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18 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:33 GMT+1

01/06/2016the Rickmers-Linie German buys the branch of activity tramp and chartering of the Nordana
the Danish company is renamed Weco RoRo

01/06/2016Today is inaugurated the railway gallery of base of Saint Gottardo, the infrastructural work more important of the Rotterdam-Genoa Corridor
Is the longer and deeper railway tunnel to the world

01/06/2016Grimaldi strengthens the marine connections with the Sardinia
today two departures to the day between Livorno and Olbia. From the next week potenziamento of the services Civitavecchia-Port Torres and Porto Torres-Barcelona

01/06/2016Arriva, Cotrap and Ferrotramviaria manifest interest for the assets of Railroads of the East South
has asked for being informed and held in consideration approximately the future of the company

01/06/2016From December MSC Cruises will have of an exclusive landing place to a natural island-reserve of Abu Dhabi
is transformed in classified beach-oasis to the crocieristi of the company

01/06/2016CMA CGM orders four new portacontainer feeder from 3.300 teu to COSCO Zhoushan Shipyard
Verranno taken in delivery between the April and August of 2018

01/06/2016Quintiq will supply to Royal Caribbean Cruises applications software for the personnel management
the computer science systems will allow a better and more efficient employment of the members of the crews

01/06/2016In the first quadrimestre of the 2016 traffic of the goods in the harbour system of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta has grown of +5%
the passengers of the ferries are increased of +13%, while the crocieristico traffic is diminished of the -9% (but for entire 2016 a +2% are attended)

01/06/2016Fedarlinea asks the government to resolve the problematic one of the VAT for the companies of marine cabotage
the current system - the association remembers - does not allow to deduce the VAT from the cost of the fuel and the equipment costs of the ships

03/06/2016the geopolitical instability on the side south of the Mediterranean is having a strong impact on the tourism and the cruises
Blue Vision evidences that they are from the 15 to 18 million tourists in escape from the region

03/06/2016Thomson Cruises will acquire the ship from cruise Legend of the Seas of the Royal Caribbean
will be taken in delivery in the spring of 2017

03/06/2016the shareholders of the UASC do not vote the plan of fusion with Hapag-Lloyd waiting for a final agreement
the Middle Eastern company has emphasized that the strategic value of a potential combination of the activities is recognized

03/06/2016Esben Poulsson is elected president of the International Chamber of Shipping
Is president of the Singapore Shipping Association

03/06/2016ESPO anticipates a relationship on the governance and the organization of the ports of the European Union
also a Code of good practical for the ports landing place of ships from cruise and ferries

03/06/2016Propelling Club of Trieste will interrogate the future mayor of the giuliana city on the topics of the portualità
Incontro in program the 7 june

03/06/2016candid Duci Federagenti to referring of the Italian marine-harbour cluster
"we do not look for leadership - it specifies - is indeed the exact contrary: we set ourselves in a service position"

03/06/2016Diamon S. Managements, Euronav and Frontline have constituted joint venture Suezmax Chartering
the objective is to simplify the access to the fleets of the three companies employed in the market ad

03/06/2016Harbour Authority and Reeds of Venice a protocol of understanding for the discipline of the contract contests has undersigned
In phase of planning the harbour agency will use the updated official prezziari exclusively

03/06/2016CLIA touches up to the rise the esteem of world-wide the crocieristico traffic for 2016
Second the association the number of crocieristi will go up to 24,2 million, with an increase of a million unit on 2015

06/06/2016the terminalista group China Merchants Holdings (International) Co. it changes corporate name
will be renamed Lowers Merchants Port Holdings Co…

06/06/2016De Gregorio is confirmed to the presidency of the National Federation of the Customs brokers
Vice-president is Bruno Pisano and Serse Grisendi

06/06/2016the EU commission adopts proposed in order to ulteriorly increase safety of the fleeting ships
the obligation to record the data of the passengers in digital form being used harmonized administrative procedures

06/06/2016Hapag-Lloyd will insert ports of call westbound to Tanger Med in the Mediterranean Pacific Service
the first touched to the Moroccan port will happen the 2 July

06/06/2016CMA CGM anticipates own final offer in order to acquire group NOL
the adhesions will have to reach within the 4 July

