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22 February 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 20:12 GMT+1

01/10/2015Costa Crociere has introduced the budget of sustainability 2014
the document defines also future objectives and distances in the within of the produced one and the innovation and in the engagement towards a sustainable increase

01/10/2015Hapag-Lloyd makes sure a renewable credit line of 372 million dollars
the loan will be used in order to finance the construction of five portacontainer from 10.500 teu

01/10/2015Eurogate has acquired a participation in Logistic the Contrail Brazilian
the South American company has in program to widen own intermodal Network

01/10/2015After almost 50 years of activity City Terminal of the port of Rotterdam closes down
ECT enlivens the traffic of the container in others two terminal of the area Maasvlakte II

01/10/201523 October to Milan will hold a dedicated day to marine and logistic economy
Is organized from Promos, Federation of the Sea and The International Propeller Clubs

01/10/2015Mingozzi: the Harbour Authority of Ravenna will maintain own autonomy
From the last news - the mayor of the ravennate city has explained - emerges that minister Delrio has proposed it during commission. Critical Confartigianato the decision not to realize the E55

02/10/2015Franceschini, Serracchiani and Cosolini see in it use of the port of Trieste the solution to the problem of the great ships to Venice
the minister proposes the giuliano port of call which hub and the president of Region FVG and the mayor of Trieste consider such hypothesis founded and reasonable

02/10/2015In the 2014 operating costs of the companies of the shipping has recorded a decrease of the -0,8%
Greiner (Moore Stephens): a wider picture reveals that the expenses remarkablly are increased during the last few years

02/10/2015In 2016 is attended an increment of +6.2% of the crocieristico traffic in the Italian ports
Al via Italian Cruise Day, organized event from Answers Tourism with the Harbour Authority of Civitavecchia

02/10/2015To August the port of Genoa has marked an increase of +1.4% of the container and a decrease of the -9,4% of the total traffic
In the first eight months of this year is enlivened 34.519.003 tons of goods (+1.7%)

02/10/2015Reunion of Propeller Club of Genoa on the perspectives of the local airport
Is in program next 6 October

05/10/2015In the 2016 Nautical Hall will double placing side by side to the event in autumn to Genoa a new appointment in spring to Venice
From the 1 to 10 April in from Liguria chief town will hold also the Hall of the used one

05/10/2015Seminary on the work safety promoted from National the Bilateral Agency of the Ports
has carried out thursday in the port of Bari

05/10/2015Kalmar will increase to the ability to handling of cranes STS of the MSC Terminal of Valencia
the means of raising could be used on portacontainer of the 19.000 ability to teu

05/10/2015In increase the transported volumes of goods on the German fluvial net
In the first six months of this year the traffic has been of 116,4 million tons (+3.2%)

05/10/2015Rolls-Royce announces an ulterior cut of the staff in the division Marine
the 1400's places of work in less besides the reduction than 600 dependent communicated in the May month

05/10/2015Satisfaction of the ECSA for the declarations of which released conformities to Hong Kong Convention to two yards of naval demolition of Alang
Emitted from the ClassNK Japanese regarding R.L Kalthia Ship Breaking and Priya Blu Industries. The European shipowning association exhorts the EU commission to accept this appraisal

05/10/2015Participations of improvement of the road system in the commercial port of Porto Torres
Besides to rationalize the traffic and to realize a new area you park, are faces to the fruizione of an archaeological zone

05/10/2015Air France announces a reorganization plan that previews 2,900 esuberi
Assalto to the center of Roissy, with the Xavier Broseta manager forced to the escape

05/10/2015Nuovo pre-emptive seizure of assets of the shipowners of Raise Pugs
would be omitted the declaration of profits for beyond 37 million euros

06/10/2015Varate two new tankers of Friend International Shipping
the total investment is piled to 62 million dollars

06/10/2015Deiana (Sardinia Region) confirmation that will be guaranteed the resorption of all the workers of the Saremar
a clause of safeguard in the procedure of contest for the management of the marine connections

