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27 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 04:11 GMT+2

02/11/2017MOL has taken in the greatest delivery portacontainer never constructed in Japan
"MOL Truth" has a cargo ability of 20.150 teu

02/11/2017In the first nine months of this year the transport to aeromere to us world-wide has grown of +10.1%
In the single month of september the increase has been of +9.2%

02/11/2017Port Community La Spezia asks autonomy financial institution for from Liguria ports
Laghezza: almost the totality of the insufficient resources available goes to the ports of the South

02/11/2017To Monfalcone the coin ceremony of Costa Venezia
Will be the first ship of Costa Crociere planned and constructed purposely for the Chinese market

02/11/2017Tomorrow will be stood godfather the Venice Maritime Cluster
the new organization will represent the operating enterprises and associations in the field of harbour the marine economy and of the Lagoon of Venice

02/11/2017Seaspan Corporation clearly has archived item the third trimester with a profit of 48,4 million dollars
the revenues are diminished of the -6,2%

02/11/2017In the first nine months of the 2017 traffic in the port of Algeciras is diminished of the -4,6%
the temporary data of handling of the container is of 3.131.628 teu (- 12.8%)

03/11/2017In the first nine months of the 2017 traffic of the container in the ports of Naples and Salerno has marked increases respective of +10.1% and +12.2%
contraction of the crocieristi in the two of Campania ports of call, with bendings of the -29,7% and the -35,8%

03/11/2017next Friday in the port of Lisbon will be inaugurated a new terminal cruises
is realized by the Global Turk Holding Ports with an investment of 24 million euros

03/11/2017the Peruvian Romero and the Yildirim Turk in competition for the management of the port of Salaverry
the Peruvian port of call will be assigned in concession for a period 30-year-old

03/11/2017the directive council of Wista Italy
President is Daniela Aresu, vice president Paola Tongiani

03/11/2017the service Asia-Europe di Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics will carry out disembarks to Livorno and Amsterdam
the two ports will be scaled monthly

06/11/2017Wednesday to Naples a convention on the economy of the sea
Is organized from Propeller Club of Naples and Salerno with the Order of the Commerces graduate of Naples

06/11/2017the construction of a new container terminal in the port of Khalifa
will be managed by COSCO Shipping Ports and Abu Dhabi Ports Company

06/11/2017the energetic group British Craig sells own shipowning society
North Star Shipping will be yielded to the investment trust Basalt Infrastructure Partners

06/11/2017COSCO Shipping International anticipates an offer in order to acquire the logistic group Cogent Holdings
Undersigned also an agreement in order to buy the Indonesian PT Global Ocean Shipping

06/11/2017the Committee of management of the AdSP of the Northern Adriatic has approved of the budget of forecast 2018
Musolino: it is a good budget that us allows consisting investments in infrastructures

06/11/2017Federtrasporti, the new rules on the separation of the workers cut outside the road haulage
Villa: the institute serves to only pull down the costs of labor to advantage of the companies of some areas

06/11/2017the EU commission has authorized the extension of the Belgian regime of the tonnage tax
Proroga until end 2022

06/11/2017Agreement MSC Cruises - Trenitalia in order to facilitate the transfer of the crocieristi towards the ports
is signed to Naples on board of "MSC Wonder"

06/11/2017Landed to Livorno the MSC the Life, greatest portacontainer never which reached in the Leighorn port of call
the ship is long 300 meters and wide 48,24 meters

06/11/2017Hutchison Ports has assumed the management of the container terminal of the port emiratino of Saqr
DP World will realize a bonded area in the Somaliland

06/11/2017Launched before four new portacontainer of Containerships fed to GNL
the ships will be taken in delivery in the course of 2018

07/11/2017Decided rise of the quarterly economic results of Maersk Line
Accentuation of the trend negative of the performances financial institutions of APM Terminals

07/11/2017On 20 November to Livorno a convention on the role of Customs
It is organized from Propeller Club Port of Leghorn

07/11/2017In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is returned to grow
Crocieristi down of -10,4%

07/11/2017The communitarian program VetPort is finished that has involved 79 harbour workers
You are the ports partner of the project: Cork, Livorno, Lead, Venice, Rotterdam and Valencia

