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19 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:38 GMT+2

04/05/2015Uiltrasporti announces that Crossrail has suspended realized the railway services goods with a single machinist
the labor organization had introduced exposing to the Procura and the ANSF

04/05/2015the government of Panama hat has approved of the new one slowly of the rates for the transit of the ships in the Central American channel
Will take effect 1° April 2016

04/05/2015Delrio has named two military ones which commissioners of the Harbour Authorities of Naples and Gioia Tauro
Is rear admiral Basile, marine director and commander of the Harbour office of Naples, and the commander, commander Barbagiovanni Minciullo of the Harbour office of Gioia Tauro

04/05/2015Merlon announces own resignation from president of the Harbour Authority of Genoa
Lascerà the assignment the 30 june. It explains to have assumed the decision "in order protect the port of Genoa from dismal political controversies"

04/05/2015Count (To propel Taras Club) proposes to transform the terminal containers of Taranto in a distripark
the traffic of transhipment - it observes - "by now in the Mediterranean is appanage of the new ports of the Africa North, Spain, Greece, Egypt and Malta"

04/05/2015Green light unanimously of the Harbour Committee of to consuntivo budget 2014 of the Harbour Authority
the topic of the procedures of Ikea clearance

04/05/2015China Shipping has taken in delivery fifth portacontainer from 19.000 teu
Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. has closed the first trimester with a net loss of -125,2 billion won

04/05/2015Corsica Sardinia Ferries has acquired the ship ro-pax Silja Festival
From July half will be employed on the line Livorno-Gulf Oranges

04/05/2015Al Transport Logistic the Apulia will introduce two new centralized logistic services on the port of Bari
will be realized through the Regional Interporto of the Apulia

04/05/2015Meeting in La Spezia Confindustria on the topic of the customs corridors
the president of the manufacturers and the presidents of the shippers, the doganalisti and the shipping agents has met senator Caleo

04/05/2015Aumento of the ability to the travelling freeway Italy-Germany di Trenitalia Cargo and Trasposervizi
Saliranno to 23 the wagons transported for every train

05/05/2015Assologistica, the customs corridors are to all purposes and effects an offer of additional services for the customers
Mearelli: we manifest astonishment in reading that the Fast Corridor alter the free market

05/05/2015To Livorno is born the Lucarelli Terminal Livorno, the Lucarelli Transports and the Lucarelli Forwarding Logistic
Reorganization of the company of Cristiano Lucarelli

05/05/2015the Eimskip Icelandic acquires the Seatours compatriot
the company work marine and tourist services in the bay of Breidafjördur

05/05/2015critical Confetra the vision of the shown logistic field from the Ministry of Transportation
Marcucci: "this initiative is not only banally semplicistica, is also above all dangerous"

05/05/2015Ustica Lines announces the suspension of the marine services and the lay-off of 400 workers
Orlando (AnciSicilia): "unheard-of that to the eve of the summery season creates a damage of such proportions"

05/05/2015the railway alliance Xrail announces an initiative in order to increase the European rail shipment to complete wagons
will be managed a system of reservations for international services

05/05/2015Great purchases for XPO Logistics that buys Bridge Terminal Transport and Norbert Dentressangle
the transactions have a value respective of 100 million dollars and 3,24 billion euros

05/05/2015Yang Ming begins to use the port of the Pireo like hub of transhipment for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
the transfer in Greece of part of the up to now carried out activity of transfer in Egypt

06/05/2015In the first three months of the 2015 revenues of the group Bureau Veritas has grown of +19.1%
In the Offshore segment Marine & the volume of transactions has been of 98,9 million euros (+36.6%)

06/05/2015Textainer sees rose although lasting of the difficulties in the field of the chartering of the container
Brewer: we are not in presence of a surplus of container in the world-wide market

06/05/2015Freeway of the Sea of the Grimaldi group between the ports of Venice and Patrasso
the frequency will be of three departures weeklies magazine and will be employed two ships ro-ro

06/05/2015d' Amico International Shipping, first positive trimester graces to a market of the tankers in strong increase
an increment of +65.7% of the revenues Time base charter

06/05/2015In the first trimester the traffic goods in the harbour system of Civitavecchia - Fiumicino - Gaeta has grown of +15.8%
Crocieristi in decrease of the -5,3%

