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17 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 11:00 GMT+2

01/03/2016New average of raising for the container terminal of from Liguria ports of Genoa and Savona I go
First four cranes for portacontainer from 20.000 teu to the genoese VTE. To Vado Ligure 19 straddle carrier hybrid for APM Terminals

01/03/2016administrative disciplinary Provision of the Peruvian authority antitrust regarding 17 companies of line navigation
Is the accused to have constituted a trust in order to agree and to condition practical economic and the commercial ones

01/03/2016Sergio Landolfi is the new president of the association of the customs brokers of
Succeeds to Flavio Borra, that it will remain in charge from councilman

01/03/2016In the 2015 profit clearly of the Attica group has recorded an increment of +677%
Revenues in increase of +4%

01/03/2016Today to Barcelona the Ferport and the ICHCA have undersigned a memorandum of understanding
In the Catalan city is in development the international conference on the topic "Bigger ships, greater challenges"

01/03/2016the entire directive summit of the Federation of the Sea
Paolo d' Amico will cover the charge of president also for the next biennium

01/03/2016Two months of public debate on the Europe Platform and the waterfront of Livorno
will hold between the beginning of April and the end of May

01/03/2016In the 2015 traffic of the goods in the port of is diminished of the -4,2%
In increase the liquid bulk. Decrease of the goods several and the bulk sand banks. Record of the cruises

02/03/2016In 2015 Diana Containerships has accused a net loss of -8,8 million dollars
Revenues in increase of +7.7%

02/03/2016Stefano Selvatici is the new managing director of Trieste Marine Terminal
the company manages the container terminal of the port of Trieste

02/03/2016To January the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice has grown of +20.6%
Boarding of two directed exceptional necks in Middle East

02/03/2016Propelling Club of Genoa has organized an encounter centralized on Iran
will hold this evening

02/03/2016deterioration of the economic results of the Konecranes group in the course of 2015
in the fourth trimester the value of the new orders

02/03/2016the contradictions of shipping to the Young examination of the Group the agents and marine brokers of Genoa
Palmesino: "our world has short memory". De Paolis: the fort increase of the orders of new ships has been "a mass suicide"

02/03/201617 March to Genoa will hold a city conference on the port
is promoted and organized by the communal administration

02/03/2016Fincantieri tightens an agreement of cooperation with the Chinese Huarun Dadong Dockyard
is centralized gannets repairs and transformations of ships from cruise that have like operating base China

03/03/2016Tarros introduces a third ship and program ports of call to Trieste in the service Adriatic Levant
will be offered departures with frequency decays them from all the ports

03/03/2016Genting increases own ability to construction of ships from cruise acquiring the German ship yards of Nordic Yards
the plants of Wismar, Warnemünde and Stralsund join to the Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven yard

03/03/2016In 2015 Kuehne + Nagel has recorded a profit clearly Swiss records of 679 million franchi (+5.4%)
the volume of marine shipments, while the air shipments have grown of +4.7%

03/03/2016To January the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of the -3,7%
Crocieristi in decrease of the -26,2% and passengers of the ferries in increase of +11.6%

03/03/2016Agreement Bureau Veritas - Dassault Systèmes for the development of a digital platform dedicated to the shipping and the offshore one
the scope is to lead a continuous appraisal of the state of the ships, the platforms offshore and the equipments of edge

03/03/201610 March will hold the inauguration of the Fast Corridor between the port of Livorno and the Interporto Vespucci
the service of transfer of the goods will be monitored in real time

03/03/2016d' Amico International Shipping closes 2015 with a consisting rise of the results
Flowers: "I consider that our market is characterized by fundamental many bonds for the next years"

03/03/2016Last year the port of Naples has enlivened 21,0 million tons of goods (+4.3%)
Import in increase of +10.4% and exports in decrease of the -6,7%

04/03/2016CMA CGM will withdraw five of its six portacontainer of greater ability from the Asia-Europe routes
Will be all introduced in the transpacifico service Pearl River Express

04/03/2016Disney Cruise Line has ordered to the construction of two ships from cruise to the German yard Meyer Werft
Will have a tonnage of 135.000 tons

04/03/2016Fincantieri has delivered a semisubmersible floating platform for the RosRAO Russian
Tidy two Articulated Tug Barge to the branch American Fincantieri Marine Group

