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20 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 21:20 GMT+2

01/03/2017Seaspan has concluded fourth trimester 2016 with a profit clearly of 1,4 million dollars (- 98.1%)
the revenues are diminished of the -2,4%

01/03/2017In the 2016 value of the economic result clearly of Ship Finance International is diminished of the -27,1%
the operating profit is piled to 168,1 million dollars (+1.2%)

01/03/2017Ten European associations of the shipping invite the EU to make more in order to promote the marine transport
"is need - CLIA Europe, EBA, ECASBA, ECSA, EMPA, ETA, ETF, EuDA, Interferry and WSC emphasize - of a new strategy for the shipping valid for the next decade, that it goes to beyond 2018"

01/03/2017Kuehne + Nagel has archived item the 2016 with economic performances record
the marine and aerial shipment volumes have grown respective of +6.1% and +4.3%

01/03/2017In occasion of elections in Italy the marine boarded Italians cannot vote
Marialaura Of Abbot: "I believe that the moment has reached to find a solution"

01/03/2017the ambassador in Italy of the State of Qatar has visited the port of Naples
Esplorate the potential commercial routes useful in order to favor the interchange between the two Countries

01/03/2017president of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Orientale decides to convene the Harbour Committee breaks
Reunion for the approval of the budget of relative forecast 2017 and the slowly triennial one of the works, for the single port of

01/03/2017the port of Genoa has established the own new record of traffic of the container in the January month
Enlivened 186,304 teu (+11.7%)

02/03/2017Panalpina closes 2016 with an important contraction of the results
bending of the performances in the segment of marine shipments

02/03/2017China, eleven primary companies of line have promised a consisting reduction of the Terminals Handling Charge
Previewed a annual cut of the costs of cargo handling in the ports pairs to approximately 510 million dollars

02/03/2017d' Amico International Shipping has archived item 2016 with a loss of -12,8 million dollars
Flowers: "creed firmly that our market has of fundamental below the very strong ones of which we will benefit in the years to come"

02/03/2017In the 2016 port of Monfalcone has enlivened a traffic record of beyond 4,6 million tons of goods
disembarks to It is increased of +5.8%, while it embarks to it are dropped of the -4,9%

03/03/2017Improvement of the economic performances of the Zim in the fourth trimester of 2016
the period has been archived item with a profit clearly of 4,6 million dollars

03/03/2017the Spanish unions revoke the next strike in the ports, but the situation remains stiff
Appello of the ANESCO "to the government and all the political parties so that they as soon as possible guarantee the certainty of the right in a field that is key for the entire national economy"

03/03/2017Plan in order to estimate the efficiency of the management of the harbour spaces of Livorno
is elaborated by Department of Architecture of the University of Florence and by the Harbour Authority of Livorno

03/03/2017Aumento of the capital in sight for of Friend International Shipping
the proceeds of the offer will be used in order to optimize the corporate management financial institution

03/03/2017the Committee of management of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central has approved of POT 2017-2019
For the port of Naples is previewed investments for 141 million euros and the harbour port of call of Salerno 73 million

03/03/2017Doyle (FMC) proposes that the companies of a shipowning alliance of line are corresponsabili if of crack cocaine of an associate
With the failure of the Hanjin - it has observed - everyone has suffered. It would not have been less painful for alliance CKYHE - one has wondered - to make sure against such a catastrophe in order protect all the members of the alliance

06/03/2017Agreement Maersk - IBM in order to introduce the technology blockchain in the logistic chain of the containerized marine transport
the scope is to create a solution for the digitalisation of the traffics and the commercial exchanges

06/03/2017the construction of a new multimodale platform of the Arcese group
will be situated to Basiano, in province of Monza and of the Brianza

06/03/201720 March to Genoa the presentation of a book on crack cocaine of the naval finance
To the encounter will participate author Sergio Bologna

06/03/2017Boluda and OPDR have begun to manage the container terminal of the port of Seville
In the 2016 containerized trade in the Spanish port of call has remained stable being is pairs to approximately 160 thousand teu

06/03/2017Primo day of Corsini in the center of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern
the president designated in visit to the offices of the agency

06/03/2017Saturday in the yard of Riva Trigoso di Fincantieri has carried out the ceremony of launch of the Federico Martinengo frigate
will be delivered in the first months of 2018 to Marina Militare Italiana

