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26 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:20 GMT+2

01/06/2015Anek Lines has archived item the first trimester of 2015 with a net loss of -8,9 million euros
the Greek company has announced that a final agreement with the financial institutions is next that finance it

01/06/2015Friday to Naples SRM will introduce the relationship "Italian Maritime Economy. Risks and opportunity to the center of the Mediterranean"
Round table "New broken for the increase of Southern Italy and the Mediterranean"

01/06/2015To Marseilles the dry dock n. 10 of the Chantier Naval de Marseille will become operating with a delay of six months
Is necessary intense activities for the consolidation of the structure

01/06/2015In the port of Amburgo a barge supplies electric power produced with GNL to the ships from cruise
Ungerer (AIDA Cruises): "we have opened a new chapter of the protection of the atmosphere"

01/06/2015the restructure of the ship yard Egyptian Alexandria Shipyard
takes care of construction activity and naval repair is in commercial field that to support

01/06/2015Matson and Pasha Group complete the acquisition of the activities of the Horizon Lines
Capacities to term two transactions of the value of 469 million and 141,5 million dollars

01/06/2015In Spain has become operating the Unico Marittimo Door
Consente with the ships to exchange information for way electronic with the 46 Spanish ports of national and regional interest

03/06/2015the Polish government decides to renounce to the privatization of Polferries
the definition of a different model of development of the navigation society

03/06/2015Maersk Line orders to DSME 11 new portacontainer from 19.630 teu with option for others six ships
Store clerk of the total value of 1,8 billion dollars. In sight new orders

03/06/2015HHLA orders to ZPMC three new super cranes ultra post-Panamax for the container terminal CTB of the port of Amburgo
Will be able to operate on portacontainer of the ability to 20.000 teu

03/06/2015In decrease the railway traffic of the goods in Germany
In the first trimester of this year is transported 88,1 million tons (- 4.2%)

03/06/2015Marina Militare Italiana continues the experimentation of the biocombustibile on the units of the naval team
the 18 june will be employed for the first time on a submarine

03/06/2015the market of the car rallies in automotive Europe and the logistics must react consequently
Baldissara (ECGs): it is necessary to carry out investments in order to increase the ability

03/06/2015Al Terminal Cruises of the port of Ravenna is on participations in order to improve the technological accessibility and connections
Agreement between Province and Harbour Authority in order to co-finance the planning of a new crocieristico terminal

04/06/2015the future of Taranto Container Terminal
Concessi some days to the terminalista society in order to decide if to abandon or less the apulian harbour port of call

04/06/2015DB Schenker Logistics inaugurates a great logistics center in Finland
is realized with an investment of 57 million euros, that huge it is never supported by the German group

04/06/2015Both the ships of Azamara Cruises Club will be subordinates to intensive works of restructure
Entreranno in basin at the beginning of the next year to Singapore and in Bahamas

04/06/2015For a day to Livorno the debate on the port has been moved from material infrastructures to those immaterial ones
Today has carried out the second edition of the "Port Innovation Day"

04/06/2015To April the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is increased of +4.2%
Calo of crocieristi (- 1.2%) and of the passengers of the ferries (- 16.3%)

05/06/2015economic Resources of the Region to the port of Gioia Tauro for the development of the transhipment
42 million euros for the "Action plan for the development of the Area of Gioia Tauro"

05/06/2015Santiago Garci'a-Thousand is named president of the International Association of Ports and Harbors
Is president of the European Sea Ports Organisation and assistant general manager of the Harbour Authority of Barcelona

05/06/2015During the last few years has grown the quota marine traffic of the goods journeyed in the Mediterranean
In 13 years recorded a +123%. It evidences according to annual report "Italian Maritime realized Economy" from SRM

05/06/2015Seaspan Corporation has taken in delivery a new portacontainer from 14.000 teu
the ship will be operated by the taiwanese company Yang Ming

05/06/2015To the Harbour Authority of Ancona is conferred the second prize of the environmental campaign "Cobat and the Sea"
Appraisal of the systems for the recovery and the money laundering of dangerous special wastes which exhausted batteries and oils

05/06/2015the offshore-onshore harbour plan of Venice is introduced to the International Maritime Organization
Aliperta (Italian representative near the IMO): in front of naval gigantism the Venice solution while still alive guarantees nautical accessibility and the maintenance of "old" the harbour systems

