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15 November 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:10 GMT+1

14/11/2019The Authority of Harbour System of the Strait will join to Assoporti
Approved of unanimously the budget of forecast of the AdSP for year 2020

14/11/2019Livorno will accommodate the next international encounter on the harbour cities
In program in the spring of 2020 the NET meeting - the International Association for the Collaboration between Ports and City

14/11/2019Hyundai Merchant Marine curls ventottesimo turned out operating quarterly of sign the negative
The South Korean company has closed the third trimester of this year with a net loss of about 106 million dollars

14/11/2019The ESPO Award 2019 is assigned to the port of Having
The jury has rewarded its program of involvement of the local community

14/11/2019Inaugurated the renewed Which dropped crocieristica dock of the Sails of the port of Savona
The total investment has been of about 22 million euros

14/11/2019Italy is received as dialogue partner of the Indian Ocean Rim Association
The adhesion is reached also with the contributed one of the Federation of the Sea

14/11/2019Yang Ming has closed the third trimester with a net loss of about USA 42 million dollars
Impact negative of the notice to leave of agreements of chartering of some ships. Positive trimester for Wan Hai Lines

14/11/2019Assarmatori denunciation that some suppliers of bunker take advantage of norms IMO 2020 on the fuel for speculative activities
The specific association that such practical happen in some ports and in particular to Naples

14/11/2019Italian Port Days is inserted between the good examples of the Agenda 2030 AIVP
The initiative is promoted by Assoporti

14/11/2019Convention to Mestre on "fatigue" of the marine ones
Between the organizers, Propeller Venetian Club of Venice and ATHENA

14/11/2019In the third Hapag-Lloyd trimester it records turned out economic in decided increase
Stable the cargo volume transported from the fleet of the company

13/11/2019Zaccheo (ENAC): the aerial cargo must become a strategic asset for Italy
Nicolini (Confetra): it is necessary to take note of the centrality of the logistics for the development of the Country

13/11/2019Konecranes will deliver 16 cranes of large square to the Tanger Alliance (Marsa Maroc, Eurogate/Contship Italy and Hapag-Lloyd)
Employees to the new Container will come Terminal 3 of Tanger Med that will be inaugurated to half 2020

13/11/2019Tenth consecutive trimester in loss for of Friend International Shipping
In the period July-september the revenues Time base charter have grown of +8.7%

13/11/2019The port of New York establishes the own new quarterly historical record of containerized trade
In the period July-september +4.8% are enlivened 1,97 million teu ()

13/11/2019The harbour terminals of HHLA have archived item the third trimester with a traffic of 1,96 million teu (+4.5%)
In the first nine months of this year the total has been of 5,73 million container (+4.0%)

13/11/2019In the third trimester the harbour terminals of Eurokai have enlivened 2,92 million container, with a decrease of -18,6% (- 3.0% excluding the realized traffic to Gioia Tauro)
The German group previews to mainly close 2019 with an improvement of the useful graces to the sale of the participation in MCT

13/11/2019To October the port of Singapore has enlivened than 3,2 million container (+2.6% more)
In the first ten months of the 2019 containerized trade it has been pairs to 30,7 million teu (+0.9%)

13/11/2019To the ALIS assembly it has been spoken about logistics, intermodalità, infrastructures and investments
The intermodalità - it has emphasized the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports, Paola De Micheli - must return central

12/11/2019ESPO evidences the importance of the cruises for the European ports
Ryckbost: "the argument on the cruises cannot be reduced to yes or to not"

12/11/2019New railway service goods of Rail Group Cargo between Austria and Hungary
It connects Wels, Vienna and Budapest

12/11/2019New net of railway connections of the Hupac between Turkey and western Europe
Realized two spins weeklies magazine

12/11/2019In the third trimester the harbour terminals of ICTSI have enlivened 2,55 million teu (+4.5%)
In the first nine months of the 2019 traffic it has been of 7,59 million teu (+6.1%)

12/11/2019An Italian ship is attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Mexico
The assault has caused the light wounding of two marine ones of the OSV "Remas" of the Micoperi

