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20 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 20:30 GMT+1

01/02/2016the volume of railway traffic enlivened in 2015 from the intermodal operator Helvetic Hupac
the transalpine traffic is diminished of the -2,8%, while on the other guiding ones an increase of +5.9% is recorded

01/02/2016Forcieri is the new president of turn of the Ligurian Ports Alliance
Credo is important - it has declared - that the action of LPA points today to the putting to system of the mutual excellence

01/02/2016MSC Cruises confirmation the construction of two ulterior ships from cruise near STX France
Will have an ability to 6.300 passengers and will be taken in delivery to October 2019 and september 2020

01/02/2016In the 2015 ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta has enlivened 16,6 million tons of goods (+6.3%)
the passengers of the line services have been beyond 1,5 million (+4.4%) and the crocieristi almost 2,3 million (+6.2%)

01/02/2016Zim will restructure own organizational structure
Strengthening of the three main businesses unit and cancellation of the subdivision in managerial areas

02/02/2016the Bolloré group wins the contest for the realization and construction of the new international port of East Timor
the concession contract will have a duration 30-year-old

02/02/2016Green light of the COSCO shareholders and Lowers Shipping Lines Container to the fusion plan
COSCO is in race for the privatization of the port of Limassol

02/02/2016the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven curls the fifth consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic
In the first eleven months of the 2015 port of call has enlivened 67,5 million tons of goods (- 6.4%)

02/02/2016In the 2015 harbour terminal of HPH Trust has enlivened 23,9 million container (- 1.3%)
In the port of Hong Kong the traffic has been of 11,8 million teu (- 6.4%) and in the port of Yantian of 12, 2 million teu (+4.2%)

02/02/2016the Harbour Authority of Naples has received a representative of the government Egyptian
Sul table the possibilities of development of new commercial relations between the partenopeo port of call and Egypt

02/02/2016New railway connections with the Interporto of Bologna
Cooperation with Trenitalia Cargo and Italy Terminals

02/02/2016Agreement COSCO - ABS with the objective to use the Arctic marine route in order to connect Asia to Europe
the cooperation will be centralized on the development of ships ice-class

02/02/2016under way Interporto Padua the contest in order to acquire four cranes to portal
Raddoppieranno the operating ability to the intermodal platform

02/02/2016Last year the port of Monfalcone has enlivened 4,45 million tons of goods (+3.9%)
solid Bulk in several increase of +11.4% and goods in decrease of the -9,9%

03/02/2016Simonetti is named vice-president for the development and the reorganization of the group Contship Italy
Hannibal introduces a sixth railway connection weekly magazine between Melzo and Padua

03/02/2016Incontro to the Ministry of Transportation in order to elaborate a strategy of I throw again of the rail shipment goods
Of the 14 ports "the Cores", solo 10 turn out connected via iron

03/02/2016in the 2015 number of actions of piracy against the ships
246 incidents have happened altogether, in more regarding the year precedence

03/02/2016Last year ABB has recorded a decrease of the economic results and an increase of the orders
In Italy is achieved instead an increase of the turnover against a reduction of the store clerks

03/02/2016Reorganization of the social order of RINA Academy with the income of ESA Group
is to become point of reference for the shipowners and the operators in formation topic

03/02/2016the plan Fresh Food Corridors in display window to the Logistic Fruit of Berlin
is centralized on the development of a logistic corridor for the sour-food produced ones that give the Middle East disembark in the ports of Koper, Venice and Marseilles

03/02/2016the Ferretti group widens own activity to the fields of safety and soldier
new division FSD - Ferretti Security and Defence

03/02/2016Royal Caribbean Cruises closes exercise 2015 with a profit of 666 million dollars (- 12.9% clearly)
the clearly rectified result anticipates an increment of +40.9%

04/02/2016In the 2015 harbour terminal of HHLA has enlivened approximately 6,6 million container (- 12.3%)
the volume of managed intermodal traffic from the German company has grown of +2.7%

