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26 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:54 GMT+2

02/05/2017Vard will construct a ship for search shipments
will be delivered in 2020 to the society Rosellinis Four-10 of the Norwegian manufacturer Kjell Inge Røkke

02/05/2017has commissioning before the new ships of the second generation of the class "Triple" of Maersk Line
the portacontainer, of the ability to 20.568 teu, will be employed on the Asia-Europe route

02/05/2017Norwegian Cruise Line announces the extension of the period of the program of buys back of actions own
will be carried to term within 29 April 2020

02/05/2017the Board of Directors of Alitalia has deliberated to introduce the request of admission to the extraordinary administration
Which took note of the serious economic, patrimonial situation and financial institution of the society

02/05/2017In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the container in the port of New York has grown of +2.4%
is enlivened beyond 1,5 million teu

02/05/2017Course in Right of Navigation and the Transports organized from Propeller Club of Salerno
the fourth edition will be inaugurated friday

02/05/2017COSCO Shipping Holdings has closed the first trimester of 2017 with a profit clearly of approximately 69 million dollars
In the period the fleet of portacontainer of the COSCO Shipping has transported cargo volumes pairs almost 4,7 million teu

02/05/2017In the first trimester the profit clearly of Global Ship Lease has recorded an increase of +42.0%
the revenues are piled to 39,6 million dollars (- 7.0%)

03/05/2017Corsini has rejected the designation of Nogarin to member of the Committee of management of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern
the mayor of Livorno has announced that it will appeal the decision in the opportune centers

03/05/2017American FMC rejects the agreement between the Japanese "K" Linens, MOL and NYK for jurisdictional reasons
the Federal Maritime Commission has specified not authority to examine and to approve of fusions

03/05/2017To fine shipowning association European ECSA lascerà Verhoeven summer in order to pass to the IAPH
Assumerà the new charge of in charge of the area Political and strategies of the International Association of Ports and Harbors

03/05/2017the port of Venice has joined the Logistic Association of the Sustainable Intermodalità
Guido Grimaldi evidences the necessity that does not make European cabotage with underpaid drivers and critic the current modalities in order to guarantee the territorial continuity with the great islands

03/05/2017First Ship Lease Trust has closed the first trimester of this year with a profit clearly of 3,4 million dollars (+51.9%)
a preliminary agreement for the cession of 24% of the capital to the Navios Maritime Holdings

03/05/2017First appraisal of the opportunities offered from integration of the ports of La Spezia and Carrara
the plan of development and environmental and architectonic compatibility of the new logistic pole of Santo Stefano di Magra

03/05/2017Terex has archived item the first trimester with a loss from the activities currents of -60,3 million dollars
the revenues are diminished of the -9,6%

04/05/2017the American group Carnival will realize and manage a new terminal cruises on the island of Grand Bahamas
the American company will invest 100 million dollars

04/05/2017Maersk Line and Oetker anticipate the future management of Hamburg Süd
Arnt Vespermann will assume the charge of chairman of the board of directors of the German company

04/05/2017Agreement between the ports of Barcelona and Miami for the development of the traffics of the cruises and the goods
is focused on four areas: mobility, safety, ambient marine management and

04/05/2017In the first three months of the 2017 traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports has grown of +2.0%
the crocieristi are diminished of the -11,4%

04/05/2017has been 43 attacks it of the pirates to the ships happened in the first trimester of this year
In 2016 - the Oceans Beyond Piracy announces - the measures in order to contrast piracy in waters of the East Africa have had a cost of 1,7 billion dollars

04/05/2017the BEAUTIFUL ones finances with 75 million euros the potenziamento of the logistic platform of the port of Barcelona
Previewed the creation of approximately 4.000 new direct places of work and 6,000 in the induced one

04/05/2017Bending of the quarterly economic results of Friend International Shipping
Flowers: the market of the tankers is in improvement

04/05/2017the port of Zeebrugge has closed the first trimester with a traffic of 8,7 million tons of goods (- 7.8%). Conventional
In increase rotabili, cars and goods. Decrease of the container and the bulk

