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20 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:57 GMT+1

01/08/2018Quarterly results record for the charter of CAI International container
The consistency of the fleet of the company is gone up to 1,37 million teu

01/08/2018In the ports of Naples and Salerno the container and the crocieristi grow
In increase also the bulk, while the rotabili drop

01/08/2018Baleària will convert five ferries to the use of the natural gas as fuel
The work will be carried out over two years

01/08/2018SC Lowy acquires from Monte dei Paschi a pocketbook of credits in suffering of the field shipping
The book value of the exposure is of 160 million dollars

01/08/2018Agreement between Assoporti and the Italian National Agency of Tourism
Previewed the collaboration on initiatives of promotion and development of the surrounding territories the harbour areas

02/08/2018Quarterly results and semiannual records for Seaspan Corporation
The company clearly has archived item the period April-june of this year with a profit of 68,0 million dollars (+140.5%)

02/08/2018Launched to Flensburg the second one ro-ro for the Honored group Shipping
The company has adopted a code of conduct in confronts of the road haulage

02/08/2018The port of Koper has established two new absolute records of traffic semiannual salary and
In the first six months of this year tons of goods (+0.3% are enlivened 1,98 million)

02/08/2018Approved of the budget of arrangement of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro
Variations in support of aimed activity to guarantee the greater safety and development to the harbour system

02/08/2018In according to trimester of this year port of Venice it has enlivened 6,8 million tons of goods (+11.9%)
In the first semester the traffic has been of 13,6 million tons (+10.7%)

02/08/2018Quarterly performances and semiannual records for the crocieristico group Royal Caribbean Cruises
Completed the acquisition of 66.7% of Silversea Cruises

03/08/2018They have been the 41 happened incidents of marine piracy in according to trimester of this year (- 7%)
In the first six months of the 2018 they have been 107 (+23%)

03/08/2018In the first half of the 2018 terminal of Hutchison Ports Holdings they have enlivened 40,6 million container (- 1%)
The revenues have grown of +9%

03/08/2018First Ship Lease Trust has closed the second trimester with a profit clearly of 719 thousand dollars
The revenues are diminished of -20,4%

03/08/2018Started the process of formation of the Town development plan of the Harbour System of the Southern Adriatic
The technicians of the AdSP will be placed side by side by figures designated from the Polytechnic of Bari

03/08/2018Filt Cgil, marine cannot replace who is qualified to the rescues
Columbus: he cannot be the crew to assume the responsibilities to characterize the port where they must be disembarked the saved people

03/08/2018In the first half of the 2018 revenues of the OOIL they are increased of +10.0%
The operating profit has recorded a decrease of -52,7%

03/08/2018It continues the increase of the results of the chartering society container Triton International
According to trimester it has been archived item with a profit clearly of 106,7 million dollars (+122.3%)

03/08/2018In the first six months of the 2018 traffic of the goods in the port of Civitavecchia it has grown of +3%
Stable the volumes enlivened in the port of Fiumicino and bending of the -8% in the port of Gaeta

06/08/2018In the first semester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Amsterdam is diminished of -4,8%
Enlivened 24,2 million tons of goods to disembarkation (- 7.8%) and 16 million tons to boarding (+0.1%)

06/08/2018The Spanish ports have closed the first half of 2018 with a traffic of 277,8 million tons of goods (+6.1%)
The container pairs almost 8,4 million teu (+9.9% have been)

06/08/2018The government of Djibouti rejects the pronunciamento of the LCIA that confirmation the validity of the contract of concession with DP World
According to the government of the State African, the revocation of the put into effect agreement in compliance with the international law

06/08/2018In according to trimester of this year cargo handling in the port of Ravenna it has grown of +0.7%
Rise of the liquid bulk. Decrease of the other traffics

06/08/2018Agreement of collaboration between Assoporti, Union To interpose to you Reunited and ICE
The scope is to consolidate, through operators foreign countries, the competitive positioning of the Italian logistic system inside of the international nets

06/08/2018In the first semester of this year the port of Genoa has enlivened 28,35 million tons of goods (+3.9%)
In June the traffic has been of 4,78 million tons (+0.6%)

07/08/2018The DP World group will buy the company feeder Pan-European Unifeeder
Capital for 660 million euros will be yielded by the society of private Nordic equities

07/08/2018Konecranes records a rise of the economic performances and a decrease of the orders
In the first six months of the 2018 value of the new store clerks it has turned out of 1,44 billion euros (- 5.3%)

