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21 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 16:44 GMT+2

02/07/2018Completed the directive council of the Fedepiloti
Luigi Mennella (Venice) is named vice-president and Giacomo Scarpati (Naples) director

02/07/2018Next arrest warrant of the services of road haulage in the port of Genoa
Five days of stop to the terminal VTE, of which three in all the container terminal of the port of call

02/07/2018Honored it asks that they are applied to shipping the endorsements proposed by Di Maio for who delocalizza
The prompt shipowner a sanzionatorio mechanism and constraints that condition the fiscal facilities to the parameters in topic of I use of marine communitarian Italians and

02/07/2018Hupac strengthens the controls in order to on board limit the phenomenon of the migrants of the freight trains
In recent months in the terminals they have been have found migrants, or traces of their passages, in the container of the convoys

02/07/2018The German Rhenus Logistics has bought the Dutch society of Jos Dusseldorp road haulage
The company has beyond 90 dependent and a fleet of 70 motor vehicles

02/07/2018The Rail Austrian Group Cargo has begun to operate own services of railway traction in Greece
Obtained the licence of railway enterprise

02/07/2018New mobile crane for handling of the coal in the port of Brindisi
It is commissioned by the Sir to the Konecranes

03/07/2018Partnership di T.Mariotti and Damen in the field of the construction of cruise ships
Order of Seabourn for the realization of two new units of luxury for shipments

03/07/2018Philly Shipyard has constructed largest portacontainer never realized in the USA
It has an ability to 3.600 teu and is destined to the Matson

03/07/2018Kalmar sells the division that produces means for container handling on uneven lands
It will be yielded to investor of Texas

03/07/2018Hapag- Lloyd Cruises orders to Vard the construction of a third cruise ship of luxury for shipments
It will be delivered in according to trimester of 2021

03/07/2018To May the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa has grown of +5.1%
Historical peak in the segment of the container with 2,34 million tons (+1.0%)

03/07/2018The Committee of Management of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central has approved of the update of POT 2018-2020
The Triennial Operations plan is focused on six points

03/07/2018Collaboration of the AdSP of the Adriatic Oriental with Agricultural and food- Park FVG for the field food
The cooperation previews also the creation in harbour within of a terminal dedicated to the biometano

03/07/2018Filt Cgil, Italy opens its ports to the migrants
Columbus: "the continuous sea to harvest victims, beyond 660 solos this year and more of the half in our waters"

03/07/2018Encounter to the MIT on the amalgamation of the Harbour Authorities of Gioia Tauro and Messina
Reunion between the extraordinary commissioner of the calabrian authority and the chief of staff of the Ministry

04/07/2018Brodosplit will on behalf construct other blocks of ships of Fincantieri
They will be delivered in 2019

04/07/2018ALIS wishes an encounter between the parts that the arrest warrant of the road haulage in the port of Genoa asks for
Of Caterina it has evidenced that the block would happen in a period of the year never delicate how much which that summery one

04/07/2018The GNL is an answer to some of the problems of the marine transport, but it is too soon in order to say if it is the answer
It evidences an analysis of a investigator of Oxford Institute for Energy Studies on the perspectives of which combustible the which liquified natural gas for the ships

04/07/2018Hannibal has inaugurated a second railway service between Italy and Switzerland
Melzo colleague with Zurich (Niederglatt) and has every day frequency

04/07/2018To Turku the ceremony of the currency for Costa Smeralda has been carried out
The ceremony of baptism of the ship will hold on November 3, 2019 to Savona

04/07/2018Kerry Logistics will collaborate to the development of the new port of Anaklia, on the Black Sea
The port of call will become operating in 2020

04/07/2018To Emanuele Grimaldi the high Finnish distinction of Commander of the Order of the Lion is conferred
It is assigned to people who have distinguished themselves to the service of Finland

04/07/2018Started the European project Impacts NOT on the management of the naval and harbour refusals
It will have a duration of 36 months and a budget of about two million euro