07/06/2016the construction of the Gallery of Base of Brenner proceeds quickly and the work will be inaugurated in 2026
Completed 54 of the 230 kilometers of total tunnels

07/06/2016Moby has inaugurated the line Nice-Fortification, before the company between two ports foreign countries
is operated by the ferry "Moby Zazà" who has an ability to 1.400 passengers and 450 cars

07/06/2016DP World signature the contract for the construction and management of the Ecuadorian port of Posorja
the first phase of the plan will be realized in 24 months

07/06/2016Austal - Jianglong Shipbuilding for the planning and construction of fast ferries in China
the ships will be destined at the market Chinese

07/06/2016In the yard of Fincantieri to Sestri West is begun the construction of the Seabourn Ovation
Is the second one of two ships from cruise extra-dislocates destined to the Seabourn

07/06/2016Common Convention - Harbour Authority of Genoa for technical-town-planning deepenings in sight of the realization of the Blueprint
Doria: the signature confirmation the will shared between various agencies to return the plan in concrete terms realizable

07/06/2016the assembly of the shareholders of Premuda has approved of unanimously the budget of exercise 2015
the board of directors depends on a positive conclusion of the agreement of restructure of the debits

08/06/2016Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. slowly anticipates a new one of economic reorganization of the value of 1,3 billion dollars
also an extraordinary plan that previews ulterior savings pairs to 3,1 billion dollars

08/06/2016the harbour community spezzina is worried that the new great transalpine works will benefit the ports of the Europe north
Laghezza; already today from Switzerland a gram of goods from and for from Liguria ports does not arrive

08/06/2016From the autumn the new crocieristica company Victory Cruise Lines will realize cruises towards Cuba
the activity will begin to July with cruises in the Great Lakes and Canada

08/06/2016To Provincial is postponed the assignment of general secretary of the Harbour Authority of Livorno
Gallanti: the choice in exception to previewed how much from the law it is taken with it I lower of the offices of the Ministry

08/06/2016To Rome the first reunion of the Secretariat of the Forum of the Coastgards of the Mediterranean
the organism reunites the representatives of the organizations of Guard Costiera of the Countries of the Mediterranean

09/06/2016the 13 june to Livorno will hold a convention on the opportunities offered from the crocieristico traffic
will be introduced the first results of a study deepened on the topic cured from the Irpet

09/06/2016Saipem has adjudicated new contracts of perforation for 150 million euros
the store clerks include extensions of existing contracts

09/06/2016In the first quadrimestre of the 2016 traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports has grown of +4.4%
the crocieristi are diminished of the -6,7%

09/06/2016Arcese is entrusted to the shipowning group Grimaldi in order to develop own multimodali services
the scope is to connect the Network street and arranged train with the sea net short of the Neapolitan group

09/06/2016the South Korean government is declared ready to institute a bottom in order to support shipping and shipbuilding the naval one
the navalmeccanica company Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd. preannounces a capital increase

10/06/2016CMA CGM has obtained the control of the group Neptune Orient Lines
NOL more will not be quoted to the Stock exchange of Singapore

10/06/2016the European representations of the field of the transport ask more deep EU for the infrastructural net TRY
to 2020 - they denounce - has remained alone here two billions of euro

10/06/2016HMM has concluded with success the negotiations for a reduction of the rates of chartering of the ships
the reductions in price will be formalized within contracts that will be signed within end of month

10/06/2016Agreement between the ports of Venice and Rostock and Grimaldi for the transport ship-train of the goods that the Balkans give is directed to Scandinavia
In the first quadrimestre of the 2016 railway traffic with the Venetian port has grown of +31%

10/06/2016the mixed Committee Switzerland-EU has approved of the increase of the Helvetic tax on the camionistico traffic
the increase will be applied by beginning 2017

10/06/2016Assoporti has restated the full support to the new legislative reform in harbour matter
Mounts: we are in favor in particular of solid national politics for the portualità, with strategic addresses and coordination of the government

10/06/2016In the logistics the era of the digital does not regard the future but it is already in the full load of its evolution
Convention to Milan di Assologistica Culture and Formation

10/06/2016MSC Cruises will make of Ancona own home port for Centro Italia
Today is landed "MSC Symphony", most major unit from cruise never entered in the doric port of call

