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22 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 17:13 GMT+2

01/07/2016Fincantieri has delivered the ship from cruise of luxury Seven Seas Explorer
Is the flagship of the fleet of Regent Seven Seas Cruises

01/07/2016PTP will invest beyond 1,5 billion dollars in order to increase the traffic ability container of the port of Tanjung Pelepas
the handling ability will go up from 10,5 to 22,2 million container within 2030

01/07/2016In course the restructure of the dock to the Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto
In existence also the displacement of five crane

01/07/2016UPS has given start to its more important investment in France
Beyond 100 million dollars for the realization of a new triage center and delivery to south of Paris

01/07/2016the Spanish shipowners ask the IMO a "legislative truce" in order to allow with the shipping to put into effect the existing norms correctly
the Anave proposes the creation of a sottocommissione IMO that analyzes the impact on the short sea shipping of the new norms

01/07/2016Sun Licheng (Lowers Classification Society) is the new president of the IACS
is succeeded to Christopher Wiernicki

01/07/2016Fincantieri has launched the ship from extra cruise luxury Silver Muse of the Silversea Cruises
the unit will be delivered to April 2017

01/07/2016the new directive council of Federagenti
the nomination of four vice-president

01/07/2016Blohm+Voss will disembark in the Mediterranean with a ship yard for mega-yacht in the south of France
the activity will be realized to the Ciotat in collaboration with the local plant the Ciotat Shipyards

04/07/2016To APM Terminals the entire property of the society that manages the container terminal of the port of Aarhus
40% of the vital prisoner from the Aarhus Holding Service

04/07/2016China Shipping Lines Container will change corporate name
will be renamed COSCO SHIPPING Development Co. Ltd…

04/07/2016the port of Livorno has been equipped for the weighing of the container
certifyd hanging is already operating to the Interporto Vespucci and a second one hung will be installed the next week

04/07/2016Yang Ming has constituted an own branch in Spain
the new society has center to Barcelona

04/07/2016Chinese CIMC has bought the Retlan Group for 91,7 million pounds
the nordirlandese group produces to towings and semitowings

04/07/2016Fincantieri - CSSC for the planning and construction of ships from Chinese and at the market Asian cruise destined
the agreement is signed today to Shanghai. The new ship "MSC Seaview" that the Italian navalmeccanico group will deliver to MSC Cruises will have home port to Genoa

04/07/2016Introduced to Genoa the protocol of conduct for the safeguard of the sperm whales
Between the objectives is that to avoid collisions with the ships. Costa Crociere is the first company to join to the plan

04/07/2016the group CMA CGM has assumed the management of Kingston Container Terminal
the concession contract has a duration 30-year-old

05/07/2016Satisfaction of the European association of the harbour and marine pilots for the agreement on the regulations EU on the harbour services
Satisfaction for the confirmation that the pilotage would not have to be subject to access principles at the market

05/07/2016Agreement COSCOCS - HRADF that confirmation the acquisition of 67% of the Harbour Authority of the Pireo from the Chinese group
has been undersigned yesterday to Beijing

05/07/2016Trasportounito, the weighing of the container does not weigh on on the ports but the haulers
To Genoa the trucks have lost 25% of the productivity, which put up with tails of beyond six hours and spold every day 500,000 euros

05/07/2016the public funds estern Airport Handling are not conferred in violation of the norms EU
the EU commission has concluded the investigation

05/07/2016Plan for a computer science platform with the statistical data of the European ports
Portopia is introduced in the center of Assoporti

06/07/2016Pillarstone Italy has found the debits of Premuda regarding three financial institutions
draft of Banca Carige, Unicredit and Group Understanding

06/07/2016the new-Panamax first portacontainer to cross the channel of Panama hat has spold 829,468 dollars for the transit
is poured by "MOL Benefactor", that it has a cargo ability pairs to 10.000 teu

06/07/2016PSA Voltri-Prà has invested 500 thousand euros in order to equip to the container terminal VTE of a weighing station
is interfacciata is with the Terminal Operating System is with the Port Community System

06/07/2016the Two requests up to now introduced for the management of the bonded area of Marghera Port
the concession will be assigned in order at least five years

06/07/2016ANITA, the signature of I decree well of I leave again of the resources for the road haulage
Baumgartner: draft of strategic measures that it gives impulse to the occupational increase and acts as stimulus for the economy of the Country

