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18 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:37 GMT+2

01/06/2017unexpectedly the support of HSH Nordbank, Holding Rickmers will introduce failure request
the financial institution has decided not to approve of the preliminary agreement on the restructure plan financial institution of the shipowning group of Amburgo

01/06/2017Within 2035 is attended the doubling of the traffic of the passengers in the Italian airports
In the past decade has grown of +21.8% going up to 164 million in 2016

01/06/2017MSC Cruises and STX France confirms the agreement for four new ships from cruise of 200 thousand tsl
new French president disposed Macron see again the order of the shareholders of STX France previewed from the understanding with Fincantieri

01/06/2017Hupac records an ulterior increment of the traffic volumes goods enlivened on track
Bertschi: the railroad must be mail in a position to competing with the road haulage

01/06/2017Filt, Fit and Uilt invite to wind down the tones of the querelle on the employment of marine Italians
Referring to the Honored diatribe/Grimaldi, the parts exhort all to be confronted with the union

01/06/2017breach of the negotiations on the harbour job in Spain
Proclaimed three days of strike to which they will follow other manifestations of protest

05/06/2017the South Korean Hyundai Samho will collaborate with the Zvezda Russian to the construction of oil tankers
an agreement that previews the constitution of joint venture

05/06/2017RINA Consulting (former Of Appolonia) will collaborate to the development of four ports in Kuwait
Study of feasibility for the development and the redesign of the three already existing ports and identification of adequate sites for a potential quarter port

05/06/2017the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Orientale obtains the certification ISO 9001 and 14001 of own system of integrated management
On-line the management of practical the relative ones to the state property concessions

05/06/2017the Authority of the Channel of Panama hat previews to stimulate the transits of portacontainer ulteriorly
the slowly tariff one will take effect 1° the October

05/06/2017the Attica Greek has closed the first trimester with a sign EBITDA negative for -4,0 million euros
the revenues are increased of +2.2%

05/06/2017the Spanish harbour terminalisti denounce slows down of the productivity on the docks
the ANESCO contests legitimacy concerning of out of programmed strikes and supports some that they are put into effect in order to force the enterprises to the negotiation

05/06/2017Feport, the recent modifications to the norms EU on the ports have created a picture favorable to the investments
Bonz: it is essential that the legislative actions are applied in the same way everywhere and that is not carried out some extensive interpretation of the dispositions

05/06/2017SosLog and Lloyd's Register create a brand to acknowledgment of the environmental sustainability of the supply chain
the initiative regards also the topic of the economic and social sustainability

05/06/2017ANITA confirmation its not to every ulterior opening on the street cabotage
Undersigned with eight European associations a document that restates the clean one taken of contrary position to the modifications proposed from the EU commission

06/06/2017the port of Antwerp has tightened an agreement with the Chinese port of Caofeidian
Annually between the two ports of call carries out a traffic of 500-700mila tons of iron worker

06/06/2017To April the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of the -13,7%
In the first four months of the 2017 total decrease has been of the -6,3%

06/06/2017Tomorrow to Genoa a convention on the new Authorities of Harbour System
Is organized from the Filt Cgil of from Liguria chief town

06/06/2017the fuel warehouse oil of Canzio Descent in the port of Genoa is returned under the Italian management of It
For beyond 17 years is operated by the Petrolig, joint venture between It and Eni

06/06/2017Primo railway service goods directed between China and Italy
Collegherà Chengdu with the Interporto of Mortara. Also the port of Zeebrugge tightens the ties with the Chinese exporter

06/06/2017Appello of the Spanish harbour terminalisti to the unions so that they return to the negotiations
the ANESCO has invited also the government to take part in order to prevent those actions of protest that the association considers illegal

07/06/2017Confetra, the guarantees of safety of navigation can cohabit with fast harbour operations
Marcucci: it is favorable that in the weighing of the container the tolerance value is raised by 3% to 5%

07/06/2017ECSA and ICS invites the EU and China to share the strategy of the IMO in order to reduce the emissions of co2 of the shipping
the imposition of regional solutions - Verhoeven and Hinchliffe have restated - would have a counter-productive effect