06/05/2015the Interporto of Bologna in looks for of new logistic operators to the international fair of Monk of Bavaria
Works in progress in the structure of Bentivoglio

06/05/2015from Liguria ports to the fair of the logistics of Monk in order to convince the operators to take advantage of more the ports of call of the south Europe
New opportunities offered from a plan of investments that has a total value of beyond 2,2 billion euros

06/05/2015the increase of the traffic in the Latium harbour system is accompanied by an important increase of the occupation
In a year the dependent number of the sun 35 former authorized enterprises art. 16 has grown of 186 units

07/05/2015Store clerk of the value of 3,5 billion euros of Marina Militare Italiana to Fincantieri and Finmeccanica
Prevede the construction of seven naval units

07/05/2015To Nice is christened the crocieristico yacht Star Breeze di Windstar Cruises
25 May to Civitavecchia will hold the baptism of the "Legend Star"

07/05/2015Monday to Marghera will hold a debate on the future of the Venetian portualità
Inauguration of harbour year 2015

07/05/2015From the 2020 volume of railway traffic goods on the Rotterdam-Genoa corridor will be able to grow of 20%
the increment will be possible thanks to the new gallery of Saint Gottardo and to the plain railroad through the Alps

07/05/2015the priorities for I throw again of the port of Naples according to new commissioner Basile
Concesse former authorizations art. 16 of the law n.84/94 on condition that the activity must preview the application to the workers of the collective contract of the ports

07/05/2015CEVA Logistics reduces the losses
In the first trimester of the 2015 revenues is diminished of -4,8% (+4.6% to constant currency)

07/05/2015Ballot unanimous of the regional council of the Sardinia in order to avoid the privatization total of the operated marine service from the Saremar
We - he has specified the Deiana city council member - will entrust the service, in order to prevent that the service is denied. And any communitarian, public or private shipowner, will be able to participate to the contest"

07/05/2015the port of Trieste counts on the railroad in order to serve Center-East Europe
D' Augustin: "we head all at the railway connections"

08/05/2015Royal Caribbean has ordered to the construction of a fourth ship of class "Quantum" to Meyer Werft
will be taken in delivery in the spring of 2019

08/05/2015the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will acquire until 20% of the capital of the Global Turk Yatirim
the holding work in the harbour field through the Global Holding Ports

08/05/2015the Harbour Authority of Livorno has participated to the Transport Logistic di Monaco with the operators of the port of call
Between ten days mission to the Breakbulk Europe of Antwerp

08/05/2015the automotive house Ford asks for being able to manage a terminal in the port of Valencia
a traffic of 190 thousand vehicles per year that it would be added to 100 thousand through the port of Sagunto

08/05/2015biennium 2015-2016 will be hardest for the port of Ravenna
Di Marco: it is necessary to supply to the dredgings through new and immediate solutions. "Now - it has emphasized - it is the moment to think more to the salvation of the port than to its future development"

08/05/2015Wärstilä is charged to optimize the systems of propulsion of the 101 ships of the fleet of Carnival
Previewed initially the realization of plans pilot

08/05/2015In the first trimester of the 2015 traffic goods in the Spanish ports has grown of +2.8%
In increase conventional bulk and goods. Light decrease of the container

08/05/2015From the first "Forum on the possible luxury" is emerged indications for the development of the field of the great yachts
In Italy is a market that is worth turnover 2,5 billion euros and counts 13,000 assigned

08/05/2015Al Transport Logistic di Monaco the port of Ancona has consolidated and widened the relationships with the operators of the logistics
Shortly the Harbour Authority will introduce initiatives in order to improve the acceptance to the passengers

11/05/2015the agreement of program for I throw again economic of the coastal area of Livorno
500 million euros for to Europe Dock. Nogarin: a lot announced "money rain" arrives in wide measure from the ignition of mutua

11/05/2015Provision of the Italian government in performance of the directive EU on requirement minimums of the formation of the marine ones
is approved of friday from the Council of Ministers

11/05/2015In the first three months of this year the terminals of group ICTSI have enlivened two million container (+12.8%)
In the period the Philippine company has recorded a profit clearly of 56,8 million dollars (+3.9%)