06/10/2015the Dutch group Damen has bought the yard of naval repairs D. van de Wetering di Rotterdam
the plant is founded in 1880

06/10/2015Glencore yields 49% of the society of bunkeraggio Chemoil-Adani to the Adani group
the share capital will become of entire property of the Indian group

06/10/2015In the first eight months of this year the traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports has grown of +3.5%
Crocieristi in increase of +11.5%

07/10/2015Unifeeder has bought the services of line of the Tschudi Logistics
Verranno realized with the brand Tschudi Express

07/10/2015Tomorrow will be inaugurated the new Pier of sopraflutto of the port of Ancona
the work is financed entirely with deep civil servants and has cost 57 million euros

07/10/2015Collaboration of SBB CFF FFS Cargo and Bosch in order to realize the digital cargo train
the scope is the digitalisation of the logistics on track in order to transform it in a system of transport connected in net

07/10/2015the Harbour Committee of Naples has sent back to 23 October the decision on the lapsing of concessionaire's right to the Conateco
the dismissione of the quota stopped from the Harbour Authority in the SEPN

07/10/2015Interest of the agency for the internationalization of the newyorkesi enterprises in confronts of the port of Trieste
Incontro to New York with a delegation of the Region Friuli Venice Julia

07/10/2015unit FPSO Four Rainbow is transferred to joint venture Anteros constituted from Premuda and Yinson
the Italian shipowning company, through FVSN, stops 49% of the new society, while the group malaysian possesses residual 51%

08/10/2015French union SNCNMM asks the exclusion of towing from the field of application of the regulations proposal EU on the harbour services
Letter opened to eurodeputato Knut Fleckenstein, reporter of the bill

08/10/2015Green light in Switzerland to the construction of the new gallery of the Bözberg
Is the more important participation in the removal of the obstacles to the completion of the transalpine railway corridor that will allow the transport of the semitowings on train

08/10/2015Romagna Confindustria denunciation the decision to abandon the plan of the street connection E55 from Civitavecchia to Venice
the association has restated also the worries for the delays in the deepening of the backdrops of the port of Ravenna

09/10/2015the ministers of the Transports of the EU have approved of the political pillar of the fourth railway package
CER exhorts to do so as that the technical pillar takes effect in the short possible time

09/10/2015the Carnival group has inaugurated a third crocieristica dock to Cozumel, in Mexico
the harbour work has cost beyond 20 million dollars

09/10/2015Yildirim confirmation the possible cession of the participation in CMA CGM within end 2015
the president and managing director of the Turkish group has announced that a purchaser is found

09/10/2015Tuesday to Livorno will hold an international workshop on the forest produced ones
Is organized from the Harbour Authority in collaboration with the IRCrES of the CNR

09/10/2015logistic company Danish DSV will buy the American UTi Worldwide for 1,35 billion dollars
the new group will have 44,000 dependent, 848 offices and 339 logistics centers in 84 nations

12/10/2015In decrease the volumes of goods transported from the ships journeyed to July and August in the Suez Canal
In the first eight months of 2015 cargos is piled to 549,9 million tons (+1.4%), of which 281,5 on the ships directed to south (+3.8%) and 268,4 on those directing to north (- 1.0%)

12/10/2015Grimaldi acquires ulterior a 10.58% of the capital of Finnlines
Comprate 5.449.032 sets in action stopped from the pension fund Finnish Ilmarinen

12/10/2015the construction of the fourth container terminal of the Indian port of Jawaharlal Nehru
Will have an ability to traffic of 4,8 million teu and will be managed by group PSA

12/10/2015APM Terminals orders to new means of raising for the container terminal under construction to Savona Goes
the store clerk is relative to four cranes of dock and 14 ARMG

12/10/2015the construction of according to container the terminal of the port of Abidjan
the intense activities will be executed by China Harbour Engineering Co., that it will realize also a port of transhipment to Sâo Tomé