06/03/2017In the 2016 ports of the North Adriatic Ports Association has enlivened 177,6 million tons of goods (+3.3%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 2.151.498 teu (+4.8%)

06/03/2017public Consultation for the realization to Marseilles Fos of a dock between the container terminal Eurofos and 2XL
the construction of a landing place of 243 linear meters with depth of the -17 backdrop meters

06/03/2017In 2017 is attended a reduction of the -7,1% of the crocieristico traffic in the Italian ports
Second the forecasts of Answers Tourism, touched the ship will be 4,500 (- 9.6%)

06/03/2017increase of the traffic of the goods in the port of Hong Kong in the last trimester of 2016
the cargos for marine way are piled to 45,5 million tons (+23.0%)

07/03/2017To January the port of Genoa has enlivened altogether 4,4 million tons of goods (+7.7%)
the traffic of the passengers has grown of +4.9%

07/03/2017HMM agrees with Korea Shipping salt and leaseback of ten portacontainer
Verranno bought for approximately 130 million dollars. The understanding previews a compensation of the difference between the book value and fair market value of the ships

07/03/2017Green light of the Norwegian government to the construction of the first gallery for ships to the world
In the tunnel, along 1,7 kilometers, will be able to journey the postal ferries Hurtigruten

07/03/2017Costa supports the initiatives of Mercy Ships in support of the needyr Countries
the crocieristico group has carried out a first donation of 100 thousand euros

07/03/2017Named the members of the Organism of partnership of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central
the first reunion of the new organ of the agency is convened for 9 March

07/03/2017Interest of Uruguay for the Carriage free of Trieste
institutional Mission of the Region Friuli Venice Julia in Latin America

07/03/2017ICTSI will order to five crane of dock post-Panamax for terminal MICT of Manila
the store clerk will include 20 cranes to portal on rubber

07/03/2017the EU commission presses because Spain adapts to the national legislation on the harbour job to the norms EU
the Spanish minister de the Serna has shown the dismissal of some days of the ballot on the specific decree-law

08/03/2017Hutchison Ports has signed the contract for the management of the container terminal of the new port of Norvik (Stockholm)
the landing place will become operating in 2020

08/03/2017Calo of the economic results of Global Ship Lease on whose hung the devaluation of ships of the fleet
exercise 2016 has been archived item with a net loss of -28,9 million dollars

08/03/2017fracture between UIC and EPAL on the interscambiabilità of the pallets
the European association places unilaterally term to the agreement reached in 2014, revocation that the international union not chip ax

08/03/2017MSC Cruises launches a program of digital innovation that will be applied to all the fleet
Debutterà on ship "MSC Wonder", that it will enter in service between less than 90 days

08/03/2017Al Salerno Container Terminal will land the ships of the great shipowning alliances Ocean Alliance and THE Alliance
the first will activate a connection weekly magazine with the USA, the second one will program five touched to the week with import-export for all the continents

08/03/2017Confetra finds a slow but constant prosecuzione of the resumption of the transport goods in Italy
For the third consecutive year the course of the traffic salt for all the modalities

09/03/2017Pino Musolino is named president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale
minister Delrio has signed decrees

09/03/2017Boskalis, from rags to riches
the Dutch group has closed 2016 with a net loss of -561,7 million euros

09/03/2017To February the port of Long Beach has enlivened 498 thousand container (- 11.2%)
the reduction of the activity has been consequence mainly of the festivity of the Chinese New Year's Day

09/03/2017THE Alliance anticipates the final configuration of own net of containerized marine services
For Italy, confirmed, besides the touched ones to the ports of Genoa, La Spezia and Livorno, the ports of call to Salerno

09/03/2017the Spanish unions revoke others three days of strike in the ports
Coordinadora: the government has created frictions and, consequently, he must be part of the solution

09/03/2017the shipowning society Claus-Peter Offen has bought the group Accounts of Monk
the consistency of the fleet of the company of Amburgo will go up to 169 ships

10/03/2017Research center of the Rolls-Royce group in Finland for the ships to remote control
Support financial of the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation

10/03/2017POT 2017-2019 of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central is sent to minister Delrio
For the port of Naples the plan of investments piles to 141 million euros and for the harbour port of call of Salerno to 73 million

10/03/2017puts down it of the flyover of connection with the platform multipurpose of Vado Ligure
Will be along 140 meters and will have four lanes of march