04/02/2016the port of Tarragona has closed 2015 with a traffic of 33,2 million tons of goods (+3.9%)
Particularly consisting increase (+17.7%) of embarks of cargos directed towards foreign destinations

04/02/2016Manifestation of protest to the Argentario in order to ask the protection for the marine ones that works under the Italian flag
Savino (Italian Yacht Master): "we want to be listened from the minister because we need political and not bureaucratic choices"

04/02/2016DNV GL and Russian Register of Shipping signs a cooperation agreement
is met on the activity areas in which the two companies they are complementary

04/02/2016the Harbour Authority of Antwerp has signed an agreement with bank group Chinese ICBC
In the 2015 total volume of the traffic of the Belgian harbour port of call with China is increased almost 40%

05/02/2016Civmec buys the Forgacs, society that work the greatest private ship yard of Australia
is situated to Tomago, in New South Wales, to 14 kilometers from the port of Newcastle

05/02/2016NGO Shipbreaking Platform denunciation that 60% of the naval demolitions still happen on the spiagge of the Asian south-east
Of the 768 ships dismantled in the course of 2015, 469 is demolished on the spiagge of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan

05/02/2016This year in the ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres is attended 139 ports of call of ships from cruise
Precious: the crocieristico calendar is still in continuous evolution and will be able to grow ulteriorly in the next weeks

05/02/2016After four years in loss Hanjin Shipping has closed 2015 with an economic result clearly of positive sign
Last year the revenues are diminished of the -15,3%

08/02/2016In the 2015 harbour terminal of the DP World group has enlivened 61,7 million container (+3.0%)
In the solo fourth trimester of the year the traffic has been of 15,2 million teu (+1.2%)

08/02/2016Financing of the IFC for the construction of a terminal for liquid bulk in the port Egyptian of Sokhna
the plan, that it previews an investment of 504 million dollars, will be realized to the Sonker Bunkering Company

08/02/2016the Board of Asciano is expressed in favor of the introduced offer of takeover from Qube
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners has five days of time in order to equal the proposal

08/02/2016Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Livorno has grown of +15.4%
Record of handling of containers with a total of 780.874 teu (+35.2%)

08/02/2016Entrusted the intense activities for the realization of the new mouth of the port of Salerno
Consentirà the income in the harbour basin with the ships of new generation

08/02/2016BLG Logistics will manage the new offshore terminal for the wind industry of the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven
a contract of concession of the duration 30-year-old

08/02/2016In the yard of Monfalcone di Fincantieri is launched the Majestic Princess
the ship from cruise will be delivered to the company Princess Cruises in the spring of 2017

08/02/2016the port of Venice participates to the Italian institutional mission in Iran
Interest to the development of the traffics break bulk and project cargo

08/02/2016In the 2015 port of Salerno has enlivened a traffic record of beyond 12,9 million tons of goods (+6.0%)
New record in the fields of the goods in container, the rotabili, the goods conventional, the passengers and the crocieristi

09/02/2016Last year the port of New York - New Jersey has established the own new record of traffic of the container with 6,37 million teu (+10.4%)
the full imports of container are increased of +9.2%, while the export of empty boxes is diminished of -2,6%. Attenuation of the increase in the fourth trimester

09/02/2016In the gallery of base of Saint Gottardo is journeyed a cargo train of the length of 1.500 meters
the new railway tunnel, that it is longest of the world, will be inaugurated 1° the june

09/02/2016Completed the last step towards the final adoption of the standards on the emissions of co2 of the airplane
the new norms could be formally adopted from the council of the ICAO in the first months of 2017

09/02/2016This year the works in order to reduce noise and emissions of harbour terminal VTE of Genoa will be under way
In program the electrification of the docks and the realization of the so-called "dune"

09/02/2016the contract for the newsroom of the new Portuale Town development plan of Venice
the job will be executed by ATI composed gives Of Appolonia, Maritime MTBS and Transport Solution Business, Acquatecno, Paola Viganò Study and Rina Services

09/02/2016the group Black Siblings of Livorno has taken in delivery a new Damen tug
the naval means "Luisa Neri" will be employed in the port of Livorno