12/11/2019Friday to Bari will hold the convention "the Italian ports to the test of the international markets"
A picture of the situation of the European and European Italian harbour ports of call regarding the competitor will come tracing

12/11/2019In the third trimester of the 2019 traffic of the goods enlivened from the Croatian ports it is diminished of -8,6%
The passengers have grown of +4.9%

12/11/2019Mitsui E&S in negotiations with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in order to start a partnership in the navalmeccanico field
Review of the plan of restructure of the company that previews a decided reduction of the activities in the field of the energy

12/11/2019Evergreen records quarterly revenues record in increase of +11.0%
The profit clearly, weighted down by an increase of the financial burdens, is diminished of -88,7%

11/11/2019Decided reduction of the traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen in the third trimester
In the first nine months of this year the decrease has been of -3,4%

11/11/2019To October the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is diminished of -2,4%
In the first ten months of the 2019 5.4% are enlivened 6,4 million teu (-)

11/11/2019The operating director of the shipowning group Danish Maersk leaves the assignment
The role of Toft temporary will be covered by the managing director Søren Skou

11/11/2019The port of Livorno has closed the first half of 2019 with a traffic goods record of 18,6 million tons (+2.8%)
Altogether the harbour system of the Tyrrhenian Northerner has enlivened 22,3 million tons (+3.5%)

11/11/2019Wednesday to Rome will hold the assembly anniversary of Confetra
The results on a survey on the world of the logistics realized from the Ipsos will be illustrated

11/11/2019Seas at Risk and T&E exhort the IMO to take in consideration the reduction of the speed of the ships in order to diminish their emissions
The two organizations evidence also the positive impact that would be had on the underwater acoustic pollution and on the risk of collisions between ships and whales

11/11/2019In the third trimester of the 2019 traffic of the goods in the port of Savona I go is dropped of -7,1%
The crocieristi have been 196 thousand (- 19.2%) and the passengers of ferries 212 thousand (+2.5%)

08/11/2019Thursday the audition of the European commissioner to the Transports designated
The Rumanian Adina-Ioana Valean will be listened to by the Conference of the presidents

08/11/2019Assologistica has conferred the prizes "the logistic one of year 2019"
The event has reached 15the edition

08/11/2019On 14 November near the Interporto of Parma the shareholders' meeting of Europlatforms will hold
In program a convention in order to analyze the current European logistic truth

08/11/2019Christened a new Pure Car and Truck Carrier of the shipowning group Grimaldi
Weekly magazine between the Mediterranean and the America North will be employed in the connection mainly in order to transport vehicles FCA

08/11/2019Last year in waters of the EU 3,174 marine incidents have happened
In period 2011-2018 marine ones have died 566

08/11/2019RINA will collaborate with the National Technical University of Athens to the formation of young Greek engineers
The Italian company will offer of the positions of training to the graduates and to the students of the last year

08/11/2019To October the container in the port of Los Angeles has recorded a drastic decrease of -19,1%
The harbour authority attributes the consisting bending to the first effects of the war of the USA-China custom offices

08/11/2019Financed the project in order to upgrade the pier for the ferries of the Croatian port of Zigljen
In program the acquisition of new ships for the Jadrolinija

08/11/2019MSC Cruises approaches at the market voluntary of the carbon credits in order to compensate the impact of the emissions of the ships
The objective is to become the first crocieristica company to impact zero of co2

08/11/2019The increase of the economic results of the Fincantieri group is stopped by the performances of the Vard
In the first nine months of the 2019 group it has acquired new orders for 6,81 billion euros (- 10.4%)

08/11/2019From the 2020 new connections between the German intermodal terminals of Kaldenkirchen and Duisburg and that Italian of Melzo
Collaboration between the Dutch Wetron and Jan de Rijk with the German primeRail in order to carry out ten spins weeklies magazine

07/11/2019In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of -5,3%
The harbour port of call of Chioggia has recorded an increase of +34.8%

07/11/2019Increase of the quarterly results of the Global Ship Lease thanks to the effect of the fusion with Poseidon
In the period July-september the turnover is increased of +83.8%

