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22 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:14 GMT+2

01/09/2016the South Korean Financial Services Commission has convened the representatives of KDB and HMM in order to face the emergency Hanjin Shipping
a task force governmental will characterize activities and assets that generate profit and that they could be yielded to HMM

01/09/2016Zim has announced the decision to send back of a month the publication of the semiannual budget
the economic results will be returned famous at the beginning of the next month

01/09/2016In the first semester of this year the traffic goods in the port of Livorno has grown of +5.1%
also the increment of crocieristi (+13.9%) and the passengers of ferries (+22.2%)

01/09/2016To July the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna is dropped of the -5,6%
In the first seven months of this year is recorded an increment of +7.0%

01/09/2016Hanjin Shipping is admitted to the procedure of controlled administration
Some primary companies of the line field communicate measures in order to diminish the impact of the event

02/09/2016the port of Antwerp renews its collaboration with the Saint port Pedro, in Ivory Coast
the Belgian harbour agency invests in the realization of a logistic platform in the port of call African

02/09/2016Uiltrasporti, the nomination of the president of the AdSP of Venice-Chioggia does not have to be yields of "avventuristici ambitiouses political arrembaggi"
the union asks to characterize a technician of the field, with wide professional experience and acquaintance of the harbour system

02/09/2016To Venice has taken to the way a formation plan on the logistics that has already involved 66 companies and 885 workers
the initiative previews 1,622 hours of formation

02/09/2016DP World Agreement - Summa in order to invest in the ports, special the economic zones and the logistics centers of Russia oriental
the understanding has a duration of five years

05/09/2016Saab has bought the Phaeros Belgian
the society of Antwerp develops software for the harbour and terminalistiche activities

05/09/2016tomorrow the port of Trieste will have of a railway service with Slovakia
Connection with the terminal of Dunajská Streda, situated to south of Bratislava

05/09/2016the world-wide colossus of marine transport ro-ro Wallenius Lines and Wilh. Wilhelmsen plans the fusion
Previewed synergies for 50-100 million dollars. The operation will be capacity to term in the first trimester of the next year

05/09/2016CEVA has archived item the second trimester with a net loss of -35 million dollars
the revenues are diminished of the -5% to 1,67 billion dollars

05/09/2016CMA CGM has archived item the second trimester with a net loss of -122,6 million dollars
Fort decrease (- 13.9%) of the revenues determined from the bending of the -18,8% of the medium level of the hires

05/09/2016the representatives of Filt, Fit and Uilt discharge themselves from the Harbour Committee of Genoa
organized Garrison from the unions in order to carry the attention on the impact of the crisis of Hanjin Shipping

06/09/2016the Harbour Committee of Genoa has approved of unanimously the delay of three concessions in expiration in 2020
Others 10 years to the Saint George Terminal, 25 to the Terminal Sech and 34 to the Group Joints

06/09/2016DP World signature the contract of concession for the management of the port of Berber
the agreement has a duration 30-year-old with an automatic extension of others 10 years

06/09/2016ENGIE, Mitsubishi and NYK have instituted the new Gas4Sea brand
the society will take care of which combustible the which liquified natural gas supply for the ships

06/09/2016Carnival orders three new ships from cruise to the Meyer Werft group
Two will be destined to the brand Carnival Cruise Line and one to P&O Cruises UK

06/09/2016Fines in the port of Constanta for limitations to the competition in the fields of the pilotage and the towing
an investigation has ascertained the existence of pacts between the operators

06/09/2016Is in vigor the normative new for the operations of dredging in the Italian ports
Veil: finally it is defined a prescribed picture clearly, with certainty and simplification of the procedures

06/09/2016Rinnovo of the directive council of Propeller Club of Salerno
Engagement for the safeguard of the autonomy of the port of call Salerno province in the within of the new Authority of System

06/09/2016La Spezia Port contrary Service to the dismissal of the fusion of the port of with Marina di Carrara
the community harbour invites the Liguria Region "to return on its passes regarding a posticipazione choice

06/09/2016ABB anticipates a system of propulsion electrical worker for ships that the efficiency of the consumption improves
Is ideal for naval average tugs and for constructions offshore let alone for ferries and transport ships LNG

06/09/2016Porto of Genoa, concluded the preliminary investigation for the ban of contest for Agency Basins
Shortly the renunciation to the concession from the society participated from the Harbour Authority

