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26 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 22:07 GMT+2

01/07/2015the assembly of associates of Premuda has approved of the budget of exercise 2014
Condivise the appraisals carried out from the board of directors approximately the subsistence of requirement of business continuity

01/07/2015Flex LNG will acquire naval means for the field of the GNL of the Exmar and the Geveran Trading
In exchange these last ones will receive actions of the London society of new issue

01/07/2015the genoese Cambiaso & Risso opens a branch to Dubay
the strategy of expansion in the Middle Eastern region and Asia will continue with the income in new markets

01/07/2015Renewed the summits of Interporto Bologna
President Pietro Spirito. The named councilmen are Laura Amadesi and Marco Spinedi

01/07/2015With the European plan Vet Port harbour workers in a position to working in the national and European ports of call form themselves
Introduced today to Livorno from the Harbour Authority, that it is front man of the initiative

01/07/2015a sentence of the Law court EU risks to block the plans of dredging of the fluvial ports and the marine ports to the river mouths of rivers
the dredging of the Weser river so that portacontainer of greater dimensions they can arrive to the ports of Bremen, Bremerhaven and Brake

01/07/2015Signed new contracts collectives for the marine and administrative staff
Filt, Fit and Uilt, the contract answers to the strong question of simplification and rationalization in highly jagged national a contractual panorama

01/07/2015Fincantieri will construct the ship from cruise hooligan-dislocates Silver Muse for Silversea Cruises
with Finmeccanica a contract for the construction and the equipment of a amphibious unit multirole. Reunion on the event of the yard of Monfalcone

02/07/2015TUI Cruises has ordered to the construction of two ships from cruise to the Finnish ship yard Meyer Turku
the new units will be taken in delivery in 2018 and 2019 and will replace the "Mein Schiff 1" and the "Mein Schiff 2"

02/07/2015Confetra, "the current regime of the highway reductions in price in favor of the haulers is scandalous"
President of the association of the freeways - denunciation the Confederation - is the same Palenzona that presides also the Faiservice, greater beneficiary of the reductions in price

02/07/2015DB Schenker Rail and SBB CFF FFS Cargo will upgrade the services of transport to complete wagons between Germany and Switzerland
New connections to vhf between the industrial centers of the two nations

02/07/2015Ok of the EU commission to the public investment for the new terminal you ferry of the port of Calais
the plan will be financed with 270 million euros from the French State and the local authorities of Pas-de-Calais

02/07/2015the port of Jacksonville welcomes to Maersk Line but it greets APM Terminals
the terminalista society of the Maersk group has stopped the activity in port because of the loss of the services of the main customer

02/07/2015Announced the fusion of Frontline and Frontline 2012 on the wake of the positive course of the market tanker
Fredriksen: "we will give again to Frontline the company position leader of the field"

02/07/2015Nuovo order of Grimaldi for three Pure new Car Truck Carrier with option for a fourth ship
will be constructed by the Chinese ship yard Jinling

03/07/2015the 8 July to Naples a debate on the topic "European marine politics. The development of the Italian traffics"
the initiative is of the The International Propeller Club Port of Naples

03/07/2015CAI International will buy new railway wagons for beyond 200 million dollars
Will be acquired over three years with beginning from according to trimester of 2016

03/07/2015of Brookfield Infrastructure Partners in order to acquire the entire capital of the Asciano Australian
the proposal has a value of beyond 6,7 billion dollars

03/07/2015Fincantieri will supply four Offshore Patrol Vessels to Guard Costiera of Bangladesh
the units will be realized modernizing and transforming four corvettes of the class "Minerva" dismesse from Marina Militare Italiana

03/07/2015Toti (Liguria Region) asks Renzi and Delrio to strive because the Third Pass can re-enter in the directory of the plans financed from the EU with the CEF
the work - it has emphasized - constitutes the only instrument of feeding of southern Europe from South through the Italian harbour system

03/07/2015MSC Cruises chooses the vital Cuban like home port for MSC Opera
In the winter season the 2015-2016 ship will carry out 16 cruises in the Caribbean

03/07/2015Two studies confirm the benefits generated from the Offshore Bremerhaven Terminal
Günthner: "they demonstrate that for the industrial and harbour Bremerhaven the construction of the offshore terminal is of fundamental importance"