06/07/2016Ok of the Parliament EU to Guard Costiera and of European Frontier and to the emissions of the cars you furnish not street
Feport, the regulations on the emissions offers clarity to the terminals relatively operator to requirement of the motors

06/07/2016the port of is proposed as port of call laboratory for I use it of the railway modality
Forcieri: we want to contribute to define of the lines guides operating on the topic of integration sea-iron

06/07/2016ulterior Chinese group COSCOCS confirmation investments for 500 million euros in the port of the Pireo
Incontro between the president of the Chinese company and the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

07/07/2016Saipem has adjudicated store clerks in offshore segment E&C for beyond 1,5 billion euros
the main contract regards the plan of development of the field gas of Zohr, to wide of the coast the Egyptian

07/07/2016Porto di Gioia Tauro, will be instituted an Agency for the supply of harbour job and the professional requalification
CIG from 1° August and until the constitution of the Agency. The 20 July will be signed an Agreement of Program for the resumption of the port

07/07/2016VIII Commission of the Senate, opinion favorable to the outline of I decree legislative on I reorder of the Harbour Authorities
Philippi: "we have thrown the foundations in order to improve a already good provision"

07/07/2016Brussels chip ax the engagements on the hires introduced from 14 main companies of the containerized marine transport
is declared legally binding for a period of three years beginning from next 7 December. Worry of the ECSA for the increase of the protectionism

07/07/2016a study evidences the economic and social advantages of the realization of a dry dock to Gioia Tauro
In the 2021 could demand activity of maintenance 546 portacontainer, of which 241 of the ability to beyond 6.000 teu

08/07/2016the Commission Transports of the Chamber has approved of the proposal of seeming favorable to the reorganization of the Harbour Authorities
Is the last passage parliamentarian before the green light definitive from the Council of Ministers

08/07/2016ICS and ECSA is lined up against the proposals to institute a bottom EU for the recycling of the ships
To risk - for the shipowning associations - the relationships with the partner commercial of the EU, between which China, India, Japan and the United States

08/07/2016Agreement of collaboration between Interporto Bologna and Unindustria Bologna
the initiative is time to do so as that the logistics is not only shaped like pure center of cost, but like business strategic line

08/07/2016groundbreaking Investigation of the EU commission on the tax exemptions granted to the ports in France and Belgium
Vestager: it cannot be admitted that the exemptions forge the competition conferring an undue advantage to some ports

08/07/2016the direct contribution of the cruises for the territory of is estimated in 30,9 million euros
With the effects indirect and induced - a study of Answers specifies Tourism - the economic contribution salt to 96 million euros

08/07/2016the port of Trieste has established the own new enlivened record of container on a single ship
Because of happened strike to Koper has been necessary to institute also new trains

08/07/2016the traffic of the goods in the Belgian port of Zeebrugge in the first semester
Loaded containerized in decrease with the -5%

11/07/2016Boskalis will reduce the consistency of the fleet and will cut 650 places of work
Twenty-four ships will be placed in disarmament, sold or demolished

11/07/2016Genting plans a pole of constructions of ships from cruise of excellence under the new brand MV Werften
an investment of 100 million euros

11/07/201650% of the British haulers considers that the effect negative of the Brexit will last over the long term
the Freight Transport Association will exhort the government of London to agree terms favorable to the operators for the escape from the EU

12/07/2016COSCON, OOCL and ANL has constituted Asia Australia Consortium
under way Verranno three services weeklies magazine on the Asia route north-oriental - Australia

12/07/2016Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 680,2 million tons of goods (+0.8%)
the traffic of the container has been of 16,5 million teu (+3.9%). In first semester 2014 the goods is piled to 4,0 billion tons (+1.7%)

12/07/2016In the first semester of this year the traffic of the passengers in the ports of the Sardinia North has grown of +24.1%
Vehicles to the continuation in increase of +28.3%

12/07/2016About to completion the intense activities of dredging to Porto Nogaro
To the harbour port of call will be able to land ships until 15.000 tons of tonnage

12/07/2016Hanjin Shipping has yielded own participation in the Tan Cang - Cai Mep International Terminal
the quota is sold for approximately 20 million dollars