05/05/2017the groups Joints and MSC acquire 80% of Terminal Genoa Bulk
20% remains to the Italian Coke of the Ascheri family

05/05/2017Activated railway connections for the transport of car from the plant of Cassino to the port of Civitavecchia
Strengthening of the collaboration between Mercitalia Rail and the Grimaldi group

05/05/2017the American Waterways Operators asks the legislators to place a brake to the contractual superpower of the great alliances of the shipping
the association exhorts to prevent that they can collectively deal and sign contracts with the operators Americans

05/05/2017PSA reorganizes own Italian businesses unit
Gilberto Danesi will assume the new charge of managing director Italia

05/05/2017active Hupac a new railway connection between the port of Rotterdam and the Italy North
Five travels weeklies magazine between the Interporto of Novara and the Rotterdam Europoort

05/05/2017Indonesian Plan in order to create a hub logistic for oils vegetables to Piombino
the installation of eight tanks connected through pipeline to the new adjacent harbour docks the former area coal bunkers

05/05/2017Trasmediterranea has ordered to the construction of a ferry to the Factorías yard Volcano of Vigo
the ship will have an ability to 1.500 passengers, 450 cars and 600 linear meters of rotabili

05/05/2017Turned out economic quarterly in decrease for the logistic group CEVA
In the first three months of the 2017 air shipment volumes and marine has grown of +9% and +6%

05/05/2017COSCO Shipping International (Singapore) Co. it sells own navalmeccaniche activities to the controlling COSCO Shipping
the cession will happen for a fee of 212 million dollars

08/05/2017To April the traffic of the container in the port of Shanghai has grown of +4.9%
In the first quadrimestre of this year the terminals from the SIPG have enlivened 181,3 million tons of goods (+10.9%)

08/05/2017Vopak and AltaGas will realize a harbour terminal for the propane export from the coast the west of Canada
the investment will pile to 450-500 million dollars

08/05/2017the state of preliminary liquidation of the Sea Trucks Group
the company and the liquidators evidence that the provision regards the holding of the group and not operating societies

08/05/2017RFI confirmation the engagements for the potenziamento of the Italian railway lines of connection with Switzerland
In the 2020 ability to traffic goods will be of 390 trains/day, of which 170 to the pass of Uproar, 90 to the pass of Luino and 130 to the pass of Domodossola

08/05/2017In the 2016 Ce.P.I.M. - Interporto of Parma has recorded a doubling of the profit
the annual budget is approved of unanimously by the assembly of the associates

08/05/2017group DNV GL has closed an exercise for the first time anniversary in loss
In the 2016 volume of transactions of the group of classification and certification has recorded a bending of the -11%

08/05/2017Francesco Di Sarcina is named general secretary of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Oriental
has covered the same assignment to the Harbour Authority of Messina

09/05/2017Approvate the extensions of the concessions of the three genoese terminalisti SECH, Spinelli and Saint George
Green light to the lines beginning from guides for the concession (33 years the 2020) of Descent Bettolo, named Sanguineri general secretary of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western

09/05/2017terminalista group ICTSI records an increase of the traffic and the economic results
In the first trimester of the 2017 is enlivened 2,3 million container (+10.7%)

09/05/2017Calo of the orders to Japanese groups KHI and MHOS in the naval field
In the exercise the 2016 respective volumes of transactions are diminished of the -1,4% and the -3,3%

09/05/2017Confitarma rejects the demand for Honored to obligate uses it of single marine communitarian Italians/on the ships of national flag
20 years of shrewed national marine politics - Grimaldi denunciation - cannot be put to risk from pretestuose affirmations

09/05/2017Started in the yard of Muggiano of the Fincantieri the construction of first of seven pattugliatori
will be delivered to Marina Militare Italiana between 2021 and 2026

09/05/2017fast corridor railway the goods between the port of La Spezia and the Interporto of Padua
Programmed five trains to the week

