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22 April 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 14:46 GMT+2

01/09/2017Confetra, clearly positive trend of the transport goods
Turnover in increase in all the fields

01/09/2017ZPMC will supply seven crane of dock and 20 gantry cranes to the container terminals of the port of Topic
the store clerk has a value of 82 million dollars

01/09/2017Wednesday will meet the crisis table in order to face the emergency of the interruption of the railway corridor the Rhine-Alps
Baumgartner (ANITA): it is a problem that risks to impattare on the entire Country, making useless the recent positive signs of resumption of the national economy

01/09/2017Tuesday the first reunion of the National Conference of Coordination of the Authorities of Harbour System
On the agenda the composition of the Organisms of Partnership of the Resource Sea and Lines Guide for the Management of European Marine Spazio

01/09/2017Ok of the Spanish Antitrust to the acquisition of the control of the terminalista group Noatum Ports from Chinese COSCO Shipping Ports
the green light has reached in the within of the first phase of examination of the notification

04/09/2017In the 2016 traffic goods in the ports of the United Kingdom is dropped of the -3%
Record of the container. The BPA evidences the importance to agree an agreement post-Brexit with the EU that preserves the advantages of the adhesion to the Customs union

04/09/2017the harbour group Chinese CMPort will buy 90% of the Brazilian Terminal de Contêineres of the Paranaguá
the transaction, that it will represent the disembarkation of the company of Hong Kong on the continent American, will have a value of approximately 920 million dollars

04/09/2017the government of Copenhagen intends to abolish the tax recording for the second hand ships
Approval of the association of the Danish shipowners

04/09/2017New course of the Foundation G.I coast for the formation of apprentice officers
Two years of formation and direct experiences on board with three periods of boarding

04/09/2017To July the port of Barcelona has marked the new record absolute salary of traffic
Nuovo historical peak in the segment of the container

04/09/2017With the interruption of the Rhine-Alps Corridor - denunciation the ERFA - the European railway logistics endures an immense damage
the economy, the industry, the railroads, the operators and the companies of transport - the association emphasizes - count damages for billions

04/09/2017Reunion to the Prefecture of Reggio Calabria on the block of the activity to the port of Gioia Tauro
the Harbour Authority confirmation that is on the procedure for the distribution of the first monthly salary of the IMA for the workers fired from MCT

05/09/2017prompt Kombiverkehr aids for 250 million euros to the operators hit from the interruption of the railway corridor the Rhine-Alps
the closing - it has emphasized the German company - represents the most serious blow to the railway infrastructures that Europe has never seen

05/09/2017In the first six months of this year the port of Genoa has enlivened 27,3 million tons of goods (+8.1%)
Fleeting in decrease of the -6,0%, with ujn -2,3% in the field of the ferries and a -11,3% in that of the cruises

05/09/2017Shipping Aegean Management will enter in the field of the marine bulk transport sand banks
Order for the four construction of Kamsarmax more other four in option

05/09/2017In the first half of the 2017 harbour terminal of the Global Russian Ports has enlivened 731 thousand container (- 5.1%)
In the terminals in Russia the traffic has grown of +3.5%

06/09/2017Rise of the revenues of the Icelandic company Eimskip thanks to the new acquisitions
In according to trimester of this year profit clearly has recorded a decrease of the -43,6%

06/09/2017Friday to the Messina Terminal of the port of Genoa will for the first time land a portacontainer of the MSC
the port of call will happen in the within of the new service MAF1 that directly connects the western Mediterranean with the West Africa

06/09/2017the association German enviromentalist NABU does not consider the engagement sufficient towards the atmosphere of the crocieristica industry
Oeliger: "the environmental performances of the crocieristiche companies are very bad, so as their attitude to the transparency"

06/09/2017To July the port of Valencia has enlivened beyond 5,8 million tons of goods (+16.1%)
In the first seven months of this year the traffic of the container has been pairs to 2.717.437 teu (+0.4%)

06/09/2017New initiatives in order to monitor the emissions of the ships in the port of Livorno
Reunion in Municipality. Decided the involvement of the navigation companies

06/09/2017Terex Corporation has completed the cession of own quota in Konecranes
the American company has emphasized that they are sold for 317 million dollars in more regarding the original value

07/09/2017Mercator Lines (Singapore) Ltd. it will be placed in liquidation
the request for the start of the procedure will be examined tomorrow

