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22 February 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:48 GMT+1

01/03/2018The enterprises of rail shipment cargo and logistics protest for the interruption total of the railway traffic goods decided from RFI
Marcucci: "we ask the minister for Infrastructures and Trasporti who takes part on RFI in order to obtain the immediate revocation of the provision"

01/03/2018VARD has concluded 2017 with a net loss of -238 million Norwegian crowns
The new orders are diminished of -21,7%

01/03/2018The Campania Region will finance the ports with about 66 million euros
The deep ones will be increased by ulterior 80 million previewed from the last deliberation of the CIPE

01/03/2018Mattioli (Confitarma): strong worries for the declarations of the Melons on the occupation of the marine Italians
Between the proposals of Siblings of Italy, the cancellation of the law 30/1998 that has instituted the International Registry

01/03/2018The AdSP of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale has joined the association of the euro-Mediterranean ports MEDPorts
Musolino: the ports of the Mediterranean can, indeed they must, to succeed to make team

01/03/2018Team Tankers International buys the companies Laurin Shipping and Anglo Steampship
The transactions will have a total value of about 206 million dollars

01/03/2018FuoriMuro, agreement in order to activate a railway service shuttle between from Liguria ports and the interporto of Mortara
The understanding previews the start of retroportuali activities near interporto the pavian

01/03/2018According to encounter of the Italian marine cluster with Marina Militare
Anniversary point on the issues legacies to the marittimità of the Country

01/03/2018of Friend International Shipping it has closed the last exercise anniversary with a net loss of -38,1 million dollars
Flowers: 2017 have been a difficult year for the market of the tankers

01/03/2018Filt Cgil, well the new international contract marine on the harbour operations
Colombai: we are decidedly contrary to the liberalization of the authorizations of the job in self-handler in the ports

02/03/2018The logistic group Belgian H.Essers has bought the Huktra compatriot
The company is specialized in the intermodal transport of liquid and solid bulk and polverulenti materials

02/03/2018The Ethiopian government has acquired 19% of the society that manages the Berber port of (Somaliland)
The other associates are DP World and the Somaliland Port Authority. Addis Abeba will continue to invest also in the ports of Djibouti

02/03/2018Agreement between Fincantieri, Cetena, Istituto Italiano of the Welding and the Welding Technology Institute of Australia
Collaboration in the development of innovative techniques and processes of welding to apply in the activities of shipbuilding in Australia

02/03/2018On 7 March to the Fair of Padua a convention will hold on the digitalisation of the transports
It is organized from the C.I.S.Co in collaboration with Green Logistics EXPO

02/03/2018Helvetian SBB CFF FFS Cargo announces a reduction of the staff
The company with only considers that within the end of 2023 it will be able to supply own services with 1.400 attache's, that is a current third party of the organic one

02/03/2018Atlantia will acquire 15.49% of the society that manages the tunnel under the Handle
The investment piles to 1,056 billion euros

02/03/2018UIR contests the RFI prescription that sine die previews the interruption of the traffic goods on the railway net
The association considers it excessive in particular for the geographic extension, if confronted with the forecasts weather circulated

05/03/2018In the 2017 revenues of the Icelandic company Eimskip they have grown of +29.2%
The profit clearly is piled to 16,8 million euros (- 23.3%)

05/03/2018Friday an encounter of Propeller Club of Salerno on Special the Economic Zones
Amico will be introduced e-book on the topic of Maurizio D'

05/03/2018Consob moves disputes to budget 2016 of the Saipem
The society, emphasizing not to share the judgment, has not announced that it will publish a economic-patrimonial situation pro forma that holds account of the formulated reliefs

05/03/2018The Spanish government will reduce of 10% the amount base of the harbour taxes
The ANESCO asks to wind down from 5.5% to 4% the fiscal share applicable to the tax basis of the tax occupation for the harbour activities

05/03/2018In the 2017 traffic of the goods in the marine ports of the Sassonia Lowland it is increased of +10%
The goods several is piled to 12,82 million tons (+13%) and the bulk to 40,55 million tons (+9%)

05/03/2018To Brussels the new Presidium di European has met Maritime Networks of Clusters
Place the accent on the nature of marine commercial high power of Europe

