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26 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 01:58 GMT+2

01/12/2016Zim archivia the third trimester with an emphasized bending of the economic results
the transported cargo volumes from the fleet are increased of +7.0%. The medium hire has turned out in decrease of the -20,8%

01/12/2016Maersk Line has signed a preliminary agreement in order to buy Hamburg Süd
the acquisition will not happen before the end of 2017. The ability to the fleet of the Danish group will go up to 3,8 million container

01/12/2016Filt Cgil asks the institutions not to make to pay to the genoese workers the account of the crisis of the shipping
a greater attention to international the commercial policies

01/12/2016Moby rents the two ships of the St Russian. Peter Line
the next year the "Princess Mary", that "Moby Dada" will be renamed, will be employed on the Nice-Fortification route

01/12/2016Federagenti, Italy wastes the opportunities offered from the field of the transports
Is the ten - denunciation the Federation of the Italian shipping agents - billions of euros given to foreign logistic conveyors

01/12/2016the point on the topic of the reduction of the emissions of the naval traffic
organized Conference from Propeller Club of Venice, ATHENA and the Foundation and the Order of the Venetian engineers

01/12/2016combined of MSC and HMM in order to acquire 54% of Total Terminals International
the value of the quota would pile to approximately 342 million dollars

02/12/2016Rolls-Royce announces the cut of others 800 places of work in the division Marine
joins to the determined reduction of thousand dependent last year

02/12/2016Agreement for the emergencies in sea which signed from Guard Costiera and Fedepiloti
the pilots of the ports will attend an appropriate course of training in order to embark themselves on the helicopters of the Body

02/12/2016the nomination of Giampieri to president of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Centrale
Task of the agency - it has emphasized - will be that to value the potentialities of every port in a cluster logic

02/12/2016In the first ten months of the 2016 traffic goods in the port of is diminished of the -5,8%
Goods in container -3,6%. The liquid and solid bulk is dropped of the -15,9% and the -10,5%

02/12/2016logistic group Italian SMET is conferred the "Sustainability Award" of CNH Industrial
the company employs fed vehicles to gas methane liquid and semitowings of 18 meters

02/12/2016Fine of 40 million dollars of the American authorities to the Princess Cruises for marine pollution
Is the comminata endorsement more never elevated for an intentional pollution in sea

02/12/2016the launch of I decree implementing of the Frank Point of Trieste
D' Augustin: "today it is a great day for our city and its port"

05/12/2016DP World and pension fund Canadian CDPQ create a platform of investments for the harbour and terminalistico field
the total equipment of resources will be of 3,7 billion dollars

05/12/2016NYK constitutes joint venture for the logistics of the cars in Vietnam
Agreement with a society of the Vinalines group

05/12/2016Diventa the new Turkish terminal of the port of Petkim
is managed by the APM Terminals in cooperation with the Petlim Limancilik Ticaret

05/12/2016Incontro on the topic "customs Simplifications and innovations: Trieste, an example to follow"
from the Interregional Direction of Customs for Veneto and the Friuli Venice Julia, will hold 20 December to Trieste

05/12/2016crocieristico group NCL announces the placement of senior unsecured notes for 700 million dollars
the resources collections will be used in order to buy own obligations with expiration in 2019

05/12/2016Minoan Lines, in the period January-september the profit after the taxes has grown of +39%
Calo of the revenues

06/12/2016In the 2017 harbour taxes to Rotterdam will endure an increase of +0.3%
Measures in order to stimulate the increase of the traffic of transhipment of the container

06/12/2016Advent International will acquire the control of the V.Group
OMERS Equity will yield own quota to the American society of private equities

06/12/2016Trasportounito invites to quickly overwhelm the empty one in the governance of the main Italian ports
Longo: it is continued to speak about railroads cargo very knowing that the interest of the country for the iron has had a course to say little altalenante

06/12/2016Swedish Orient Line acquires the entire property of three ships ro-ro constructed in 2006 and 2007
the units are rented to Stora Enso

06/12/2016the Mediterranean Canada Service di Hapag-Lloyd will scale the port of Sagunto
Cancellate the touched ones to Valencia for the excessive congestion of the Spanish port

06/12/2016Ok of the Senate to the nomination of Carla Roncallo to president of the AdSP of Mare Ligure Orientale
the agency will manage the ports of and Carrara