07/09/2017Meyer Turku doubles the value of own plan of investments
New destined resources in order to increase the ability to cut and working of sheets

07/09/2017DB Schenker has bought Global New Zealander SB Logistics
the company is founded in 1990 and has 50 dependent

07/09/2017the port of the Havre records increments of the traffic goods in all the fields of activity
Consisting also the increase of the crocieristi

07/09/2017To July the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is increased of +8.8%
In the field of the cruises is recorded a decrease of the -16,7%

07/09/2017the Contargo German has assumed the entire control of the Belgian Transbox United
the United Dutch Transport Container has yielded own quota 25% to the group of Duisburg

07/09/2017the Italian ports meet the international operators of the crocieristica industry to the Seatrade Europe 2017
is reunited in the stand promoted from Assoporti under the slogan CruiseItaly, One country Many destinations

08/09/2017a study of the CLIA evidences the very fast increase of the Asian crocieristico market
a second relationship of international the crocieristica association emphasizes the economic impact of such activity on the economies of northern Asia

08/09/2017Greece-Bulgaria Agreement for the realization of a railway corridor goods between the two nations
Collegherà the Greek ports of Salonicco, Kavala and Alexandropoli with the Bulgarian ports of Burgas, Vahrn and the fluvial port of call of Rousse

08/09/2017the plan of fusion between the Harbour Authority of Ghent and the Dutch Zeeland Seaports
Prevede constituted of joint venture the 50:50

08/09/2017the Harbour Authority of the Pireo has ordered the new floating dry dock to COSCO Dalian Shipyard
the store clerk has a value of beyond 23,8 million euros

08/09/2017Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach has grown of +8.0%
Aumento of the empty containers and those to the disembarkation. Decrease of the exported boxes

08/09/2017In the Fincantieri yard of Monfalcone is begun the construction of a new ship from cruise for Princess Cruises
Verrà delivered at the end of 2019

08/09/2017is constituted the Taranto Port Workers Agency
Gianfranco Labate is named only administrator of the society

08/09/2017the Italian government has approved of decrees that it defines the new classification of the national ports subdividing them in three categories
the new norms preview among other things that the president of the AdSP adopts the Plan of the organic one of the port of the workers of the enterprises of which to articles 16, 17 and 18 of law 84/94

11/09/2017the search of the operator who will manage a new yard of naval repair in the port of Casablanca
the system will be equipped of three dry docks

11/09/2017Silversea Cruises orders a new ship from cruise of 40.700 tsl to Fincantieri
the store clerk has a value of approximately 310 million euros

11/09/2017Exmar has closed first semester 2017 with a net loss of -34,1 million dollars
the revenues are diminished of the -19,2%

11/09/2017COSCO Shipping Ports will obtain the entire control of the container Zeebrugge terminal Terminal of the port of Zeebrugge
the Chinese group will find the quotas compatriot SIPG and Dutch APM Terminals

11/09/2017Vard will construct a ship from cruise for shipments for the Australian Coral Expeditions
will be delivered in the first trimester of 2019

12/09/2017the harbour group Chinese CMPort will buy 51% of the capital of the compatriot Zhongshan Port
the transaction will have a value of approximately 74 million dollars

12/09/2017the government of London assures that the Brexit will constitute an opportunity for the shipping British
the objective is the doubling of the consistency of the fleet with Red Ensign. Dickinson (Nautilus): this is a good if it is translate in an increase of the marine places of work for the British ones

12/09/2017Alsea denunciation that to Genoa the telematizzazione of the port wage two times
Betty Schiavoni: the operativity of National the Logistic Platform seems to procure, as we were worried, new important costs for the operators

12/09/2017To August the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 729,9 million tons of goods (+6.8%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 18,3 million teu (+6.9%)

12/09/2017the company of Norwegian navigation Hurtigruten will become shareholder of the navalmeccanica society Kleven
In the shipbuilding company will be invested 300 million Norwegian crowns

13/09/2017To August the port of Singapore has enlivened beyond 2,9 million container (+9.9%)
In the first eight months of the 2017 total has been pairs almost 22,0 million teu (+7.5%)

13/09/2017Investigators Americans characterizes a correlation between the emissions of the ships and the increase of the intensity of the stormy perturbations
the number of lightnings is double on the marine broken traded ones that cross the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea

13/09/2017Begun the construction of before two ships of Costa Crociere fed with which liquified natural gas
"Costa Smeralda" will enter in service in October 2019

13/09/2017the ITF denunciation the attempt of the government of Canberra to remove job to the marine Australians with the new norms on the cabotage
Crumlin: the proposed changes would be profitable more difficult for the Australian ships with Australian crew to compete in the segment of the coastal traffics

13/09/2017the port of Los Angeles City has established the own new record of containerized trade enlivened to August
In the first eight months of this anus the total has been of beyond 6,1 million teu (+9.0%)

14/09/2017Agreement of collaboration between the Abruzzi Region and the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centrale
D' Alfonso: it is an action that serves to returns the picture of the investments previewed for the ports of Pescara and Ortona flowing

14/09/2017the mayor of Civitavecchia has sped up the generalized application of the maximum sulfur tenor in marine fuel pairs to 0.10%
ozzolino, that it has asked the collaboration for the others 54 Italian harbour Municipalities, has exhorted also the institution of new area ECA in the Mediterranean

14/09/2017and agricultural and food- field in the Italian East North
Assologistica has organized a specific convention that will hold the 27 september to Treviso

14/09/2017To August the volume of goods journeyed through the Suez Canal has been pairs to 77,2 million tons (+5.5%)
Loaded for 40,1 million tons was boarded on the ships directed to south (+13.5%) and 37,1 million tons on those directing to north (- 2.0%)

14/09/2017Tomorrow to Genoa will hold a round table on the European regulations on the harbour services
Group Ancient Ormeggiatori and ANGOPI accommodates the assembly of the European and international association of the ormeggiatori

14/09/2017the Authorities of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central and the Sea Adriatic Southern have signed a collaboration agreement
Is the first understanding which signed from two AdSP

14/09/2017In entire the 2017 crocieristico traffic in the Italian ports will mark a -7,8%
6 October to Palermo will hold the seventh edition of Italian Cruise organized Day from Answers Tourism and the AdSP of the Sea of Western Sicily

14/09/2017To July the port of Trieste has enlivened 5,3 million tons of goods (+4.9%)
In the first seven months of the 2017 traffic has been of 35,0 million tons (+1.5%)

15/09/2017railway group SBB CFF FFS has closed a positive semester for the segment fleeting and negative for the cargo
to sharpen of the difficulties in the field of the transport goods

15/09/2017To August the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the -1,7%
In the first eight months of the 2017 is enlivened 13,76 million teu (+9.1%)

15/09/2017In the first trimester of this year the Greek ports have enlivened 35,2 million tons of goods (+7.7%)
the passengers have been 4,2 million (- 2.1%)

15/09/2017Massimo Provinciali general secretary of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern
the Committee of management of the agency has adopted the operation regulations that discipline its activities

15/09/2017Hapag-Lloyd orders to 7,700 new containers refrigerator
will be constructed in the new factory of the Maersk Industry Container to San Antonio, in Chile

15/09/2017JSV Logistic will inaugurate a new service weekly magazine of line between the ports of Malaga and Genoa
the first departure Sunday from the Spanish port of call

15/09/2017Previewed in the first months of the 2019 start of the intense activities of the first phase of the Harbour plan "Hub Ravenna 2017"
Four years for the realization of infrastructures and the system of treatment of the materials of dredging and others two years for the deepening of the backdrops

18/09/2017Last month the harbour terminals of COSCO Shipping Ports have enlivened beyond 7,7 million container (+14.4%)
In the first eight months of the 2017 traffic is piled to 57,2 million teu (+12.9%)

18/09/201719 October MSC will activate a new service of western Mediterranean line - east coast South America
will be realized in cooperation with Hapag-Lloyd

18/09/2017To July the 2017 tendential increases of the exports is Italian imports has turned out pairs to +5,1% and +10,5%
Regarding the month precedence the export is dropped of the -1,4% and the import it has grown of +0.9%

18/09/2017This evening genoese SAAR Depositi Portuali celebrates 85 years of activity
Verrà a photographic book that travels over again the history of the company, but also of the port

18/09/2017Confitarma, the Marebonus regime for the transfer of the goods from the road to the sea could reveal a failure
the Confederation denunciation that, with a restrictive interpretation of the program, 90 million euros of investment of the armament would remain you deprive of compensation