03/07/2015Porto of Augusta, undersigned I renew of the concession to the Italoffshore Consortium
the duration of the contract is postponed 15-year-old

03/07/2015Arkas Italy has opened a new trade commission to Marghera
the initiative follows the potenziamento of the service in Adriatic of Arkas Line

03/07/2015the reduction of the fiscal facilities will cost to the Italian haulers between 8.100 and 13.600 euros
Marcucci (Confetra): "the Country cannot afford that the dispute of the road haulage leads in an umpteenth arrest warrant from the unforeseeable outcomes"

06/07/2015the port of Savona will be equipped of a study of feasibility for autoprodurre energy from renewable sources
Miazza: we will introduce the local and harbour community and in order to estimate of the possible applications

06/07/2015the Slowly National one of the Portualità and the Logistics indicates the goal, but not like reaching to you
the synthesis of the document introduced from the government is a florilegio of good garnishments

06/07/2015Filt Cgil, well the ok to the new one Slowly of the Portualità and the Logistics, but is necessary confronts with the world of the job
does not know nothing - denunciation the union - on the topics of the regulation of the market in the port

06/07/2015Evergreen orders to CSBC and Imabari Shipbuilding the construction of ten portacontainer from 2.800 teu
the investment piles to 390 million dollars

06/07/2015Plan of the group of Friend in order to approach the worlds of the shipping and the art
On board of the ships of the fleet will be accommodated artists who will create works inspired from the context of navigation

06/07/2015Agreement between the Agency of Customs and the Italian Association of the Couriers International Airplane
Has the objective to introduce procedural simplifications, to prevent and to contrast the illicit traffics and to reduce the times of clearance

06/07/2015prompt Fit Cisl I confront with minister Delrio on the problematic ones in the field of the transports
Luciano: "the document introduced in Council of Ministers for the portualità is potentially a great key of time for the development"

06/07/2015Dissequestrate the areas of the ship yard of Monfalcone of the Fincantieri
Guidi: "I am pleased that the magistracy has understood the purposes of the provision of the government"

07/07/2015the Maersk group sells the ESVAGT, salvage company and assistance for the offshore industry
the entire capital will be yielded to 3i infrastructure and AMP Capital for approximately 610 million dollars

07/07/2015Protocollo of understanding in order to upgrade the connections between the ports of Vasto and Ortona and the Croatian port of Ploce
is signed by the mayor of the Croatian city and by the president of the Special Company for the ports of Ortona and Vasto

07/07/2015HHLA previews to close 2015 with an light decrease of the performances in the field of the harbour terminals
Altogether is attended turned out online with those of 2014

07/07/2015Terminal Ravenna Container orders to Liebherr the supply of three new cranes of stacking on track
will be taken in delivery within the end of 2016

07/07/2015the USA authorities authorize the ships from cruise of the Carnival group to land to Cuba
the green light of the Havana. The first cruises to May 2016 with the brand fathom

07/07/2015In three days of dealings the price of the actions of Lowers COSCO is diminished of the -20%
Some days before the society has received from the shareholder of control COSCO approximately 647 million dollars for the renewal of the fleet

07/07/2015To Vincenzo Onorato (Moby) the control of Tirrenia - Italian Company of Navigation
Morace has resigned resignation. Exposed of the Sardinia Region to the guarantor Authority of the Competition and the Market

08/07/2015Pietro Manunta and Massimo Mura are the president and managing director of Tirrenia CIN
has announced that from quickly they will begin encounters with the involved institutions, in particular with the Sardinia Region

08/07/2015ANCIP, ANGOPI, Fedepiloti and Unione Pilots denounce the attempt to cancel law 84/94
an amendment to the Ddl Kneading trough - they emphasize - excludes the participation and the involvement of the workers, the territories, and the marine operators from the choices that regard them first hand

08/07/2015CMA CGM has carried to term the acquisition of German OPDR
Green light to the takeover from the EU commission

08/07/2015Confetra, does not return the accounts between the public resources for the applied reductions of the highway tolls and reductions in price
160 million euros - the Confederation explains - would allow to recognize to the vehicles goods a reduction in price of 20%, while in reality it is around 9%