07/08/2018In according to trimester of this year container ICTSI terminal they have enlivened 2,39 million teu (+5.1%)
In the first half of the 2018 traffic it has been of 4,71 million container (+3.7%)

07/08/2018Visit of the minister for the South to the port of Gioia Tauro
Columbus (Filt Cgil): to the declarations they follow the facts and therefore the concrete actions in order to throw again the port

07/08/2018A.P. Møller - Mærsk updates to the decrease the esteem of closing of the exercise anniversary 2018
Impact negative of the rise of the cost of the bunker on the activity of containerized marine transport

07/08/2018Gasparato (UIR): to promote the dangerous transfer of the transport of goods from the road to the track
In the other communitarian Countries - it has remembered - the policies have opted for a decided process of modal diversion in favour of the railroad that is for surer antonomasia

07/08/2018Increase of the economic results of the charter of Textainer container
In according to trimester of the 2018 revenues they are increased of +18.0%

08/08/2018Fincantieri stops 92% of the capital of the Vard
The term of the offer slips on 24 August. Agreement with Mer Mec in order to acquire the Vitrociset

08/08/2018In Germany the pool is constituted of container vessels feeder Arkon Allied Container
The initiative is opened to the income of other associates

08/08/2018The industrial plan of Yilport for the Polisettoriale Pier of Taranto previews the doubling of the traffic ability container
The Turkish group has asked the concession for the duration 49-year-old

08/08/2018The manufacturers of the Calabria agree on the necessity to accelerate the nomination of the president of the port of Gioia Tauro
Mazzuca; to avoid that the enormous patrimony of which we arrange goes dispersed for the benefit of other ports, Italians and aliens

09/08/2018In according to trimester the revenues of the group Wallenius Wilhelmsen ASA they have grown of +8%
The profit clearly is piled to 21 million dollars (+113%)

09/08/2018Fit-Cisl restates the urgency to update the census of the marine ones
The union denunciation the current uncertainty on the real number of qualified marine workers to the boarding and in looks for of occupation

09/08/2018Maersk and IBM anticipate the platform blockchain TradeLens
Within year-end will be available on the market

09/08/2018Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings previews to close the 2018 with financial results record
Important increase of the results in according to trimester

10/08/2018Hapag-Lloyd records a worsening of the quarterly results
The period April-june has been archived item with a net loss of -66,6 million euros

10/08/2018In the port of Bremen-Bremerhaven they grow the goods several and they drop the bulk
In the first six the 2018 months of the container has been pairs to 2.721.111 teu (+0.7%)

10/08/2018Yang Ming has closed the second trimester with a net loss of about USA -121 million dollars
The revenues have grown of +1.1%

10/08/2018Light contraction of the traffic of the goods in the port of Palermo in the first semester
To Termini Imerese an increase of +202.8% is recorded

10/08/2018The National School Transports and Logistics for staff becomes national center of formation of the railroads
Authorization which released from the National Agency for Safety of the Railroads

10/08/2018To July the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach has marked rest
Recorded a bending of -4,4%

13/08/2018Record of traffic for the month of July recorded from the port of Singapore
The new maximum peak for the period of the goods containerized

13/08/2018The Zeaborn German confirmation the decision to assemble the activities of ship management under an only brand
Constituted the Zeaborn Ship Management with center to Amburgo

13/08/2018Honored nozzle a petition with the scope to assure places of work to the marine Italians
The shipowner asks that the contracts of the boarded non-EU staff on Italian ships in international service must be conformed to those of the marine communitarian Italians/

13/08/2018New record absolute salary of cargo on the ships that have crossed the Suez Canal from south to north
Established historical peak to July 2018 with almost 41,1 million tons

14/08/2018Bending of the quarterly economic results of the taiwanesi companies Evergreen and Wan Hai
Emphasized increase of the operating costs

14/08/2018Stable the traffic of the container enlivened from the harbour terminals of HHLA in according to trimester
In the first six months of the 2018 traffic it has been of beyond 3,6 million teu (+1.2%)

14/08/2018Agreement in order to increase the controls on the sulfur tenor of fuel of the ships that scale the port of Livorno
He has been undersigned from the Agency of Customs and the Harbour office

14/08/2018ABP, Rolls-Royce and Svitzer will collaborate to the development of new technologies
The cooperation will be centralized on the intelligent solutions for the management of the assets and on the systems of dynamic positioning

14/08/2018Still turned out economic of sign negative for the Hyundai Merchant Marine South Korean
In the period April-june the transported containerized cargos from the fleet are increased of +17.0%

16/08/2018Vard will realize portacontainer the independent electrical worker and of the Yara-Kongsberg project
It will be delivered in the first trimester of 2020