07/11/2019In the third trimester the profit clearly of the Seaspan is diminished of -46,3%
Revenues down of -4,2%

07/11/2019On 20 November to Lugano the second edition of "a sea of Switzerland" will be carried out
The event is organized from ASTAG with the sponsorship of Propeller Club of Milan

07/11/2019In the third trimester the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna is diminished of -7,5%
Down it is goods several (- 15.0%) are the solid bulk (- 1.9%) that liquid bulk (- 4.4%)

07/11/2019Reunited tugs Panfido have ordered to Marino Rosettes an innovative unit for the bunkeraggio of GNL
Prototype planned from the Iberian Sener

07/11/2019Technical breakdown on cruise ferry the Princess Anastasia of the Moby SPL who today returns in service
Fit Cisl Liguria denunciation the state of uncertainty of tens of workers of Moby and Tirrenia

07/11/2019The container Australian terminals operator increases the rates for the use of infrastructures in order to compensate the decrease of other revenues
Sims (ACCC): the result could be that the importers and the exporter could have to pay more in order to send the goods

06/11/2019Finnlines has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 35,1 million euros (+6.6%)
The revenues are diminished of -2,2%

06/11/2019In the ship yard of Marghera the technical launch of the Costa Firenze cruise ship
Investigation on 19 companies that carry out work in I subcontract for the Fincantieri group

06/11/2019In the period July-september the traffic of the goods in the harbour system of the Southern Adriatic is increased of +2.2%
In the first nine months of 2019 a decrease is recorded of -1,3%

06/11/2019To september the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of -7,3%
In the first nine months of the 2019 decrease it has been of -2,4%

06/11/2019In the third trimester the traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports has grown of +1.5%
The container pairs to 4,45 million teu (+1.3% have been)

06/11/2019The Greek prime Minister reassures COSCO after the failure of the Chinese plan in order to increase the ability to traffic of the container of the port of the Pireo
Mitsotakis invites the company to include in the project compensating benefits to advantage of the local community and the atmosphere

05/11/2019The war of the custom offices between the USA and China penalizes the two nations but it benefits other economies
It evidences a study of the UNCTAD

05/11/2019Agreement between the AdSP of the Adriatic Oriental and CCCC in order to promote projects for the development of traffics between Trieste and China
The Chinese company will be engaged to favor the Made in Italy in the Asian nation

05/11/2019In the third trimester the traffic of the container in the port of Algeciras has been of 1,3 million teu (+4.9%)
In the first nine months of the 2019 they are enlivened beyond 3,8 million containers (+7.2%)

05/11/2019Approved of the budget of forecast 2020 and triennial program 2020-2022 of the AdSP of the Southern Adriatic
Unanimous deliberation of the Committee of management

05/11/2019Started the collection of the manifestations of interest for the assignment of president of the AdSP of Mari Tirreno Meridionale and Ionio
The agency has competence on the ports of Gioia Tauro, Crotone, Corigliano, Taureana of Palmi and Vibo Valentia

05/11/2019Without outcome the warning in order to collect proposed of finance of project for the Marine Station of Olbia
Deiana: we are however trusting because around this proposal a remarkable interest by potential subjects has been created managers

05/11/2019Thursday to Salerno will hold a workshop for the spread of the BluAct project
That bell is between the seven harbour cities partner of the initiative in order to promote the Economy Blue

05/11/2019Cepsa announces of being ready to resupply the ships in the Spanish ports with consistent bunker IMO 2020
Alphaliner previews that by the next year great part of the containerized fleet will be fed with expensive fuel VLSFO

05/11/2019Waited for bottoms in order almost 45 million euros in three years 2020-22 for the ports of Pescara and Ortona
Marsilio (Abruzzi Region): draft of resources today not blankets, but is important to introduce this programming to the Ministry because it finances it completely

04/11/2019Confitarma restates the necessity of a public participation in order to avoid the offshoring of shipowning companies
Prompt Mattioli a table of I confront with the government for the creation of an participation of institutional nature

04/11/2019The naval constructors of Japan, Europe, China, Korea and the USA speed up politics to resolve the serious problems that weigh on the field
Exhortation see again the current conditions picture that regulate the industry