06/12/2016NOL has sold eight portacontainer to the CMB Financial Leasing for 648 million dollars
salt Operation and leaseback of the French shipowning group CMA CGM

06/12/2016the management of the Ecuadorian port of Mantums ray is assigned to the Agunsa Chilean
the concession contract, of the duration 40-year-old, previews an investment of 177,3 million dollars

06/12/2016Porto of Genoa, passage of deliveries between admiral Giovanni Pettorino and Paolo Emilio Signorini
has had beginning the mandate of the new president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western

07/12/2016THE Alliance anticipates the marine services of line that will realize on the western Mediterranean route - America North
will be activated the next April

07/12/2016In the first nine months of the 2016 traffic of the container in the port of Tanger Med is diminished of the -5,1%
In the solo third trimester is recorded an increase of +4.4%

07/12/2016Uiltrasporti, urgent to approve of the device in order to answer to the crisis of the transhipment in the ports of Gioia Tauro and Taranto
Tarlazzi: if the times could not any allow the approval in the Law budgetary, it goes quickly found another instrument legislative

07/12/2016Zim announces a next reorganization of own net of line services ocean-going liners
From April will be realized four spins

07/12/2016Spirit assumes the guide of the ports of Naples, Salerno and Castellammare and Signorini are anticipated to Savona
the new president of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western confirmation the strategicità of the new Maersk platform to I go

07/12/2016Fourth dismissal of the contest for the realization of the Europe Platform in the port of Livorno
the expiration for the presentation of the participation questions is time fixed to 31 May 2017

07/12/2016In the first ten months of this year the traffic goods in the Spanish ports has grown of +1.0%
the crocieristi have been 7,4 million (+3.7%)

07/12/2016prompt Feport the EU to institute a normative picture that regulates the private investments in the ports
the private harbour operators - denunciation the association - cannot continue to invest if the yields offered from the investments in the terminals and their management are not sufficient

07/12/2016the Turkish group acquisice Ekol 65% of Europe Multipurpose Terminals of Trieste
the quota is yielded by Francesco Parisi Casa di Spedizioni

09/12/2016BLG signs an agreement for handling of car in the harbour area of Bronka to Saint Petersburg
Initially the activity will be to service of Volkswagen Group Russia

09/12/2016Sri Lanka sells 80% of the port of Hambantota to the CMPort Chinese in order to tackle to the debits
economic outcome of the plan of construction of the port of call

09/12/2016To January the Grimaldi group will inaugurate a service ro-ro between the ports of Savona and Porto Torres
will be operated by two ships and will have every day frequency

09/12/2016Al genoese terminal of the PSA Voltri-Pra has reached the second lottery of crane of dock for the ULCV
the total investment for the potenziamento of the system is of approximately 250 million euros

09/12/2016Undersigned today to Seul the order of IRISL to HHI for the construction of ten ships
Agreement for the development of shipbuilding the naval Iranian

09/12/2016Twenty-one European associations of the transport form an alliance in order to carry own requests near the EU
Offrirà contributed to the European politicians, to the coordinators of the Corridors TRIES and the European agencies

09/12/2016In increase the economic performances of the crocieristica division of the TUI
exercise 2015/16 has been archived item with an increase of +61% of the profit before the taxes, the interests and the amortizations

12/12/2016Damen will construct 16 Lagunari boats for the Ivorian Société de Transport Lagunaire
Verranno realized in the Polish ship yard of the Dutch group

12/12/2016is increased to the fleeting ability to traffic and goods on the railway line north-south of Saint Gottardo
the base gallery will be crossed approximately 48 fleeting trains and 210 trains cargo to the day

12/12/2016the activity of Costa Crociere to Savona brings to the city a annual economic contribution of 38,6 million euros
the generated occupation is pairs to 661,2 places of work FTE

12/12/2016Thursday in the port of Trieste will land largest portacontainer never entered in Mare Adriatico
draft of the MSC Paloma, that it has a cargo ability pairs to 14.028 teu

12/12/2016Euro Rail Cargo announces one reorganizes some business that involves reduction of centers and staff
the cut of approximately 300 places of work

12/12/2016Hyundai Merchant Marine has undersigned an agreement of cooperation with Maersk Line and MSC
HMM will not be admitted to the VSA 2M, but it will be able to join to you between little more than three years if its situation financial institution will be improved

