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27 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:57 GMT+2

01/12/2015Nuovo intermodal service of Hupac between the port of Zeebrugge and the Interporto of Novara
Will have a frequency of three departures to the week in both the directions

01/12/2015In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the container in the port of Tanger Med is diminished of the -11,5%
In the first nine months of the 2015 decrease has been of the -1,0%

01/12/2015In the 2016 world-wide fleet of ships from cruise will accommodate approximately 24 million passengers, a million in more regarding this year
the companies associated to the CLIA will be equipped of nine new fluvial ships from cruise and of 18 new fluvial ships

01/12/2015the European shipowners exhort to assign to the IMO the guide of the initiatives in order to reduce the emissions of the shipping
Verhoeven (ECSA): "we consider that this is the just approach and would represent the logical prosecuzione of the steps already completed to communitarian level"

01/12/2015Deep European in order to optimize the fluvial traffic on the Rhine-Alps Corridor
Is destined to the realization of an informative system for the management of the naval traffic in Alto Reno

01/12/2015Tomorrow the Harbour Authority of Salerno will introduce the first results of the Smart plan Tunnel
the objective is to facilitate the interoperability between the platforms of the institutional agencies and those of the harbour operators and the logistics

01/12/2015Bureau Veritas has acquired Certest
the Tuscany company carries out quality test on the produced ones of the luxury

02/12/2015Arco Shipments has inaugurated to Tivoli new a hub of distribution for the Italy center-south
the presence of the monzese company in the Capital

02/12/2015Agreement Maersk Line - MacGregor in order to develop systems of implantation of the container of new generation
the companies widen their collaboration

02/12/2015SBB CFF FFS Cargo, Hupac and Contargo asks the deep ones in order to start the construction of the great container bimodale terminal of Basel Nord
the putting in service of the platform is previewed for 2019

02/12/2015Tomorrow to Trieste will be introduced the plans pilot and the future progettualità on the topic of mobility in the Adriatic-ionic area
organized Conference from the 19 partner of plan EA SEA-WAY

02/12/2015To October the increase of the aerial cargo has recorded a rest new
Tyler (IATA): "the perspectives for the aerial transport of the goods continue to being very difficult"

03/12/2015DNV GL will classify the portacontainer of greater ability commissioned to a Chinese yard
the three ships from 20.000 teu will be constructed by the plant Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co…

03/12/2015Financing EU for the fast transport of producing sour-food by the Middle East to the ports of Koper, Venice and Marseilles
For the Italian port of call us will be available the sum of 1,5 million euros

03/12/2015From winter season 2016/2017 will be the two ships of MSC Cruises with homeport to the Havana
To "MSC Opera", than next 21 December it will begin the activity from the vital Cuban., will join "MSC Harmony"

03/12/2015Introduced to Salerno the results of the plan Habitat for the monitoring of the naval traffic of the last mile
the scope is the innovation of the systems of control of the marine traffic by means of the development of new functionalities to high technological content

03/12/2015the delays in the adaptation of the Rhine-Alps corridor involve lacked returns pairs to six billions euro
Pods (CERTeT): Italy loses per year approximately 1,2 billion euros

03/12/2015Filt Cgil Tuscany against the hypothesis of amalgamation of the Harbour Authorities of Marina Carrara and
we are not in front of to an overly necessary reform - denunciation the union - but to a "remodeling" of the systems of power

04/12/2015the navalmeccanico group Dutch Damen signs a technical agreement of partnership with the yard American Great Lakes Shipyard
In the plant of Cleveland will be constructed two tugs ice class

04/12/2015In the 2014 air traffic in the Italian airports has recorded increments of +4.7% of the passengers and +6.2% of goods and mail
the traffic cargo is piled than more 912 thousand tons

04/12/2015Associated British Ports has joined the federation of the European private harbour terminalisti Feport
the federation has emphasized that the phenomenon of naval gigantism is becoming "source of worry in a lowland context increase"

04/12/2015Come to an agreement to the Tarros group I renew for 40 years of the relative concession to the Terminal of the Gulf of
Investments of infrastructural character for approximately 44,5 million euros

04/12/201511 Decembers to Livorno will hold a seminary on the normative new for the management of the dredgings
the undersecretary to the Atmosphere, Silvia Velo, will illustrate the job of the Ministry and other agencies in order to update the normative picture of the dredgings in the ports

04/12/2015has been the 3,610 ships that in five years are joined the Environmental Ship Index
175 has obtained a advanced score to 50 and four of these the maximum score of 100

