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21 February 2017 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 22:06 GMT+1

European Union

ECSA, the regional approach EU to the emissions of the shipping favors the extra-EU ports of the Med and those English post-Brexit
Regret of the shipowning association for the support expressed from the associations of the ports and the shippers to the recent ballot of the Parliament EU

Feport invites the shipowners to "giving a movement" and engaging themselves in order to resolve the issue of the emissions of the ships in center IMO
Kerdjoudj-Belkaid: "if one of the parts does not supply to a reduction of the carbon emissions, the total result will remain unsatisfactory beneath and of the objectives"

the German shipowners are furious for the inclusion of the shipping in the European system of exchange of emissions
Nagel: "who wants to reduce in sustainable way the emissions of co2, she must be engaged to make it through regulations world-wise near the IMO"

the Parliament EU has voted in favor of the inclusion of shipping in the system of exchange of emissions ETS beginning from 2023
Ryckbost (ESPO): the ballot would have to be intended like a dew claw for velocizzare the intense activities of the IMO. Verhoeven (ECSA): it is not the way to proceed. The ICS exhorts the States EU to reject the proposal

New bottoms in order to finance the infrastructure plans of transport in the European Union
Resources will come also from the European Bottom for the strategic investments

Wednesday Centro Servizi for the Sea will be introduced the European Parliament
Supporta, among other things, the development of some financed strategic plans through program CEF

Mission of the European Agency for Marine Safety in Italy
Confronto to Rome and Genoa with the General Command of the Body of the Harbour offices

Feport confides that the implementation of the regulations on the ports allows to release the contained potential opportunities in the norm
Kerdjoudj-Belkaid: the adoption of the text more creates expectations approximately an improvement of the norms of governance of the ports and approximately aimed investments

the Council of the EU has adopted the regulations on the supply of harbour services and the transparency financial institution of the ports
Will take effect 20 days after the publication on the Gazette of the European Union

the ECSA invites the EU to as soon as possible open the European directory of the systems of recycling of the ships to third-country
Verhoeven: it is necessary to include yards to you that they already satisfy the established international standards from the Convention of Hong Kong

the IMO exhorts the EU not to assume an unilateral decision on the emissions of the shipping
Lim: it would be not only premature, but it would have also a serious impact on the job which got ahead from the International Maritime Organization

the EU commission has defined the first European directory of the systems of recycling of the ships
Between the 18 approved of plants does not figure Italian yards

the EU commission has approved of the Italian programs of incentives Ferrobonus and the Marebonus
Brussels has confirmed that they are consistent to the norms EU on the aids of State

ESPO exhorts the EU to make pressures on the IMO so that it defines a system in order to obtain a reduction of the emissions of the ships
Ryckbost: it is becoming clearly that if within the 2023 IMO will not have realized it, an initiative of the EU appears inevitable

ECSA rejects the relation of the Ambient Commission of the European Parliament on the emissions of the shipping
the relationship previews that, in absence of a system IMO, the shipping it must be enclosed in European system EU ETS beginning from 2023

Feport, the regulations on the ports is a good instrument that but must be very implemented in a coherent picture
Kerdjoudj-Belkaid: the text has created to great expectations approximately the transparency and the consultation

Green light of the European Parliament to the fourth railway package
anger of the ERFA for "the lost occasion in order to create conditions of competitive parity between the railroad and other modalities of transport"

ECSA at the market restates the dissatisfaction for the lacked regulation the access of the harbour services
"However, after 15 years of negotiations - it has specified Verhoeven - now finally we have a first reads"

Ok of the Parliament EU to the regulations on the access at the market of the harbour services and on the transparency financial institution of the ports
draft - ESPO emphasizes - of an acceptable and migliorativo compromise regarding the original proposal of the Commission of May 2013

Twenty-one European associations of the transport form an alliance in order to carry own requests near the EU
Offrirà contributed to the European politicians, to the coordinators of the Corridors TRIES and the European agencies

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