07/06/2017Defined new standards for the financings to the shipowning field that assure the sustainable recycling of the ships
is introduced by the Dutch banks ABN AMRO, ING Bank and NIBC

07/06/2017Completed the intense activities of modernization of the dock of the Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto
Within July will be disponibili1.500 linear meters of approaches and the rear large square

07/06/2017To April the traffic in the port of Trieste has grown of +4.7%
In the first four months of the 2017 is enlivened 19,1 million tons (- 0.6%)

07/06/2017Almost the totality of the Spanish harbour workers has joined to today's strike
is maintained to the regularity of the services minimums

08/06/2017Would be imminent the income of Chinese group COSCO in the Spanish harbour market
COSCO Shipping would have signed an agreement with JPMorgan in order to acquire a participation in the Noatum Ports

08/06/2017Yang Ming installs to Panama hat a regional center for the Central and Southern America
the new society Yang Ming (Latin America) Corp…

08/06/2017Unifeeder institutes three regional centers with center to Copenhagen, Amburgo and Gdynia
the reorganization will be capacity to term within the end of the summer

08/06/2017Tuesday a manifestation in order to evidence the precarious situation of the harbour workers of Cagliari
Verrà asked the examination for the CLP surety bond guarantee and protection of the salaries

09/06/2017In the first trimester of the 2017 traffic of the goods in the port of Savona has grown of +28.9%
Crocieristi in decrease of the -23,9

09/06/2017the Rail Austrian Cargo will activate a new intermodal service between Verona and Arad (Rumania)
Initially the frequency will be of three departures to the week in both the directions

09/06/2017the port of Trieste has signed an agreement of collaboration with the fluvial port of Duisburg
Verrà the possibility to realize new intermodal terminals in the hinterland of the giuliano port

09/06/2017the ERFA exhorts to include the external costs in the systems of rating of the transports
This - the association evidences - would stimulate the customers to adopt more intelligent and more ecological behaviors

09/06/2017DP World has bought the Spanish society of harbor tug Reyser
the Iberian company has a fleet of 151 boats

09/06/2017the Spanish government invites unions and terminalisti to find an agreement that soon arrest warrants strikes in the ports
an economic loss of beyond 36 million euros caused from the three days of protest of this week let alone the definitive transfer to important Tanger Med containerized trade quotas

09/06/2017the Triennial Operating first floor of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western
the Committee of management has deliberated the adhesion of the harbour authority to Assoporti

09/06/2017Assiterminal plaude to the decision of Assologistica to re-enter in Confetra
Becce: the two put up associations of the harbour enterprises and terminalistiche they are time in the same house

12/06/2017the Moroccan port of Agadir will be equipped of a new multipurpose terminal
Under consideration also the realization of an oil terminal

12/06/2017It Lowers Harbour Engineering Co. it will upgrade harbour infrastructures To give es Salaam
the plan previews the construction of a terminal ro-ro, the potenziamento of other docks and the dredging of the backdrops

12/06/2017the mexican authority antitrust has endorsed seven marine companies that transport car
has been in existence monopolistic practical the accused to have tight comes to an agreement in order to segment the market and put

12/06/2017Al via the final phase for the institution to Taranto of the Agency for the administration of the job in port
In the next few days will be characterized the only administrator

12/06/2017COSCO Shipping Ports has signed an agreement in order to buy 51% of the terminalista group Spanish Noatum
the transaction will have a value of 203,5 million euros

12/06/2017Nuovo dismissal of the expiration for the presentation of the offers for the new container terminal to Isla Verde Exterior di Algeciras
is postponed to next 31 October

12/06/2017Nuovo marine service directed weekly magazine between the ports of Tarragona and Genoa
is realized by Spanish JSV Logistic

12/06/2017Signed the understanding on the nomination of Deiana to president of the AdSP of the Sea of Sardinia
the action has been undersigned from the president of the Region

13/06/2017To May the traffic of the goods enlivened from the Chinese marine ports has grown of +8.2%
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 18,1 million teu (+10.2%)

13/06/2017In the 2016 has happened the loss total of 85 great ships, with a decrease of the -16% regarding the year precedence
the fifth edition of the AGCS relationship evidences that it continues the decrease of the marine losses, but new risks are caused by the cut of the costs and computer science safety

