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21 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:43 GMT+1

02/11/2016Seaspan records 202,8 million dollars of relative burdens of devaluation to ten portacontainer of the fleet
the company has closed the third trimester with a net loss of -184,0 million dollars

02/11/2016decrease of the results of Maersk Line in the third trimester
Worsening also of the results of the terminalista society of the Danish shipowning group

02/11/2016Fercam opens a filial new to Reggio Emilia
the center is equipped of a structure of 3.000 square metres and a large square of 4.000 square metres

02/11/2016Agreement Automated Ships - Kongsberg in order to realize the first ship without completely automated crew and
the unit will be constructed in completed the Fjellstrand yard and in 2018

02/11/2016Defined the terms of the collaboration between Fincantieri and Huarun Dadong Dockyard
Last March the two navalmeccaniche societies had signed an agreement of partnership

02/11/2016CAI International has concluded the third trimester with a net loss of -5,4 million dollars
Garci'a: the fundamental ones of the business of the containers are improving

02/11/2016To enlivened september the container from the port of Genoa has grown of +14.5%
In the first nine months of this year the containerized trade has been pairs to 1.708.262 teu (+1.8%)

02/11/2016In the third trimester First Ship Lease Trust has recorded a profit clearly of 3,5 million dollars (+24.0%)
the revenues are diminished of the -19,1%

02/11/2016Venice loses the service directed with Far East and the Harbour Authority restates the indispensability of the VOOPS
the agency emphasizes that the abandonment will not less cost to the sun enterprises of the northeast than 10 million euros per year

03/11/2016the new net of routes East-West of the OCEAN Alliance will be constituted by 41 spins
In Italy will touch the five ports of Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, Trieste and Venice

03/11/2016Contratto of eight billions of euro to Gefco in order to optimize the chain of world-wide distribution of group PSA
Will have a duration of five years

03/11/2016Eimskip will buy the marine company and logistic Norwegian Nor Lines
the society of Stavanger has approximately 200 dependent

03/11/2016To August the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven has enlivened 6,4 million tons of goods (+2.3%)
handling of the containers has been pairs to 467.832 teu (- 3.5%)

03/11/201625 November to Milan will hold the event "the Logistic one of organized Year 2016" from Assologistica
will be preceded by a convention on the topic of the city distribution of the goods

03/11/2016Agreement in order to make to pass from the port of Monfalcone a quota consisting of the European production of car
has been undersigned from Harbour Company Monfalcone, DB Cargo Logistics and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics

03/11/2016Forum on the role of the rail shipment goods
from Confindustria, Confetra and Assoferr, will hold 14 November to Pietrarsa (Naples)

03/11/2016I decree of nomination of Pietro Spirito to president of the AdSP of Naples
minister Delrio has transmitted the provision to the president of the Senate

03/11/2016In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of the -8,7%
the crocieristi have been 738 thousand (- 2.2%)

04/11/2016Today in the port of Liverpool is inaugurated the second container terminal of the port of call
Has an ability to annual handling pairs to a million teu

04/11/2016the new Norwegian company Viasea Shipping starts the own first containerized marine service
the line connects the Dutch port of Rotterdam with the Norwegian ports of Oslo and Moss

04/11/2016Four offers for the acquisition of South Korean yard STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co…
Between the candidates would be Damen, Fincantieri and DCNS

07/11/2016In the first nine months of this year the revenues of the Vopak group are diminished of the -3%
the profit for the shareholders has grown +107%

07/11/2016a delegation of shippers Austrians has visited the port of Trieste
the day has been organized from the association of the shippers of the giuliano harbour port of call

07/11/2016Kituyi (UNCTAD): "the immediate perspectives for the field of the shipping remain uncertain and subject to the risk of a worsening"
However permangono in the long term positive forecasts. In 2015 the historical record of the volume of goods is established transported via sea

07/11/2016First mission of the port of Livorno in Saudi Arabia
the Harbour Authority has participated to the twelfth edition of the Trans Middle East

07/11/2016Contest for the requalification of the Manfredi Pier of the port of Salerno
the objective is to institute Polo Crocieristico and to connect the sea to the city