08/07/2015In the first semester of the 2015 traffic of the container enlivened from the port of Naples has grown of +10.9%
the container full is increased of +4.0% and those empty ones of +34.1%

08/07/2015Nuovo order of Maersk for nine portacontainer of large-capacity
Store clerk of the value of 1,1 billion dollars to HHI for ships from 14.000 teu with ulterior options until eight unit

08/07/2015In six months radically is changed the economic perspectives of the field of the containerized marine transport
the Drewry considers that the section will be able to be considered fortunate if in the end of this year will reach the point of break even

09/07/2015In according to trimester of this year traffic of the goods in the port of Marseilles Fos has grown of +4.6%
increment of solid bulk (+22.0%). In light increase liquid bulk (+1.5%) and goods several (+0.4%)

09/07/2015Seago removes from the service Ligurian Sea the Atlantic ports of call in Portugal and Spain and adds Genoa
the ports of Leixoes, Lisbon and Vigo will continue to being served with a service feeder via Algeciras

09/07/2015territorial administrative division of the Harbour Authority of Messina is widened to the entire port of Tremestieri
minister Delrio has signed decrees, that it has among other things the scope to accelerate intense activities and investments

09/07/2015the Greek Superfast Ferries will realize a service USA-Cube ferry
another Greek company, the United Caribbean Lines, has in program connections between ports Americans and the Havana

09/07/2015Grimaldi will ulteriorly upgrade the service MEX that connects the Mediterranean with the West Africa
the cargo ability will be increased of beyond 35% and the frequency will be reduced to eight days

09/07/2015Tarlazzi (Uilt): we will reject with force any attempt of deregulation of the harbour job
Sul forehead job - the general secretary of the union adds - arouses strong worries the amendment to the bill Kneading trough

09/07/2015the Law court of the EU has received the resource of the EU commission against France for the aids to the SNCM
the pronunciamento is relative to the lacked recovery 220 million euros

10/07/2015In matter of arranged transport road-railroad the EU must take example from the USA
emphasizes It the UIRR evidencing that last year in the United States the field has recorded an historical record with 13,5 million shipments

10/07/2015the German Rhenus Logistics has bought 50% of the railway society Austrian LTE
the half of the capital has remained to the group Graz-Köflacher Bahn und Busbetrieb

10/07/2015to Amburgo the portacontainer larger of the fleet of CMA CGM
"CMA CGM Georg Forster" is long 398 meters and an ability to 18.000 teu

10/07/2015the port of Dublino records a semiannual traffic record of beyond 16 million tons of goods
In sensitive increase also the passengers

10/07/2015In the first half of the 2015 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Savona is increased of +1.5%
increase (+0.9%) also of the passengers

13/07/2015Last month the traffic of the goods in the Chinese marine ports has grown of +4.5%
handling of the container has been pairs to 15,9 million teu (+4.3%)

13/07/2015To june the 2014 traffic goods in the port of Singapore is diminished of the -0,3%
the container has been pairs to 2,6 million teu (- 7.8%)

13/07/2015In the first semester of the 2015 port of Tanger Med has enlivened 1,55 million container (+4%)
the traffic of the passengers

13/07/2015Agreement Coast - Alitalia in order to offer the formula fly & cruise to the passengers of the crocieristica company
Approximately 100.000 places airplane on the Alitalia flights will be put on of Costa Crociere in three years 2015-2018

13/07/2015Nuovo service ro-ro between Venice and Greece of Grimaldi Lines
Landings place to the terminal managed from Venice RoPort MoS. The partenopea company supports the action of the ngo Save the Children

13/07/2015Chinese CIMC yields 40% of the German Albert Ziegler to China Fire Safety Enterprise Group
the value of the transaction is of approximately 63 million dollars

13/07/2015Sergio Prete is named extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Taranto
the assignment for a not advanced period to six months

14/07/2015the Chinese society of railway constructions Lowers Railway Group will enter in the American market
Investment of 500 thousand dollars in order to acquire 24% of joint venture

14/07/2015In increase the economic results of the Helvetian Kuehne + Nagel
In the first semester of the 2015 group has recorded a profit to 326 million franchi clearly Swiss (+4%)