04/03/2016Ship Lease has concluded 2015 with a net loss of -31,9 million dollars
the liabilities is generated by the reduction of the value of two ships

04/03/2016Conclusi the intense activities of levelling of the backdrop of the channel of access to the port of Olbia
Ripianate some created hunchbacks of slush from the billowy motion and the propellers

04/03/2016Propelling Club of Trieste has organized a evening centralized on the recovery of the Old Port
will hold 10 thursdays March

04/03/2016In the Fincantieri yard of Monfalcone is begun the construction of the new ship from cruise MSC Seaside
To Marghera is launched the "Seabourn Encore" of Seabourn Cruie Line

04/03/2016Agreement in order to start the differentiated collection of the refusals in the port of Genoa
first will be realized in harbour within on a national level

04/03/2016Italferr will assist the railroads Iranians for line AV Tehran - Qom - Isfahan
the Italian company will collaborate to the contractual definition of the contract for the plan and the construction of the draft

07/03/2016In 2015 CEVA Logistics has reduced the liabilities
the revenues are diminished of the -11,5%

07/03/2016the operators and the institutions of Salerno restate the contrarietà to the amalgamation of the port of the city with that of Naples
Mignone (To propel Club): the right and the peculiarities of the territories must prevail on the mere political conveniences

07/03/2016worsening of the economic results of shipowning group OOIL in according to trimester of 2015
Tung confirmation the strategy based on the obtained economies of scale with the breaking in fleet of portacontainer of large-capacity

07/03/2016Wärtsilä has found deviations on the fuel consumption of some marine engines in delivery
the group has explained that some attache's would have churn to out of the business directives influencing the results of the tests

07/03/2016Hutchison Port Holdings acquires ulterior a 30% of the capital of Alexandria International Container Terminals
the quota is yielded by MENA Infrastructure Fund

07/03/2016the EU commission has started the public consultation on the dispositions in order to simplify the distribution of aids to the ports and the airports
the proposal of regulations on the harbour services to the examination of the European Parliament. ESPO wishes the support to the position of compromise voted in Commission Transports

07/03/2016Giampedrone (Liguria Region), not is more obstacles to the start of the intense activities to the yard Fincantieri di Sestri West
After to have obtained to October the green light from the WAY - it has emphasized the city council member - today not there are more excuses

07/03/2016In 2016 in the Italian ports is attended a crocieristico traffic pairs to approximately 11,4 the million passengers (+2.7%)
Sixth edition of the "Special Cruises" of Answers Tourism

07/03/2016Fincantieri signs an agreement with Rhode Island University
Prevede a mutual collaboration to the aim to develop an academic and intercultural exchange

08/03/2016In the 2015 economic result clearly of CMA CGM has recorded a decrease of the -2,9%
the revenues are diminished of -6,4%. The transported containerized volumes from the fleet are increased of +6.3%

08/03/2016Convention on the responsibility of the consequent shipper and the carrier to delays in the marine transport
from Propeller Club of Venice, will hold 13 April to Mestre

08/03/2016Last year Seaspan Corporation has recorded a profit clearly of 199,4 million dollars (+51.9%)
the revenues are gone up of +14.2% to 819,0 million dollars

08/03/2016V.Group buys the Bibby Ship Management
the staff of the company of the group Bibby Line is constituted by 332 assigned

08/03/2016attenuation of the trend of increase of the traffic of the container enlivened from the harbour terminals of ICTSI
In the 2015 economic result clearly of the Philippine group has recorded a decrease of the -64%

08/03/2016Convention of Propeller Club of Livorno on the effects of an eventual suspension of the treaty of Schengen
will hold 1° the April near the Old Fortress

08/03/2016Grimaldi will strengthen the Livorno-Olbia service and will inaugurate a every day connection Civitavecchia-Olbia
On the routes the ships will come employees ro-pax "Cruise Olbia" and "Zeus Palace"

08/03/2016Boskalis signs a letter of attempts in order to buy the activities in the marine and offshore field of the VolkerWessels
is operated by societies VBMS, Stemat and VSI

