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21 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 19:21 GMT+2

02/02/2015Count (To propel Taras Club): the reasons of the crisis of the port of Taranto are multiple
Who knows that the Greece that has carried to us via the traffic of the containers - observes does not give back them to us on initiative of Tzipras

02/02/2015Confetra FVG, would be favorable a controlled customs corridor between the port of Trieste and Vienna
Incontro with Isabella De Monte, member of the Commission Transports and Tourism of the European Parliament

02/02/2015In the 2014 operator of arranged transport Kombiverkehr has recorded a bending of the -1,4% of the volumes
In Germany the shipment number is diminished of the -9,1%

02/02/2015ANCIP denunciation "I attack without precedence" to the harbour enterprises and the nautical services technical
Unacceptable - the association emphasizes - the contained measures in the rough draft of the bill elaborated from the minister of the economic Development

02/02/2015Uiltrasporti exhorts politics to be interested of the event Tirrenia CIN - Moby Lines
"is not at all - Tarlazzi emphasizes - a private transaction between private associates"

02/02/2015T. Mariotti returns to the business of the refit of mega yachts
the genoese ship yard has acquired two store clerks

02/02/2015the Costa Crociere dispute must become a national case
emphasizes It the Municipality of Genoa and the Liguria Region

02/02/2015ESPO wishes that the Flat Junker does not remove financings to the European ports
Second the association, is essential not to prejudice the conferred strategic role to the marine ports of call from politics TRIES

03/02/2015In the 2014 terminal of DP World has enlivened 59,9 million container (+8.9%)
For this year is attended an increase of the light advanced traffic pairs or to that of the market

03/02/2015In the 2014 port of New York - New Jersey has established the own new record of traffic of the container
is enlivened beyond 3,3 million containers (+5.4%)

03/02/2015the rinfusiera Sky of Italy of the group of Friend
handy-chief twin will be delivered in first trimester 2016. The store clerk has a total value of approximately 100 million dollars

03/02/2015the uncertain future of the multinationals of the shipping to Genoa
Of who to trust itself: of those which they say that sure events are an out-of-the-blue novelty or of which they support that the signs were in the air already for a long time

03/02/2015In the 2014 port of Savannah has enlivened a traffic record of 3,3 million container
Increment of +10.3% on the year precedence

04/02/2015Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. will put into effect the spin-off of the activities of shipbuilding
1° the October will be created two new societies that will become operating in the district of Nakasaki

04/02/2015Last year the port of Livorno has enlivened 28,3 million tons of goods (+1.4%)
Gallanti: "2015 could be truly the year of the carried out one"

04/02/2015Maersk Line has diminished the ability to the fleet employed in the services European/Med - east coast South America
For a long time - it has explained the company - is verifying a bending of the question

04/02/2015the port of Tarragona has archived item 2014 with a traffic goods of 31,8 million tons (+13.9%)
the phase of planning of the new terminal cruises

05/02/2015Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of the Havre is diminished of the -0,6%
Containerized trade +4.9%. Stable the liquid bulk. Decrease of the bulk conventional sand banks and the goods

05/02/2015Uiltrasporti asks the adoption for legislations balanced and shared on the ports
Tarlazzi: if the government will hang in with own decisionista attitude creed will be unavoidable the reopening of a conflict season

05/02/2015In 2014 group ABB has recorded an increment of +7% of the new orders
For ABB Italy the increase has been of +17%, with a turnover that is piled to 2,4 billion euros (+13%)

05/02/2015Tomorrow to Venice will hold the second edition of the "Logistics Career Day"
will be introduced the new portal

05/02/2015in the 2014 containerized trade enlivened from the harbour terminals of group HHLA
In the intermodal field is recorded an increase of +9.4% of the activity

05/02/2015the port of Naples will ask an aid politics in order to accelerate the start of the dredgings
Conferred to Shrill the assignment of temporary acting general secretary of the Harbour Authority

05/02/2015Primo landing place to Livorno of the service Mediterranean Express of the Grimaldi group
the line connects the ports of Salerno, Livorno, Genoa, Marseilles, Valencia, Casablanca, Dakar, Lomé, Lagos, Cotonou and Tema

