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Port of Ancona

Goods traffic

In the last ten years a general increase in the traffic of all goods has been recorded, with some peaks for dry bulk goods (the tonnage has risen by 50%), for the liquid ones (with an increase of over 40%), and for the traffic of unitized goods in containers (the tonnage has risen by 170%).

Also the development of coal traffic is considerable and in a few years it has grown very substantially (50%); as a result it has given rise to a series of industrial and environmental investments of considerable economic account.

Lately also a high increase in the flow of goods on TIR and trailers (over 700% in the last ten years) has been recorded; in fact in 1995 about 110.000 units, with a total volume of about 1.400.000 tons of goods passed by the port of Ancona.

Thanks to the improvements of the port facilities and to their development, the port of Ancona has become the real greek gate of the European Community. As a result, greek truck drivers suggestively calls the route Ancona-Patrasso "God's way" to mean the relief and the gratitude they feel towards a service which saves them risks, labour and uncertainty on times and costs, by offering the valid choice of substituting the long way through ex-Jugoslavia.

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