04/12/201515 December to Rome will hold a seminary on the benefits and costs of the low price of the oil
Is organized from the Group Young Shipping of Confitarma

07/12/2015the Board of group NOL unanimously approves of the advanced offer of takeover from CMA CGM
From the fusion will be born a company with a fleet of 563 portacontenitori ships for a cargo ability pairs to 2,4 million teu

07/12/2015Ancanap wishes that the benefits of the Super amortization are exploitable also from the field of the shipbuilding
the association confides that the term in order to have use of the facility is lengthened at least of six months

07/12/2015Brussels has introduced a plan strategic in order to increase the competitiveness of the aerial transport of the EU
Individuate four priorities in order to assure the development of the field

07/12/2015KfW IPEX-Bank finances the construction of two new ships from cruise ordered from Royal Caribbean to Meyer Werft
draft of the fourth and fifth ship of class Quantum

09/12/2015the Swiss government has announced ulterior measures in order to stimulate the use of the railroad in the transalpine transport goods
At the beginning of 2017 will be increased the tax on the which proportioned heavy traffic to the performances and will be discounted the prices of the railway traces

09/12/2015In the 2014 value of the world-wide exports of goods has only grown of +0.3%
More consisting increase (+5%) of the value of the exports of services

09/12/2015Niels Smedegaard (DFDS) will be the new president of shipowning association European ECSA
Vice president will be Panagiotis Laskaridis

09/12/2015the annual contribution of Celestyal Cruises to the Greek economy piles to 110 million euros
In the 2015 ships of the company has carried 129,731 passengers in Greece (+20%)

10/12/2015Between a year Royal Caribbean Cruises will abandon the Stock exchange of Oslo
the crocieristico group will continue to being quoted only to the Stock exchange of New York

10/12/2015the port of Antwerp will close the 2015 with a new record of traffic anniversary of the goods
also the new record of handling of the container

10/12/2015In the exercise anniversary the 2014-15 crocieristica division of group TUI has recorded an increase of +232.6% of the EBITA
To the increment of the results has contributed the income in the fleet of TUI Cruises of the ships "Mein 3 Schiff" and "Mein Schiff 4"

10/12/2015Al via the first experimental intermodal transport between the port of Vado Ligure and the Interporto of Turin
Service "pilot" in performance to the lines guides contained in the SITUATED protocol of understanding Harbour Authority Savona

10/12/2015Convention on the perspectives of development of the navigable net of the Italy North
will hold 16 December to Viadana (Mantua)

10/12/2015the Chinese government has authorized the fusion of shipowning groups COSCO and Lowers Shipping
in order tomorrow a communication on the securities markets

10/12/2015Saturday to the Marine Station of Naples a day of five thousand solidarity for children
Is organized from the Committee For the Quality of Vivere in collaboration with the Harbour Authority and the Harbour office

11/12/2015In the 2015 traffic of the container in the port of Houston has exceeded quota two million teu for the first time
ulterior consisting an increase in the next few years

11/12/2015To October the traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven is diminished of the -13%
In the first ten months of the 2015 decrease has been of the -7%

11/12/2015G6 assures that the acquisition of NOL from CMA CGM will not have an impact on the activity of the shipowning alliance
In the course of the 2016 - the companies emphasize - Network of routes will be operated like by program

11/12/2015Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach has grown of +6.6%
In the first eleven months of the 2015 total has been almost 6,6 million teu (+5.5%)

11/12/2015Regions Liguria, Piemonte and Lombardy have characterized the priority actions in order to promote the logistic system of the North West
Within the next semester will be convened States general of the logistics

11/12/2015COSCO and Lowers Shipping slowly anticipates their complex of fusion
With the concentration of COSCON and CSCL will be put in field a fleet of 288 portacontainer

14/12/2015Last month handling of the container in the port of Singapore is diminished of the -15,9%
In the first 11 months of the 2015 traffic has been pairs to 28.407.200 teu (- 8.2%)

14/12/2015the ICS restates that the only road in order to reach to a solution for the reduction of the emissions of the shipping passes through the IMO
Hinchliffe: "an unilateral or regional regulation would be disastrous for the shipping and would be disastrous to the aims of a total reduction of co2"

14/12/2015Al via a new service of CMA CGM between the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador
specifically will be dedicated to the export of bananas ecuadoregne

14/12/2015Nuovo directed railway service between Busto Arsizio and Bari di Hupac and Cemat
the frequency is of three departures to the week in both the directions

14/12/2015new Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal of the port of Port Zayed
Will be the home port of the ship from cruise "MSC Music" in season 2015-2016