05/02/2015For the second one turns from Liguria ports of Genoa, Savona and La Spezia participates to Logistic Fruit
Today the three harbour ports of call have organized the convention "Ligurian Ports: shipping Food and Perishables. The Med Gateway to Expo 2015"

06/02/2015CMA CGM and Hamburg Süd strengthens their cooperation
a widening of the current collaboration

06/02/2015Deep to the port of Piombino for the completion of the structures for the demolition and the refitting of the military ships
the provision that assigns the financing of 20 million euros already approved of from the CIPE

06/02/2015the reform of the harbour legislation - Legacoop Romagna emphasizes - does not have to put to risk the quality of the services and the legality
the association asks that the professionality, safety and the quality of the current services are recognized

06/02/2015Costamare has closed 2014 with a profit clearly of 115 million dollars (+11.6%)
the revenues are increased of +16.8% to 484 million dollars

06/02/2015In the 2014 harbour terminal of the HPH Trust has enlivened 24,2 million container (+6.3%)
Hutchison Whampoa would be in negotiations in order to yield a quota consisting of own terminalistiche activities

09/02/2015UASC nomination the Ultramar which own marine agency in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay
Shortly will become operating the cooperation with Hamburg Süd in the services for the east coast of the South America

09/02/2015the shipowning group Lowers Shipping to the taken ones with corruption cases
an inspecting activity that has ascertained the involvement of leaders of the company

09/02/2015Arriva to Bologna from Frankfurt the first train of semitowings with codifies P400
Ricci: it is carried out historical for the transport a goods in Italy

09/02/2015Within the month will be known which is the plan of the Italian government for the ports
Wolves: on Costa Crociere, the government will not accept "offshorings that move center and job in order then to obtain advantages from our "system Country""

09/02/2015This year is attended ulterior hard an increase of world-wide the crocieristica activity
CLIA previews a traffic record of 23 million passengers, with an increase of 4% on 2014

10/02/2015In the 2014 terminal of Eurogate has recorded a traffic of the container record
is enlivened 14,8 million teu, with an increment of +4.2% on the year precedence

10/02/2015Last year the port of Valencia has enlivened 4,4 million container (+2.6%)
Record anniversary of traffic for the harbour system of the Spanish city with 67 million tons

10/02/2015the Antitrust fine the companies that operate fleeting services of marine transport in the gulfs of Naples and Salerno
is inflicted endorsements for beyond 14 million euros

10/02/2015Crash between ministers in Greece on the privatization of the port of the Pireo
For the ministry of Finances the procedure will continue, while Marina Mercantile confirmation the stop

11/02/2015the Shipping Association Cabotage Partenopei has expressed "hard worry" for the fines comminate from the Antitrust
the amount of the endorsements appears to say little exorbitant, has denounced the ACAP emphasizing that they are so to risk approximately 1.000 places of work

11/02/2015In increase the economic results of CAI International in the second half of 2014
Garci'a: the activity will grow ulteriorly in 2015

11/02/2015Tuscany di Navigazione is ready to the capital increase and to find Toremar
the extraordinary assembly of the associates is fixed for 17 February

11/02/2015the ranking 2014 of the first ten world-wide ports container
Primo Shanghai with 35 million teu. The port of Ningbo has taken off shoes and socks Busan from the fifth position

11/02/2015Trasportounito, inadmissible the German unilateral procedures on the minimal salary of the drivers
Longo: "Germany places in being measures of pure protectionism of the national enterprises"

11/02/2015the logistic community European manifest worry for the possible transfer of deep EU destined to transport infrastructures
Fear for the impact that could have the proposal to institute an European Bottom for the Strategic Investments

11/02/2015Al via 16 February the freeway of the sea Ravenna - Igoumenitsa - Patrasso of Grimaldi Lines
the departures from the port of call ravennate will happen every Wednesday and saturday