04/07/2018Joint venture Gefco - Bergé in the segment of the logistics for motor vehicles ended in Spain
The new society will have 650 dependent

05/07/2018Holding the Yilport Turk has introduced request in order to manage the entire Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto
Frozen the precedence proposed waiting for the outcome of the verification of the question of release of the concession introduced from the society of Holding the Yildirim group

05/07/2018Swede ESL Shipping has bought the society of Swedish navigation AtoB@C
The consistency of the fleet of the company of the group Reel will go up to 50 ships

05/07/2018Seventh (Uiltrasporti): in the rail shipment goods is necessary the application of the field contract
It must definitively exit - it emphasizes - from the confusion of multiple and the different normative and economic treatments

05/07/2018A delegation of German entrepreneurs has visited the port of Trieste
Era composed from a some thirty of entrepreneurs, coming shippers and operators from Alta Franconia

05/07/2018Slowly of I throw again of the ports of the western Sicily
It will be introduced on 20 July to Palermo

05/07/2018The REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT of the Latium comes to an agreement the suspension of the fine of 29,2 million euros inflicted Moby and CIN
New fixed audience on May 22, 2019

05/07/2018On 19 July to Roma Assoporti it will introduce a study on the geostrategic scenes of the Mediterranean Sea
The consequences of the Belt and Road Initiative on traffics containers and infrastructures

06/07/2018Mazzoncini (FS Italian) will be reelected president of the Union Internationale DES Chemins de fer
Second term for biennium 2019-2020

06/07/2018Rolls-Royce sells the Commercial division Marine to the Kongsberg for 500 million pounds
In the business segment, than in 2017 it has recorded a turnover of 817 million pounds, are employed 3,600 people

06/07/2018COSCO Shipping is ready to yield until 15.1% of the capital stock of OOIL
The sale will be put into effect if necessary to maintain the conformity regarding the regulations of the Stock exchange of Hong Kong

06/07/2018In the port of Livorno the work of demolition of the ship is begun Uraniums
To conclusion of the participations the harbour agency will activate the contest for the allocation of the dry docks

06/07/2018The National Association Companies Harbour Enterprises expresses great worry for repeating itself of cases of self-handler in the ports
Denounced the case of the port of Civitavecchia, with the Enel that has emitted a ban of contest for handling of the coal

06/07/2018To days the ban of contest for the new Marine Station of Beverello Pier to Naples
The amount of the work is of 17,9 million euros

06/07/2018Agreement for the development of the railway connection Bologna-Bari-Brindisi goods
Tuesday from the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Meridionale and from the Interporto of Bologna will be signed

06/07/2018The port of Barcelona has reduced of 10.17% the amount of the tax on the goods disembarked and boarded
Introduced reductions in price also in order to encourage the best environmental practical

06/07/2018Filt-Cgil evidences the positive impact on the occupation and the economy generated from the Italian International Registry
The union denunciation the increasing tendency to examine the contents of the law 30/1998 solos for the part of the contributions engaged publics, without adequately to consider the effects that it generates in the respect of the general interest

09/07/2018In the first half of the 2018 traffic of the container in the port of Tanger Med it has grown of +7%
In the second solo trimester +11% are enlivened 880 thousand teu ()

09/07/2018COSCO Shipping obtains the ok of the American authorities in order to buy the OOIL
The terminalista society Long Beach Container Terminal will be yielded to a trust

09/07/2018BW Group obtains 43.5% of the capital of the Hafnia Tankers
In the single segment of product tanker the two societies they are you anticipate respective with 55 and 47 ships

09/07/2018CMA CGM would have shown to the Hapag-Lloyd the possibility of a fusion
The project would create to the first world-wide containerized carrier with a fleet of portacontainer of the ability to 4,2 million teu

10/07/2018Costamare has ordered five new portacontainer from 12.690 teu to the yard Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding
The company has bought two ships from 5.000 teu second hand