10/05/2017To April the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is increased of +16.5%
In the first quadrimestre of this year is enlivened beyond 2,1 million teu (+5.1%)

10/05/2017Saipem has obtained a new contract EPCI for the development of the Liza reservoir to the wide one of Guyana
New total intense activities for 500 million dollars

10/05/2017Honored controbatte without compliments to the affirmations of Grimaldi/Confitarma
the measure - it has denounced - has overwhelmed when also on the cabotage for the islands the non-EU citizens have been boarded, having carved so the last Indiana reserve of the marine Italians

10/05/2017Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has closed the first trimester with a profit clearly of 62 million dollars (- 15.5%)
the revenues have grown of +6.8% to 1,15 billion dollars

10/05/2017Positive quarterly economic performances of shipowning group Danish DFDS
the rotabili transported from the fleet have grown of +7.2%, while the passengers are diminished of the -10,1%

11/05/2017Emanuele Grimaldi is elected vice-president of the International Chamber of Shipping
Is an explicit acknowledgment - the president of the Italian shipowners has declared - to the acts of Confitarma and therefore to the role of the national armament

11/05/2017In the first trimester of the 2017 increase of the results of the Maersk group is stopped by the decrease in the segment of the container
Maersk Line has closed the period with a net loss of -66 million dollars

11/05/2017Fincantieri has delivered a new submarine to Marina Militare Italiana
Is the last one of a series of four twin units of the class "Todaro" commissioned by the NAVARM

11/05/2017In the first Yang Ming trimester has considerably reduced the liabilities
In the period the fleet of portacontainer of the company has transported 1.128.042 teu (+14%)

11/05/2017Migliorano the economic results of the Zim Israeli
the first trimester of this year has been archived item with a net loss of -6 million dollars

11/05/2017the port of Los Angeles City has established the own new record of traffic of the container enlivened to April
Last month the total has been of 714.577 teu (+8.9%)

12/05/2017In the first three months of this year the new orders confiscated from Fincantieri have been pairs to 3,55 billion euros (+397%)
the total workload has reached a value of 26,6 billion euros, pairs to approximately six years of job

12/05/2017Hapag-Lloyd has concluded the first trimester with a net loss of -62,1 million euros
the revenues have grown of +10.7%. The fleet has transported altogether 1,9 million container (+6.8%)

12/05/2017HMM will acquire the entire capital of Total Terminal International Algeciras
the income of other associates

12/05/2017In the first trimester of the 2017 harbour terminal of group HHLA has enlivened 1,8 million container (+10.3%)
In the intermodal field the traffic has been of 370 thousand teu (+8.4%)

12/05/2017Triton International previews an ulterior improvement of the market of the chartering of container
the American company has archived item first trimester 2017 with a profit of 36,3 million dollars clearly

15/05/2017South Korean company HMM has closed the first trimester with an emphasized net loss
the revenues have grown of +6.9%

15/05/2017To April the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong has grown of +10.0% and in the other Chinese marine ports of +6.6%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2017 traffic in the port Shanghai world leader has been pairs to 12,6 million teu (+8.2%)

15/05/2017Last month the port of Singapore has enlivened 52,6 million tons of goods (+2.5%)
the container has been pairs to 2.722.500 teu (+7.7%)

15/05/2017In the first trimester of this year the port of Koper has enlivened 5,9 million tons of goods (+8.1%)
the containerized trade is of beyond 2,2 million tons (+19.6%)

15/05/2017Tidewater will introduce request in order to approach the procedure of restructure previewed from the American bankrupt law
the company intends to assure the maintenance of its share on the list of the Stock exchange of New York

15/05/2017the port of Ravenna has closed first trimester 2017 with a traffic of 6,22 million tons of goods (- 5.0%)
In decrease goods several (- 6.1%) and the solid bulk (- 8.7%). Increase of +7.7% of the liquid bulk

15/05/2017Yara International and Kongsberg will realize the first ship to the world to remote control equipped of single propulsion electrical worker
the portacontainer feeder will be employed in order to transport loaded from the plant with Porsgrunn to the Norwegian ports of Brevik and Larvik

