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22 February 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:42 GMT+1

03/08/2015the livornese Black Siblings has ordered a new tug to the Dutch yard Damen
Acquired also two second hand tugs

03/08/2015In the first semester of this year the port of Algeciras has enlivened 47,3 million tons of goods (- 3.1%)
the container has been pairs to 2.080.370 (- 10.9%)

03/08/2015Diana Containerships records a bending of the semiannual economic performances
Improvement of the results in according to trimester

03/08/2015In the port of Amburgo is christened the portacontainer by 19.224 teu MSC Zoe
the ship is long 394,4 meters and wide 59,0 meters

03/08/2015Al terminal LSCT of enters in service the cranes in a position to reaching 23ma the line of container
Within year-end could be served in simultaneous two ships ULCC from 150.000 tons of tonnage

04/08/2015In according to trimester of this year traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna has recorded a rise of +2.1%
Di Marco: the amalgamations of Harbour Authorities are necessary, were not other that for clearly giving a sign of reduction of the public expense

04/08/2015Busan archivia first semester 2015 confirming sixth port world-wide container
To june is recorded a bending of the traffic, the first after 20 consecutive months of increase

04/08/2015the second phase of the contest for the new intermodal terminal of the port of Gioia Tauro
In the first phase the single Sogemar of the group Contship Italy has introduced a preliminary plan

04/08/2015Vecon has obtained the certification of the System of Management for the Energy second the norm ISO 50001:2011
Investment of 1,5 million euros of group PSA to which they join 400 thousand euros from the Harbour Authority of Venice

04/08/2015In according to trimester crocieristico group NCL has recorded a profit clearly of 158,5 million dollars (+39.9%)
Del Rio: "the benefits of the combination of Norwegian and Prestige are beginning to give full yield"

04/08/2015First Ship Lease records the fifth closed consecutive trimester in profit
In the period April-june of this year has been pairs almost 6,2 million dollars

04/08/2015In according to trimester of the 2015 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Civitavecchia is diminished of the -10,4%
the passengers of the line services have been 305 thousand (- 9.3%) and crocieristi 643 thousand (+2.2%)

05/08/2015the port of Trieste has established the own new record salary of traffic of the container
To July is enlivened 54,175 teu (+20.3%)

05/08/2015Textainer confirmation the deterioration in existence of the market of the chartering of container
In according to trimester the American company has recorded an increment of +22.0% of the profit clearly

05/08/2015In the first semester of the 2015 port of Livorno has enlivened 15.841.531 tons of goods (+16%)
the goods several is increased of +17%, the liquid bulk of +15% and the solid bulk of +3%

05/08/2015the port of Tarragona closes the first semester with a traffic of 16,29 million tons of goods (+12.9%)
Record of the refined oil produced ones with 5,78 million tons (+28.0%)

05/08/2015Teekay Tankers buys the 12 Suezmax oil tankers of the Principal Maritime Tankers
the investment piles to 662 million dollars

05/08/2015the last conjunctural investigation on the transport goods of Confetra confirmation the recorded positive data in second half of the year 2014
Except transhipment and the marine solid bulk transport - the Confederation explains - grow all the fields are in terms of traffic that of turnover

05/08/2015the proposal to block the release or I renew of the concessions waiting for the new law on the ports provokes the protest of Assiterminal
Answering to the signalling of senator Maurozio Rossi, the undersecretary Of the Low Dear De has specified that cargo to report will be made to the minister so that measures are adopted in order to prevent a not correct and inopportune allocation of concessions

05/08/2015Confetra exhorts to as soon as possible restore conditions of full operativity in the port of Naples
a more incisive participation of the government and the territorial institutions

06/08/2015Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. announces a new delay in the delivery of before two new ships from cruise for AIDA Cruises
In order to replace the new "AIDAprima", the next winter the German company will use the ship "AIDAstella" with departures from Dubay and Abu Dhabi rather than in the western Mediterranean

06/08/2015the port of Trieste confirmation fulcrum of the intermodal services of the German group Kombiverkehr
D' Augustin: the volumes transported with the intermodalità on some drawn have exceeded those street ones, thanks to the greater reliability and sustainability

06/08/2015In the 2014 traffic fleeting and goods enlivened from the Greek ports is increased respective of +3.4% and +6.7%
In the fourth light trimester bending of the passengers