05/06/2015Federagenti characterizes in the bureaucracy one of the great enemies of the harbour system and logistic Italian
the directory of the damages - the federation emphasizes - is almost infinity

05/06/2015the ban of contest for the purchase of 66% of the Port of Livorno 2000
Provincial: within the turn of the year we will be able to yield the control of the society and to throw again, with it, the traffic of the cruises

08/06/2015Within ready year-end new solutions IT for the security of the port of Taranto
AlmavivA is realizing the plan of integration of National the Logistic Platform with the systems of security of the port of call

08/06/2015After the reform of the harbour system, the government must supply to a reform of the road haulage and the logistics
has emphasized It saturday the president of ANITA, Thomas Baumgartner, opening the intense activities of the assembly of the association

08/06/2015Agreement between Abu Dhabi Ports, SIDDCO Group and Istituto Italiano of the Welding
Prevede the realization of programs of formation and certification in the new Ingenium center to Kizad

08/06/2015Eurotunnel confirmation the intention to yield the ferries Rodin and Berlioz to the DFDS
the group will ask the competent authorities for being able to operate "Nord Pas de Calais"

08/06/2015Tomorrow to Livorno Logistic round table "innovative ICT2.0: for a system competitiveness"
Is organized from the association Coffee of Science in collaboration with the Harbour Authority and Interporto A.Vespucci

08/06/2015Collaboration of Swire Shipping and Rickmers-Linie for shipments from India and Middle East
Through the Network of the German company will be forwarded, via Singapore, towards Australia, southern New Zeland and Oceania

08/06/2015Incontro public of Propeller Club of Naples on the plan of recovery of the San Vincenzo Pier
will hold Wednesday to the Marine Station

09/06/2015Filt Cgil, the Strategic Plan of the Ports is "incoherent on the plan of necessary the strategic addresses to the Country"
"the proposal of the government, if it will be confirmed - the union emphasizes - breaks a twenty-year balance in the portualità"

09/06/2015d' Amico International Shipping orders to Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co. two new tankers
the units, of 75.000 gross capacities in tons, will cost approximately 44,0 million dollars each

09/06/2015prompt Assagenti Merlon not to leave the presidency of the Harbour Authority of Genoa
Celebrated the 70 years of life of the association of the marine agents and broker of from Liguria chief town

09/06/2015Assologistica has instituted the new Commission "City Distribution/Last Mile"
is presided by Arturo Mancinelli

09/06/2015the failure of the GoInSardinia
the navigation company was constituted by Sardinian tourist entrepreneurs

09/06/2015Two consortia in contest for the realization of the new Georgian port of Anaklia
Second the forecasts, the intense activities will begin in the summer of 2016

10/06/2015Agreement for the construction of the first intermodal terminal in Serbia
will be realized in the area of Batajnica (Belgrade) with an investment of 20 million euros

10/06/2015Reorganization of the harbour area Kwai Tsing di Hong Kong in order to optimize the ability in the field of the container
the government starts a procedure in order to redefine the activities

10/06/2015the 22 june to Milan the convention "To nourish the planet. The contribution of the economy of the sea"
Is organized from the Federation of the Sea

10/06/2015PSA, GDP and Beibu Gulf Port will manage a new container terminal in the Chinese port of Qinzhou
will be inaugurated in the end of this year and will have an ability to million traffic three teu

10/06/2015To April the traffic in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven is diminished of the -10,0%
the total volume of the goods containerized is dropped of the -11,9%

10/06/2015Maersk Line and MSC will adopt measures in order to ulteriorly increase the competitiveness of the Asia-Europe services
the initiative in the picture of the Vessel Sharing Agreement "2M"

10/06/2015Green light of the Harbour Committee of Genoa to a contribution of 3,6 million euros to the Culmv
the deliberation ridetermina the organic one of the Harbour Company to 888 units (- 5% approximately)

11/06/2015In the first part of the 2015 strong increase of the consistency of the ordered new fleet portacontainer to the yards
the hold ability - Alphaliner emphasizes - turns out advanced of 60% regarding last year

11/06/2015UGL Costa Crociere accusation of insufficient support to the Italian marineria
a marine Italian - the union evidences - remains to earth for periods that vary from the 3 to the 4 months