10/07/2018In the first semester of this year the Chinese ports have enlivened 6,54 billion tons of goods (+2.4%)
The traffic of the container has been pairs to 120 million teu (+5.4%)

10/07/2018They are about 1,5 million the marine Chineses
Boarded ones are 525 thousand those on the ships employed on the international routes

10/07/2018Agreement in order to develop the railway connection Bologna Interporto - Bari - Brindisi
He has been undersigned from the interportuale society and the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Meridionale

10/07/2018DryShips sells all and the four ships liquefied gas tankers of the fleet
Yielded also two to rinfusiere Panamax

11/07/2018CMA CGM obtains the ok of the authorities to the acquisition of 24.99% of the CEVA group
The operation will be completed in the next few days

11/07/2018On 19 July to Livorno and Piombino a plan for the work safety in harbour within will be introduced
Project "BRIC-ID24" will be illustrated also - Health and safety of the workers in the harbour areas"

11/07/2018Propeller Club of Milan supports the activity of Centro Nazionale di Adroterapia Oncologica
A delegation of the cultural association has visited the CNAO

11/07/2018Reunion to Gioia Tauro on the possible developments of the traffic of motors vehicle in the calabrian port
Agostinelli and Spatafora have met the summits of German group BLG Logistics

11/07/2018Green light to the first harbour system for the GNL in Sardinia
50-year-old will be managed by Edison in the port of call of Oristano within a concession of the duration

11/07/2018On 19 July to Livorno a study on the impact of the cruises on the territory
A specific study of the IRPET will be introduced

11/07/2018GEFCO Italy, turnover in increase of +6.1% in 2017
Favorite rise from the resumption of the economy, the good course of the export and the automotive market

11/07/2018Deep for 74,9 million euros destined to the ports of the Calabria
60 million will come from the E region 14,9 million from the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro

12/07/2018Luigi Merlo is elected president of Federlogistica Conftrasporto
Income of Amazon in the association

12/07/2018New railway connection between the port of La Spezia and the Interporto of the Central Tuscany
It has frequency weekly magazine with departures and arrivals in the Wednesday day

12/07/2018of Tankers Friend it sells the product tanker handysize older of the fleet
The "Sky of Milan" will be yielded for 8,025 million dollars

12/07/2018A ALIS delegation has met representatives of the European institutions
Illustrated the strategies that the association considers fundamental in order to increase the competitiveness and the sustainability of the field of the transports

12/07/2018Introduced the National Account of Infrastructures and the Transports for years 2016-2017
Evidenced a progressive consolidation of positive the cyclical phase that is characterizing also the fields of the transports and the constructions

12/07/2018Study on the "Geostrategic Scenes of the Italian portualità in the Mediterranean quadrant - Black Sea"
It will be introduced on 19 July to Rome from Assoporti

12/07/2018Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings confirmation the option with Fincantieri for the fifth and sixth ship of class "Project Leonardo"
The two new units from cruise will be completed in 2026 and 2027

13/07/2018In the port of Gioia Tauro the portacontainer has arrived from 19.200 teu Mayan MSC
The ship is long 395,4 meters and wide 59,0 meters

13/07/2018New semiannual historical record of containerized trade enlivened from the port of Singapore
In the first six months of the 2018 total it has been of 183,0 million tons (+6.9%)

13/07/2018New order to Fincantieri for two cruise ships emitted from TUI Cruises
With a tonnage of 161 thousand tons, they will be most major unit from cruise never constructed in Italy

13/07/2018New terminal cruises for group MSC in the port of Miami
New agreement with the Miami-Dade County that includes also incentives in order to increase the containerized trade

13/07/2018The port of has joined to National the Logistic Platform
Signed the operating convention with UIRNet for taken in cargo and the management of the Port Community System of from Liguria port