05/03/2018Consolidation in the field of the assurances with an operation of the value of 12,4 billion euros
The AXA group buys insurance company and riassicurativa XL Group

05/03/2018Fincantieri will lengthen and transform two cruise ferry of the Grimaldi group
A troncone will be inserted of the length of about 29 meters. The work will be carried out to Palermo

05/03/2018Global Ship Lease has closed the third exercise consecutive anniversary in loss
On the budgets they weigh losses for reduction of value of ships of the fleet

06/03/2018In the 2017 Saipem it has recorded a decrease of the -11,4% of the new orders
The exercise has been archived item with a net loss of -328 million euros

06/03/2018Accent Equity will acquire a participation of majority in Thor Shipping & Transport
In the 2017 turnover clearly of Swede TST it is piled to about 39 million euros

06/03/2018Intercargo exhorts to adopt a pragmatic approach in the application of the new norms on the sulfur tenor in the bunker
The association wishes an initial transient period that asks for an important impact on the traffics and the economies

06/03/2018The Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro denunciation not to have received from MCT clearly slowly of I throw again of the container terminal
A perspective vision of the business choices and the investments - it has contested the agency - cannot be reduced to mere letters of attempts

06/03/2018After an increase of the crocieristi in the Italian ports in 2018, for the next year Cemar it previews an ulterior increase
This year the greater volume of crocieristico traffic will be generated by the MSC ships Cruises

06/03/2018Port of Genoa, asked for strike of the road haulage, but outlines the risk of the block of the work of the Third Pass
The representatives of the Movement 5 Stars restate the intention to close the yards

07/03/2018Fincantieri has tightened agreements for the construction of eight oceanic cruise ships
You are ordered to the Italian group from American Viking and two to the controlled Vard from the Ponant French

07/03/2018First I confront between Confitarma and AssArmatori
Convergent positions on the main topics that regard the shipowning field

07/03/2018The Italian crocieristici ports participate in Florida to the event Seatrade Cruise Global
Of Augustin (Assoporti): the forecasts for the 2018 are positive

07/03/2018In the 2017 Panalpina it has achieved an increase of the economic results pulled ahead from the aerial transport
The exercise anniversary has been archived item with a profit of 57,5 million franchi clearly Swiss (+9.9%)

07/03/20182017 positive for the transport goods in Italy
Marcucci (Confetra): the data of the field confirm that our Country has coupled solid the economic resumption

07/03/2018Green light to the realization of an area for the industrial logistics in the port of Piombino
The participations about 200 thousand extend on a surface square metres

07/03/2018After years to the port of Livorno enterprises and unions they return to be confronted in the within of the Pact for the Job
Programmed new encounters to periodic cadence

07/03/2018To January the traffic of the container in the port of Algeciras is dropped of the -8,7%, while to Valencia it has grown of +1.7%
Enlivened respective 359 thousand teu and 390 thousand teu

07/03/2018New service of transport arranged marine between the Interporto of Padua and the port of Livorno
It is realized by Mercitalia

08/03/2018New terminal cruises of the Norwegian Cruise Line in the port of Miami
It will be developed on a surface of beyond 15 thousand square metres and will be completed in the autumn of 2019

08/03/2018Left the first railway connection directed between the port of Amsterdam and China
In 16 days the train will travel for 11,000 kilometers

08/03/2018Grimaldi organizes a new area of pause of the trailer in the retroporto of Salerno
Al Seatrade Cruise Global the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central has tightened the ties with the main crocieristiche companies

08/03/2018Port Community La Spezia, not to the block of new infrastructures of transport
Laghezza: the prescriptions of decrescita cannot not generate alarm within the planet of the enterprises

08/03/2018Inspection to the terminal car of the port of Gioia Tauro in order to verify the correct employment of the harbour job
By the investigation it is emerged that the operations are not carried out by staff recruited from the Harbour Company of Naples-Pontecagnano-Civitavecchia

08/03/2018Table of Job on the Exceptional Transports promoted from Confindustria
Between the objectives, to subject the new government proposed in order to define a national net of guiding of qualified traffic to the exceptional transport

08/03/2018The EU starts a procedure of infraction against Cyprus, Greece and Malta for the VAT on the yachts
The decision of the EU commission is consequence of the spreading of Paradise Papers