10/03/2017Porto of Livorno, the intense activities of restoration of the functionality of the Benghazi Descent concluded
the hoof of the old wall of control of the dock

10/03/2017the ports of Naples, Salerno and Castellammare di Stabia together for the first time to the Seatrade
the crocieristica fair will hold from the 14 to 16 March to Fort Lauderdale

10/03/2017In the ship yard of Marghera is launched the ship from cruise Carnival Horizon
Fincantieri will deliver the unit in spring 2018

10/03/2017CMA CGM has archived item 2016 with a net loss of -452 million dollars
the revenues have grown of +1.9% (decrease of the -14,7% without the contribution of the NOL)

13/03/2017In 2016 group OOIL is returned at the dark moments of 2009
Last year has been archived item with a net loss pairs to -219,2 million dollars

13/03/2017Bending of the traffic of the container in the port of Singapore to February
the port of call has enlivened altogether 48,1 million tons of goods (+3.0%)

13/03/2017Convention of Propeller Club of Monfalcone on "infrastructures for the development: the new channels of Suez and Panama"
will carry out 23 thursdays March

13/03/2017tidy the Spliethoff Dutch six new multipurpose ships
will be constructed by the Chinese ship yard Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co…

13/03/2017This year, according to Cemar, the crocieristico traffic in the Italian ports will drop of the -9,7%
Waited for 9.840.000 passengers

13/03/2017CNA-Fita denunciation a possible agreement to the decrease between Artoni and Fercam
the association evidences that it would be a drama for the induced one

13/03/2017Gentlemen has introduced the team of summit of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western
the harmonization of the procedures and the rules in the ports of Genoa and Savona will regard also the rates (canons of concession and harbour taxes). A manager for the airport of from Liguria chief town

13/03/2017the Honored group Shipping has carried to term the acquisition of terminalista society livornese LTM
Stefano Corsini is named president of the Authority of Harbour System of Alto Tirreno. The magistracy has dissequestrato the Mediterranean floating dock

13/03/2017Proseguono the negotiations with PSA for the management of a new container terminal in the port of East Port Saïd
>Lo has confirmed Mohab Mameesh (Suez Canal Authority) specifying that there are also other interlocutors, between which Chinese COSCO

13/03/2017In the 2016 harbour terminal of group ICTSI has enlivened 8,7 million container (+11.7%)
the year has been archived item with a profit clearly of 193,5 million dollars (+180.5%)

14/03/2017Carnival Corporation opens two new centers of assistance to the fleet to Seattle and Miami
will join to the already operating center to Amburgo

14/03/2017To February the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 644,0 million tons of goods (+8.5%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 13,7 million teu (+7.2%)

14/03/2017Wärtsilä has developed a system in order to assist the ships in phase of maneuver
Consente to visualize previewed the future position and direction of the unit

14/03/2017HSH Nordbank has rejected the plan of restructure of the debit of Rickmers Maritime
the company of Singapore is to the job in order to define new terms

14/03/2017To January the traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven has grown of +3.9%
Exports +6.2%. The container has been pairs to 454.995 teu (+0.1%)

14/03/2017Agreement Consortium ZAI - RFI in order to upgrade intermodal the railway ability and to the Interporto Europe Quadrant
Gasparato: "we have undertaken a distance of realization of the only terminal from 750 meters in Italy for its valence in logistic within"

14/03/2017the platform electronic for marine transports containerized INTTRA has bought the Avantida competitor
the company the Dutch is specialized in the management of the empty fleets of container

15/03/2017Maersk signs a salt and purchase agreement with Oetker for the acquisition of Hamburg Süd
Between the end of April and half of May the understanding will be voted by the surveillance councils and the shareholders

15/03/2017Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is increased of +26.0%
In the first period of two months of the 2017 is enlivened almost 3,2 million teu (+12.7%)

15/03/2017To February the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is diminished of the -12,4%
In the first period of two months of this year is enlivened beyond 1,4 million teu (+2.4%)

15/03/2017Agreement to Trieste for the development of the harbour logistics
is signed by the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Orientale and by AREA Science Park

15/03/2017navalmeccanico group South Korean DSME has closed 2016 with a net loss of approximately -2,3 billion dollars
the revenues are diminished of -15,1%. The situation of the company to the examination of the creditors