07/11/2017The port of Trieste has closed the third trimester of the 2017 with a traffic record of 15,7 million tons of cargos (+9.9%)
The container, with 161.878 teu, has marked an increase of +32.0%

07/11/2017The shipowning group Grimaldi has taken in delivery Large new PCTC the New York
The ship is employed in the connection weekly magazine America Mediterranean-North

07/11/2017Royal Caribbean Cruises clearly has archived item the third trimester with a profit of 753 million dollars (+8.6%)
Stable revenues and operating profit

07/11/2017In increase the quarterly results of the company of Finnlines navigation
In the period July-september the profit clearly has been pairs to 32,5 million euros (+7.0%)

08/11/2017In order to visit Venice the crocieristici will have to disembark to Marghera Port
It has established the Comitatone. Rejected the solution of Contorted Sant'Angelo. The possibilities of landing place to the Marine Station always through the door of Malamocco will be examined

08/11/2017Positive quarterly performances for Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics
The period July-september has been archived item with a profit clearly of 55 million dollars (+37%)

08/11/2017In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of +4.7%
In increase the bulk. Decrease of the goods several

08/11/2017In approved of Senate an amendment to the Maneuver that transfers deep from the road haulage to the marine transport
They pile to 150 million euros in three years 2018-2010. The government had expressed to seem contrary

08/11/2017In the third trimester the harbour terminals of ICTSI have enlivened 2,3 million container (+5.6%)
In the first nine months of the 2017 traffic it has been of 8,7 million teu (+11.7%)

09/11/2017The Global Turk Holding Ports has concluded the third trimester with a profit clearly of 9,5 million dollars (+29.4%)
In the first nine months of the 2017 economic result clearly it has recorded a decrease of -67,2%

09/11/2017In the first nine months of the 2017 traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports it has grown of +6.4%
The container has been pairs to 11.674.237 teu (+3.1%)

09/11/2017Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings celebrates turned out quarterly records
In the period July-september the fleet of cruise ships of the group has accommodated 658 thousand passengers (+3.5%)

09/11/2017In increase the quarterly revenues of Friend International Shipping
The period July-september is closed with a net loss of -7,4% million dollars. Found signs of improvement of the market

09/11/2017After nine closed trimesters in loss, in the slid period Yang Ming July-september is returned to the profit
Emphasized increase of the revenues, while the costs have remained stable

09/11/2017Of Augustin (Assoporti): I receive with it like to the closing of the issue great ships to Venice
The Committee Great Ships does not reject the decision of the interdepartmental Committee of address, coordination and control on the Lagoon of Venice

10/11/2017In the third trimester the revenues of Fincantieri have grown of +32.8% and the new orders of +144.2%
In the first nine months of this year the new orders have totaled 5,49 billion euros (- 13.0%)

10/11/2017The European coordinator of the Adriatic-Baltic Sea Corridor has visited the port of Ravenna
Rossi: our port of call is a terminal of this most important "road"

10/11/2017Still a trimester in loss for Hyundai Merchant Marine
In the period July-september the portacontainer of the company they have transported beyond a million teu (+41.0%)

10/11/2017Positive economic performances of the charters of container Triton and Textainer
Revenues in increase respective of +21.9% and +4.3%

10/11/2017The EU commission has adopted a proposal in order to improve the directive on the arranged transport
It satisfies in great part - it has emphasized the UIRR - the expectations of the field

10/11/2017The port of Long Beach has established the own new record of traffic of the container enlivened to October
In the first ten months of the 2017 total it has been of 6.234.930 teu (+9.5%)

13/11/2017Last month the port of Singapore has enlivened 53,4 million tons of goods (+7.4%)
The traffic of the container has been pairs to 2.957.100 teu (+16.7%)

13/11/2017Fincantieri starts the procedure for the delisting of Vard from the Stock exchange of Singapore
The Italian company will offer until 38,5 million euros about in order acquiring 21% of the capital not in its possession

13/11/2017The ports north-adriati us of NAPA throw again their alliance
The port of Ravenna has newly entered to take part of the association

