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27 May 2017 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 04:42 GMT+2

European Union

the Spanish Parliament has approved of the second version of decrees on the harbour job
Crumlin (ITF): this is ""a treason in confronts of the Spanish harbour intense activities". The unions announce days of strike

the EU commission has simplified the rules on the investments publics in the ports and the airports
Possible to invest until 150 million euros in the marine ports and 50 million in the internal ports without advance control of Brussels

the BEAUTIFUL ones finances with 75 million euros the potenziamento of the logistic platform of the port of Barcelona
Previewed the creation of approximately 4.000 new direct places of work and 6,000 in the induced one

Procedure of infraction of Brussels against Austria for the application to the road haulage of the law against the wage and social dumping goods in foreign market
Crea disproportionate administrative ties that prevent to the corrected operation home market

Cruise Lines International Association joins to Confcommercio/Conftrasporto
Anastassiadis: to increase the representation spaces is fundamental in order to improve the dialogue between the several actors

the EU commission has authorized the concentration between Hamburg Süd and Maersk Line
Engagement to place term in the participation of the German company to the five consortia Eurosal 1/SAWC, Eurosal 2/SAWC, EPIC 2, CCWM/Medandes and MESA

Approval of ECSA, ICS and BIMCO to the ok of the Parliament EU to ratifies of Convention HNS on the pollution caused from the ships
the field of the shipping - the shipowning associations have remembered - has started a campaign for its subscription and ready effectiveness

Alla Martek Marine an important store clerk of European agency EMSA for the supply of droni for the marine field
employed Verranno in order to upgrade the controls of the marine borders and the surveillance and the monitoring of the marine traffic

the EU commission confirmation endorsements for 776,5 million euros to eleven airlines of the field cargo
the analogous decision of end 2010 was cancelled by the Court of the European Union

Last year the number of the European crocieristi has grown of +3.4%
For the first time the German market has exceeded two the million passengers

the EU commission presses because Spain adapts to the national legislation on the harbour job to the norms EU
the Spanish minister de the Serna has shown the dismissal of some days of the ballot on the specific decree-law

Ten European associations of the shipping invite the EU to make more in order to promote the marine transport
"is need - CLIA Europe, EBA, ECASBA, ECSA, EMPA, ETA, ETF, EuDA, Interferry and WSC emphasize - of a new strategy for the shipping valid for the next decade, that it goes to beyond 2018"

a study commissioned from the ECSA indicates some aspects to improve of European politics for the shipping
the continuous field to competitive being, but is under pressure

In the European Union the industry of the shipping directly gives to job to 640 thousand people
the marine ones of nations UE/SEE Are 207 thousand

ECSA, the regional approach EU to the emissions of the shipping favors the extra-EU ports of the Med and those English post-Brexit
Regret of the shipowning association for the support expressed from the associations of the ports and the shippers to the recent ballot of the Parliament EU

Feport invites the shipowners to "giving a movement" and engaging themselves in order to resolve the issue of the emissions of the ships in center IMO
Kerdjoudj-Belkaid: "if one of the parts does not supply to a reduction of the carbon emissions, the total result will remain unsatisfactory beneath and of the objectives"

the German shipowners are furious for the inclusion of the shipping in the European system of exchange of emissions
Nagel: "who wants to reduce in sustainable way the emissions of co2, she must be engaged to make it through regulations world-wise near the IMO"

the Parliament EU has voted in favor of the inclusion of shipping in the system of exchange of emissions ETS beginning from 2023
Ryckbost (ESPO): the ballot would have to be intended like a dew claw for velocizzare the intense activities of the IMO. Verhoeven (ECSA): it is not the way to proceed. The ICS exhorts the States EU to reject the proposal

New bottoms in order to finance the infrastructure plans of transport in the European Union
Resources will come also from the European Bottom for the strategic investments

Wednesday Centro Servizi for the Sea will be introduced the European Parliament
Supporta, among other things, the development of some financed strategic plans through program CEF

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