04/11/2019DHL opens centers of support for the rail shipment Asia-Europe to the Havre, Felixstowe and Genoa
Inaugurated a new railway service between China and Germany

04/11/2019Trasportounito exhorts the government not to eliminate or to reduce the amount of the reimbursements of the octrois
The association considers that the action can provoke to the default to chain of companies of the road haulage and a difficultly controlable reaction by the category

04/11/2019A representation of ports and to interpose you Italian to Qatar Silk Road Exhibition 2019
In program a series of actions of information and communication

04/11/2019Ok of Brussels to joint venture TIL - Peel Ports for the Liverpool2 project
The scope is to realize new container terminal in the port of Liverpool

04/11/2019Last year the turnover of main the container Italian terminals operator has grown of +2.8%
The enlivened containerized trade is diminished of -3,3%

04/11/2019Quarterly results in increase for Danish DSV thanks to the effect of the fusion with Panalpina
The period July-september of this year has been archived item with a profit clearly of beyond 1,1 billion Danish crowns (+4.1%)

04/11/2019In the third trimester the crocieristico traffic to Malta has grown of +36.1%
Historical record of the passengers to the disembarkation and the boarding

04/11/2019Ok to the release of the state property concession to the Consortium Reunited Yards of the Mediterranean in the port of Brindisi
Deliberation of the Committee of management of the AdSP

04/11/2019In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the goods in the Helvetic ports on the Rhine has grown of +21%
The increment is consequence of the increase of the level of waters in the river

04/11/2019GMP (DP World - Terminal Link) will manage a new container terminal in the port of the Havre
It will become operating in 2022 and it will have a annual ability to traffic pairs to a million teu

04/11/2019Seacor Marine Holding sells the fleet of 18 units ERRV to the North Star Shipping
The transaction will be capacity to term within the beginning of the next month

31/10/2019Mattioli (Confitarma) invites the government to delineate a shared agenda of the "priorities of the sea"
The president of the shipowning confederation has remembered to have many times over asked a dedicated administration the marine policies

31/10/2019Pietro Preziosi is the new general secretary of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro
Deliberated the variation of budget 2019 of the agency

31/10/2019MSC Cruises takes in delivery new Huge flagship MSC and celebrates the cut of the first sheet of MSC Europe
The company collaborates with Chantiers de the Atlantique to an innovative research project and development centralized on integration of a new technology to cells to fuel

31/10/2019Ok to the delay until 2034 of the concession to the Savona Terminals
Given back to Costa Crociere the dock of Savona

31/10/2019Introduced the brand that will mark the new container terminal of Vado Ligure
The landing place of APM Terminals will be inaugurated on 12 December

31/10/2019In the quarter July-september the revenues of Japanese ONE have grown of +4.9%
The period has been archived item with a profit clearly of 121 million dollars

31/10/2019In the third trimester of the 2019 fleet of portacontainer of Chinese COSCO Shipping it has transported 6,64 million container (+1.9%)
The period has been archived item with a profit clearly down of the -0,3% because of the reduction of public subsidies

30/10/2019Last year the increase of international the marine traffic of the goods is come down under the average historical of +3%
The UNCTAD previews that in quinquennium 2019-2024 a annual medium rise of +3.4% will be recorded

30/10/2019From on 1° November the new denomination of the container genoese terminal of Pra' it will become PSA Genoa Pra'
Currently the company has an organic one of 656 dependent

30/10/2019Meyer Werft delivery the new cruise ship Norwegian Encore to the NCL
Brussels has started an investigation deepened on the proposal of acquisition of Chantiers de the Atlantique by Fincantieri

30/10/2019New delay in the construction of the Costa Smeralda cruise ship
Announcement of the Finnish ship yard Meyer Turku

30/10/2019Still a trimester record for the crocieristico group Royal Caribbean American
In the period July-september on the ships of the fleet they are gone up beyond 1,7 million passengers (+5.7%)

30/10/2019Results down for the charter of container CAI and the producer of container CIMC
The companies have complained the impact negative of the commercial disputes in existence between the USA and China