08/03/2018Others two requests for areas of the Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto
They have been correspondents by Taras Terminal Srl and Interminal Srl

08/03/2018Convention of the C.I.S.Co on the digitalisation of the transports
The times are mature in order to make available the data

08/03/2018New service ro-ro Izmir - Trieste of the MSC
It will be inaugurated on 3 April and it will have biweekly frequency

08/03/2018COSCO Shipping Ports adopts the Terminal Operating System N4 di Navis
Agreement with the society of the Finnish group Cargotec Corporation

09/03/2018In the 2017 harbour terminal of group ICTSI they have enlivened beyond 9,1 million container (+5.3%)
In the fourth trimester the traffic has been pairs to 2,3 million teu (+2.8%)

09/03/2018ABB celebrates the 100 orders of cruise ships on which the own propulsive Azipod constituents are installed
The first store clerk for the innovative system goes back to 1995

09/03/2018The Sardinian harbour system has for the first time introduced compact own crocieristica offer to the Seatrade
In the 2018 absolute innovation it will be constituted by the landings place to Oristano

09/03/2018In the 2018 port of Salerno it could exceed the threshold of 500 thousand for the first time container enlivened
In the first Salerno period of two months Container Terminal it has recorded an increase of +10% of the traffic

09/03/2018Training course of the Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile with Costa Crociere
It previews the formation of the figure of "Tour escort"

09/03/2018In next the ten necessary years they will be 48 billion euros of investments in the European ports
The demands for ESPO to the EU. Up to now the harbour projects have only had 4% of the financings of program CEF

09/03/2018Transport and logistics goods do not have to pour the contribution to the Authority of Regulation of the Transports
Sentence of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT of the Piemonte

09/03/2018Filt, unacceptable for marine the risk to lose requirement of boarding for difficulty of the Mit
The union will ask a urgent encounter the Ministry

09/03/2018Next start of the procedure for the sale of the assets of the Greek ship yard of Skaramangas
After an appraisal of the assets, an international contest will come indetta

12/03/2018Positive economic performances of group OOIL in 2017
Attended ulterior a gradual increase

12/03/2018In the 2017 Containerships Finn it is returned to the profit
The revenues are piled to 226,7 million euros (+14.5%), of which 29,3 million generated from the services in Mediterranean (+24.1%)

12/03/2018Fincantieri, filial new to Miami for the activities of services and post sale on the cruise ships in the USA
The objective is to negotiate agreements of along term in the field

12/03/2018After five years in loss, South Korean DSME has closed 2017 with a profit
The revenues are diminished of -13,4%

12/03/2018To January the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna is diminished of -2,9%
Down liquid bulk, container and rotabili

12/03/2018Ocean Express Network announces two services directed between the Indian Ocean, Middle East and Europe
Inaugurated at the beginning of the next month, they will have frequency weekly magazine

13/03/2018To February the traffic of the container in the port of Singapore has grown of +11.4%
The teu enlivened pairs to 2,8 million unit (+22.9% have been)

13/03/2018New record for the month of February of the cargo on the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal
The maximum peak of cargos on the ships directed to south

13/03/2018In Nigeria it is under consideration a project in order to create a company of national navigation
49% of the capital would be stopped by institutional investors and 51% from private

13/03/2018In the 2017 ferries of Anek Lines they have transported a greater number of passengers and vehicles
The Greek group has archived item the exercise clearly anniversary with a profit of 9,8 million euros

13/03/2018Undersigned an agreement between the main Italian associations for the use of the GNL in harbour within
Instituted a table with the coordination of Assoporti

14/03/2018The worried European shipowners for the decision of Trump to impose custom offices on the imports of steel and aluminum in the USA
Dorsman: the European shipowners invite the United States and the counterparts to respect the principles of the free exchange and to ask for a commercial war on a large scale

14/03/2018In the 2017 in the terminals of the Global Turk Ports Holdings crocieristico traffic it is increased of +15.2%
The revenues are piled to 116,4 million dollars (+1.3%)

14/03/2018Orders of the Fjord1 Norwegian for seven new ferries constituents
They are emitted in confronts of the Norwegian ship yard Havyard and that Turk Cemre Shipyard

14/03/2018Started the construction of the new railway corridor goods between Portugal and Spain
It will connect the ports of Lisbon, Sines and Setubal (Blue Atlantic) with the Spanish market and the remainder of the European continent