11/05/2015of Diana Shipping and Wilhelmsen Ship Management
Initially the new society will take care of the management of some ships of the Greek company

11/05/2015Orders of Maersk to DSME for 11 new portacontainer from 20.000 teu
final Phase of the negotiations for a store clerk of the total value of 1,7 billion dollars

11/05/2015the ship Tuna 1 is bombed to the wide one of the Libyan coast
the third official and hurt other marine ones

11/05/2015Costa: "the development of the port of Venice is today all in the hands of the national authorities"
the president of the Harbour Authority lists the obstacles to remove in order to guarantee a future to the Venetian portualità

11/05/2015the city council member to Infrastructures of the Liguria Region asks the director for Customs an encounter on the topic for the customs corridors
Paita: worried shipping agents and their workers are a lot

11/05/2015the association of the road haulage prompt ANITA the escape of Italy from quota CEMT
Baumgartner: this would afford to the Italian enterprises of transport to recover international market shares contrasting the phenomenon of the social dumping goods in foreign market

11/05/2015In sight an ulterior year of extraordinary redundancy fund for the 540 workers of the TCT of Taranto
today an agreement hypothesis

12/05/2015In the 2030 traffic goods enlivened from the Chinese ports will double going up to beyond 25 billion tons
the traffic of the container will be pairs to 505 million teu

12/05/2015Meyer Turku has delivered the new ship from cruise Mein Schiff 4 to the TUI Cruises
In the Finnish plant two units for the company are about to construction others

12/05/2015budget 2014 of the Harbour Authority of the East anticipates a remainder of administration of 7,6 million euros
Marian: to I do not use it of the lever of the additional ones on taxes, rights and canons to the aim to support the efforts of the operators in order to contrast the crisis

12/05/2015CMA CGM will realize and manage a logistic platform to Cuba
Agreement with the Sociedad Mercantil Cubana Almacenes Universales KNOWS

12/05/2015Holding Ports renunciation to the presentation of the initial public offer
In the first three months of this year the revenues of the society have grown of +17%

12/05/2015Fedespedi complains the exclusion of some sections of the logistics from the working team who will propose norms for the field
Lazzeri: "this that is necessary, once again, firstly is the involvement of all the operating categories in the logistic row"

12/05/2015South Korean DSME confirmation of having to the examination the possible acquisition of STX France
the operation would be promoted by the Korea Development Bank

12/05/2015Marine Stations has closed 2014 with a profit clearly of 1,4 million euros
the turnover is dropped of the -2,5% to approximately 23,2 million euros

12/05/2015Nelle Marche will be constituted the first Halal Italian Trade Free Zones
Protocollo of understanding between Halal International Authority, Svim and Logistic Piattaforma of the Marche

12/05/2015Large the Navi Veloci will operate the marine service Silk
Andrà to replace the Silk line

13/05/2015Rise of the economic results of Maersk Line in the first trimester
Bending of the performances for the terminalista division of the Danish shipowning group

13/05/2015Positive quarterly performances of the shipowning group German Hapag-Lloyd
In the first three months of the 2015 fleet has transported beyond 1,8 million container (+26.8%)

13/05/2015bending of the traffic of the goods in the Chinese marine ports to April
In the first four months of 2015 is recorded an increase of +0.2%

13/05/2015É Africa Logistics Network, a world-wide community of shippers focused on the market African
To the departure the net counts of 31 adhesions. First assembly to October to Bergamo

13/05/2015Fire this night on a ferry in navigation from Bari to Durrës
the incident has not caused hurt. Adria Ferries has managed the transfer of the passengers on another ship

13/05/2015Finnlines has closed the first trimester of this year with a profit clearly of 632 thousand euros
In the period 12 ships of the company have been subordinates to the installation of scrubbers

13/05/2015To April the traffic in the port of Singapore is diminished of the -2,3%
In the first quadrimestre of this year is recorded an increase of +1.4%

13/05/2015Tutto the Harbour Committee of Livorno (less the mayor) agrees on the indispensability to realize the Europe Platform
the study on the feasibility and the forecasts of traffic - Nogarin has denounced - is of dubbia quality and has cost too much to the collectivity. Provincial: the affirmations of the mayor are serious

