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21 November 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:52 GMT+1

European Union

The port of Rotterdam has won edition 2018 of the ESPO Award
Celebrated the 25° anniversary of the constitution of the European Sea Ports Organisation

Eamonn confirmed O'Reilly ESPO president. Zeno Of named Augustin vice-president
The team directive of the association is completed by vice-president Annaleena Makila

ECGs, is indispensable to make available with urgency parks sure and protect for the truck drivers
Under consideration the creation of a net of areas managed from the associates and situated in presses of the greater arteries of traffic

A delegation of the Union Pilots has met the summits of the European Parliament
The association will propose a interrogation written to Bulc commissioner for the protection of the category of the pilots

The EU commission authorizes Denmark to extend the application of the tonnage tax to ships employed in the offshore industry
The Danish authorities have been engaged to modify to modify the regime so that it is only applied to activities of marine transport effectively carried out

Ok of the Commission TRAN of the Parliament EU to the bill on the harbour systems for the bestowal of the refusals of the ships
Satisfied ESPO for the strengthening of the respect of the principle "who pollutes wage"

European shipowners and naval constructors ask the EU to pass from the words to the facts in the contrast to practical commercial the treacherous ones of Far East
ECSA and SEA Europe, we ask Europe to send to a fort message to I support of a free trade, fair and based on the rules

Ok of the BEAUTIFUL ones to maxi the financing of 195 million euros for the ports of Civitavecchia and Fiumicino
Of Majo: the deep ones will allow with the AdSP to carry to term the great part of the works previewed in the harbour town development plans

The EU commission invites to introduce observations on Regolamento of exemption for category for the consortia of containerized marine companies
The norm will expire on April 25, 2020

The associations of the loaders criticize the decision of the companies to introduce soprannoli for the fuel to low sulfur tenor
ESC and GSF denounce a deficiency of transparency and the lack of negotiations with the customers

Satisfaction of ESPO for the ok of the Commission TRAN to the elimination of the taxes on the electricity supplied from earth to the ships
The association has evidenced that the taxes constitute an obstacle for the installation in the ports of specific systems

Brussels denunciation the elusione of customs duties for 2,7 billion euros in the United Kingdom
Located swindles in existence between 2011 and 2017 in the within of the import of goods through the British ports

EU commission, illicit 44 million the aids granted from the State to the Harbour Authority of Naples for the dry docks of CAMED
The late collections of the concession canons do not constitute instead aids of State

European marine the harbour industry and receives with favor the proposal to institute an only Door marine EU
It is necessary but - CLECAT, ECASBA, EMPA, ESC, ESPO, FEPORT and IPCSA specify - to clarify some ulteriorly aspects key of the proposed regulations

ESPO exhorts to assure puts up financings to the ports in the budget EU
The association asks also to recognize the transboundary nature of the harbour ports of call

A delegation of Alis has met the European commissioner to the Transports
Reunion yesterday to Brussels

Visit to the port of Livorno of the general secretary of ESPO
The next year the association of the European ports will hold own conference anniversary in the Leighorn city

A relationship of the European State Audit Court denunciation the failure and the inefficiency of the realization of the railway net EU to high speed
"An authentic European railway net to high speed does not exist - the document explains -: a mosaic of national lines to high speed exists only"

Encounter of ETF and ECSA with the objective to increase the participation of the women in the field of the shipping
Tonka Cupic: "in order to attract more women in the field we would have to improve the conditions of job for all"

CLIA Europe and Medcruise have signed a new agreement of partnership
Between the scopes, to define a unitary position in order to support the sustainable increase of the cruises near the EU and other institutions

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