14/12/2015Tomorrow to Young Rome the Group of Federagenti will celebrate the first ten years of activity
In the years has intensified its activity is in Italy is to international level

14/12/2015Thursday to Pomezia an organized convention from Angopi and Fedepiloti
Award of the pilots and ormeggiatori which marked for the courage and the professionality demonstrated in the management of the emergencies

14/12/2015Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings will become member of NASDAQ-100
Is the index of the hundreds puts up companies quoted on the first electronic stock market

15/12/2015Last month the traffic of the goods in the Chinese marine ports is diminished of the -1,7%
the container has been pairs to 16,0 million teu (+1.5%)

15/12/2015the national contract of the Italian harbour workers
Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti have expressed positive judgment on all the reached points, are economic that normative

15/12/2015Genoa and Trieste ask the government for giving stability to the guide of the ports of the two cities
From Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic the shipping agents and shippers wishes a fast conclusion of the phase of commissariamento of the Harbour Authorities

15/12/2015the Harbour Authorities of Livorno and Ceuta have undersigned a cooperation agreement
Provincial: the understanding heads above all for the know-how-how exchange at the front of safety in the crocieristico traffic fleeting and

15/12/2015To November the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the -8,1%
In the first eleven months of the 2015 decrease has been of the -8,9%

15/12/2015the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven will close 2015 with a traffic of 74,5 million tons (- 4.8%)
contraction of the volumes of goods in container (- 6.3%)

15/12/2015confirmed Gasparini president of the Section Yacht of Federagenti
also vice-president Luise and the entire directive council

15/12/2015Premuda has finalized the cession of two ships Aframax Ice Class
the proceeds of the sale piles to approximately 55 million dollars to clearly of the brokerage commission

15/12/2015the Group Young Shipping of Confitarma has analyzed the drastic change of the market of the oil
Examined the impact on the shipping

16/12/2015Mounts (Assoporti): not to a sterile and unproductive debate on the number of the Harbour Authorities
the priorities - second the association - are a effective functional autonomy and financial institution of the agencies, the control of the generated resources, the ability to investment and the autonomy of the choices

16/12/2015the volume of goods transported from the ships journeyed last month in the Suez Canal is dropped of the -6,0%
the units directed towards south transported 32,1 million tons (- 11.3%) and those directed towards north 33,3 million tons (- 0.3%)

16/12/2015naval gigantism represents an opportunity or a disadvantage for the Italian logistic-harbour system
Answers disagrees today to the question to Rome in the course of the organized convention from Federagenti

16/12/2015Undersigned I renew for 60 years of the concession of Pier VII of the port of Trieste to the TMT
Maneschi: Trieste is the only port of Italy that can grow because five million containers are a market of approximately to which we can participate

16/12/2015Terminal Italy Bulk renounces to the concession to wharf TRI of Vado Ligure
Under way the intense activities of demolition of the historical savonese system

16/12/2015Nuovo agreement picture between the Harbour Authority and the University of Trieste
the objective is to develop and to strengthen initiatives for activity of studies, searches and formation in the fields of the marine-harbour economy, the transports and the logistics

16/12/2015To November the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City has grown of +7.0%
In the first eleven months of this year is recorded a bending of the -1,9%

16/12/20151° March 2016 the Delmas brand will disappear from the scene of the marine transport
the activities of the company will be operated under the denomination CMA CGM

17/12/2015the yard of repair and restructure of mega yacht MD'92 of Barcelona passes to the Turkish group Dogus
70% of the capital is yielded D-Navy, branch of the group of Istanbul

17/12/2015the Apulia will be center of two Authority of harbour system
the mayor of Bari has had confirmation from the minister Delrio who the used criterion in order to choose the centers of the Harbour Authorities is that of the ports "Core"

17/12/2015the French Antitrust inflicts fines for 672 million euros to express society of shipment and couriers
also trade association Transport ET Logistique de France

17/12/2015DFDS increases the frequencies of own intermodal service between Reign Unito and Italy
drawn new Start every day

17/12/2015To November the traffic of the goods in the ports of Barcelona and Algeciras has grown respective of +7.6% and +14.6%
In the first eleven months of the 2015 Catalan port of call has recorded a decrease of the -0,7% and that Andalusian an increment of +2.7%

17/12/2015Agreement Cambiaso & Risso - Marine Fendercare for the operations of allibo of liquid bulk in the port of Augusta
the understanding inside previews the realization of a structure of the Sicilian port of call

