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18 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:10 GMT+2

01/12/2017Pan Ocean Co. a contract of the value of 1,8 billion dollars with the mining group signs Is worth
The agreement has a duration 27-year-old and previews the iron mineral transport from Brazil

01/12/2017The ECSA invites deep the EU commission to return easyr and fair the access to the Europeans in order to increase the effectiveness of their use
Dorsman: it is necessary that the small shipowning societies so as those large ones have the same opportunity to receive financings

01/12/2017The third dock of the terminal MIGRANT DETENTION CENTRE of COSCO and PSA to Singapore will become operating on January 1°, 2018
The traffic ability will go up per year to three million container

01/12/2017The AdSP of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale has published the analyses on the future of the cruises to Venice
The scope is of giving maximum transparency to the distance shared from the members of the Comitatone

01/12/2017Fincantieri confirmation the combined offer with Naval Group to the Canadian government based on the project of frigates FREMM
If the proposal were accepted, the construction of the ships would happen near the Canadian yard Irving Shipbuilding

01/12/2017Started the procedure for the drawing up of the town development plan of the port of Monfalcone
The expiration for the presentation of the offers is fixed for 8 January 2018

01/12/2017It is necessary to improve the operativity of the railway service in order to return more express the passage of the freight trains on the border Italian-Swiss
It evidences a study specifying that only in least cases the delays can be chargeed to the customs operations

04/12/2017DP World has obtained the entire property of the terminalista society Embraport di Santos
Last year 666,215 the Brazilian harbour terminal has enlivened container (+5.8%)

04/12/2017The program of the assembly of Federagenti
The appointment is in order on 13 December to Rome

04/12/2017CMA CGM is come to an agreement with Total for the destined supplies of GNL to its new mega-ships
The agreement of the duration ten-year-old beginning from 2020 previews million supplying three tons of which liquified natural gas

04/12/2017Satisfaction of the Confetra for I renew of the field employment contract
Marcucci: it conjugates the main requests of entrepreneurial part and trade-union part

04/12/2017CMA CGM has carried to term the cession of 90% of the American terminalista society Global Gateway South
The French shipowning group maintains 10% of the capital

04/12/2017On 1° January Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will put into effect the restructure of the navalmeccanica division
Two new societies with a total of about 1.500 dependent will be created

04/12/2017Signed the hypothesis of agreement for I renew of the contract of the workers of the logistics, transport goods and shipment
Revoked strike of the field of 11 and 12 Decembers

04/12/2017Inaugurated the first phase of development of the port Iranian of Chabahar
It is the main gateway of the nation for the access to Mare Arabico and the Indian Ocean

04/12/2017Seven ships of Costa Crociere to Marseilles in order to carry out renovations
Seven ships of Costa Crociere to Marseilles in order to carry out renovations

04/12/2017Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti have proclaimed in order on 15 December a strike of 24 hours in the Italian ports
The unions denounce "the legislative short circuit that carves the provisions in order to throw again the harbour job"

04/12/2017MacGregor will optimize the cargo ability of 31 portacontainer of the MSC
The activity will be completed within the end of 2018

05/12/2017TX Logistik will realize the service of railway traction in Switzerland on the Rhine-Alps Corridor
The company has in course investments for the acquisition of 40 locomotori fine-system of the Bombardier

05/12/2017ITF renews the accusations to terminalista group Philippine ICTSI
International the labor organization speeds up the company to strive in order to improve the conditions of job and the levels of safety in the terminals

05/12/2017The BEAUTIFUL ones have granted a loan of 125 million euros to the Finnish group Wärtsilä
It has the scope to support the activities of research & development in the field of the realization of marine engines and electric power plants

05/12/2017This year the traffic of the container in the hub intermodal of Duisburg has grown of +12%
Remarkable increment of the railway traffic hauled from the trains on the lines with China

05/12/2017Tomorrow to Rome the entitled convention "the way of the development. Market and customs between controls and opportunity"
"Nova Itinera - Covered of the right in XXI the century" is organized from the legal magazine and from the National Council of the Customs brokers

06/12/2017In increase the containerized trade in the ports of Naples and Salerno
Hard decrease of the crocieristi, but in 2018 is attended a resumption