07/11/2016In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the container in the port of New York is diminished of the -3,5%
In the third trimester is enlivened 1,67 million teu (- 3.5%)

07/11/2016Delrio confirmation the performance of the part to earth of plan VOOPS of Venice
Necessary deepenings for the part to sea so like for the landing place of the ships from cruise. Already chosen the president of Venetian the AdSP new

07/11/2016In last the three months the BIMCO has recorded a fort rise of the activity of demolition of portacontainer
Sand: "if it continues, it will return less dark the forecasts for the years to come"

08/11/2016Sixth consecutive trimester in loss for the Yang Ming company
the taiwanese society anticipates a restructure plan financial institution

08/11/2016THE Alliance (Hapag-Lloyd, "K" Linens, MOL, NYK and Yang Ming) anticipates own net of line services
In Italy will be only touched the ports of Alto Tirreno of Genoa, La Spezia and Livorno

08/11/2016In the third trimester of this year the ICTSI terminals have enlivened 2,2 million container (+15.4%)
the group clearly has archived item the period with a profit to 58,2 million dollars (- 20.7%)

08/11/2016the president of the Harbour Authority of has resigned resignation
Forcieri has sent a letter with the motivations of the decision to minister Delrio

08/11/2016Textainer accusation a consisting generated quarterly net loss from the impact of the Hanjin crisis
In the third trimester of this year the revenues from charterings have turned out in decrease of the -14,2%

08/11/2016Finnlines has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 30,4 million euros (+23%)
the revenues are piled to 130,4 million euros (- 6%)

09/11/2016Ok of the Senate to the nomination of Majo to president of the AdSP of the Center-Northerner Tyrrhenian Sea
the nomination proposal will now pass to the Commission Transports of the Chamber

09/11/2016In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports has grown of +1.2%
In increase the several goods and decrease of the bulk

09/11/2016d' Amico International Shipping has archived item the third trimester with a net loss of -7,5 million dollars
In the first nine months of this year is recorded a profit clearly of 6,1 million dollars (- 86.4%)

09/11/2016Porto of Livorno, rejected the resource introduced from the Society I scorch
the Regional Administrative Court has given reason to the Harbour Authority

09/11/2016Norwegian Cruise Line celebrates the results records obtained in the third trimester
the crocieristico group previews that the positive trend will continue also in 2017

09/11/2016Saipem, store clerks in Offshore segment E&C for a value of a billion of dollars
the contracts have been sign with Saudi Aramco

10/11/2016Named the first two presidents of the new Authorities of Harbour System
Zeno D' Augustin will guide the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Orientale and Sergio Prete that of the Sea Jonio

10/11/2016After nine trimesters in decrease, the traffic of the container enlivened from HHLA is returned to grow
In the period July-september of this year is enlivened 1,7 million teu (+5.6%)

10/11/2016prompt Assologistica the introduction of a "rating of legality" for the enterprises of the logistics
Mearelli: the too many cases of manipulation of the system of application of the costs of the staff

10/11/2016HMM and Korea Line have introduced offered in order to acquire the Asia-USA services of the Hanjin Shipping
would have introduced proposed also in order to acquire the seven branches foreign of the company

10/11/2016the Harbour Committee of Livorno has approved of the budget of forecast for 2017
Green light also to the triennial program of the works and to the deliberation on the number of the authorizations to the exercise of the operations and the harbour services

10/11/2016Brodosplit will construct a ship from cruise for the polar regions
107,6 meters and 17,6, will be able to accommodate 196 passengers and 69 members of the crew

10/11/2016the ESPO Award 2016 is assigned to the Harbour Authority of Bremen
the topic of the prize of this year was the "Nature in the ports"

10/11/2016In the third trimester rise of the traffic of the container in the terminals of Contship Italy and decrease in those of Eurogate
Altogether has enlivened 1,2 million teu (+6.8%) and respective 2,1 million teu (- 5.4%)

10/11/2016Al port of Taranto is conferred the Town-planning Prize
the acknowledgment in the within of the competition indetto from the scientific magazine of Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica

11/11/2016In increase the financial results of Fincantieri and Vard in the third trimester
Bono: the results allow us to confirm in full load the objectives of the Industrial Plan