11/02/2015Letter of the RSU of Costa Crociere to the institutions in order to manifest worry and disappointment for the transfer of part of the company to Amburgo
Uiltrasporti has been said ready to contrast with all the previewed instruments the offshorings planned from the company

12/02/2015Not of the Council of State to the demand for suspensory for the dredgings in the port of Taranto
the proposed precautionary appeal from the RTI guided from Great Fincosit Intense activities

12/02/2015Incontro of Propeller Club of Trieste on the topic of the displacement of the Frank Point of the Old Port
will hold next 18 February

12/02/2015the contributions of AILOG, Assiterminal, Assoporti, Confcommercio-Conftrasporto and UIR for Strategic the National Plan of the Portualità and the Logistics
the sent documents in sight of States general of the Portualità and the Logistics

12/02/201518 February to Rome will hold the convention "the future of the Italian ports. Job and enterprises to the center of the reform"
Is organized from the National Association Companies Harbour Enterprises

12/02/2015Ok of the Harbour Committee to the extension of administrative division of the Harbour Authority of the East to the port of Molfetta
To days the signature of the protocol of understanding with Municipality and Region, therefore the shipment of the demand to the ministry

12/02/2015Agreement between the Containerships Finn and Belgian ECS in order to arrange the respective European nets of transport
ECS European Containers Italy is named agency in Italy of the navigation company

12/02/2015In the 2014 Spanish ports has enlivened a traffic container record pairs to 14,2 million teu
Altogether the traffic of the goods is piled to 482,0 million tons (+5.1%), an analogous volume to that pre-crisis

13/02/2015Last year the goods transported in Germany has reached a volume record of 4,5 billion tons
Increment of +2.9% on the 2013 and +0.4% on the precedence record established in 2008

13/02/2015In the 2014 has emphasized the net loss of shipowning group and logistic NOL
In improvement EBITDA and EBIT of Core business. The fleet of portacontainer of the group has transported 2,8 million feu (- 4%)

13/02/2015To January the port of Singapore has enlivened 49,2 million tons of goods (+3.8%)
the container has been pairs almost 2,8 million teu (+3.6%)

13/02/2015SUCH International has closed 2014 with a profit clearly of 124,0 million dollars (- 17.0%)
Last year the consistency of the fleet of container of the American company is gone up of +6.5%

13/02/2015Last year the port of Vancouver has enlivened a traffic record of 139,6 million tons (+3.4%)
Record of the containers with 2.912.928 teu (+3.1%) and of the bulk with 97,7 million tons (+5.3%)

13/02/2015In the 2014 profit clearly of Cargotec has recorded an increase of +30%
Aumento of the means orders of handling for the ports and the terminals

13/02/2015Wolves: positive the outcome of the encounter with Costa Crociere. But the unions ask answers on the occupation
Olivieri (Fit-Cisl): "absolutely we are not satisfied of the outcome of the reunion". Cortorillo (Filt Cgil): we will not accept eventual esuberi of staff"

13/02/2015Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti proclaim the state of agitation of the workers of the ports and the technical-nautical services
Riteniamo - they explain - that the enforced system of rules in the ports that guarantee stability and qualification of the job goes maintained

16/02/2015To January the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 681,0 million tons of goods (+3.1%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs almost 16,1 million teu (+6.6%)

16/02/2015CKYHE anticipates a new configuration of the services of line between Asia and the Mediterranean Europe North/
Verranno employed portacontainer of the ability to 8.500-14.000 teu for the nordeuropei ports and of the ability to 8.500-10.00 teu for the Mediterranean ports

16/02/2015Continua the bending of the containerized trade enlivened from the port of Hong Kong
To January 2015 is totaled 1,8 million teu (- 6.1%)

16/02/2015In the port of Gioia Tauro is activated the procedure of clearance anticipated of the goods
the terminalista will be able to almost send cargos contextually to the disembarkation

16/02/2015the Liguria Region nozzle an appeal to the government for the upset to sea of the yard Fincantieri di Sestri West
the regional city council member to the Job has met a representation of unions and workers

16/02/2015the ministry has approved of the budget of forecast 2015 of the Harbour Authority of
the document anticipates a trading profit almost 10 million euros