06/12/2017In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Hong Kong is increased of +5.3%
In the first nine months of the 2017 tons (+11.3% are enlivened 206,8 million)

06/12/2017The EU commission authorizes COSCO Shipping to buy the OOIL
According to Brussels, the fusion will not have an impact negative on the competition in the markets of the containerized marine transports, the terminals and shipments

06/12/2017Today to Marghera the cruise ship Nieuw Statendam is launched
It will be delivered by Fincantieri to Holland America Line in autumn 2018

06/12/2017Named the members of the confederal commission of Confitarma
Mariella Amoretti treasurer and Luca Sisto general manager

07/12/2017The positive trend of increase of the fleeting performances of the aerial transport and cargo will continue in 2018
The IATA previews an increase of the economic results and the enlivened traffic

07/12/2017Twelve inquired to Palermo within an investigation for corruption in the release of professional qualifications for staff marine
Arrested in charge of the formation center "the Study De Santis" and the members of the commission examiners

07/12/2017Prompt Uiltrasporti the Chamber to adapt the amendment in matter of harbour job
Tarlazzi: "it discriminates the harbour workers, previewing of treatments of series To and of series B"

07/12/2017Brussels Bulgaria denunciation, Finland and Greece in order not to have understood the norms for the planning of the marine space
The EU commission will ask the Law court to impose endorsements

07/12/2017The Council of the EU exhorts to push on the accelerator of the digitalisation of the transports
Dorsman (ECSA): "this is this of which we have for a long time emphasized the necessity in order to improve the efficiency"

07/12/2017Shell Marine pockets the consisting order more than this year that is emitted by COSCO Shipping
The store clerk is relative to the supply of lubricants and technical services for seven new portacontainer from 20.000 teu

07/12/2017Completed the last step for the unification of the former Harbour Authorities of Genoa and Savona
Ok to subingresso partial of the group Joints in the state property concession previously in head to Terminal Genoa Bulk

11/12/2017The CMPort Chinese has signed an additional contract of concession for the port of Hambantota
The group will invest until 1,12 billion dollars in the cingalese port of call

11/12/2017Denmark encourages the definition of international norms for the employment of the independent ships
"The current norm - it has emphasized minister Mikkelsen - is based on traditions that go back to the age of the sail. To this it must be place remedy"

11/12/2017CMA CGM has completed the acquisition of the Brazilian Mercosul Line
The navigation company is yielded by the Maersk Line

11/12/2017Started the activity on the fourth phase of the Chinese port of Yangshan, with terminalistiche operations and automated customs inspections
Last month the port of Shanghai has enlivened altogether 3,6 million container (+11.8%)

12/12/2017The Italian government has approved of decrees with integrating and corrective dispositions to the discipline on the Harbour Authorities
It among other things previews the introduction of norms of simplification in harbour topic of planning

12/12/2017The fusion between Ghent Port Company and Zeeland Seaports will be made
The North Sea Port Port Authority will have 250 dependent

12/12/2017The BEAUTIFUL ones finance the construction of a fed ferry to GNL of Brittany Ferries
The loan of 142,6 million euros is distributed with the contribution of Société Générale

12/12/2017Important increase of the containerized trade in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven in the last trimester of 2017
The forecast indicates a rise of +24% in terms of weight and enlivened +12% as for teu

12/12/2017The European School of Short Sea Shipping has changed name
European Escola taking note of the diversification of the activities of the formation center is renamed

12/12/2017Of Augustin which guide of the Italian portualità throws again the role of Assoporti
Evidenced the necessity of norms in order to strengthen the position of the AdSP regarding shipowners and concessionaires

13/12/2017To November the port of Singapore has enlivened 3,0 million container (+15.7%)
In the first eleven months of this year the containerized trade has been pairs to 30,7 million teu (+9.1%)

13/12/2017The Chinese marine ports have established the own new record of traffic goods and container for the November month
Last month tons of cargos (+3.8% are enlivened 702,5 million). The single traffic of the container has been pairs to 17,8 million teu (+7.0%)