08/03/2016Ok of the Advisory Commission and the Harbour Committee of Genoa to the economic support to the temporary job
codicil 15 second previews that the Harbour Authority can assign to the maximum share 15% of the harbour taxes in support of the occupation and to the financing of the formation of the lenders of temporary job

08/03/2016the Parliament EU confirmation in short the last version of the legislative proposal on the harbour services and the transparency financial institution of the ports
is not spoken more than free access to the services, but of their organization

09/03/2016APM Terminals has completed the acquisition of the harbour group Spanish Grup Marítim TCB
the Dutch society previews to invest 400 million dollars for the potenziamento of the terminals of TCB in next the five years

09/03/2016the American Kirby Corporation will buy the fleet of barges and fluvial tugs of the Seacor compatriot
the transaction will have a value of approximately 88 million dollars

09/03/2016From the port of Koper has left the first train directed block with producing agricultural and food- to Rotterdam
the experimental railway travel has happened in the within of the European plan Fresh Food Corridors

09/03/2016the Tristar group of Dubay will buy the Emirates Ship Investment Co…
Passerà of hand a fleet of seven tankers

09/03/2016Satisfaction of ESPO for the passage to the Parliament EU of the bill on the ports, that it has exited almost unchanged
Ryckbost: strong sign in favor of an organization of the harbour services that holds account of the diversity of the ports

09/03/2016the Danish Shipowners' Association denunciation that the bill EU on the ports does not change nothing and, indeed, risks to get worse the things
the regulations - it has emphasized the association - is watered by the Parliament and, in the best one of the hypotheses, it will not make other that to maintain the status quo

10/03/2016With 561 thousand teu the port of Long Beach has established own record of traffic of the container in the February month
To January the port of New York - New Jersey has enlivened 477,905 teu (+3.7%)

10/03/2016Bureau Veritas Italia begins 2016 last year confirming the positive course
After the creation of 90 new places of work in 2015, in the first months of this year has been the insertion in organic of another 35 people

10/03/2016d' Amico Tankers Ltd. (Ireland) buys a tanker from the subsidiary of Friend Shipping Italy
the fleet of the company is constituted by 51 ships

10/03/2016Hapag-Lloyd will insert ports of call to the port of Civitavecchia in intra-Mediterranean line LEX
the service connects Egypt and Turkey with Italy

10/03/2016In the 2015 Vopak has recorded a profit clearly of 326,7 million euros (+11%)
the ability to the terminals of the Dutch group is gone up to 34,3 million cubic metres

10/03/2016In the 2015 German crocieristi has reached a total record of 18,1 million passengers (+2.3%)
Grammerstorf (CLIA Deutschland): this year two passengers can be exceeded the million quota. Eichhorn (AIDA Cruises): in the 2020 three the million will be already reached

10/03/2016a delegation of the Montenegrin port of Bar has visited the port of Livorno
Incontro with the livornesi operators of the fields of the rotabili and the bulk sand banks

10/03/2016navalmeccanico group DSME announces the cut of others 12,000 places of work
the South Korean company has closed 2015 with a having consisted net loss of -5.132, 4 billion won

11/03/2016Atlantic Line Container rinsalda its tie with the port of Halifax Regional Municipality
the contract with Ceres Halifax Regional Municipality for the landings place to the Fairview Cove Container Terminal

11/03/2016Tirrenia signs an agreement with Ligabue for the catering services on the ships of the fleet
the company heads for the valorization of the Sardinian regional gastronomy

11/03/2016New Delhi has authorized DP World to create a holding ones for active the terminaliste societies in India
the Indian terminals of the group of Dubay enliven annually approximately 10,7 million container, a third party of the national total

11/03/2016increase of the economic results of the Turkish harbour society Global Holding Ports
Calo of the traffic of the container and increase of that crocieristico

11/03/2016the port of Salerno will participate to the Seatrade fair in order to acquire ulterior crocieristico traffic
: the port of call Salerno province has already recorded important results of increase

11/03/2016the harbour community spezzina asks that to the retroportuale area of S. Stefano Magra is recognized the title of local productive system
Pisano (La Spezia Port Service): it has not understood nothing who in the past has accused us of being subject from rearguard battles. Laghezza (shippers) and Fontana (shipping agents) emphasize the importance of a common front