11/06/2015Navios buys others 14 ships from debtors of the HSH Nordbank credit institution
Investment of 225 million dollars for seven portacontainer and seven to rinfusiere

11/06/2015Dutch IHC will close two ship yards and will cut beyond 2.000 places of work
Decision assumed like direct consequence of the fast deterioration of the market

11/06/2015Within the summer will be opened to public the areas of the historical port of Ancona more not used after the goods
today the removal of the marking out nets

11/06/2015Formenti (UCINA Nautical Confindustria) is named president of the European Boating Industry
the new directive council of the association will remain in charge for next the two years

11/06/2015the European private terminalisti will invest in fair and transparent the ports on condition that the conditions for the use of infrastructures are clear
Is necessary moreover - Feport emphasizes - than the investments can be recovered

11/06/2015CEVA Logistics inaugurates in Italy a hub dedicated to storage, handling and the cross-docking of the tires
is situated to Somaglia, in province of Praises

11/06/2015the port of Venice for the first time exceeds the threshold of means million container in a year
the data is reported to the period june 2014 - May 2015

12/06/2015the Harbour Authority of Trieste restates just "not" to the rigassificatore of Zaule
D' Augustin: he is incompatible with the development plans of our port of call and with the previewed harbour works from the PRP

12/06/2015UGL Sea denunciation the impossibility for the marine ones of the Sardinia to have use of the sanitary service
the union asks the Ministry of Health a urgent participation in order to resolve the problem

12/06/2015the shipowning group Japanese MOL creates a brand for the segment car carrier
From the next month will be called MOL Auto Carrier Express

12/06/2015Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 670,1 million tons of goods (+4.1%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 16,0 million teu (+6.2%)

12/06/2015To Trieste the convention "From the European corridors to the services of the corridor logistics"
will hold the 19 june near the center of the Chamber of Commerce

12/06/2015Diana Containerships has archived item first trimester 2015 with a net loss of -502 thousand dollars
the revenues from charterings have been pairs to 13,9 million dollars (+3.2%)

12/06/2015Green light to the acquisition of the control of the company Pan Ocean from the Harim/JKL consortium
the operation is authorized today by the district Court of Seul after the ok of shareholders and creditors

12/06/2015APM Terminals. Bolloré and Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority will invest 1,5 billion dollars in the port of Topic
Today the president of the Ghana has signed an agreement in order to start the infrastructural potenziamento of the port of call

15/06/2015of the bottom promoted from Mitsubishi Corporation and Seamax Partners for the segment of portacontainer the ULCS
In pocketbook six ships for an ability total of beyond 45.000 teu. Invested 300 million dollars

15/06/2015IACS has adopted new unified requirement of class for the portacontainer of large-capacity
Will take effect 1° July 2016

15/06/2015To May the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore is diminished of the -4,4%
the container has been pairs to 2.622.900 teu (- 10.9%)

15/06/2015a South Korean delegation in visit to the port of Naples
the partenopeo port of call is the only one that the Asian delegation will visit in Italy

15/06/2015the association of the European private harbour terminalisti tightens an agreement with PEMA
Bonz: a grip cooperation with PEMA will allow to answer in better way with the expectations of the market

15/06/2015Still in decrease the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong
Last month is enlivened 1.737.000 teu (- 12.7%)

15/06/2015Carnival makes official the order for four new ships from cruise to Meyer Werft
Two ships will be constructed in the German ship yard of Papenburg and two in the Finnish plant of Turku

15/06/2015Ship Finance International buys three new portacontainer from 9.000 teu
will be taken in delivery between the last trimester of this year and the first trimester of 2016

15/06/2015Beyond 22 million euros in order to improve railway accessibility of the port of Ravenna
Protocollo undersigned today from Italian Railway Net, Emilia-Romagna Region, Municipality and Harbour Authority

15/06/2015PSA orders to ZPMC other four new cranes of dock for the container terminal VTE of the port of Genoa
Will be able to operate on the larger portacontenitori currently used in the market

16/06/2015To May the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City has grown of +0.8%
full Decrease of the container to disembarkation (- 0.8%) and to the boarding (- 3.5%). Container empty +7.9%