09/02/2016With the contest for the confidence of the services of towing in the port of Trieste saved million euro
Delle Piane: the notices publics will put the Italian shipowners of the field in front of challenges until now never neither assumed

09/02/2016Bennett (ICS): they do not have more sense arbitrary distinctions between the open registries and the traditional States of flag
the International Chamber of Shipping has published the last annual report on the performances of the naval registries

10/02/2016the Maersk group archivia an exercise 2015 to forget
the perspectives for the 2016 are anything but promising

10/02/2016Study of environmental monitoring on the impact of the crocieristico traffic to Savona
Costa Crociere emphasizes that from the results it turns out that the presence of ships of the company in port meaningfully does not affect the quality of the air

10/02/2016Young Debate of the Group of Assagenti on the markets of the liquid bulk and sand banks
Is in program 1° March to Genoa

10/02/2016Last year the goods in container enlivened by the port of Amburgo is diminished of the -10,0%
Altogether the German harbour port of call has recorded a traffic of 137,8 million tons (- 5.4%)

10/02/2016In increase the results of the division cruises of German group TUI
In the trimester October-December of the 2015 groos profit is gone up to eight million euro

10/02/2016the North American travel agents preview an ulterior improvement of the market of the cruises
This year is attended an increment of the revenues

11/02/2016In the 2015 port of Bremen/Bremerhaven has enlivened 73,4 million tons of goods (- 6.2%)
the imports and the exports are diminished respective of the -4,4% and the -7,9%

11/02/2016Tuesday Propeller Club of Genoa will face the current criticalities of the marine transport
Incontro conviviale on topic "2016: difficult year for the shipping"

11/02/2016Third encounter of the port of Trieste with institutional representatives and economic Iranians
Developed the operating details of the collaboration with the port of Bandar Abbas

11/02/2016the Italian government announces ulterior investments in the railroads
Resources concentrated on the development of the four European corridors TRIES that they cross the nation

11/02/2016the 2015 has revealed a difficult year for the chartering society Textainer container
In 2016 is attended an ulterior contraction of the economic results

11/02/2016the Maersk group announces the start of a collaboration with some Indian yards of naval demolition
Currently - the Danish company emphasizes - sustainable procedures of dismantling of the ships imply an additional cost 1-2 million dollars for every unit

11/02/2016Shipping has concluded an operation of refinancing of 560 million euros
the proceeds of the entire operation are used in order to refinance the controlled debit of the Moby and Tirrenia and the holding ones of Honored Shipping

12/02/2016rise of the traffic of the container in the ports of Los Angeles City and Long Beach to January 2016
the first port of call has enlivened 704,398 teu (+33.0%), second 536.188 teu (+24.8%)

12/02/2016De Luca restates to Delrio not of the Campania to the amalgamation of the Harbour Authorities of Naples and Salerno
According to the governing one lives, is the risk to introduce new officialisms rather than new simplification

12/02/2016DFDS closes an exercise anniversary record
Fort increment of the rotabili and the passengers transported from the fleet

12/02/2016Palumbo will carry out important intense activities of restructure on three ferries of the Moby
Two ships will enter in the ship yard of Naples and in that of Malta

12/02/2016To Livorno is introduced the ban for the harbour new work Europe Platform
Gallanti: "naval gigantism is lungi to have exhausted own propulsive thrust"

12/02/2016JES International Holdings sells own navalmeccaniche activities
will be yielded Hong Kong Victo International

15/02/2016the Lockton American has bought the Italian insurance broker BED. Ferrari & Co…
the company has center to Genoa and offices to Naples, Ferrara, Pireo, Monk, London and Istanbul

15/02/2016the Union To interpose Reunited you has introduced the plan "Net LNG Italy Freight"
the objective is the spread of uses of the which liquified natural gas in the street transport of the goods

15/02/2016the decrease of the traffic of the container in the ports of Singapore and Hong Kong
Last month has enlivened respective 2,5 million teu (- 10.5%) e1,6 million teu (- 9.6%)