14/03/2018Seaspan Corporation obtains the entire property of the Greater China Intermodal Investments
In the fleet of the group of Hong Kong others enter 18 portacontainer

14/03/2018Convention today to Lugano on the Corridor Europe Genoa-North
The European commissioner for the Rhine-Alps Corridor has remembered that the work is an absolute priority for Europe

14/03/2018The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have established the own new record of traffic of the container for the February month
Recorded increments respective of +16.0% and +20.1% on February 2017

14/03/2018The Partnership for the logistics and the transports is instituted
The work of the new organism will be introduced to the Parliament through a relation anniversary

15/03/2018Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of -5,7%
In the first period of two months of the 2018 increment of +2.2%

15/03/2018Tomorrow to Genoa strike against the lay-offs started from marine agency Hamburg Süd Italy
Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uilt inside speed up the location of solutions of stable and sure occupation of the group of the new property

15/03/2018To February the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 677,1 million tons of goods (+5.1%)
The containerized trade has been pairs to 15,0 million teu (+9.6%)

15/03/2018Parallel and correlatamente to the fast increase of the Trade Free Zones it is increasing also the counterfeit traffic of goods
The OCSE and the EUIPO denounce that the bonded areas are used for illicit traffics

15/03/2018The port of Genoa has closed a 2017 with a traffic of 55,2 million tons (+8.6%) and new record in the field of the container
Stable the passengers of the ferries, while the crocieristi are diminished of -9,1%

15/03/2018Nomination to the summit of the section terminalisti of Confindustria Livorno Massa Carrara
It will be guided by Daniele Grifoni, managing director of the Lorenzini &C

15/03/2018To February the trend of increase of the traffic has been interrupted goods in the port of Barcelona
Last month they are enlivened beyond 4,9 million tons of cargos (- 1.2%)

15/03/2018Started in the Fincantieri yard of Ancona the construction of the Seven Seas Splendor
The navalmeccanico group has undersigned a letter of attempts with Barzan Holdings

16/03/2018Ivano Russo is the new general manager of the Confetra
It succeeds to the associate managers Daniela Dringoli and Fabio Marrocco

16/03/2018Emphasized improvement of the economic results of the terminalista group DP World
Exercise 2017 is closed with a profit clearly of 1,33 billion dollars (+15.2%)

16/03/2018Assologistica makes the point on the issues of national interest for the field of the logistics and the transports
Reunion of the Committee of presidency and the presidents of the Commission

16/03/2018Ok of Brussels to the acquisition of Maersk Tankers by A.P. Moller Holding and Mitsui & Co
The operation has a limited impact on the market

16/03/2018Presentation of the book "the danger comes from the sea. Intelligence and portualità"
The encounter will hold on 20 March to Rome near the center of Assoporti

16/03/2018In Emilia-Romagna the regional intermodal Cluster is instituted
Protocol of understanding which signed from the E region operators of the field of the logistics and the transports

16/03/2018Clean increase of the economic performances of the shipowning group CMA CGM in 2017
The fleet of ships has transported 19,95 million container (+21.2%)

19/03/2018Global Holding Ports obtains the management of the traffic fleeting of the Croatian port of Zara
The concession contract will have a duration 20-year-old

19/03/2018In the 2017 volume of transactions of terminalista group PSA it has grown of +7.8%
The year is closed with a profit clearly of 1,29 billion dollars of Singapore (+5.3%)

19/03/2018Last year the ports cruises of the Mediterranean have enlivened 25,9 million passengers (- 4.1%)
The medium number of passengers for every port of call has reached the quota record of 2.132 (+3.3%)

19/03/2018Meaningful acquisitions of the DP World group in Peru and India
Bought the entire capital of the Cosmos Agencia Marítima and, in partnership with governmental bottom Indian NIIF, 90% of the Continental Corporation Warehousing

19/03/2018To May the net of containerized services of 2M (the Maersk and MSC will be restructured)
Confirmed the touched ones to the Italian ports of Genoa, Gioia Tauro, La Spezia and Trieste on the Asia-Mediterranean route

19/03/2018In the 2017 revenues from the activities currents of Minoan Lines they are increased of +27.3%
The profit after the taxes is piled to 4,1 million euros (+84.8%)