29/10/2019The ambassador of Egypt visiting to the AdSP of the Sea of Sardinia
Deiana: the scope is to develop new commercial initiatives that see our island as privileged partner of the Africa North

29/10/2019It jumps the buying and selling agreement of ships between Moby and DFDS
The Italian company accusation the financial institution Unicredit not to have given the consent to the liberation of the mortgages on the ships

29/10/2019Fincantieri delivery the new Carnival cruise ship Panorama
It can accommodate beyond 6.500 passengers

29/10/2019Agreement Customs - Western From Liguria AdSP and Adriatic Oriental for the digitalisation of the customs procedures in the ports
Currently they have joined to the program of the Agency nine harbour agencies for a total of 12 ports

29/10/2019In the third trimester the harbour terminals of the HPH Trust have enlivened 6,3 million container (- 1%)
In the first nine months of the 2019 total it has been of 17,4 million teu (- 1%)

29/10/2019Rolls-Royce has opened an Yacht Competence Center to La Spezia
The initiative is turned mainly at the market of the yachts of mass production

29/10/2019Bending of the quarterly economic performances of COSCO Shipping Ports
In the period July-september the profit clearly is piled to 82,1 million dollars (- 7.8%)

29/10/20198 November to Milan the ceremony of allocation of the prizes "the logistic one of year 2019" will hold
The event of Assologistica will be preceded by the convention "Horizons and challenges of the logistics today and of that which it will come"

29/10/2019The French shipowning group CMA CGM acquires a participation in the Wing compatriot
The company in urban areas takes care of transport and distribution of the goods

29/10/2019In the first nine months of the 2019 traffic of the container in the South Korean ports it has grown of +1.1%
In the port of Busan +1.4% are enlivened 16,32 million teu ()

28/10/2019ECGs, the logistics of the car is prepared to face colossal challenges, but it is ready
"Never before now - it has evidenced president Göbel - the changes have reached so quickly and tomorrow they will be ollowed still more fastly"

28/10/2019In the third trimester of the 2019 traffic of the goods in the ports Albanians it has grown of +23.8%
The passengers are diminished of -0,9%

28/10/2019In the third trimester the fleet of portacontainer of the OOCL has transported 1,78 million container (+4.1%)
The activity has generated revenues pairs to 1,65 billion dollars (+5.8%)

28/10/2019Thursday to Rome will hold the assembly anniversary of the Italian Confederation Shipping
In program the convention "the Mediterranean. Which navigation? Which routes for Italy"

28/10/2019Wednesday to Milan the convention "the Customs Code of the Union to the test of the total challenges"
It is organized from Fedespedi

28/10/2019The Committee of management of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Northerner has approved of the budget of forecast for 2020
Green light also to triennial program 2020-2022 of the public works

28/10/2019RINA announces an increase of +6.2% of the turnover in the first nine months of 2019
The company previews to record the entire exercise anniversary with adjusted an EBITDA of about 50 million euros

28/10/2019Started the fusion of navalmeccanici groups Chinese CSSC and CSIC
In the first nine months of this year the new orders to the Chinese ship yards are diminished of -27,4%

28/10/2019Cancelled the suspension of the summits of the Harbour Authority of Mare Adriatico Centro Settentrionale
Today's decision of the Court of the Freedom of Bologna

25/10/2019Special mention of the Agency for the Territorial Cohesion to two European projects on the portualità and the logistics
The results are illustrated yesterday to Rome from the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Sardinia

25/10/2019OOIL carries to term the cession of Long Beach Container Terminal
The sale had been tax from the American authorities

25/10/2019Wärtsilä, for the first time after 62 archived item trimesters with a profit, has closed third trimester 2019 in loss
The new orders have recorded a contraction of -29%

24/10/2019Fincantieri will construct the tronconi of bow of four LSS for French Marina
Store clerk of the Chantiers de the Atlantique

24/10/2019The Court of Cassation has cancelled the provision of suspension from the assignment of the president of the AdSP of the Southern Adriatic
Removed also the same adopted interdittiva measure regarding a leader of the agency