06/08/2015To July the traffic of the goods in the port of Savona has marked a +1.5%
Crocieristi +4.5% and passengers of ferries +16.9%

06/08/2015the president Egyptian To - Sisi has inaugurated the doubling of the Suez Canal
the ceremony has held on board of the yacht To - the Mahrousa, the first floating one to cross the water way 17 November 1869

06/08/2015In the first Premuda semester has recorded an ulterior deterioration of the economic performances
Revenues in decrease of the -5,5%

07/08/2015Agreement Fincantieri - Gibbs & Cox for research purposes and development in the field of the commercial and military ships
the alliance is focused on the development of concept innovative with detail attention to the economic convenience and the productive efficiency

07/08/2015the CIPE assigns appropriations for the realization of railway participations for the ports of Trieste, La Spezia and Genoa
the government has announced that "some strategic infrastructures like the Third Pass of Giovi with a value of 607 million euros" are unblocked also

07/08/2015the Council of Ministers has approved of in definitive way National the Strategic Plan of the Portualità and the Logistics
Costituirà one of the field plans that will go to meet in a programmatico document more wide one

07/08/2015the EU commission proposes to distribute 1,4 million euros of resources FEG for the former workers of Alitalia
Previewed measures of support in order to find a new place of work

07/08/2015Green light to the intense activities of dredging in the channel of access of the port of Monfalcone
Yesterday is formalized interministerial decree of environmental compatibility of the plan

07/08/2015Hanjin Shipping records an improvement of the results of the fleet of portacontainer against a decrease of the revenues
In the second solo trimester of the 2015 is transported containerized volumes pairs to 1.156.743 teu (+1.2%)

07/08/2015APM Terminals buys the Reefer Terminal of Savona Vado Ligure
the Harbour Authority of the port of call increases from 8% to 72% the participation in Goes Intermodal Operator acquiring the quotas GF Group

10/08/2015the Maersk group yields own quota in the container terminal of Gioia Tauro to Contship Italy and MSC
APM Terminals under construction concentrates own attention on the new terminal to Vado Ligure (Savona)

10/08/2015shipowning group OOIL has closed first semester 2015 with a profit clearly of 238,6 million dollars (+31.7%)
Tung: "the next year the industry of the containerized transport would have to be found in a more favorable operating scene"

10/08/2015In the first six months of the 2015 traffic of the goods in the port of Monfalcone has grown of +15.9%
is enlivened 2,3 million tons of cargos

10/08/2015In according to trimester of the 2015 ICTSI has recorded an attenuation of the trend of increase of the results
In the period the harbour terminals of the Philippine group have enlivened 1,9 million container (+5.3%)

10/08/2015In according to trimester of this year CEVA Logistics is returned to record an operating result of positive sign
contraction of revenues (- 10.9%)

10/08/2015Evergreen orders ten new portacontainer from 2.800 teu to the CSBC Corporation
will be delivered within according to trimester of 2018

11/08/2015In the first half of the 2015 Spanish ports records of 244,6 million tons of goods (+3.6% have enlivened a semiannual traffic)
Nuovo supremacy also in the field of the cruises with beyond 3,5 million passengers (+8.7%)

11/08/2015navalmeccanico group South Korean DSME announces a restructure plan financial institution
the cession of activity not Core

12/08/2015Great fusion between means producers of raising with the birth of the Konecranes Terex Plc
the new company will be participated for 60% from the shareholders of the Finnish group and for 40% from those of the American society

12/08/2015Fincantieri has carried out course of formation for students of the United Arab Emirates
has held to Genoa near the center of the controlled Cetena

12/08/2015Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings signs an agreement with the port of Seattle
Has a duration 15-year-old. Pier 66 will be used like home port for the cruises in Alaska

13/08/2015To July the port of Singapore has recorded a fort increase of the bulk and a decided several decrease of the goods
Altogether the traffic has been pairs to 49,5 million tons (+4.7%)

13/08/2015group A.P. Møller-Mærsk has closed the second trimester of 2015 with a profit clearly of 1,09 billion dollars (- 52.9%)
Revenues in decrease of -11,9%. In the segment of the container Maersk Line and APM Terminals they have recorded a bending of the results

13/08/2015terminalista group German HHLA records an accentuation of the decrease of the containerized trade
In the period April-june is enlivened 1,66 million teu in harbour field (- 14%) and 321 thousand teu in the intermodal field (- 2%)

