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17 January 2017 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:56 GMT+1

European Union

the ECSA invites the EU to as soon as possible open the European directory of the systems of recycling of the ships to third-country
Verhoeven: it is necessary to include yards to you that they already satisfy the established international standards from the Convention of Hong Kong

the IMO exhorts the EU not to assume an unilateral decision on the emissions of the shipping
Lim: it would be not only premature, but it would have also a serious impact on the job which got ahead from the International Maritime Organization

the EU commission has defined the first European directory of the systems of recycling of the ships
Between the 18 approved of plants does not figure Italian yards

the EU commission has approved of the Italian programs of incentives Ferrobonus and the Marebonus
Brussels has confirmed that they are consistent to the norms EU on the aids of State

ESPO exhorts the EU to make pressures on the IMO so that it defines a system in order to obtain a reduction of the emissions of the ships
Ryckbost: it is becoming clearly that if within the 2023 IMO will not have realized it, an initiative of the EU appears inevitable

ECSA rejects the relation of the Ambient Commission of the European Parliament on the emissions of the shipping
the relationship previews that, in absence of a system IMO, the shipping it must be enclosed in European system EU ETS beginning from 2023

Feport, the regulations on the ports is a good instrument that but must be very implemented in a coherent picture
Kerdjoudj-Belkaid: the text has created to great expectations approximately the transparency and the consultation

Green light of the European Parliament to the fourth railway package
anger of the ERFA for "the lost occasion in order to create conditions of competitive parity between the railroad and other modalities of transport"

ECSA at the market restates the dissatisfaction for the lacked regulation the access of the harbour services
"However, after 15 years of negotiations - it has specified Verhoeven - now finally we have a first reads"

Ok of the Parliament EU to the regulations on the access at the market of the harbour services and on the transparency financial institution of the ports
draft - ESPO emphasizes - of an acceptable and migliorativo compromise regarding the original proposal of the Commission of May 2013

Twenty-one European associations of the transport form an alliance in order to carry own requests near the EU
Offrirà contributed to the European politicians, to the coordinators of the Corridors TRIES and the European agencies

prompt Feport the EU to institute a normative picture that regulates the private investments in the ports
the private harbour operators - denunciation the association - cannot continue to invest if the yields offered from the investments in the terminals and their management are not sufficient

the EU commission has authorized Italy to use the Ferrobonus
the intermodalità will be supported with an expense of 20 million euros for everyone of years 2016, 2017 and 2018

the EU commission has authorized the fusion between Hapag-Lloyd and UASC
the Middle Eastern company of navigation will have to stop the connections between the Europe North and the America North

Agreement of cooperation which signed from CLIA Europe and Cruise Europe
In occasion of the participation to the International Cruise Summit 2016, the Harbour Authority of Cagliari confirmation the income in the Sardinian port of the Global Turk Holding Ports

ESC and GSF in existence denounces the impact negative on the competition of the consolidation between the line companies
Introduced a study on the consequent effect on the supply chain

the association of the German ports rejects the new proposed of the EU commission on the aids of Been about to the ports
Frank Dreeke, managing director of group BLG Logistics, is the new president of ZDS

the European associations of the transport speed up the EU to finance the completion of the infrastructural net TRY
Kerdjoudj-Belkaid (Feport): a deficiency of deep could seriously compromise integration of the various modalities of transport and the efficiency of the logistic chains

ECSA and CLIA asks modifications the directive on the harbour systems for collection for the refusals produced from the ships
Verhoeven: they serve systems in a position to dealing new types of waste, a system of reasonable and a corrected rating application of the norm

the ESPO Award 2016 is assigned to the Harbour Authority of Bremen
the topic of the prize of this year was the "Nature in the ports"

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