13/05/2015Agreement in order to promote Trieste which destination of the great yachts that touch the Montenegro
has been undersigned from Trieste Yacht Berths, Trieste Refitting System and Kotor Mar

13/05/2015In conclusive phase the negotiation for I renew of the Ccnl of the marine section
the verification yesterday - Filt, Fit and Uiltrasporti have explained - is considered jointly positive

14/05/2015In the first three months of this year Hanjin Shipping has recorded a profit of clearly 22,9 billion won
Stable the revenues

14/05/2015Bending of the traffic of the container in the managed harbour terminals from German HHLA
In the first trimester of this year is enlivened beyond 1,7 million teu (- 6.2%)

14/05/2015reduction of the new orders to VARD and Fincantieri in first trimester 2015
Both the companies have closed the period in loss

14/05/2015Last year the revenues of the society of classification and Italian certification RINA have grown of +13%
the American QIC that work in the field of the inspections, tests and certifications turned to the field Oil & Gas

14/05/2015the shipowning group Neptune Orient Lines of Singapore reduces the losses
Turned out operating of positive sign in the segment of the transport of line although the decrease of the -15% of the revenues and the transported volumes

14/05/2015Gallanti is named extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Livorno
has covered the charge of president of the agency from 2011

14/05/2015to Alberto Cozzo the assignment of extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Augusta
Decreto of the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports, Graziano Delrio

15/05/2015the German bank HSH Nordbank moves its attention towards the shipping Asian
Agreement with Korea Eximbank and the city administration of Busan

15/05/2015the port of Hong Kong records the tenth consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic of the container
To April is enlivened 1,7 million teu (- 11.7%)

15/05/2015Positive the quarterly economic results of the taiwanesi companies Evergreen, Yang Ming and Wan Hai
the three shipowning societies have announced the potenziamento of the respective fleets

15/05/2015AP of Livorno returns public the Plan of ingegnerizzazione financial institution of the first phase of the Europe Platform
the newsroom is adjudicated to ATI Of appolonia - Royal HaskoningDHV for 190 thousand euros

15/05/2015the Harbour Authority of Taranto has adjudicated the intense activities for the realization of Centro Servizi Polivalente
Count (To propel Club) invites the harbour community to interrogate itself on hypothesis of development besides that tied to Evergreen

15/05/2015Incontro of Propeller Club Port of Trieste on the Portuale Town development plan
Is in program for 19 tuesdays May

18/05/2015Premuda has closed the first trimester with a net loss of -14,6 million euros
the revenues Time base charter have recorded a decrease of the -6,6%

18/05/2015In April the containerized trade enlivened from the port of Los Angeles City is diminished of the -6,1%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2015 bending has been of the -5,3%

18/05/2015Primo trimester in chiaroscuro for the German and Italian harbour terminals of the groups Eurokai, Eurogate and Contship Italy
In Italy the traffic is diminished to Gioia Tauro (- 9.4%) and Cagliari (- 1.7%) and is increased to La Spezia (+19.7%), Salerno (+14.0%) and Ravenna (+13.1%)

18/05/2015Al port of Genoa will be able to only approach the endowed haulers of personal digital badge
Introduced new norms in order to guarantee safety and to accelerate the procedures

18/05/2015new crocieristico Polo of the port of Salerno
This year is attended an increment of beyond 30% of the traffic

18/05/2015the traffic in the port of Amburgo in the first trimester
the increase of the bulk volumes has compensated the decrease of the several traffics of goods

18/05/2015the port of Zeebrugge closes the first trimester with a bending of the -8,4% of the traffic
In decrease the goods several, while a remarkable increment of the bulk is recorded

18/05/2015In the first trimester of this year the profit clearly of CMA CGM has recorded an increase of +319%
the fleet of the French shipowning group has transported 3,1 million container (+10.5%)

19/05/2015Rolls-Royce will cut 600 places of work in the division Marine
the reduction of the organic one will be put into effect within year-end

19/05/2015Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach has grown of +7.9%
the volume enlivened in the first quadrimestre of 2015

19/05/2015the economic impact of the crocieristiche activities in the port of Civitavecchia is pairs to 401,9 million euros
Study elaborated from the CERTeT of the University Mouthfuls

