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Shipping Timesweb site
AUGUST 14, 1998
Shipping News
  • Chinese shipyards see 50% fall in export orders
    Decline in 1st-half due to competition from S Korean, Japanese rivals
  • US maritime body to probe China's port policies
  • Cosco, K Line, Yang Ming unveil expansion plan
Air and Land Transport
  • Boeing to move some output to Long Beach
    But shift planned for '99 will only restore fraction of jobs to be axed in2000
  • Negative HK air cargo growth seen in '98
  • MAS launching blitz to promote M'sia's tourism
  • No plans for SIA to join Star Alliance: SAS
  • BA may change more of its Asia flights: official
  • Indian Airlines to offer stock options to staff
  • Major safety errors found at Sydney airport
    A govt air safety report detects major 'safety deficiencies' with air traffic control procedures
  • Japan's move to reduce landing fees wins flights
  • A question of timing in Australian port accident

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Sched Netweb site
AUGUST 14, 1998
  • Cheng Lie and CSCLC prepare for August venture
  • New service launched by AEI
  • High port fees denting business at Japanese ports
  • Grand Alliance adjusts key trade lanes
  • Strong competition may force TACA transformation
  • Big bills for the Australian aviation industry
  • More flights challenge for CAC
  • European court to review Air France verdict
  • B777s for BA's new service

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Cargowebweb site
AUGUST 13, 1998
  • Bertelsmann to centralize European distribution
  • BOC group to cut activities and jobs
  • New railroad on Internet
  • Higher Bröström Van Ommeren profit
  • DHL Incorporates XML technology into shipping software
  • KLM pays Dutch State nearly $ 500 million for buy-out

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The Journal of Commerceweb site
AUGUST 14, 1998
  • Desperate times call for crazy measures on the trans-Pacific
  • America ignores oil dependency as reliance on imports grows
  • US, China move to fix fractured trade pact
  • FTAA coordinator tries to put details in the right order
  • Canada gives asylum to Filipino crewmen who accused their ship's officers of murder
  • US says Russia must act quickly to restore confidence
  • Airline Virgin Express stock plunges on profits, outlook
  • Canadian cattlemen protest against US meat labeling bill
  • Head of discount school Internet program quits
  • Japan's trade surplus up 46%
  • IBM wins $150M contract extension with trucking financial services giant Comdata
  • Alstom Montreal rail center wins GO Transit locomotive overhaul job
  • Belarus orders McDonald's to use local products
  • Study: e-mail rivals phones, 'snail' mail
  • Russia readies ways to boost motor carriers
  • Drivers vent frustrations to ATA president
  • Rail unrest in Canada could have explosive effect south of the border
  • Boeing plans to move some 737 assembly down the coast to former McDonnell site
  • Malaysia's MAS not looking for bailout despite cutbacks in fleet and routes
  • Amtrak lawsuit places derailment blame elsewhere
  • Carriers see no quick fix for Asia imbalance
  • Ship lines add weekly service to Baltimore
  • Growth at Dole, Great White juices up Delaware volume
  • Hong Kong tries to enhance its reputation
  • Jacksonville finishes auto and roll-on terminal
  • Bank loans or bonds: Picture changes for ship financing

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Cyber Shipping Guide - Ocean Commerceweb site
AUGUST 14, 1998
  • ANERA to Introduce Chassis Charge
  • FEFC Mulling Over Eastbound Rate Hikes
  • Annual Japan/China Box Capacity Up 3.4%
  • FMC Sets Out to Probe China's Maritime Practices
  • Seattle's 2nd Quarter Sees Slowing in Asian Imports

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urgente online pressweb site
AUGUST 14, 1998
  • Trasmediterránea invertirá 80.000 millones en comprar 10 buques
  • Las Cámaras del Centro de España piden autovía entre Ocaña y La Roda
  • Ford reestructura su estrategia publicitaria en Europa
  • Fomento ayuda a dejar el Transporte
  • El aeropuerto de El Prat supera los 7,5 millones de pasajeros en seis meses
  • La matriculación de turismos crece un 25 por ciento en junio
  • El Renault Clio II, en la flota de Europcar
  • FedEx lleva ayuda humanitaria a Indonesia

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Exim Indiaweb site
AUGUST 14, 1998
  • Uniglory launches weekly service ex-JNP with 5 brand new vessels
  • India now party to Paris Convention
  • Easier packing credit for cutflower exports
  • Korean Exim Bank winding up Indian branch
  • Govt. takes serious note of EPZ, EOU delays
  • INSA demand for stopping bare-boat charter approval turned down
  • ECU-Line Turkey
  • Ministry seeks report on spices export fall
  • 100 pc foreign equity for TV software cos soon
  • Monthly bills for ISD, STD users on cards
  • Spurt in industrial production

