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21 August 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:59 GMT+2

02/10/2017the Ekol Turk will activate a new railway service with train block between Trieste and Zeebrugge
will be operated by the intermodal society Helvetic Hupac

02/10/2017Thursday to Rome will hold an event in order to celebrate 70° anniversary of ATHENA and the 90° anniversary of INSEAN
Topic of the day will be the impact had on the ships because of the norms which took effect in last the 10 years

02/10/2017Greece, also being an which aimed at tourist destination, does not benefit fully of the economic impact of the cruises
an investigation of diaNEOsis the denunciation that, also being the fourth crocieristica destination in Europe, Greece is alone eighth in terms of entrances generated from the field

02/10/2017Fedespedi exhorts the associates to assign an appropriate assignment for the certifyd weighing of the container
a greater clarity at the level of Incoterms on the division of obligation and burdens

02/10/2017the next Corsica Ferries year will inaugurate a marine service Tolone-Island of Majorca
Will be the only connection via sea from France with the Balearic ones

02/10/2017To Taranto Propeller Clubs Italian has made the point on the harbour reform
Launched beyond a year makes - it has emphasized minister Delrio - is left over and is giving turned out

02/10/2017Letter of the president of the port of Venice to the colleagues of Trieste, Ravenna, Koper and Rijeka for I throw again of NAPA
Musolino has asked an encounter for confronts profit to throw again the activities of the association

02/10/2017Mitsubishi Logisnext, new society of the Japanese group MHOS for the segment of the fork trucks
Opera through the brands Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, UniCarriers, Nichiyu Electric Forklift, CAT Lift Trucks and TCM

02/10/2017the associations of the nordeuropei crocieristici ports Cruise Europe and Atlantic Alliance have constituted the Atlantic Europe
the new regional organization covers Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany

02/10/2017the Greeks Euroseas and Poseidon Containers plan the fusion of the fleets of portacontainer
Has respective a total cargo ability of 27 thousand teu and 86 thousand teu

03/10/2017CMA CGM will acquire the majority of the capital of the New Zealander Sofrana Unilines
the company has a fleet of ten multipurpose ships mainly employees in Oceania

03/10/2017Incontro of Propeller Club of Venice on the topic "Dwarfism and entrepreneurial gigantism: the generational change"
will hold thursday to Mestre

03/10/2017Brussels authorizes the combined control of IFM and PSA on Mersin International Port
the harbour company is active single in Turkey

03/10/2017Terminalisti and loaders do not know to sufficiency the lines guide of the Code for the stowage of the container
Storrs-Fox (TT Club): it is necessary a greater clarity and explanation of its important recommendations in safety matter

03/10/2017In decrease the results of the shipowning societies Attica and Minoan Lines
In increase the volumes of traffic enlivened from the fleet of Superfast Ferries and Blue Ferries Star

03/10/2017Maritime national Forum "21st Century Training - the futuribile marine formation"
from Archimedes Maritime Training Network, DNV GL and Harbour offices - Guard Costiera, will hold 8 November to Rome

03/10/2017Green light to the delisting of Genting Hong Kong from the Stock exchange of Singapore
the group will continue to being quoted to Hong Kong Stock Exchange

03/10/2017Martin Dorsman is named general secretary of the association of the European shipowners
Assumerà the assignment the next 1° November

04/10/2017Finlines has sold the Finneagle ferry to the Grimaldi group leader
the ship can transport 835 passengers and 2,459 linear meters of rotabili

04/10/2017Transmitted to the EU the relative ban of contest to the services of architecture and engineering for the planning of the Europe Platform of Livorno
the total amount Made up of auction is of three million euro

04/10/2017Gulf Agency Company buys the harbour activities of agency of the Ahlers Belgian
the group of Dubay is already anticipates in Belgium through branch GAC Belgium

04/10/2017the harbour reform has left opened still many thematic ones between which those in matter of social security and safety
evidences It Nctm Law firm emphasizing also a possible disallinemento between the European and Italian norms

04/10/2017the association of the Lombardic shippers anticipates resorted to the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT for double taxation introduced in the port of Genoa
Alsea has specified that it is ready to its withdrawal as soon as the AdSP removes the reasons of the litigation

04/10/2017Nencini: previewed harbour investments important in southern Italy in order to capture the opening of the second mouth of the Suez Canal
Introduced a study on the "Scenes for the transport goods and the logistics in the mean and long period"

04/10/2017CMA CGM, new service ro-ro between Morocco and the ports of Marseilles, Port-Vendres and Genoa
Verrà 21 October