16/06/2015Friday to Frosts the presentation of the results of plan PORT PVEV in order to reduce the emissions of co2 in the harbour areas
is co-financed by the EU in the within of the Operating Program Italy-Malta 2007/2013

16/06/2015Sour Port Services (ADM - Norton Lilly) has bought Blue the marine agency and harbour Brazilian Ocean
Has offices to Santos and Paranaguá and supplies services to the ships in all the ports of Brazil

16/06/2015Service for the Emirates of GEFCO with departure from the port of Genoa
is dedicated to the export Italian and European

16/06/2015To Rotterdam post-Panamax for the ECT has arrived three new super cranes Delta Terminal
the means of raising can be controlled from remote

16/06/2015Cooperation of P&O Ferries and SOL Continent Line in the marine services between United Kingdom, Benelux and Scandinavia
Collaboration on the route that connects Tilbury and Teesport with Goteborg via Zeebrugge

16/06/2015the spezzina Contrepair acquires an area of 34.000 square metres to Marghera
the company is leader in handling of the container empty and in their repair

16/06/2015Cgil and Filt Cgil speed up the fast restoration of the mouth of the port of Ravenna
Ricci and Morini: without deepening of the backdrops the port loses job and development

17/06/2015the regional ports of the Catalogna generate a annual volume of transactions of a billion of euro
the activities of the field produce Gross Domestic Product 0.5% of the Catalan

17/06/2015Nuovo railway service for the exports from Finland to China
is realized by the TransContainer Russian, the Finn ContainerTrans Scandinavia and the KedenTransService Kazakh

17/06/2015Welsh (GSF): the cost-effective loaders can contribute to an approach for the reduction of gases greenhouse of the shipping
a study of the IMO evidences that, if ulterior measures are not adopted, within the 2050 emissions they could increase between +50% and +250%

18/06/2015Last month the port of Long Beach has enlivened 635 thousand container (+6.0%)
In the first five months of the 2015 traffic has been of beyond 2,7 million teu (+1.1%)

18/06/2015Porto of Taranto, the government starts an operation of scouting in order constituting a newco that it succeed to the TCT
minister Delrio asks Merlon to withdraw resignation from president of the Harbour Authority of Genoa

18/06/2015Last month the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal transported 71,6 million tons of cargos (+1.9%)
the units journeyed in the direction north-south transported 39,8 million tons (+14.9%) and those journeyed in the opposite direction 31,8 million tons (- 10.7%)

18/06/2015Charon & Tourist celebrate fifty years of activity of marine transport
Today the company invoice 150 million euros and has fifteen marine ferries with thousand boarded ones

18/06/2015the assembly of the staff of Costa Crociere approves of the hypothesis of agreement between unions and company
the understanding identifies in solidarity contracts the social shock-absorber to use in case you of it will be the necessity

18/06/2015complete shipowning group MSC the acquisition of the capital of Bluvacanze
the participation stopped from IDeA Capital Funds SGR Spa

18/06/2015Tuesday Propeller Club of Trieste will debate the topics of the reform of the legislation on the ports
Incontro organized with the A.I.O.M. (Entrepreneurial Association Operating Marine)

18/06/2015To May the port of Barcelona has enlivened 4,3 million tons of goods (+10.5%)
Fleeting in increase of +14.3%, with a +17.5% of the cruises and +3.0% of the ferries

18/06/2015In 2014 is dropped the consistency of the Italian mercantile fleet, but in the first months of the 2015 trend it is returned positive
Last year, answering to the migratory emergency, the Italian ships have contributed to the rescue of approximately 42 thousand people

19/06/2015MSC inaugurates a new China-Korea service/Southeastern coast the USA via Panama hat
is realized in cooperation with Maersk Line

19/06/2015To risk the place of work of 25 dependent of the genoese shipment house Italian Seaways
the Court of Genoa - Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti have explained - has denied the validity of the rent of company branch

19/06/2015the WiderMos plan, with front man AP of, to TRIES Days 2015 of Line
the visit of Violeta Bulc, commissioner to the Transports of the EU commission

19/06/2015In the port of Rotterdam is under consideration measures in order to avoid esuberi determined from an increase of the traffic of the inferior container to the waits
In the Dutch port the costs of the controls of the Marine Health are advanced of the 45-72% regarding those of the port of Antwerp