11/11/2016Evergreen has closed the third trimester with a net loss of approximately -50 million dollars
the revenues are diminished of the -3,3%

11/11/2016Agreement of collaboration Wuchang Shipbuilding - ABB
is centralized in particular on the realization of ships with a minor environmental impact

11/11/2016the port of Livorno accommodates the event Plugtests anniversary of the ETSI
the objective is to experience technological devices in order to put in net vehicles and harbour and road infrastructures

11/11/2016To October the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +4.2%
In the first ten months of the 2016 port of call has enlivened 40,0 million tons (+5.7%)

11/11/2016a pool of banks finances the realization of a new logistic platform in the port of Trieste
distributed Verranno 30 million euros

11/11/2016In the third trimester the ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta have enlivened 4,5 million tons of goods (- 0.5%)
the traffic of the fleeting crocieristi has been of 951 thousand (+4.7%)

14/11/2016the AdSP of the Adriatic Oriental will participate to the logistic fair Turkish Logitrans
will hold from the 16 to 18 November to Istanbul

14/11/2016SBB CFF FFS Cargo begins the installation of devices RFID on own railway wagons
will be equipped approximately 5.000 cars of the 6,700 total ones of the company

14/11/2016To October the traffic in the port of Singapore has grown thanks to the rise of hydrocarbons
In the first ten months of the 2016 port of call has enlivened 490,2 million tons of goods (+1.2%)

14/11/2016Korea selected Line which preferential offerer for the acquisition of the services the Asia-USA di Hanjin Shipping
the transaction will be undersigned next monday

14/11/2016Fincantieri nozzle an offer in order to acquire the entire capital of Vard
Scope of the initiative is the delisting from the Stock exchange of Singapore

14/11/2016Hapag-Lloyd has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 8,2 million euros
the revenues have turned out in decrease of the -9,8% attesting itself to 1,93 billion euros

14/11/2016Incontro on the adaptation of the certifications of the marine ones to the Stcw convention
has carried out friday to Rome near the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports

14/11/2016Tirrenia has inaugurated the service ro-ro Genoa - Livorno - Catania - Malta
In program three race weeklies magazine with the Sicily and two with Malta

14/11/2016the Shipping volume "Grimaldi: History of a Family and an enterprise"
the publication illustrates the history of the shipowning family Grimaldi from the 14th century until the days ours

14/11/2016To October the port of Los Angeles City has established the historical record salary of traffic of the container
is enlivened 814,577 teu (+15.6%)

15/11/2016Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong has grown of +12.4%
In the first ten months of the 2016 is enlivened 15,9 million teu (- 5.9%)

15/11/2016Prosegue the increase of the results of shipowning group and logistic DFDS
the Danish group has bought the society of road haulage Shetland Transport

15/11/2016ECSA and CLIA asks modifications the directive on the harbour systems for collection for the refusals produced from the ships
Verhoeven: they serve systems in a position to dealing new types of waste, a system of reasonable and a corrected rating application of the norm

15/11/2016the European associations of the transport speed up the EU to finance the completion of the infrastructural net TRY
Kerdjoudj-Belkaid (Feport): a deficiency of deep could seriously compromise integration of the various modalities of transport and the efficiency of the logistic chains

15/11/2016To Venice is installed a series of telephones exchange in order to improve the access to the port
Slowly in order to assure conditions of safety of navigation in case of poor visibility

15/11/2016Agreement RFI, Region FVG and AdSP of the Adriatic Oriental in order to improve the railway connections of the port of Trieste
the investment will be of 70 million euros, of which 50 financed from the remaining RFI and part from the Authority of Harbour System

15/11/2016Arnold Donald (Carnival Corporation) will be president of the Cruise Line International Association
1° the January subentrerà to Adam Goldstein (Royal Caribbean Cruises)

15/11/2016Confetra exhorts the government to restore the normal operation of the Interporto of Padua
Marcucci: the damage that is enduring the operators is huge

16/11/2016Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. will be aliquot in six independent divisions
Interest of a British active trust for the acquisition of STX O&S and STX France