15/03/2017the container terminal of ICTSI and PSA in the Columbian port of Buenaventura
Can serve portacontainer of the ability until 18.000 teu

15/03/2017Shipping will introduce a ship dedicated to the goods on the Catania-Malta route
Programmed four departures weeklies magazine from every port

15/03/2017Last year the number of the European crocieristi has grown of +3.4%
For the first time the German market has exceeded two the million passengers

15/03/2017Artoni Crisis. Franchini (Cna-Fita): here the branches that has been decided to save
"draft - it has specified the president of the association of an informal directory"

15/03/2017To January the port of Valencia has enlivened 387,451 container (+9.7%)
the total traffic of the goods is increased of +8.3%

16/03/2017Baptism of the constructed first portacontainer from 20.150 teu from Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd
Is before four ordered twin units from the Japanese MOL

16/03/2017Unatras has proclaimed for saturday a day of mobilization of the road haulage
CNA-Fita, the haulers enter the field in order to criticize the policies of the government. Trasportounito denunciation the uselessness of the manifestations of "presumed protest"

16/03/2017To January the port of Venice has recorded an increase of the goods several and a decrease of the bulk
Altogether tons of goods have been 2,2 million

16/03/2017Nordic Tankers and V.Ships constitute a society of ship management that will operate in Scandinavia
Dania Ship Management will have center to Copenhagen

16/03/2017In the 2016 crocieristici ports of the Mediterranean di MedCruise has enlivened 27,4 million passengers (- 1.1%)
This year in the port of Cagliari is attended beyond 400 thousand crocieristi regarding 256 thousand in 2016

16/03/2017Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Bari has grown of +3.9%
the crocieristi are increased of +9.6%

17/03/2017the Spanish parliament has rejected the bill on the harbour job
the unions have revoked programmed strikes

17/03/2017To February terminal of COSCO Shipping Ports has enlivened beyond 6,9 million container (+5.6%)
the Chinese terminals have totaled 5,6 million teu (+0.7%) and the terminals foreign countries 1,4 million teu (+32.6%)

17/03/2017Procedure of the Authority of Regulation of the Transports in order to guarantee a fair and not discriminatory access to harbour infrastructures
In the next weeks will be launch a preliminary consultation of the interested subjects

17/03/2017the transaction with which COSCO and Qingdao Port they have become partner of APM Terminals to I go
To the two Chinese groups participation pairs respective to 40.0% and 9.9%

17/03/2017Manifestation of the unions to Rome in order to speed up puts up protections for the marine Italians
Fantappiè (Uiltrasporti): it is not possible that the marine job is not inserted between the wearing activities

17/03/2017Mercitalia Rail, exceptional transport of wide a long reactor 20,3 meters and four meters
has travelled from Desio to Tarvisio in order then to reach in Slovakia

17/03/2017Hapag-Lloyd and UASC send back two-month-old the final deadline of execution of the fusion agreement
the two companies have emphasized that "the transaction is not to risk"

17/03/2017New railway services for the transport of LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS and car from Holland and Czech Repubblica/Slovakia for Italy
first is operated by Rail Traction Company and Lokomotion and according to from DB Italy Cargo

17/03/2017Genting Hong Kong has closed 2016 with a net loss of -504,2 million dollars
the field of the cruises has recorded a EBITDA pairs to 62,8 million dollars (+44.5%)

20/03/2017In the 2016 economic result clearly of the terminalista group DP World has grown of +18.9%
the revenues have been pairs to 4,23 billion dollars (+4.7%)

20/03/2017At less than nine months from its widening the channel of Panama hat already is crossed by thousand new-Panamax ships
today 13 services of new-Panamax line journey through the closed new; others two will join the next month

20/03/2017To January the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna is diminished of the -3,5%
increase of the container and the rotabili. In decrease goods liquid sand banks and bulk

20/03/2017In the 2016 logistic group CEVA has recorded a reduction of the net loss
the revenues are piled 6,65 billion dollars (- 4.5%)

20/03/2017Propelling Club of Venice has organized a convention centralized on the profession of the marine raccomandatario
will hold 4 April to Mestre

20/03/2017Ezra Holdings has introduced request for being admitted to Chapter 11 of the American bankrupt law
the decision follows a series of actions under way lawyers from the creditors

20/03/2017the EU commission confirmation endorsements for 776,5 million euros to eleven airlines of the field cargo
the analogous decision of end 2010 was cancelled by the Court of the European Union

