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19 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 11:01 GMT+1

02/01/2015To the Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation 100% of the Arctech ship yard of Helsinki
STX Finland has yielded 50% of the capital

02/01/2015Recognized part of the declared additional costs from consortium GUPC for the widening of the channel of Panama hat
also a delay of 176 days of the duration of the intense activities

02/01/2015In the 2014 port of Mombasa has established the own new record of traffic of the container
the port of call African has enlivened a million teu

05/01/2015naval gigantism contaminates also the Japanese MOL
the shipowning group will be equipped of container vessels of next ability to 20.000 teu

05/01/2015Mega succeeds to Sommariva to the summit of the Technical Secretariat Operativa of the Harbour Authority of Bari
31 December has expired the sent second of the general secretary

05/01/2015To November the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto has grown of +24.4%
In the first eleven months of the 2014 port of call has enlivened 25,8 million tons (+0.6%)

05/01/2015This year Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. previews to obtain new orders for 23 billion dollars
a turnover pairs to approximately 22 billion dollars

07/01/2015the Authority of the Channel of Panama hat has introduced a new one slowly of the tolls for the transit of the ships
the objective is beginning from to introduce the new rates the April of 2016

07/01/2015the fusion between German VTG Aktiengesellschaft and the Helvetian Ahaus Alstätter Eisenbahn
the consistency of the VTG fleet is gone up to beyond 80.000 railway wagons goods

07/01/2015Helvetic group ABB has completed the cession of its activities of Service Full hand
society stand-halo with the name of Quant

07/01/2015Eimskip has bought the Dutch shipment house Jac. Meisner
the company of Rotterdam records a annual turnover of approximately 7,5 million euros

07/01/2015To November 2014 the port of Genoa has enlivened 4,2 million tons of goods (+6.7%)
In the first eleven months of the 2014 traffic has grown of +4.8%

07/01/2015line ro-ro between the ports of Trapani and Genoa
Verrà activated from the Domestic servant of Srl Navigation

07/01/2015the council of Livorno has organized a centralized public encounter on the port
will hold tomorrow to hours 17,30

07/01/2015the shipowning group Grimaldi strengthens the marine connections between Italy and Spain
Doubling of the frequency of the Savona-Barcelona service and its extension also to the transport of passengers

07/01/2015Serracchiani: it is necessary to avoid a "empty one" to the guide of the Harbour Authority of Trieste
the Region Friuli Venice Julia has communicated to the MIT the will to actively carry out own role to the aim to reach the understanding on the nomination of the new president

08/01/2015the traffic of the container in the Australian ports will record a annual increase of +5.1% in next the 20 years
For the not containerized traffic is attended an increment of +3.9% per year

08/01/2015Deep for the shipbuilding-shipowning field put on from the Law of Stability
total Amount of 100 million euros in favor of the section

08/01/2015society of towing constituted from PSA Marine and Golden Dunes International
Opererà services for Oman LNG

08/01/2015the commission on the marine lefts - denunciation the National College Captains - do not include the officials of the Merchant navy
the association expresses some considerations on the shipwreck of "Norman Atlantic". Evidenced the problem of independence it is of the Registries of classifies is of the commanders in the relationships with the companies

08/01/2015Undersigned the agreement of program for Marghera Port that previews investments for 153 million euros
Is - it has emphasized the Harbour Authority of Venice - an only occasion of throws again of the harbour and industrial activities

09/01/2015Marine Petroleum Network Aegean extends own net to the German ports
To Amburgo is installed a center of fuel distribution

09/01/2015In the 2014 harbour system of Amsterdam has enlivened beyond 97,4 million tons of goods (+1.7%)
the single port of call of Amsterdam has recorded a new record of 79,7 million tons (+1.4%)

09/01/2015increase of the ability to the fleets of portacontainer of the first twenty companies of the line field
In a year the consistency of the fleet of Danish A.P. Møller-Mærsk is gone up to 604 ships for an ability pairs almost 2,9 million teu (+12%)

09/01/2015Start of the course of the Foundation G.I coast in order to form the young people to the careers of the sea
will be followed by twenty-five students selected between beyond three hundred candidates