14/07/2015new livery GNV the Rhapsody ferry is ready to navigate on the Bari-Durrës route
Will be the first realized marine service from Large the Navi Veloci in Adriatic

14/07/2015emphasizes the decrease of the traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven
In the first five months of the 2015 is enlivened 30,3 million tons (- 6.6%)

14/07/2015In the first semester of the 2015 port of Livorno has enlivened beyond 380 thousand container (+37.5%)
Gallanti: "Livorno is the port that has grown per cent more in the first six months of the year"

15/07/2015Marian and the Being worth captain named commissioners of the Harbour Authorities of Bari and Brindisi
the assignment is for a not advanced period to six months

15/07/2015Within the beginning of the 2019 port of Antwerp will have a permanent station of bunkeraggio of GNL
Initially will be dedicated to the refueling of the barges

15/07/2015the port of Hong Kong closes first semester 2015 with a bending of the -9,7% of the traffic of the container
handling is in decrease from July 2014

15/07/2015Tomorrow to Genoa will hold the conclusive conference of the plan "Wind, Ports and Sea"
the integrated system wind-waves realized with the plan has the objective to increase safety and accessibility of the ports

15/07/2015the EU commission inflicts endorsements for beyond 49 million euros to the railway societies Express Interfracht and Schenker
a trust in the market of the services with train is recognized guilty to have place in existence block

15/07/2015complete American EMC the acquisition of Maritime the Telecommunications Network
the group supplies services of communication for 1,600 ships and approximately 8.000 resorts to earth

16/07/2015Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is diminished of 2.0%
In the first semester of this year is enlivened of 3,9 million teu (- 3.7%)

16/07/2015the IBAR says not to the increase of the additional tax of boarding of the passengers in departure from the Italian airports
the proposal of the ANCI would involve an increase of two euro

16/07/2015Forcieri (AP La Spezia) writes to the governor of the Liguria remembering to it the importance of the financings in order to complete the railway line Pontremolese
Is - it has emphasized - a strategic work for the Liguria region and the entire Country

16/07/2015which signed Agreement of scientific collaboration from Marina Militare Italiana and Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica and Vulcanologia
Has the scope to develop and to value plans and infrastructures for research purposes scientific in sea and marine safety

16/07/2015the International Chamber of Shipping has updated the lines guides on the important operations of rescue in sea
Hinchliffe: this means that the constant rerun to the mercantile ships in order to carry out a role that is of precipua responsibility of the governments is acceptable and tantomeno sustainable

16/07/2015Alla Spezia the round table "Naval Law: which opportunity for the Country and the industries of the territory"
from La Spezia Confindustria, will hold the 24 July to Port Lotteries

16/07/2015ZIM will renew the service AME that connects Asia with the Mediterranean oriental
the understanding spin will be realized in 56 days rather than in current the 63

16/07/2015the European private harbour terminalisti ask they greater involvement in the debate and the definition for the harbour policies
a delegation of Feport has met Violeta Bulc, European commissioner to the Transports

16/07/2015Forza Italia I throw again of the ports, the logistics and the transports in order to grow economy and job
Consults It of the Transports of the political movement invites the government to put on the resources for the road haulage

16/07/2015increment of the traffic of the goods in the port of Koper
In the first semester of the 2015 is enlivened beyond 10,6 million tons (+15.0%)

17/07/2015Wärstilä announces a new reduction of the staff with the cut of approximately 600 places of work
the measure regards the division of the Finnish group that takes care of naval propulsion

17/07/2015Count (To propel Club Port of Taras) claims a future for the portualità of Taranto
the economy tarantina - it has stated - "always sets off more towards the model of Greece today rather than of always osannata Magna Grecia"

17/07/2015the port of Rotterdam closes according to trimester with a traffic the record of 119,4 million tons (+6.4%)
the containerized trade

17/07/2015increase of the traffic of the goods in the port of Antwerp
In the trimester April-june is enlivened 53,5 million tons (+6.9%)

17/07/2015the European School of Short Sea Shipping will realize a course of high formation on the freeways of the sea
the workshop will hold from the 26 to the 29 september

17/07/2015To june the traffic of the container enlivened from the port of Long Beach is diminished of the -4,4%
the total volume in the first semester of 2015