17/12/2015MSC Cruises rents for 100 years a island in the Caribbean
Agreement with the government of Bahamas. The investment will pile to approximately 200 million dollars

18/12/2015Kalmar will supply 15 new cranes RTG to the Piraeus Container Terminal
Verranno taken in delivery in the course of 2016 and 2017 and will be installed to Pier III

18/12/2015the next 1° February the shareholders of Lowers COSCO and Lowers Shipping Lines Container will estimate and vote the fusion plan
the date of extraordinary the shareholders' meeting of the two Chinese companies

18/12/2015In increase the traffic of the passengers of the ferries in the ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres
bending of the goods several. Record of landings place of ships from cruise

18/12/2015Large the Navi Veloci has introduced a new ship on the Bari-Durrës line
draft of the "Snav Tuscany" that has an ability to 2.180 passengers and 1,850 linear meters of vehicles

18/12/2015With the plan Connection the ports of Livorno and Piombino increase their intermodal offer
Provincial: the expansion to sea does not have sense if it does not have like contraltare an equal expansion of the railway logons on the side earth

18/12/2015Last month the port of Valencia has enlivened 5,1 million tons of goods (+9.1%)
In the first eleven months of the 2015 traffic has been of 58,2 million tons of goods (+7.3%)

18/12/2015In the exercise anniversary the 2015 result clearly of the Carnival group has grown of +3%
an ulterior improvement of the economic performances in financial year 2016

18/12/2015Not decided of the harbour communities of Salerno and Savona to the hypothesis of amalgamation to the Harbour Authorities of Naples and Genoa
Is - they explain - and insignificant useless, harmful a choice regarding the solution of the true problems of the Italian portualità

21/12/2015Loan of 105 million euros of the BEAUTIFUL ones in order to finance the works in order to improve accessibility to the Spanish ports
the cover financial institution for the investments in program for 2016

21/12/2015Vopak will yield own terminals in the United Kingdom to Macquarie Capital and Greenergy
the assets have a value of 335 million pounds

21/12/2015Al via a new service ro-pax of the Grimaldi group between the ports of Livorno and Olbia
Will have every day frequency and will be realized with the ship "Zeus Palace" in a position to transporting 1,500 passengers and 2,000 meters of rotabili

21/12/2015of Friend Tankers Limited has sold the Handysize Sky of Salerno for 13 million dollars
the company maintains the employment commercial of the ship

21/12/2015the EU commission asks Greece to modify the tonnage tax
Brussels invites Athens to exclude from the fiscal regime the shareholders of the shipowning societies and various types of boats

21/12/2015Reduction of 3.85% of the rates for the service of towing in the port of Ancona
Decrease applied in biennium 2016-2017

21/12/2015the port of Koper will conclude the 2015 with a traffic record of approximately 20,5 million tons
than always also for the container

21/12/2015the ban for the sale of the quota control of Venice Passenger terminal
the price Made up of auction has been fixed in 24 million euros

22/12/2015the port of Columbus enlivens for the first time beyond five million container in a year
In the first eleven months of the 2015 containerized trade has grown of +5.9%

22/12/2015Fincantieri will collaborate with Indian ship yards MDL and GRSE
the cooperation in the within of the construction of seven frigates commissioned from Marina Indiana

22/12/2015triennial Agreement of Grimaldi Lines with the MIUR in the field of the formation
the objective is to favor a profitable alternation school-job

22/12/2015Tirrenia CIN and Delcomar which prequalified to the contest the connections with the Sardinian smaller islands
To the shipowners will be sent invitation letters to introduce the technical-economic offers

22/12/2015In 2016 will be realized a double lane of income to the commercial port of Marghera
an area of parking for beyond 111 places car will be given in concession to Fincantieri

22/12/2015Approvate the new norms for the dredgings in the Italian ports
Veil: "in the provision that today is become law they come in fact simplified the criteria of construction of the cases of overwhelmed and the bathtubs of collection"

22/12/2015Naples: Union Industriali and Confcommercio anticipates a strategy for throws again of the port
"From the audit of the operators - they have explained Precious and Russian - is emerged the requirement that the port of Naples confirms its historical identity, characterized by a strongly polifunzionale vocation"

23/12/2015China Shipping Development Terminal will acquire 20% of the CJ Busan Container Terminal
the society manages a container terminal in the port of Busan that has a annual ability to million traffic two container

23/12/2015To November the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice has grown of +9.6%
Crocieristi in increase of +17.5%