13/11/2017Improvement of the economic results of the navalmeccanica company Vard
In the third trimester the revenues have grown of +33.4%

13/11/2017To sensitive October increase of the transported volumes of goods from the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal
In the first ten months of 2017 these cargos they are piled to 747,8 million tons (+10.6%), of which 390,8 million on the ships directed to south (+19.4%) and 357,0 million on the ships directed to north (+2.4%)

13/11/2017Assoporti has convened in order on 12 December a public programmatica assembly in order to examine the topics of the portualità
Of Augustin: we are working because this event is the beginning of a new course

13/11/2017Agreement between the Authority and Bank of Naples of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central
Thursday to Naples in the course of an encounter on the topic of Special the Economic Zones will be introduced

13/11/2017Mercitalia Rail and TX Logistik will acquire until 125 new locomotori constituents
Store clerk to the Bombardier. The investment will pile to about 400 million euros

14/11/2017Almost stable the economic results of the summery trimester of DFDS
The profit clearly has marked a bending of -3,0%

14/11/2017Fusion of financial institutions COSCO Finance and China Shipping Finance
The operation is approved of today by the board of directors of COSCO Shipping Holdings

14/11/2017ANITA asks that the destined resources are not reduced to the road haulage
The association evidences that the way to the relief for international drivers does not help the structured enterprises

14/11/2017To Rome the shareholders' meeting of the Logistic Association of the Sustainable Intermodalità
Grimaldi: in a year we have brought back to the attention of the public opinion and politics the problem of the development of the transports and the sustainable logistics

14/11/2017In the third trimester the harbour terminals of German group HHLA have enlivened 1,87 million teu (+8.9%)
In increase the revenues of the company, while the other main economic indicators have shown a decrease

14/11/2017Hapag-Lloyd is satisfied of the results of the third trimester and the first effects of the fusion with UASC
In the period the ships of the company have transported containerized cargos pairs to 2,81 million teu (+44.2%)

15/11/2017The taiwanesi companies of navigation Evergreen and Wan Hai close positively the third trimester
Revenues in increase respective of +30.0% and +12.4%

15/11/2017Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of -1,4%
In the first nine months of the 2017 +7.7% are enlivened 17,26 million teu ()

15/11/2017In the third trimester the traffic of the container in the German harbour terminals of Eurogate is dropped of the -3,2% and in those Italians of Contship Italy of -6,1%
Altogether the terminals that are under responsibility of the Eurokai German have enlivened 3,7 million teu (+0.3%)

15/11/2017The ambassador of Uruguay in Italy has visited the port of Livorno
Corsini: interesting new lease on life also in consideration of the imminent agreement of free exchange between EU and Mercosur can be opened

15/11/2017Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles is diminished of -8,1%
In the first ten months of the 2017 they are enlivened beyond 7,6 million teu (+6.4%)

15/11/2017Deep European of the AdSP of the Northern Adriatic for the Freeways of the Sea and the shipbuilding one
The resources within two of the 22 projects approved of from the Program of Italy-Croatia Cross-border cooperation

15/11/2017The port of Barcelona has established the own new record of traffic for the October month
In the first ten months of the 2017 total it has been of 49,8 million tons (+24.3%)

15/11/2017Named the presidents of the commission of Confitarma
The other members of the commission will be named on 6 December

15/11/2017MSC Cruises celebrates two ceremonies in contemporary near the yard of Saint Nazaire of the STX France
Coin ceremony of "MSC Beautifulst" and cut of the first sheet of "Huge MSC"

15/11/2017Request in order to install a multipurpose terminal on part of the Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto
It is introduced by a company consortile constituted by Zeta System Spa and Taranto Productive Initiatives

15/11/2017In the 2016 3,145 marine incidents have happened
In period 2011-2016 the lefts have been altogether 16,539, of which 12,663 in waters of the EU

16/11/2017The provincial Court de the Coruña has established the value of the indemnifications for the damages caused from the sinking of Prestige
The court has established that the Spanish State to receive a sum pairs to 1.573 million euros