13/06/2017Last month the containerized trade in the port of Singapore has grown of +10.6%
In the first five months of this year the increase has been of +4.3%

13/06/2017Around the marine Italians the appeals to the peace and the inducements to the war are wasted
Between the launches Honored, Grimaldi, Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Federmar, are more the fomentatori that those theses to a rapprochement

13/06/2017the Fincantieri Italian has acquired a majority quota in the Isselnord compatriot
the agreement previews that the entire capital of the company is found by the navalmeccanico group

13/06/2017Record of containerized trade enlivened from the port of Long Beach in the May month
Nuovo peak of activity recorded from the Californian port of call also in the first five months of 2017

13/06/2017To the COSCO Shipping 15% of the capital of the Shanghai International Port (Group) Co…
SIPG has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Harbour Authority of the Pireo

13/06/2017Maersk Line will yield the Mercosul Line to CMA CGM
Second the forecasts, the acquisition will be put into effect in the course of the last trimester of this year

14/06/2017Maggio record for the port of Los Angeles City in the field of the container
the Californian port of call has enlivened 796 thousand teu (+3.3%)

14/06/2017the Italian government has approved of regulations on the marine equipment
Attua directive 2014/90/UE of the European Parliament and the Council

14/06/2017Fusion of the management of the Chinese ports of Dalian and Yingkou
China Merchants Group will invest in the society to which the management will be delegated and of it will have the control

14/06/2017the shipping Italian finances the search through a golf encounter
Yesterday has carried out the Invitational Shipping For-Am di Golf in favour of the Foundation Renal Diseases of the Child

14/06/2017the Japan International Cooperation Agency has acquired 13.5% of the Harbour Authority of Sihanoukville
In forecast investments in order to increase the ability to containerized trade of the Cambodian port of call

14/06/2017the Spanish harbour workers have not received the invitation of the ANESCO and have begun a strike of 48 hours
the harbour terminalisti have assured that they will carefully analyze the new proposed introduced yesterday from the unions

14/06/2017Francesco Messineo is named extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Salerno
Rimarrà in charge until 31 December 2017

14/06/2017Prosegue the increase of the marine traffic in the Suez Canal hauled from the increase of the directed cargo volumes towards south
In the first five months of the 2017 in the water way Egyptian is journeyed 7,112 ships (+2.0%)

14/06/2017Nuovo brand for the Italian Authorities of Harbour System
the winning logo of the competition indetto from Assoporti

14/06/2017the 21 june to Naples will be introduced the fourth edition of the relationship "Italian Maritime Economy"
Convention on the topic "Scenes and geomappe of the new Mediterranean crossroads: Italy on the Way of the Silk"

14/06/2017Alsea asks politics to consider from a logistic point of view Italy like a system with heart in Lombardy
Schiavoni: permangono criticality in the connections with the ports, the airports and the passes let alone in the practical ones of enterprise

15/06/2017Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. tightens an alliance with Oshima Shipbuilding
will be focused on the segment of the commercial ships

15/06/2017To May the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong has grown of +13.4%
In the first five months of the 2017 is enlivened 8,5 million teu (+12.3%)

15/06/2017Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is increased of +20.2%
In the first five months of this year the Catalan port of call has enlivened beyond 1,1 million container (+27.6%)

15/06/2017In the 2016 traffic of the goods enlivened from the Greek ports is piled to 143,1 million tons (+5.5%)
the passengers have been 33,3 million people (- 1.7%)

15/06/2017Undersigned to the MIT the understanding picture for I throw again of the port of Gioia Tauro
Delrio: the Agency for the job in port is the answer of the government to the demand that neither a place of work goes lost

15/06/2017First reunion of the Organism of partnership of the resource sea of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Oriental
Roncallo: to this point the Authority of Harbour System is operating all out

15/06/2017Planned the ricollocazione of the photovoltaic system present in the port of Trieste
From the warehouse n. 50 on pier V could be transferred on other warehouses