20/07/2015Konecranes has closed second trimester 2015 with a profit clearly of 11,4 million euros (- 2.6%)
the revenues are increased of +11.2% attesting itself to 535,6 million euros

20/07/2015attenuation of the trend of increase of the traffic of the container enlivened from COSCO Pacific
In the period April-june is enlivened 17,4 million teu (+1.9%)

20/07/2015Crystal Cruises announces an important potenziamento of the fleet and the debut in the aerial field
Ordered to Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven three oceanic ships from cruise of luxury and a ship from destined fluvial cruise to the new Crystal River Cruises brand. In the 2017 launch of an airline

20/07/2015Thursday to Venice will hold a forum for the development of the relations between Italy and China
In program the memorandum subscription of understanding between the ports of Venice and Ningbo

20/07/2015In Countries OCSE diminishes the quota the GDP destined to the investments in transport infrastructures inland
In the 2013 total volume of these expenses is come down to the levels of 1995

20/07/2015CNA-Fita exults for a sentence that it establishes that the Vat on the octrois does not go paid
Franchini: the pronunciamento recognizes a evident injustice that gives years hits the category of the road haulage

21/07/2015In the first semester of the 2015 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Venice has grown of +16.4%
Crocieristi in decrease of the -17,6%

21/07/2015In according to trimester of this Cargotec year has recorded an improvement of the economic performances and a decrease of the orders
Regulating in decrease for the marks MacGregor (- 35%) and Hiab (- 15%) and in increase for Kalmar (+14%)

21/07/2015To june in the Suez Canal is journeyed 1,485 ships (+11.0%) with cargos for 69,8 million tons (+5.4%)
In the first six months of the 2015 journeyed volumes of goods in the channel is piled to 406,2 million tons (+3.2%)

21/07/2015Boredoms (Confcommercio): for the transports it serves a logic of with, to greater reason if it is spoken about ports
the national plan of the logistics I like to Federagenti, "because - Pappalardo explains - finally it gives a substantial role to the ports"

21/07/2015the port of Zeebrugge closes the first semester of 2015 with a contraction of the -11,8% of the traffic
liquid and solid Bulk in increase of +13% and +12%. Container in decrease of the -26%

22/07/2015Premuda has undersigned the agreements of standstill with the banks creditors
the objective is to reach stipulates of the definitive agreements within the next October

22/07/2015the Harbour Authority of Trieste has signed a protocol of understanding with the Agency of Customs
technical Tables on topics which the Frank Point, the customs corridors and the pre-clearing

22/07/2015the Baleària Spanish is ready to activate two marine services between the USA and Cuba
has obtained the necessary authorizations from the government American and is waiting for those of the Havana

22/07/2015Recrudescence of the number of actions of piracy against the ships in the first six months of 2015
In the first trimester 54 incidents (+10%) and in second 80 (+19% have happened)

22/07/2015the port of Venice is being equipped for the employment of the GNL in the marine traffics and the logistic activities
Yesterday workshop "GNL and new opportunity for the transport on organized road" from the Harbour Authority and Venice Confindustria

22/07/2015In the first six months of the 2015 Fincantieri has acquired new orders for 4,2 billion euros (+21%)
the period has been archived item with a net loss of -19 million euros. The orderbook it has reached the figure record of 16,0 billion euros

22/07/2015Delrio: the National Plan of the Portualità and the Logistics is not the dream book
Mounts (Assoporti): for the first time it recognizes the strategicità of the field

23/07/2015ABB clearly has archived item the second trimester with a profit of 588 million dollars (- 8%)
a decrease of the -15% of orders (- 4% to unchanged changes). Positive the results of the branch Italian

23/07/2015In according to Panalpina trimester has recorded a deterioration of the economic performances
Disappointment for the results achieved in the segment of air shipments

23/07/2015the Federal Maritime Commission has approved of the alliance between the ports of Seattle and Tacoma
the new organizational order will become operating next 1° August

23/07/2015the Harbour Committee Salerno has been approved of the consuntivo account of the Harbour Authority
Presenta an economic remainder of beyond 1,6 million euros

23/07/2015the shipowning group of Friend finances the construction of boats ambulance for the Philippines
a donation of 100.000 dollars