13/07/2018To ATI Sinergest Olbia, Moby, LTM and Marinvest the quota majority in the Port of Livorno 2000
Authorities of Harbour System and Chamber of Commerce maintain ognuna 17% of the quotas

13/07/2018The British shippers consider that the last proposal for the Brexit of the government of London is most complete and convince
The BIFA however has expressed "feelings contrasting" on introduced White Paper

13/07/2018The minister of Infrastructures and the Transports has met the European commissioner to the Transports
For Turin-Lyon, Toninelli has confirmed that it is providing to an analysis cost-benefits

13/07/2018New historical records of quarterly and semiannual traffic for the port of Antwerp
The peaks are obtained thanks to the new records of contanerizzato traffic

16/07/2018Ok of the shareholders of the OOIL to the takeover of COSCO and SIPG on OOCL
The offer has a value of 6,3 billion dollars

16/07/2018In the first semester of the 2018 traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong it is diminished of -3,6%
In June the decrease has been of -4,5%

16/07/2018Confetra has adopted a project of reform of the Confederation
Inaugurated the new center

16/07/2018A great cruise ship has called for the first time at Santa Maria di Leuca
The passengers on board of stretching have reached the marina of the small center

16/07/2018The ships of Ignazio Messina & C. return to scale the port of Naples
Five years ago the company had transferred the landings place to Salerno

16/07/2018In the port of Barcelona a system of reservation for the access of the trucks to the container will be introduced terminal
The operating experimentation will begin on 17 September

16/07/2018Mariano Maresca is died the shipping agent, figure of enunciates of the shipping Italian
For beyond three decades it has covered assignments of summit in various trade associations of the field

17/07/2018In June the port of Long Beach has established the own new record absolute salary of traffic of the container
New full peaks of disembark of container and handling of empty containers

17/07/2018Positive the second trimester of the logistic group Panalpina
The period has been archived item with a profit of 19,5 million franchi clearly Swiss (+10.8%)

17/07/2018Protocol of understanding between Assoporti and the national Council of the commerces graduate and accountants
It previews to work on initiatives that can be of support to the harbour economy

17/07/2018In the first semester of the 2018 Chinese marine ports they have enlivened a traffic record of 4,58 billion tons of goods (+4.3%)
The single traffic of the container has been pairs to 107,5 million teu (+5.5%)

17/07/2018The commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro has met the vice prime Minister Di Maio
Assured particular and directed attention of the government to the problems of the calabrian harbour port of call

17/07/2018Confetra denunciation the lacked participation the government in order to ask for strike of the drivers who operate with the port of Genoa
Marcucci: it leaves interdicts that have not convened the national and territorial associative representations of the companies

17/07/2018Intermodalità and marine transport for giving impulse to the competitiveness of the South
Conference of ALIS on the development of Southern Italy and I throw again of the agricultural and food- row

18/07/2018In the first six months of this year the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles is dropped of -3,9%
In June determined decrease of the -1,1% from the empty bending of the -9,7% of the container

18/07/2018In the last decade the losses of ships are diminished of beyond a third party
The last relationship of precise AGCS that in 2017 is recorded a decrease of -4%

18/07/2018Celebrity Cruises will invest 500 million dollars in order to renew all the ships of the fleet
The program of work will last from 2019 to 2023

18/07/2018Ordered to others two destined ships ro-pax to the fleet of the Stena Ro-Ro
Moreover Stena has fixed with Avic Weihai Shipyard options for the construction of ulterior four ships

18/07/2018New records of semiannual and quarterly traffic for the harbour system of Valencia
In the period of 12 conclusosi months on 30 June five million container are grazed the enlivened total of

18/07/2018The Spanish Baleària and Marítima Peregar constitute joint venture Compañía Marítima Alborán
A regular service for passengers and goods between Melilla and Malaga will operate

18/07/2018Defined the protections for the figure of laughing in the within of the contract of the logistics
Satisfaction of Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti and of the datoriali associations for the positive outcome of the negotiation