15/05/2017for the taiwanese Evergreen, while the compatriot Wan Hai Lines records a loss
Increase of +18.3% of the revenues of the Evergreen Marine Transport Corporation

16/05/2017To April the volumes of traffic of the container in the ports of Barcelona and Valencia have grown of +6% and +10%
In the first quadrimestre of 2017 in the Catalan port of call is recorded an increase of +26% and in that valenciano a bending of the -2%

16/05/2017the traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen in the first trimester
the container has been pairs to 1.390.113 teu (- 1.0%)

16/05/2017Katoen Native-born has placed in sale 80% of the capital of the Cuenca Terminal of the Plata of the port of Montevideo
the quota would have a value of approximately 300 million dollars

16/05/2017In the first three months of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is dropped of the -3,6%
Goods several +3.2%. In decrease liquid bulk (- 8.4%) and sand banks (- 6.3%)

16/05/2017Last month is found an increment of +16.5% of the boarded cargo volumes on the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal
the ships directed to south transported 40,6 million tons (+26.7%) and those in the opposite direction 35,0 million tons (+6.6%)

17/05/2017Worry of the shipowners for the practical implications of the effectiveness of the Ballast Convention Toilets Management
Intercargo has evidenced the problems legacies to the adaptation of rinfusiere already in service. Approval of Confitarma to the Italian authorities in order to have granted the necessary time for being able to answer to the new norms

17/05/2017Calo of the -2,0% of the traffic in the container terminal of the Eurokai group
In strong Italy increase to La Spezia (+18.0%) and Salerno (+9.8%). Stable activity to Gioia Tauro (+1.0%). Bending of the traffic to Ravenna (- 5.4%) and Cagliari (- 15.3%)

17/05/2017Federagenti accusation the Regions Sardinia, Calabria and Sicily to delay the nomination of the presidents of the ports of Cagliari, Gioia Tauro and Palermo
Denunciate precise responsibilities of the regional administrations that have hasty the respective harbour systems in stall being extended are

17/05/2017rise of the economic results of the Finnlines Finn
the first trimester of 2017 is closed with a profit clearly of 11,2 million euros (+34.3%)

17/05/2017Friday a meeting of Propeller Club of Venice on the topic "Euradria: beyond the container"
Is organized in collaboration with ATHENA and the University of Trieste

17/05/2017the EU commission has simplified the rules on the investments publics in the ports and the airports
Possible to invest until 150 million euros in the marine ports and 50 million in the internal ports without advance control of Brussels

17/05/2017ANITA newly exhorts to allow the circulation of the Ecocombi on the Italian territory
Baumgartner has invited to pick the good practical from the other Eu country who have not precluded the possibility to experiment

17/05/2017Under the guide of a commissioner the ports can grow, support the Harbour Authority of Cagliari
In the years in which the port of Cagliari he has been commissariat - emphasizes the agency - the increase data have maintained on important and constant levels of increment

17/05/2017della Torre Collapse Pilots of the port of Genoa, sentence to 10 years for the commander of Jolly Nero
Condemned also two officials of the ship and a pilot of the port

18/05/2017From june all the ports of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Centrale will be interconnected by the Port Community System LISy
Paroli: the extension of the system of PCS to all the ports of call forward represents an ulterior step in the integration strategy

18/05/2017To April the harbour terminals of the COSCO Shipping Ports have enlivened 8,7 million container (+10.1%)
In the first quadrimestre of the 2017 traffic has been pairs to 32,6 million teu (+8.2%)

18/05/2017Holding Ports is landed to the Stock exchange of London
the Hypo has been concluded with the collection of 154,5 million pounds

18/05/2017In the 2016 revenues of group RINA has grown of +19%
the EBITDA has been pairs to 54 million euros (+25%)

18/05/201726 May to Ravenna will hold according to national forum on safety in the ports
Is organized from the Angopi in collaboration with the Body of the Harbour offices and Federagenti