05/10/2017In the 2016 activity, occupation and economic impact of the crocieristica industry in the USA has recorded new records
Altogether the expenses of the crocieristiche companies, the passengers and the crews are piled to 21,69 billion dollars

05/10/2017the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice to August
the crocieristi are diminished of the -15,4%

05/10/2017Transport & Environment denunciation that index EEDI is not apt in order to realize a decarbonizzazione of the shipping
Maggs (CSC): "the current requirement of efficiency of the EEDI are so modest that not is some incentive for the adoption of innovative technologies currently available"

05/10/2017the EU has introduced a program of 36 sets in action in order to improve state of health, the cleansing and safety of the seas
the program previews beyond 550 million euros of investments

05/10/2017APM Terminals passes to the management of the container terminal of Tacoma to joint venture between SSA Marine and Matson
the concession contract will expire 31 December

05/10/2017the Grimaldi Neapolitan has started a procedure for the assumption of 500 marine Italians
will be employed on the new ships that are entering to take part of the fleet of the group

06/10/2017has become operating the new Turkish terminal for rotabili Yalova Ro-Ro Terminal
the Ekol group will up to now transfer you the enlivened traffic to the terminal of Haydarpasa

06/10/2017the International Court of Arbitrateed of ICC the sentence Greece to reimburse the Hellenic Shipyards
the sentence establishes that the damages pile to beyond 200 million euros

06/10/2017To August the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna is diminished of the -2,1%
In the first eight months of the 2017 is enlivened 17,39 million tons (- 0.6%)

06/10/2017Porto of Livorno, shortly will be completed the intense activities of restructure of Wharf 12
dock of 370 linear meters

06/10/2017Diana Containerships tightens an agreement in order to sell seven of the 11 portacontainer of the fleet
the proceeds will be employed in order to reduce the indebtedness

06/10/2017In 2018 is attended a rise of +6.4% of the crocieristico traffic in the Italian ports
Relationship of Answers Tourism. MSC Cruises previews for the first time to exceed three the million passengers

06/10/2017the directive council of the The International Propeller Clubs
Umberto Masucci is confirmed unanimously president

06/10/2017To July the port of Genoa has marked the fifth consecutive month record of traffic of the container
In the first seven months of this year is enlivened 32,1 million tons of goods (+8.0%)

09/10/2017crocieristico Traffic in decrease in the Croatian ports
In the first eight months of the 2017 decrease has been of the -13,7%

09/10/2017DIS sells product tanker a MR of 48.700 tpl for 14,2 million dollars
the company will maintain the control commercial of the ship, that it is constructed in 2006

09/10/2017To August the traffic of the goods in the port of Trieste is increased of +12.6%
In the first eight months of the 2017 increase has been of +2.8%

09/10/2017In Italy the traffic of the goods is growing, but the national system of the transports is suffering
the state of the road haulage, plagued from offshoring and colonization

09/10/2017the port of Tanger Med has established the own new record of quarterly traffic of the container
In the period July-september of 2017 has enlivened 849 thousand teu (+14.8%)

09/10/2017Salerno Container Terminal is rewarded which better Italian terminal operator
the acknowledgment in the within of the Italian Terminal And Logistic Awards

09/10/2017Fincantieri Marinette Marine will construct an ulterior Littoral Combat Ship
Will be the fourteenth ship of varying program LCS "Freedom"

09/10/2017the association for the sustainable logistics Mayday LOG receives new associates
16 November a convention on the city logistics

10/10/2017the Dutch Royal IHC buys 50% of the compatriot Offshore Rotterdam Group
the company is active in the field of the repairs and naval conversions

10/10/2017Austal will construct to two ferries fast trimarans for the Spanish Fred Olsen
Will have an ability to beyond 1.100 passengers and until 276 cars

10/10/2017Hannibal will increase from three to five the spins weeklies magazine of the railway service Melzo-Frenkendorf
the connection is activated in 2013 in order to connect the Italian intermodal Network of Contship Italy to the hub Swiss

10/10/2017Forty Italian professionals of the logistics have participated to the course of specialization MOST Italy 2017
Is organized from the European Escola de Short Sea Shipping

10/10/2017Thomson Cruises will be renamed Marella Cruises
Verrà the name also to the ships from cruise of the fleet

10/10/2017the operators of the port of Crotone denounce the inactivity of the initiatives for the development of the port of call
the acceleration of the iter of adoption of the Portuale Town development plan