16/11/2017Uiltrasporti, forced to the mobilization if it will not be approved of the "corrective ports" to protection of the job
Tarlazzi: workers and job of the ports cannot ulteriorly wait for the solutions to the problems that are incumbent from years

16/11/2017In the third trimester of the 2017 traffic enlivened from the port of Taranto it is diminished of -10,0%
In the first nine months of this year the total has been of 16,6 million tons (- 13.9%)

16/11/2017The next week a delegation of Propeller Clubs Italian will go to Hong Kong and Shenzhen
The association of the shippers will sign an agreement of twinning with Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding & Logistics

16/11/2017In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Amburgo is dropped of -1%
In the first nine months of the 2017 total it has been of 104,3 million tons (- 0.5%)

16/11/2017DP World will collaborate to the development of the traffics and the logistics of the Evils
Today an agreement in the within of the Global Investment is signed Forum of Dubay

16/11/2017The Committee of management of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern has approved of the budget of forecast of the agency
Fixed the maximum number of authorizations for the development of operations and harbour services in the ports of Livorno, Piombino and Portoferraio

17/11/2017Inaugurated a new terminal cruises in the port of Heraklion
In 2016 in the Greek port crocieristi (+8.6% have reached 239 thousand)

17/11/2017Ulterior decrease of the actions of piracy against the ships
In the first nine months of the 2017 they have been 121 regarding 141 in the period January-september last year

17/11/2017In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the goods in the ports of Tunisia is diminished of -4,7%
Increase of the goods several. Down the bulk

17/11/2017The Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile is admitted to the International Association of Maritime Universities
It is the first Italian agency to enter in the number of the institutions associated to the IAMU

17/11/2017To October the port of Savannah has established the own new absolute record of traffic salary of the container
In the first ten months of the 2017 3.413.952 teu (+11.9% are enlivened)

17/11/2017Ok of the Committee of management of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western to the variation to budget 2017 and the budget of forecast 2018
Approved of the lines of address for the procedure of allocation of the dry docks of the port of Genoa

17/11/2017Still a trimester in loss for the Greek Diana Containerships
In the period July-september the revenues Time base charter are diminished of -25,0%

20/11/2017Still a traffic month goods record in the Chinese ports
To October the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 722,7 million tons of cargos (+6.1%). The container has been 17,8 million (+8.1%)

20/11/2017In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven is diminished of -4,7%
To september the decrease has been of -11,9%

20/11/2017Agreement between the AdSP and Bank of Naples of the Ionian Sea for the support to the projects connected to the ZES
The understanding will be introduced on 28 November to Taranto

20/11/2017GEFCO has inaugurated an own branch in Greece
This year is previewed a doubling of the turnover generated from the Greek market

20/11/2017Last month the port of Valencia has enlivened 8,9 million tons of goods (+4.7%)
To October the containers have been pairs to 424 thousand teu (+3.0%) and in the first ten months of the 2017 they are piled to 4,0 million (+1.9%)

21/11/2017Store clerk to the Japanese Toyota Tsusho and MES for the supply of 16 destined cranes to the port of Mombasa
The contract has a value of about 64 million dollars

21/11/2017Christened a new portacontainer from 21.413 teu of the OOCL
The ship will be employed on the route China - North Europe

21/11/2017The British FTA exhorts the government to reduce the octrois on fuels in order to block the drastic increase of the failures in the field of the road haulage
The measure - it has emphasized the association - will give also a remarkable impulse to the economy of the United Kingdom

21/11/2017The ICS renews the invitation to eliminate the aids to the shipbuilding one that distort the market
Bennett: although he exists give beyond 50 years, is daunting that the Working Party on Shipbuilding has completed still little progresses

21/11/2017Assoporti signs a protocol in order to favor integration of the nets wi-fi of the ports with the national net
Of Augustin: signing the agreement - the Italian ports will forward make an ulterior step in the field of the innovation

21/11/2017Damco (Maersk group) has operated the own first train block on the China-Europe line
The convoy has covered the 10,815 kilometers between Wuhan and Lille in 20 days

22/11/2017FerCargo and FerCargo Maneuver ask measures in order to support the transport goods on track taking part in particular on the last railway mile
Laguzzi and Of Angela: the "sick one", that is the rail shipment of the goods, is out of danger, but not still completely recovered

