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23 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 10:17 GMT+1

01/02/2018In 2017 a consisting increase (+9.0% is recorded) of the question of aerial transport of the goods
The offered ability has grown of +3.6%

01/02/2018In the 2017 harbour terminal of the German group Eurogate they have enlivened 14,4 million container (- 1.4%)
In the fourth trimester an increase of +1.0% is recorded

01/02/2018Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven is dropped of -3%
The container pairs to 5,5 million teu (+0.5% have been)

01/02/2018Three million euro to the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern in order to finance the projects of feasibility of priority works
They will be used for the planning of the practicability of belt (Livorno) and of 2° the lottery of the SS398 (Piombino)

01/02/2018Kind (Assologistica): the logistics finally is living a good moment
Positive the impact of the ways to sell produced and to services legacies to the web, but also the industrial world - it has emphasized - has comprised the strategicità of the field

01/02/2018Last year the volumes of traffic arranged enlivened from Hupac have grown of +3.5%
In the second half of the year, period in which us they have been the interruptions of the lines Rhenish and Luino, is recorded a decrease of -1,6%

01/02/2018In sight of the Confetra elections the engaged alignments have subordinate ten questions to all
Marcucci: they regard topics key for the private companies of the logistics, the transport and the shipment

01/02/2018Stable the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna in 2017
Decrease of the goods several. In increase the bulk. The total of the fourth trimester has been of 6,7 million tons (+1.1%)

01/02/2018Prompt Confitarma the banks to a greater reflection before to yield own credit regarding shipowners
Mattioli: it is also in the interest of the same banks to confirm the strategicità of the role of the shipowner and management

01/02/2018The plan "To connect Italy" assigns 49,5 billion euros to throws again of the logistic system of Southern Italy
Delrio: "we are trying to recover the accumulated gap in the decades precedence"

02/02/2018Viking Line does not exercise the option with Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry for a second cruise ferry
The first ship will be completed in 2020

02/02/2018Appeal to the unit of Port Community La Spezia in order to reach the objective of two the million container within 2020
Fontana: confirmed the two new ones she approaches on the Garibaldi Levante Pier for ships of beyond 10.000 teu

02/02/2018Started on Livorno the procedure of contest for the planning of the marine structures and the dredgings of the Europe Platform
Sent invitation letters

02/02/2018On-line the witnesses of the conventions that regulate the highway concessions
They are profitable accessible for the first time via web from the MIT

02/02/2018New connections between Europe and Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan of the Hupac
They will be realized in collaboration with the intermodal society azera ADY Container

02/02/2018Agreement HMM - GS Caltex for the transport of crude oil from the Middle East to South Korea
Quinquennial contract of the value of about 178 million dollars

05/02/2018In future the goods sent via train from China to Europe will travel rather along the transcaspico railway corridor rather than on the Transiberiana
It previews a relationship of Global Risk Insights

05/02/2018Costa Crociere starts a program in order to reduce of 50% wastes it foods of the ships on board
It is developed and tested beginning from 2016 on the flagship "Costa Diadema"

05/02/2018The manifacturing world needs an adapted development of infrastructures and the logistics
It emphasizes the Federation of the Sea

05/02/2018Erck Rickmers sells the E.R. Schiffahrt and Harper Petersen to the Zeaborn Shipping
The entrepreneur and German politician will continue to manage a fleet of 34 ships

05/02/2018Fincantieri has undersigned the agreement with the French State in order to acquire 50% of STX France on loan more 1%
Paris will have 34.34% of the capital and the French Naval Group 10.00% (or 15.66%)

05/02/2018Tirrenia introduces in the fleet the new ship Giuseppe Lucchesi cargo
It has an ability to beyond 3.600 linear meters and 249 towings

05/02/2018In the 2017 harbour terminal of the HPH Trust they have enlivened 24,3 million container (+7.9%)
In the last trimester of the year the traffic has grown of +6.8%

06/02/2018In the 2017 port of Venice it has enlivened 25,08 million tons of goods (- 0.5%)
In the last trimester of the year the traffic has grown of +8.8%

06/02/2018Last year the harbour terminals of DP World have enlivened a traffic record of 70,1 million container (+10.1%)
In the port of Mina Rashid (Dubay) the traffic has been of 15,4 million teu (+4.0%)

06/02/2018Alessandra Grimaldi and Franco Napp named vice-president of the Commission Navigation to Corto Raggio di Confitarma
Andrea Garolla of Bard named coordinator of the offshore Group, bunkeraggio and cisterniero ship