13/08/2015Maersk Line and MSC will suppress the service Asia-Europe AE9/Condor
Scale the ports of Ningbo, Shanghai, Yantian, Chiwan, Tanjung Pelepas, Barcelona, Tanger Med, Southampton, the Havre, Antwerp and Felixstowe

14/08/2015To July the port of Long Beach has established the own new record salary of traffic of the container
Altogether is enlivened 690,244 teu (+18.4%)

14/08/2015In according to trimester of this year taiwanesi Evergreen and Yang Ming is incurred in a net loss
Of positive sign the economic result clearly of the compatriot Wan Hai Lines

14/08/2015In increase the economic results of the crocieristica division of group TUI
In the period April-june the operating result is gone up to 193 million euros

14/08/2015the port of Brindisi records an increase of the traffics of passengers and goods
In the first seven months of the 2015 crocieristi is more than decupled

17/08/2015Last month the port of Los Angeles City has recorded a decrease of the -2,5% of the traffic of the container
In the first seven months of the 2015 is enlivened 4,6 million teu (- 3.5%)

17/08/2015To July the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 664,4 million tons of goods (+4.8%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 16,0 million teu (+4.8%)

17/08/2015Maersk Line and MSC program 14 ports of call to the Italian ports in the new configuration of the Network 2M
the removal of Gioia Tauro from the AE6/Lion service

17/08/2015Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is dropped of the -9,5%
In the first seven months of the 2015 is enlivened 11,9 million teu (- 9.1%)

17/08/2015Fusion of the societies of ship management Anglo Group and Univan
the activity of the new group will be reported to 700 ships, 24,000 marine and a earth staff of 1.700 people

17/08/2015In according to trimester of this year traffic enlivened from the port of Amburgo has accused a decrease of the -5%
the imports are dropped of the -6% and the exports of the -3%

17/08/2015Zeno D' Augustin will be confirmed commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Trieste for others six months
It has announced president of the Region Friuli Venice Julia, Debora Serracchiani

18/08/2015Prosegue the decrease of the containerized volumes transported from the fleet of Régional Container Linens
the Thai company has archived item the second trimester of 2015 with a profit of clearly 55,6 million baht (- 81.1%)

18/08/2015Geodis signs an agreement in order to buy the American shipment house OHL
Currently is of property of the society of private equities Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

18/08/2015Singamas confirmation "the little promising" perspectives for the container producers
In the first six months of this year the average price of sale of the container from 20 ' is come down to 1.880 dollars regarding 2.147 in the first half of 2014

18/08/2015Brookfield Infrastructure has undersigned a binding agreement in order to buy the Australian group Asciano
the value of the transaction, that it will pile to beyond 6,7 billion dollars

19/08/2015In the first semester of this year the port of Amsterdam has enlivened 42,4 million tons of goods (+0.8%)
In the harbour ports of call of Ijmuiden, Zaanstad and Beverwijk the traffic has grown respective of +2.7%, +69% and +17%

19/08/2015Green light of the ministries of the Atmosphere and Arts to the Portuale Town development plan of Trieste
For the definitive approval - it has remembered Of Augustin - lacks only the last passage the Region Friuli Venice Julia

19/08/2015Consisting container order refrigerator of the Hapag-Lloyd German
Rolf Habben Jansen: "we operate an excellence fleet reefer that is the larger fourth to the world"

19/08/2015In according to trimester of this Zim year has recorded an improvement of the economic performances
the revenues are diminished of -12,8%. The fleet of the company has transported 577 thousand container (- 6.3%)

20/08/2015improvement of the economic results of shipowning group DFDS
the board of directors has proposed of giving course to a share division

20/08/2015Box Ships has concluded the second trimester with a net loss of -1,4 million dollars
the revenues Time base charter have recorded a bending of the -9,9%

20/08/2015Euronav records a decided increment of the economic results
the trimester April-june is closed with a profit clearly of 92,4 million dollars

20/08/2015the traffic of the goods in the port of Trieste
In the first six months of the 2015 is enlivened 23,1 million tons (- 0.3%)

21/08/2015In the first semester of this year the port of Duisburg has enlivened 1,8 million container (+10%)
In entire 2015 is attended an increase of the +6-7%

21/08/2015Torna to clearly grow the economic result of the terminalista group Vopak
In the first six months of this year the Dutch company has recorded revenues for 700,7 million euros (+8.3%)