20/03/2017Confetra expresses satisfaction because the restrictions on the warehouses Vat not varranno for the reliable operators
Marcucci: the requests of the field are received

20/03/2017In the ship yard of Marghera is begun the construction of the ship from cruise Nieuw Statendam
will be delivered to Holland America Line at the end of 2018

20/03/2017the vice Greek minister of the Economy has met an Italian delegation of the shipowning and harbour field
Reunion to Rome near the Shipping center of the Italian Confederation

20/03/2017Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +50.6%
Crocieristi in decrease of the -17,5%

20/03/2017In the 2016 traffic of the goods in the port of Palermo is diminished of the -5,8%
the crocieristi have been 510 thousand (- 6.7%) and the passengers of the ferries 1,3 million (+12.1%)

21/03/2017terminalistico group Turkish GPH has closed 2016 with a net loss of approximately -33 million euros
the enlivened crocieristico traffic from the harbour terminals has been pairs to 4,6 million passengers (+10.8%)

21/03/2017Alla Martek Marine an important store clerk of European agency EMSA for the supply of droni for the marine field
employed Verranno in order to upgrade the controls of the marine borders and the surveillance and the monitoring of the marine traffic

21/03/2017To February the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal transported 67,5 million tons of goods (+2.7%)
the units directed towards south had on board 35,7 million tons of cargos (+13.2%) and those journeyed in the opposite direction 31,8 million tons (- 7.0%)

21/03/2017the company of Liberty Lines navigation of Trapani has acquired the control of the concittadina Ferries of the Islands
Opera services for the smaller islands of the western Sicily with departures from Trapani and Porto Empedocle

21/03/2017the Municipality of Carrara has named Nicoletta Migliorini member of the Committee of management of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Oriental
the Region Marche has designated Giulio Piergallini like member of the agency in the Committee of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Centrale

21/03/2017In the 2016 company of navigation Minoan Lines has increased the economic performances
In decrease of 7.1% the revenues, come down to 160,2 million euros

22/03/2017the ports of Naples, Salerno and Castellammare will introduce own harbour and tourist services to the BMT
Spirit: the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central is anticipated like a system based on the diversity and the complementariness

22/03/2017Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Algeciras is diminished of the -17,1%
the traffic total has been of 7,1 million tons of goods (- 10.8%)

22/03/2017Bolivia accelerates the times in order to define the plan of the Bi-oceanic Railway Corridor
the railway line would be proposed like route alternative to the channel of Panama hat

22/03/2017the Tuscany Region has announced the interest of China Railway International Group to the realization of the Europe Platform of Livorno
the company would have to participate to the interest manifestation that expires to the end of May

22/03/2017Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Catania has grown of +4.3%
Crocieristi in rise of +25.7%

23/03/2017Fincantieri starts the construction of before three ships from cruise for Virgin Voyages
Ceremony for the cut of the first sheet in the ship yard of Sestri West (Genoa)

23/03/2017Ocean Yield and Quantum Pacific Shipping have taken in delivery the last one of six new portacontainer from 19.500 teu
the ship, long 400 meters and wide 58,8 meters, is rented to the MSC

23/03/2017terminalista group PSA International has closed 2016 with a profit clearly in decrease of the -7,5%
Revenues in increase of +3.0%

23/03/2017To Salerno is constituted the Workshops of the Logistics and the Transports
the association has the scope to promote a aggregativo model for the field of the transports

23/03/2017the navalmeccanico group Russian USC and Chinese ZPMC sign a collaboration agreement
the takeover in Russia of a plant of production of equipments for the naval field

23/03/2017Venice front man of a plan for the improvement of the harbour connections with the markets of central Europe
the initiative sees involved also the other ports of the North Adriatic Ports Association

23/03/2017of the Harbour Committee of Gioia Tauro to the institution of the Agency for the harbour job
will have lasted triennial and will be promoted and managed by the Authority of Harbour System

23/03/2017China Railway International deepens the examination of the plan of the Europe Platform of Livorno
Today a delegation of the Chinese group has met president of the Authority of System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern

23/03/2017To February the traffic of the container in the port of Tanger Med is increased of +11.8%
In the first period of two months of the 2017 total has been of 492 thousand teu (+9.6%)