20/03/2018The port of Genoa has established the own new record of traffic of the container for the January month
Handling of containers has been pairs to 220.199 teu (+18.2%)

20/03/2018The Logistic Association of the Sustainable Intermodalità has joined to the IRU
Associate new also the ESTA, that it represents the field of exceptional the street transports and the chartering self-propelled crane

20/03/2018Prompt Uiltrasporti a total reform of shipping Italian beginning from the formation of the marine ones
Invitation to the next government to reconstitute the Ministry of Marina Mercantile

20/03/2018Thursday to Naples a convention on the way of the silk yesterday and today
It is organized from Propeller Club Port of Naples and from the Academy of Alto Mare

20/03/2018Railway group SBB records good results in the segment fleeting, but it suffers in the cargo
The revenues have grown of +5.1%

20/03/2018Ancona, thursday the presentation of a project in matter of occupational health and safety in port
One will hold in the center of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Centrale

20/03/2018On 29 March to Genoa a test on the port of Naples will be introduced
The publication concerns on the still unexpressed potentialities of the partenopeo port of call

21/03/2018Request of failure of three societies of German P&R specialized in investments in the container
The procedure involves about 51.000 investor

21/03/2018In the port of Bremerhaven the dock of the cruises will be restructured
Investment of 78,7 million euros

21/03/2018New tests of the Blockchain technology applied to the logistics
It is experimented by a consortium constituted by AB InBev, Accenture, APL and Kuehne + Nagel

21/03/2018Started a distance of computerized development of the harbour system and logistic Sardinian
It is centralized on the projects CagliariPort 2020 and Open Data Sardinia Transports

21/03/2018Protocol of understanding between AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Northerner, Harbour office of Livorno and ISPRA
Europe platform: to accelerate on the deperimetrazione Until

21/03/2018Saturday to Bari will carry out a day of deepening on Special the Economic Zones
The case of success of the ZES of Burgas will be introduced between the others

22/03/2018In increase the economic results of the Zim Israeli
In the 2017 fleet of portacontainer of the company it has transported 2,63 million teu (+8.2%)

22/03/2018In the 2017 cost of the staff of the Agency for the harbour job of the port of Trieste it is come down of 3,5 points percentages
The quota participation of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Orientale will come down from 51% to 35%

22/03/2018Last year the port of Livorno has enlivened 33,7 million tons of goods (+2.7%)
In the ports of the Tyrrhenian Northerner the traffic has been of 41,1 million tons. Introduced the European project Gramas for the forecast and the management of the sand fill of the ports

22/03/2018Memorandum of undestanding Assologistica - UIRR
The two organizations will collaborate to initiatives in order to promote the arranged transport

22/03/2018Tomorrow to Genoa the conference "the way of the Silk in the perspective of euroasiatica connectivity"
One will hold to Saint George Palace

22/03/2018First trimester of positive exercise 2018 for the crocieristico group Carnival
The ships of the group have accommodated 2,86 million passengers (+3.3%)

22/03/2018To Ancona a project is started in order to increase the work safety in port
To the initiative, that it will finish in 2019, they will follow actions of assistance and support

22/03/2018Agreement of the AdSP of the Southern Adriatic with Pugliapromozione for the acceptance to the passengers in the ports
The understanding has also the scope to promote and to value the Apulia as tourist destination

23/03/2018T&E denunciation that some head physicians Are marine of the EU stop the initiatives for the reduction of the emissions of the shipping
Recalcitranti they would be Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus and, back marker, "most marine" Greece

23/03/2018Saipem buys a ship from construction of rigid and flexible pipelines in deep waters
The "Lewek Constellation" will be acquired for 275 million dollars

23/03/2018The Rumanian government will have 51% of the capital of Daewoo-Mangalia Heavy Industries Ltd
Agreement with the Damen Dutch in order free of charge to obtain a quota pairs to 2%

23/03/2018The shipowning society Messina rewarded for a formative project "in house"
The acknowledgment in the within of the third edition of the Adriano Olivetti Prize of the AIF

23/03/2018Port of Milazzo, started the realization of the new industrial wharf of Giammoro
The investment piles to 25 million euros