09/01/2015the port of Trieste has closed the 2014 with a traffic of the container record of beyond 500 thousand teu
Increase of +10.34% regarding the year precedence

09/01/2015British court CAT confirmation the prohibition to Eurotunnel to operate services ferry between Dover and Calais
the railway group announces the intention to sell the MyFerryLink company

09/01/2015Online the site on the plan of dismantling and money laundering of the Concord
Crescerà the team of technicians of the Consortium Ship Recycling to the job on the property left at death one

09/01/2015the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT Venetian cancels the action of the Harbour office of Venice that imposed limitations to the crocieristico traffic in Giudecca and S. Marco
Costa: "we with confidence attend the decisions that the government will want to take, as soon as possible"

12/01/2015In the 2014 traffic of the goods in the port of Piombino is diminished of -33,5% to the 3,5 million one tons
Sbarchi and embarks is dropped respective of the -41,5% and the -12,9%

12/01/2015Mario Corsi is the new managing director of ABB Spa
Matteo Marini has assumed the presidency of the company and the responsibility of the division Power Products of ABB for the European Region

12/01/2015Federagenti exhorts the government to quickly giving certainties on the future crocieristico of Venice
Satisfaction for the sentence of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT that has cancelled the limits to the income of the ships from cruise

12/01/2015In the 2014 harbour terminal of the Virginiums has enlivened a traffic container record
handling has been pairs to 2.393.038 teu (+7.6%)

12/01/2015Last year the traffic of the passengers in the port of Genoa is dropped of the -5,3%
Crocieristi -21,5%; passengers of ferries +3.9%. For the 2015 Marine Stations he previews a content increment of the traffic you ferry and an light decrease of the cruises

12/01/2015the ports NAPA confirm the engagement to support mutual the future plans of development of every port of call
Adhesion to the association of the ports of Monfalcone and Chioggia

12/01/2015Meeting of Propeller Club of Genoa on the protection of the marine ones
will hold Wednesday to Saint George Palace

12/01/2015Grimaldi will activate a new direct service for the transport of motor vehicles between the port of Civitavecchia and the America North
Finnlines buys two ships ro-ro

13/01/2015Prestige Cruises International renunciation to start the initial public offer
Had the objective to collect deep for 250 million dollars

13/01/2015In 2015 railway group French SNCF will cut 1,100 places of work
However, with a total of approximately 9.000 new assumptions, the railway group will be confirmed like one of the main offerers of places of work of France

13/01/2015Arco Shipments inaugurates new connections for Germany and France
is dedicated to the street transport of goods dangerous

13/01/2015In the 2014 port of Ghent has enlivened 47,7 million tons of goods (- 1.0%)
the marine traffic goods has been of 25,9 million tons (- 0.2%) and the traffic inland of 21,8 million tons (- 1.8%)

13/01/2015Provincial: the new Portuale Town development plan of Livorno does not anticipate some danger for the atmosphere
"the PRP - it has emphasized - is not written in the closed one of a room"

13/01/2015From the 4 to 6 February CarraraFiere will accommodate the international review Seatec
is dedicated to technology, subfornitura and design for boats, yacht and ships

14/01/2015the ports of Oakland, New Orleans and Dublino close 2014 with shining turned out of traffic
Record of the container and the cruises for the ports of call Americans. The Irish port grazes the best performance recorded in 2007

14/01/201521 January to Rome will hold a convention on the Italian logistic system
Is organized from the Observatory Contract Logistics of the School of Management of the Polytechnic of Milan and from Assologistica

14/01/2015Last year the number of actions of piracy against the ships is diminished of the -7%
In increase the assaults against the small tankers in the Asian south-east

14/01/2015the Spanish government presses because the rates of the aerial and marine transport reflect the decrease of the price of the oil
minister Pastor will convene the responsibles of the airlines and the companies of navigation

14/01/2015In the 2014 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Marseilles has recorded a bending of the -2%
the decrease is determined by the reduction of hydrocarbons

15/01/2015the port of Hong Kong comes down to the quarter place in the ranking 2014 of the world-wide ports container
Having 22,3 million teu is climbed over by the port of Shenzhen