13/07/2016In the first half of the 2016 port of Singapore has enlivened 15.181.400 container (- 5.1%)
the total traffic of the goods has grown of +1.1% thanks to the increase of +14.8% of the oil volumes

13/07/2016Completed the intense activities of widening of the container terminal of the Noatum in the port of Valencia
Last year has enlivened two million teu

13/07/2016Triton Container International and SUCH International has carried to term the fusion
Today the new Triton International Ltd. its first appearance in the list of the Stock exchange of New York

13/07/2016To june the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto has grown of +33.8%
In the first semester of the 2016 is enlivened 13,1 million tons (+22.3%)

13/07/2016Arkas Line introduces a fifth ship in the Great Pendulum Service
the frequency of the departures will pass from 9 to 7 days

14/07/2016Hyundai Merchant Marine has signed a letter of attempts with Maersk and MSC in order to join to the 2M
the agreement will have effect from the operating point of view from April 2017

14/07/2016Last month the traffic of the container to Los Angeles City is diminished of the -6,3%, while to Long Beach it has grown of +3.4%
In the first semester of the 2016 two ports has enlivened 4,1 million teu (+5.9%) and respective 3,3 million teu (- 0.6%)

14/07/2016the port of Antwerp has established the own new semiannual and quarterly records of traffic
In the first six months of the 2016 Belgian port of call has enlivened 108,3 million tons of goods (+3.6%)

14/07/2016the port of Koper has archived item first semester 2016 with a traffic of 11,3 million tons (+6.1%)
In according to trimester the increment has been of +1.9%

14/07/2016the participation of CMC Ravenna in S.A.P.I.R salt to 0.21%
0.179% of the share capital place in sale from the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna

15/07/2016In the first semester of the 2016 traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the -10,5%
To june the decrease has been of the -8,6%

15/07/2016the producer of container CIMC previews to close the first semester with a loss for the shareholders of approximately -67 million dollars
In the first half was recorded a profit of 227 million dollars

15/07/2016the Italian government has approved of a provision that favors the management of the marine space
I decree gives performance to the European directive that institutes a picture for the planning of the marine space

15/07/2016To Sergio Prete is renewed the assignment of extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Taranto
Decreto sign from minister Delrio

18/07/2016Hapag-Lloyd and UASC have undersigned the Business Combination Agreement for the fusion
Main shareholders of the new society will be from Maritime German part HGV and Kühne and from Middle Eastern part Qatar Holding and Public Investment Fund

18/07/2016Bahri and APICORP institute a bottom in order to buy 15 VLCC with an investment of 1,5 billion dollars
the Saudi shipowning company will become the main world-wide operator of the market of the Very Large Cruide Carrier

18/07/2016Tarros introduces a fifth ship in the GPS service
the frequency becomes weekly magazine

18/07/2016In the first half of the 2016 managed harbour terminal from COSCO Pacific has enlivened 46,0 million container (+3.5%)
In the second solo trimester the traffic has been of 23,8 million teu (+4.0%)

19/07/2016CMA CGM has obtained 97.83% of the capital of the NOL
the French group will complete the acquisition of the remaining actions

19/07/2016Stolt-Nielsen will buy Jo Tankers
the transaction, of the value of 575 million dollars, will include the fleet of 21 to chimichiere, of which eight under construction

19/07/2016Costa Crociere has published the budget of sustainability 2015
Evidenzia the initiatives in order to diminish the impact on the atmosphere generated from the activity of the company

19/07/2016has installed the new Harbour Committee of Savona
the 19 september the European coordinator of the Rhine-Alps corridor will visit from Liguria harbour port of call

19/07/2016Fine record of 2,9 billion euros of Brussels to the producers of truck MAN, Volvo/Renault, Daimler, Iveco and DAF
is inflicted in order to have agreed the prices of the trucks and transferred to the purchasers the costs of adaptation to the norms on the emissions

19/07/2016Royal Caribbean Cruises confirmation the intention to invest to
To the Harbour Authority has reached two letters of the Commercial Development Department of the group American

19/07/2016In increase the economic results of the logistic group Kuehne + Nagel
In according to trimester of this year volume of marine shipments has for the first time exceeded the threshold of a million teu

20/07/2016Wärstilä has closed first semester 2016 with a profit clearly of 101 million euros (- 48.2%)
In the period the new orders are piled to 1,19 billion euros (+3.0%)