16/06/2017the Spanish unions proclaim other four strikes of 48 hours of the harbour workers
the appeal of the minister de the Serna "to stop the hemorrhage of definitive transfers of ships"

16/06/2017Defined the narrow working team near Assoporti on the harbour planning
Between the Authorities of Harbour System is chosen those of the Ligurian Sea Western Oriental and, the Tyrrhenian Sea Central and the Ionian Sea

16/06/2017Tuesday to Livorno will hold a seminary on the customs representation
Is organized from Fedespedi, Spedimar and National Consiglio of the Customs brokers

16/06/2017Odfjell constitutes a pool of chimichiere with CTG from which it acquires five new ships
will be constituted by 15 units of 25.000 gross capacities in tons

16/06/2017the IMO more deliberates the introduction in the SOLAS of elevated standard for the stability of the fleeting ships
the increase until 90% of the level of safety of the great ships

16/06/2017Hapag-Lloyd announces the cancellation of the ports of call to the port of Cagliari in service EPIC/IOS
the last programmed departure is that of the 29 june

16/06/2017DFDS orders to others two ships ro-ro to the yard Jinling Shipyard
will be taken in delivery at the beginning of 2020

16/06/2017Plan for the realization of a travelling freeway on the railway draft Prato-Bologna
an investment of 330 million euros

19/06/2017the Spanish terminalisti have not voted the new proposed of the unions on the harbour job
the unions, waiting for a controproposta that the companies will send tomorrow, maintain the calendar of strikes unchanged

19/06/2017Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Valencia is increased of +4.8%
In the first five months of this year is enlivened 1.962.885 teu (- 0.5%)

19/06/2017Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti estimate positively the introduced industrial plan from Corsica Sardinia Ferries
the programs include a new ship and new marine lines

19/06/2017Confetra, to modify the rules of the representation in the Central Committee of White the Haulers
Marcucci: before the summer we will introduce a proposal to minister Delrio

19/06/2017Baumgartner is confirmed the ANITA guide
the technological innovations will influence deeply the way to make enterprise also in the field of the transport and the logistics

19/06/2017To April the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Taranto is dropped of the -30,0%
In the first four months of this year is totaled 7,4 million tons (- 11.5%)

19/06/2017Brexit, the British shippers ask their government to assure that the United Kingdom remains in the customs union of the EU
is feared the imposition of rates, puts up controls to the frontiers, the introduction of customs declarations and ulterior bureaucracy

20/06/2017the first phase of the port of Caio to Cabinda, in Angola, will be completed in 2020
will be returned a dock of 630 linear meters operating

20/06/2017Evergreen will offer to the loaders the possibility to reserve shipments with the platform of e-commerce of Alibaba
the fixed hire will not endure variations

20/06/2017Doubling of the frequency of the railway service goods that connects Venice with Frankfurt
the directions are realized two departures weeklies magazine in both

20/06/2017the new Shipping council of the Italian Confederation for three years 2017-2019
the Italian mercantile fleet is third between those of the greater Countries reunited in the second G20 and in the European Union

20/06/2017Triennial Operations plan 2017-2019 of the port of Taranto
Ok of the Committee of management to the constitution of the Agency for the administration of the job in port

21/06/2017Nuovo parking more plans to the Dock High Backdrops of the port of Savona
Savona Terminal Car will invest beyond nine million euro

21/06/2017the Spanish unions have rejected the proposal on the introduced harbour job from the terminalisti
the prosecuzione of strikes

21/06/2017the American Crane Worldwide Logistics has bought the Pacorini Forwarding of the Italian group Pacorini
of the American company is to increase its presence in Italy and southern Europe

21/06/2017Deep for 15 million euros from the EU to the port of Trieste
Is the nine European plans of which the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Orientale she is currently partner

21/06/2017the industry of the shipping finds it hard to enter in the digital era
an acceleration could be tax from the new alliances between the shipowning companies, that they must necessarily improve the modalities of sharing of the information

22/06/2017COSCO Shipping would have the intention of order to others 14 new portacontainer of large-capacity
Store clerks de value of approximately 1,78 billion dollars to the yards Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding and Jiangnan Shipyard di Shanghai