15/01/2015Last year the harbour terminals of Contship Italy have enlivened almost 6,6 million container (+5.7%)
the Italian terminals of the group have recorded a traffic of 5,2 million teu (- 0.1%) and the Moroccan terminal Eurogate Tanger a volume record of 1,4 million teu (+34.2%)

15/01/2015In the 2014 travelling freeway of RAlpin has transported 110 thousand motor vehicles
99,300 has travelled on the Freiburg-Novara draft

15/01/2015Summit between MedCruise and four Head offices EU in order to promote the crocieristico tourism
the association of the crocieristici ports of the Mediterranean has shown possible strategic actions and political initiatives for the development and the sustainability of the cruises in the region

15/01/2015To Venice the pollution produced from the great ships from cruise is diminished thanks to the fuel "green"
evidences It a search lead from the Institute of Sciences of the Atmosphere and the Climate of the CNR of C#lecce

15/01/2015Intercargo throws again the alarm for the danger course rinfusiere that they transport cargos that can be liquified
the appeal as a result of the umpteenth incident, been necessary to the rinfusiera "Jupiter Bulk" that it had loaded bauxite in Malaysia

15/01/2015Saturday will officially be inaugurated in Italy new East-West Network of the Maersk Line
the services will be operated with medium larger ships regarding the past

15/01/2015Perotti has announced the decision to discharge from the charge the UCINA president
Ho with pain resignation - it has explained - because I consider a necessary step to it for the future of the association

16/01/2015the judge archivia the inquiry on the allocation of the servicings to the crocieristi in the port of Brindisi
Haralambides: the investigations have revealed an unimpeachable conduct of the Harbour Authority of Brindisi

16/01/2015In the 2014 terminal of COSCO Pacific has totaled a traffic of 67,3 million container (+9.9%)
handling in the terminals foreign countries has grown of +16.9%

16/01/2015Zeno D' Augustin will be named commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Trieste
Serracchiani: the next nomination answers to the requirement to assure rapidity in the succession to the governance of the port

16/01/2015the French shipowners ask a specific law for the economy for the sea
Support of Armateurs de France to the proposal to introduce within the end of a 2015 bill for the "blue increase"

16/01/2015Singapore confirmation second port world-wide container
In the 2014 port of call has movimntato almost 33,9 million teu (+4.0%)

16/01/2015prompt Uiltrasporti the Antitrust to inquire on the acquisition of the control of Tirrenia CIN from Moby
Tarlazzi: "if it had to be necessary we will ask also the participation for the European Antitrust"

16/01/2015Nuovo agricultural and food- traffic from the Center and South America for the port of Civitavecchia
Begun the landings place of the Cosiarma ships to Civitavecchia Fruit & Forest Terminal

16/01/2015In the 2014 port of Brindisi has recorded increments of traffic of +4.5% of the goods and +3.8% of the passengers
Particularly consisting increase (+23.9%) of the rotabili

19/01/2015Unions and political forces criticizes the action of the government on the ports
Cortorillo (Filt Cgil): encounter to Far West is gone. Forza Italia critical the intention of the government of commissariare other Harbour Authorities

19/01/2015GNV is come to an agreement with Codacons in order to improve the servicing to the customers
Velocizzata also the management of the claims

19/01/2015the Council of State assigns the property of Toremar to Tuscany di Navigazione and it removes Moby
Overturned the sentence first degree of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT on the privatization of the navigation company

19/01/2015In the 2014 managed harbour terminal of PSA has enlivened 65,44 million container (+5.8%)
the terminals of Singapore have enlivened 33,55 million teu (+4.1%) and those foreign countries 31,89 million teu (+7.8%)

19/01/2015Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Rotterdam is piled to 444,7 million tons (+1.0%)
For 2015 is attended an analogous increase

19/01/2015In the 2014 traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City has grown of +6.0%
full Sbarchi and embarks of container respective +7.4% and +0.6%. Container empty +8.5%