18/09/2017Third consecutive trimester in profit for the French shipowning group CMA CGM
the order for nine new portacontainer from 22.000 teu

18/09/2017the AdSP of the Northern Adriatic confirmation the percorribile Vittorio Emanuele Channel which broken from the great ships from cruise
the agency assumes the realization of a new and additional passenger terminal to Marghera Port

18/09/2017To end 2019 DP World will abandon the management of the container terminal of the port of Surabaya
Considering not satisfactory the terms for I renew of the concession contract

18/09/2017Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +39.7%
increase of goods several (+45.8%) and of liquid bulk (+48.4%). Decrease of the -14,8% of the bulk sand banks

19/09/2017Maritime DP World will buy Dubay City and Drydocks World
Both the transactions will be capacities to term within the first trimester of the next year

19/09/2017CMA CGM has signed an agreement of partnership strategic with the Indiana society of computer science services Infosys
the company of Bangalore will install a center for the development and the innovation to Marseilles

19/09/2017the Germans Contargo and Ziegler have constituted joint venture 50:50
the new society will have center to Döhlau, in Bavaria

19/09/2017Four course near the Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile in order to work on the fleeting ships
will hold in the centers of Genoa, Arenzano and Lavagna

19/09/2017the 29 september to Taranto will hold the fifteenth Italian national convention of the twenty-five one To propel Clubs
Al center of the event the convention "the new challenges of the Mediterranean. The Authorities of Harbour System to a year from the effectiveness of the reform law"

19/09/2017Serracchiani (Region FVG): it is necessary that the ports have municipalities lines guide and less bureaucracy
D' Augustin (Adriatic AdSP Oriental): safety leaves from a good organization of the job

19/09/2017Confetra, the Ministry confirmation the gratuity of the services of the Port Community System
the study in order to equip all the Italian ports of a common standard of PCS

20/09/2017A.P. Møller-Mærsk sells the Maersk Tankers to just main shareholder Holding A.P. Moller and to other investor between which the Japanese Mitsui & Co…
the transaction will have a value of 1,17 billion dollars

20/09/2017Swissterminal will put again in activity the container terminal of Niederglatt (Zurich)
Has a storage capability until 4 thousand teu

20/09/2017Filippo Gallo is the new president of the C.I.S.Co…
Emanuele Marocchi is elected vice president and confirmed Giordano Bruno Guerrini general secretary

20/09/2017In the first half of 2017 logistic group GEFCO has recorded an EBITDA in increase of +25.8%
the revenues are piled to 2.262 billion euros (+1.9%)

20/09/2017From the 3 to 5 October to Rho Milan Fair will hold the eighth Railway edition of EXPO
To the inaugural ceremony will participate minister Delrio

20/09/2017Change to the summit of the DG for the vigilance on harbour Authorities, harbour infrastructures and marine transport of the MIT
responsible Nuovo is Mauro Coletta. Federagenti thanks Enrico Pujia for the carried out job

20/09/2017P&O Marinas (DP World) and IGY Marinas will realize a landing place for superyacht to Silks, in France
the start of the intense activities is previewed in the end of this year

21/09/2017Pollution of waters and consequences on human the alimentary chain and the marine routes
Is the topic of an organized encounter from Propeller Club of Trieste that will hold monday

21/09/2017Al via the intense activities for the lengthening of four ships ro-ro of the Finnlines
Monday the first unit will enter in the Polish ship yard Remontowa

21/09/2017order to ABB for columns of recharges fast of the motor vehicles constituents on the German freeways
Store clerk for 117 stations that a precedence follows order for 68 columns

21/09/2017Still uncertainty on the orders of the MSC for 11 new portacontainer from 22.000 teu
DSME confirmation a store clerk for five ships of large-capacity. Others six could be constructed from SHI

21/09/2017the Wilhelmsen Norwegian will assume the control of the compatriot NorSea Group
Acquisirà ulterior a 32% of the capital stock for 70 million dollars approximately

21/09/2017the ECSA plaude to the effectiveness of the economic and commercial agreement between Canada and EU
Smedegaard. the shipping it needs that sussistano total commercial exchanges

21/09/2017is instituted ANITA-TI in order to give voice to the alimentary transport in Italy and Europe
ANITA has joined to the Transfrigoroute International, of which it has assumed the representation