12/10/2015In the 2017 Norwegian Cruise Line will enter in the Chinese crocieristico market
will be employed the new ship "Norwegian Bliss". Inaugurated today a new office to Shanghai

12/10/2015the directive one of Wista Italy
Michela Fucile is named president of the association of the women who operate in the marine-harbour field

12/10/2015the consistency of the fleet of the naval Registry of Hong Kong has exceeded the 100 million one tsl
I am enrolled 2,449 ships

12/10/2015the ECSA exhorts to introduce fleeting cargo handling and services in the regulations plan EU on the harbour services
the shipowning association denunciation the attempt to insert in the legislative proposal ulterior restrictions on the pretext of the social protection

12/10/2015In the port of Genoa the societies SECH and Saint George Terminal ask delay for 40 and 30 years of the respective concessions
the first society previews ulterior investments for 120 million euros to Descent Health and 40-50 million to Marigold Bettolo, the second one for 106,8 million to Somalia Bridge

13/10/2015decrease of the containerized trade enlivened from the port of Singapore to september
In the first nine months of the 2015 port of call has recorded a traffic of 437,0 million tons of goods (+0.2%)

13/10/2015In the third trimester of this year Kuhne + Nagel has recorded an improvement of the economic results
the volume of transactions is diminished of the -6,7%

13/10/2015Agreement MSC Cruises - Meridiana in order to offer to packages flight + cruise from Italy
the understanding regards the packages fly&cruise for winter cruises 2015-2016 from Cuba and those summery ones of 2016 in the Europe North

13/10/2015Carnival announces an ulterior intensification of the presence of the crocieristico group in China
In the 2017 companies Carnival Cruise Line and AIDA Cruises will employ each a ship in the region

13/10/2015In the first nine months of the 2015 traffic of the goods in the port of Piombino has grown of +32.3%
the passengers have been 2,7 million (+1.8%)

13/10/2015the traffic of the goods in the port of Marseilles in third trimester 2015
the crocieristi are increased of +35.3% while the passengers of the ferries are diminished of the -8,5%

13/10/2015the port of Livorno has examined the possibilities to increase the traffic of the forest produced ones
In 2014 these cargos pairs to 2,1 million tons have been

14/10/2015Tomorrow to Taranto will hold a conference-debate on the reform of the portualità and the future of the port of the city
Is organized from the The International Propeller Club Port of Taras

14/10/2015To september the port of Long Beach has established two record of traffic of the container
In the first nine months of the 2015 is enlivened 5.355.939 teu (+5.2%)

14/10/2015Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 642,6 million tons of goods (+1.4%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 15,9 million teu (+2.2%)

14/10/2015Agreement between the Harbour Authority of Livorno and the CNIT in order to for research purposes create a laboratory and the development in harbour within
Multiple the objectives of the "Joint Laboratory for Advanced Sensing Networks & Communication in Sea Ports"

14/10/2015has taken to the way this afternoon to Olbia 47ma the assembly of MedCruise
In program a reunion of the EU commission on the Pan-European dialogue of the market of the cruises

14/10/2015In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Antwerp has grown of +3.5%
In the first nine months of the 2015 is enlivened 156,5 million tons (+5.5%)

14/10/2015the world-wide net of marine services of line is controlled by a number always smaller of shipowning companies
Relationship of the UNCTAD. Last year the increment of the ability to world-wide the commercial fleet is contained in beyond a decade

15/10/2015VARD (Fincantieri group) nozzle a profit warning relative to the results of the third trimester and entire 2015
Impact negative determined from the operating difficulties of the Brazilian yards and from the difficult political-economic context of the South American nation

15/10/2015Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the -6,7%
In the first nine months of the 2015 is enlivened 15,8 million teu (- 8.1%)

15/10/2015Debate of the national Council of the commerces graduate on the shipowning cluster as factor of I throw again of the economy
will hold 19 October to Milan

15/10/2015the port of Rotterdam has closed the third trimester of this year with a traffic of 115,3 million tons (+2.8%)
Goods in container in decrease of -4,0%. Stable the solid bulk, while the liquid bulk is increased of +6.8%