11/03/2016Also the port of Los Angeles City has established the new record of traffic of the container in the February month
is enlivened 713,721 teu, with a progression of +42.0%

14/03/2016To February the traffic of the container in the Chinese marine ports is dropped of the -1%, in all probability the first decrease from 2009
Altogether the traffic of the goods is piled to 593,4 million tons (+3.3%)

14/03/2016of the NYK in order to develop to new solutions in the field of the marine transport and the logistics
is constituted with the compatriots Weathernews Inc. and Kozo Keikaku Engineering Co…

14/03/2016the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Singapore to February
In decrease the container, the goods conventional and the not oil bulk

14/03/2016Also in 2016 Italy will be the first European crocieristica destination, but the Italian market will record a substantial stability
Sienese (Cemar): "also season 2017 risks to strongly being compromised"

14/03/2016This year to Naples is attended an increment of +20% of the crocieristico traffic
the partenopea Harbour Authority participates to the Seatrade

14/03/2016Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. has delivered the new ship from AIDAprima cruise to AIDA Cruises
is completed with a year of delay regarding the date of completion originally previewed

14/03/2016Navy blue will succeed to Saremar on the marine route Saint Teresa di Gallura - Bonifacio
the purchase of the ferry "Ichnusa"

14/03/2016Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +7.3%
Fleeting in increase of +24.2%

15/03/2016To February the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the -16,0%
In the first two months of 2016 handling has been pairs to beyond 2,8 million teu (- 12.5%)

15/03/2016After arduous a 2015, the Russian terminalista group Global Ports previews a 2016 pregnant anchor of difficulty
Last year the terminals in Russia have enlivened 1,6 million container (- 35%)

15/03/2016Tomorrow to Genoa a workshop on the portualità and the customs system
from the Liguria Region, will hold to the Marine Station

15/03/2016Japanese consortium EAS yields own participation in the Brazilian ship yard Estaleiro Atlântico Sul
Passa to the other shareholders of the society, the Brazilians Camargo Corrêa and Queiroz Galvão

15/03/2016Acquired from Celebrity Cruises the two boats operated in the Galapagos Islands from Ocean Adventures
the group Royal Caribbean Cruises has bought the tour operator ecuadoregno

15/03/2016Invitation of the Harbour Authority of Genoa to introduce manifestations of interest for the area of Piaggio Aerospace to Sestri West
Occupa approximately 35.000 square metres and is lacking in docks and access directed to the sea

15/03/2016Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven will construct a megayacht from cruise of luxury for Crystal Cruises
the ship, of 25.000 tons of tonnage, will be completed in August 2018

15/03/2016VARD (Fincantieri group) enters in the crocieristico market with the construction of four ships for Ponant
Bono: our yards dedicated to the crocieristica production could not have received these constructions before various years

16/03/2016CKYHE anticipates a new configuration of the services Asia-North Europe and the Asia-Mediterranean
the new net of the main direct routes of the shipowning alliance does not include ports of call to the Italian port of Trieste

16/03/2016next Wednesday to Genoa an encounter of Propeller Club on I decree of reform of the portualità
Reporter will be Ivano Russo, managing of the Cabinet of the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports

16/03/2016the EU commission newly rejects the sector prohibition of Tirol for the trucks that cover the A12 freeway
the regional committee of the Austrian Land rejects the alternatives proposed from Brussels. ANITA: the Commission has confirmed that the prohibition so as formulated it damages the free exchange of the goods

16/03/2016Mariano Maresca leaves the presidency of Propeller Club of Genoa
is replaced by Giorgia Boi, that it has proposed to attribute the charge of honorary president to Maresca

16/03/2016d' Amico International Shipping obtains a new credit line of 250 million dollars
the scope is to refinance seven already existing ships and to finance six ulterior ships currently under construction

16/03/2016the consortia Brookfield and Qube anticipate an only offer in order to buy Asciano that is accepted by the Board of the Australian group
the proposal assigns to the company a value of approximately nine billions of USA dollars

16/03/2016In the 2015 number of European imbarcatisi on ships from cruise has reached the quota record of 6,59 million
Increment of +3% on the year precedence. The Italian passengers are diminished of the -3,8%

16/03/2016a delegation Egyptian has met the summits of the Harbour Authority of Livorno
the objective is to develop initiatives on the commercial land but also on that of the technological and administrative innovation