10/10/2017Wärtsilä has bought the British Guidance Marine
the company develops systems of survey for the dynamic positioning of the ships

10/10/2017CMA CGM will insert according to Lebanese port in the spin of the Wemed service
carried out Verranno ports of call to the Gulftainer Lebanon Terminal of the port of Tripoli

10/10/2017A.P. Møller-Mærsk has carried to term the cession of the company Maersk Tankers
is sold to the APMH Invest

11/10/2017Cruises to, shipping agents and shippers asks the president of the Region to intercede between Comune and AdSP
the associations of the operators evidence the necessity to take decisions in fast times

11/10/2017Delrio, on the topic of the harbour job the government does not have the intention of exit from the philosophy of law 84/94
With the Agencies for the job - it has specified - we are applying codicil 5 of the article 17 that in a some way previewed this type of organization

11/10/2017Viking orders seven new fluvial ships from cruise to the ship yard Neptun Werft
Verranno taken in delivery in 2019 and will be employed in Europe

11/10/2017Mario Mattioli unanimously president of the Confitarma
the Federation of the Sea - it has emphasized the new president - is the only organism in a position to together giving voice to the marine cluster in its

11/10/2017the port of Trieste heads to attract mega the yachts
Convention "organized the Adriatic Treasure" from the shipping agents of the Friuli Venice Julia with the Chamber of Commercio and Federagenti

11/10/2017Giacomo Gavarone is the new Shipping Young president of the Group of Confitarma
Vice-president is Marialaura Of Abate and Vittorio Morace

12/10/2017To september the port of Long Beach has established three new records of traffic of the container
In the first nine months of the 2017 port of call has enlivened almost 5,6 million teu (+8.9%)

12/10/2017the next year in the port of Messina is attended a level of crocieristico traffic pairs at least to that of 2017
De Simone: "they are sure that the realization of the new terminal cruises, in work course, will return our port still more tempting"

12/10/2017In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Koper has grown of +15.4%
the containers have been pairs to 227 thousand teu (+8.7%)

12/10/2017Saturday to Genoa will hold the fiftieth edition of the Saint George Prize
the Plate "Saint George" will go to the Foundation "Carlo and Giuseppe Piaggio"

12/10/2017the ports of Venice, Trieste and Koper have started an European plan in the field of harbour safety
a co-financing to 100% pairs to 1,3 million euros

12/10/2017Within year-end the dependent of Costa Crociere will be able to work from remote for a day to the week
the program "Sm@rt Working Costa - Moving Forward" that one addresses all the staff of the company

12/10/2017Fincantieri has delivered last the two of four pattugliatori to Guard Costiera of Bangladesh
draft of unit dismesse from Marina Militare Italiana

13/10/2017In the first nine months of the 2017 port of Los Angeles City has enlivened 6,9 million container (+8.2%)
To september the traffic has been pairs to 764 thousand teu (+2.1%)

13/10/2017Settembre record for the Chinese ports
New peaks of total traffic of the goods and handling of the containers

13/10/2017Hyundai Merchant Marine will sell own actions for approximately 615 million dollars
the resources will be used like floating capital and for the potenziamento of the activities

13/10/2017Last month the port of Singapore has enlivened 52,6 million tons, new peak of traffic for september
In the first nine months of this year the total has been of 466,0 million tons (+5.7%)

13/10/2017English GMG will buy the activities of the Fugro in the field of puts down and shearing of cables submarines
the transaction will have a value of approximately 73 million dollars

13/10/2017Airam Díaz Pastor (Tenerife) is the new president of MedCruise
Elected in board De Gregori (Western AdSP Ligurian Sea), Mangiarotti (AdSP Sea of Sardinia) and Cimaglia (Southern Adriatic AdSP)

16/10/2017Friday and saturday to Venice will hold the convention "To navigate the Pò: let us put itself in net"
faced Verranno topics and problems of fluvial tourist navigation

16/10/2017In the first nine months of the 2017 port of Hong Kong has enlivened 15,6 million container (+9.1%)
In the solo third trimester the traffic has been pairs almost 5,4 million teu (+4.9%)

16/10/2017Settembre record for the port of Barcelona
is enlivened than 5,1 million tons more than goods (+32.6%)

16/10/2017Improvement of the economic results of the logistic group Kuehne + Nagel
In the first nine months of this year the profit clearly is piled to 540 million franchi Swiss (+1.3%)

16/10/2017In the port of Livorno grows the traffic quota goods enlivened for railway way
the new terminal of Livorno Dock has given impulse to the transport on train