22/11/2017For the fourth consecutive year the railway traffic goods in Switzerland has regained market shares on that street one
In the first trimester of this year a goods is recorded braked of the increase of the transalpine traffic railway

22/11/2017The Harbour Authority of Antwerp buys 720 kilometers of oil pipe-lines
It will acquire for 44 million euros the Nationale Maatschappij der Pijpleidingen

22/11/2017Hupac will increase the offer of transport arranged between the nordeuropei Italy and markets
New services Zeebrugge-Novara and Singen-Cremona/Brescia

22/11/2017The Association Shippers of La Spezia to the table of I confront for the realization of Confmare
Laghezza: necessary an organization that it can express strong positions also regarding the political and institutional counterparts

22/11/2017Contest for the management of the passenger terminal of the Croatian port of Gazenica (Zara)
The concession contract will have a duration 20-year-old

22/11/2017Satisfaction of the European shipowners for the ok today's to the agreement on the system of exchange of quotas emissions
Mattioli and Grimaldi (Confitarma) have met the general secretary of the ECSA

22/11/2017Constituted the Consortium of local economic development of the giuliana area
It will replace in the competences the old Agency for the Industrial Zone of Trieste

23/11/2017Uiltrasporti, step forward in matter of harbour job
Tarlazzi: cautious satisfaction for the opinion expressed from IX the Commission of the Chamber on the corrective outline you carry

23/11/2017Launched the first fed British ferry to which liquified natural gas
The ship is constructed by the Ferguson yard Marine for company CMAL

23/11/2017In China navigation of the first ship to the world with electric motors is experienced
It will enter at the beginning in regular service of the next year on the river of Pearls

23/11/2017Assotir saturday will propose the associations of the road haulage to tighten a pact for throws again of the field
The proposal in the course of the third national conference of the organization

23/11/2017It continues the rise of the economic results of the Zim Israeli
In the third trimester the fleet of the company has transported 688 thousand container (+10.6%)

23/11/2017Monday the MIT will introduce position paper "the Actions for throws again of the aerial cargo"
For the first time it faces thematic of the transport the goods for aerial way in systemic way

24/11/2017Confitarma: if received, an amendment to the Law budgetary would have a shattering impact on the Italian fleet
The Confederation denunciation that the measure would involve an obliged and immediate dismissione of the Italian flag

24/11/2017In the port of Antwerp the new Antwerp is inaugurated Container Terminal
It is managed by the Belgian group Sea-invest

24/11/2017The Attica Greek has closed the third trimester with a result after the taxes down of -6%
The first nine months of this year have been archived item with a profit after the taxes to 4,7 million euros (- 82%)

24/11/2017Agreement between the AdSP of Tyrrhenian Center-Northerner and the Central Adriatic in order to value cross-sectional the tirrenico-adriatic one
The scope is to integrate the communitarian infrastructural net with a cross-sectional Mediterranean that the Tyrrhenian one connects and the central Adriatic

24/11/2017Ulterior improvement of the quarterly economic results of the shipowning group CMA CGM
In the period July-september of this year the portacontainer of the company they have transported 4,98 million container (+11.6%)

27/11/2017Yang Ming, carried to term the capital increase
The quota vital prisoner from the government of Taipei is gone up to 38.23%

27/11/2017Thursday in the port of Genoa will hold an organized convention from the Logistic Section, Transports and Shipments of the ANIMP
The event on board of ro-ro portacontainer "Jolly Quarzo" of the Messina group

27/11/2017Stable the traffic in the port of Ravenna in the first ten months of 2017
To October they are enlivened beyond 2,3 million tons of goods (- 1.1%)

27/11/2017New request for the management of a portion of the Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto
It is introduced by the society South Marine Gate

27/11/2017In the port of Livorno new work has been programmed in order to facilitate the income of the portacontainer
The scope is to return the passage of the ships of advanced ability easyr pairs or to 9.000 teu

27/11/2017Bureau Veritas has introduced own digital system of naval certification
The project is second set up the guidelines of the International Maritime Organization