16/03/2016Rixi (Liguria Region): we support the transformation of the public Authorities of harbour system in Spa
Tomorrow to Rome - it has announced the city council member - we will introduce our proposals in the conference State-Regions

17/03/2016Confitarma denunciation the danger of a reduction of beyond 80% of the tonnage of flag
In argument to the Senate amendments in order to limit the benefits of the international Registry to the sun ships that they embark in via exclusive right Italian or communitarian crews

17/03/2016Wärstilä Agreement - It lowers It are Shipbuilding Corporation in the field of the systems constituents and automation for the marine section
the constitution of joint venture that will become operating at the beginning of 2017

17/03/2016In the 2015 economic result clearly of DP World has grown of +28.2%
the revenues are piled to 3,97 billion dollars (+16.3%)

17/03/2016Ok from the Ministry to the completion of the studies IS for the realization of the way alternative for the access of the great ships to Venice
Costa: "restated the priority character of the plan Tresse Nuovo respect to other plans"

17/03/2016Loan of 90 million euros of the BEAUTIFUL ones to the Harbour Authority of Livorno
will be used in order to realize already inserted works in triennial program 2016-18

17/03/2016shipowning group A.P. Møller-Mærsk has yielded the company Safmarine MPV to the NileDuch Dutch
From April the services between Europe and the West Africa will be operated under the new brand NileDutch MPV

17/03/2016In the 2015 traffic of the crocieristi in the ports of MedCruise has been of 27,4 million passengers (+6.2%)
the ports of call of ships from cruise have been 13,194 (+4.4%)

17/03/2016Genoa has been interrogated on its port and the reform of the portualità
Al center of the debate the transformation of the role of the ports of call and the hypotheses of reform of the governance harbour

17/03/2016In the port channel of Cagliari has become operating the Place of Frontier Inspection
the office carries out controls veterinaries on alive animals and producing of animal origin

17/03/2016Premuda will record total devaluations of ships for 19,9 million dollars
impairment the test of the fleet of the group. Previewed a decrease of the share capital of beyond a third party

18/03/2016Primo ok for the confirmation in transitory form of the administrative autonomy of the Harbour Authority of Savona
has announced It from Liguria city council member Rixi to the term of the commission Infrastructures of the Conference State-Regions

18/03/2016the Dutch ports will resort against the decision of the EU commission to impose they the payment of the taxes on the societies of capitals
the Harbour Authority of Rotterdam would have to pour approximately 60 million euros of taxes in more per year

18/03/2016Wärstilä is come to an agreement with the society of naval planning Chinese SDARI
Understanding centralized on various types of naval units for the offshore industry of the oil and the gas

18/03/2016CMA CGM has started the own first service dedicated specifically on the Mediterranean nations
Scale the ports of Marseilles, Barcelona, Valencia, Malta, Mersin, Iskenderun, Beirut, Alexandria and Algeri

18/03/2016Trasportounito proposes a fiscal sanatoria for the road haulage companies
Longo: "not there is "no chance, not even for the financial management, to obtain the payment of taxes or rear taxes or endorsements"

18/03/2016In the 2015 revenues of terminalista group PSA International is diminished of the -6,7%
the profit clearly is dropped of the -9,2%

18/03/2016China COSCO Shipping signs an agreement in the long term with Is worth for the iron mineral transport
the boarding of a annual volume of 16 million tons for 27 years

18/03/2016SEA Europe wishes a slackening of the restrictions that return the access the USA for the European ship yards at the market difficult
Mission to Washington in occasion of the twelfth round of negotiates for the TTIP

18/03/2016SBB CFF FFS Cargo has archived item 2015 with a net loss of -22 million franchi Swiss
the revenues are diminished of -3,5%. Volumes transported in decrease of the -3,7%

21/03/2016Tomorrow to Udine the port of Trieste will be introduced to the companies of the Friuli
In the course of the operating encounter will be introduced the opportunities of offered development and competitive increment from the harbour infrastructure

21/03/2016Hyundai Merchant Marine will yield 40% of Hyundai Pusan New Terminal Co. to group PSA
the sale would happen for approximately 86 million dollars