19/07/2018ABB archivia according to trimester with an increase of the financial results and the orders
The period is closed with a profit clearly of 717 million dollars (+23.4%)

19/07/2018In according to trimester the value of the new acquired orders from the Wärtsilä group it has grown of +13.9%
The value of the orderbook of the Marine Solutions division has recorded a rise of +9%

19/07/2018Maersk and MSC sign an agreement of strategic cooperation with ZIM for the routes the Asia-USA East Coast
The three parts will share cargo spaces on the ships employed in five spins

19/07/2018Trimester April-june record for the logistic group Kuehne + Nagel
The marine shipment volume has grown of +11.1% and that of air shipments of +15.7%

19/07/2018Cargotec records a bending of the results quarterly and a consisting increase of the orders
In the period April-june the value of the new store clerks has been of 981 million euros (+23%)

19/07/2018Assoporti has introduced a study on the geostrategic scenes of the Mediterranean Sea
Agreement with Enel X for installation of about 300 points of for vehicles recharges constituents in the ports of national relief

19/07/2018Encounter in Tuscany Region in order to ask for the 35 lay-offs announced from the Port of Carrara
Ulterior reunions in program in the next few days

19/07/2018In the 2016 expenses and the investments of the crocieristica industry to Livorno and in Tuscany they are piled to beyond 52 million euros
The field is worth 31.6 million euros of Gross Domestic Product in the Region

19/07/2018To Civitavecchia intergroup and Ant. Consorziano Bellettieri & C. and are proposed for the management of dock 26
Introduced request to the AdSP with the scope to realize a multipurpose terminal

20/07/2018In the first six months of the 2018 traffic of the goods in the port of Zeebrugge it has grown of +6.3%
Tons of cargos are enlivened 19,45 million

20/07/2018The historical ship yard of Danzica will return of Polish property
The entire capital of the Stocznia Gdanska and the GSG Towers will pass in the hands of the agency of industrial development IDA

20/07/2018Resumed the participations of dredging in the port of Naples
Cubic metres of materials will be removed 1,3 million

20/07/2018Convention to Palermo on the development of the cruises in the ports of the western Sicily
Reunited the decision maker of the main crocieristiche companies and the greater shipowners of ferry

20/07/2018Mission of a delegation of Assoporti in Qatar
The visit will be exchanged again the next autumn

20/07/2018In the first semester of this year the traffic of the goods port of Ancona has grown of +3.3%
Passengers of the ferries and the cruises in increase of +13.1%

20/07/2018CMA CGM signs the binding agreement with COSCO Shipping Ports in order to acquire 10% of CSP Zeebrugge Terminal
The French group is the main customer of the Belgian terminal

23/07/2018Fincantieri, signed a memorandum of agreement with Princess Cruises for the construction of two cruise ships
They will be realized to Monfalcone and they will have a tonnage of 175.000 tons

23/07/2018Fincantieri starts the construction of the second one of the three ships for Virgin Voyages
Store clerk in the USA. Corrado Antonini, former president of the navalmeccanico group is died

23/07/2018The port of Columbus has established the own new record of semiannual traffic of the container
Agreement between the harbour authority and the terminalisti in order to attract more marine services

23/07/2018of Friend International Shipping echo-design LR1 has taken in delivery a new product tanker
It is constructed in the Vietnamese yards of Hyundai Vinashin

23/07/2018Damen assumes the operational control of the Rumanian ship yard of Mangalia
Between the objectives, the restoration of the solidity financial institution of the society and the stabilization of the occupation

23/07/2018Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti, we will supervise so that the Moby-Tirrenia fusion does not carve the occupation
The unions have introduced an amendment to the bill Dignity on prohibition payment cash

23/07/2018HPH Trust records a quarterly decrease of the volumes of containerized trade and the financial results
In according to trimester of this year 5.4% are enlivened almost 5,7 million teu (-)