16/11/201625 November to Livorno will hold the convention "Ports: 25 years ago the revolution"
Is organized from Confindustria Livorno Massa Carrara

16/11/2016is returned to grow the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Amburgo
In the third trimester of this year is piled to 34,7 million tons (+2.7%)

16/11/2016& Co anticipate one plan in order to consolidate the activities of refit/repair of mega the yachts in the area of the Naval Repairs/Fair of Genoa
the company has asked the institutions the opening for a table for confronts in order to estimate the plan and to deepen of the contents

16/11/2016Last month the traffic of the goods enlivened from the Chinese marine ports has grown of +7.0%
the containerized cargos have been pairs to beyond 16,4 million teu (+5.2%)

16/11/2016V.Group has bought Indiana Selandia Ship Management
the society of Mumbai will continue to operate in independent way in the within of the British group

17/11/2016the port of New York enters in the terminalistico Network of shipowning group NYK
the Japanese society has bought 20% of the capital of Maher Terminals

17/11/2016Last month the containerized trade in the port of Long Beach is diminished of the -6,2%
In the first ten months of the 2016 is enlivened 5,7 million teu (- 4.8%)

17/11/2016the Senate has rejected the nomination of Spirit to president of the AdSP of Mare Tirreno Centrale
Green light, instead, to the nomination of Gentlemen to president of the AdSP of Mare Ligure Occidentale

17/11/2016the association of the German ports rejects the new proposed of the EU commission on the aids of Been about to the ports
Frank Dreeke, managing director of group BLG Logistics, is the new president of ZDS

17/11/2016In the first ten months of the 2016 traffic of the goods in the port of Ancona has grown of +7%
the traffic of the passengers

17/11/2016Last month the containerized trade in the port of Algeciras is increased of +2.4%
In the first ten months of this year the Spanish port of call has enlivened 3.983.214 teu (+6.5%)

17/11/20165 December will be inaugurated new the great intermodal terminal to the periphery south of Vienna
Rail Austria Cargo has begun experimentally to use it with a train to the day

17/11/2016the port of Livorno signs an agreement of collaboration with the agency that manages the Tunisian ports
In program plans of innovation in harbour topic of marine safety and, environmental sustainability and logistic and harbour procedures

18/11/2016In the third Diana Containerships trimester is incurred in a heavy net loss of -126,8 million dollars
Registrate losses for reduction of the value of seven ships pairs to -118,9 million dollars

18/11/2016Meeting of Propeller Club of Venice on the produced atmospheric pollution from the naval traffic
in collaboration with ATHENA and Ordine of the Engineers, will hold 22 November to Mestre

18/11/2016Wednesday to Trieste will hold an encounter on the relationship between Hong Kong and the port of the giuliana city
Is organized from the The International Propeller Club of Trieste and from the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Orientale

18/11/2016ESC and GSF in existence denounces the impact negative on the competition of the consolidation between the line companies
Introduced a study on the consequent effect on the supply chain

18/11/2016In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Livorno has grown of +3.4%
Fleeting in fort increase, with a +26% of the ferries and a +19% of the cruises

18/11/2016Profit warning of Singamas
Attended to year-end an economic result for the sign shareholders negative in order at least -53 million dollars

18/11/2016CMA CGM archivia the third trimester with a net loss of -268,3 million dollars
the revenues, thanks to the acquisition of the NOL, have grown of +12.3% to 4,5 billion dollars

21/11/2016In the first ten months of this year the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is diminished of the -3,8%
the cargo on the ships journeyed in the water way Egyptian is piled to 676,2 million tons (- 1.9%)

21/11/2016Zim will restructure the services in the Mediterranean Oriental
In services TGX and TIX will be added ports of call to Aliaga, Damietta, Iskenderun and Ashdod

21/11/2016To October the terminals of COSCO Shipping Ports have enlivened beyond 8,0 million container (+4.9%)
In the first ten months of the 2016 traffic has been pairs to 78,3 million teu (+4.0%)

21/11/2016To Turin an event for the development of ideas on innovative services of mobility and integration of the transport modalities
Promoted from the Authority of Regulation of the Transports and organized from Treatabit, will hold the next weekend