13/12/2016To November the port of Singapore has enlivened 49,9 million tons of goods (+10.4%)
In the first eleven months of the 2016 traffic of the container has been pairs to 28.138.200 teu (- 0.9%)

13/12/2016confirmed Delrio minister of Infrastructures and the Transports
Yesterday the oath of the new Italian government

13/12/2016Ports America will manage the new container terminal in deep waters to Sydney, in Nova Scotia
Verrà realized in two years on an area of 500 acres

13/12/2016To January Yusen Logistics will inaugurate the own first center in Switzerland
Donelli Group has announced the opening of an office to Ravenna

13/12/2016Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 676,8 million tons of goods (+7.0%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 16,7 million teu (+5.2%)

13/12/2016Coeclerici has acquired 67% of the capital of the IMS Deltamatic
the investment piles to approximately 20 million euros

13/12/2016Agreement between Greeks Attica and DEPA for I use it of the which combustible Gnl for the ships
the understanding follows the engagement of the two partner in this field through the plan Poseidon Med II

14/12/2016the Campania will introduce to the government a proposal for the ZES of the ports and the retroportuali areas of Naples and Salerno
the area of Bagnoli. A second phase previews to extend the participation to other areas

14/12/2016APM Terminals sells the British society of road haulage Pentalver to the Genesee & Wyoming
the transaction will have a value of 87 million pounds

14/12/2016Tomorrow will finish to the naval operation anti-piracy Ocean Shield of the NATO
the ships have been employees in the Gulf of Aden, to wide of the Horn of Africa and the coast the somali and in the Indian Ocean

14/12/2016Andrea Morandi president of the Association Agenti Marche and Abruzzi
"my presidency - it has emphasized - arrives in a very positive moment, of strong cohesion and synergy between port, city and region"

14/12/2016Ok of the Parliament EU to the regulations on the access at the market of the harbour services and on the transparency financial institution of the ports
draft - ESPO emphasizes - of an acceptable and migliorativo compromise regarding the original proposal of the Commission of May 2013

14/12/2016ECSA at the market restates the dissatisfaction for the lacked regulation the access of the harbour services
"However, after 15 years of negotiations - it has specified Verhoeven - now finally we have a first reads"

14/12/2016Green light of the European Parliament to the fourth railway package
anger of the ERFA for "the lost occasion in order to create conditions of competitive parity between the railroad and other modalities of transport"

15/12/2016To November the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong has grown of +10.1%
In the first eleven months of the 2016 is enlivened 17.755.000 teu (- 4.0%)

15/12/2016Initiatives of the South Korean government in order to assure that continuous HMM to being a total marine company
Hyundai Merchant Marine has introduced an in the mid term plan that previews new investments

15/12/2016Feport, the regulations on the ports is a good instrument that but must be very implemented in a coherent picture
Kerdjoudj-Belkaid: the text has created to great expectations approximately the transparency and the consultation

15/12/2016the third ship from cruise of Seen class ordered to Fincantieri will be introduced in the fleet of Carnival Cruise Line
To end 2019 the "Carnival Splendor" will be transferred the fleet of the P&O Cruises Australia

15/12/2016Salvaguardare the vocation to the traffic of the rotabili of the port of Salerno
asks It group SMET the new Authority for Harbour System for the Tyrrhenian Sea Central

15/12/2016Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City has marked a +23.6% and to Long Beach a -13,8%
In the first eleven months of this year the two ports of call have enlivened 8,06 million teu (+7,0) and respective 6,23 million teu (- 5.6%)

15/12/2016I throw again of the harbour system of the Sicily oriental and the ports of Syracuse and Augusta
speeds up It the Union Harbour Activities of Confcommercio Syracuse and Assoporto Augusta

15/12/2016ECSA rejects the relation of the Ambient Commission of the European Parliament on the emissions of the shipping
the relationship previews that, in absence of a system IMO, the shipping it must be enclosed in European system EU ETS beginning from 2023

15/12/2016Tomorrow will be introduced a book on the 45 years of life of the Interporto of Bologna
the event will hold to Palace of Accursio

16/12/2016Danaos Corporation has closed the third trimester of this year with a net loss of -8,4 million dollars
On the results hung the impact of the failure of the Hanjin Shipping

16/12/2016ESPO exhorts the EU to make pressures on the IMO so that it defines a system in order to obtain a reduction of the emissions of the ships
Ryckbost: it is becoming clearly that if within the 2023 IMO will not have realized it, an initiative of the EU appears inevitable