21/09/2017Thirty European associations of the transport exhort the EU to invest in the completion of the net TRY
has invited the Parliament and the Council of the European Union to increase the budget of program CEF

22/09/2017the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports has met the president of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western
Between the topics faced, the priorities of the harbour system after the fusion of the Harbour Authorities of Genoa and Savona, the infrastructural investments and the rate for PCS

22/09/2017Meyer Werft will construct a second ship from cruise for the British Cruises Saga
the unit of 58.250 tons of tonnage will be delivered in August 2020

22/09/2017the Cargo Incident Notification System has won the bic Award 2017
Is the acknowledgment assigned from the Bureau International DES Containers for the contribution to the sure and sustainable expansion of the containerized transports

22/09/2017MSC Cruises has introduced request in order to construct and to manage a terminal cruises in the port of Barcelona
Could be operating within 2021

22/09/2017the crocieristiche companies agrees with the AdSP of Venice on the route alternative in order to reach the terminal of the Marine one
the passage of six different ships dimensions through the Channel Vittorio Emanuele III

22/09/20172 October to Genoa will hold the convention "Ports, Intermodality and Logistics in the Rhine-Alpine Corridor"
Three European coordinators will illustrate the policies of the EU in matter of transports and infrastructures

25/09/2017Fincantieri will construct a ship from cruise of 113.000 tons of tonnage for Cunard
Will have an ability to 3.000 passengers, will be constructed to Monfalcone and will be delivered in 2022

25/09/2017ABB will buy GE Industrial Solutions for 2,6 billion dollars
the division of the GE group, with center to Atlanta, in Georgia, has approximately 13.500 dependent

25/09/2017Fincantieri has delivered the new ship from Viking Sun cruise to Viking Ocean Cruises
the unit, of 47.800 tsl, is constructed in the plant of Ancona

25/09/2017Last month the port of Valencia has established the own new record of traffic of the container enlivened to August
In the first eight months of the 2017 total traffic of the goods has been of 49.071.233 tons (+2.9%)

25/09/2017Scorpio Bulkers will buy six to rinfusiere Ultramax
the acquisition will happen for 142,5 million dollars

25/09/2017Deep European for 74,7 million euros for the modernization of the railway line Calabria-Apulia
the plan has in particular the scope to develop the intermodal transport

25/09/2017ICTSI will manage two ports in Papua New Guinea
Contracted of concession of the duration 25-year-old in order to operate the ports of call of Motukea and Lae

25/09/201720 October to Milan will hold the delivery of the prizes "the Logistic one of Year 2017"
In program the convention "Which job for the future of the logistics"

25/09/2017the Clúster Marítimo Español exhorts to give again competitiveness to the Spanish naval registry
the consistency of the national marine marine fleet would have to be three or four times advanced to that current one

26/09/2017Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd. confirmation to have received orders for the construction of six portacontainer of large-capacity
would be be a matter of the store clerk of the MSC for ships from 22.000 teu

26/09/2017Hannibal will carry to every day the frequency of the railway service Melzo-Rotterdam
At the beginning of the next month will be activated a seventh spin

26/09/2017the Fincantieri consortium - Lockheed Martin has delivered the naval unit Little Rock to US Navy
the ship takes part of a plan started in the 2010 that comprises 11 units

26/09/2017RINA Services will support Eni in the Coral South plan and will follow the first FLNG in Africa
the floating unit for the liquefaction and export of the gas will be one of the three existing to the world

26/09/2017d' Amico Tankers, contract of sale and lease back of product tanker the MR High Priority
Contratto with a society of the American Sun Shipping Special Opportunities Fund II

26/09/2017In next the five Alibaba years will invest 15,2 billion dollars in the logistics
the Chinese group will acquire the control of the Cainiao Smart Logistics Network

26/09/2017Calo of the operating profit and clearly of the group Carnival Corporation in the trimester june-August
the revenues are increased of +8.2% to 5,51 billion dollars

26/09/2017APM Terminals has started the occupational plan for the new container terminal of Vado Ligure
Will be the 237 people employed to the partial activation of the previewed activities at the end of first trimester 2019

26/09/2017Fincantieri will realize the lengthening of the ship from cruise Silver Spirit of the Silversea
the intense activities will be realized in the ship yard of Palermo