13/12/2017To November salary of the cargo on the ships is recorded the new absolute record that are journeyed in the Suez Canal
The peak is recorded thanks to the traffic record on the director north-south

13/12/2017Federagenti anticipates Confmare, the new "common house of the sea and the ports" within Confcommercio
Examined the problematic ones of the ports of Gioia Tauro, Venice and Taranto

13/12/2017The port of Los Angeles has recorded the own new absolute record salary of traffic of the container
To Long Beach last month +14.7% are enlivened 613 thousand teu ()

13/12/2017Panagiotis Laskaridis is the new president of the ECSA
It will succeed to beginning 2018 to Niels Smedegaard

14/12/2017In increase the results of the crocieristica division of German group TUI
In the fiscal year the 2017 profit before the taxes, interests and amortizations is piled to 255,6 million euros (+33.9%)

14/12/2017The port of Rotterdam is prepared for the Brexit
Evidenced the necessity to increase the organic one of the customs office of Rotterdam Rijnmond of beyond one hundred units

14/12/2017Agreement Wärstilä - MHI-MME in order to improve the efficiency of the systems of propulsion of the ships
The understanding previews to put to yields the innovative technologies developed by the two companies

14/12/2017Agreement for regulating the activities of road haulage to service of the crocieristi that reach in the port of Livorno
Corsini: not draft of which dropped regulations from above, but of an agreement of self-discipline

14/12/2017Completed one of the steps more important in order to value transalpine the railway axis goods of Saint Gottardo
Fallen the last diaphragm of the new gallery of the Bözberg

14/12/2017Triennial Operations plan 2018-2020 of the harbour system Venice-Chioggia previews investments for 440 million euros
To October the traffic goods Venetian port is diminished of the -3,0% and the cruises have marked -16,2%

14/12/2017Renewed the employment contract of the dependent of the marine agencies
It previews a total retributive increase of 102 euros

14/12/2017To November the traffic of the container in the port of Barcelona has grown of +57.5%
In the first eleven months of this year +33.7% are enlivened 2,7 million teu ()

15/12/2017In the Canadian port of Québec terminal will be constructed to a container
The investment will pile to 400 million dollars Canadian

15/12/2017To November the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is dropped of -3,6%
In the first eleven months of this year an increase of +6.4% is recorded

15/12/2017In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa has grown of +8.9%
The passengers are diminished of the -2,4%, with a -0,5% in the segment of the ferries and a -7,0% in that of the cruises

15/12/2017Deep in order to stimulate the use of the travelling freeway for the transport of the goods through Brenner
Protocol of understanding between RFI and Interbrennero for the potenziamento of the system of Trento Roncafort in order to promote the intermodal transport

15/12/2017Ok of the Higher council of the Public works to the Harbour project Hub of Ravenna 2017
The document will now pass the examination of the Ministry of the Atmosphere

15/12/2017In 2018 on the cruise ships of the world-wide fleet people (+5% will embark themselves 27,2 million)
The next year the navigation companies will take in delivery 27 new ships between oceanic, fluvial and special units

18/12/2017Private Egypt looks for partner disposed to participate to the construction and management of the first dry port of the nation
It will be connected via railroad to the marine ports of Alexandria and El Dekheila

18/12/2017BIMCO and CIRM on board propose standard for the installed update of the software of the ships
The International Organization for Standardization has already received the proposal temporarily

18/12/2017Shipowning consortium THE Alliance anticipates the new Network of services that will be inaugurated to April
You are touched to the Italian ports, of which two to Genoa and La Spezia and one to Livorno and Salerno

18/12/2017Agreement of program on the realization of the platform multipurpose of the port of I go
It is signed by Liguria Region, AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western, Province of Savona, Municipality of Vado Ligure and Autostrada of the Flowers

18/12/2017The Association Shipping agents of proposes to the AdSP a pact in order to accelerate the performance of the works
Fontana: we must declare war to the bureaucracy that is killing our port

18/12/2017Fincantieri, executives the contracts with Viking Ocean Cruises for the construction of two cruise ships
The company has exercised the option for the ninth and tenth ship

18/12/2017In the first ten months of the 2017 port of Trieste it has enlivened 514 thousand container (+26.6%)
To October it are increase + of +40.0%