16/12/2016In 2017 will be introduced a first instrument for the appraisal of safety of the offshore industry
Agreement Put - Emilia-Romagna for the management of the activities of search and cultivation of hydrocarbons offshore and relative infrastructures

16/12/2016Fincantieri has constituted a branch Australian
In the ship yard of Ancona is launched the ship from cruise "Viking Sun"

16/12/2016Undersigned the hypothesis of agreement for I renew of the employment contract of Mobility, area Railway Activities
Satisfaction is expressed by FS Italian and the labor organizations

16/12/2016Al Port Center of Livorno more than thousand visitors in its first year of life
Gallanti: the port of Livorno is very alive and anticipates in collective imagination

16/12/2016to Carla Roncallo I decree of nomination to president of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Orientale
the new accorperà agency the Harbour Authorities of La Spezia and Marina di Carrara

19/12/2016Shanghai becomes center of China Shipowners' Association and the navalmeccanico cluster of group COSCO
Strategy in order to consolidate the role of the city which world-wide center of the shipping

19/12/2016Holding Grimaldi will equip two ships of systems of treatment of ballast waters of third generation
will be supplied and installed by Laval Alpha

19/12/2016Agreement for the takeover of Hutchison Ports in the port of Chornomorsk (Illichivsk)
the terminalista group of Hong Kong could operate in the Ukrainian port of call already the next year

19/12/2016the EU commission has approved of the Italian programs of incentives Ferrobonus and the Marebonus
Brussels has confirmed that they are consistent to the norms EU on the aids of State

19/12/2016the railway connection directed between the port of Livorno and the Tirrenica line
Stefano Corsini, managing of the DIPE, is designated to the charge of president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern

19/12/2016Sabato nel porto di Genova è deceduto un marittimo
I sindacati hanno proclamato 24 ore di sciopero

19/12/2016concentration in the marine-harbour field with an agreement between COSCO Shipping Ports and HPH Trust
Together will manage 16 docks in the harbour area Kwai Tsing di Hong Kong

20/12/2016the unions speed up the institutions to face the topics of safety in the marine and harbour field
the resumption and the conclusion of the iter legislative for the update of you decree legislative 271 and 272 of 1999

20/12/2016To November the traffic in the port of Ravenna has grown of +12.1%
In the first eleven months of the 2016 is enlivened 23,8 million tons of goods (+5.9%)

20/12/2016the contracts which signed from Virgin and Fincantieri for the construction of three ships from cruise have become executives
the three units will be realized in the plant of Sestri West (Genoa)

20/12/2016Damen has delivered a new tug Augusta Tug
Has an ability to shooting to the cleat of 60 tons and is employed in the port of Augusta

20/12/2016Provincial will be general secretary of the Harbour Authority of Livorno until 31 March
Only depriving - it has asserted - could think that the contest for the Europe Platform spun smooth in six months

20/12/2016In the crocieristica season the 2016 ports of the Sardinia North have recorded the landings place of 135 ships
135 fleeting ports of call and 200 thousand regarding 149 fleeting ports of call and 238 thousand in 2015

20/12/2016Satisfaction of Confitarma for the ok of the EU to the Ferrobonus and the Marebonus
Grimaldi, already in the 2007 Confederation the first Ecobonus promoted

20/12/2016Assiterminal and Trasportounito have joined to Confetra
the shareholders' meeting of the Confederation has received the demands for the two associations

20/12/2016Andrea Gentile is the new president of Assologistica
will be placed side by side by the vices president Sebastiano Grasso, Massimiliano Montalti and Umberto Ruggerone

20/12/2016the crocieristico group Carnival American celebrates the conclusion of a financial year record
an ulterior increase of the economic performances in 2017

21/12/2016Hanjin Shipping will sell own quota in Total Terminals International to the MSC
the Helvetic shipowning group will have the entire property of the terminalista society of Long Beach

21/12/2016To Shanghai the meeting fondativo of the "Global Shipping Think Tank Alliance"
SRM is the only Italian center studies and one of the three Europeans to become partner of the initiative

21/12/2016In the 2016 fleet in class Norwegian International Ship Register has grown of +9%
To the increase has contributed the norms that allow with single means in class NIS of being employed on the Norwegian continental platform

21/12/2016the UNCTAD is defining a system of appraisal of the performances of the ports
Currently to the plan participates 42 world-wide harbour ports of call