16/08/2018The port of Los Angeles has established the own new record of containerized trade for the July month
New peak of disembarks of full containers

16/08/2018Bending of the quarterly results of shipowning group DFDS
Ordered to others two ships ro-ro of the ability to 6.700 linear meters to the Chinese yard Jinling

16/08/2018Semiannual revenues record for the terminalista group DP World
The first six months of this year have been archived item with a profit clearly of 677,0 million dollars (+9.3%)

16/08/2018Containerships has closed the second trimester with a profit clearly of 1,3 million euros
The revenues have grown of +16.5%

16/08/2018To July the traffic of the container enlivened from the port of Hong Kong is diminished of -7,9%
In the first seven months of this year 4.4% are enlivened 11,50 million teu (-)

17/08/2018In according to trimester transported containerized cargos from the fleet of the Maersk they have grown of +26.0%
The revenues are increased of +25.5%, while the Gross Operating Margin has recorded a decrease of -23,1%

17/08/2018Although collapse of Morandi Bridge the port of continuous Genoa to being totally operating
Federagenti and Assagenti confirm that the port of call will be able to operate to full regime

17/08/2018The Turkish terminalista group Global Holding Ports will concentrate the activity on the segment of the cruises
The first semester of 2018 is closed with a net loss of -3,6 million dollars

17/08/2018Last month the traffic of the goods in the Chinese marine ports has grown of +5.5%
Handling of the container has been pairs to 18,9 million teu (+2.5%)

20/08/2018Agreement Maersk - Vopak for the supply of bunker cleaned in the port of Rotterdam
The Dutch terminalista group has closed the first semester with a profit clearly of 140,2 million euros (- 7%)

20/08/2018Prompt AssArmatori the State to put into effect four measures in order to tackle to the emergency caused from collapse of the Morandi viaduct
Asked also the nomination for an equipped extraordinary commissioner of extraordinary powers and in a position to placing in being special procedures

20/08/2018Régional Lines Container closes according to trimester in loss
The transported containerized cargo volumes from the fleet have grown of +8.3%

20/08/2018Agreement between the government of Nairobi and group MSC for I throw again of Kenya National Shipping Line
He has been undersigned thursday

21/08/2018Singamas, supported increment of the production and sale of container
In the first six months of the 2018 revenues they have grown of +62.9%

21/08/2018Collapse of Morandi Bridge will increase the cost of the road haulage of six million to the month
The preliminary esteem is of Trasportounito

21/08/2018Saipem has adjudicated contracts for about 700 million dollars
They regard the second phase of the development of the reservoir Liza in Guyana and the expansion of the ability to headquarters in the Republic of the Congo

21/08/2018In increase the traffic of the goods in the ports of Barcelona and Valencia in the first seven months of 2018
Recorded increments respective of +15.9% and +1.5%

22/08/2018Carnival tightens an agreement in order to realize a new terminal cruises in the port of Port Canaveral
They will be able to land ships to you from 180.000 tons of tonnage

22/08/2018Visit to the port of Livorno of the general secretary of ESPO
The next year the association of the European ports will hold own conference anniversary in the Leighorn city

22/08/2018Collapse of Morandi Bridge, the next days - the C.I.S.Co emphasizes. - they will be crucial in order to plan the new practicability
The Council wishes that Freeways for Italy put to dispositions the data of the East-West traffic in order better to study possible the road alternatives

22/08/2018To the commissioners who manage the emergency infrastructures goes conferred a power in exception total from the Code of the Contracts
It supports the president of the AdSP of the Sea of Western Sicily, than - referring to the procedures - he asserts: "we cut via all"

22/08/2018In according to trimester of the 2018 Zim Israeli it is incurred in a net loss of -33,2 million dollars
The revenues are increased of +7.7%. The fleet has transported 772 thousand container (+17.1%)

23/08/2018Ship Finance International has bought three portacontainer from 10.600 teu constructed in 2015
The society clearly has archived item the second trimester of this year with a profit of 15,8 million dollars (- 21.6%)

23/08/2018Project in order to realize a port container in Libya
According to the forecasts, the first phase will become operating in 2022

23/08/2018In the first six months of the 2018 traffic in the port of Amburgo it is diminished of -4,9%
In according to trimester the decrease it has been of -2,3%

24/08/2018Down the traffic of the goods in the ports of the Southern Adriatic
To Brindisi the bending has been of the -19,8% and to Bari of -3,1%

24/08/2018Alarm to Bremen for the possible transfer in the port of Amburgo of the services ocean-going liners of THE Alliance
The cut of tenth of the traffic volume an anniversary is shown