07/09/2016Is the 334 proposals of candidacy to president of Authority of Harbour System
the indication of interest for all the 15 AdSP or a conspicuous part of they

07/09/2016the ban for the cession of the quota the Harbour Authority of Cagliari in the Cagliari Free Zones
the amount Made up of auction is of 245 thousand euros

07/09/2016Bureau Veritas will classify the converted first portacontainer to the use of the GNL
the intense activities will be realized in 30 days more five days than tests

07/09/2016the South Korean government announces a direct engagement in order to resolve the problems caused from the crisis of the Hanjin Shipping
To Genoa encounter between the unions, Assagenti and Hanjin Italy in order to clarify the situation and the occupational fallen back one to local level

07/09/2016In the 2015 world-wide nautical market has grown
Deloitte and Altagamma, with approximately 800 thousand sold units, in the 2015 value of the market of the new boats have turned out pairs to 19 billion euros

08/09/2016HHLA acquires others three cranes of dock in a position to operating on ships from 20.000 teu
the society had already ordered to Liebherr two means of the same type to install to the Container Tollerort Terminal

08/09/2016the 29 september to Treviso a convention on the logistics of the East North
Is organized from Assologistica in collaboration with Low Group

08/09/2016In the first eight months of this year the traffic fleeting in the ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres is gone up of +21.4%
In the single month of August is enlivened 1,28 million people (+15.1%)

08/09/2016CJ Korea Express Corporation will become the main shareholder of the logistic company Century malaysian
Acquisirà 31.44% of the capital for approximately 43,5 million dollars

08/09/2016China Shipping Lines Container has officially changed own corporate name
Now calls COSCO Shipping Development Co…

08/09/2016prompt Confetra the involvement of the government in order to face the consequences of the crisis of Hanjin Shipping
Fedespedi and Spediporto have introduced a proposal that is received by Hanjin Italy in the course of a technical table to Genoa with SECH, VTE and Assagenti

09/09/2016the MEF has approved of without observations the budget the 2015 and budget of forecast 2016 of AP of
This year is previewed the start of the intense activities for the completion of the PRP for 213 million euros, of which 121 at the expense of the privat

09/09/2016Ripartono the intense activities for the realization of the passenger terminal to Porto Torres
the work will have to be completed in september 2017

09/09/2016Al port of is regularly carried out the disembarkation of container from a ship of the Hanjin
La Spezia Port Service: the operation is yields of an unparalleled synergy between the terminal, the operators of the community

09/09/2016contrary La Spezia Confindustria to a moratorium to the performance of the harbour reform
a state of uncertainty - for the association of the manufacturers - would constitute a very important danger for the credibility, the competitiveness and the development of the port breaks

09/09/2016Porto of Genoa, in the period January-August the crocieristi are increased of +19.9% and the passengers of the ferries of +4.1%
the fallen back ones on Genoa and the entire national territory of the activity of Marine Stations are pairs to 340-380 million euro

09/09/2016CAI International assures that the crisis of Hanjin Shipping will have an impact limited on the company
Is approximately 15 thousand the container that the American society has rented to the South Korean company

09/09/2016the action of concession for the pole of demolition, refitting and realization of ships in the port of Piombino
the objective of Piombino Marine Industries (Saint George of the Port - Black Siblings) is to begin the activity in the second half of the year of 2017

12/09/2016Damen will manage a yard of naval repairs on the Caribbean island of Curaçao
the Dutch group will invest 40 million dollars altogether

12/09/2016To August the harbour ports of call marine Chineses have enlivened 683,6 million tons of goods (+2.0%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 17,1 million teu (+5.0%)

12/09/2016Hanjin Shipping returns note the situation of the ships of the fleet
Five ships are placed under arrest and ten are placed under seizure

12/09/2016Minoan Lines has concluded the first semester with a profit clearly of 12,2 million euros (+109.1%)
the result includes proceeds for 3,5 million euros determined from the sale of the ferry "Ikarus Palace"

12/09/2016Large Matteo Catani will become managing director of the Navi Veloci
Roberto Martinoli maintains the president charge

13/09/2016To August the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore has grown of +0.8%
In the segment of the container is enlivened 28,2 million tons (+3.1%)