19/05/2015the Council of Ministers approves of a provision of performance of the directive EU on the platforms offshore
Roosters: already today Italy has a norm avanzatissima

19/05/2015To April the volume of cargo on the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal has been pairs to 67,5 million tons (+0.9%)
In the first quadrimestre of the 2015 through the water way Egyptian is transported 264,8 million tons of cargos (+3.1%)

19/05/2015the 5 june to Lerici (La Spezia) will hold the shareholders' meeting of Federagenti
Confronto on the thematic ones of the fight to the bureaucracy, the harbour reform and the affirmation of the profession of shipping agent

19/05/2015the Municipality of Livorno convenes trade associations, unions and Harbour Authority in order to discuss about the agreements for the livornese area
Martini: Europe dock and I climb over railway could represent an important occasion of placement for the workers who live situations of strong uneasiness

19/05/2015Completed a study of feasibility on the waterfront of Taranto
the analysis interests the coast line that leaves from the current passage of income of East of the port until the Aragonese castle

19/05/2015Brussels approves of the cession to 3i Infrastructure of 45% of Oiltanking Terneuzen and Oiltanking Ghent
In the 2007 society had acquired analogous participation in the three terminals of the Oiltanking to Amsterdam, Malta and Singapore

19/05/2015of the oil companies BP and Sinopec in the field of the fuelling to the ships
BP Sinopec Marine Fuels will operate in the ports of Singapore, Fujairah, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo and Shenzhen

19/05/2015DNV GL anticipates the own first annual budget
Revenues in increase of +10% (organic +4%)

19/05/2015the Harbour Authority of Livorno has organized for 26 May a convention on the Europe Platform
illustrated Verranno the competitive analysis of the forecasts of traffic and the financial hypothesis of economic plan on the plan

20/05/2015Silting up of the ship from cruise Norwegian Dawn
the incident has not caused some wounding and the systems of edge are totally working

20/05/2015Tarlazzi (Uiltrasporti): the Plan of the portualità and the logistic one you respect the norm iter parliamentarian
also I confront with the social parts

20/05/2015Convention of Confcommercio on the topic "connected Italy dis…"
will hold 27 May to Rome

20/05/2015Vale sells eight Very Large Hours Carrier to Chineses COSCO Bulk and CMES
China EXIM Bank will grant financings until 1,2 billion dollars is to COSCO that to Is worth

20/05/2015In the first quadrimestre of this year the traffic goods in the port of Savona-Go is diminished of the -3,1%
the traffic of the passengers and the crocieristi

20/05/2015Initiative of Contship Italy in collaboration with Iveco for the employment of fed trucks to GNL
the tests will be lead in the within of the plan Poseidon MED

20/05/2015the Tuscany Region has acquired 11% of the share capital of Italcertifer Spa
the company takes care of certification of the rotabile material

20/05/2015In the first trimester of this year ZIM is returned to the profit
Revenues and volumes transported in decrease respective of the -9% and the -8%

21/05/2015Incontro between Region, Harbour Authority and RFI for the improvement of the railway services of the port of Trieste
Faced the topics of the future management of the railway maneuver and the infrastructural investments to Marzio Field

21/05/2015Improvement of the economic performances of shipowning group and logistic DFDS
the first three months of the 2015 have been archived item with a net loss of -27 million Danish crowns

21/05/2015Doormats (To propel Trieste): the State must decide on which ports to invest
Maneschi (Marine Italy): the Town development plan of the port of Trieste so as it is does not go

21/05/2015Thomas Ostebo will be president and CEO of Cruise Lines International Association
Assumerà the 6 assignments July

21/05/2015D' Appolonia (group RINA) has acquired 100% of SC Sembenelli Consulting
the company is specialized in geotecnica of the great works and hydraulic infrastructures

21/05/2015the SNCM purchaser will not have to give back the received aids of State from the company
It has announced the minister of the Transports, Alain Vidalies

21/05/2015From 24 May to the 2 june to Rome the photographic exhibition entitled "the Great War on the sea"
Has the scope to illustrate the carried out strategic role from Marina Militare during the conflict

21/05/2015Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +8.0%
In the first quadrimestre of this year the total has been of 14,2 million tons (- 0.6%)