23/03/2018In 2019 Costa Crociere it will emphasize own activity in the three ports of the Liguria
After 15 years a ship of the company will return to scale the port of Genoa regularly

23/03/2018New railway service directed between Monk and the Slovenian port of Koper di Kombiverkehr
The German company will include Curtici, in Rumania, in own offer of services

23/03/2018Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti restate their contrarietà to the self-handler in the ports
In a letter to the ministry they denounce the increase of the attempts to use this type of practice

23/03/2018Fine of 29,2 million euros of the Antitrust to Moby and CIN for abuse of dominant position
The Shipping Honored group retort manifesting astonishment for the decision and announcing a resource to the administrative magistracy

23/03/2018Assoporti constitutes working groups for the deepening of arguments of interest for the portualità
Published relative statistical Bulletin per year 2017

26/03/2018In the exercise anniversary 2017 Evergreen Marine Corporation is returned to the profit
Ordered the supply of new container China International Marine Containers

26/03/2018COSCO Shipping Ports clearly has archived item 2017 with a profit of 551,1 million dollars (+99.7%)
The revenues have grown of +14.1% to 634,7 million dollars

26/03/2018Friday is inaugurated the new navigation lock on the Pò river to Island Seraphs
It can allow the transit of ships until 110 meters of length and 11,5 meters of width

26/03/2018On 13 April to Milan a workshop will hold on safety and the privacy in the logistics
It is organized from Assologistica Culture and Formation

26/03/2018Uljanik, various potential interested investor to participate to the recapitalization of the society
Friday has expired the term for the shipment of letters of attempts

26/03/2018Last year the fleet of Yang Ming has transported 4,72 million container (+9%)
The company has closed 2017 with a profit clearly of about USA 17 million dollars

26/03/2018The EU commission has approved of joint venture between IBM and Maersk
The operation does not raise worries under the profile of the competition

26/03/2018In autumn the crocieristica company Chinese SkySea Cruise Line will stop the activity
To December the ship "Golden Era" will pass to Marella Cruises of group TUI

26/03/2018Wednesday Propeller of Trieste will make the point on the railway works to service of the city port
Conference from the title "Continues the "cure of the iron"

26/03/2018Hupac will increase the frequency of the service shuttle Colony - Busto Arsizio
By the next month three new departures will be added to the week

26/03/2018DB Cargo repossession of the entire capital of the DB Scandinavia Cargo
Repurchased the quota 49% in the hands of the Swede Green Cargo

26/03/2018DP World will manage the new congolese Banana port
Joint venture 70:30 with the government of the nation African

26/03/2018Agreement of the Sicilian Authorities of Harbour System for the development of the ports of the Region
He will be undersigned Wednesday to Messina

27/03/2018HHLA buys the terminalista society Estonian Transiidikeskuse
It manages the terminal for goods several TK Muuga in the Muuga area of the port of Tallinn

27/03/2018The Turkish government has adopted a program of incentives in order to promote a resumption of the crocieristico traffic
It will be in vigor until on December 31, 2019

27/03/2018Sudan-Qatar agreement in order to invest in the development of the Sudanese port of Suakin (Osman Digna)
Previewed expenses for 500 million dollars within 2020

27/03/2018Twelfth edition of the RINA-d'Amico "Student Naval Architect Award"
The prestigious acknowledgment is conferred Sofia Guidomei

27/03/2018In the port of Trieste the process of digital transformation has been extended to the railway operativity
Of Augustin: it is a great advantage for a port that in 2017 it has enlivened more than 8.500 trains and that previews 10,000 within year-end

27/03/2018The group Italian Railroads of the State has closed 2017 with a profit clearly of 552 million euros (- 28.5%)
Mercitalia has recorded operating revenues pairs to 1,04 billion euros (+9.3%) and a net loss of -38 million euros

27/03/2018In 2017 in the port of Civitavecchia the crocieristi are dropped of the -6%, while the line passengers have grown of +4%
Goods several in increase of +7%

28/03/2018Shining results of the Fincantieri group in exercise 2017
Particularly important the economic and commercial performances recorded in the second half of the year

28/03/2018In the 2017 produced new sales of container from Chinese CIMC they are increased of +113%
In the activity segment the company has recorded revenues record pairs to 25,05 billion yuan (+126.3%)