13/09/2016the president of the Sicilian Region anticipates demanded of delay of the Harbour Authorities of Catania, Messina and Trapani
Request also for the third port of call, than from years is not more center than Harbour Authority

13/09/2016the new container Kalibaru terminal of the port of Tanjung Priok
is managed by the Indonesian IPC, Japanese Mitsui and NYK and the PSA of Singapore

13/09/2016Nuovo dismissal of the expiration in order to participate to the contest of the Europe Platform of the port of Livorno
Which postponed to 15 December. Gallanti: numerous receipts demanded in such sense from interested subjects to constitute ATI

13/09/2016Net of collaboration constituted from three from Liguria centers of training of the marine field
Initiative of the Agency for the Training of Observatories Radar, Litav and C.M.A. Systems Antifire

13/09/2016Roberto Martinoli is named managing director of the Silversea Cruises
From 2013 takes part of the board of directors of the company

13/09/2016In increase the railway traffic fleeting and goods enlivened from Helvetian SBB CFF FFS
the division Cargo has reduced the losses

13/09/2016Nuovo railway service goods between China and Germany
Verrà the next month from DB Cargo between Hefei and Amburgo

14/09/2016the harbour taxes the ports of the AdSP new that were up to now not managed by AP will meet in the cases of the Authorities of System
Previously flowed to the national state treasury

14/09/2016In the first semester of the 2016 port of Naples has enlivened 11,2 million tons of goods (+9.8%)
Fleeting of ferries +4.9%; croceristi -5,3%

14/09/2016the four main ports of northern England constitute an association
the Northern Ports Association is formed by the ports of call of Liverpool, Hull, Teesport and Tyne

14/09/2016BIMCO, the next victims of the crisis will be the ship yards
Sand: "a low level of the orders is exactly this of which the field of the shipping it needs in order to restore the fundamental balance between supply and demand"

14/09/2016Assologistica Culture and Formation has renewed the own situated web
the 20 september will share the programming of the course realized from the formative branch of the association of the logitica

14/09/2016In the first eight months of the 2016 port of Venice has enlivened 17,0 million tons of goods (+1.9%)
the crocieristi are diminished of the -1,5%

14/09/2016In the first semester of this enlivened year the container from the port of Tanger Med is diminished of the -9,5%
the single traffic of transhipment is piled to beyond 1,3 million teu (- 10.0%)

15/09/2016Rickmers Maritime invokes the support of the bondholders in order to avoid the eventual liquidation or the judicial administration
the company announces that it will not be able to honor payments, between interests and reimbursements of loans and capital, pairs to approximately 253 million dollars

15/09/2016Letter of attempts in order to verify the feasibility of a logistics base for the which liquified natural gas to Freezes
the appraisals will be lead over six months

15/09/2016To August the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the -2,9%
In the first eight months of the 2016 decrease has been of the -9,4%

15/09/2016a delegation of Trieste to Monaco and Nuremberg in order to promote the giuliano port like port of call of reference for Bavaria
D' Augustin: we have had a good reaction from the world of the logistics and the shipping

15/09/2016Rise of the full exports of container to August in the ports of Los Angeles City and Long Beach
the first port of call has enlivened altogether 799 thousand teu (+1.6%) and according to 641 thousand teu (- 8.9%)

16/09/2016In the 2015 in Germany volume of goods transported from the services of Short Sea Shipping is dropped of the -1,2%
Increase of the costs determined from the new norms on the fuel of the ships

16/09/2016Last month the terminals of COSCO Shipping Ports have enlivened 8,2 million container (+6.6%)
In the first eight months of the 2016 traffic has been of 62,2 million teu (+3.9%)

16/09/2016To August the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is increased of +11.8%
In the first eight months of the 2016 is enlivened 32,2 million tons (+6.7%)

16/09/2016the 30 september to will hold the sixth edition of Italian Cruise Day
Al forum will take part 25 relatori that will face some of thematic the more important regarding crocieristico field

16/09/2016the 19 september the European coordinator for the transeuropeo Corridor the Rhine-Alps will visit the port of Savona
In program meets with institutions and operators

16/09/2016the 23 september to Genoa will hold a round table on the wearing intense activities in the marine profession
Is organized from USCLAC - UNCDIM - SMACD

