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07 August 2022 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 20:24 GMT+2

Sailing Safely on inforMARE

The organization of InforMARE pages:

a problem which is often found when sailing on internet is that one does not know exactly where he is or how he managed to access the document under examination.

In order to reduce such a drawback, the pages of inforMARE are hierarchically framed: from the Home Page it is possible to reach every service of inforMARE.
At the bottom of every page there are all the titles of the previous ones: this allows to cover backwards the path already covered even omitting intermediate levels.
From every page it's possible to reach both the Home Page and the Index of inforMARE services.

Another system to save time and quickly reach the interesting services is through the use of bookmarks. This functionality is usually made available by the browser. Once the interesting page has been reached its location can be memorized with a bookmark: in the future by selecting the bookmark to the page can be directly accessed (even without passing through the Home page).

Dynamic Pages: Many pages of inforMARE are dynamically built; that means they do not physically exist in the inforMARE host but they are built "on the fly" in accordance with the set up demands. For example, if the list of the Shipping Agencies in Genoa, when requested, it is prepared dynamically, reading directly from the database of inforMARE, considering the last version of the data. The same occurs, for instance, for the Sailing List service. It is not possible to use the bookmarking tecnique for these pages.

In other cases (for instance in the 'News Finder'), the pages approached are picked up from a database corresponding to several services: if you look for the word "port" you will see a list of news to which you will be able to select. When selecting a page to go back to the list arranged by the News Finder, you will have to use the left-oriented arrow to the left (available in Netscape on the top left-hand corner of the screen) and not the icons at the bottom of the page.

InforMARE page list:

The list includes all the services and databases prepared by inforMARE. The indentations show hierarchical relationship of the pages. The list contains dynamic connections (hyperlinks) so that to make easier to sail on inforMARE.

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