20/01/2015In the 2014 volume of goods transported from the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal has grown of +9.0%
the ships in transit in the direction north-south have transported 416,0 million tons (+7.3%) and those in transit in the opposite direction 406,3 million tons (+10.8%)

20/01/2015Eimskip and König & Cie. they have constituted joint venture
will take care of ship management and trading

20/01/2015Strike of the workers to the Port Channel of Cagliari
Freemasons: we expect punctuality on the comprised salaries and wage the rear ones of 14a and 13a

20/01/2015Last year the port of Tanger Med has enlivened 41,7 million tons of goods (+17%)
the traffic of the passengers has been of beyond 2,1 million people (+7%)

21/01/2015the port of Long Beach has closed 2014 with a traffic of 6,8 million container (+1.3%)
In the single month of December is enlivened 567 thousand teu (- 2.6%)

21/01/2015Al port of Salerno is activated the procedure of preclearing of the goods
: "now the reform of 84/94 law and the activation in times attends breviums of investment programs for the development of the retroportuali areas"

21/01/2015In the 2014 terminal of group CMHI has enlivened 80,6 million container (+13.1%)
the bulk traffic has been of 363,4 million tons (+4.1%)

21/01/2015today to inform is also "mobile"
Activated a specific version for the reading on smartphone

21/01/2015Tarlazzi (UILT): "not to the deregulation of the ports"
Chiediamo - the general secretary of the union has explained - the extract from the Ddl "competition" for the matters of competence of the Ministry the Transports

21/01/2015the MPHRP exhorts to continue in the efforts in order to guarantee safety of the marine ones
Little - the organization emphasizes - is made in order to answer to the hit difficulties of the marine ones from piracy actions

21/01/2015"the hypothesis to annul the harbour companies - the mayor of Genoa emphasizes - appears indefensible"
In the port - Doria explains - carries out a decisive function

21/01/2015Assiterminal, the hypothesis of revocation of the overwhelming majority of the concessions would determine a chaos in the entire national portualità
the association of the terminalisti expresses worry also for the hypothesis of abolition of the harbour temporary job

21/01/2015Started in the yard Fincantieri di Sestri West the construction of the ship from cruise Seven Seas Explorer
the delivery is previewed for the summer of 2016

21/01/201527 January in from Liguria chief town will hold the convention "Manifest Genoa"
the topics are the displacement to sea of the outer dam and the resource of titanium on Monte Beigua

22/01/2015Giachino: the reforms for the ports and the logistics must make the Parliament
We - the national responsible has asserted transports of Forza Italia - expect very from the plan of the portualità and the logistics which minister Lupi is working

22/01/2015Al via the participations in order to neutralize the causes of the sand fill of the port of Pescara
the president of the regional committee of the Abruzzi has introduced the cronoprogramma of the intense activities

22/01/2015Agreement DB Schenker - Maersk Line in order to reduce the emissions of co2 of the container transport
a decrease of 20% of the carbon dioxide emissions within 2020

22/01/2015In the 2014 ports of Seattle and 3.427.561 Tacoma container (- 0.8% has enlivened)
the total traffic of the goods has been almost 35,1 million tons (+9.3%)

22/01/2015To Naples assumes an economic support to the Unica Lavoratori Portuali Company through the harbour taxes
Karrer will propose to the Harbour Committee the Shrill nomination like temporary acting general secretary

22/01/2015Last year the traffic goods enlivened from the port of Barcelona has grown of +9%
the container has been pairs to 1,9 million teu (+10%)

23/01/2015the Italian marine cluster asks the minister of the Transports to claim with force the centrality of its role
Mounts (Assoporti): extreme worry for hypothesis like those contained ones in the rough draft of bill of initiative of the Ministry of the Economic Development

23/01/2015the SUL threatens another strike to the Port Channel of Cagliari
Proriestì: it is most serious that CLP has only thought of being able to incutere fear or to dissuade the workers to exercise the strike right

23/01/2015This year is attended an increase of +7.8% of the ability to the world-wide fleet of portacontainer
In the 2014 increase has been of +6.3%

23/01/2015In the 2014 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Palermo is increased of +2.3%
To Termini Imerese is recorded a handling of 280 thousand tons (- 29.8%)