19/06/2015More collaboration between EU, the USA and China in the regulation of the marine transport of line
the cooperation in order to answer to the increasing tendency to the concentrations

19/06/2015DHL Freight inaugurates centers to Lyon, Milan and Madrid for the logistics of the pharmaceutical products
Shortly will be activated a fourth center to Budapest

19/06/2015Grimaldi orders to the Chinese ship yard Yangfan the construction of five ships PCTC
Investment of 300 million dollars. Option for ulterior seven unit

19/06/2015the plan of the new Tower Pilots of the port of Genoa
is donated by architect Renzo Piano the harbour community

22/06/2015the Chinese ministry of the Transports fine 21 companies of line that operate on the China-Japan route
is endorsed in order to have offered inferior rates to the market prices

22/06/2015Merlon announces the withdrawal of own resignation from president of the Harbour Authority of Genoa
draft - specific - of a conditioned revocation and temporary character

22/06/20151° the July to Melzo a workshop of the European plan Poseidon Med that promotes the use of the GNL for the shipping
Is organized from Contship Italy in collaboration with Logistic the Harbour Authority of La Spezia and Mayday

22/06/2015Thursday to Livorno the presentation of a book on integration between the port and the city
is cured by architect Marco Massa on behalf of the Harbour Authority

22/06/2015Louis Dreyfus Commodities will construct a terminal for cereals in the Russian district of Azov
the previewed investment piles to approximately 24 billion euros

22/06/2015Thursday to Rome will hold the convention "Mare Nostrum Human Sea"
will be centralized on dynamics and problematic between migratory flows in the Mediterranean and the mercantile world

22/06/2015GNV changes to skin and way to think
livery for the ferries of the company, that it is putting into effect a new adaptable strategy to the various markets

22/06/2015Premuda asks the banks a urgent postpones of the terms of payment of the loans
In absence of stipulates of agreements of standstill - it has explained the Italian company - "appears today ulteriorly and meaningfully increased the uncertainties on the existence of the foundation of the business continuity"

23/06/2015the Soufflet French will realize a terminal for cereals in the Ukrainian port of Illichivsk
Previewed an investment of approximately 70-100 million dollars

23/06/2015the transport via sea of goods alimentary is pairs to 5.800 billion ton-kilometer per year
Study of the Federation of the Sea on the contribution of the marine economy to the agricultural and food- field

23/06/2015Started in the Fincantieri yard of Monfalcone the construction of the ship from cruise MSC Seaside of MSC Cruises
will be launched to December 2017 to Miami, port in which will be placed all the year in order to carry out cruises in the Caribbean

23/06/2015has passed away Mauro Palmiero, national president of the ANSEP-UNITAM
has covered the charge for two mandates, becoming a point of reference for the associates

23/06/2015To the genoese 4IT Constructions the intense activities of requalification of the Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto
Contract of the value of 7,0 million euros

23/06/2015Maninchedda (Party of the Sardinians): Unicredit will support the offer of Moby for the control of Tirrenia
the city council member of the Sardinia Region finds that the agency does not have some instrument "in order to condition really the activity of the patron of the Moby"

23/06/2015In according to trimester of the fiscal year the 2015 profit clearly of the Carnival group has grown of +126%
bending (- 1%) of the revenues to 3,59 billion dollars

24/06/2015Virgin Cruises will order three new ships from cruise of 110.000 tons of tonnage to Fincantieri
will be taken in delivery in 2020, 2021 and 2022. The new crocieristica company will sign an agreement with the port of Miami

24/06/2015the Sardinia Region constantly monitors all the developments on the Tirrenia-Moby case
Deiana; "our worry is manifested also to the minister for the Graziano Delrio Infrastructures"

24/06/2015SBB Cargo, Hupac and Contargo has constituted joint venture that the new container will manage terminal of Basel Nord
Second the forecasts, the platform will become operating in 2019

24/06/2015Pietro Preziosi is the new extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of the Sardinia North
From a month the captain covers also the charge of marine director of the Sardinia North

24/06/2015Agreement MSC Cruises - Etihad Airways in order to transfer the crocieristi from Europe towards Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates
From 13 27 December 2015 to March 2016 ship "MSC Music" will carry out 16 cruises with departure gives from Abu Dhabi