21/11/2016Vat to 5% for the marine cabotage short beam
Satisfaction of Fedarlinea for the approval of the measure from the Commission Budget of the Chamber

21/11/2016In the port of Montreal is inaugurated a new container terminal
Has a annual ability to traffic pairs to 450 thousand teu that it will go up to 600 thousand

22/11/2016Hanjin Shipping, will sell the transpacifici services to the Korea Line for 31,4 million dollars
In the 2015 such activity has generated 54.9% of the revenues totals of the South Korean company

22/11/2016In the third CEVA trimester has reduced the net loss
the revenues are diminished of the -1,2%

22/11/2016In the first ten months of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Trieste is increased of +3.5%
In increase is liquid bulk (+3.8%) that goods several (+1.5%) and solid bulk (+12.7%)

22/11/20161° the December to Rome the convention of Logistic Federagenti "and you carry: look for champions"
Duci: Italy appears overexposed and lacking in subjects in a position to being confronted with the world-wide colossus

22/11/2016and February 2017 to Milan will hold the first edition of "Shipping&Logistics meet Industry "
the event is promoted by Federation of the Sea and International Propeller organized Clubs and from ClickutilityTeam

22/11/2016public Consultation of the Authority of Regulation of the Transports on the services of railway maneuver in the ports and to interpose to you
the procedure refers to fourteen railway comprensori

22/11/2016Agreement of cooperation which signed from CLIA Europe and Cruise Europe
In occasion of the participation to the International Cruise Summit 2016, the Harbour Authority of Cagliari confirmation the income in the Sardinian port of the Global Turk Holding Ports

22/11/2016Memorandum of understanding Italy-Vietnam in the field of infrastructures and the transports
has been undersigned today to Rome

23/11/2016Confetra FVG, the recent measures in fiscal matter risks to penalize the import through the Italian ports
This - it has evidenced the organization of the operators of the logistics - will determine for the Italian State a reduction of the embedded custom offices

23/11/2016Ok of the Eighth Commission of the Senate to the provisions in matter of responsibility of the pilots of the ports and of technical-nautical services
To seem favorable to the proposal of nomination of Daniele Rossi to president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centro-Settentrionale

23/11/2016Viking Line will order the construction of a ferry to the Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co…
a letter of attempts that includes an option for a second ship

23/11/2016Agreement of cooperation between the French CMA CGM and Algerian CNAN NORTH
In program the constitution of a navigation line that carries out connections between the ports of Algeria and the Europe North

23/11/2016Tuesday to Milan will hold the public session of the shareholders' meeting of the Fedespedi
Will have for topic "Shipping: old problems and new scenes"

23/11/2016Codacons, the Anticorruzione Authority will inquire on the illegitimate nominations of the presidents of the AdSP
the association has specified that the possibility is reserved to appeal to the Regional Administrative Court such nominations

23/11/2016Tomorrow strikes and assemblies in the ports for the incident on the job to Salerno
Filt, Fit and Uilt, the efforts produced until today in safety topic are not sufficient

23/11/2016the EU commission has authorized the fusion between Hapag-Lloyd and UASC
the Middle Eastern company of navigation will have to stop the connections between the Europe North and the America North

24/11/2016Investments for beyond 300 million dollars in order upgrading the port of Philadelphia
the intense activities will begin the next year and will be completed over 15 years

24/11/2016In program an increase of the harbour taxes to Bremen/Bremerhaven
will be applied by 1° January. In 2018 an update of the system of rating will be introduced

24/11/2016the crisis of the shipping weighs on the accounts of commercial bank German NORD/LB
Attended to year-end a loss before taxes of beyond a billion of euro

24/11/2016the EU commission has authorized Italy to use the Ferrobonus
the intermodalità will be supported with an expense of 20 million euros for everyone of years 2016, 2017 and 2018

24/11/2016Bending of the economic results of the shipowning group Greek Attica
the first nine months of the 2016 have been archived item with a profit clearly of 26,5 million euros (- 23%)

24/11/2016To Livorno a distance of guideline to the trades of the sea
from the Harbour Authority, will participate you beyond thousand students