16/02/2015In the 2014 the goods enlivened by the port of Venice, because of the cessation of the crude oil traffic, is diminished of the -10,5%
the crocieristi are dropped of the -4,9%

17/02/2015International Transportation Service has ordered to four new super cranes STS post-Panamax to Paceco Corpů
Verranno installed in the container terminal of ITS to Long Beach

17/02/2015In the 2014 traffic goods enlivened from the Swiss Rhenish ports is diminished of the -12,4%
handling of the containers

17/02/2015group NOL will sell the APL Logistics to the Kintetsu Japanese Express World for 1,2 billion dollars
the cession will be capacity to term within the next june

17/02/2015Wolves signature I decree of nomination of Of Augustin to commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Trieste
Assumerà the assignment next 24 February

17/02/2015the full railway operativity to the Rail Hub of Melzo
the structure can operate the trains in income and expenditure without some limit of time slot

17/02/2015Spain and Portugal will introduce together demanded in order to obtain EU for logistic plans
Incontro between the representatives of the ports of Sines, Lighthouse, Portimao and Lisbon and the president of Puertos of the Estado

17/02/2015technical Table on the decree that approaches the ships from cruise the protect marine Area of Portofino
will hold 25 February

17/02/2015Uiltrasporti, inevitable a strong mobilization of all the workers of the ports
Tarlazzi: absolutely disappointing the outcome of the reunion near the Ministry of Transportation

18/02/2015exercise 2014 of the charter of Textainer container
the consistency of the fleet managed from the American company is gone up to beyond 3,2 million teu (+6.3%)

18/02/2015the HUBLine malaysian will exit from the field of the containerized marine transport
the activity in the segment generates 79% of the revenues of the company, that it has decided to offer for sale the fleet of portacontenitori

18/02/2015In the port of Trieste great shipowning alliances 2M and Ocean Three arrive the services of the new
Yesterday has reached portacontainer "Xin Qin Huang Dao" and this evening "Gerda Maersk" is attended

18/02/2015Del Rio (NCL): 2014 will be remembered like one of the years of greater increase
the crocieristico group clearly has archived item the year with a profit of 338,3 million dollars (+233%)

18/02/2015the council of Livorno has concluded the procedure of VAS for the approval of the Town development plan of the port
Gordian: step a lot important in order to accompany the agreement of planning with Tuscany Region, Province and Harbour Authority

18/02/2015Offered of the postal group Japan Post in order to buy the entire capital of the logistic company and marine Toll
the proposal is approved of unanimously by the Board of the Australian group

19/02/2015the associations of the enterprises, the services and the job in the Italian ports restate to the contribution of DID NOT PUT in harbour matter
has asked the government to postpone on the initiative to inside introduce norms in harbour matter of the bill Competition

19/02/2015Because of the congestion on the docks the port of Long Beach has closed the month of January with a -18,8%
Slangerup: we are encouraged by the recent progresses completed for the employment contract under the federal mediation

19/02/2015Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti, 6 March strike of the workers of the ports and the technical-nautical services
For first is previewed 24 hours of abstention from the job, for second the 12 hours

19/02/2015Federation of the Sea, Assoporti and Federagenti exhorts the government to launch measures of urgency for the dredging in the ports
is need - they specify - of a uniform and transparent norm that is valid and applicable in all the ports of call

19/02/2015the undersecretary to the Ambient Veil looks on to decrees ministerial in order to resolve the problem of the dredgings in the ports
Provision to assume in 2-4 months

19/02/2015DNV GL classifies the portacontainer larger of the MSC world
the "MSC Oscar", already in service, has a 19.224 ability to teu, is long 395,4 meters and wide 59 meters

19/02/2015Also Assoporti asks the extract for the normative forecasts formulated by PUT for the ports
Is norms - it has emphasized the association - that they are in clearly contrast also with the most recent European addresses in matter

20/02/2015Confetra protests because the Authority Antitrust has maintained the asked contribution to the enterprises unchanged
Second the Confederation, the government would have to bring back in head to the general fiscality the cost of the independent Authorities