10/06/2016a delegation of Shanghai is visiting the port of Savona
port of call of the Chinese ships from cruise that in future could be employees in the Mediterranean

10/06/2016the ECSA invites the EU to reward those Asian yards of demolition naval that raise their standards
Smedegaard: in Asia the things are changing positively and this would have to be supported and not put to risk

10/06/2016Propelling Club of Livorno has organized a convention on the professions of the sea
will hold monday to hours 18,00 near the Livorno Yacht club

13/06/2016Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 68,8 million tons of goods (+2.6%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 16,4 million teu (+2.4%)

13/06/2016Friday to Moscow will hold the meeting of the directive council of the CONFIAD
Between the topics of the reunion, will be examined the impact of the new Customs Code of the EU

13/06/2016To May the port of Singapore has enlivened 52,3 million tons of goods (+7.7%)
the increase is entirely ascribable to the rise of +28.7% of the oil bulk

13/06/2016RINA has conferred the first certificate on the ecological money laundering of the ships to an Indian yard of naval demolitions
is obtained by the plant Shubh Arya Steel. To the ceremony a delegation of the ECSA was present

13/06/2016Incontro of Propeller Club of Genoa on the customs norm and the weighing of the container
will hold tomorrow

13/06/2016minister Delrio signature two you decree for the road haulage
Is relative to the increase of the resources and in favor of professional training

13/06/2016Initiatives of the Deutsche Bahn in order to increase own presence in China
Sign two memorandum of understanding

13/06/2016Cemat and Hupac have activated a new railway connection goods between Brescia and Rotterdam
will be increased the frequency of the direct service Rotterdam - Busto Arsizio

13/06/2016Japanese NYK widens own presence in the offshore field acquiring 25% of the EMAS Chiyoda Subsea
Ezra Holdings and Chiyoda Corporation will yield part of their quotas

14/06/2016the Moroccan State will place on the market 40% of the harbour group Marsa Maroc
will be quoted to the Stock exchange of Casablanca. Previewed the collection of 173-175 million euro

14/06/2016Agreement of collaboration between the ports of Barcelona and Messina
Between the objectives, the start of a service ro-ro or ro-pax between the two ports of call

14/06/2016the 29 june to Naples will hold an entitled convention "Larger vessels, larger opportunities"
the event, organized from C.I.S.Co., takes part of the appointments of the manifestation Naples Shipping Week

14/06/2016the creditors of Hanjin Shipping and Hyundai Merchant Marine could decide the fusion of the companies
has asserted the president to It of the Financial Services Commission

14/06/2016Assiterminal asks a greater involvement for the operators in the new harbour system of governance
the characterized mechanisms of private public partnership/- it has explained the association - appear not defined and not representative of the roles of the investor and the enterprises

14/06/2016Spediporto denunciation that Genoa gets ready to become the more expensive airport of Italy
the 21 june the rates of handling will endure an increase of +800%

14/06/2016Porto of Naples, soon the analysis on the costs of the port of call will be introduced the Harbour Committee
Ok to a series of authorizations to the accomplishment of 16 former harbour operations art. law 84/94

15/06/2016CMA CGM - PSA for the management of four docks of the Pasir Panjang Terminal of Singapore
CMA CGM-PSA Lion Terminal will become operating in the course of the second half of the year of this year

15/06/2016Ten you carry Italians participate to the international fair biennial "Transport Logistic China"
Is anticipates to Shanghai within a collective coordinated from Assoporti

15/06/2016the assembly of the associates of Interporto Bologna has approved of the balance sheet 2015
Last year the street transport has recorded an increase of +4.3%, while that railway one has accused a decrease of the -0,4%

15/06/2016Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the -9,1%
In the first five months of 2016 is recorded a bending of the -10,9%

15/06/2016the Spanish government has authorized the construction of the railway access south to the port of Barcelona
an investment of 149,8 million euros

15/06/2016the Harbour Authority of Venice restates that without the realization of the height platform the port does not remain on the market
Second the agency, to propose alternatives means to ditch the plan and the future of the port of call

15/06/2016Convention on the topic "Amendment SOLAS and port of Genoa - an operating revolution"
from Spedigiovani, will hold the 20 june

15/06/2016Yilport buys the greatest harbour terminal for liquid bulk of Turkey
Situated in the province of Kocaeli, has an ability to 330 thousand cubic metres