23/07/2015Carnival formalizes with the Harbour Authority of Barcelona the agreement in order to construct and to manage according to terminal cruises in the Catalan port
the inauguration is previewed in 2018

23/07/2015the ports of Venice and Ningbo have undersigned a memorandum of understanding
the scope is to promote the combined development of the ports, is infrastructural that operating

23/07/2015In the 2016 Carnival group will increase from four to six the number of ships employed in China
the income in the market of two new units of the marks Costa and Princess

23/07/2015Confetra protests for the "hidden tax on the enterprises" represented from the contributions for the employee Authorities
the president of the Confederation has written Renzi in order to ask "a strong sign against this hidden fiscality"

24/07/2015Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +8.6%
In the first semester of the 2015 Catalan port has enlivened 22,7 million tons (+3.0%)

24/07/2015OOCL records the third consecutive trimester of the reduction of the transported containerized volumes and the revenues
In the first semester of the 2015 fleet of the company has transported beyond 2,7 million teu (- 2.3%)

24/07/2015a table of I confront Region Sardinia-Tirrenia CIN in sight of the modification of the convention
Deiana: approximately the position of monopoly in the routes from and for the Sardinia as a result of the acquisition of Tirrenia from the Honored group will get back to us to the determination of the Antitrust

24/07/2015the Spanish bottom financial for terrestrial accessibility to the ports will be launch in 2016
Will have a pluriennale equipment of 350 million euros in period 2016-2019

24/07/2015the Harbour Authority of and the Municipality of Piacenza will organize the Biennial one of the Logistics
Forcieri: "initiatives of this type have been up to now of exclusive appanage of Germans, Belgian, and nordeuropei generally"

24/07/2015In the yard of the Fincantieri to Sestri West is cut the first sheet of Silver Muse
the new flagship hooligan-I dislocate of Silversa Cruises will have a tonnage of 40.700 tons and an ability to 596 passengers

27/07/2015the new Suez Canal is crossed by the first ships
Saturday three portacontainer is journeyed experimentally

27/07/2015Financing EU in order to realize the prototype of the Mama Vessel that will connect the new offshore terminal of Venice
Through the granted contribution - it has emphasized the Venetian Harbour Authority - the EU recognizes and supports the technological heart of the plan of the height platform

27/07/2015the State Audit Court exhorts for the umpteenth one turns the Ministry of Transportation to define the position of the Harbour Authority of Manfredonia
the commissariale management - specific the vigilance and supervisory body - does not seem to answer to the scopes for which the Harbour Authorities are instituted

28/07/2015CMA CGM has taken in delivery the portacontainer larger of own fleet
"CMA CGM Vasco de Gama", of the ability to 18.000 teu, is the largest portacontenitori constructed in China

28/07/2015In the first semester of the 2015 terminal of DP World has enlivened beyond 30,6 million container (+4.2%)
In the period April-june the traffic has been pairs almost 15,7 million teu (+4.0%)

28/07/2015Fercam signs a pluriennale contract for the distribution of the elements of furnishing of the Conforama
the company will use the own new logistic platform of Piacenza in order to organize the activity

28/07/2015In the first semester of the 2015 traffic of the goods in the port of Valencia is increased of +10.0%
the Spanish port of call has enlivened 2.376.243 container (+11.4%)

28/07/2015Costa Crociere has finalized the order with Meyer Werft for two new ships from cruise of 183.200 tons of tonnage
the units will have the widest fleeting ability to the world and will be fed in first sea opened with which liquified natural gas

28/07/2015Undersigned the propedeutico action to the adoption of the new Town development plan of the port naval of Carrara
is signed by Tuscany Region, Province of Massa Carrara, Municipality of Carrara and Harbour Autorità

28/07/2015tomorrow to 2 August to Livorno a photographic exhibition on the Old Fortress
will be accommodated to Rosciano Palace

28/07/2015the German BBC Chartering nozzle the new formula "any port, any cargo"
the navigation company is engaged to deliver project to cargo, goods loose and Generali in any port of the world

29/07/2015the Lombardic Association Shippers and Haulers has started the publication of a "Course of Logistics and Transports"
first of the three volumes, by Fabrizio Dallari, analyzes the peculiarities of the logistic process in various industrial fields