24/07/2018In according to trimester of this year traffic of the container enlivened from the terminals of DP World it has grown of +2.5%
In the first half of 2018 an increment of +4.8% is recorded

24/07/2018Contract for the first participation of levelling of the backdrops of the port of Olbia
The work is entrusted Zeta Srl

24/07/2018Cut of the first sheet of the new cruise ship Celebrity Apex
The ceremony has yesterday carried out near the French yard Chantiers de the Atlantique

24/07/2018Maritime the governmental initial contribution to the Korea Promotion Corporation will be of 1,2 billion dollars
The KMPC is constituted on 5 July in order to support the South Korean marine industry

25/07/2018Viking confirmation the order to the Vard for the construction of two cruise ships
The assembly of the navalmeccanica society has approved of the delisting voluntary from the Stock exchange of Singapore

25/07/2018Volume of loaded records on the ships that have crossed the Suez Canal in the first half of 2018
In the single month of june of the 2018 they are journeyed 1,544 ships (+11.6%) with on board 82,2 million tons of goods (+14.2%)

25/07/2018Eurispes throws again the idea to realize mega a hub harbour in Southern Italy, planning of one to Palermo that would cost five billions
Nine kilometers of docks in a position to enlivening 16 million container per year

25/07/2018Eurac Research has mappato volumes of long traffic and infrastructures 16 transalpine corridors
Between Italy and Switzerland 66% of the traffic are on track and 34% on the road; between Italy and Austria these percentages overturn and the road ulteriorly grows (90%) between Italy and France

25/07/2018The AdSP of the western Liguria acquires pieces of real estate in the picture of the agreement for the platform multipurpose of Goes
Draft of dwellings in the Gheia quarter

25/07/2018The minister of Infrastructures and the Transports announces the removal of the Board of Directors of the group Railroads of the State
Now the bar - Toninelli has asserted - is moved on the regional trains and the pendular ones in terms of safety and of quality of their displacements

25/07/2018The port of Barcelona has established the own new records of semiannual and quarterly traffic of the goods
In the first six months of this year tons of cargos (+16.9% are enlivened almost 33,0 million)

26/07/2018DP World will realize and manage a logistics center in the Evils
The construction will be started the next year

26/07/2018Renewed the board of directors of CePIM Interporto of Parma
New president is Luigi Capitani, that he is reconfirmed also as managing director

26/07/2018To Rotterdam they increase the container against a decrease of the other harbour traffics
In the first six months of this year 7.077.406 teu (+6.2% are enlivened), with a new record salary to May

26/07/2018Reunion of the group of coordination of the general secretaries of the AdSP
Note of clarifications and precisazioni on the procedure started from the EU on the taxation of the concessions and authorizations in harbour within

26/07/2018The AdSP of the Central Adriatic has acquired the area of the Marotti port of call in order to assign it to the pause of the Tir
Previously the heavy means paused to the pier Raise

26/07/2018The president and the general manager of the Confetra have met minister Toninelli
Represented the priorities of the confederal system

26/07/2018Livorno, adjudicated the contest for the planning of the marine structures of defense and the dredgings of the first phase of the Europe Platform
The Rti composed from F&M Marine Engineering, Haskoning-DHV Nederland, HS and G&T has introduced the best one offered

26/07/2018Port of Trieste, convention with the Police of Whom was about to increase safety
Monitoring automatic rifle of the plates in proximity of all the harbour areas

26/07/2018Fincantieri, increase of the economic results and workload record
In the first semester the revenues are increased of +10.1% to 2,53 billion euros

26/07/2018Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti, the amendment to the Dl Dignity is a first answer, but not sufficient
The unions have specified that it determines the worsening of the conditions of job of the harbour ones

27/07/2018Ok of the Conference of the Regions to I leave again of the Bottom for the financing of the participations of adaptation of the ports
The total is of 63,5 million euros