06/02/2018Total will rent a new lighter of large-capacity for the GNL of MOL to employ in Europe North
It will be constructed by the Chinese ship yard Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding

06/02/2018The port of New York has closed the 2017 with a traffic record of 6,7 million container
New full peaks of disembark of container and of it embarks of empty containers

06/02/2018In 2017 the reliability of the schedule is gotten worse of the services of containerized marine transport
It has found SeaIntel, second which the deterioration has regarded all the main routes of traffic

06/02/2018Assologistica and Fercargo denounce the serious for services intermodal difficulties on the Milan-Venice line
Contship Italy, is not possible to hide the negative fallen back ones of image endured by the logistic system railway Italian

06/02/2018Last year the port of Algeciras has enlivened 101,4 million tons of goods (- 1.7%)
New records in the fields of conventional the liquid bulk and the goods

06/02/2018Agreement FS Italian - Indian Railways for upgrading of the railway corridor the New Delhi - Jaipur
On the line 70 fleeting trains and 20 freight trains travel every day

07/02/2018Decided the privatization of the Dredging Corporation of India
The government of New Delhi has established the cession of the entire share capital

07/02/2018Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Salonicco has grown of +10.7%
The container has been pairs to 401.473 teu (+16.6%)

07/02/2018Course of Assolombarda and Assologistica for the qualification of In charge of the customs issues
It will begin on 2 March to Milan

07/02/2018CMA CGM is equipped of a new type of container for the transport to controlled temperature of liquids
It is planned in collaboration with the Teconja German and the Liqua Turk

07/02/2018Polichetti and Novella vice-president of the commission Ports and Infrastructures and Oceanic Navigation of Confitarma
Examined main the thematic ones of pertinence

07/02/2018Rhenus Logistics entrusts the management of own fleet to the Wessels Reederei
It is costituiita by 15 ships of comprised gross capacity between 1.700 and 3.000 tons

08/02/2018In the fourth trimester of the 2017 new acquired orders from group ABB they have grown of +2%
Spiesshofer: 2017 have been a year of transition in the course of which we have moved our centre of gravity

08/02/2018The AdSP of Mare Adriatico Orientale is front man of a project of technological innovation to service of the intermodalità
The port of Trieste and the Austrian terminal of Fürnitz will adopt a shared technological solution for the exchange of data in real time

08/02/2018MacGregor (Cargotec group) will acquire Core business of Norwegian TTS Group
In the 2017 new acquired orders from the Finnish group they are diminished of -3%

08/02/2018Concluded the procedure of Appraisal of Environmental impact of the Detached mole of Porto Torres
Deiana: the performance of the participations will allow the potenziamento of the commercial and crocieristici traffics

08/02/2018In the fourth trimester of the 2017 Konecranes it has acquired new orders for 732,6 million euros (+23.1%)
The revenues have been pairs to 910,0 million euros (+48.4%)

08/02/2018Agreement RFI - AdSP of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale for the infrastructural potenziamento of the ports of Venice and Chioggia
Musolino: the understanding will allow to work in order to eliminate the bottle necks giving new impulse to the arrival and to I forward it of the goods

08/02/2018Ok of the EU to the combined control of the PSA International Panama hat Terminal by PSA and TIL
The EU commission considers that it will have a limited impact on the market

08/02/2018The Pacorini group has extended to Naples own presence in the main Italian ports
Bonded warehouse inside of the Interporto South Europe of Marcianise Maddaloni

08/02/2018The ports of Venice, Genoa and Savona-Go to Logistic the Fruit fair of Berlin
For the promotion of the section of perishable the Venetian port it has coined the brand "Masters of Fresh"

08/02/2018In the 2017 harbour terminal of group HHLA they have enlivened 7,2 million container (+8.1%)
The intermodal traffic has been pairs to 1,5 million teu (+5.2%)

08/02/2018Evergreen has ordered to Samsung Heavy Industries the construction of eight portacontainer from 12.000 teu
The store clerk has a total value of about 755 million dollars

09/02/2018In the 2017 Maersk Line it is returned to the profit
Net loss of -168 million dollars for terminalista society APM Terminals

09/02/2018New railway connection Rotterdam-Istanbul goods of the Hupac
It is realized in partnership with the TurkRail Turk

09/02/2018The IMO has signed an agreement of partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
It is centralized on safety and safeguard of the atmosphere is in the field of the marine transport that in that harbour one