24/11/2016It are of agitation to Customs of Genoa, mobilization that - second the shippers - traces old models of trade-union protest
Cerchiamo - the representatives of the shipment houses exhort - new forms of dialogue and collaboration for the increase of a unitary culture of harbour system

25/11/2016Hyundai Merchant selected Marine which preferential offerer for Total Terminal International Algeciras
the landing place is inaugurated to half 2010

25/11/2016Last month the port of Valencia has enlivened 404 thousand container (+15.0%)
In the first ten months of this year the containerized trade has been pairs to 3.895.206 teu (+1.1%)

25/11/2016the government assures its engagement for the institution of the Agency for the Harbour Job of Gioia Tauro
the unions express worry and abashment for the declaration of inammissibilità for non involvement of matter of the amendment examined from the Chamber

25/11/2016Confindustria Livorno Massa Carrara makes the point on the state of the portualità
Perplexity on the fusion between the Harbour Authorities of La Spezia and naval of Carrara

25/11/2016the traffic in the port of Ravenna to October
In the first ten months of the 2016 port of call has enlivened 21,7 million tons of goods (+5.2%)

25/11/2016Regions, the supports to the smaller airports and the dredgings of maintenance in the ports do not constitute aids of State
the specific agenda introduced from the president of the Abruzzi Region D' Alfonso

28/11/2016the operators of the port of have met Carla Roncallo
Between the faced topics, the computer science participation of the Harbour Authority and services

28/11/201610 December to Catania will hold an encounter on the topic "the sea for the development of Southern Italy"
draft of the first initiative promoted from A.L.I.S. - Logistic association of the Sustainable Intermodalità

28/11/2016To Monfalcone the technical launch of the new ship from cruise MSC Seaside
For the realization of unit MSC Cruises has invested 700 million euros

28/11/2016the Harbour Authority of Genoa has made the point on the economic situation of the agency
the directory of the works in progress and the works in planning and about to execution

28/11/2016Feport has organized a conference on the challenges and the opportunities for the logistic chains in Europe
will hold 8 Decembers to Brussels

28/11/2016Ok of the Chamber to the nominations of the presidents of the AdSP with center to Genoa, Naples, Ancona and Ravenna
To seem favorable to the takeover OF Paolo Emilio Signorini, Pietro Spirito, Rodolfo Giampieri and Daniele Rossi

29/11/2016In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven is diminished of the -1,7%
Light increment of the goods in container and decided conventional decrease of the goods and the bulk

29/11/2016CMA CGM a new service between the ports of Alto Adriatico and Egypt
Has a settimale frequency and is operated with three portacontainer

29/11/2016Matson transfers own computer science applications on the platform cloud of the Amazon
the navigation company has closed four given centers of elaboration

29/11/2016Fedespedi, Italy accusation infrastructural deficiencies, but suffers also for the modalities from operation from the system Country
Alberti: the shippers continue to being the first referring and coordinators of the logistics of the goods

29/11/2016a new ship ro-ro of the Turk Transport Alternatives
Verrà introduced on the route between Turkey and Italy (Trieste)

30/11/2016Order of Charon & Tourist to the Turk Sefine Shipyard for a new ferry
Three workers are died while they were to the job on a ship of the Italian company in the port of Messina

30/11/2016Incontro in Calabria Region centralized on the development of the competitiveness of the port of Gioia Tauro
the De undersecretary Winning confirmation the support of the government for the institution of the Agency for the Harbour Job

30/11/2016Tomorrow will be inaugurated new the great port qatariota of Hamad
Qatar Ports Management Co. and Milaha Maritime & Logistics have constituted joint venture that the port of call will manage

30/11/2016Fincantieri has delivered the ship from cruise extra-dislocates Seabourn Encore to the Seabourn Cruise Line
Between two days the second ship ordered from the company will be set up in the yard of Sestri West

30/11/2016the Harbour Committee of Cagliari has decided the discouragement of the harbour taxes
Cut of a million euro with reference to cargo handling relative to 2016

30/11/2016the airport of Ancona-Falconara strengthens the activity in the field cargo
Aerdorica has signed an agreement with logistic group BCUBE

30/11/2016To October the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice has turned out in light decrease
the crocieristi are increased of +5.4%

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