15/10/2015Saturday to Genoa will carry out 48ma the edition of the Saint George Prize
This year the maximum acknowledgment of the College Captains will be conferred Sergio Maria Carbone

15/10/2015next Thursday to Rome will hold the public session of the assembly of Confitarma
Verranno introduced two studies on the marine transport short beam

15/10/2015To september the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +4.5%
In the first nine months of the 2015 is enlivened 34,10 million tons (- 0.3%)

15/10/2015Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is diminished of the -5,8%
decrease of handling of container full in import and export

15/10/2015Convention on the harbour system lives organized from Propeller Club of Naples and Salerno
will hold 26 October in the regional chief town

16/10/2015In the third trimester the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Koper has grown of +4.9%
container (+11.0% is enlivened 196,615)

16/10/2015COSCO Pacific has archived item the third trimester with a traffic of 17,65 million container (+0.3%)
the Chinese terminals have enlivened 15,27 million teu (+0.7%) and the terminals foreign countries 2,38 million teu (- 2.7%)

16/10/2015the association of the European shipowners rejects the hypothesis to drastically reduce the emissions of the shipping within end 2016
the expiration proposed from the European Parliament - the ECSA emphasizes - is unrealistic

16/10/2015APM Terminals puts the hands on the entire capital of terminalista group Spanish TCB
the investment will have a total value of approximately a billion of dollars

16/10/2015the backdrops of the new Europe Platform of the port of Livorno could be deepened from -16 to -20 meters
the contest ban is practically ready and could be published after the green light of the National Authority Anticorruzione

16/10/2015the outcome of a control of suitability of the legislation of the EU in matter of safety of the fleeting ships
is carried out relatively to the sun ships employed in national traffics, excluding incidents like those been necessary to "Norman Atlantic" and "Costa Concordia"

16/10/2015Premuda refutes indiscretions on negotiations of fusion with the Augustan group
the company has specified not to have in course or plan negotiations in such sense

19/10/2015Expert Venetian plans the construction of a terminal cruises in the Croatian port of Pula
a total investment of 149 million euros. In the first phase to the terminal ships for a traffic of 80-100mila fleeting will be able to land 70-90 per year

19/10/2015Assologistica exhorts the government to define an extraordinary plan of mobility in sight of the Jubilee
Mearelli: "some effective logistic measure is not taken in order to manage handling of the passengers"

19/10/2015Agreement of DP World with the ports of Algeri, Oran and Skikda in order to realize a Port Community System for the Algerian ports of call
the understanding previews the constitution of joint venture

19/10/2015Event on the topic "From the Etruscan city to the Interporto of the Central Tuscany"
will carry out friday near the Interporto of Prato

19/10/2015Maersk Line and MSC will suspend the direct service To make East - Black Sea
the decision is assumed because of the low level of the question of exports from Asia

19/10/2015the Global Turk Holding Ports increases own quota in TV assistant Cruise Port
Acquired ulterior indirect participation of 33.14% and 10.14%

19/10/2015Last year the crocieristica industry has realized expenses record in the USA
is piled to 21,04 billion dollars (+4.4% on 2013)

20/10/2015Maersk Line announces a decided rise of the rates for shipments from Far East/Asia to the North Europe/Med
General Rate Increase of 1.000 dollars for the container from 20 ' and of 2.000 dollars for the other types of box

20/10/2015In the first nine months of the 2015 traffic of the container in the port of Livorno has grown of +41.8%
Gallanti: "the goal of the 778,864 teu enlivened in 2008, our historical records, appear more and more near"

20/10/2015To september the port of Algeciras has recorded an increase of +18.5% of the traffic of the goods
In the first nine months of this year the Spanish port of call has enlivened 3.304.635 container (- 5.3%)

20/10/2015the last surveys of the ITF on the exchanges of goods signal lasting of the state of suffering of the world-wide economy
the exports towards Asia and nations BRICS continue to being the locomotive of the European and North American increase