09/02/2018Ok of the Italian government to the adaptation of the national norm to directives EU on job and marine transport
Green light to the performance of European directives 1794 of 2015 and 844 of 2016

09/02/2018The Honored Italian shipowning group buys two new ships ro-ro of last generation
They are under construction in the German ship yard Flensburger

09/02/2018The port of to Logistic Fruit has promoted the development of a Fresh Food Corridor with the Europe North
Roncallo: the encounters that are succeduti in these days have evidenced the potential strengths of the port

09/02/2018Passage of deliveries to the summit of the Body of the Harbour offices - Guard Costiera
Admiral Giovanni Pettorino is succeeded to admiral Vincenzo Melone

12/02/2018Shipping Honored GNV and have ordered four ships ro-pax to Chinese ship yard GSI
The contract previews the possibility to opzionare the construction of other four units

12/02/2018Traffic fleeting record in the Croatian ports in 2017
The goods is piled to 20,98 million tons (+12.1%)

12/02/2018Trasportounito denunciation that on the trucks not is more Italian drivers
This - the association emphasizes - is "yields mature of wrong policies and suicide in the field"

12/02/2018Named Ammar Kanaan CEO of the Terminal Investment Limited (group MSC)
Vikram Sharma is succeeded to

12/02/2018MSC Cruises will disembark in Japan
The Country of Sol Levante will be scaled by Splendid ship "MSC"

12/02/2018Completed the restructure of the destined floating dry dock to the port of the Pireo
Xin Guang Hua" of the COSCO Shipping Heavy Transport is loaded on the semisubmersible ship "

12/02/2018Evergreen will rent 12 new portacontainer from 11.850 teu to the Japanese Shoei Kisen Kaisha
The sarranno ships taken in delivery from the taiwanese group between 2020 and 2021

12/02/2018DFDS orders the construction of two ships ro-pax to the Chinese Guangzhou Shipyard International
The store clerk has a value of about 242 million euros

13/02/2018TUI Cruises orders to Meyer Turku the construction of a new cruise ship from 2.894 passengers
It will be taken in delivery in the spring of 2023

13/02/2018To January 2018 the port of Singapore has established the own new historical record salary of traffic of the container
The new enlivened maximum peak is such in terms of teu, but not relatively to the all up weight of cargos

13/02/2018Tomorrow to Genoa the convention "Gas and steam: an enemy for safety on the ships"
It is organized from the National College Master mariners and of Car

13/02/2018Hyundai Merchant Marine has closed 2017 with a net loss pairs to about 1,1 billion dollars
The revenues have grown of +9.7%

13/02/2018The AdSP of Mare Adriatico Centrale front man of the Newbrain project
It has the objective to upgrade the integrated intermodal transport in the Ionic Adriatic Macroregion

13/02/2018Shipowning consortium THE Alliance anticipates a new version of own Network of line services
Confirmed the six touched to the Italian ports. Yang Ming will equip itself of ten new portacontainer from 2.800 teu and he will rent ten from 11.000 teu

13/02/2018Green light definitive to the project of coastal warehouse of GNL in the port of Ravenna
The work of construction of the system will begin in the late spring and will last almost three years

14/02/2018NYK denunciation illicit behaviors of branch Chinese NYK Car Carrier (Lowers) Co
Previewed ui impact negative on the economic result clearly consolidated of the group pairs to about 18 million dollars

14/02/2018The port of Long Beach has begun 2018 marking the new record of containerized trade for the January month
657,830 teu (+12.9% are enlivened)

14/02/2018In China the greatest marine area of the world for the experimentation of independent navigation will be instituted
It will cover a surface of 750 square kilometers

14/02/2018Jordi Caballé Valls is the new general secretary of MedCruise
It succeeds to Thanos Pallis and Aimilia Papachristou

14/02/2018The intermodal traffic grows through the Interporto Toscano Amerigo Vespucci
Altogether six million tons of goods are enlivened

14/02/2018In the 2017 traffic of the goods in the port of Amburgo it is piled to 136,5 million tons (- 1%)
In the fourth trimester tons (- 3% are enlivened 32,2 million)

14/02/2018In the 2017 American Terex it is returned to the profit
The revenues are piled to 4,36 billion dollars (- 1.8%)

15/02/2018Mattioli (Confitarma): hard cohesion inside of the association
Yesterday the first official encounter between AssArmatori and the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports

15/02/2018Last month the port of Los Angeles has enlivened 809 thousand container (- 2.2%)
Record for the month of January of embarks of full containers