24/10/2019Maersk and Lloyd's Register support that in order to reduce the emissions of shipping the search it must be concentrated on the fuel and not on the ship
According to the two companies, alcohol, biometano and ammonia are the fuel of the future

24/10/2019The charter of Triton container for the first time records a decrease of the quarterly revenues
The profit clearly of the period July-september has been of 90,6 million dollars (- 5.3%)

24/10/2019Last year the transport of the goods on the roads Austrians is piled to 574,0 million tons (+3.1%)
Beyond the two third party of cargos they are transported by vehicles registered in Austria

24/10/2019Decrease of the quarterly economic performances of the Konecranes, but not in the segments of the harbour cranes and the services
In the period July-september the value of the harbour means orders is piled to 249,0 million euros (+3.8%)

24/10/2019Costamare announces an ulterior increase of the economic results pulled ahead from the post-Panamax
The third trimester has been archived item with a profit clearly of 36,0 million dollars (+156.2%)

23/10/2019In the first nine months of the 2019 traffic of the goods in the Belgian port of Zeebrugge it has grown of +11.2%
The container is increased of +2.1%

23/10/2019Three mega cranes arrived in the port of Genoa that will be used for the construction of the new highway viaduct
They are disembarked to the Saint George Terminal

23/10/2019Day of study of Assarmatori on shipping and cyber security
Examined the European choices in matter from which they are derived the first Italian normative instruments

23/10/2019Started the negotiation for I renew of the logistic Ccnl, transport and shipment
Nicolini (Confetra): it will not be I renew easy, is for the objective complexity of the table is for the difficult economic phase near

23/10/2019Duisport, COSCO, Hupac and HTS will construct to the greatest inland container terminal of Europe
It will become operating in the port of Duisburg in 2022 and it is previewed will enliven 850 thousand per year teu

23/10/2019Rossi (Assoporti): the National Conference of Coordination of the AdSP is useful to face the problems of the portualità
Faced the topics of the regulations of the harbour concessions and the taxation of some demanded harbour activities from the EU

23/10/2019Worsening of the performances financial institutions of Helvetian ABB
In the period July-september the new orders are piled to 6,69 billion dollars (- 3%)

23/10/2019Prize of bachelor of Assoporti for the best thesis in the field of the traffic cruises in the ports
It is conferred Maria Cristina Ricco of the University of Pisa

22/10/2019Agreement between AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Northerner and Harbour Authority of Alexandria for the development of lines ro-ro
It is signed in the within of according to forum "the Dialogue Italian-Egyptian on the marine transport"

22/10/2019Carnival and Royal Caribben will realize a terminal cruises to Santa Lucia (Small Antilless)
Moreover they will manage the current passenger terminal of the port of Castries

22/10/2019ABB and Offshore Keppel & Navy will collaborate to the realization of an independent tug
The naval means will enter at the end in service in the port of Singapore of 2020

22/10/2019Cargotec records an increment of the quarterly revenues and a decrease of the orders
The period July-september has been archived item with a profit clearly of 29,7 million euros (- 21.6%)

22/10/2019In the third trimester the transported containerized cargos from the fleet of the ONE are increased of +6.3%
The transpacifici services have totaled almost 1,1 million teu (+3.5%) and that Asia-Europe 816 thousand teu (+10.1%)

22/10/2019The terminalista group Chinese CMPort looks to Africa for an ulterior expansion of own activities
Agreements with China Africa Development Fund and Lower Cooperation Development Fund

22/10/2019In the third trimester the traffic of the container in the harbour terminals of DP World is diminished of -1,6%
In the first nine months of the 2019 0.2% are enlivened 53,5 million teu (-)

22/10/2019Green light of the Antitrust to the income of shipowning group MSC in the capital of the Messina company
The AGCM has specified that the concentration operation does not appear to alter in substantial way the level of the competition

22/10/2019Kuehne + Nagel improves the quarterly results thanks to the good performances of marine shipments and via earth
Bending in the segment of air shipments

21/10/2019New record for the month of september of cargos on board of the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal
The ports of the northern Mediterranean continue to lose quotas traffic of the goods that journey in the water way Egyptian