24/06/2015Calo of the offer of fleeting places on the ferries with the Corsica in summery season 2015
Decrease of the -17% of the offer from continental France, while the reduction of the offer from Italy is pairs to -1%

24/06/2015ANITA judges positively the encounter with minister Delrio, CNA-Fita attends provisions and Unatras expresses disappointment
Unatras: we would have expected greater concreteness on the emergencies

24/06/2015the government of the Islands Cayman gives the go-ahead free to the institution of Maritime the Services Park
Ospiterà companies of the shipping that they will make sure so a favorable fiscal regime and of other benefits

25/06/2015Iran will construct a port in deep waters on the island of Qeshm, in the Strait of Ormuz
Previewed investments foreign countries for a total of 700 million euros

25/06/2015In the port of Singapore is inaugurated the third and fourth phase of the Pasir Panjang Terminal
When they totally become operating at the end of 2017, the ability to containerized trade to Singapore of group PSA will go up to 50 million teu

25/06/2015In the within of the reform of the legislation on the Italian portualità must be recognized the specificity of the port of Trieste
Doormats (To propel Club of Trieste): "it is necessary that the central government knows, fully recognizes and comprises the potentialities and the vocation of Trieste which international port"

25/06/2015the new CEO of the DSME considers the acquisition of STX France premature
That of the construction of ships from cruise – it has specified - is a field in which the South Korean group it will have to enter in future

25/06/2015In the 2014 turnover generated in Europe from the industry of the cruises has recorded a new record
(CLIA Europe): an ulterior development at all is not guaranteed if the obstacles to the increase will not be removed

25/06/2015Chinese COSCON upgrades own net of services feeder in the Mediterranean and Europe North
Three of the five services in the Mediterranean basin is centralized on the Greek port hub of the Pireo

25/06/2015Sunday to Salerno will take to the way the event "Sea Sun Salerno - Festivity of the Sea"
the manifestation is an opportunity in order to introduce to citizens and visitors the results records reached from the port of the city

26/06/2015the Abruzzi Region institutes a working team for the development of the portualità
the scope is to upgrade the role of the regional ports like pulling ahead element of the increase of the economy

26/06/2015Kuehne + Nagel buys the logistic society American ReTrans
the company, with center to Memphis, has beyond 300 dependent and records annual revenues for beyond 500 million dollars

26/06/2015For the first time an association of haulers is formed civil party in a process for mafia
CNA-Fita has deliberated to take active part in the judicial procedures "Aemilia" and "Charon"

26/06/2015the 7 July to Genoa the technical seminary "Cargo Transport Unit Tails 2014 - I.M.O. I.L.O. U.N.E.C.E."
Is organized from the C.I.S.Co., the Chamber of Commerce and the The International Propeller Clubs

26/06/2015To May the port of Genoa has established the own new record of traffic salary of the container
is enlivened 215,293 teu. The precedence record was recorded in July 2014 with 204.516 teu

26/06/2015the Spanish shipowners ask that the norms that regulate the field, above all in environmental matter, are clear
Diminuisce the consistency of the Spanish mercantile fleet and after ten years the Spanish flag has exited from the White List of the Paris MoU

26/06/2015Fincantieri has celebrated two ceremonies of launch
the first in the plant of Monfalcone for the "Seen Carnival" and the second one in the ship yard of Ancona for "Viking Sea"

26/06/2015the Barcelona Europe South Terminal (group HPH) has acquired 20% of Maritime Terminal de Zaragoza
inland the terminal strategically is situated to the center of the Barcelona-Madrid corridor

26/06/2015the 31 July Large the Navi Veloci will inaugurate the new Bari-Durrës line
Will be the first operated marine service from the company in Mare Adriatico

26/06/2015Last month the port of Valencia has enlivened 6,4 million tons of goods (- 2.0%)
In the first five months of the 2015 traffic has been of 29,6 million tons (+8.3%)

26/06/2015Ok of the Commission VIA VAS of the Ministry of the Atmosphere to the Portuale Town development plan of the port of Trieste
D' Augustin: "the triestine port of call now can turn over"

29/06/2015Agreement between the Erenav Algerian and the Martifer Portuguese in order to realize a ship yard to Arzew (Oran)
will be constituted joint venture participated with 51% by the North African public company and with 49% from the European industrial group