20/10/2015In the third trimester of this year the logistic group Panalpina has recorded a decided worsening of the results
Particularly emphasized the bending of the performances in the segment of air shipments

21/10/2015To Novara an encounter between Dutch and Italian delegations in order to promote logistic relations through the interporto novarese
has carried out monday and tuesday in concomitanza with the 20° anniversary of activity of CIM Interporto of Novara

21/10/2015In the third trimester of this year ABB has recorded an accentuation of the bending of the economic results
the profit clearly has been pairs to 607 million dollars (- 21.5%). New orders in decrease of the -21,9%

21/10/2015In the 2016 Corsica Sardinia Ferries will activate six new marine services in the period of high season
New drafts Gulf Old Orange-Port, Port Old Torres-Port, Nice-Gulf Oranges, Old Nice-Port, Torres Tolone-Port and Old Tolone-Port

21/10/2015BCUBE buys Logistic the Zeroquattro society of the Granarolo group
the activity of the company is focused in the management of the logistic services in the Food field

21/10/2015Cargotec has recorded a profit of the trimester July-september of 43,6 million euros (+56.8%)
Revenues in increase of +10.5% and new orders of +9.4%

21/10/2015Al PLAN POSITION INDICATOR Transport Symposium of Bremen the port of Savona anticipates its current and new structures for the traffic of the forest ones
million Investment two euro of the Campostano group in order to realize a new warehouse

21/10/2015Financing of 15,8 million euros to the port of Trieste for the realization of the Logistic Platform
is granted by the Innovation and Networks Agency Executive of the EU commission

21/10/2015the hypothesis of remodeling of the Harbour plan "Hub of Ravenna" illustrated the Harbour Committee
Di Marco: new fasizzazione for giving course to those participations that relatively do not invest areas to which is emerged problematic

21/10/2015Agreement between Carnival and Chineses CSSC and CIC in order to constitute a new Chinese crocieristico brand
the objective is to accelerate the development of the crocieristica industry in China

22/10/2015Wärtsilä Corporation records an increase of the volume of transactions and a contraction of the orders
In the trimester July-september the Marine Solutions division has obtained new orders for 407 million euros (- 12%)

22/10/2015In light increase the traffic of the goods in the port of Savona I go
In the first nine months of this year is enlivened 9,8 million tons (+0.9%)

22/10/2015Confitarma defends the normative system of the International Registry
Grimaldi: it is "still the pillar of effective and expansive marine politics"

22/10/2015the Court of Cassation confirmation that the harbour warehouses go stacked in E/1 and is not due the communal tax on the pieces of real estate
an ulterior resource promoted from the Agency of the Territory

22/10/2015Norwegian Cruise Line has taken in delivery the new ship from Norwegian cruise Escape
is constructed by the Meyer Werft ship yard in 18 months

23/10/2015A.P. Møller-Mærsk brings a consisting adjustment to the decrease of the profit previewed for the exercise anniversary 2015
the variation is entirely ascribable to the decrease of the results in the segment of the containerized marine transport

23/10/2015decrease of the revenues generated from the activity of the fleet of portacontainer of OOCL in the third trimester
On the Asia-Europe route the cargo volumes are diminished of the -11,5% and the relative revenues have recorded a collapse of the -32,2%

23/10/2015This year Sorrento Meeting will have for topic "Noons of Europe and the Mediterranean. Logistics and mobility of the goods"
will hold and November to Sorrento

23/10/2015and October to will hold the final conference of the European plan WiderMoS
Prevede sets in action pilot in order to improve the connections between marine dimension, port and retroporto

23/10/2015first of the large chests for the multipurpose base of the platform of the port of Savona I go
is produced by the floating system Dario of the Great Fincosit Intense activities

23/10/2015the volume of traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ancona
In the period January-september has been pairs to 6.330.038 tons (+0.3%)