23/03/2017To Trieste has been born a partnership public-private in order to promote the takeover of new productive activities in the city port
Agreement between AREA Science Park and the Samer &Co Shipping

24/03/2017deep Nuovo in Denmark for investments in the naval field
is constituted by the pension funds PensionDanmark and Danica Pension and by the investment trust To navigate Capital Partners

24/03/2017Rolls-Royce signs agreements with MacGregor and Stena Line in order to develop to systems of automation for the conduction and the management of the ships
Activity of search centralized on the portacontainer and the "ambient ship"

24/03/2017In the 2016 port of Messina has enlivened beyond 5,9 million tons of goods (+6.2%)
In the field of the passengers the total has been of 7,0 million people (+2.2%)

24/03/2017the port of is in the shortlist of the best European ports in the within of the prize Aflas 2017
Between the terminalisti finalists figure also La Spezia Container Terminal

24/03/201711 April to Roma Confetra will introduce the volume "When Italy of the transports was born"
the book recalls the birth of the general first floor of the transports Italian

24/03/2017Undersigned the contract for the cession of 14 branches of the Artoni to the Fercam
Is the centers of Alexandria, Brescia, Bergamo, Cesena, Civitanova Marche, Latina, Mantua, Modena, Piacenza, Pisa, Reggio Emilia, Terni, Varese and Vercelli

24/03/2017Alla Guardia Costiera Italiana is conferred the prestigious international prize Meritorious Service Award
Acknowledgment for the extraordinary activity of aid to the migrants lead from its crews in the central Mediterranean

24/03/2017Course of marine English of the Foundation Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile and the Messina company
Rappresenta the first experiment of formation at a distance in the field sea

24/03/2017Forty-one crocieristiche companies have undersigned the voluntary agreement "Venice Blue Flag 2017"
Prevede measures in order to reduce the most possible polluting emissions of the ships that reach Venice

24/03/2017Hapag-Lloyd has announced that the company has closed 2016 with a net loss of -93,1 million euros
In the last trimester is recorded a profit clearly of 46,0 million euros

27/03/2017Three binding offers for the acquisition of 67% of the Harbour Authority of Salonicco
is introduced by ICTSI, DP World and from the consortium Deutsche Invest Equity Partners, Belterra Investments and Terminal Link (CMA CGM)

27/03/2017the second phase of the container terminal of CMA CGM and PSA in the port of Singapore
the annual ability to traffic is gone up to four million teu

27/03/2017This year in Germany is attended an increment of +1.2% of the volume of traffic of the goods
For the national ports is previewed a handling of 294,7 million tons of cargos (+0.7%)

27/03/2017Forty-eight million European deep euros of for the dredging of the apulian ports not center of Harbour Authorities
"From decades - it has emphasized the regional city council member to Infrastructures and the public works, Giovanni Giannini - did not take care to us of this problem"

27/03/2017Moby announces the stabilization of 255 marine ones in Tuscany
Agreement with the labor organizations

27/03/2017To conclusion of the Opa of Fincantieri on Vard the Italian group stops 74.45% of the capital of the Norwegian society
the total of the adhesions does not afford to the Italian company to put into effect the delisting of Vard from the Stock exchange of Singapore

27/03/2017the unions restate the centrality of the job for throw again of the Italian portualità
Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti, necessary a norm ad hoc for the escape anticipated from the productive cycle of all the workers of harbour enterprises (16, 17 and 18)

27/03/2017Thursday to Naples the convention "regeneration of the waterfront harbour: Naples and Trieste experiences to I confront"
Is organized from Propeller Club of Naples and Trieste

28/03/2017the authority antitrust of Singapore authorizes the fusion of the activities in the field of the container of the Japanese "K" Linens, NYK and MOL
the operation will not involve a violation of the norms on the competition

28/03/2017COSCO Shipping Ports has closed 2016 with a profit clearly of 276,0 million dollars (- 39.3%)
the revenues are piled to 556,4 million dollars (+1.1%)

28/03/2017DSME has completed the first ship icebreaker for the which liquified natural gas transport to the world
the unit is delivered to the Russian company Sovcomflot

28/03/2017Last year the Chinese producer of container CIMC has recorded a decided decrease of the economic results
decrease of the sales

28/03/2017the AdSP of the Center-Northerner Adriatic and the Chamber of Commerce of Ravenna to the Offshore Mediterranean Conference
the fair of the field oil & gas will open the clappers to Ravenna tomorrow