15/02/2018Possible Naples and Caserta goals of new crocieristici routes
Visit of the "destination managers" of AIDA Cruises, Virgin Cruise Line and Silversea

15/02/2018The port of Rotterdam has concluded the 2017 with a traffic record of 467,3 million tons (+1.3%)
New historical peaks in the fields of the container and the rotabili

15/02/2018Last year the port of Taranto has enlivened 21,6 million tons of goods (- 12.2%)
In the fourth trimester the traffic has been of 5,1 million tons (- 6.3%)

15/02/2018Ok of the Committee of the AdSP of the Sea of Sardinia to POT 2018-2020 and the Agency of system of the harbour job
Approved of the nomination of Natale Ditel to general secretary of the agency

15/02/2018On the wake of the increase of the results in 2017, Textainer previews an ulterior improvement in 2018
The American company has closed last year with a profit clearly of 19,4 million dollars

15/02/2018To January the port of Hong Kong has enlivened 1,8 million container
Increase of +9.2% on January 2017

16/02/2018The port of Valencia has closed 2017 with new records in the containerized fields of the goods, conventional cargos and the passengers
Last month the port of Barcelona has established the own new maximum peak of relative traffic to January

16/02/2018OOCL will inaugurate a new service between the western Mediterranean and the Middle East/Indian subcontinent
It will have frequency weekly magazine

16/02/2018Kalmar will supply nine tractors for terminal to the Honored group Shipping
Seven means will be employed in the port of Livorno and two in that of Catania

16/02/20182017 have been a very positive year for the society of chartering and sale of container CAI
Garci'a: in the fourth trimester "exceptional performances"

16/02/2018Port of Livorno, ready the project for I reorder of the railway connection of New Port
It will be composed of six railroads and under consideration there is the realization of a seventh line of tracks

16/02/2018To strengthen the collaboration between the merchant navy and Marina Militare for safety of navigation
The invitation is turned by Stefano Messina (AssArmatori) the minister of the Defense, Roberta Pinotti

16/02/2018Port Community La Spezia, for the common well-being port and cities must find again cohesion
The organization proposes an instrument of information on state of health of the port and of advance of the projects, but also on eventual differences of opinion

19/02/2018Inaugurated the first phase of the fourth container terminal of the port of Jawaharlal Nehru (Mumbai)
Managed from group PSA, it has an ability to traffic of 2,4 million teu

19/02/2018Reunion to the MIT in sight of the second expiration for the presentation of projects in marine-harbour within permissible to the deep CEF
The budget available is of 330,25 million euros, amount that the EU commission could elevate to 465,25 million euros

19/02/2018Port of Ancona, in 2017 in increase the fleeting ones, ro-ro and solid bulk and decrease of liquid bulk and container
The total has been of 8,6 million tons of goods and 1,1 million passengers

19/02/2018Satisfaction of Assoporti for the understanding for the decentralized dealing of the AdSP
Of Augustin and Spirito: a lot important for the harmonization of employment contracts of all is a objective the dependent

19/02/2018In the 2017 port of Naples it has enlivened 510 thousand container (+5.5%) and the port of Salerno 455 thousand (+17.0%)
The crocieristico traffic has been of 927 thousand fleeting in first port of call (- 29.0%) and of 66 thousand in the second (- 41.1%)

19/02/2018Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics doubles own presence in the port of Zeebrugge
Contract for the management of an area of 49 hectares

19/02/2018Convention to Piombino on the normative innovations that ormeggiatori and boatmen interest
To an advanced stage the drawing up of the previewed update of Regolamento of execution to the Navigation code

19/02/2018Contract of US Navy to Fincantieri Marinette Marine for the study of a customizzata version of frigates FREMM
The store clerk has a value of 15 million dollars

20/02/2018From the 9 on 12 April to Genoa the first edition of the Economy Blue will hold Summit
The event will explore all the activities that use the sea, the coasts and the grounds as resources for industrial activities and the development of services

20/02/2018To January the terminals of COSCO Shipping Ports have enlivened 7,8 million container (+15.0%)
In the port of the Pireo the traffic has grown of +17.4%, in that of Port Saïd is dropped of -2,2%

20/02/2018DFDS has concluded 2017 with a profit of clearly 1,6 billion Danish crowns (+4.5%)
Stable the volume of traffic ro-ro and passengers enlivened

20/02/2018The Eurosib Russian records a decided increment of the rail shipments
Positive course of the traffic on the China-Europe-China corridor