18/05/2017Conftrasporto evidences the possible conflict of interest in the adhesion of AdSP to private associations of enterprise
Paolo Uggè has sent a letter to minister Delrio

18/05/2017the Spanish Parliament has approved of the second version of decrees on the harbour job
Crumlin (ITF): this is ""a treason in confronts of the Spanish harbour intense activities". The unions announce days of strike

19/05/2017Within July 1,500 meters of dock of the Polisettoriale Pier of Taranto will be operating
To May 2018 will finish the dredging intense activities

19/05/2017Undersigned the agreement for the cession of 66.66% of the capital of STX France to Fincantieri
the quota will be yielded by STX Europe for 79,5 million euros

19/05/2017To Rome has carried out a convention on the topic "Marine sediments characterization, dredging, treatment and res-use"
propedeutico Event of RemTech Expo 2017

19/05/2017the shipowner Ettore Morace is placed in arrest
the arrest warrant within an investigation anticorruption

19/05/2017the realization of a new terminal cruises in the Old Port of Trieste
the development of the crocieristico traffic in the port of the giuliana city passes also through the collaboration with Venice

19/05/2017CMA CGM records an ulterior improvement of the quarterly results graces also to the contribution of the APL/NOL
the first three months of this year have been archived item with a profit clearly of 93,1 million dollars

19/05/2017Undersigned 99.2% of the increase of capital of Friend International Shipping
Flowers: this operation affords us to draw the maximum advantage from the wait market resumption

19/05/2017the marine connection between the Montenegro (Bar) and Italy (Bari)
Is yields of an agreement between the companies Jadrolinija and Montenegro Lines

22/05/2017MSC Cruises plans a new crocieristico terminal in the port of Barcelona
In course negotiations with the Harbour Authority of the Catalan port of call

22/05/2017Last year the arranged traffic European has recorded an increment of +0.66%
UIRR evidences the growth potential of the transport arranged on distances relatively reduced

22/05/2017In three years the consortium One Sea will complete its system of ships to remote control
the necessity that the norms on the marine transport maintain the step of the technologies

22/05/2017In the first three months of this year the traffic of the goods in the ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta is diminished of the -5,9%
the crocieristi have been 170 thousand (+0.6%)

22/05/2017Luca Becce is the new president of Assiterminal
the assembly has renewed also the directive council

22/05/2017the construction of a terminal for the export of cereals in the port of Constanta
Initially will increase the Rumanian million exports three tons per year, in order then to go up to ten million

22/05/2017To Livorno the Agency for the Job in Port (APL) has ratified a budget with a advanced profit to 100 thousand euros
Corsini: now it is important that also other enterprises are associated to ALP having found progressively the quotas today stopped from the AdSP

22/05/2017To Genoa has carried out a new reunion of States general of the Logistics of North-West
minister Delrio has met the representatives of Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti

23/05/2017Svitzer orders four new tugs to the Turk Sanmar Shipyards
will be employed in according to container the terminal that will be managed by APM Terminals in the port of Tanger Med

23/05/2017Still a quarterly one in red for Diana Containerships
In the first three months of this year the revenues are diminished of the -72,0%

23/05/2017Agreement in order to strengthen the relationship between school and world of the job in the marine-harbour professional field
is signed by the Body of the Harbour offices, the Ministry of the Instruction and National College Master mariners and of Car

23/05/2017MPC Ships Container begins the activity buying seven portacontainer for 38 million dollars
Already agreed the terms for the acquisition of others six ships

23/05/2017the German ship yards ask clear norms in order to compete with the weakened but always frightening Asian competition
Lüken: the efforts in order to introduce the norms anti-dumping and anti-subsidy have not still had happened

23/05/2017Delle Piane succeeds to Rosina in the commission of designation to the presidency of the Confitarma
Affiancherà In Of Alesio and the Giuseppe D'Amato

23/05/2017Region FVG makes the point on the program of technological innovation for the port of Trieste
a plan dedicated to tracking of the goods during the customs procedures

