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09 February 2016 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 21:34 GMT+1

European Union

Completed the last step towards the final adoption of the standards on the emissions of co2 of the airplane
the new norms could be formally adopted from the council of the ICAO in the first months of 2017

ESPO and ECSA plaudono to the adoption of the lines guides EU on the places of shelter for the ships in danger
is defined by the Cooperation Group on Places of Refuge

the ECSA recriminates for the "lacked occasion in order to adopt an approach including on the access at the market of the harbour services"
"the shipowners - it has emphasized the general secretary of the association - must still face practical restrictive and legal obstacles"

Feport is satisfied of the outcome of the passage in commission Transports of the Parliament EU of the legislative proposal on the ports
Kerdjoudj-Belkaid: we appreciate the reference to the necessity that the agencies of management of the ports start reasonable consultations with the private investor

the commission Transports of the Parliament EU says not to generalized the free access in all the ports the suppliers of the harbour services
ESPO, the outcome of the today's voting "opens the road to an acceptable legislative picture for the ports"

intimate Brussels to Belgium, France and Holland to abolish the exemption from the deposit of the social taxes granted to the ports
Vestager: "I will introduce a proposal in order to facilitate the investments that can create job, excluding them from the controls relatively to the European norms on the aids of State". The port of Rotterdam is ready to introduce a resource

Brussels starts an investigation in order to verify if two harbour terminalisti of Antwerp have obtained aids of State illicitly
the Harbour Authority of the Belgian port of call has granted to the operators a reduction of the due indemnification for the lacked attainment the minimal level of traffic

the EU commission approves of the acquisition of 12.5% of Saipem from Italian Strategic Bottom
FSI is controlled by Bank of Deposits and Loans

the ECSA wishes a correct one and harmonized application of the European directive on the collection of the refusals of the ships
Verhoeven: "so that the directive is effective in the communitarian ports adequate systems of collection must be available"

the EU commission authorizes the acquisition of TNT Express from Fedex
Brussels, the new group will continue to face a level of sufficient competition in all the main markets

Brussels approves of the constitution of joint venture formed from Embarcadero Maritime and Nordic Tankers
the new society will manage ships to chimichiere ice class operated in north-western Europe and the Baltic Sea

the UIRR exhorts the EU to put into effect legislative modifications in order to promote the arranged transport
Schultze: "the relative signs to the rates perceived today from the operators of the market are forged by an inadequate and unilateral regulation"

the EU commission asks Greece to modify the tonnage tax
Brussels invites Athens to exclude from the fiscal regime the shareholders of the shipowning societies and various types of boats

Loan of 105 million euros of the BEAUTIFUL ones in order to finance the works in order to improve accessibility to the Spanish ports
the cover financial institution for the investments in program for 2016

Brussels has introduced a plan strategic in order to increase the competitiveness of the aerial transport of the EU
Individuate four priorities in order to assure the development of the field

Financing EU for the fast transport of producing sour-food by the Middle East to the ports of Koper, Venice and Marseilles
For the Italian port of call us will be available the sum of 1,5 million euros

Deep European in order to optimize the fluvial traffic on the Rhine-Alps Corridor
Is destined to the realization of an informative system for the management of the naval traffic in Alto Reno

Marzani (Union To interpose Reunited you) has entered in the directive one of Europlatforms
Pablo Hoia Serna is the new president of the European Network of interposing to you

Large the Navi Veloci has celebrated the inauguration of the new center of Genoa with a business game
the European Escola de Short Sea Shipping (2E3S) has conferred the certificate of conformance Arete to the ship "Excelsior" of the company

Brussels celebrates the entrance in exercise of the railway corridors Helsinki-TV assistant goods, Baltic Sea-Adriatic and Sea of Baltic North-Sea
the main railway Network cargo of the EU

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