16/06/2016the ports of Los Angeles City and Long Beach close positively the May month
the first port of call has enlivened a total 770.409 records of container (+10.9%); in according to the traffic it has been pairs to 640.566 teu (+0.8%)

16/06/2016Saturday in the port of Taranto will be started the intense activities for the realization of Centro Servizi Polivalente
Is destined among other things to the acceptance of crocieristi and the passengers

16/06/2016Evergreen makes sure of being able to manage the terminal to the east mouth of the channel of Panama hat for others 20 years
the annual ability to traffic of the system is elevated by 1,5 million to 2,4 million teu

16/06/2016the bic manages a database in order to help the operators in sight of the effectiveness of the norms on the weighing of the container
the data bank will be created by the same professionals

16/06/2016Brussels starts actions lawyers against Denmark, Finland, France and Germany in topic of transports
the accusation is to hinder the free circulation of services and goods

16/06/2016To May the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Barcelona is increased of +2.1%
rise (+15.6%) of the goods containerized

17/06/2016For American FMC, the companies of navigation would have to accept the data on the assessed weight of the container from the terminals operator
Cordero: other systems, that the commercial exchanges can hinder, could be endorsed from the FMC

17/06/2016To Guangzhou formally is instituted the COSCO Bulk Carrier Co…
With 382 ships, has the first fleet of bulkcarrier of the world

17/06/2016Store clerk of four billions of euro to Fincantieri from the Defense Ministry of Qatar
Prevede the supply of seven military ships of surface

17/06/2016the EU commission proposes the financing of 195 plans in the field of the transports with deep for 6,7 billion euros
On 41 reached progettuali proposals from Italy is selected 12 that will benefit of deep CEF for 91,4 million euros

17/06/2016Attica disembarks in Africa activating a service Morocco-Spain ferry
the Tanger Med line - Algeciras will be placed side by side by other routes between the nation African and Europe

20/06/2016Assologistica accusation some Municipalities to impose indebtedness the tax on the refusals to the logistics enterprises
Mearelli: the enterprises dispose for law imposition the refusals conferring them to societies specialized in the treatment

20/06/2016Fincantieri signs an agreement with the oil company Russian Rosneft
for the planning of a new type of ship that will be constructed near the shipbuilding cluster of Zvezda

20/06/2016ANITA exhorts an approach integrated to the sustainable transports that the road haulage includes also
Baumgartner: "servants yes a cure of the iron, but does not have to provoke a "intolerance" to the rubber"

20/06/201622 PSA has ordered Automated Guided Vehicles
Eighteen means are commissioned the Cargotec Finn, two to the French Gaussin Manugistique and two to the Japanese Toyota Industries

20/06/2016To Austal orders for the construction of three fast ferries
an unit is commissioned by the South Korean Seaspovill Co., two from the Philippine Supercat Fast Ferry Corporation

20/06/2016the Palfinger Austrian will introduce an offer in order to buy Norwegian TTS
the company quoted to the Stock exchange of Oslo plans and assembles equipments for the marine and offshore section

20/06/2016To May the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Taranto has grown of +29.8%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2016 increment has been of +20.2%

21/06/2016Britain Club and UK P&I Club renounces to the fusion
has announced the cessation of the negotiations

21/06/2016China COSCO Shipping will enter in the crocieristico field
the next month will be under way cruises in the South China Sea

21/06/2016Pietro Barbaro formalizes joint venture with the Rosneft Russian
the agreement is signed in the course of international the economic Forum of Saint Petersburg

21/06/2016the harbour platform of Vado Ligure is one of the four Italian plans entirely financed with deep CEF
a contribution pairs to 1,8 million euros

21/06/2016Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Algeciras has grown of +3.0%
the containers have been pairs to 389.531 teu (+10.1%)

21/06/2016Rinnovate the social charges of Propeller Port Club of Genoa jib for period 2016-2019
President is lawyer Giorgia Boi

21/06/2016Marco Dogliani is named new production manager of SEA Europe
Lavorerà on technical and environmental issues near international and European institutions

21/06/2016No executive procedure for the companies of the logistics relatively to the contributions for the ART
has announced It Confetra wishing that the issue is resolved favorably by the Constitutional Court