28/03/2017In the first trimester of the exercise 2017 Carnival has recorded an increase of +148% of the result clearly
-15%. Increase of +59% of the cost of the fuel

28/03/2017In the 2016 Marine Stations has recorded a turnover of approximately 23,5 million euros (+5%)
the profit clearly is diminished of the -3% to 840 thousand euros

28/03/2017has been born to Venice a school for technicians for the management and conduction of railway means
Companies of the field the graduate students have engaged themselves to assume all

29/03/2017Constituted the Committee of management of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centrale
Giampieri: the completion of the organs of the Authority of System allows the full administrative and decisional operativity

29/03/2017To February strikes have determined a decrease of the -24,3% of the containerized trade in the port of Valencia
the Spanish port of call has enlivened altogether 4,44 million tons of goods (- 16.0%)

29/03/2017GNV a new marine service for rotabili Civitavecchia-Malta via Palermo
Salgono to eight the connections with the island realized from the company

29/03/2017Yang Ming has closed 2016 with a net loss of approximately -493 million dollars
Improvement of the results in the fourth trimester of the year

29/03/2017In Turkey the branch of the group Yusen Logistics has melted with the logistic society of Holding the Inci group
the new society will have almost 200 dependent and will start own activities 1° the April

29/03/2017Agreement in order to improve railway accessibility of the port of Ravenna
the realization of three participations of the total value of 21 million euros

29/03/2017In the 2016 harbour terminal of Lowers Merchants Port Holdings Co. they have enlivened 95,77 million container (+14.5%)
the traffic of the bulk has been pairs to 460 million tons (+30.2%)

29/03/2017the logistic group Turkish Ekol Logistics has instituted an own branch in Slovenia
the takeover of a first warehouse in the area of Ljubljana

29/03/2017designated Baumgartner president of ANITA for the next four-year term
the election will happen in occasion of the shareholders' meeting in program to june

30/03/2017In the 2016 Fincantieri has recorded an improvement of the results with a return to the profit
Bono: in the 2015 company it has archived item the longest crisis of the field

30/03/2017In increase the economic results of terminalista group German HHLA
In the 2017 is attended analogous performances to those last year

30/03/2017To railway society FNM 49% of the capital of FuoriMuro
the company manages in exclusive right the railway maneuvers in the port of Genoa

30/03/2017In the 2016 Italian ports has enlivened 485,3 million tons of goods (+1.6%)
Newletter di Assoporti and SRM with a panoramic one of some economic parameters connected to the marine transport

30/03/2017Singamas has archived item 2016 with a decrease of the economic results
the Chinese company previews a possible increase of the average price of sale of the container

30/03/2017Completed in the port of Ancona the plan for the control and remote control of the overwhelmed bathtub of
the test of the new system of automation has happened via smartphone

30/03/2017Fincantieri has delivered the ship from cruise Majestic Princess to the Princess Cruises
Is the first ship planned and constructed from the Italian company specifically for the Chinese market

31/03/2017Provincial confirmed general secretary of the harbour agency of Livorno
Corsini: "the solution is shared with the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports"

31/03/2017the shareholders of Premuda deliberate the cover of the losses and an increase of capital
the income in the share capital of Pillarstone Italy

31/03/2017COSCO Shipping Holdings has closed 2016 with a heavy net loss pairs to approximately -1,3 billion dollars
the fleet of portacontainer of the group has transported cargo volumes pairs to 16.902.800 teu

31/03/2017Bending of the economic results of the companies Evergreen and Wan Hai in 2016
Improvement of the performances in the last trimester

31/03/2017the Spanish government has accepted the mediation proposal on the harbour job
However the executive has emphasized that the agreement of maximum agreed from unions and enterprises would cost to the state treasury 2.415 million euros

31/03/2017Agreement MHOS, Imabari Shipbuilding and Namura Shipbuilding in order to collaborate in the segment of the commercial ships
Proseguono the negotiations in order to include the Oshima Shipbuilding Co. in the alliance pact

31/03/2017Understanding unions - Rina/D' Appolonia for the safeguard of the occupation
the text - Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uilt have announced - previews a plan of incentives on a voluntary basis in order to accompany to the pension

31/03/2017In the trimester January-March the Japanese MOL will record extraordinary burdens for approximately 184 million dollars
Devaluation of the fleet of portacontainer

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