21/10/2019In the first nine months of the 2019 traffic of the container to Valencia it has been pairs to 4.136.146 teu (+8.3%)
Altogether the traffic of the goods has been attested to 61.682.082 tons (+8.5%)

21/10/2019Others five companies sign the agreement in order to reduce the impact to the emissions of the ships
He has been undersigned from Royal Caribbean, Costa Crociere, AIDA, Azamara and Celebrity Cruises

21/10/2019Encounter on the Economy Blue between Italy and Indian Ocean Rim Association
The Italian marine cluster was represented by the Federation of the Sea

21/10/2019The Maersk group announces an improvement of the economic performances
Attended an EBITDA of 5,4-5,8 billion dollars relative to the exercise anniversary 2019

21/10/2019MSC Cruises has joined to the memorandum "Gulf of the Poets"
It is face to improve the environmental impact of the cruise ships in the port of

21/10/2019Encounter of Confetra with the minister of the European Transactions Amendola
Comforts: the majority of the choices and the policies that regard the logistics is descendant of Brussels

21/10/2019The ANCIP exhorts the MIT to face the topics of the taxation of the canons collected from the AdSP and of the self-handler
The association evidences also the necessity to place remedy to the assumed different behaviors from the harbour authorities

21/10/2019BLS Cargo acquires 25 new locomotives goods multiarranges
Will be supplied by the Siemens Mobility between the 2025 and 2020 end of

21/10/2019The AdSP of the Sardinia participates to five new European projects
The objective is to monitor the goods dangerous that they journey by sea and to increase safety of navigation and in the ports

21/10/2019The Harbour Authorities of Antwerp and Zeebrugge have started negotiations for a possible fusion
The union could be put into effect over two years

21/10/2019To september the traffic of the goods in the Chinese marine ports has grown of +2.1%
Handling of the container is increased of +4.8%

21/10/2019Store clerk of the OCP to the Bedeschi in order to by sea increase the fertilizer transport from Jorf Lasfar
The project previews the realization of a belt conveyor of five kilometers

21/10/2019In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Rotterdam is diminished of -3,7%
Decrease of the bulk. Stable container and rotabili. Increase of the goods conventional

21/10/2019Total constitutes joint venture in China for the distribution of naval fuel
Agreement with the Zhejiang Energy Group di Hangzhou

18/10/2019The Council of State gives reason to the AdSP of the Southern Adriatic in the dispute with the CBS-Damarin yard
The Consortium Reunited Yards of the Mediterranean has introduced request in order to obtain the entire compendium occupied from the two defaulting societies

18/10/2019Moby starts a dialogue with trusts that had introduced failure request
The precise company that the objective é of giving I keep on the industrial plan of the company guaranteeing is the rights of the bondholders is those of the society

18/10/2019In 2020 in the Italian ports record of 13,07 million passengers (+6,2% is attended a crocieristico traffic)
To Cagliari the ninth edition of "Italian Cruise Day"

18/10/2019The deficiency of truck drivers threatens the economy and supplyings to the population in Germany
The denunciation the association of haulers BGL

18/10/2019Increased the ability to the intermodal terminal of Singen, on the Germany-Italy axis
Realized a new warehouse for storage of the container

18/10/2019The Greek Erma First has acquired the control of the compatriot Metis CyberSpace Technology
They develop both produced and services for the shipping

18/10/2019Three days of strike in the ports of Venice and Chioggia
Fit Cisl, Filt Cgil and Uiltrasporti emphasize the necessity to guarantee nautical accessibility to the ports of call

17/10/2019Success of the complex work of lengthening of the cruise ship Breeze Star
The work has been carried out in the ship yard of Palermo of the Fincantieri

17/10/2019In the third trimester the container terminal of COSCO Shipping Ports has enlivened 27,01 million container (+4.6%)
In the first nine months of this year the traffic has been of 76,48 million teu (+4.5%)

17/10/2019The port of Long Beach has recorded a new record of traffic of the container for the september month
+2.2% are enlivened 707 thousand teu ()