21/03/2016Prosegue the decrease of the number of losses totals of ships
the AGCS annual report evidences the increasing risks determined from the reduction of the investments, the computer science pirates and the conditions weather

21/03/2016Belts (Spediporto) calls the shippers to pick the challenges of the internationalization
Critical of the operators to the exclusively public order of the governance of the ports prefigured from the hypothesis of legislative reform

21/03/20161% of the investments for the works of the Portuale Town development plan of Trieste will come destined to the protection of the atmosphere
Cosolini: achieved a strategic objective that it previews an integration between the structural investments for the port and the compensating measures for the atmosphere

22/03/2016the government de the Havana has authorized the Carnival group to carry out cruises with port of call to Cuba
the crocieristico brand Fathom will begin the activity to May

22/03/2016To February the transits of ships and goods in the Suez Canal are increased thanks to the rise of the oil traffic
the crosswalk of 1.300 ships (+6.6%) that they transported 65,8 million tons of cargos (+11.1%)

22/03/2016In the 2015 revenues generated from the crocieristiche activities of the Genting group has grown of +23.0%
record of 2,1 billion dollars thanks to the cession of quotas the Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

22/03/2016the traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven to January
Goods several in decrease of -2,8%; bulk +21.4%

22/03/2016the procedure for I renew of the members of the Harbour Committee of Livorno
>A Society Door to Sea the state property concession for the transformation in tourist landings place of Porto Mediceo and the New Dock

22/03/2016Agreement between the Grimaldi group and the Sardinian institute Mo.So.S in order to start awardn a diploma young people on the marine professions
Prevede the boarding of six apprentice officers of navigation and four apprentice officers of car on board of the ships of the shipowning group

22/03/2016the consul of the United States for the South Italy has visited the port of Gioia Tauro
is received by the summits of the Harbour Authority

22/03/2016To Udine the port of Trieste has met the entrepreneurs in order to increase the dialogue with the productive world
From Well: "every infrastructure to support of the economy goes considered like system in a position to carrying increase and development for all"

23/03/2016In the 2015 Minoan Lines has recorded an improvement of the economic results against a decrease of the activity of the fleet
the participation of the company in Hellenic Seaways is gone up to 44%

23/03/2016Vale signs a contract with the company Pan Ocean for iron the marine mineral transport
the agreement, of the duration 20-year-old, has a value of 359 million dollars

23/03/2016Tomorrow will re-enter in service the ferry Mega Andrea of Corsica Sardinia Ferries after restyling intense activities
Between the spring and the summer the ship will carry out approximately 500 travels

23/03/2016In the 2015 transalpine railway traffic goods enlivened from BLS Cargo has grown of +11%
the company depends on the benefits of the opening of the tunnel of base of the Gottardo that - it has emphasized - will be a milestone of politics of transfer of the traffic on track

23/03/2016Hapag-Lloyd previews an ulterior increase of the economic results of the group in 2016
Jansen: the consolidation in course and the new alliances will bring stability at the market, that it will record a sure resumption

23/03/2016Alessandro Pitto is the new president of the association of the genoese shippers
the new directive council and named the vices president Mason, Melandri and Baer

24/03/2016To February the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of +12.9%
In the first period of two months of the 2016 increment has been of +17.1%

24/03/2016Restyling of the Moby Tommy ferry in sight of its breaking in on the Genoa-Olbia route
the intense activities include the addition of 209 cabins

24/03/2016RINA Services has classified the first ships in Iran
the activity is realized in collaboration with the Asian Classification Society

24/03/201631 March to Rome the final workshop of the plan Scent for the optimization of the marine routes in the Mediterranean
will hold near the center of the Italian Space Agency

24/03/2016Fincantieri has delivered to Viking Ocean Cruises the new ship from Viking Sea cruise
Of the tonnage of approximately 47.800 tons, can accommodate 930 passengers

24/03/2016Rejected the resources in order to block the cession of the quota AP of Venice in APVS, that Venice controls Passenger terminal
the Regional Administrative Court for Veneto has rejected the demands for Finpax, SAVE and Luggage carrier of the Port of Venice

24/03/2016In the 2015 Israeli company Zim is returned to the profit
Revenues in decrease of the -12% because of the important deterioration of the hires