21/05/2015from Liguria harbour community is present to the tenth edition of Breakbulk Europe
Six operators reunited in the stand of the Ligurian Ports Alliance

21/05/2015CNA-Fita, not to the increase of the highway tolls and to the "concession of new concessions"
Franchini: we are ready to put into effect a great mobilization of the road haulage

21/05/2015the association of the European ports suggests the priorities of European politics for the transports
To Athens the first day of the conference anniversary of the European Sea Ports Organisation

21/05/2015To April the traffic in the port of Ravenna has grown of +4.2%
In the January-April period is recorded a bending of the -2,6%

22/05/2015the shipowning society Indiana SKI returns to the profit after three exercises closed consecutive anniversaries in loss
In the first trimester the 2015 also division of the line services is returned to record a result of positive sign

22/05/2015In the first three months of the 2015 traffic goods in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven is diminished of the -3,1%
Calo of container (- 4.3%) and of the solid bulk (- 3.0%). In increase goods conventional (+0.6%) and liquid bulk (+22.5%)

22/05/2015the new every day record of transits of truck to the container terminal of Genoa-Prà
Although the bad weather are served 2,408 vehicles

22/05/2015the last drawing up of the relation on the regulations proposal EU on the ports at the market previews the abolition of the dispositions on the access
This - Knut Flecknstein has explained - in favor of flexible organizational models

25/05/2015Fincantieri increases the presence in the segment of the megayacht acquiring a quota minority of Camper & Nicholsons
the company is specialized in the sale, chartering, commercialization, management and construction of luxury yacht

25/05/2015Friday has been undersigned the new quinquennial contract of the harbour workers of West Coast the USA
Green light of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union with 82% of the ballots to favor

25/05/2015the 9 june to Taranto a convention on the topic "the ports of the South Italy in the future Euro-Mediterranean scene"
This afternoon is in program the sixth and last workshop of 2,0 European plan "GIFT - Greece-Italy Facilities for Transport"

25/05/2015Grimaldi inaugurates the every day service Savona-Barcelona
from Liguria port of call is a hub logistic central in the net of operated marine connections from the partenopeo shipowning group

25/05/2015the Harbour Authority of and La Spezia Reefer Center to the manifestation Fruit Innovation 2015
the first edition of the exhibition, classified event to the field of the ortofrutta, has held to Milan

25/05/2015Mounts (Assoporti): great satisfaction for the acceleration which printed from the minister to the plan of the logistics and the ports
"Is indispensable - it has specified - to deepen and to complete an ulterior reasoning on the choices of governance and rationalization of the system"

25/05/2015d' Amico (Federation of the Sea): it is necessary to safeguard the industry, the logistics and the Italian marine cluster
the shipping Italian produces in a year goods and services for 40 billion euros, pairs to 2.6% of the national Gross Domestic Product one

25/05/2015the Harbour Committee of Salerno has approved of the relation on the advertising, organizational and operating activity in 2014
: "the reached positive results are destined to grow still in the next few years"

26/05/2015the Greek Attica Holdings reduces the losses
In the first three months of the 2015 recorded revenues for 39,6 million euros (- 4%)

26/05/2015the malaysian MMC Corporation currency the possibility to quote own harbour division in Stock exchange
the group is present in the ports of Tanjung Pelepas, Johor, Port Klang and Jeddah

26/05/2015UIRR, the competitiveness of the arranged transport transalpine are to risk in spite of new railway infrastructures
the operators - a study evidences - will be penalized by the increase of the rates for the use of the traces

26/05/2015the Antitrust of Singapore is disposed to postpone the exemption in favor of the agreements between companies of marine transport of line
a consultation with the interested parts

26/05/2015the Europe Platform is indeed necessary to throws again of the port of Livorno
If the Nicoletta Batini question, which candidated from mayor Nogarin to the presidency of the Harbour Authority, than does not consider the analysis introduced gives Of adapted Apollonia-OSC to supply an answer

26/05/2015Agreement SACE - Interporto Campano in order to support the requirements of internationalization of the enterprises
Prevede the access to favorable conditions to the offer of insurance-financial services

27/05/2015the theses of accusation and defense in the "process" to the plan for the realization of the Europe Platform in the port of Livorno
Nogarin: the administration - the mayor emphasizes - does not intend to block the port, but we expect reliable previsional analyses. Retort of Of Appolonia, OSC and Harbour Authority on the costs and the quality of the study on the harbour work