18/12/2017Confetra, measures in order to contrast actions of protest that nothing they have to that to see with forms of trade-union agitation
Marcucci: to prevent and to repress any modality of protest rape that the incolumità of the people and the free activity of the enterprises endangers

18/12/2017The EU commission inquires on aids granted to Rumanian the railway operator goods CFR Marfa
The company is the historical operator of the market of the transport goods on track in Rumania

19/12/2017Ponant commissions to Vard a new cruise ship icebreaker with propulsion to LNG
The contract has a value of about 274 million euros

19/12/2017Threats to Monti, president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Western Sicily
Of Augustin: I do not exclude to convene an extraordinary assembly of Assoporti to Palermo for giving a sign of solidarity clearly to the colleague

19/12/2017In the first eleven months of the 2017 terminal of COSCO Shipping Ports they have enlivened 79,8 million container (+12.9%)
In the port of the Pireo the traffic has been 3,4 million teu (+5.3%) and to Port Saïd of almost 2,3 million teu (0%)

19/12/2017Hélène Hotellier is the new general secretary of Fedespedi
It succeeds to Piera Maria Marini, that he has covered the role from 2009

19/12/2017First encounter between the dependent of the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Sardinia
Introduced the hypothesis of organizational model of the agency

19/12/2017Costa Crociere has renewed the partnership with the airline Neos
185.000 places on the direct flights in the Arabic Caribbean, Emirates, Europe North, India and Maldives

19/12/2017Panalpina will buy the Belgian societies Adelantex and TO Handling
Producing are specialized in the import of perishable

19/12/2017Carnival, more continues the trend of increase of the revenues and emphasized increase of the costs
The crocieristico group American has closed fiscal year 2017 with a profit clearly of 2,6 billion dollars (- 6.3%)

19/12/2017Luca Becce has left the assignment of managing director of Terminal Tuscany Dock
The position of general manager is entrusted Marco Mignogna

19/12/2017Angel D'Amato is the new Marine president of the National Bottom
It is elected on proposal of the outgoing president Mario Mattioli who remains councilman of the Bottom

19/12/2017Mortal incident in the port of Salerno
A dependent of the Department stores is swept up by a fork truck

20/12/2017To November the port of Valencia has enlivened 405 thousand container (+6.6%)
In the first eleven months of this year they have been 4,4 million (+2.3%)

20/12/2017In the first eleven months of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto is diminished of -12,6%
In November the decrease has been of -21,1%

20/12/2017OCEAN Alliance anticipates the new net of line services that include six Italian ports
To Genoa three lines and each one for the ports of La Spezia, Livorno, Salerno, Trieste and Venice

20/12/2017The EU co-finances a project for the development of the Freeways of the Sea between Civitavecchia and Barcelona
Al Latium port is assigned a contribution unsecured of 2,2 million euros

20/12/2017To Hupac January it will activate an intermodal service Hanover-Novara
The directions will be realized three departures weeklies magazine in both

21/12/2017The DeloPorts Russian will buy 30.75% of the capital of the terminalista group Global Ports Investments
The quota will be yielded by the compatriot Transportation Holding Investments Ltd

21/12/2017The Euronav Belgian has tightened an agreement of fusion with the Gener8 American Maritime
A fleet of 44 VLCC and 28 will come mass together Suezmax for a total ability to beyond 18 million tpl

21/12/2017Hyundai Merchant Marine confirmation that will be equipped of new portacontainer from 22.000 teu
Yoo: it will be in compliance with the national expectations of leadership in the field of the shipping

21/12/2017In the port of Ancona a course is realized in order to improve the formation of the harbour operators
It is carried out by LTA and Intempo for the Company Working Harbour

21/12/2017Fincantieri has constituted to Doha the society Fincantieri Services Middle East
The activities of services and post will be the fulcrum of all sale on the military ships of the group in Qatar

21/12/2017Mission in China of the president of the port of Taranto
Participation to the organized international forum from the Shanghai International Shipping Institute

21/12/2017MacGregor (Cargotec group) will buy the Rapp Norwegian Marine
The transaction will have a value of 16 million euros