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Lloyd's Listweb site
AUGUST 14, 1998
  • Korea prepares to abolish cargo system
  • Cosco in push for more European jobs
  • No way out of reefer doldrums
  • Passage plan not in place for 'Pine Trust'
  • Keppel unit's profit up 12%
  • Greenpeace demands total oil licensing ban
  • Korea Line seeks home ships sale
  • Rate falls hit SOL at interim

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Fairplayweb site
AUGUST 13, 1998
  • Canadian grain majors merge
    TWO of Canada's major grain companies, Alberta Wheat Pool and Manitoba Pool Elevators, have confirmed their agreement to merge.
  • Investors quit the Philippines
    TWO new investors in the Philippine oil sector have withdrawn because of the economic crisis.
  • SCI opens talks on lng ships
    SHIPPING Corp of India has begun talks with international shipping companies engaged in the transport of liquified natural gas over a stake in the Indian gas trade.
  • Police reinforcements sent to Subic Bay
    MORE police have been sent to Subic Bay freeport in anticipation of the court decision on the contested leadership of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority.
  • Bergesen reports strong first half
    BERGESEN reported healthy first half figures on the back of a sharp increase in crude carrier earnings and a marked fall in financing and forex expenses.
  • China to impose port construction fee
    CHINA has decided to impose a port construction fee on cargo passing through newly opened ports and harbours, and those soon to be opened to foreign ships.
  • FMC votes to investigate Chinese restrictions
    THE US Federal Maritime Commission voted unanimously yesterday to investigate allegations that Chinese shipping restrictions discriminate against US and other foreign carriers.
  • NCL shelves plan for US listing
    ADVERSE market conditions have forced NCL Holding (NCLH), the Norwegian cruise company, to put on ice its plan to seek a listing in the US and raise $200m.
  • NZ port reform back in the spotlight
    WITH New Zealand's coalition government facing collapse, the privatisation of the country's ports has come into the spotlight.
  • Australia probes "serious chemical spill"
    AUSTRALIAN maritime officials are investigating a "serious chemical spill" by a Malaysian ship in the southern state of Victoria.
  • Hamburg-Sud slams pilots' cartel in Rio
    HAMBURG-Sud's general manager in Rio de Janeiro, Mathias Staubli, has hit out at what he calls a "port pilotage cartel".
  • Talks open to prevent Canadian rail closure
    CANADIAN National Railway and the Canadian Autoworkers' Union are locked in talks to prevent either a legal lockout or a legal strike from August 15.
  • Kiel Canal faces privatisation
    GERMANY'S transport ministry is considering the partial sale of the Kiel Canal and the canal's operational services.
  • Sugar chokes Indian ports
    SUGAR imports are blocking India's ports, despite government action to increase customs duty.
  • Truckers strike may paralyse Indian ports
    INDIAN ports may be disrupted from August 22 by a road-transport strike, announced by the All India Motor Transport Congress.

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Antwerpse Lloyd n.v.web site
AUGUST 14, 1998
  • Vers un système d'affrètement à deux vitesses en France?
    A l'instar des augmentations de prix appliquées dans le transport routier et ferroviaire, les bateliers français souhaitaient une hausse des frets dans le trafic tant national qu'international de céréales. Demande rejetée. Après concertation avec les plus importants chargeurs, il a été décidé de maintenir les prix au niveau des campagnes précédentes.
  • CMA-CGM: CA consolidé de 7,7 mia. de FRF (+3,2%) - bénéfice net 63,3 mio.
    Le groupe CMA-CGM vient de publier son rapport annuel couvrant l'exercice 97, qui fait mention d'un CA consolidé de 7,7 mia. de FRF, en hausse de 3,2% et d'un résultat net de 63,3 mio. (+ 111,7%), tandis que le volume transporté a atteint 1,01 mio. de TEU, en progression de 12,2%. Les autres chiffres clés concernent l'évolution des fonds propres, soit 1,51 mia. (+2,9%), le total de l'actif immobilisé: 2,98 mia. (+19,20%). Quant au ratio de l'endettement, il était de 0,8%, contre 0,6% précédemment.
  • BOC Distribution Services moins touché que prévu par la restructuration
    Le groupe britannique BOC, spécialisé dans les gaz industriels, la technnologie du vide et la logistique va supprimer 3.700 emplois, ce qui correspond à 10% des emplois, dans le cadre d'une vaste restructuration au niveau mondial. Contrairement à ce qu'on a pu lire dans certains journaux, il ne se retirera par du transport. Certaines de ses opérations de transport seront bien supprimées, mais elles se situent toutes au Royaume-Uni et ne représentent que 10% de l'activité de la division BOC Distribution Services.