20/02/2018Trasportounito denunciation that the road haulage enterprises are paid medium to one hundred days
Every month - it has emphasized the association - these companies anticipate more to the committenza than three billions than euro

20/02/2018Naples Dry Docks (Palumbo - the Naval Mechanical New) will equip the port of Naples of a new floating dry dock
Previewed an investment of about 20 million euros

20/02/2018Marina di Carrara, workshop "Port and city: school, culture, formation, job, atmosphere. The challenges for the future"
Thursday in the within of the program of Porto Lab Academy will hold

20/02/2018In the 2017 fleet of portacontainer of Hamburg Süd it has transported a total record of 2,3 million feu (+7%)
The medium revenue for container has grown of +1%

20/02/2018MPC Ships Container buys 14 portacontainer feeder
The investment piles to 139,5 million dollars

20/02/2018To Castellammare Fincantieri multirole LHD has begun the construction of a amphibious unit
It will be delivered in 2022

20/02/2018Rail Group Cargo upgrades the railway connections with Southeastern Europe
Concentrated to Budapest the formation of the trains shuttle

20/02/2018The European shipowners speed up urgent certainties on the commercial relationships United EU-Reign in sight of the Brexit
Audition near the Commission for transport and Tourism of the European Parliament

21/02/2018Fourth trimester 2017 in loss for the Greek Diana Containerships
The revenues have grown of +40.7%

21/02/2018Brussels inflicts fines pairs to 395 million euros to the marine carriers car carrier CSAV, "K" Linens, NYK and WWL-EUKOR
To the Japanese MOL total is recognized the immunity

21/02/2018Marine Petroleum aegean buys the Hellenic Environmental Center
The company is specialized in the reception and treatment of the refusals produced from the ships and systems offshore

21/02/2018Fabrizio Palenzona is the new president of Conftrasporto
It succeeds to Paolo Uggè, that vice president is named vicar

22/02/2018CSAV, MOL, NYK and WWL/EUKOR specify that the fines of the EU will not have an impact on the previewed ones turned out financial
Already managed billetings. "K" Linens will record the endorsement which extraordinary loss in the fiscal year that will finish the next month

22/02/2018The new measures previewed for the transit of the great ships in the channels of San Marco and of the Giudecca to Venice
Rough draft of the decree managed from the Harbour office

22/02/2018Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti, not to the liberalization of the job in self-handler in the marine and harbour operations
According to AssArmatori, instead, the shipowning companies would have to be able to use the edge staff in order to carry out harbour operations where this were returned possible by the rules of marine safety

22/02/2018Rail agreement Cargo Group - TransContainer in order to develop the containerized railway traffic China-Europe
Previewed the realization of ten services to the week within 2020

22/02/2018Of Augustin: the remodeling of the deep ones for the ports affords to use financings that otherwise would get lost
Us they have not been - confirmation the president of Assoporti - cancellations of programmed participations

22/02/2018In the 2017 intermodal operator German Kombiverkehr it has recorded an light decrease of the traffic
Increase of national shipments and with the Scandinavian Countries. Bending of the activity on the director towards Switzerland and Italy

22/02/2018Ok of the AdSP of the Central Adriatic to the demands for concession of Marina Dorica and Yard of the Marche
They interest the watery mirror in front of the east dock of the tourist port of Ancona

23/02/2018The crocieristico group Norwegian Cruise Line frames the budget 2017, rich of results record
Waits performance to the historical maximums also in 2018

23/02/2018To January the traffic of the goods in the Chinese marine ports has grown of +4.9%
The container pairs to 18,4 million teu (+8.6% have been)

23/02/2018Positive trend of the economic results of the charter of container Triton International
Decrease of the volume of transactions of the French group Touax

23/02/2018RINA, partnership strategic with the Tunisian Engineering Comets
The company African is founded in 1986 and has about 100 dependent

23/02/2018DP World accusation the government of Djibouti to have illegally assumed the control of the Doraleh Container Terminal
According to the group of Dubay, the action is face to force the Middle Eastern society to renegotiate the terms of the concession

23/02/2018ITF, new contract IBF clarify that the activities of rizzaggio and derizzaggio are carried out exclusively by harbour workers
The new agreement for period 2019-2022 introduces for marine a wage increase of 2.5% from next 1° January

26/02/2018The CMPort Chinese has completed the acquisition of 90% of the Brazilian Terminal de Contêineres of the Paranaguá
The group of Hong Kong previews to apply the "Shekou model" also in Brazil

26/02/2018Workshop of Assologistica Culture and Formation on the logistics of near future and the food delivery
One will hold on 22 March to Milan