24/03/2016the examination of varying to the plan of multipurpose construction of the harbour platform of Vado Ligure
the successive step will be the Appraisal of Environmental impact

25/03/2016Incontro of Propeller Club Port of Taras on the hypotheses of development of the harbour area and the territory of Taranto
will hold the next 1° April

25/03/2016In the Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven yard will be carried out the intense activities of lengthening of a DFDS ship ro-ro
Option for participations of restructure on others two ships

25/03/2016Rail Group Cargo buys Private railway society German PCT Car Train
Verrà yielded from group ARS Altmann

25/03/2016Tomorrow to Trieste will open the doors to the public the great exhibition "Lloyd. The ships of Trieste in the world"
is prepared in Hydrodynamic Headquarters, in Old Port

25/03/2016the Zoomlion Chinese has elevated the economic value of the offer in order to acquire the Terex
Offered 31 dollars per.share, a dollar in more regarding the initial proposal

29/03/2016the COSCO-PSA terminal Terminal to Singapore will be equipped of a third dock in order to receive the mega one portacontainer
In the 2015 revenues of COSCO Pacific is dropped of the -8,3%

29/03/2016Hyundai Merchant Marine has obtained a delay of the maturity dates of part of the debit
oxygen Puff for the South Korean shipowning company

29/03/2016deterioration of the economic performances of the producer of Chinese container CIMC
Last year the container sales dry cargo are diminished of the -19,1%, while those of container reefer are increased of +40.8%

29/03/2016To February the traffic of the goods enlivened from the grown port of Venice of +6.7%
In the first period of two months of the 2016 increment has been of +13.7%

30/03/20161° the April to Vicenza the port of Trieste will be introduced to the enterprises of the Italian Northeast
Round table in the within of the ninth edition of the Festival City Enterprise

30/03/2016For 2016 group HHLA previews unchanged revenues and an ulterior contraction of the operating profit
exercise 2015 has been archived item with a profit after the taxes of 95,8 million euros (+5.8%)

30/03/2016Course of Assologistica Culture and Formation in sight of the new customs regulations EU
will hold 12 April to Milan

30/03/2016the budget of forecast 2016 of the Harbour Authority of Salerno
Previewed infrastructural investments for approximately 160 million euros

30/03/2016the French Bourbon whiskey will buy the activities in the field of gas the marine transport of the compatriot Jaccar Holdings
the total investment will pile to 320 million dollars

30/03/2016the Jolly Quarzo ship has drawn in salvo beyond 200 migrants
Boat in difficulty in the area of sea to south of the coasts of Peloponnese and to the west of Crete

30/03/2016In the next few months the crocieristico group Carnival previews an ulterior increase of the economic results
the first trimester of fiscal year 2016 has been archived item with a profit clearly of 142 million dollars (+189.8%)

30/03/2016China Shipping Lines Container has concluded the last exercise anniversary like ocean carrier with heavy liabilities
In the 2015 revenues of the company is diminished of the -11,8%

31/03/2016the second container terminal of APM Terminals in the port of Tanger Med will become operating at the beginning of 2019
Will have an ability to traffic of 4,2 million teu that it will be able to go up to 5,2 million

31/03/2016Last year the fleet of Chinese COSCON has transported 9,8 million container (+4.1%)
China COSCO has closed exercise 2015 with a profit of clearly 1,30 billion yuan (- 16.3%)

31/03/2016CMHI lays a trap the HPH leadership which first world-wide terminalista of the field of the container
In the 2015 terminal of Hutchison Port Holdings has enlivened 83,8 million teu (+1%) and those of CMHI 83,7 million teu (+3%)

31/03/2016Norwegian Cruise Line has ordered to Fincantieri a new ship for the brand Regen Sevent Seas Cruises
Will be twin of the "Seven Seas Explorer". To Marghera the "Koningsdam" is delivered

31/03/2016Incontro of Propeller Club of Trieste on the impact of the slow down of the Chinese economy on the Mediterranean ports
will hold 5 April to the Hotel Greif Maria Theresia

31/03/2016China COSCO Shipping orders ten new VLOC of 400.000 tpl
an agreement of strategic cooperation with navalmeccanico group CSSC

31/03/2016Denunciation of the Cinquestelle for the professional discrimination that penalizes the marine Italians
a interrogation parliamentarian

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