23/05/2017Revoked the days of strike in the Spanish ports
Coordinadora asks the ANESCO to assure the unchanged maintenance of the current level of occupation of the harbour intense activities. PIPES protest because the segment of the cars is not included in the liberalization

24/05/2017To April the traffic of the container in the port of Algeciras is diminished of the -4,2%
In the first four months of this year is enlivened 1.387.468 teu (- 11.7%)

24/05/2017the International Bunker Industry prompt Association the IMO to adopt the strategy in order to reduce the emissions of the shipping proposed from the ICS
Second the association draft of a good compromise

24/05/2017Alberto Panigo is confirmed to the presidency of the CULP "Pippo Rebagliati" of Savona
Defined the directive operating assignments of the Only Company

24/05/2017In the 2016 world-wide fleet of ships from cruise has accommodated 24,7 million passengers
In 2017 is attended a total of 25,8 million crocieristi

24/05/2017Seminary of Confitarma on the cyber security for national the marine cluster
the risk of computer science intrusions in the systems of management of the marine traffics

24/05/2017the fusion between Hapag-Lloyd and United Arab Shipping Company
Within the third trimester will be capacity to term integration of the services. New regional center for the Middle East

24/05/2017the board of directors of Marine Stations
Giacomo Costa president and Edoardo Monzani managing director

25/05/2017In the first three months of this year the traffic in the port of Amburgo is increased of +1.7%
In increase the bulk sand banks. Decrease of the liquid bulk, the goods in conventional container and the goods

25/05/2017the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central sells own participation in the Ecological Services Port of Naples
Verrà a contest for the allocation of the services of cleansing in harbour within

25/05/2017the Moroccan ports have closed the first trimester of 2017 with a traffic of 31,6 million tons of goods (+11.8%)
the import traffic is diminished of the -2,2%, that of export has grown of +23.5%

25/05/2017Scorpio Tankers melts with the Navig8 Product Tankers buying some the fleet
acquired Verranno 27 product tanker

25/05/2017the 14 june to Milan the public assembly of the Lombardic Association Shippers and Haulers
will be centralized on the topic "motor Milan and the Lombardy of Italy also in the logistics and the transports"

25/05/2017Incontro between the harbour authorities of Ancona and Durrës centralized on safety of the traffics goods and passengers
the scope is to guarantee a greater efficiency and safety of the operations

25/05/2017Incontro to Rome on the perspectives of the traffic of the goods long the axis of Brenner
Reunion of the minister Delrio with the president of the Province of Bolzano and the president of the Region Austrian of Tirol

26/05/2017Simone Carlini is the new Young president of the Group of Federagenti
the new directive council

26/05/2017ICTSI cancels the contract for the container terminal of the new Nigerian port of Lekki
the decision caused from the delays in the realization of the port of call African

26/05/2017PSA Voltri Prà invests in order to introduce means tens of large square constituents to terminal VTE of the port of Genoa
Ulterior resources for the installation of transformation cabins and for the improvement of the atmosphere of lavor

26/05/2017the new port multipurpose of Doraleh (Djibouti)
the construction of the port of call has cost 590 million dollars

26/05/2017Hupac and Markor Chemical activate a regular intermodal service on the New Via of the Silk
Today a train along 800 meters has left from directed north-western China in Europe

26/05/2017Federagenti proposes to engage a single Italian port in the activity of transhipment of the container
Invitation to candidate the Body of the Harbour offices - Guard Costiera to the Nobel prize for the peace

26/05/2017Angopi, the Italian norms that regulate the technical-nautical services work well
To the ormeggiatori, pilots and tugs of the port of Genoa the Prize for Safety of marine Transport 2016

29/05/2017Fusion of logistic companies Belgian ECS European Containers and 2XL
the new group will introduce a annual turnover of beyond 400 million euros

29/05/2017Vard Holdings acquires the entire control of Vard Promar and Vard Engineering Brevik
respective 4.85% and 30% of the share capital