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Daily Commercial Newsweb site
AUGUST 14, 1998
  • Howard Smith unveils new Melb push
    HOWARD Smith Towage (HST) gave Melbourne’s shipping community a sneak preview of the latest $8.5 million addition to its tug fleet this week, along with the announcement that the new vessel, due into service next April, is to be named Gurrong.
    The tug’s new name is an Aboriginal word of the Wurundjeri People, the traditional occupants of the Port Phillip area. The name literally means "canoe" but translated more broadly means "small boat".
    Victoria’s Minister for Roads and Ports Geoff Craige presented the ship’s bell for safekeeping to Wurundjeri elder, Joy Murphy, who granted HST permission to use the name.
  • ASA on reform: Just do it
    A THREE-YEAR slide in the Australian shipping industry’s lifting capacity will continue unless shipowners, the maritime unions and the federal government take action to initiate the reforms required to facilitate the government’s promised fiscal reforms for the industry, according to the Australian Shipowners Association.
    ASA chief executive Lachlan Payne said figures compiled recently by the Association revealed disturbing trends.
    "Between 1984 and 1995 the average of the total deadweight capacity of the Australian fleet was 3.49 million deadweight tonnes (but) between 1996 and 1998 inclusive, the total deadweight tonnage has fallen from 3.28 million to 2.72 million deadweight tonnes -- a reduction of 17 per cent," Mr Payne said.
  • RoR report welcome, but outcome uncertain
    THE RAIL industry has broadly welcomed the contents of the parliamentary report into the Role of Rail, but some sections have cast doubt on whether the federal government will embrace the inquiry’s key recommendations.
    As seen in DCN yesterday, the parliamentary rail inquiry handed in its final report this week, urging the federal government to inject $2.75 billion into the interstate rail network over the next 13 years.
    While federal Transport Minister Mark Vaile welcomed the report and admitted that rail track standards were "Third World", he hinted that immediate relief would not be forthcoming from the government, other than the previously pledged sum of $250 million over the next four years.
  • Rail fix would help Darwin link: Neville
    WHILE private sector proposals to built fast passenger/freight rail lines linking, for example, Melbourne-Darwin, were not strictly within the purview of its inquiry, the Role of Rail Committee believed that investing $3 billion in the national track would enhance the prospects of such proposals becoming a reality.
    During the release of the committee’s report, chairman Paul Neville said unless, for example, the Adelaide-Melbourne section of the national track was upgraded to ensure its current 13-hour shipping time was reduced to the around eight hours it currently takes by truck, it would continue to be an impediment to the potential success of the Adelaide-Darwin railway due to a major part of the freight task for that service having to be drawn from Melbourne.

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International Transport Journalweb site
AUGUST 14, 1998
  • Luis F. Solis aims to support clients' growth. Logistics service companies should exist to support the growth and success of their clients, according to GeoLogistics' executive vice president.
  • Cosco, "K" Line and Yangming release further details of their trans-Atlantic service.
  • VSA 2 and CSAV are ready to start their joint North Europe-South American east coast service.
  • Grupo Libra: more capacity in South America. The Brazilian shipping company has added a third vessel to its service between the South American east and west coasts.
  • The Transroll newbuilding "Sirius" completes its maiden voyage.
  • Sea-Barge enters a joint venture with TRC, Intership and Matson between Florida and Puerto Rico.
  • Scandlines launches a large new combined ferry, the "Skane", between Rostock and Trelleborg.
  • The 6000-TEU "NYK Canopus" pays its first visit to Europe.
  • New publications: Marine Insurance - Issues, Practices and Costs.
  • Calendar of events: European Shippers' Council 1998 Shipper Conference.
Ports and Terminals
  • Rotterdam posts new throughput records in first half 1998, but is handling more empty containers.
  • Antwerp is growing strongly, and sees the delivery of two new cranes at Hessenatie's Europe Terminal.
  • The first containers pass through Seattle's new on-dock rail facility.
  • MSAS Global Logistics and Caliber Logistics form strategic alliance.
  • Circle continues to grow, but feels the effect of the Asian crisis.
  • The Hub Group posts lower profits.
  • BAX Global records lower yields in the first half of 1998.
  • Logistic publishes good second quarter and half-year results.
  • Earnings at J.B. Hunt are well up.
  • LH Cargo follows new route. Lufthansa Cargo has signed up several major freight forwarders in its Business Partnerships Program.
  • Eagle USA Airfreight still shows strong growth in its third quarter.
  • KLM starts its new fiscal year with a good first quarter.
  • Continental and Tristar Aviation offer scheduled freight services out of Switzerland via Paris.
  • Delta and Korean Airlines form a global marketing alliance.
  • Calendar of events: Aviation - making a safe system safer.
  • CLK ends restrictions on exports.

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TradeWindsweb site
AUGUST 14, 1998
  • Hard lessons for the Chinese
    Attempts by Chinese shipowners to break new ground are having mixed results. The China Shipping Group is taking its first steps into international cruising and may make the plunge into the luxury end of the market. Other companies are planning a breakthrough into the LPG trade. But one new shipping venture is running into trouble. COSCO s decision to operate a large gas carrier has led to a dispute with US charterer Contichem.
  • Nine days in hell
  • Italians covered
  • 'No call coming'
  • Lelakis in yard bid
  • Tanker comeback

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