23/12/2015the crocieristico group Royal Caribbean signs an agreement with the Port Authority of the American Islands Virgos
Will have a duration of ten years, with beginning from 1° the October 2016 and with option for ulterior five years

23/12/2015Boskalis and Kotug confirm the fusion of the respective activities of harbor tug
will be constituted joint venture joint KOTUG SMIT Towage that a fleet of 65 tugs will have

23/12/2015Rinnovo of the concessions to the nautical circles in the port of Genoa waiting for BluePrint
Proroga of a year (of four months for the New Nautical Dock)

23/12/2015Saipem yields the centers of engineering of Vibo Valentia and Rome to Tecnomare (Eni group)
the operation is approved of unanimously, from the board of directors

24/12/2015In the first ten months of the 2015 traffic of the container in the port of Naples has grown of +3.4%
the crocieristi have been 1.178.648 (+13.3%)

24/12/2015the UIRR exhorts the EU to put into effect legislative modifications in order to promote the arranged transport
Schultze: "the relative signs to the rates perceived today from the operators of the market are forged by an inadequate and unilateral regulation"

24/12/2015Gulf Island Fabrication will buy shipbuilding society LEEVAC Shipyards
the acquisition will happen for 20,0 million dollars

24/12/2015To Diamond Living Private Investment Fund the control of the constructor of mega yacht Sunrise Yachts
the plant of the Turkish company is situated in the Free Zones of Antalya

24/12/2015Rise of the activity of the agency that supplies temporary job in the port of Livorno
To December the turns of job have been beyond thousands

24/12/2015Finally the new norms on the dredgings in the ports, emphasize Federation of the Sea and Assoporti
Demanded a timely participation of the State also on the plan financial

28/12/2015the port of Santos gets ready to close 2015 with a series of traffic record
In the first eleven months of this year is enlivened 109,8 million tons of goods (+7.5%)

28/12/2015Chinese NDRC fine eight companies of navigation for violation of the norms antitrust
Inflicted endorsements for a total of approximately 57 million euros

28/12/2015the activity in new the great port qatariota of Hamad
Diventerà totally the next year

28/12/2015Reduction of the -1,54% of the rates for the service of towing in the port of Genoa
New amounts in vigor for biennium 2016-17

29/12/2015the German group duisport previews to conclude the 2015 with a traffic record of 68 million tons (+5%)
For 2016 is not attended meaningful improvements

29/12/2015Agreement of fusion between the logistic groups Den Hartogh and InterBulk
the Dutch company will acquire the entire capital of the British society

29/12/2015Trasportounito denunciation the umpteenth prank for the road haulage to Genoa
the association announces that the communal administration "would have decided "unilaterally" to remove to the trucks also the area of Fields"

29/12/2015the Harbour Committee of Naples has asked the reformulation for the pre-emptive budget for 2016
Remitted to the Harbour Authority the decision on the transaction with Conateco, whose definition - Basile has explained - comes now left to the negotiation between the lawyers

29/12/2015today to the largest Koper portacontainer never landed to the Slovenian port
the "MSC Luciana" is employed by MSC and Maersk Line in the Phoenix/AE12 service

29/12/2015the new Harbour Committee of Gioia Tauro has approved of the Triennial Operations plan
Green light to the variation budgetary for giving course to the reduction of the taxes of anchorage for year 2015

30/12/2015Green light to the fusion of the Chinese groups Sinotrans and China Merchants Group
the plan is approved of by governmental agency Be Assets Supervision and Administration Commission

30/12/2015Prosegue the contest for the selection of the majority associate of the Port of Livorno 2000
Sent letters for the presentation of the formal offers to the four admitted subjects to the procedure

30/12/2015To November the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of the -3,0%
the passengers of the ferries are increased of +2.6% and the crocieristi are dropped of the -11,7%

31/12/2015Agreement Carnival - Fincantieri for the construction of four ships from cruise
Realizzate in the yards of Monfalcone and Marghera, two will be destined to the Costa Asia brand and each one to P&O Cruises Australia and Princess Cruises

31/12/2015Scorpio Bulkers sells five portarinfuse for total 167 million dollars
draft of three Capesize units constructed in 2015 and two of the same type that will be completed in the first trimester of 2016

31/12/2015In the first ten months of the 2015 traffic of the goods in the port of Monfalcone has grown of +13.8%
the goods several and the bulk sand banks have recorded increases respective of +10.2% and +26.7%

31/12/2015the Algerian government has approved of the construction of a new port in deep waters to El Hamdania
will be realized in two phases with an investment of 3,3 billion dollars. Previewed the involvement of a foreign partner

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