23/10/2015V the Relationship on the economy of the sea confirmation the dynamism of the Italian marine cluster and the regression of national the harbour system
is realized by the Federation of the Sea with the Censis

23/10/2015Royal Caribbean records turned out quarterly in decrease because of reductions of the value of the brand and the ships of Pullmantur
Revenues and number of fleeting records

23/10/2015Cesario Mondelli is named president of the association of the private ship yards Ancanap
Giancarlo Casani is confirmed general manager

23/10/2015Start of the procedure of VAS for the Town development plan of the port of Monfalcone
Contributions of the Region Friuli Venice Julia for the development of the arranged transport

23/10/2015In the third trimester of the 2015 harbour terminal of HPH Trust has enlivened 6,4 million container (- 2.1%)
In the period January-september the traffic has been of 18,1 million container (+0.5%)

26/10/2015This morning sit-in of the harbour workers of Cagliari in front of the center of the Harbour Authority
Initiative of the SUL turns to the protection of the place of work and the normative and wage rights

26/10/20156 November to Portoferraio will hold a convention on the fallen back ones and transport costs for the elbana economy
Is organized from the Foundation Island of Elba and the Municipality of Portoferraio

26/10/2015the terminalista group DP World will realize a logistic bonded area in Senegal
will be situated in presses of the international airport Blaise Diagne and neighbor also to the container terminal of the group in the port of Dakar

26/10/2015Green light of the Harbour Committee of Venice to the sale of the participation of the Harbour Authority in Venice Passenger terminal
the budget of forecast 2016

26/10/2015In the 2017 Metrans (group HHLA) will inaugurate a new railway terminal to Budapest
Will be one unwinds central for the coming and directed traffics to the ports of the Europe north and the European south-east

26/10/2015increase (+0.9%) to september of the goods transported by the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal
the ships directed to north transported 38,0 million tons (+13.1%) and those directed to south 32,6 million tons (- 10.4%)

26/10/2015Bending of the quarterly economic results of terminalista group COSCO Pacific
Revenues in decrease for the third consecutive trimester

26/10/2015MSC Cruises anticipates to Beijing its new offered for the Chinese market
From May 2016 "Lyric MSC" will leave from Shanghai for routes of three and four days with ports of call in Korea of the South and Japan

26/10/2015the International Propeller Clubs emphasizes the strategic value of the logistics for throws again of the Italian economy
Masucci: a central programming and the putting in net of the Italian harbour ports of call are factors essential in order to develop national the logistic system

26/10/2015In the first nine months of the 2015 traffic of the goods in the port of Venice has grown of +18.5%
Crocieristi in decrease of the -12,4%

27/10/2015ulteriorly has attenuated the increase of the traffic of the container enlivened from the terminals of DP World
In the third trimester of this year the total has been of beyond 15,8 million teu (+2.6%)

27/10/2015Incontro in Calabria Region on the port of Gioia Tauro in sight of the trade-union manifestation of friday
the unions ask immediate participations in order to attract goods and investments finalized to I throw again of the port

27/10/2015proposes fiscal and legislative measures in order to favor the development of the nautical diportismo
Introduced also a Paper of the Values and a program of exhibition events centralized on a fair for the nautical small and average in Liguria or Tuscany and from the international character in Campania or Sardinia

27/10/2015Zim will introduce ports of call to Limassol in the line weekly magazine Adriatic Service
the Cypriot port will be touched beginning from the November beginning

27/10/2015Nuovo railway service between the port of Trieste and southern Germany
the connection is realized in order to serve the center of Burghausen of the chemical company Wacker Chemie

28/10/2015Sardinia and Corsica agree on the requirement that the marine service Saint Teresa-Bonifacio remains public
Deiana: promuoveremo to Rome, Paris and in European center the necessity to hold the currently enforced regime standing

28/10/2015To september the traffic of the goods in the port of Valencia is increased of +9.3%
In the first nine months of the 2015 Spanish port of call has enlivened 3.554.596 container (+8.2%)