24/08/2018Reunion in order to diminish the impact of collapse of Morandi Bridge on the activity of the port of Genoa
Al job table participates AdSp, Customs, Confindustria, shippers, shipping agents and the other operators

24/08/2018Agreement between WinGD, Wärtsilä and GTT in order to promote the use of the GNL as fuel for the ships
The objective is to accelerate the employment of this type of fuel

27/08/2018In the first six months of this year the terminals of COSCO Shipping Ports have enlivened 56,7 million container (+26.5%)
The company has closed the period with a profit clearly to 195,9 million dollars (- 51.4%)

27/08/2018After collapse of Morandi Bridge it does not seem diminished the confidence of the world-wide companies of navigation in confronts of the port of Genoa
The marine carriers continue to make to regularly reach own ships in the capital of Liguria

27/08/2018Trasportounito, a situated retroportualità to 70 km does not resolve the state of emergency of the connections of the port of Genoa
The association asks to characterize areas of refuel/defuel for the trucks in presses of the harbour perimeter

27/08/2018The port of Conakry will be managed by the Turkish group Albayrak
Contract of concession of the duration 25-year-old

28/08/2018Genting Hong Kong has closed the sixth consecutive semester in loss
The revenues of the crocieristico and navalmeccanico group are increased of +46.0%

28/08/2018New agreement of Fincantieri with Chinese CSSC in order to widen their collaboration to all the segments of the mercantile shipbuilding
A combined working group will be constituted

28/08/2018Actual understanding IT - CargoX in order to introduce the technology blockchain in the field of the harbour logistics
Solution for the simplification of the emission and the management of bills of lading

28/08/2018Agreement between the Japanese Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and MHPS and WHO of Chinese group COSCO for the production of scrubber
They will have rectangular form and they will be constructed in the plant of Dalian

29/08/2018Chinese CIMC records an increase of the sales of container and the economic results
In the period April-june the revenues have grown of +29.9%

29/08/2018After eight consecutive trimesters of increase, down the international commerce of goods of the G20
In according to trimester of this year export it has marked the -0,6% and import -0,9%

29/08/2018Totally operating to Livorno a new system of surveillance of crosses harbour
Controlled all means and the people in transit

29/08/2018Collapse of Morandi Bridge, Assoporti invites to annul the anchor duties in order to reduce the impact on the port of Genoa
The association suggests also to reduce the octrois on the fuel for operating means of the terminals

29/08/2018In the first half of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Livorno has grown of +7.1%
The harbour port of call has recorded uina bending of the -2,2% of the enlivened volumes

29/08/2018Assotir asks participations on the tolls and the times for guide in order to face the emergency after collapse of Morandi Bridge
It is urgent - the association emphasizes - the search of a solution in order to alleviate the uneasiness of the haulers

30/08/2018Kuehne + Nagel will centralize to Amburgo the direction of own activities in Europe
To Bremen the center of Kuehne + Nagel Germany

30/08/2018Filt Cgil Genoa: not to exceptions to the norms on the times of guide and rest of the haulers
Denounced the risks for safety of the workers and the users of the road

30/08/2018To the GNV fleet the notation Digital Ship of the RINA is conferred
It is dedicated to I use it of the digital technologies on the ships

30/08/2018Agreement between the AdSP of the Southern Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Centro Settentrionale for the development of the intermodal corridor between the two regions
A permanent working group will be instituted

30/08/2018Kalmar will increase the height of four cranes STS operated from French GMP in the port of the Havre
The work will be started in the third trimester of this year

31/08/2018In the first half of this Hupac year record of 439 thousand has enlivened an intermodal traffic shipments
The transalpine traffic has grown of +8.3% and that not transalpine of +6.5%

31/08/2018Seven companies form a consortium with the scope to increase the performances and the environmental efficiency of the portacontainer
Sono Zaitoun Green Shipping, Wärtsilä, MacGregor, Carina Solutions, WinGD, MHI-MME and GTT

31/08/2018Port of Genoa, initiatives for velocizzare the procedures and tackling to the emergency caused from collapse of the Morandi viaduct
Banchero (Assagenti) denunciation the furtiveness of the organs of government, from which - it emphasizes - we are receiving alone silences on the urgent provisions, intolerable against what we are enduring

31/08/2018Federagenti confides that the M5S/Lega government will not prohibit the income of the great cruise ships in the Lagoon of Venice
Saints (Venetian Assoagenti): the traffic of the crocieristi affects less of 5% the total of the tourists who invade the city daily

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