26/02/2018To January the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice has grown of +15.8%
Increase of the rotabili and the liquid bulk. Decrease of the bulk sand banks

26/02/2018In 2018 an increase of +8.6% of the traffic of the cruises in the Italian ports is attended
The forecasts of Answers Tourism indicate a contraction of the crocieristico market in the Mediterranean

26/02/2018Under consideration an application in order to preview with precision the duration of the operations of pilotage in the port of Singapore
Project commissioned from Marine PSA to Ernst & Young Solutions

26/02/2018First Lease Trust has closed 2017 with a net loss of -31,0 million dollars
The revenues are diminished of -7,9%

26/02/2018In the 2017 traffic of the goods enlivened from the harbour system of the Southern Adriatic it is diminished of -2,3%
In the port of Brindisi the total has been of 9,5 million tons (- 5.8%) and in that of Bari of 5,7 million tons (+0.9%)

26/02/2018The AdSP of the Centro Settentrionale Tyrrhenian Sea has joined to A.L.I.S
Income in quality of honorary associate

26/02/2018Renewed the directive council of Propeller Club of Milan
Confirmation of Riccardo Fuochi to the presidency

26/02/2018Loan of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to the Montenegrin port of Bar
The financing is extended to the Port of Adria, that it is controlled by the Global Turk Holding Ports

26/02/2018To January 2018 the total of cargos transported from the ships that have crossed the Suez Canal has grown of +6.0%
The cargo on the ships directed to north is increased of +18.5% and those on the ships directed to south are diminished of the -5,4%, the first bending after 17 consecutive months of rise

27/02/2018Rose-colored future for the shipping, but with some risk
Maritime Strategies International suggests to the shipowners that they have put the champagne in ice to use precaution in deciding when to uncork the bottle

27/02/2018Offer of Fincantieri in order to eventually become industrial partner and shareholder of the Rumanian ship yard Daewoo-Mangalia Heavy Industries Ltd
Proposal in order to acquire until 49% of the capital of the navalmeccanica company

27/02/2018Agreement MOL-FEIA for the exploitation of the Northern Sea Route and the energetic resources of the region
The understanding is time also to promote the marine route for the connections between Asia and Europe

27/02/2018Meyer Werft will construct a third cruise ship for AIDA Cruises
It will be taken in delivery in 2023

27/02/201817 manifestations of interest for the realization of a warehouse of GNL in the port of Naples
Within the half March the iter will be defined for the award of the work

27/02/2018Third consecutive year of economic performances record of the Finnlines
The new ships ro-ro that they will be taken in delivery beginning from 2020 from the Grimaldi group will have an ability record of 7.300 linear meters

27/02/2018The AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern has managed new Slowly Anti-Corruption and instituted an appropriate direction
Thursday to Livorno a convention dedicated to the formation and the role of the harbour systems

27/02/2018To Venice the greater experts of harbour safety of the ports of the Adriatic North are convene
Transboundary seminary in the within of European project SECNET

28/02/2018The Japanese Mitsui O.S.K. Lines announces a restructure of own organization
The next 1° April will be put into effect

28/02/2018Seaspan clearly has archived item 2017 with a profit of 175,2 million dollars
The revenues are diminished of -5,3%

28/02/2018To April HMM it will inaugurate the own first independent containerized service on the route Europe Asia-North
The South Korean company confirmation the next orders for the construction of mega portacontainer

28/02/2018The CIPE has approved of Harbour the definitive project "Hub of Ravenna"
Within the summer the contest ban, in order to activate the work in 2019

28/02/2018In the 2017 revenues of the CEVA group they are increased of +5.2%
The exercise has been archived item with a net loss of -197 million dollars

28/02/2018Convention on the "sustainable Innovations for the logistics of the agrifood"
Organized within Green Logistics Expo in collaboration with Assologistica and the Observatory Food Sustainability of the Polytechnic of Milan

28/02/2018In the 2017 portacontainer of the Hapag-Lloyd group they have transported 9,8 million teu (+29.0%)
The revenues have been pairs to about 9,97 billion euros (+28.9%)

28/02/2018Kuehne + Nagel closes 2017 positive in terms of traffic enlivened and of economic results
The marine shipments operated by the logistic group have grown of +7.5% and those aerial of +15.6%

28/02/2018It fines sole agent Marine Services for Italy, Slovenia and Croatia di ContiCarwil Line
The company work in the marine transport of iron worker, forest, system and project cargo

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