23/01/2015Mearelli (Assologistica): it is necessary that finally the logistic field has normative dignity
the section is worth approximately 7% of the Gross Domestic Product one

23/01/2015the commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Ancona Giampieri is named president of the agency
Spacca (Region Marche): "it is the news that Ancona and the Marche waited for a long time"

26/01/2015China Exim Bank finances CSSC for three new portacontainer from 18.000 teu
the ships of CMA CGM will be constructed in the ship yard Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co…

26/01/2015to 2,000 UASC orders container refrigerator
will be delivered by the Daikin Japanese

26/01/2015the shippers of Genoa, La Spezia and Savona construct a common house
ours - they have explained Belts, Laghezza and Orsero - wants to be a constructive spirit, with propositive forms towards the institutions

26/01/2015In the 2014 traffic of the goods in the port of Goteborg is diminished of the -2%
the passengers have been beyond 1,8 million people (+8%)

26/01/20152 February to Savona will hold the convention on the topic "Trasport… are the resumption in Liguria"
Is organized from Confcommercio Savona

26/01/2015WSC, the marine carriers would not have to be obliged to supply the data on the vendor and the purchaser of the goods in import in the EU
the World Shipping Council has many times over evidenced to the EU commission that such information can be given commercial classified

26/01/2015Modification of the corporate name of three companies of the shipowning group Grimaldi
Nasceranno Grimaldi Group Spa, Grimaldi Euromed Spa and Grimaldi Deep Sea Spa

27/01/2015AIATP, increases to the difference between the smaller ships and those greater ones enrolled in the International Registry
a delegation of Fleeting the Shipping Italian Association Transport is received to the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports

27/01/2015Carnival Agreement - Merchants Group Lowers in order to constitute a Chinese crocieristica company
the initiative previews also the institution of a terminal net cruises in China

27/01/2015In last the 20 years the German ports have recorded a doubling of the traffic volumes
Günthner: harbour politics must have along breath

27/01/2015Nuovo stop to the dredgings in the port of Taranto
Decreto of the diametrically opposite Council of State to the decree of the Regional Administrative Court of friday

27/01/2015This Snav summer will realize a new marine connection between Pescara and the Croatian islands
Three services in program from the 18 July to the 6 september

27/01/2015to the 2025 total volumes of the international transportation of goods will grow here more than four times
Such scene can have an impact negative on the climate, but also on the economy

27/01/2015Trasportounito, the governmental policies for the road haulage are limited to the management day-by-day of the survival
"zero - Longo denunciation - but much smug hypocrisy in getting on according to summit requirements"

27/01/2015Odone (Uiltrasporti): the umpteenth stop to the development of the port of Taranto confirmation paradoxical an absurd situation and
"Without the dredgings - it has emphasized - does not resume the traffics and without traffics not there is job"

27/01/2015Last year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Savona I go is diminished of the -10,1%
Calo of the bulk. The goods several four million tons have grown of +9.5% to

28/01/2015In the 2014 air traffic in Italy is returned to grow after two years of contraction
Enlivened 150.505.471 passengers (+4.5%) and 952,082 tons of goods (+5.0%)

28/01/2015Bohai Leasing has bought the chartering society Cronos container
the activity of the company will be integrated in that of the Seaco, branch of the Chinese group. The consistency of the fleet will go up to 2.179.000 teu

28/01/2015CNA-Fita, satisfaction for the confirmation of the resources for the expenses not documented of the road haulage
In this negative economic conjuncture - it has emphasized the association - is vital for the survival of the small and averages Italian enterprises

28/01/2015In the 2014 port of Antwerp has enlivened a traffic record of 199,0 million tons (+4.3%)
the containers have been pairs to 8.977.738 teu (+4.7%)

28/01/2015the port of Genoa has archived item 2014 marking a new record of traffic containers
Altogether is enlivened 51,9 million tons of goods (+4.8%)

28/01/2015the operators of the port of Trapani protest for the role assigned to the port of call in case of amalgamation with Palermo
"serious" Definiscono the affirmations of Cannatella, second which "Trapani could become a strategic landing place for the traffic goods on container"