21/08/2015Plan of empty the Kramer in order to realize an automated center for container in the port of Rotterdam
preliminary Agreement with the Harbour Authority of the port of call in order to obtain an area to Maasvlakte 2

21/08/2015the Danish Viking Life-Saving Equipment buys the Nadiro compatriot
the company is constituted in 2009 by groups A.P. Møller-Mærsk and SH Group

24/08/2015malaysian MISC will yield own participation in terminalista society Dutch VTTI
the company will become of entire property of the Vitol group

24/08/2015Agreement UNIFE - Deutsche Bahn for the development of the International Railway Industry Standard
the objective is to create a context favorable to the development of the railway field

24/08/2015Scorpio Tankers has ordered four product tanker MR to Hyundai Mipo Dockyard
Opzionata the construction of others ten tankers

25/08/2015the UIRR exhorts Brussels and the States EU to make more very for the performance of White Paper on the transports
Second the association is necessary a change of step

25/08/2015Offshore the Solstad Norwegian puts in disarmament 10 ships and size 300 places of work
the measures are decided because of the deterioration of the market. Put into effect a reduction of the patrimonial value of four ships

25/08/2015In the first semester of this year the revenues of COSCO Pacific have recorded a bending of the -8,6%
Those deriving from the terminalistiche activities are diminished of the -5,0% and that produced by the activities of chartering and sale of container they are dropped of the -13,3%

26/08/2015FIT CISL Calabria exhorts to define a distance in order to assure a future of increase to the port of Gioia Tauro
Fiorenza: the union is ready to share actions against every attempt to delay the performance of all this that claims for a long time

26/08/2015Hapag-Lloyd returns to record a semiannual profit
Habben: "our results demonstrate that the fusion with CSAV has been the just decision"

26/08/2015To Shanghai is christened new portacontainer OOCL Genoa jib of the OOCL
the ship, of approximately 100.400 gross capacities in tons, is long 335,0 meters and wide 42,8 meters

26/08/2015the Harbour Authority of Genoa asks lumens the ministry in matter for delay for the concessions
Some terminalisti of from Liguria port according to have advanced request of delay of the Navigation code

27/08/2015In the first semester of this year the profit clearly of DP World has grown of +22.3%
the revenues, also for effect of the acquisitions of EZW and Fairview Container Terminal, are increased of +14.5%

27/08/2015the Swiss Rhenish ports have closed the first six months of 2015 with an increment of +23.3% of the traffic
is enlivened 3,5 million tons of goods

27/08/2015In increase the semiannual profit of Lowers COSCO, while that drops of Lowers Shipping Lines Container
Both the Chinese societies record an important contraction of the revenues

27/08/2015Understanding on the job in the port of Trieste
Revoked strikes. Of Augustin: "the competitiveness of the port needs social peace"

28/08/2015Finnlines orders to Wärtsilä the supply of scrubber for the cleaning of the smoke of three ships of the fleet
analogous Systems already is commissioned for others six ships

28/08/2015Investment Drums Partners will acquire 12% of the capital of the nautical shipbuilding group Benetti Azimut
the investment trust Mittel Spa will yield own quota 6.2%

28/08/2015Crescono the results of the producer of container CIMC, but the perspectives are not rose-colored
a weakening of the question in the second half of 2015

28/08/2015Improvement of the economic results of the Greeks Minoan Lines and Attica
the company of the Grimaldi group has recorded a clearly semiannual result of positive sign

28/08/2015Assiterminal restates that the requests of delay of the concessions go to be examined following the enforced norm
Second the association, reads 84/94 and Navigation code "allows to give answers to the motivated requests introduced from the terminalisti"

31/08/2015In the first half of the 2015 harbour terminal of Chinese CHMI has enlivened 41,35 million container (+5.3%)
the traffic of the bulk is piled to 174 million tons (- 3.9%)

31/08/2015a consortium formed from CMA CGM, Bolloré and CHEC will manage the new Kribi Container Terminal
the camerunese landing place will be able to receive portacontainer of ability until 8.000 teu

31/08/2015Traffic goods in decrease in the Spanish ports of Algeciras and Barcelona to July
In the first seven months of the 2015 has enlivened respective 55,4 million tons (- 3.2%) and 26,6 million tons (+0.3%)

31/08/2015has passed away Davino De Poles, one of the protagonists of the shipbuilding Italian
has been over a long time span president of the National Association Private Cantieri Navali

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