19/09/2016Laghezza (Ligurian Logistic System): you block on the ships of Hanjin are 300 million dollars of goods Italian
the situation - it has emphasized - is very far from normality. Asked an immediate diplomatic effort for the Italian government on that Korean

19/09/2016Thursday to Genoa will be opened according to national convention of Naval and Marine Culture
the event previews beyond 80 reports scientific coming from Italy, France, England, Spain and Croatia

19/09/2016the management of the port of Melbourne is assigned to the Lonsdale consortium
is constituted by Fund Future, QIC, JEEP and OMERS. Contract of the value of approximately 7,3 billion dollars

19/09/2016Hapag-Lloyd has bought 5,750 container refrigerator
will be taken in delivery beginning from the next month

19/09/2016Messina announces a generalized rise of the hires, the only one seriates measure - the Italian company explains - in order to re-balance the market
the marine hires - the genoese company evidences - are to indefensible levels for any shipowner

19/09/2016the Grimaldi group inserts the port of Taranto in own net of Freeways of the Sea
Which extended to the ionic port the service that connects the ports of Genoa, Civitavecchia and Catania

19/09/2016German OPDR (group CMA CGM) opens a regional office to Milan
the objective is to strengthen the presence in the region of the Mediterranean

19/09/2016Alessandro Serra is the new president of the European Boatmen's Association
Is vice-president of the national Association Gruppi Ormeggiatori and Barcaioli of the Italian Ports

19/09/2016Last month the goods containerized enlivened by the port of Algeciras is increased of +6.0%
In the first eight months of 2016 containerized cargos pairs to 40 million tons (+12.6% have been)

19/09/2016Al via 11ma the edition of the Diary of Contship and the plan Porto Lab
the marine terminals of the Contship Italy receive young people students of the elementary schools

20/09/2016Nuovo dry port near Tehran
will be realized by the Helvetic group TransInvest and the Lost Iranian Transport Bar

20/09/2016the first phase of the container terminal SP-ITC in the port of I have Who Minh City
Currently dispne of a dock of 300 linear meters

20/09/2016Large the Navi Veloci has rented two ships to Walt Disney
Ospiteranno the employed staff to Cadice in the intense activities of maintenance of the ship from cruise "Disney Wonder"

20/09/2016Adani Ports will acquire the society that manages the carboniferous terminal of the Australian port of Abbot Point
will be yielded by the Swiss group Glencore

20/09/2016the Global Shippers' Forum wishes that the new European norms on the marine hires are extended to total level
Will take effect 7 December and will be applied for three years

21/09/2016In the port of Trieste is inaugurated a semisubmersible barge for the refitting of the super yachts
Is able to operate on long boats until 120 meters

21/09/2016No offer in order to acquire the quota the Harbour Authority of Cagliari in the society for the Bonded area
the price Made up of auction era of 245 thousand euros

21/09/2016Financing of the Province of Bolzano to the travelling railway freeway
the million allocation nine euro in three years

21/09/2016Rickmers precise Group that the impact on own revenues of the crisis of Hanjin absolutely is limited
Rappresenta less of 1% of the total of the returns from contrattualizzati charterings

21/09/2016From May 2018 MSC Cruises will place Splendid ship MSC in China
Affiancherà the "Lyric MSC"

21/09/2016the Harbour Authority of Livorno signs an understanding with the port of Tenerife
Provincial: Tenerife can become our bridgehead towards Africa

21/09/2016In 2017 is attended a decrease of the -10% of the crocieristi enlivened in the Italian ports
Second marine agency genoese Cemar the total will be of single 9.860.000 passengers

21/09/2016Alliance between the German Peter Döhle and the Italian Sirius Ship Management for the formation of marine the Philippine ones
the understanding, with base to Manila, will reunite in a single center all the activities of management, selection, various formation and development of thousands of sailors

22/09/2016A.P. Møller-Mærsk confirmation the constitution of the two independent divisions Transport & Logistics and Energy
Renewal of the team directive of the group

22/09/2016Rise of the containerized trade enlivened from the port of Valencia to August
In the first eight months of the 2016 total has been pairs to 3.103.262 teu (- 0.8%)

22/09/2016German MPC Capital has sold eight portacontainer for 398 million dollars
is yielded to an Asian union financial