15/02/2016Assigned to Global joint venture Holding Ports - Bouygues the construction and management of the new terminal cruises of Dubrovnik
the concession contract will have a duration 40-year-old

15/02/2016the Yilport Turk, the Agunsa Chilean and the emiratina DP World will manage the Ecuadorian ports of Bolívar, Manta and Posorja
Previewed private investments for 2,2 billion dollars

15/02/2016Al via the organized calendar 2016 of the course from Assologistica Culture and Formation
25 February to Milan first encounter on the topic "Management of the controversies in the international transportations on rubber"

15/02/2016In the 2015 traffic of the container enlivened from the port of the Pireo is diminished of the -7,2%
Halving of the volumes managed from the Piraeus Port Authority. Light increase recorded from Chinese PCT

15/02/2016In the 2015 port of Valencia has confirmed first port of call container of Spain and the Mediterranean
New record anniversaries of the traffic total and the containerized trade

15/02/2016Next publication of the ban of contest for the Polisettoriale Pier of Taranto on the Gazette of the EU
the objective is the consent of or more concessions

16/02/2016bending of the traffic of the container enlivened from the terminals of COSCO Pacific to January
Twelfth data percentage consecutive salary of sign negative to Suez Canal Container Terminal of Port Saïd

16/02/2016Fercam has activated a new service of railway intermodal transport between Europe and China
transit the Time is little more than two weeks and the objective is to come down not more than ten days

16/02/2016Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto is diminished of the -19,0%
the cargos to the disembarkation are piled to 13,1 million tons (- 19.9%) and those to the boarding to 9,5 million tons (- 17.7%)

16/02/2016prompt Brussels the shipment of observations on the engagements introduced from 15 companies leader of the market of the line services
a form more transparent than communication of the General Rate Increase

16/02/2016Workshop on the certification of the competences and professional figures in the logistic field and you transport
from National School Transports and Logistics, will hold 26 February to Genoa

17/02/2016In the second half of the 2015 has emphasized the bending of the economic performances of CAI International
After 27 archived item consecutive trimesters with an economic result clearly of positive sign, in the period October-December last year the society is incurred in a net loss

17/02/2016Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is dropped of the -2,5%
Goods containerized in increase of +14.7%

17/02/2016the Spanish ports have closed 2015 establishing a series of new records of traffic anniversary
increment of the traffic of the container that has been pairs to 14.242.328 teu (+0.3%)

17/02/2016MSC has started a marine service India/Sri Lanka - Europe North via Gioia Tauro
the broken new has frequency weekly magazine

17/02/2016In the 2015 volume of intermodal transports enlivened from Kombiverkehr has grown of +5.8%
In Germany the traffic is diminished of the -1,0%, while the international shipments are increased of +7.7%

17/02/2016Bombardier has announced the cut of 7.000 places of work
will be carried out mainly in Canada and Europe over two years

18/02/2016today the new shipowning group Lowers COSCO Shipping Corporation, that he is world leader with a fleet of 1.114 ships
Has center to Shanghai and has been born from the COSCO fusion and Lowers Shipping

18/02/2016In the 2015 aerial group Air France-KLM is returned to the profit
Last year the fleet has transported 89,8 million passengers (+2.8%) and 1,2 million tons of goods and mail (- 7.5%)

18/02/2016From the 22 to 25 March to Paris will hold fair SITL Europe 2016
In program beyond 100 conferences centralized on ten main topics

18/02/2016Kristijan Pavic (port of Dubrovnik) is the new president of the MedCruise
Succeeds to the Spanish Carla Salvadó

18/02/2016Minoan Lines (Grimaldi group) confirmation the intention to obtain the control of Hellenic Seaways
the company exhorts the little ones and means shareholders to sell their quotas at the price of 1,5 euros for each action. Assured the maintenance of all the services and the entire commercial net

18/02/2016Al via the phase of start-up in order to activate a Freeway of the Sea that connects Turkey, Italy and Tunisia
the operating start of the plan is previewed in January 2017