27/07/2018The port of New York has established own record of traffic of the container relatively to the first semester
The new maximum peak also for according to trimester

27/07/2018OOCL records new records of the transported containerized volumes from the fleet in a trimester and a semester
In the period April-june of this year the total has been almost 1,7 million teu (+4.6%)

27/07/2018Record of quarterly and semiannual traffic for the port of Algeciras
In the first six the 2018 months of the container has been pairs to beyond 2,3 million teu (+9.3%)

27/07/2018Europe platform of Livorno, adjudicated the contest for geognostiche and environmental investigations
The activities will have a duration of 210 days

27/07/2018In rise the economic results of the Bureau Veritas group, but not in the naval segment
The Offshore division Marine & has recorded an increase of the new orders

27/07/2018The arrest warrant of the road haulage is deferred to the last week of september
Minister Toninelli has asked time for having replies from the MEF and in order to start the permanent table of I confront

30/07/2018New records of quarterly and semiannual traffic for the port of Busan
The South Korean port of call is gone up to the fifth place in the top ten of the world-wide ports container

30/07/2018Bending of the economic results of railway group French SNCF
In the first semester the revenues in the field of the logistics and the transport goods are diminished of -5,5%

30/07/2018New Gianfranco Battisti and Gianluigi Vittorio Castelli to and president of the group Ferrovie of the State
The nominations announced from minister Toninelli

30/07/2018In the port of Ghent a terminal covered with an investment of beyond 50 million euros will be realized
It will be completed to half 2020

30/07/2018Bureau Veritas Italia, in the first semester turnover in increase of +12%
By the beginning of this year 52 new collaborators are assumed

30/07/2018In the first semester of the 2018 port of Trieste it has enlivened 31,2 million tons of goods (+4.9%)
Semiannual and quarterly record absolutes in the segment of the container

30/07/2018Fincantieri starts the construction of before four corvettes for Qatar
The contract includes also a amphibious ship, two pattugliatori and services of support

30/07/2018Brindisi, the railway service in harbour within is entrusted to Mercitalia
Agreement experimentally of the duration three-year-old

30/07/2018Global Ship Lease and Diana Containerships have introduced the results of according to trimester
The Greek society is incurred in a net loss of -42,3 million dollars

31/07/2018PSA will acquire the control of inland a terminal in Canada
It will be the first investment of the terminalista group of Singapore in the America North

31/07/2018Decrease of the quarterly results of "K" Linens, MOL and NYK to which have contributed the difficult start of joint venture ONE
Ocean Express Network has concluded the period April-june with a net loss of -120 million dollars

31/07/2018FISE Uniport denunciation the creation of a new monopoly in the port of Civitavecchia
The AdSP of the Centro Settentrionale Tyrrhenian Sea has tax to the "ships in line service" to use an only terminal containers authorized in the port of call

31/07/2018In increase the quarterly and semiannual results of Finnlines
Increase also of the traffic enlivened from the fleet of the company

31/07/2018In according to trimester of Friend International Shipping it is incurred in a net loss of -16,6 million dollars
The revenues Time base charter are diminished of -4,5%

31/07/2018Two destined cranes to new harbour terminal MDC arrived to Carrara
They are two Gottwald of the capacity of 100 tons

31/07/2018Fincantieri agreement - Police of Which was about to the prevention and the contrast of the computer science crimes
It is signed today to Rome

31/07/2018Ok of the Committee of management of the Western From Liguria AdSP to the Development plan and Efficientamento of the harbour company Culmv
Approved of also the regarding the New Dock entrusted in concession to the Nautical Halls and Friendly deliberation & Co

31/07/2018More neighbor the allocation of the Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto to the Yilport Turk
Green light of the Committee of management of the AdSP to the publication and the appraisal of the question of release of the concession

31/07/2018Confetra Campania is instituted
Marcucci: "to the South decisive games for the logistics and the transports are played"

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