22/09/2016In 2015 in Italy 232 marine lefts (- 25.6% have happened)
In the period the 2007-2015 decrease of the incidents has been of the -33,5%

22/09/2016Round table of Propeller Club of Milan on the "Hanjin case"
will hold the 30 september near the center of the Italian Association Foreign trade

22/09/2016Uiltrasporti invites minister Delrio to reject the demands for dismissal of the institution of some AdSP
Tarlazzi: "it was parties to all purposes and effects in order to change all, but it would be ended in order not to change nothing, or almost"

23/09/2016Norwegian company GC Rieber Shipping fires 66 marine ones
draft of staff assumed to indeterminate time

23/09/2016"K" Linens refutes categorically of being about to starting a failure procedure
Refutation the news sent from an operator NVOCC to own customers

23/09/2016Vard acquires an order for others two Module Carrier Vessel
Segue that confiscated in spring for 15 twin boats emitted from the Topaz

23/09/2016Agreement between Carnival-CIC and CSSC-Fincantieri for the construction in China of two ships from cruise
Option for two ulterior units

23/09/2016Monday Propeller Club of Trieste will hold an encounter on the new law on the ports
Will have beginning to the 18,00 to the Hotel Greif Maria Theresia

23/09/2016Delrio confirmation Of Augustin, Giampieri and Prete to the guide of the AdSP new with center to Trieste, Ancona and Taranto
the proposed nominations must have the understanding of the Abruzzi Regions, Friuli Venice Julia, Marche and Apulia

23/09/2016the European State Audit Court rejects the modalities with which the EU it finances the ports, investments that turn out ineffective and not sustainable
Between the recommendations, during period 2014-2020 not to grant to financings EU to destined harbour infrastructures to the transfer or storage of container

26/09/2016Nuovo crocieristico landing place to Antalya
the inspections on the site, in which it will be realized also plays hooky

26/09/2016Agunsa withdraws own offer for the management of the Ecuadorian port of Mantums ray
the decision as a result of a dismissal of 60 days of the due date for the presentation of the proposals

26/09/2016Thursday to a seminary on "the responsibilities of the raccomandatario agent"
Is organized from the Association Shipping agents La Spezia and the Maresca Law firm

26/09/2016Agreement MSC Cruises - Alitalia in order to ulteriorly strengthen the respective presence to Cuba
the crocieristica company previews to carry you 300 thousand passengers in the period December 2016 - April 2018

26/09/2016To August the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of +22.2%
In the first eight months of the 2016 is enlivened 17,5 million tons (+8.6%)

26/09/2016Usclac, Uncdim and Smacd speed up the insertion of the marine ones in the category of the wearing intense activities
the three trade-union acronyms ask that it happens in the next law of stability

26/09/2016Carnival clearly closes the third trimester of exercise 2016 with the best one turned out economic than always
Record also of the revenues and the operating result

26/09/2016ESPO, the current legislative picture TRY impose deep EU for the ports online with the objectives of European politics of the transports
Ryckbost: it would intrude to use the audit of the European State Audit Court in order to place in argument the political new IT TRY

26/09/2016Assiterminal restates that the norms EU do not demand to announce publicly contests for renew of the concessions in the ports
the association expresses abashment for the situation that has been generated in the port of Genoa

27/09/2016In the first six months of this year the turnover of the Gefco group has grown of +3.5%
the EBITDA has turned out pairs to 91,3 million euros (+27.5%)

27/09/2016the second phase of the intense activities of potenziamento of the Lebanese port of Tripoli
New areas dedicated to storage of the containers

27/09/2016Rolls-Royce will supply to Fincantieri arranges of propulsion and machinery of covered for five ships from cruise
will be installed on units ordered from Viking Ocean Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Princess Cruises

27/09/2016Alarm of the WTO: this year the world-wide commerce will only grow of +1.7%
the rise of the GDP total will be hardly of +2.2%, the rate increase more contained after the crisis financial institution of 2009

27/09/2016the port of Trieste looks with confidence to the future shown from the reform of the harbour legislation
Doormats (To propel Club): the field from a do-nothing policy has let out that lasted very from 22 years

28/09/2016Maersk 14,800 Line buys container refrigerator
Partially will replace reefer old and partially they will widen the box fleet refrigerators that a consistency of beyond 270 thousand containers has