19/02/2016In the port of Trieste all the authorized enterprises have introduced interest manifestation in order to participate to the Agency for the temporary job
In the phase of experimental start of 12 months the Harbour Authority will have the absolute majority of the society

19/02/2016the G6 Alliance suspends for 11 weeks one of the services of China line - Europe North
the determined interruption because of a reduction of the question

19/02/2016In increase the economic results of the Eurotunnel group
the volume of traffic fleeting in 2015. Decrease of the goods

19/02/2016the navalmeccanico group public Navantia Spanish has opened a new office to Canberra
the new center to Canberra joins to those to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne

19/02/2016IFB upgrades the railway connections between the North Europe and Italy
the frequency of the services Moerduk - Milan Segrate and Duisburg - Melzo

19/02/2016Round table on the sustainable development of the crocieristico tourism to Naples
from Propeller partenopeo Club, will hold next monday in of the Campania chief town

19/02/2016ANITA, absurd the will of the Austrian government to restore the controls to the frontiers
Baumgartner: the consequences would provoke heavy fallen back on the productive field and that of the transport services

22/02/2016Alberto Moroso is the new president of the Italian Association of Naval Technology
Succeeds to Bruno Della Loggia, that it has held the presidency of ATHENA for seven years

22/02/2016Chiude the yard of construction of wind systems of the DSME in Canada
the plant, realized in joint venture with the Province of Nova Scotia, was inaugurated in june 2011

22/02/2016For according to consecutive year the Italian traffic of the goods has recorded increments is of the transported volumes that of the turnover
In single decrease the harbour containerized trade of transhipment (- 9.2%)

22/02/2016Saturday to Ravenna will hold a convention on the governance of the ports
the event in occasion of national the directive the national assembly and board meeting of the The International Propeller Clubs

22/02/2016In the 2015 Maltese port of Marsaxlokk has established the own new record of traffic of the container
is enlivened almost 3,1 million teu

22/02/2016RINA has inaugurated an own new office to Amburgo
the company is present in the German city gives beyond ten years

23/02/2016the proposal of reform of the law on the ports disappoints more than to satisfy the expectations of many
Seminary to Livorno on I decree introduced from minister Madia

23/02/201622 March will be inaugurated the new passenger terminal of the port of Seville
Last year the crocieristico traffic in the Spanish port of call has grown of +11.0%

23/02/2016NOL has closed the fourth trimester of 2015 with a net loss of -75 million dollars
the APL fleet has transported 643 thousand container (- 12%). The medium hire for container feu has turned out pairs to 1.699 dollars (- 22%)

23/02/2016the Harbour Committee of Naples has approved of the triennial program of the works 2016-2018 and pre-emptive budget 2016
This year investments for 16 million euros financed with resources own of the Harbour Authority and state contributions are previewed

23/02/2016the acquisition of the services of line of the CSAV has given a strong impulse to the results of 2015 of the Hapag-Lloyd
Last year the fleet of the German company has transported 7,4 million container regarding 5,9 million in 2014

23/02/2016the port of Venice tightens the relationships with Vietnam
In the next few months will be worked in order to increase the economic relations with the support of the Venetian Region

24/02/2016of the results of First Ship Lease Trust in 2015
the profit clearly has recorded an increase of +249.2%

24/02/2016Norwegian Cruise Line previews that the current trend of increase of own results will continue also in 2017
This year in the fleet of the crocieristico group two ships will enter others

24/02/2016To enlivened January the container from the port of Algeciras has grown of +9.7%
Altogether the traffic of the goods is piled to beyond 8,4 million tons (+7.6%)

24/02/2016the new channel of access to the port of Port Saïd
Is along 9,5 kilometers, wide 250 meters and has a depth of the -18,5 backdrop meters

24/02/2016the port of Trieste signs a fourth understanding with the institutions and the operators Iranians
D' Augustin: "the agreement today is the first action for the constitution of an international Network of the Bonded areas"

24/02/2016Uiltrasporti, any provision on the ports must exceed the localistici interests
Odone: it goes limited the application of the norms reported to the Civil Service to the dependent of the Authorities Di Harbour Sistema

