normative packages that cover a variety of topics and services"

23/10/2014GEFCO is realizing new a hub aerial near the airport of Frankfurt
Currently the net overseas of the logistic group is composed gives beyond 80 hub and warehouses

23/10/2014increase of the traffic in the port of Valencia in the first nine months of 2014
container handling has been pairs to 3,3 million teu (+0.8%)

23/10/2014strike of the staff of the ALP, exclusive supplier of temporary harbour job to Livorno
the conciliation attempt

23/10/2014Relation of commissioner Karrer of the port of Naples on the new Town development plan and the Great Plan
a working team in order to rewrite the PRP

24/10/2014In the third trimester the profit clearly of Royal Caribbean has recorded an increase of +34%
the American company is satisfied in particular of the results achieved in Europe and China

24/10/2014the reduction of the cost of the bunker could determine an aggravation of the excess of ability to the fleet of portacontainer
Analysis of Alphaliner on the possible minor rerun to the slow steaming

24/10/2014the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Rotterdam in the third trimester
In the first nine months of 2014 is recorded an light increase of +0.3%

24/10/2014Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks buys the Optoplan Norwegian
the company of Trondheim work in the field of solutions 4D PRM used for the oil extraction and of gas in the seabeds

24/10/2014Paolo Clerici has been awarded of the Prize Protagonist
is conferred yesterday to Verona in the within of the third Eurasiatic Forum

24/10/2014Tuesday to Olbia will hold a workshop of the communitarian plan strategic FutureMed
is turned to the improvement of the competitiveness of the harbour systems of the Mediterranean area

24/10/2014In the third trimester the OOCL fleet has transported 1,4 million container (+5.3%)
In the first nine months of this year the volume is piled to 4,2 million teu (+8.4%)

24/10/2014To the Italian Cruise Day is evidenced the potentialities of increase of the crocieristico traffic
the three ports of the Ligurian Ports Alliance preview ulterior increments in 2015

24/10/2014In the third trimester the traffic of the goods in the port of Savona I go is increased of +2.7%
Goods several +14.7%; liquid bulk +8.0%; bulk sand banks -25,2%. Passengers in increase of +7.8%

27/10/2014SUCH has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 32,6 million dollars (- 5.9%)
the revenues generated from the charterings of container are piled to 150,5 million dollars (+4.2%)

27/10/2014Threats to the harbour secretary of the Coordination of Cagliari
a ticket with the written one "Thinks to what you make. Today the ticket tomorrow fire" on the car of Roberta Massoni

27/10/2014Last month the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna is increased of +13.7%
In the first nine months of 2014 is recorded a +10.7%

27/10/2014Last month in the Suez Canal is journeyed 1,458 ships (+3.0%)
In the period January-september the marine traffic has been of 12.646 ships (+3.4%)

27/10/2014Sines has entered in the club of the ports that they per year enliven beyond a million container
the terminal managed from PSA Sines has begun the activity in 2004

27/10/2014a delegation of the shippers and Czech shipping agents has visited the port of Trieste
the initiative on invitation of the Association of the Shippers of the Port of Trieste

27/10/2014DP World will plan a port in deep waters in Bangladesh
also the construction of new a great airport

27/10/2014minister Lupi and the president of the Harbour Authority of Genoa have met the summits of terminalista group PSA
Merlon: "we have put PSA in the conditions of being able to increase own investment to Genoa"

27/10/2014In the first nine months of the 2014 port of Venice has enlivened 15,9 million tons of goods (- 12.1%)
the traffic of the crocieristi has been of 1,4 million people (- 4.3%)

27/10/2014Seizure of 33,3 million euros for the president and the managing director of MSC Cruises
the assumed crimes are of unfaithful declaration and of omitted annual tax return. The company emphasizes that ""the disputes are completely groundless and in evident dispregio of relative the international norms in particular to the marine field"

27/10/2014the port of Piombino celebrates the completion of a series of works
Inaugurated first Varying banchinamento 2 to the PRP, the new Lanini Dock and the road of connection industry-port

27/10/2014the Neapolitan shipowning group Lauro has signed an agreement with Google
the objective is to return to tourists and citizens easyr navigation on waters of the partenopeo Gulf

28/10/2014Blue Attica Holdings has sold the ferry Ithaki Star to the Canadian government
the ship is yielded for 31,2 million euros

28/10/2014In the third trimester the harbour terminals of DP World have 15,4 million container (+9.0%)
In the first nine months of the 2014 traffic has been pairs to 44,8 million teu (+10.1%)

28/10/2014conviviale Evening of Propeller Club of Trieste on the topic of the ships from cruise
will hold 5 November

28/10/2014Meyer Werft has delivered to the new ship from cruise Quantum of the Seas to the Royal Caribbean Cruises
Has an ability to 4.180 passengers and approximately 1.550 members of the crew

28/10/2014Chinese CIMC records one sensitive increase of the economic results and the sales of container
the third trimester has been archived item with a profit of clearly 731 million yuan (+35.9%)