21/12/2017Ok to the inclusion of the port of Monfalcone in the perimeter of competence of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Orientale
Green light of the Conference of the Regions

22/12/2017Mercitalia Rail has ordered 40 new locomotori to Bombardier
The store clerk, that she includes an option for ulterior 20 locomotives, has a value of about 210 million euros

22/12/2017Undersigned the agreement that confers 67% of the capital of the Harbour Authority of Salonicco to consortium SEGT
According to the forecasts, the transaction will be completed in the course of the first trimester of the next year

22/12/2017To October the port of Genoa has enlivened 4,7 million tons of goods (+10.4%)
The passengers have been 250 thousand (- 9.6%)

22/12/2017Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Algeciras has grown of +2.3%
In the first eleven months of the 2017 3.792.906 teu (- 9.4% are enlivened)

22/12/2017Collaboration MOL - Rolls-Royce on the road that will carry to independent navigation
The Intelligent Awareness System of the British company will be experienced on board of the ferry "Sunflower"

22/12/2017The terminalista group Hutchison Ports acquires 50% of Dutch TMA Logistcs
The society work terminalistici services to Amsterdam and Antwerp and logistic and marine activities

22/12/2017Christened to Miami cruise ship MSC Seaside
From tomorrow it will sail from the port of Florida for routes in the Caribbean Western Orientals and

22/12/2017First passage of the Harbour project "Hub of Ravenna 2017" to the CIPE
The examination will be completed in the sitting that will hold the next January

27/12/2017Kotug will introduce the technology of the droni in the towing services
The Dutch society has introduced patent question

27/12/2017The harbour system of Valencia archivierà 2017 with a traffic of beyond 73 million tons of goods (+3.6%)
In the field of the container a total of 4,8 million teu (+2.15% is attended)

27/12/2017Arkas and Seago will melt four intra-Mediterranean services that will be replaced by two sun lines
On each route four portacontainer will be employed by 2.500 teu

27/12/2017The port of Columbus closes the 2017 with a traffic record of beyond six million container
In 1995 the quota a million teu is exceeded for the first time

27/12/2017of Tankers Friend, salt contract and lease back for product tanker a Medium Range
The ship, constructed in 2014, is yielded for 28,0 million dollars

27/12/2017The port of Busan for the first time exceeds the enlivened threshold of 20 million container in a year
This year the port of call confirmation to the fifth place in classifies of the first world-wide ports container

28/12/2017Ningbo-Zhoushan is the first port to the world to have enlivened beyond a billion of tons of goods in a year
The supremacy is celebrated yesterday in occasion of the port of call of portacontainer "Mary Maersk"

28/12/2017Yang Ming installs own marine agency in Thailand
Yang Ming Line (Thailand) Co. it will become operating the 1°gennaio

28/12/2017Shipowning group COSCO Shipping constitutes a new society of manning
The branches of the Chinese group will manage the marine staff of all

28/12/2017The Istat makes the point on the evolution of the services of transport in Italy
In 2015, in the segment of the goods the railway modality is increased of +1.6%, that marine one of +3.4%, while the street modality has marked a contraction of -0,6%

28/12/2017The Harbour Committee of Messina has approved of Triennial Operations plan 2018-2020
Investments in order to upgrade infrastructures dedicated to the crocieristico traffic

29/12/2017Investments of the German Deutsche Bahn in order to reduce the noisiness of the rail shipment goods
Between the initiatives, the installation of stocks of the brakes in material composite and puts down it of barriers antinoise

29/12/2017COSCO Shipping has constituted in Greece the OceanRail Logistics
The objective is to develop to the railway connections between the port of the Pireo and the final destinations in Europe

29/12/2017To November the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is increased of +9.0%
The crocieristi have been 67 thousand (- 12.7%)

29/12/2017Euro Rail Cargo will concentrate the activity on three railway corridors
They connect respective northern France, Belgium and Joined Regno, Southeastern France, Italy and Spain and Germany, France and Spain

29/12/2017The port of Santos gets ready to close the 2017 with a new record anniversary of traffic
In the first eleven months of this year tons of goods are enlivened 119,96 million

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