27/11/2017First train block of the GEFCO from China to France
Travel of 11.000 kilometers covered in less than three weeks

27/11/2017Hapag-Lloyd has inserted ports of call directed to the port of Livorno in service MSE
Cancelled temporary touched to Marseilles Fos, the port of call served with transfers via Genoa

28/11/2017of Tankers Friend it sells product tanker "a medium constructed range" in 2005
The ship will be yielded for 14,14 million dollars

28/11/2017A.P. Møller-Mærsk widens the directive council of the company
The Board will include the commercial director and the operating director of Maersk Line and the managing director of APM Terminals

28/11/2017The British Ports Association emphasizes that the British industry cannot grow without the development of the ports
Evidenced in particular the necessity to improve the street and railway connections with the harbour ports of call

28/11/2017Intermodal terminal Venice has ordered a second mobile crane Gottwald
The means have an ability to raising until 125 tons

28/11/2017Agreement AdSP - Bank of Naples of the Ionian Sea in order to increase the attrattività of the ZES of Taranto
For the development of Special the Economic Zones the financial institution has programmed appropriations until 1,5 billion euros

28/11/2017Mission in China of Propeller Clubs Italian
Masucci: it has been real road a show of the new Italian portualità

28/11/2017The Committee of management of the AdSP of the Sea of Sardinia has approved of the budget of forecast 2018
Soon with the definition of the organic plant of the agency and the nomination of the general secretary

28/11/2017New crane transtainer to the terminal of Samer Seaports & Terminals in the port of Trieste
Investment of beyond 10 million euros

29/11/2017The South Korean antitrust imposes to Hamburg Süd to exit from the alliances with other companies for the Asia routes - Center/South America
The decision as a result of the acquisition of the German company by Maersk Line

29/11/2017Mission of the port of Venice in Georgia
The objective is to strengthen the institutional and commercial relations along the Way of the Silk

29/11/2017MSC Cruises orders to others two ships to Fincantieri
Today "MSC Seaside" is delivered, before the two units commissioned in 2014

29/11/2017The it system of the British Clarksons are hit by attack computer science
The company has emphasized that the episode has not influenced on the activity of the society

29/11/2017To October the harbour terminals of COSCO Shipping Ports have enlivened 7,4 million container (+12.4%)
In the port of the Pireo the traffic has been of 352 thousand teu (+21.3%)

29/11/2017The MSC investment Cruises for the two new ships of class "Seaside AGE" will pile to 1,8 billion euros
The two units, of the maximum ability to 7.280 people, will be taken in delivery in 2021 and 2023

30/11/2017Maersk Industry Container renews own collaboration with the Bitzer German
The compressori produced from the Germanic company are installed in the systems of realized refrigeration of the container from the MCI

30/11/2017FEPORT, the role of the private investor in the ports adequately are not recognized
Bonz: we ask the regolators of the EU to guarantee balanced marine politics that it prevents distortions of the competition

30/11/2017New Antonio Barbara director of the Messina Terminal in the port of Genoa
Recorded an increment of +13% in handling of the container

30/11/2017Costa Magica and Costa Pacifica to Marseilles for work of improvement of the areas catering and well-being
During the winter they will navigate in the Caribbean

30/11/2017Uiltrasporti, an amendment to the Law budgetary can have a strong impact negative on the ports
Tarlazzi: it introduces a duale model of unacceptable the harbour job

30/11/2017Collaboration between the European Spatial Agency and Rolls-Royce in the field of independent marine navigation
The application to the independent marine different transport will be studied spatial resources

30/11/2017Satisfied for the outcome of the encounter on the road haulage, prompt ANITA attention to unsolved the national and European topics anchor
Restated to the government the opinion negative of the association on the street Package EU

30/11/2017Al port of Ravenna an European financing of 37,4 million euros
The deep ones are destined to the harbour project "Hub of Ravenna"

30/11/2017CMA CGM will melt marks MacAndrews and OPDR
The new entity will have center to Amburgo

30/11/2017Completed the iter of authorizations for the fusion between Maersk Line and Hamburg Süd
The arranged fleet will be constituted by 773 ships with a transport ability of 4,15 million teu

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