22/06/2017strike yesterday in the Spanish ports has involved 27.8% of the workers
the minor adhesion is consequence of the agreements sign unilaterally from the terminalisti with the unions

22/06/2017Not of the Antitrust of the South Africa to the fusion of the activity in the field of the container of "K" Linens, MOL and NYK
the Chilean agency for the competition starts an investigation on the plan of the three Japanese companies

22/06/2017the Damen yard will construct to 19 fluvial boats for the German Combos Lift attendant
will be employed on the amur river, that it marks the border between Russia and northeastern China

22/06/2017Monday to Genoa will open the clappers the third edition of Genoa Shipping Week
the week dedicated to the economy and the culture of the sea will be concluded with the fourteenth edition of the Shipbrokers and Shipagents Dinner

22/06/2017the next week the C.I.S.Co will celebrate the 50° anniversary of own foundation
In program a series events in the center of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa

22/06/2017Wednesday in the historical port of Cagliari will be inaugurated the new dock fishings boat
Is the greater work realized in the Sardinian port of call during the last few years

22/06/2017harbour Lavoro, Filt Cgil exhorts to consolidate the "Genova model"
the union emphasizes the urgent necessity concrete actions to protection of the port of Genoa and national the harbour system

22/06/2017Request of Royal Caribbean and MSC in order to manage the crocieristico traffic in the port of
Roncallo: if the proposal will be considered of public interest, a contest procedure will set off

22/06/2017In the trimester March-May the revenues of the crocieristico group Carnival have grown of +6.5%
the period has been archived item with a decrease of the -37,4% of the profit clearly determined from burdens not operating pairs to 116 million dollars

23/06/2017the Spanish unions revoke three days of strike of the harbour workers
the association of the terminalisti of the port of Barcelona has announced that various companies have exited from the ANESCO

23/06/2017From July SNCF Logistics will have the property of 45% of the capital of Helvetic the railway society goods BLS Cargo
Green light of the authorities antitrust of Switzerland and Germany

23/06/2017Moby introduces a second ship ro-ro on the Livorno-Olbia route
the "Superfast Baleares" can transport 90 motors vehicle and 3,400 linear meters of rotabili

23/06/2017Abu Dhabi Ports will manage the port of Fujairah
the construction of a linear kilometer of docks

23/06/2017the hotel society Ritz-Carlton will enter in the market of the cruises
Debutterà to end 2019 with first of three new yachts of luxury

23/06/2017the President's executive office of Assiterminal
Luigi Robba is confirmed director of the association of the Italian harbour terminalisti

23/06/2017the Committee of management of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Oriental has examined the Triennial Operations plan
the plan of rationalization of the societies participated from the agency

23/06/2017the Italian naval provveditori relatively speed up clarity to the norms that regard the field
Between these - it has specified president Novelli - I decree 101/2016 of the Ministry of the Atmosphere and the resolution 2/E of the Agency of the Entrances

26/06/2017To November will become operating the dry dock of greater ability to the port of the Pireo
Will be able to receive long ships until 240 meters and wide until 35 meters

26/06/2017the port of Marseilles Fos approaches the markets of Europe center-oriental
the railway connection between the French harbour port of call and Geneva is included in the European corridor Sea of the North - Mediterranean

26/06/2017CEVA Logistics will activate a new railway service between China and Europe
Collegherà Shilong, in the province of Guangdong, with Amburgo

26/06/2017Group Harbour Investments announces the income of new managers in own directive team
promotion of two manager at the level of group

26/06/2017ANITA and Confindustria manifest appreciate the measures for the road haulage inserted in the so-called Manovrina
Baumgartner: "also being to cost zero for the State, they represent a concrete incentive to the development of the intermodalità"

26/06/2017Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of the -2,7%
the crocieristi are dropped of the -20,5%

27/06/2017Kuehne + Nagel will realize a logistic platform in Switzerland dedicated to the industry pharma & to healthcare
Will have a surface of 16.300 square metres and will manage approximately 46.000 places pallet

27/06/2017I decree implementing for the management of the Franco Internazionale Port of Trieste
D' Augustin: "premiums a new era for the port and Trieste is opened"