28/01/2015Started on Palermo the construction of the troncone that Opera will be inserted in the middle of MSC
the "Program Renaissance" will finish to November with the intense activities on "Lyric MSC"

28/01/2015Not dredgings? Not ships
Is the topic of an organized encounter from Federation of the Sea, Assoporti and 19 Federagenti that will hold February to Rome

28/01/2015Fortunes will activate a service of directed fortnightly consolidation to Guayaquil
Transit reduced Time more than three weeks

28/01/2015In decrease the incidents to the Vecon terminal of Venice graces to a specific program for safety
For the 2015 is previewed ulterior initiatives which extended to all the workers who find themselves to operate in harbour and terminalistico atmosphere

28/01/2015Odone (Uilt): from the government a line strategic in order to allot the resources on the useful ports to the development of the Country
a political action that throws again the development of the ports of call and safeguards the job

28/01/2015In 2014 Malta Freeport has established the own new record anniversary of traffic of the container
the Maltese port has enlivened 2,9 million teu

29/01/2015the Japanese ship yard Imabari Shipbuilding will construct first portacontainer from 20.000 teu
Shoei Kisen Kaisha will rent 11 ships from 18.000 teu to the Evergreen

29/01/2015Propelling Club of Milan has organized a conviviale reunion on the Jobs Act
will hold 2 February to the hotel Crowne Plaza Milan City

29/01/2015Wärstilä has closed 2014 with a profit before taxes of 494 million euros (- 9%)
the new orders are piled almost 5,1 billion euros (+5%, +6% in the single segment of the naval propulsion)

29/01/2015Fincantieri creates a society for the planning, production and supply of systems in the within of the system manufacturer
President and managing director is named Claudio Andrea Gemme

29/01/2015Costa Crociere institutes to Amburgo an unit in order to manage the operativity of the fleet
Neil Palomba will be the new general manager of the company

29/01/2015the Harbour Authority of Livorno has delivered to the Masol Italy (group Musim Mas) an area of 10 thousand square metres
Plan for the realization of an industrial park integrated for the working of oils vegetables with an investment of 55 million euros

29/01/2015Fain (Royal Caribbean): 2014 have been a good year and it will be also 2015
the crocieristico group American has closed last year with a profit clearly of 764 million dollars (+61.3%)

29/01/2015Porto of Savona, renewed for others five years the authorization to harbour company CULP
Ok of the Harbour Committee to the permanence of Costa Crociere until 2044 on the docks of the port of call

30/01/2015In increase the economic results of the Japanese NYK, MOL and "K" Linens in the trimester October-December 2014
clearly respective in increase of +7.3%, +59.6% and +1,117, 8%

30/01/2015This year in the Spanish ports is attended a crocieristico traffic record
the forecasts indicate a total of 8,1 million passengers

30/01/2015Hanjin Shipping has closed 2014 with an improvement of the economic performances
the fleet of portacontainer of the group has transported beyond 4,5 billion container (- 4.1%)

30/01/2015In the 2014 port of has enlivened 15,7 million tons of goods (+1.3%)
the container has been 1.303.017 teu (+0.2%). Crocieristi +126%

30/01/2015Last year the traffic goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of +8.8%
Di Marco: "2015 will be without a doubt a very difficult year having the port, in absence of the start of the intense activities of the Progettone, almost reached own saturation"

30/01/2015In the 2014 Hupac has transported on track 660 thousand street shipments (+0.5%)
On invitation of the company, the representatives of a hundred of logistics and transport enterprises have visited the yard of the tunnel of base of the Gottardo

30/01/2015Seago Line will start a new service in the western Mediterranean
the line will touch the ports of Marseilles-Fos, La Spezia, Valencia and Algeri

30/01/2015Al port of Gioia Tauro is landed one of the portacontainer larger to the world
the "MSC London" is able to transport approximately 17 thousand container

30/01/2015Last year the fleet of portacontainer of the OOCL has transported 5,58 million container (+5.5%)
the activity has generated revenues for 5,81 billion dollars (+3.5%)

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