16/10/2017In the first nine months of the 2017 total of the cargo on the ships that have crossed Suez has grown of +9.8%
the cargos directed to south are increased of +18.9% and those directing to north of +1.4%

17/10/2017CIMC clearly announces an attended increase of the economic result on the wake of the rise of the container question
For the first nine months of 2017 is previewed a profit for the shareholders of approximately 182 - 205 million dollars

17/10/2017Hapag-Lloyd has carried to term with success the capital increase
the proceeds deriving from the new sale 11,7 million sets in action is piled to 352 million euros

17/10/2017In 2018 is attended a total increase of the crocieristico traffic in the ports of Naples and Salerno
the increase will be yields of a rise of the activity in the port of call of the regional chief town and of a decrease in the port Salerno province

17/10/2017BBC Chartering and Jumbo I constitute a strategic alliance in the segment of project the cargo
Andersen: "we realize that the world of "project shipping" is changing quickly"

17/10/2017the enterprises that operate with the port of speed up the reduction of the waits to cross harbour
the problem - they emphasize - is by now indefensible and risks to transform itself in a real powder keg

17/10/201725 October the first reunion of the Organism of Partnership of the Resource Sea of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern
the encounter will hold to Piombino

17/10/201726 October to Venice will hold States general of the Logistics of the Northeast
will be signed a position paper strategic for throws again of the logistics of the region

17/10/2017Nuovo dismissal of the expiration for the offers for the terminal containers of the phase B of Isla Verde Exterior of the port of Algeciras
the term has been fixed for 31 January 2018

17/10/2017In the first nine months of the 2017 harbour terminal of COSCO Shipping Ports has enlivened 64,9 million container (+13.5%)
In the solo third trimester the traffic has been of 23,1 million teu (+16.6%)

17/10/2017COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry has delivered before the four ships support to the Maersk Supply Service
Is the first naval means in a position to operating in deep waters constructed from the Chinese company for a foreign outsourcer

17/10/2017A.L.I.S celebrates a life year
the associate companies for a total of beyond 125.000 units of force job Are beyond 1.210

18/10/2017In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the goods in the Russian ports is increased of +9%
the goods sand banks is piled to 272,0 million tons (+9.3%) and the liquid bulk to 308,2 million tons (+8.8%)

18/10/2017In increase the intermodal traffic to the Interporto of Bologna
In the period January-september the trucks are increased of +9.3% and the railway wagons of +7.0%

18/10/2017In the third trimester the port of Rotterdam has recorded an increment of container and rotabili and a decrease of the bulk
In the first nine months of the 2017 traffic has been of 351,5 million tons (+2.0%)

18/10/2017the harbour system of Valencia has established the new records of enlivened conventional container and goods in the september month
In the first nine months of this year the traffic is piled to altogether 55,1 million tons (+3.3%)

18/10/2017a seminary of the National Federation of the Knights of Labor evidences the important impact of the economy of the sea on the GDP
Masucci: every year 20 billion euros in goods and services they are acquired by the enterprises of the marine cluster in the other economic fields

19/10/2017terminalista society TIL of group MSC becomes only owner of terminal OPCSA of Las Palmas
Noatum Ports has yielded 45% of the capital

19/10/2017Panalpina, the positive trend in the segments of air shipments and the logistics is stopped by the unsatisfactory performances in the marine field
the Helvetic group has closed the third trimester with a profit of 18,5 million franchi clearly Swiss (- 25.0%)

19/10/2017In the Fincantieri yard of Ancona is started the construction of sixth of eight ships from cruise for Viking
the unit will be delivered in 2019

19/10/2017In the third trimester of this year the crocieristico traffic to Malta is increased of +2.7%
increment of disembarks and embarks to the port of the TV assistant

19/10/2017Varate the three first tankers LR1 of Friend International Shipping
is constructed by the Vietnamese ship yard Hyundai Vinashin

19/10/2017Federagenti will sign the Charta Smeralda
the initiative promotes knowledge on the main aspects of environmental impact legacies to the life of the oceans

19/10/2017Gasparato is reconfirmed president of the Union To interpose Reunited you
Vice-president is Luigi Capitani, Lorenzo Cardo and Salvatore Antonio De Biasio and general secretary Mosè Renzi

19/10/2017Understanding between the Regions of the North the Italian West and RFI for the development of the rail shipment goods
the agreement comprises total investments for RFI of beyond 18 billion euros