29/05/2017In the 2016 turnover of logistic group French GEFCO has grown of +1.3%
the EBITDA is piled to 172,8 million euros (+32.1%)

29/05/2017Agreement Eni - Fincantieri for the development of energetic systems legacies to the natural gas
Cooperation turns to develop relative plans to floating platforms for offshore production

29/05/2017In increase the traffic of the goods in the ports of Naples and Salerno
Aumento of the passengers of the line services and decrease of the cruises

29/05/2017Prizes of bachelor on the crocieristico section
Within the 15 July the candidacies in order to participate to the selections of Answers Turismo and Assoporti

29/05/2017the port of Genoa has established the own new record of traffic of the container enlivened in the April month
Last month the total traffic of the goods has been of 4,48 million tons (+1.4%)

29/05/2017a Chinese delegation has visited the port of Trieste
was guided by the minister councilman of commercial the economic Office of the embassy of China in Italy

29/05/2017In Italy the truck drivers protest for the measures EU of modification of the regulation of the times of guide and rest
To Genoa blocked nine crosses harbour

30/05/2017Roberta Macii is named general secretary of the AdSP of the Centro Settentrionale Tyrrhenian Sea
consuntivo budget 2016 of the agency

30/05/2017the widening of the terminal cruises of the Spanish port of Cartagena
This year is attended a traffic crocieristi records of 230 thousand

30/05/2017Green light of the shareholders of the Hapag-Lloyd to the increase of capital for the fusion with the UASC
Habben: Hapag-Lloyd has been and continuous to being an active protagonist of the phase of consolidation of the field

30/05/2017satisfied MOL of the aerodynamic solutions experienced in order to reduce consumption and emissions of the portacontainer
the use of panels windbreak has diminished of 2% approximately the emissions of co2

30/05/2017Costa and Carnival announce 4,500 new assumptions of staff of Italian edge
will be carried out in the arc of next the five years in order to satisfy currently under construction demanded of generated staff ships

30/05/2017GNV. agreement with the institutions of Civitavecchia in order to diminish the environmental impact of the ships
will be put into effect measures relatively to fuel and the reduction of the sulfur emissions in atmosphere

30/05/2017the Antirust commercial practical Moby fine for incorrect
Comminata an endorsement of 200 thousand euros relatively to the ticket sale on-line

30/05/2017SBB CFF FFS Cargo introduces the "intelligent wagon goods" in regular service
the Swiss company is experiencing also the maneuver assisted in cooperation with Bosch Engineering

30/05/2017Fourth consecutive trimester of increase of international the commercial exchanges of the economies of the G20
In the first three months of the 2017 exports and the imports are increased respective of +3.0% and +4.0%

31/05/2017Turned out quarterly in decrease for the shipowning societies Danaos and Ship Finance International
On the performances of the Greek company still hung the failure of the Hanjin

31/05/2017Investments in the port of Baltimora in order to receive the mega one portacontainer
an area. Previewed the creation of approximately 1.650 new direct places of work

31/05/2017will call Ocean Express Network the concentration in the field of the container of "K" Linens, MOL and NYK
the world-wide headquarters will be to Singapore

31/05/2017a new task force will assist the EU commission in the definition and application of norms in harbour field
Will take part of the European Ports Forum

31/05/2017Agreement between Fincantieri, CSSC and district of Baoshan in order to create an industrial park for the crocieristico field in China
will be dedicated also, more in general terms, to the shipbuilding and marine activities

31/05/2017In the first three months of the 2017 traffic of the goods in the port of Palermo has grown of +5.9%
Aumento of the several goods and decrease of the bulk

31/05/2017Hapag-Lloyd would have in program to reduce the staff of 10% in the arc of next the two years
the decrease of the dependent number would happen in gradual way

31/05/2017Confetra denunciation a double imposition of the taxes on the refusals at the expense of the logistics companies
Also this year - the Confederation emphasizes - is calls to pay important amounts

31/05/2017MSC Cruises has taken in delivery new flagship MSC Wonder
the ceremony of the launch will hold to the Havre the 3 june

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