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Port of Ancona

Oil operations

Almost the whole of liquid goods is made up of mineral oils and is handled by the shore equipment of Falconara Marittima oil terminal.

The main ports of origin are situated in North Africa and on the Black Sea.

The movement of goods leaving the port consists mainly in home trade and intercommunity trade (France - Greece - Spain).

The structures suitable for oil operations consist in pier, a man-made island and a single mooring platform.

The pier, 1385 m. long, with 5, 5.5, 8.8 m. depth of water in the three berths, is used with ships from 155 to 12,000 DWT for the loading and the unloading of finished goods and unfinished products.

The man-made island, situated 3,600 m. far from the coast, with 12.5 m. depth of water, allows the mooring of ships up to 95,000 DWT on "Breasting Dolphins" and is used for the unloading of crude oil, even with high viscosity and high "pour point", and the loading and unloading of finished and unfinished products.

A complete redevelopment is in process for the realization of another berth on "Breasting Dolphins" for ships up to 60,000 DWT, which will avoid the ships from riding at anchor or at least limit their riding.

The single mooring platform made up of a single slewing head (20 m. diameter), situated 16 Km. far from the coast, with a 30 m. draft, allows the mooring of units up to 400,000 DWT, and is used only for the unloading of crude oils.

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