21/06/2016Smedegaard (ECSA): necessary a global approach to the reduction of the emissions of co2 of the ships
a regional regime - it has emphasized - indurrebbe the ships to avoid to call in the ports of the EU

22/06/2016Lights and shadows of the new Customs Code of the Union in a convention held to Trieste
In the giuliana city has reached a delegation of Chinese Customs for an operating visit of the carriage free and the customs offices

22/06/2016Grimaldi will acquire having remained 1.78% of the capital of Finnlines
the procedure of ransom contemplated from the Finnish Companies Act

22/06/2016Entrusted the intense activities for the banchinamento of the side the west of the industrial channel the west of Marghera Port
Investment of 17,5 million euros for the realization of approximately 700 meters of dock and the accessory works

22/06/2016Agreement between Parliament, Council and EU commission on the regulations that Guard Costiera institutes and of European Frontier
the minimal pool of 1.500 guards of the frontier

22/06/2016By the end of the decade the ships to remote control in commercial service will be a truth
Introduced to Amsterdam a White Paper on the plan Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications Initiative

22/06/2016the Harbour Authority of Civitavecchia confirmation that the plan for the new container terminal could be financed from the EU
Can already count - it has specified the agency - on the engagement of a private investor for a sum pairs to 308,6 million euros on 508,6 million totals

23/06/2016Hyundai Merchant Marine confirmation of being in negotiations with Maersk and MSC in order to join to the vessel sharing agreement 2M
Uncertainty on the adhesion of the South Korean company to shipowning agreement THE Alliance

23/06/2016Moby increases the ability on the Genoa-Olbia route introducing to you the Moby Tommy ferry
the ship has been subordinate to a restyling

23/06/2016Offered to group RBS for the cession of its Greek activities in the field of the financings to the shipping
It has announced "Reuters". Between expecting Credit Suisse and China Merchants

23/06/2016CNA critical Fita the actions lawyers who instituted from Brussels against France and Germany for the minimal salary in the road haulage
Franchini: the EU loses sight of the central topic of the harmonization of the costs of an economic union

23/06/2016Mols-Linien orders two ferries to Rauma Marine Constructions and Austal
First store clerk of shipbuilding to the new society of Rauma

24/06/2016To May the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Valencia has grown of +5.4%
the container has been pairs to 415.229 teu (+7.1%)

24/06/2016"K" Linens will intensify the measures in order to answer to the crisis of the shipping
the board of directors of the Japanese shipowning group

24/06/2016UK Chamber of Shipping, we have taken note of the Brexit, now we go ahead
A little prosaicamente the British association exhorts to act consequently. "Business is business"

24/06/2016positive Outcome of a monitoring of the quality of the air in the port of Salerno
: by years we are engaged so that the business not contrasts with the protection of the atmosphere and the health

24/06/2016Will be ready to september to Marseilles the larger dry dock of the western Mediterranean
Could be repaired long ships until 465 meters

24/06/2016the British operators of the transport and shipments manifest worry for the impact of the Brexit on the commercial exchanges of the United Kingdom
While the institutions of the EU speed up London to start ready the recess procedure

27/06/2016the data on the investments in the ports and the airports on the Opencantieri site of the MIT
is inserted the information on 555 yards

27/06/2016Yesterday, with the transit of the COSCO Shipping Panama hat, is inaugurated the widening of the channel of Panama hat
Now can journey wide ships until 49 meters

27/06/2016the 29 september the European Escola de Short Sea Shipping will celebrate the ten years of activity
In program a diner party near the Marine Museum of Barcelona

27/06/2016the frequency of the railway service Frankfurt-Venice goods
is realized two departures weekly magazine for each direction

27/06/2016Grimaldi: the EU would have to stimulate the haulers to use the Freeways of the Sea
Moreover, second the managing director of the partenopeo group, would have to be rewarded the shipowners that they invest in green technology. Perplexity on the use of the GNL

27/06/2016To May the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna is increased of +7.8%
In the first five months of the 2016 total has been of 11,0 million tons (+11.1%)

27/06/2016WSC, TT Club, ICHCA and GSF publish lines guide on the performance of the norm on the weighing of the container
Costituisce a review of the list of the returned FAQ available last December