29/06/2015Italferr will constitute joint venture specialized in railway engineering with the Anesrif Algerian
the understanding joins in a plan of modernization and development of Algerian infrastructures of the value of approximately 32 billion dollars

29/06/2015new the Board of Directors of Tirrenia CIN has named president Paolo Giorgio Bassi and has confirmed the delegations to the current CEO Ettore Morace
unanimously the budget 2014 that anticipates a profit of 19,4 million euros clearly, result - it has emphasized the company - "which had exclusively from the routes not in convention"

29/06/2015To May the port of Venice has enlivened beyond 2,5 million tons of goods (+23.4%)
In the first five months of the 2015 increment of the traffic has been of +15.8%

29/06/2015the EU commission proposes to finance with 13,1 billion euros 276 plans of transport in the within of the CEF
Violeta Bulc: it is the plan of investments more never consisting realized from the EU in the field of the transports

29/06/2015Seaspan Corporation has taken in delivery a new portacontainer from 14.000 teu
the ship is rented for ten years Yang Ming

29/06/2015Fincantieri starts the program "Active Safety"
Session dedicated to the topic of the "protection from slides, stumbles and falls", that they represent one of the root causes of accident in the ship yards

29/06/2015the port of the Havre launches a quinquennial development plan of the value of 385 million euros
is previewed the support of the State and deep the Alta Normandia Region and the access to European

29/06/2015Introduced to the Parliament EU the results of the IfreightMED-DC plan that has the scope to improve accessibility of the ports
"For our territory - it has emphasized europarlamentare break Benifei - has been be a matter of a great opportunity

29/06/2015General Electric signs agreements in order to yield the assets in the USA, Europe, Mexico, Australia, New Zeland of GE Capital Fleet Services
cessions of the assets and the European activities to the Arval (BNP Paribas). The others assets will be acquired from the Canadian Element Financial Corporation

29/06/2015Premuda, the banks have communicated the availability to reach stipulate of the agreements of standstill
the Board of Directors confirmation own judgment on the business continuity

30/06/2015Fincantieri has suspended the working activity in the ship yard of Monfalcone
the Command Police officers for the Protection of the Atmosphere has supplied to the pre-emptive seizure of some areas of the plant

30/06/2015the Business Unit Operator di Rail Austria Cargo transforms in Rail Cargo Operator - Austria
From the organizational point of view will depend on Rail Operator Cargo, society to the 100% of property of Rail Austria Cargo

30/06/2015the economic-harbour community of Crotone expresses some observations on the preliminary rough draft of the Town development plan of the port
the harbour operators consider the adoption of the instrument of territorial planning urgent

30/06/2015To Venice is in arrival a new coming traffic of citruses from the South America
will be enlivened near the platform of Venice Green Terminal

30/06/2015Nuovo terminal for the construction and handling of wind systems offshore in the port of Rotterdam
You the Dutch Sif Group and Verbrugge International will install themselves

30/06/2015MSC will start two services Nord Europe - Mediterranean oriental in collaboration with Zim
Scaled in Italy the ports of La Spezia and Naples

30/06/2015To May the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna is dropped of the -9,2%
Bending of the -3,9% in the first five months of 2015.Di Marco: too many forget that to February beginning we have had the more devastating flood of last the 50 years

30/06/2015Cesare Guidi is reconfirmed president of Angopi
To Piombino the national convention on the topic "the Italian model of the mooring service is from exporting or to scrap"

30/06/2015the South Korean Ki-tack Lim is elected general secretary of the IMO
the four-year mandate will begin 1° January 2016

30/06/2015In the port of assigned Genoa an area 18 thousand square metres for the development of activity of refit/repair of yacht
is assigned to the group of enterprises composed by Friend & Co, Genoa Sea Service, Cats srl and Consortium Nautical Assistance

30/06/2015Green light of the regional committee of the Sardinia to the Operations plan of the Bonded area of Cagliari
Massidda: "draft of a beautifulst news, an ahead meaningful step towards the creation of the Bonded area to Cagliari"

30/06/2015the concession to the Taranto Container Terminal
has deliberated It the Harbour Committee of Taranto

30/06/2015To Savona the round table "Great Ships and environmental protection… To program the future"
will hold friday near the Fortress of the Priamar

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