20/07/2016Panalpina closes the first semester with a contraction of the economic results
the semiannual budget clearly shows a profit of 21,8 million franchi Swiss (- 51.8%)

20/07/2016a railway connection between the Interporto Toscano and the Interporto Europe Quadrant
the train has an ability to 1.300 tons and a length of 520 meters

20/07/2016Cargotec improves the economic performances in spite of the difficulties of the MacGregor brand
In the first half of the 2016 Finnish group has obtained new orders for beyond 1,7 billion euros (- 5%)

20/07/2016Tirrenia increases the marine connections between the Sardinia and the Sicily
Raddoppiate the departures of the Cagliari-Palermo-Cagliari line

20/07/2016In the first semester the 2016 traffic in the port of Barcelona has grown of +4.1% and in that of Algeciras of +7.8%
the first port of call has enlivened 1.071.772 container (+12.8%), second 2.354.067 (+13.1%)

20/07/2016Today to the Havre has held the baptism of the portacontainer from 19 thousand teu MSC Sveva
the 3 june 2017 in the French port will hold the launch of the ship from cruise "MSC Wonder"

21/07/2016Fincantieri has a workload record pairs to euro 21,8 billion and approximately 5,2 years of job
the first half of 2016 has been archived item with a million profit clearly five euro. In decrease the results of the controlled VARD

21/07/2016Aumento of the rates of the services of pilotage in the port of Amburgo
will be applied an increase of +2.13%

21/07/2016In decrease turned out economic and regulating for group ABB
the company has closed first semester 2016 with profit clearly of 443 million euros (- 30%)

21/07/2016Convention to Rome on I use it of the GNL like fuel for the marine and street transport
the encounter has been carried out in the within of initiative GAINN_IT

21/07/2016In according to trimester of this year traffic in the port of Rotterdam is diminished of the -6,2%
solid and liquid Bulk in decrease respective of the -15,7% and -5,5%. Container -0,7%

21/07/2016In the first half of the 2016 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Palermo is dropped of the -2,8%
To Termini Imerese the total has been of 113 thousand tons (- 11.6%)

21/07/2016the port of Piombino closes the first semester with a traffic of 2,1 million tons of goods (- 9.0%)
Enlivened 1,16 million passengers (+2.8%)

21/07/2016In the first six months of the 2016 traffic of the container in the port of Naples has recorded a bending of the -0,8%
In according to trimester the decrease has been of the -1,2%

22/07/2016In the first semester of the 2016 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna is increased of +9.4%
In according to trimester the increment has been of the +4,2

22/07/2016In according to trimester the volume of transactions generated from the OOCL ships is dropped of the -16,6%
the portacontainer of the company has transported beyond 1,5 million container (+6.6%)

22/07/2016Brussels authorizes the cession of 51% of Pullmantur and Croisières de France to Springwater Capital
Green light to the constitution of joint venture Royal Caribbean Holdings de España

22/07/2016Nuovo referring of Greece to the Law court EU for the lacked recovery the aids to Hellenic Shipyards
Asked the payment for a lump sum distribution and a every day endorsement until when place fine to the violation does not come

22/07/2016Concluded the public debate on the requalification of the waterfront of Livorno and on the Europe Platform
a final relation containing suggestions and observations

25/07/2016In the first half of the 2016 traffic of the goods in the port of Venice has grown of +5.3%
Crocieristi in increase of +3.7%

25/07/2016Brussels orders to Spain to recover the deep ones distributed for the railway center for high speed CEATF
Investigation on 140,7 million euros already granted to the ADIF

25/07/2016In the first six months of this year the port of Valencia has enlivened 2.349.520 container (+0.6%)
Altogether the traffic of the goods is piled to 32,8 million tons (+2.0%)

25/07/2016the port of Bari has closed the first semester with a traffic of 3,0 million tons of goods (+19.2%)
In increase the passengers of ferries (+6.8%) and crocieristi (+35.3%)

25/07/2016MSC places side by side to CMA CGM in supporting the tracking system of the container developed from the Traxens
Representatives of the two shipowning groups sits in the board of directors of the company of Marseilles

26/07/2016In the first half of the 2016 terminal of DP World has enlivened 31,4 million container (+2.5%)
In the second solo trimester the traffic has been pairs to 15,9 million teu (+1.5%)

