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May 18, 2022

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Further step of the CMA CGM in the air transport sector cargo through an agreement with Air France-KLM

Joint management of a fleet of ten aircraft to which they will add another 12. The shipowning group will acquire up to 9% of the airline's capital

The French cma CGM shipowning group has signed an agreement to long term, initially ten years, with the company Air France-KLM in the air cargo segment. The agreement provides for the combination of the respective service networks as well as the joint management of the capacity of all-cargo aircraft of the respective fleets. Let us remember, in fact, that last year the shipowning group decided to increase its presence in the air transport sector by creating the specific division CMA CGM Air Cargo ( of 12 February 2021).

This partnership will result in the joint management of a fleet of ten cargo aircraft to which will be added another 12 aircraft already ordered. To the four aircraft already in possession of CMA CGM Air Cargo, which has set orders for an additional eight aircraft, two of which may be operated by Air France-KLM, six full-freighter aircraft based at the airport will be joined Charles de Gaulle in Paris and Amsterdam Shiphol Airport of Air France-KLM, to which four aircraft will already be added ordered.

In addition, to confirm its interest in expanding the its presence in the air transport market, CMA CGM has announced the intention to acquire up to 9% of the capital of Air France-KLM, an operation that could be carried out as part of the possible capital increase announced in February by Air France-KLM. Meanwhile, the main shareholders of the company will undertake to support a resolution for the appointment of a representative of the CMA CGM on the Board of Directors of Air France-KLM, appointment to be approved by the shareholders' meeting scheduled for May 24 and that will be subject to the completion of CMA CGM's investment in the airline.

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