28/10/2015Al port of Savona I go are confirmed the certifications ISO 9001 and 14001
a series of verifications carried out from the inspectors of the RINA

28/10/2015Costa Crociere renews the agreement for the formula fly&cruise with the airline Neos
the understanding previews a total of approximately 90.000 places on the flights in three years 2016-2018

28/10/2015Will be two rather than ships from cruise that Carnival Cruise Line will employ in China
To the "Carnival Miracle", that it will begin the activity in the Chinese market in the spring of 2017, will follow the successive year the "Carnival Splendor"

28/10/2015Hanjin Shipping and Hyundai Merchant Marine refute to have received sollicitations from the government in order to realize a fusion
the two companies have explained not to have received some demand to examine initiatives from the executive

28/10/2015To Brussels is inaugurated the exhibition "Genoa Porto of the World"
In from Liguria chief town the exposure is visited gives beyond 30.000 people

28/10/2015has entered in full activity to Amburgo the center that takes care of the management of the fleet of the Costa Crociere group
In the new unit works 150 people

29/10/2015In the first nine months of the 2015 traffic of the container in the port of New York - New Jersey has grown of +13.0%
is enlivened 4.270.912 teu

29/10/2015Gasparato (UIR): interposing to you they are indispensable so that the Italian ports can support the increasing flows of the great ships
In an encounter with minister Delrio the president of the Union has exhorted the government to concentrate the resources on the cofinanzimento of works inserted in the European context and on the necks of bottle

29/10/2015In the third trimester the clearly recorded profit from SUCH International is diminished of the -31,0%
the American company does not preview an improvement of the market in the short term

29/10/20153 November to Livorno will be inaugurated the new Port Center
In program the international workshop "From the port-city to the strategy of the Port Center"

29/10/2015the group Group of official Friend has reunited to Gaeta and earth staff in order to deepen thematic of the shipping
This year, for the first time, besides the commanders and chief engineers the official young people and the students have participated to the meeting anniversary also

29/10/2015the Harbour Committee of Savona has approved of the budget of forecast 2016
also Triennial Operations plan 2016-2018

29/10/2015Deterioration of the economic results of Lowers COSCO and CSCL
the two Chinese companies have closed the third trimester with losses pairs respective to approximately 268 million and 164 million dollars

29/10/2015the Harbour Authority of Rotterdam has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Bank of China
Prevede the collaboration in identifying, attracting and to develop business opportunity

30/10/2015NYK, MOL and "K" Linens record not satisfactory quarterly economic performances in the segment of the line services
the results of the period July-september of this year

30/10/2015Marcucci: all we would have to earn if the participations previewed from the Plan of the portualità will be returned operating as soon as possible
the amalgamation of the harbour administrations - it has emphasized the president of Confetra - will exalt the ability to offer services

30/10/2015Third trimester to forget for shipowning group NOL
the period July-september has been archived item with a net loss of -96 million dollars

30/10/2015Merlon confirmation that lascerà the presidency of the Harbour Authority of Genoa with three months of advance payment
the letter of resignation is already to the hands of the minister Delrio who has given its consent

30/10/2015In the port of Rotterdam will be created a incubatore of innovative starts-up in the logistic-harbour field
Smits (Port of Rotterdam Authority): "we want to be smart and the more innovative port of the world"

30/10/2015Miazza: from the 2020 Savona I go could be inserted in the net of the Core ports of the European Union
the president of the Harbour Authority has remembered that the Interporto di Vado is the only logistic structure recognized Core in Liguria

30/10/2015Hapag-Lloyd touches up to the decrease the pricing of the initial public offer in course
a collection of capitals until 345 million dollars rather than 500 million initially previewed

30/10/2015the doubling of the Suez Canal represents an important opportunity for the Italian ports
emphasizes It V the Annual report of SRM evidencing that this involves the necessity to urgently adapt the infrastructural equipment of the ports of call and to invest in logistics and innovation

30/10/2015the captain Isidori is named extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Cagliari
the assignment will have a duration of six months

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