28/09/2016the control of Danish Ship Finance passes to pension funds PFA and PKA and to the bottom of private Axcel equities
72% of the capital is yielded by the financial institutions Danske Bank, Nordea Bank and Danmarks Nationalbank and from shipowning group A.P. Møller-Mærsk

28/09/2016In the port of Olbia is instituted a task force in order to monitor the environmental impact of the ships
Is composed from shipowners, marine agencies, Harbour office and Harbour Authority

28/09/2016the marine transport is indispensable for the commercial exchanges of the European Union
Via sea happens 53% of the imports of the EU and 48% of the exports

28/09/2016Confetra exhorts to adopt in Italy the procedure that allows with the Hanjin ships to land in Germany and Spain
Marcucci: "the time tightens and there is the fear that in many cases the damages become infallible"

28/09/2016Undersigned a protocol for the protection of the job in the port of Ancona
extension of the application also in the other ports of the Harbour System of the Central Adriatic

28/09/2016industrial plan 2017-2016 of the Railroads of the State previews investments for 94 billion euros
an increase of the dependent number from 69 thousand to 100 thousand. Ambitious - the unions say - but is necessary deepenings. The segment cargo entrusted to the Mercitalia new

28/09/2016express courier DHL will introduce a proposal in order to acquire the British UK Mail
the offer will have a value of 242,7 million pounds

28/09/2016COSCO Shipping Ports will manage new Khalifa Port Container Terminal 2
will be constituted joint venture with Abu Dhabi Ports Company

29/09/2016the German group Lürssen buys the ship yard Blohm+Voss di Amburgo
Will be active in the new construction of military ships and, if the market demands it, of yacht

29/09/2016the ITF accusation the USA to violate the rights humans preventing to the marine ones of the Hanjin ships to come down to earth
Crumlin: "this is morally and legal unacceptable"

29/09/2016China COSCO Shipping Corporation has introduced the own new logo
the Chinese shipowning group could buy the harbour terminals of the Hanjin Shipping

29/09/2016Chilean SAAM will manage the Costa Rican port of Puerto Caldera
Acquisirà 51% of the capital of the Harbour Sociedad of the Caldera and the Harbour Sociedad Granelera of the Caldera

29/09/2016the ambassador of Uruguay has visited the port of Cagliari
In 2013 was signed an agreement of collaboration between the Sardinian port of call and the system of the Uruguayan ports

29/09/2016a consortium guided from Chinese CCCC will spread the definitive planning of the offshore-onshore harbour system of Venice
is participated by 3Ti the Plans of Rome and And-Atmosphere of Marghera

29/09/2016Contship Italy anticipates the new governance of the terminalista group
Cupolo and Grasso are the managing directors of the areas Operations and Sales and Business Services

29/09/2016Moby acquires a participation in the society of Russian navigation St Peter Line
the company work two you ferry on the route that connects Saint Petersburg with Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn

29/09/2016Anek has closed the first semester of 2016 with a net loss of -9,2 million euros
the revenues have grown of +3.4%

30/09/2016Propelling Club of Venice promotes the institution of the Propellers Adriatic Network
the objective is to value all the potentialities that the Adriatic-ionic portualità can express

30/09/2016UECC has taken in delivery the first Pure Car and Truck Carrier fed to GNL
the ship is able to transport 3,985 motors vehicle

30/09/2016Costa Crociere has selected four studies that will plan the internal ones of two new ships of the fleet
draft of the societies Jeffrey Beers International, Dordoni Architects, Partner Ship Design and Rockwell Group

30/09/2016In 2017 is attended a decrease of the -3,6% of the crocieristico traffic in the Italian ports
Answers Tourism, the total will be stopped to 10,99 million passengers regarding 11,40 million in 2016

30/09/2016Last reunion of the Harbour Committee of Bari before the birth of the Authority of Harbour System of the Southern Adriatic
the Relation Anniversary 2015

30/09/2016In the first seven months of the 2016 transits of ships in the Suez Canal is diminished of the -2,7%
Tankers +3.3%, other units -4,6%

30/09/2016Which replaced on Pier VII of the port of Trieste before three cranes in phase of potenziamento
the intense activities will be completed the next spring

30/09/2016Fincantieri has delivered the Alpine frigate to Marina Militare
Is the fifth unit of program FREMM

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