20/02/2015Servants a careful analysis before to decide of the displacement of the Frank Point from the Old Port of Trieste
Evening of the premises To propel Club on the opportunities offered from the sdemanializzazione of the areas

20/02/2015Al via the contest for the dredging of the Port Channel of Fiumicino
"the intense activities - they have announced the mayor of Fiumicino and the president of the Harbour Authority of Civitavecchia - will begin to April, as soon as carried out all the procedures

20/02/2015Agreement for the control of the emissions of the smoke of the ships in the port of
Protocollo of understanding undersigned from Harbour office, Office of Customs and Harbour Authority

20/02/2015In the 2014 ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta has enlivened 15,6 million tons of goods (- 1.3%)
the crocieristi are diminished of the -15,7%

20/02/2015the contest for the cession of the quotas majority of the Port of Livorno 2000 will be published at the beginning of March
also the procedure of contest for the consent in concession of the dry docks

20/02/2015Stralciate all the norms that regard the ports from the bill Competition
Mounts (Assoporti): it is an important victory for the entire marine-harbour cluster

23/02/201527 February to Taranto a convention on the topic "the Seas of Taranto: valorization of the patrimony of the city"
Is organized from the The International Propeller Club Port of Taras and the Michelagnoli Foundation

23/02/2015the directive council of Assoporti has instituted a new President's executive office
Is composed of Francesco Mariani (AP Cheats), Lorenzo Forcieri (AP La Spezia) and Antonino De Simone (AP Messina)

23/02/2015Last month the marine traffic in the Suez Canal has recorded an increment of +3.1%
To January the cargo on the ships journeyed in the channel Egyptian piled to 69,7 million tons (+8.9%)

23/02/2015Fincantieri has introduced Britain, the greatest ship from cruise constructed from the Italian group
the new flagship of company P&O Cruises has an ability to 4.324 passengers

23/02/2015the Constitutional Court has rejected the tax on the sonorous emissions for the carriers airplane of the Region Latium
Solimeno (IBAR): the airlines will be able to continue to invest on our territory without fear of ulterior increases of costs

23/02/2015Eimskip will acquire Seatours compatriot
the Icelandic company buys an industrial and harbour area to Grundartangi and two new harbour cranes of the Gottwald

23/02/2015In increase the traffic to aeromere to us in Germany
In 2014 in the German airports is enlivened 4,4 million tons of goods (+2.6%)

23/02/2015Passage of deliveries to the summit of the Harbour Authority of Trieste
commissioner Zeno D' Augustin is succeeded to president Marina Monassi

23/02/2015Grimaldi introduces a fourth ship in the regular service Mediterranean Express
the "Great Ghana" has placed side by side the "Republic of Argentina", the "Republic of Brazil" and the "Great Ivory Coast"

24/02/2015the new commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Trieste has met the representatives of the local institutions
Serracchiani (Region FVG): it has been a first encounter in order to estimate in via preliminary matter all the topics founding relative to the port of Trieste

24/02/2015Seaspan Corporation clearly has archived item 2014 with a profit of 131,2 million dollars (- 56.1%)
the revenues are increased of +5.9% attesting itself to 717,2 million dollars

24/02/2015Investment of 600 thousand euros of Terminal Venice Bulk in order to develop the iron and steel traffic
a fencing of 4.200 square metres with storage capability pairs to 30.000 tons

24/02/2015the presence of the Ministry of the Interior to the Table of the Legality in the transport goods
has emphasized It the president of the Confetra, Nereo Marcucci

24/02/2015the Municipality of Livorno beats the Harbour Authority for the assumption with direct call of a dependent ALP
Francesca Martini: the action represents a serious violation of the principle of transparency and impartiality of the administrative action

24/02/2015Maersk and GTS Rail reactivate the railway connection between the port of Gioia Tauro and Bari
the train will be a company train dedicated to Maersk Line

24/02/2015Finnlines has closed 2014 with clearly an improvement of the economic performances
Emanuele Grimaldi: last year we have realized carrying out