19/10/2017the intense activities of extraordinary maintenance on neoClassica Costa will be carried out to Marseilles rather than to Genoa
It has announced Costa Crociere motivating the transfer with the state of uncertainty caused from strikes of the workers of Agency Genoa Basins

20/10/2017of the economic results of the charter of CAI International container
the American company previews that the positive trend of the market will continue in the next few months also

20/10/2017Ship Lease has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 8,9 million dollars
stable Revenues

20/10/201713 December to Rome will hold the assembly of Federagenti
faced Verranno the topics of the portualità

20/10/2017Wednesday to Naples will be introduced the book "NapoliPorto. The new city"
is centralized on the relationship port-city in its various aspects and its complexity

20/10/2017Al port of Ancona will hold a course of Greek language
the objective is to favor the study of language and Greek culture and the used technical terms in the harbour areas

23/10/2017strategic Agreement of cooperation between the Rosneft Russian and the Saipem Italian
the oil group has ordered to the yard Zvezda Shipbuilding the construction of ten Arctic shuttle tanker

23/10/2017UIRNet anticipates a system anti-terrorism for the control of crosses of income to the cities
Consente to identify the trucks and who automatically them guide

23/10/2017of the railway traffic in China
In the third trimester of 2017 decided decrease of the transported passengers and the goods

23/10/2017Nuovo service Nord Europe - Mediterranean - North Africa of COSCO, Evergreen and Yang Ming
will be employed five portacontainer by 4.250 teu

23/10/2017Today to Salerno I convene "the reform of the harbour job"
Is organized jointly from Propeller Club of Salerno and Naples

23/10/2017Porto of Livorno, timid signs of I difrost between the harbour administration and that communal one
Incontro between Nogarin and Corsini that speak about constructive dialogue and will of collaboration

23/10/2017In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Antwerp is increased of +4.5%
Aumento of the container, the rotabili and the liquid bulk. Decrease of the bulk loose several sand banks and the goods

24/10/20172067, the era of the extinction of the shippers and the portacontainer independent from 50.000 teu
a relationship of McKinsey assumes a scene which revolutionized from the digital technologies

24/10/2017Saipem records a bending of the results and the new orders
In the third trimester the clearly rectified profit has been attested to 59 million euros (- 1.7%)

24/10/2017the development of the infrastructural corridor and logistic Adriatic-Tyrrhenian for I throw again economic of Centro Italia
the topic has been in the middle of a convention promoted from Confartigianato Enterprises Ancona - Pesaro e Urbino

24/10/2017In the third trimester of the 2017 harbour terminal of DP World has enlivened 18,3 million container (+13.5%)
In the first nine months of this year the traffic has been pairs to 52,3 million teu (+10.0%)

24/10/2017ready Confetra to resume I confront on I renew of the logistic Ccnl, transport and shipment without prejudicial
Marcucci: we invite all the parts to conclude an event that lasts from almost two years

24/10/2017the AdSP of the Central Adriatic has undersigned with Lisa Group the state property concession for the Rossini Yard of Pesaro
the agreement previews a private investment of approximately 15 million euros for the widening and the restructure of the plant

24/10/2017ABB will buy the Helvetian Tekomar Group
the company develops produced and services in order to improve the efficiency of the systems of propulsion of naval units

24/10/2017In the third trimester of the 2017 traffic of the goods in the port of Palermo is diminished of the -4,7%
the passengers are dropped of the -9,0%

25/10/2017In the third Wärtsilä trimester has recorded an sensitive increment of the new orders
the turnover clearly of the group has been of 1,18 billion euros (+9%), of which 328 million euros in single naval field (- 16%)

25/10/2017the Airport of the Marche will increase the activity in the segment cargo graces to an agreement with Air France/KLM Cargo
In the phase of startup will be carried out three flights to the week with destinations Bolona and Roma Fiumicino

25/10/2017Konecranes has archived item the third trimester of this year with a net loss of -4,2 million euros
the revenues are piled to 746,2 million euros, in increase of +44.2% (decrease of the -7,2% to clearly of the effect of the acquisition of MHPS)

25/10/2017Ok of Brussels to the extension of the incentives Ferrobonus and Marebonus in support of the arranged transport
Green light of the EU commission to the extension of an analogous program of aids of Austria

25/10/2017To Native-born Singapore the logistic group Katoen has put in service the own first leading truck without
Shortly will be employed until 12 independent vehicles that they will enliven approximately three million producing tons of per year

25/10/2017will want Us of the time before the majority of the ships can opt for the GNL like fuel
the infrastructures for the gas supply - it has evidenced Mattioli (Confitarma) - are still relatively limited