28/03/2018The "lobby" of the Sicilian ports is born
Agreement in order to promote the Sicilian portualità and of the marine cluster in every center

28/03/2018The system of the Sardinian ports is first in Italy for traffic of the passengers of the ferries and third party for the goods
Deiana: the position of our portualità confers us greater power of and on a national level European dealing, but above all in the attribution of the economic resources

28/03/2018Hapag-Lloyd has closed 2017 with a profit clearly of 32,1 million euros
Habben Jansen: the continuous context of market to being difficult, but we cautiously remain optimistic

28/03/2018To two days from the mortal incident in the port of Genoa, today in the harbour port of call of Livorno two workers are killed by an explosion
They were carrying out some work of maintenance inside a coastal warehouse

28/03/2018Confitarma denunciation a information of incorrect part and on the topic of marine the boarded ones on Italian ships
Garbling the real situation - the Confederation emphasizes - the entire category of the Italian shipowners takes offense

29/03/2018Fincantieri has delivered the cruise ship Carnival Horizon to the Carnival Cruise Line
To May the ship will be christened to New York

29/03/2018In the 2017 German ports they have enlivened 299,5 million tons of goods (+1.1%)
The exports are diminished of the -1,0%, while the imports are increased of +2.5%

29/03/2018Wan Hai Lines has closed 2017 with a profit clearly of 2,56 billion dollars of Taiwan (+122.7%)
The revenues have grown of +6.0%

29/03/2018Carolina Villa to the Young guide of the Group of Assagenti
It will be placed side by side by the vices president Gian Alberto Cerruti, Giulia De Paolis and Simone Carlini

29/03/2018The South Koreans Sinokor and Heung-A will melt the activities in the segment of the containerized marine transport
To the restructure the Hyundai Merchant Marine compatriot will collaborate

29/03/2018Agreement between the Italian Mercitalia Rail and Russian UTLC for the rail shipment of container on the Europe-China axis
The understanding has the scope to develop the transport through the Kazakistan, Russia, Belarus and Italy

29/03/2018Port of Genoa, ok to the delay to TRG for handling of ro-ro and container
Postponed also the presentation of the triennial plan of re-balance, efficientamento and development of the Only Company

29/03/2018In the port of Trieste the new railway park of the Ro-Ro Terminal is inaugurated di Riva Traiana
Investment of beyond 12 million euros

29/03/2018In 2017 the traffic has grown of +7% goods transported from the railway enterprises of FerCargo
The association will introduce demanded of adhesion to Confetra

29/03/2018Port of Ravenna, correction to the rise of the traffic goods enlivened in 2017
The total is of 26,5 million tons (+2.1%)

29/03/2018Encounter of the summits of Guard Costiera and Federagenti
Restated the will to collaborate to 360 great degrees on the thematic ones of the transports and marine navigation

29/03/2018In the 2017 fleet of portacontainer of Chinese COSCO Shipping Lines it has transported 20,9 million container (+23.7%)
COSCO Shipping Holdings clearly has archived item the exercise anniversary with a profit of about 768 million dollars

30/03/2018First period of two months of 2018 in increase for the ports of Taranto and Venice, while Trieste has recorded a decrease
In the first two ports of call pairs respective to 3,8 million (+5.0% are enlivened goods) and 4,5 million tons (+10.2%), in third 9,6 million tons (- 1.0%)

30/03/2018On 21 April Corsica Ferries will inaugurate a service Tolone-Balearic ferry
Two departures weeklies magazine, with diurnal or night crossings, until the end of October

30/03/2018Terminalista group German HHLA has closed 2017 with a profit after the taxes of 105,9 million euros (+0.8%)
In the fourth trimester the result after the taxes has been for the first time of sign negative

30/03/2018Grimaldi and Fincantieri sign the contract for the lengthening of two cruise ferry
On 5 March a specific letter of attempts had been undersigned

30/03/2018Assoporti anticipates a first floor of action for the ports in environmental topic
Of Augustin: we attend the first results of a monitoring that is previewed in the document

30/03/2018Yang Ming institutes an own regional center for the Mediterranean
It has center to the Pireo and it will become operating monday

30/03/2018In the 2017 revenues of the terminalista group Chinese CMPort they have grown of +9.0%
The profit clearly has been pairs to about 854 million dollars

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