27/09/2017DP World will invest in the realization of a new port near Dakar
will be constructed to Bargny, approximately 30 kilometers to south of the Senegalese Capital

27/09/2017In the first eight months of the 2017 traffic of the container in the ports of Naples and Salerno has grown of +11.1% and +13.1%
In the two ports of call the crocieristico traffic is diminished respective of the -28,8% and the -34,2%

27/09/2017the Bahri Saudi and the Bolloré French have constituted joint venture
Offrirà national and international logistic services in Saudi Arabia

27/09/2017In the first eight months of the 2017 traffic in the port of Taranto is diminished of the -13,9%
Calo of the bulk sand banks (- 16.8%) and of the solid bulk (- 16.8%). Increase of goods conventional (+11.2%)

27/09/2017Azamara buys the ship from Adonia cruise of the P&O Cruises that will use March 2018 beginning from
the unit can accommodate 777 passengers and 380 members of the crew

27/09/2017the Rail Austrian Group Cargo is ready to activate regular railway connections between China and Italy
a train has covered 10,400 kilometers between Taiyuan, in the Chinese province of the Shanxi, and Lugo, in province of Ravenna

27/09/2017Nogarin: creed is not from being worried that the mayor sits in the Committee of management of a AdSP
the reform of the governance harbour - the mayor of Livorno has denounced - scollegherà the Harbour Authorities from the rappresentatività of the territories

27/09/2017To Fincantieri 50% of STX France more 1% of the capital lend from the French State
the understanding in occasion of the today's intergovernmental summit to Lyon

28/09/2017Panalpina will buy the Dutch Interfresh Airfreight Handling
the company is specialized in the import of producing perishable, in particular of flowers

28/09/2017At the beginning of Hapag-Lloyd October will give the go-ahead to the capital increase
gross proceeds pairs to approximately 352 million euros

28/09/2017Fincantieri-STX Agreement, French union Cgt accusation the government of Paris to continue the deindustrializzazione of the Country
positive Judgment of the Uilm on the understanding. Fiom-Cgil attends to know the parasociali pacts between the companies

28/09/2017Turned out clearly positive in the first semester for Anek Lines thanks to the registration of financial proceeds
stable Revenues although the increase of the activity of the fleet and the enlivened marine traffic

28/09/2017Confetra exhorts to giving continuity to the guide of the Agency of Customs
still is not named the new general manager

28/09/2017Green light of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Centrale to the Portuale Town development plan of Ortona
is carried to term the dredging of the mouth of the port of San Benedetto del Tronto

28/09/2017the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT has rejected the demand for suspensory for the intense activities of dredging in the port of Naples
Waiting for the sentence will be able to be proceeded at the opening of the yards

29/09/2017Panalpina carries out a new acquisition in the segment of the perishable ones buying German CCG
the company of the group Rungis Express enlivens a annual volume of traffic for aerial way of 14.000 tons

29/09/2017In the fourth trimester of the 2016 traffic of the goods in the ports of the EU is piled to 952,0 million tons (+1.4%)
the flow of the imports has been pairs to 564,5 million tons (+1.4%) and that of the exports to 387,5 million tons (+1.3%)

29/09/2017the Neapolitan group Grimaldi will invest 60 million euros in order to lengthen two cruise ferry
Incrementeranno their ability to transport from 3.000 to 3.500 passengers

29/09/2017the Union for the Mediterranean exhorts to strengthen the fields marine and harbour
Creare wealth through the development of a blue economy sustainable

29/09/2017the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern to the search of deep for the waterfront of Livorno, Piombino and Portoferraio
Introduced 13 plans to Invimit, a society of management of the saving of the Ministry of the Economy and Finances

29/09/2017Workshop on "the adriatic railway freeway"
will hold 11 October near Interporto Bologna

29/09/2017Trasportounito, exposed to the Law court of the EU for the violation of the engagements of Italy on the times of payment
Longo: in the field of the road haulage the delay of the times of payment from the committenza has become the rule

29/09/2017Whitehelm Capital, on behalf of a group of pension funds, will buy 90% of the Vopak Eemshaven Terminal
the Vopak group will maintain the property of 10% of the capital

29/09/2017To Goteborg the APM Terminals is come to an agreement with Adecco in order to retrieve working to employ in the traffic peaks
To year-end the company of the Maersk group will exit from the Blixsystem pool

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