25/10/2017the new concentrations in the field of the containerized marine transport will assure benefits or determine damages
the risk for the ports is of having to invest in new works in order to enliven a volume of unchanged traffic. Relationship of the UNCTAD on the state of the shipping

26/10/2017In third trimester ABB has recorded an increase of the economic performances and the new orders
the period is closed with a profit clearly of 603 million dollars (+2.4%)

26/10/2017Bureau Veritas, decrease of the revenues and increase of the orders in the segment of the naval industry
In the third trimester the volume of transactions of the classification and accounting firm has turned out stable

26/10/2017Naviera Armas will buy Trasmediterranea becoming leader in Spain in the segment of the marine transport ro-pax
92.7% of the capital of the company will be yielded by Acciona for 260,4 million euros

26/10/2017Increase of the quarterly results of terminalista society Chinese COSCO Shipping Ports
the period July-september is closed with a profit clearly of 78,7 million dollars (+54.1%)

26/10/2017In a decade the quota German haulers on the freeways of Germany is come down from 67.7% to 57.7%
association BGL denunciation the social dumping goods in foreign market that distorts the market

26/10/2017To Venice States general of the Logistics of the East North
Institution of a Cabin of Direction between ports, to interpose you and Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports for I throw again of the logistics

27/10/2017In the third Cargotec trimester has recorded an increase of the orders and a decrease of the economic results
the orders to the branches MacGregor and Hiab have grown of +12.1% and +18.2%, while those to Kalmar are diminished of the -9,8%

27/10/2017China Zhongwang has acquired the control of the Australian ship yard SilverYacht
is specialized in the construction of super yachts entirely realized in aluminum

27/10/2017Prosegue the contraction of the economic performances of the Costamare Greek
Bending of the operating result for the fifth consecutive trimester

27/10/2017Still in increase the containerized cargos transported from the ships of the OOCL and the relative revenues
In the third trimester of this year the traffic has been pairs to 1,6 million teu and the volume of transactions to 1,45 billion dollars (+26.5%)

27/10/2017Assologistica, opportune to indicate to the Municipality the areas for special wastes in order to exclude them from the TARSU
sentence of the Court of Cassation

27/10/2017Attica will have almost the totality of the capital of the Hellenic Seaways
the Greek group will buy the quota Minoan (Grimaldi) for 78,5 million euros and will sell two ferries to the Neapolitan group

30/10/2017Malta Freeport has adopted the operating system for terminal Navis N4
is installed 15 August after a phase of which lasted preparation 18 months

30/10/2017the Chinese producer of container CIMC records a decided rise of the sales and the economic results
In the period July-september of this year the company has established the own new absolute record of quarterly revenues

30/10/2017Prosegue the opposite trend of traffic and economic results of Chinese terminalista HPH Trust
In the period July-september is enlivened 6,8 million container (+14.3%)

30/10/2017In the first nine months of this year the South Korean ports have enlivened 1,18 billion tons of goods (+5.5%)
the traffic in the port of Busan has been of 301,9 million tons (+11.6%)

30/10/2017the port of New York has closed the first nine months of this year with a series of new records of traffic of the container
New absolute peaks for the period of nine months and the solo third trimester. Record also for the september month

30/10/2017COSCO Shipping archivia the third trimester with an increase of the economic performances and the transported containerized volumes
Calo of the traffic on the Asia-Europe routes

30/10/2017the budget of forecast 2018 of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central
Approximately 61 million is destined to infrastructural participations

30/10/2017Steps ahead in center IMO in the strategy for the reduction of the gas emissions to greenhouse effect of the shipping
the satisfied ECSA of the outcome of the second reunion of the Intersessional Working Group of the IMO

30/10/2017the summit of the European Maritime Networks of Clusters
President the Uytendaal Dutch; vices president the Petrone Italian, the French de Moncany and the Aznar Spanish

31/10/2017In improvement the performances in the segment of the containerized marine transport of the Japanese "K" Linens, MOL and NYK
increase of the cargo volumes transported on the main routes, in particular on that Asia-Europe

31/10/2017the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central has entered to take part of the Permanent Forum of the Social Responsibility in the Mediterranean
Undersigned the Paper of Naples

31/10/2017the result economic of the third trimester of navalmeccanici groups HHI and MHOS
In increase the orders confiscated from the South Korean company and that Japanese

31/10/2017the new railway corridor that connects Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey
the line Baku - Tbilisi - Kars is planned for a annual ability to three million passengers and 17 million tons of goods

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