21/12/2016the Harbour Authority of Savona has introduced edition 2015 of the Budget of Sustainability
has been the last official action of the agency before the amalgamation with the genoese harbour authority

21/12/2016In vigor contract MSC Cruises - STX France for the construction of the two ships from class cruise "Plus Wonder"
the deliveries are previewed to October 2019 and september 2020

21/12/2016Inaugurated in the port of Monfalcone a new crane acquired from the Harbour Company
Has a capacity of 150 tons with a sbraccio of 54 meters

21/12/2016To November the containerized trade in the port of Valencia has grown of +0.6%
In the first nine months of this year the Spanish port of call has enlivened 4.274.581 teu (+1.2%)

22/12/2016November record to the port of New York - New Jersey
the new traffic of the container of the month with a handling pairs to 527.974 teu (+5.5%)

22/12/2016Wallenius Lines and Wilh. Wilhelmsen signs an agreement that specifies the terms of the fusion
the completion of the operation is previewed for the beginning of the next April

22/12/2016"K" Linens brings charges to the APL Logistics
the compensation of the damages provoked from the false information is diffused by dependent of the company of Singapore

22/12/2016Vopak buys activity and asset in the segment of the terminals of regasification of the Exmar
Currently the fleet of the Belgian company is constituted by ten units FRSU

22/12/2016Eighth consecutive month of the reduction of the marine traffic in the Suez Canal
To November the ships journeyed in the water way transported 68,9 million tons of goods, with an increment of +4.8%

22/12/2016Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is diminished of the -10,1%
Calo of the bulk. Containerized cargos +0.7%

22/12/2016the EU commission has defined the first European directory of the systems of recycling of the ships
Between the 18 approved of plants does not figure Italian yards

23/12/2016the VLCC of Oman Shipping Company exit from pool VL8
Is the 15 tankers of great capacity that the omanita company had entrusted to the management of Navig8

23/12/2016the unions have asked the government a urgent encounter on the crisis in the ports for Gioia Tauro and Taranto
the necessity to face the issue of the institution of the Agency for the administration of harbour job and professional requalification

23/12/2016BLG yields 51% of the capital of the BLG Coldstore Logistics to the Kloosterboer Dutch
the company manages most department store refrigerator of the port of Bremerhave

23/12/2016a missile has hit a ship Iranian in the Red Sea
Dead at least seven marine Pakistanis

23/12/2016Exim Bank of China will support the investments of Lowers Merchants Group
will assist It in the development of the national and foreign operations

23/12/2016Green light of the government to the Agencies for the harbour job to Taranto and Gioia Tauro
Uiltrasporti, this result affords of traguardare a long crisis and lasts and to look tomorrow to with minor the uncertainty

27/12/2016Kalmar will deliver seven new cranes to portal on rubber to the Algerian port of Oran
the order has a value of approximately ten million euro

27/12/2016a single offer for the acquisition of shipbuilding society STX France
the term for the presentation of the proposals will expire tuesday

28/12/2016In the first ten months of the 2016 traffic in the port of Taranto is increased of +12.9%
To October is enlivened 1,6 million tons of goods (- 24.1%)

28/12/2016CNA Fita asks minister Delrio not to grant in the 2017 some increase of the highway tolls
Second the association, the freezing of the rates is necessary in order to facilitate the resumption of the traffic of the goods

28/12/2016RFI implements new technologies in order to upgrade the railway connections with the Europe North
Conclusi the tests in order to install the technology Infill Radio with system ERTMS/ETCS level 1 on the Domodossola-Novara line of the European corridor the Rhine-Alps

29/12/2016the port of Antwerp gets ready to close 2016 with a record of beyond 214 million enlivened tons
Peaks of traffic of the container and the liquid bulk

29/12/2016the quota the terminalista group DP World in the Pusan Newport Co. it is gone up to 66.03%
HPH Trust acquires the control of the Huizhou International Terminals Container

30/12/2016Fincantieri has postponed the expiration of the Opa on the actions of Vard
the period of the public purchase offer is extended to 12 January

30/12/2016From Sunday the documents emitted from COSCON will be marked by name COSCO Shipping Lines
corporate name COSCO Lines Container

30/12/2016the Grimaldi group will extend the Ancona-Igoumenitsa-Patrasso line to the port of Venice
the service for the transport of goods and passengers will have biweekly frequency

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