27/06/2017Plans for the which co-financed port of Venice with more than three million than euro from the EU
Part of the deep ones will be destined to the realization of the second dock of the Terminal of Fusina

27/06/2017the yachts from cruise of luxury of the Ritz-Carlton will be constructed by the Spanish yard Barreras
Undersigned today the contract for the first unit with option for others two

27/06/2017the Harbour Committee of Gioia Tauro has approved of consuntivo budget 2016
In year four million euro have been destined for the reimbursement of the taxes of anchorage to the navigation companies

27/06/2017the ulterior efficientamento of the logistic chain passes unavoidably and intransgressibly through the digitalisation
Conference to Genoa of C.IS.Co. in order to celebrate the 50° anniversary of own foundation

28/06/2017Still out of service the it system of Maersk Line which violated from the Petya virus
the infection has caused problems also to Safmarine, Seago Line and APM Terminals

28/06/2017Terminal Investment Limited (group MSC) acquires the entire control of the Brazilian port of Navegantes
50% of the capital of the Portonave stopped from the Triunfo Participações and Investimentos

28/06/2017Kombiverkehr increases the frequency of the intermodal services that connect Germany, Greece and Turkey through the port of Trieste
Insertion of three ulterior trains to the week

28/06/2017Filt Cgil exhorts to get ahead the reform of law 84/94 on the portualità
Colombai: we are not available to share deregolamentati models

29/06/2017In Italy the rail shipment of the goods is in increase, but it must still rise to the average European
Laguzzi (FerCargo), the carried out one needs being structured with other actions, between which the module of conduct to Agent Solo

29/06/2017I attack It hacker to the systems of Maersk Line constitutes a carried out point of for computer science safety of the shipping
Also the computers of group TNT Express are infected

29/06/2017Convention on I throw again of Southern Italy through the sustainable intermodal logistics
from A.L.I.S., will hold the 17 July to Naples

29/06/2017To Antwerp is experiencing the Blockchain technology for the management of the container in the harbour area
Currently the initiative involves terminalista society PSA, the company of navigation MSC and a hauler

29/06/2017the EU commission authorizes the fusion of the activities of containerized marine transport of the Japanese "K" Linens, MOL and NYK
Judged limited the impact that the concentration will have on the routes from and for Europe

29/06/2017Incontro of Propeller Club of Trieste on the possibilities of increase of the fleeting traffics and goods in the giuliana city
will hold monday to the Hotel Greif Maria Theresia

29/06/2017the Triennial Operating first floor of system of the six main ports of the Adriatic mean
the ports of call are considered like only coordinated system, to develop according to lines guide municipalities

29/06/2017Last month the containerized trade in the port of Algeciras has grown of +6.5%
In the first five months of the 2017 is enlivened 1.816.511 teu (- 7.5%)

29/06/2017Working harbour and terminalisti Spanish have reached an understanding that places term to strikes
social Peace in the course of the negotiations in order to agree an agreement picture that is previewed will finish to the end of September

30/06/2017In Argentina the authority antitrust recommends a cost reduction of the services of pilotage and mooring
Ostacolano the commerce with foreign country and has an impact negative on the costs of the logistics

30/06/2017the entire fleet of Friend is in compliance with requirement of MRV of the emissions of co2
Five years ago the shipowning company has created the department Fleet Perfomance Monitoring

30/06/2017Convention to Genoa of the Young Groups of Federagenti and Confitarma on the rescues of the migrants in the Mediterranean
Pettorino: complex and of difficult performance every hypothesis of progressive "Italian freeing" from the operations of rescue and block of the Italian ports

30/06/2017independent Cranes MacGregor on the new ships of the ESL Shipping
the means of raising can be monitored and controlled from the bridge of the ship

30/06/2017Turns represents the metropolitan City of Venice in the Committee of management of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale
Is managing director of the Donelli Group

30/06/2017the Global Industry Alliance in order to develop innovative solutions in naval field
the scope is to favor the transition of the field towards a future to lowlands carbon emissions

30/06/2017Marine American SSA will manage the new Georgian port of Anaklia, on the Black Sea
Second the forecasts, the port of call will become operating in 2020

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