25/02/2015shipowning group A.P. Møller-Mærsk has concluded the 2014 with a profit clearly record of 5,2 billion dollars (+38%)
increase of the economic performances of the branches Maersk Line and APM Terminals

25/02/2015Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Catania is increased of +16.1%
Fleeting in decrease of the -40,3%

25/02/2015the shipowning group Messina has taken in delivery Jolly Cobalto
Is sixth of eight new ro-ro portacontainer that they are ordered to Offshore STX and Shipbuilding

25/02/2015the Ahrenkiel Steamship di Amburgo buys eight portacontainer from 1.300-4.300 teu
the ships take part of the pocketbook of credits of the German financial institution HSH Nordbank

25/02/2015Between a month MSC will inaugurate a new service that will connect the Mediterranean with Australia
will be started also a new line between the Middle East and Asia

25/02/2015To January the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is increased of +3.6%
the crocieristi are dropped of the -5,1%

25/02/2015In the 2014 profit clearly of the logistic group Kuhne + Nagel has recorded an increment of +6%
the turnover clearly has been Swiss pairs to 17,5 billion franchi (+2%)

26/02/2015Last year the revenues of Bureau Veritas have exceeded for the first time quota four billions of euro
the profit clearly has been pairs to 307,5 million euros (- 13.7%) and the clearly rectified result to 391,3 million euros (- 1.4%)

26/02/2015the Harbour Committee of Savona confirmation the ok to the Harbour Authority for the purchase of 64% of the Interporto di Vado
the harbour agency stops already 8% approximately of the VIO share capital

26/02/2015DFDS has archived item 2014 with a profit of clearly 434 million Danish crowns (+33%)
Smedegaard: we are in optimal position in order to widen our activities

26/02/2015the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT declares improcedibile the resource for the cancellation of the regional deliberation that approved of the PRP of
the sentence is deposited yesterday

26/02/2015Fusion in the field tanker between General Maritime Raw Corporation and Navig8 Tankers
the new Gener8 company Maritime will have a fleet of 46 tankers

26/02/2015Uiltrasporti has sped up the participation of the Italian and European Antitrust on the event Tirrenia-CIN - Moby
Tarlazzi: equally it will be made the Authority anticorruption

26/02/2015Protocollo of understanding in order to on board favor the boarding of the Italian students of ships of Italian and foreign flag
has been undersigned from Confitarma, Fedarlinea, Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti

27/02/2015the drawing up of the "Strategic Plan of the portualità and the logistics"
Yesterday the Committee for the portualità and the logistics has delivered the document to minister Lupi

27/02/2015To January the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is diminished of the -22,8%
Reached a preliminary agreement on I renew of the employment contract, depends on a return to normality

27/02/2015Last year the terminals of Hutchison Whampoa have enlivened 82,9 million container (+6%)
the activity has generated revenues for 4,6 billion dollars approximately (+4%)

27/02/2015VARD records a bending of the orders and the economic results
Last year the company has obtained store clerks for a value of 9,45 billion Norwegian crowns (- 33%)

27/02/2015railway group Helvetic SBB wishes an participation of the government in support of the rail shipment goods
the strengthening of the Swiss franc and the decrease of the price of the diesel engine has an impact negative on the field

27/02/2015Plan for the development and the application of new technologies in the port of Livorno
"Cloud of Ports" is candidated to the ban To make Fas 2014 of the Region

27/02/2015Last month the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna is diminished of the -12,5%
Di Marco: not to realize the Progettone, with the consequent loss of the public resources, would be a real suicide is politician who, above all, entrepreneurial

27/02/2015the American Geneesee & Wyoming buys British the railway society goods Freightliner
Acquisirà 95% of the capital for approximately 490 million pounds

27/02/2015In the 2014 value of the new acquired orders from the Fincantieri group is gone up of 13%
Calo of the operating result and the result of exercise against an increment of +15% of the revenues

27/02/2015Introduced in Harbour Committee the outline of the Town development plan of the port of Genoa
the iter of approval would have to carry to the adoption of the new Prp within a year

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