27/05/2015the service weekly magazine Adriatic Express di Hapag-Lloyd will touch the port of Bari
the apulian port of call will be served beginning from the end of the next month

27/05/2015the quarterly surveys Istat on the turnover of the services of aerial and marine transport
In the first three months of 2015 is recorded a bending of -4,4% for the aerial transport and increment of +3.6% for the transport via sea

27/05/2015Propelling Club of Venice wishes a decided change of route of the government because the single harbour truths are valued
Bernardo: not to a wipe up on the existing truths; it serves more opened I confront with the world of the enterprise

27/05/2015Arkas Line introduces a second one portacontainer in the service in Adriatic
the "Ayse To" (ability 1,022 teu) will place side by side the "Horace To" (976 teu)

27/05/2015For from Liguria ship yards of the Fincantieri group us could be job for next the 7-8 years
Liguria Region and company assures: not there will be no disarmament in from Liguria sites, but confirmation and development

27/05/2015In the port of Genoa is found again tens of historical finds between anchors and guns
is recovered in the course of the dredging works and will be restored and offered to the citizenship in permanent public exposure

27/05/2015Protocollo of understanding in order to institute an Academy of the Sea in the Latium
has been undersigned from Region, Tuscia university and Harbour Authority of Civitavecchia

27/05/2015Confcommercio anticipates five proposals in order to give again overhong to the Italian logistics
Includono the creation of the international Registry of the road haulage, the location of the strategic ports, the potenziamento of the Freeways of the Sea and the opening of night of Alta Velocità to the transport goods

28/05/2015Agreement between CLIA Europe and MedCruise in the field of the formation of the travel agents
the program of formation of the crocieristica association will be extended to France

28/05/2015RINA Services anticipates a new package of voluntary norms on safety of the ferries
the first company to use the new package will be Grimaldi Lines on the ferry "Florencia"

28/05/2015the government of the Australian State of Victoria plans the privatization of the management of the port of Melbourne
Allocation in concession for an extended duration 50-year-old until 70

28/05/2015Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Genoa has grown of +3.1%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2015 increment has been of +6.8%

28/05/2015RFI, the Italian railway infrastructure are adapted to the transport of Tir with towings and container high cube on trains
Ugge' (Confcommercio): RFI confirmation the impossibility of intermodal railway traffic with container high cube or travelling freeway from the South towards the North of the Country

28/05/2015a Dutch diplomatic delegation in visit to the port of Livorno
Holland per year exports in Italy 22 million tons of goods via truck and it imports eight million

28/05/2015In the first three months of the 2015 port of Tanger Med has enlivened 764 thousand container (+4.3%)
the traffic of transhipment has been pairs to 738 thousand teu (+4.1%)

28/05/2015the assignment of Emilio Squillante to general secretary of the Harbour Authority of Naples
Basile: the activity of dredging of the backdrops of the port will respect the previewed times

29/05/2015of the traffic in the port of Valencia to April
the Spanish port of call has enlivened 5,9 million tons of goods (+23.5%)

29/05/2015a relationship of the International Transport Forum evidences the effect negative that the mega one portacontainer they will have on the supply chain
For the shipowners is becoming less and less important the effect of the economies of scale

29/05/2015Panalpina has bought the shipment house Afifi Egyptian
the company appoints to a job some 150 people

29/05/2015the Harbour Authority of Livorno collects manifestations of interest for the plan of the Europe Platform
To Istanbul encounters with the Turkish group Yildirim, Spanish TCB and the Rumanian port of Constanta have been carried out

29/05/2015Inaugurated the first Controlled Customs Corridor on rubber in Italy
Consente the immediate transfer of the Ikea container from from Liguria ports of Genoa and La Spezia with the logistic platform Ikea of Piacenza

29/05/2015World Shipping Council, the congestion of the ports is not caused by the increase of the dimension of the ships and by the new shipowning alliances
the association of the shipping emphasizes that it can derive from multiple factors

29/05/2015To Genoa confirmation to FuoriMuro of the management of the harbour railway service
About to implementation the Integrated Relationship of Harbour Safety

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