27/06/2016Today has opened the clappers to Naples the second edition of the Naples Shipping Week
the event involves beyond 200 relatori in the 40 events to calendar

28/06/2016CMA CGM has obtained beyond 90% of the capital of the NOL
In forecast the exercise of the right of coactive acquisition of remaining sets in action

28/06/2016Fincantieri Marine Group has obtained two contracts from US Navy
VARD has returned note the cancellation of a contract of shipbuilding with Rem Offshore

28/06/2016Grimaldi introduces a third ship ro-ro on the route that connects the ports of Genoa, Livorno and Catania
Increment of the ability and the frequency of the service

28/06/2016Singapore Exchange and Baltic Exchange have agreed an extension of the negotiations for the fusion
the term is carried by the 30 june to 31 August

28/06/2016Investigation of Brussels on public funds for 44 million euros granted to the Harbour Authority of Naples
the EU commission intends to assess that from there it has not drawn indebtedness benefit also the Yards of the Mediterranean

28/06/2016In the 2015 revenues of group RINA has grown of +14%
the EBITDA rectified has been pairs to approximately 44 million euros (+16%)

28/06/2016Roberto Cepollina is new president of Agency Bacini
the society manages five dry docks in the port of Genoa

28/06/2016Germany newly before in the ranking of the best which drafted logistic performances from the Bank World
Italy figure to ventunesimo the place

28/06/2016Porto of Genoa, VTE and unions have undersigned renew of the agreement of second level
the negotiation has lasted three months

28/06/2016In according to trimester of the exercise the 2016 profit clearly of the Carnival group is gone up of +172%
Revenues in increase of +3%

28/06/2016Loan of 50 million euros of the BEAUTIFUL ones to the Finnlines
will be used in order to finance part of the investment program in technologies for the atmosphere

28/06/2016Costs and rates applied in the port of Naples is greater regarding almost the totality of the other national ports of call
has confirmed It a first analysis carried out from the Commission purposely instituted

28/06/2016Confitarma, last year the Italian fleet has recorded a contraction of the -3%, but in the first months of the 2016 trend it is positive
Previewed the institution of a working team on the topics of the atmosphere

29/06/2016Hapag-Lloyd and UASC have reached an understanding on the fusion
Today is in program an assembly of the shareholders of the Middle Eastern company in order to give the green light to binding agreements

29/06/2016the directive summit of the Association Spezzina Doganalisti
Sergio Landolfi is the new president

29/06/2016Royal Caribbean Cruises will construct and manage new a great terminal cruises in the port of Miami
an investment of 200 million dollars. The landing place will be completed at the end of 2018

29/06/2016To Porto Torres is inaugurated the new realized marine station from the Grimaldi group
On the landing place converges the coming ships of the partenopeo group from the ports of Civitavecchia and Barcelona

29/06/2016Other step ahead of the legislative text EU on the transparency financial institution of the ports and the access at the market of the harbour services
is approved of by the Committee of the Permanent Representatives of the Council of the European Union

29/06/2016the 6 July to the convention "La Spezia nozzle the railway challenge"
has been organized from the Harbour Authority of from Liguria city

30/06/2016Seaspan Corporation buys two new portacontainer from 11.000 teu
will be rented to the MSC for 17 years

30/06/2016the port of Taranto records an increment of the tourist traffic
In program new approves of mega yacht and ships from cruise

30/06/2016the Middle Eastern States shareholders of the UASC have approved of the plan of fusion with the Hapag-Lloyd
the two companies will continue to operate in the within of the shipowning alliances to which currently they join until March 2017

30/06/2016the ESPO to Rome in order to discuss about the regulations EU on the harbour services and the transparency financial institution of the ports
Gallanti: urgent to open an internal debate on the impact of the norms on the Italian portualità

30/06/2016a convention of the C.I.S.Co has evidenced the risks and the opportunities deriving from the income in service of the mega one portacontainer
the topic is analyzed by the point of view of the several subjects of the logistic row of the containerized transport

30/06/2016To May the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of the -7,1%
Crocieristi in increase of +29.1% and the passengers of the ferries of +10.9%

30/06/2016ESPO and Feport are satisfied for the agreement on the final version of the European regulations for the ports
the association of the ports complains the lack of a disposition on the autonomy financial institution for the Harbour Authorities

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