29/07/2015Saipem announces a plan of throws again and cut of the costs that includes a reduction of the force job of 8.800 people
deterioration of the economic results in first semester 2015

29/07/2015In increase the economic performances of Seaspan
the company clearly has archived item the second trimester of this year with a profit of 81,4 million dollars (+307%)

29/07/2015the port of New York has recorded a semiannual traffic of the container record of 3,1 million teu (+13.4%)
the container full to the disembarkation is increased of +13.1% while those to the boarding are diminished of the -0,8%

29/07/2015the Grimaldi group extends the marine service Venice - Ravenna - Patrasso to the port of Bari
In the connection, dedicated to the single transport of goods rotabili, the ships ro-ro "Eurocargo Trieste" and "Eurocargo Patrasso" come employees

29/07/2015Agreement between Marina Militare Italiana and the University of the studies of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Prevede a scientific didactic collaboration on topics of common interest

29/07/2015Finnlines has closed second trimester 2015 with a profit clearly of 15,8 million euros (+7.3%)
the revenues have recorded a decrease of the -5,7%

29/07/2015shipowning society Chinese CSCL has ordered eight new portacontainer from 13.500 teu
Store clerk of the value of 934 million dollars to Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Shipbuilding Co. and Shipbuilding Trading Co Lowers

29/07/2015million Appropriation three euro of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro in order to pull down the anchor duties
the agency has the objective to obtain to end the 2015 availability of sums to assign to this provision newly

29/07/2015Filt Cgil, Fit satisfied Cisl and Uiltrasporti of the encounter to the Mit on the new one Slowly of the Portualità and the Logistics
Rixi (Liguria Region): he is indispensable to proceed to the creation of a new model of governance of the ports

30/07/2015the EU commission has approved of the national Plan Nets and Infrastructures 2014-2020 of Italy
Delrio: 1,8 billion to invest are a good news for the South and the Country

30/07/2015the plan of reorganization of the South Korean company Pan Ocean Co…
the society has closed the second trimester of this year with a not consolidated net loss of 154,7 million dollars

30/07/2015SUCH International records a deterioration of the market of the chartering of the container
the American company clearly has archived item the second trimester of 2015 with a profit of 26,7 million dollars (- 9.2%)

30/07/2015Green light to the pre-CIPE to the financing for the new bundle of railroads in the port of
Ammonta to 39, 4 million euros

30/07/2015In the first six months of the 2015 port of Genoa has recorded a new semiannual record of the traffic of the container
is enlivened 1.133.117 teu (+6.9%)

30/07/2015In the first six months of 2015 of Friend International Shipping has recorded the best semiannual performance from 2008
Fiore: "2015 much bond for our market of reference, DIS and also for our shareholders will be a year"

30/07/2015group NOL returns to the profit after six archived item consecutive trimesters in loss
the profit clearly of the period April-june of 2015 has been of 890 million dollars (three million to clearly the proceeds yields of the cession of APL Logistics)

30/07/2015In the first semester of this year the traffic in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven is diminished of the -5,9%
the container has been pairs to 2.737.296 teu (- 3.5%)

30/07/2015Premuda announces the constitution of joint venture with Yinson Heather that will acquire unit FPSO Four Rainbow
Will have center to Singapore

30/07/2015Confitarma and unions have signed the agreement for the boarding of the students
the contractual figure of the Third Official Junior

31/07/2015the trimester April-june of the shipowning societies Japanese "K" Linens, MOL and NYK
Consisting increment of the exercise results

31/07/2015In the first six months of this year the port of Genoa has enlivened 26,04 million tons of goods (+3.6%)
the traffic of the passengers has been of 907 thousand people (+0.7%)

31/07/2015the property of the group of handling airport Swissport will pass to Chinese HNA
PAI Partners will sell the entire capital of the society for 2,73 billion franchi Swiss

31/07/2015Royal Caribbean Cruises previews to close the exercise 2015 with a useful anniversary record
Positive the results in according to trimester

31/07/2015Contship Italy tightens an agreement with the Iranian Sina Port & Marine Company
the exchange of experience and know-how-how in various fields of activity

31/07/2015the EU commission starts an investigation deepened on the plan of fusion between TNT Express and Fedex
the procedure will be concluded within 8 Decembers

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