26/07/2016the first flight around the world only fed from solar energy
of the plan Solar Impulse

26/07/2016In according to trimester of this year profit clearly of Seaspan has recorded a decrease of the -55,2%
the revenues have grown of +12.6%

26/07/2016In according to trimester of the 2016 traffic of the goods in the port of Marseilles is dropped of the -6,8%
the reduction is determined mainly by the bending of the liquid bulk caused from strikes to the oil terminals

26/07/2016Decrease of the actions of piracy against the ships
In the first half of the 2016 has been 89, the minimal level from 1995

27/07/2016CNA-Fita announces a class action against the producers of trucks fined from the EU
Franchini: they are the artisan enterprises and of small dimensions that have the ominous consequences mainly quickly

27/07/2016Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. has closed the second trimester with a profit of clearly 392,3 billion won
In the first half of the 2016 new orders to the South Korean group is diminished of the -44,4%

27/07/2016DP World signs an agreement for the management of the seventh container terminal of the port of Kaohsiung
Memorandum of understanding with Taiwan International Ports Corporation

27/07/2016In the first six months of this year the HPH terminals Trust have enlivened 10,8 million container (- 7%)
In the second solo trimester the traffic has been of 5,6 million teu (- 7%)

27/07/2016Worsening of the economic results of the Greek Diana Containerships
In according to trimester of this year revenues is diminished of the -55%

27/07/2016Saipem has adjudicated two contracts for intense activities onshore and offshore in Indonesia
the store clerks in the within of the Tangguh LNG Expansion Project

28/07/2016Sign the agreement of program for the port of Gioia Tauro and the institutional understanding for the port of Taranto
is signed yesterday to Rome near the Prime Minister's Office

28/07/2016Bureau Veritas clearly has archived item the first half of 2016 with a profit of 166,9 million euros (- 8.4%)
the new orders in the naval field have been pairs to sun 1,3 million tons of tonnage (- 69% approximately)

28/07/2016In the first six months of this year the transports arranged enlivened from Hupac have grown of +12.3%
the transalpine transports through Switzerland are increased of +20.2%

28/07/2016In bending the economic results of Friend International Shipping in according to trimester
Flowers: I believe that the market of the optimal continuous tankers to having of the fundamental ones

28/07/2016Ok of the Harbour Committee of Venice to the variations to the budget of the Harbour Authority
Costa: today we deliver to the future administration a port in health

28/07/2016In increase the economic results of Finnlines against a decrease of the revenues
the first semester of 2016 has been archived item with a profit clearly of 36,7 million euros (+86%)

28/07/2016the Campania Region deliberates the allocation of 148 million euros to the port of Naples
the deep ones are for the previewed infrastructural participations in the Great Plan

29/07/2016Approved of in definitive way I decree legislative on the new governance of the Italian portualità
Confermate the 15 Authorities of Harbour System. Mounts (Assoporti): "to move an administrative and normative car it stops give beyond twenty years is equivalent to move a hard sandstone"

29/07/2016"K" Linens, MOL and NYK attend turned out economic inferiors to the precedence forecasts
Review of the esteem for the first half and entire exercise 2016

29/07/2016Brussels rejects the aids granted from the Sardinia Region to airlines that operate in the isolani airports
the EU commission of it has asked the restitution

29/07/2016Appreciation of Confcommercio and Conftrasporto for the green light to the harbour reform
Satisfaction of Fedarlinea for the under investigation preliminary approval of I decree on the fiscal, social insurance and contributive incentives for the marine enterprises

29/07/2016In the first six months of this year Italian the operating revenues of FS have grown of +1.4%
EBITDA and EBIT is increased of +6.0% and +3.3%; the profit clearly is dropped of the -2,1%

29/07/2016Marcucci (Confetra): well the harbour reform, now servants collaboration also for the performance of I decree legislative
the president of the Confederation wishes that september it is possible to name the new presidents of the ports

29/07/2016railway passage 4 of the New Port of Trieste
D' Augustin: we will be able to more close 2016 with than 7.000 trains more enlivened and increase estimated in biennium 2014-16 of 40%

29/07/2016Worsening of the quarterly economic results of the Japanese "K" Linens, MOL and NYK
the deterioration of the performances has regarded is the field of the container that of the bulk

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