25/02/2016In the 2015 Marine revenues of the Offshore division & of Bureau Veritas has grown of +25.2%
the rectified operating profit is piled to 107,0 million euros (+32.1%)

25/02/2016the deterioration of the market of the chartering of container hits also SUCH International
an improvement from the second half of the year of 2016

25/02/2016La Spezia Port Service, the controversies on the polluting harbour traffics are often based on completely groundless considerations
Fontana: the harbour operators are ready to engage themselves first hand and to carry out a guarantee function

25/02/2016In the fourth trimester of the 2015 Finnlines has recorded an ulterior rise of the economic results
For 2016 is attended an increase of the profit before taxes

25/02/201611 March to a convention on the value of the port
Is organized from La Spezia Port Service

25/02/2016Agreement AP of Livorno - Anticorruzione Authority in order to monitor the award and execution of the contract of the Europe Platform
irregularities verified Verranno or non-compliance to the enforced normative dispositions

26/02/2016Which postponed to Of Augustin the assignment of extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Trieste
Ricopre the role from 28 February 2015

26/02/2016the shipowning group Japanese MOL will restructure the Dry division Bulk
will be constituted two new businesses unit

26/02/2016In the last trimester of the 2015 railway traffic of the goods in Germany is returned in increase
In entire the 2015 is transported 361,2 million tons (- 1.0%)

26/02/2016Britain Club and UK P&I Club is estimating the opportunity of a fusion
Is between the most ancient P&I Clubs

26/02/2016In fourth trimester 2015 in Italy has turned out in decrease the turnover of the services of marine and aerial transport
rise (+10.4%) of the volume of transactions of the postal services and the activities of courier

26/02/2016Arkas Line has inserted ports of call to Trieste in the within of service ADS
Introduced a third ship on the route

26/02/2016the Stock exchange of Singapore aims the eyes at the Baltic Exchange
an offer of not binding acquisition

26/02/2016From 1° March the Livorno Port Center will open the doors to all the public
Will be possible to visit also the former warehouse FS that accommodates historical boats

26/02/2016To January the traffic in the port of Ravenna has grown of +17%
In the 2015 railway traffic of the port has recorded the new record and an increment of +3.4%

26/02/2016the two consortia guided from Eurogate and DP World will manage the main activities of the port of Limassol
Al German group the container terminal, while the company of Dubay will operate the marine-harbour services and the multipurpose terminal

29/02/2016To January the traffic of the goods in the Chinese marine ports is diminished of the -1,5%
the traffic of the container has turned out unchanged being is pairs to 16,2 million teu

29/02/2016In Switzerland is decided the construction of the second street gallery of Saint Gottardo
Green light from 57% of voting. The work will afford the successive reorganization of the existing tunnel

29/02/2016Panalpina has concluded 2015 with a decrease of -12,7% of the revenues and increase of +2.0% of the profit clearly
Air shipments and marine has recorded decreases of the -2,5% and the -0,8%

29/02/2016To January decrease of the -6,1% of the transported cargo volumes from the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal
contraction (- 13.7%) of the volumes transported from the ships journeyed from north to south, while for the opposite direction an increase of +1.2% is recorded

29/02/2016shipowning group MSC has signed an agreement with Iran Port & Maritime Organization
the Helvetic company will intensify the cooperation with the ports of Bandar Abbas, Chabahar and Imam and will be able to institute joint venture in Iran

29/02/2016UASC has activated a service that connects Indian subcontinent, Persian Gulf, Red Sea and West Med
new service IMEX (than in Italy touches La Spezia and Genoa) has replaced the line MINE (that it carried out ports of call also to Livorno)

29/02/2016the Damen Dutch and the Pearlson American will collaborate to the realization of basins ship-lift attendant
the activity will be based on the experience of the American society in the field

29/02/2016To Ancona Goods, Commpa, Siap and Interestate the management of dock 25 of the port of Ancona
Reached two questions for dock 23

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