28/10/2014the port of Taranto with or without terminal container
Is the topic of the convention in program 4 organized November from Propeller Club Port of Taras

28/10/2014In the first nine months of the 2014 terminal of COSCO Pacific has enlivened 50,1 million container (+9.6%)
In the third trimester the traffic has been of 17,6 million teu (+8.7%)

28/10/2014the port of Amburgo will close the 2014 with traffic record of beyond 142 million tons
For the container is attended a total of beyond 9,5 million teu

28/10/2014In the port of Savona I go are programmed participations for 166 million euros in three years 2015-2017
the budget of forecast 2015 of the Harbour Authority that anticipates a remainder of administration of 42 million euros

29/10/2014the Polish ministry of the treasury restarts the procedure of privatization of Polferries to which Finnlines will participate
the company of navigation of the Grimaldi group announces the sale of two ships

29/10/2014In the first semester of the 2014 German ports has enlivened 152 million tons of goods (+2.7%)
the container has been pairs to 7,9 million teu (+3.3%)

29/10/2014To Genoa, with the Concord, tests the possibility to reactivate the activities of naval demolition
the consortium Ship Recycling has introduced the plan of dismantling of the property left at death one of the ship from cruise

29/10/2014the Harbour Committee of Livorno has approved of the budget of forecast the 2015 and POT
the triennial program of the works includes 31 plans and investments for 121 million euros

29/10/2014In the third trimester the HPH terminals Trust have enlivened 6,6 million container (+8%)
In the first nine months of the 2014 traffic has been almost 18,0 million teu (+7%)

29/10/2014Improvement of the economic results of CAI International in the third trimester
Garci'a: we have recorded an increase of the container question is in Asia that in Europe

29/10/2014Agreement between the Fincantieri group and the Ship yard Victory
Prevede the supply of activity and relative performances to platforms of smaller units, mercantile and military use

29/10/2014Calo of the -5% of the actions of piracy in the first nine months of 2014
In the third trimester is recorded an increment of +24%

30/10/2014After fifteen closed consecutive trimesters with a net loss Hanjin Shipping is returned to the positive sign
In the trimester July-september of this year the revenues are diminished of the -20,7%

30/10/2014In increase the Marine performances of the division of Bureau Veritas
Al 30 past september the fleet in class BV had a consistency pairs to 101,8 million tsl (+6.4%)

30/10/2014Incontro of Propeller Club of Genoa on the routes East-West of Maersk Line
Is the program 4 November

30/10/2014New portacontainer giant for the companies CSAV and Seaspan
Battezzate two ships from 9.300 teu that they are largest of the fleet of the South American company

30/10/2014In the first nine months of the 2014 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Taranto is dropped of the -1,1%
To september a contraction of the -50,7%

30/10/2014In the third trimester of this year the fleet of the COSCON has transported 2,5 million container (+8.2%)
China COSCO clearly has archived item the period with a profit of approximately 264 million dollars

30/10/2014Confermate the certifications of quality and atmosphere of the Harbour Authority of Savona
the verifications are carried out by the RINA

30/10/2014CSCL has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of approximately 33 million dollars
Stable the revenues

30/10/2014Alpha Maritime Services has joined to the Universal Freight Organization
the objective of the platform is to offer to the societies of shipment the access to a world-wide net of agents

30/10/2014In increase the economic performances of Norwegian Cruise Line
the period July-september has been archived item with a profit clearly of 203,3 million dollars (+17.6%)

31/10/2014Costa Crociere has constituted the "Costa Crociere Foundation"
the new organization has the objective to improve the social and environmental conditions in the communities in which work the company

31/10/2014"K" Linens clearly closes the trimester July-september with an increase of the result, while MOL and NYK record a bending
the volume of transactions of the three Japanese shipowning companies is increased respective of +9%, +3% and +6%

31/10/2014Delrio: we have asked and obtained from the companies investor I renew of the engagements for the development of the port of Taranto
Cgil, Cisl and Uil have manifested appreciation for the affirmations of the government approximately the strategic importance of the apulian port of call

31/10/2014group NOL records a net loss for the fourth consecutive trimester
the period July-september has been archived item with liabilities of -21 million dollars

31/10/2014the Ministry of Transportation invites the Harbour Authorities to make reference to the "case" Livorno for the cruises
the Council of State has established that the Port Livorno 2000 is the only which titled subject to manage this traffic

31/10/2014the Harbour Committee of has approved of unanimously the budget of forecast 2015
To seem favorable to the proposal to assign approximately eight million euro to the reduction of the harbour taxes

31/10/2014Plan eCustoms, must exit from the stall otherwise the clearance procedures will go one step further alone in 2020
has said the central director to It of the Area Technologies for the innovation of the Agency of Customs, Teresa Alvaro, in the course of the convention on the clearance in organized sea from Propeller Club of Ravenna and Milan

31/10/2014international the European shipowners invite to liberalize the transport of goods between the Chinese ports
Verhoeven (ECSA): "to remove this discriminatory restriction it will offer advantages also to China"

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