17/10/2019Confartigianato exhorts to a mobilization in order to obtain the escape to north from the port of Ancona
Pierpaoli invites to give course to the project realized from the Anas in spring

17/10/2019The association of the European ports has introduced own environmental relationship for 2019
The climatic change has become the third priority of the harbour ports of call

17/10/2019In the third trimester the port of Antwerp has recorded increments of the traffics of container and bulk sand banks
, Instead, goods conventional, down rotabili and cargos liquids

16/10/2019Rich september of record for the port of Barcelona
In the first nine months of the 2019 port of call it has enlivened altogether 50,6 million tons of goods (+1.7%)

16/10/2019Assiterminal newly expresses worry for the demand for the EU to the AdSP Italian to pay the taxes
The association asks the government to defend in European center the current normative order that disciplines to the harbour AdSP and activities

16/10/2019Named Cristina Bianchi temporary acting general secretary of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Centro Settentrionale
She is member of the Committee of management designated from the Emilia-Romagna Region

16/10/2019In increase the railway traffic and camionistico in the Interporto of Bologna
In the first nine months of 2019 enlivened the 2,310 trains and beyond 1,3 million one heavy vehicles

16/10/2019Friday to Milan will hold the sixth edition de "the cure of the iron"
Appointment of I confront on the transport and the organized logistics from Uiltrasporti

16/10/2019In the first nine months of this year the Russian ports have enlivened 626,8 million tons of goods (+2.8%)
The cargos dry are diminished of the -4,4%, those liquids have grown of +9.4%

16/10/2019On 12 November to Rome the shareholders' meeting of the Logistic Association of the Sustainable Intermodalità will hold
The event will carry out near the Auditorium Park of Music

16/10/2019The Federation of the Sea invites to the maintenance of the current norm on the international Registry
Encounter with the undersecretary to the Presidency of the Mario Turco Council

15/10/2019Tomorrow to Rome an encounter in order to help the operators to face the Brexit
It has been organized from the Confetra, the Agency Customs and Monopolies and the British Embassy of Rome

15/10/2019In the third trimester of this year the harbour terminals of CMPort have enlivened 28,99 million container (+2.5%)
In the period January-september the traffic has been of 83,55 million teu (+1.8%)

15/10/2019Fincantieri has delivered the cruise ship Sky Princess to the Princess Cruises
With a tonnage of 145.000 tons, it can accommodate 4,610 passengers and 1,411 members of the crew

15/10/2019Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of -1,3%
In the first nine months of this year 6.5% are enlivened 13,68 million teu (-)

15/10/2019In the third trimester the actions of piracy against the ships are diminished of -16%
In the first nine months of the 2019 decrease it has been of -24%

15/10/2019Store clerk to South Korean group DSME for the construction of five portacontainer of large-capacity
The order has a total value of about 763 million dollars

14/10/2019Agreement Confitarma - SIOI in order to update and to upgrade the acquaintances of the operators
Undersigned also a convention in order to promote formation trainings

14/10/2019AIDAnova will be the first cruise ship on which fuel cells will be experienced to hydrogen
The tests will be started the next year

14/10/2019The unit from Braemar cruise is the ship of greater dimensions to have crossed the channel of Corinth
It has a width of 22,52 meters, inferior of two meters to that of the Greek water way

14/10/2019Duci (Federagenti): the Italian and French ships do not cross the Mouths of Bonifacio that remain instead opened to other flags
The Federation is contrary to the total interdiction of navigation in the strait being possible a sure navigation

14/10/2019Today to Ravenna the "Biennial one of the organized logistics" from Confetra Emilia Romagna
Encounter on the topic "Emilia Romagna: infrastructures, logistics and productive system to I confront"

14/10/2019The ability to traffic of the container of the port of Tanjung Pelepas will be elevated to 30 million teu
The project of widening of the port of call malaysian will be supported by the government

14/10/2019In the first nine months of the 2019 containerized trade in the port of Singapore it has been pairs to 27,5 million teu (+0.7%)
Altogether tons of goods (- 0.5% are enlivened 467,9 million)

14/10/2019The Sicilian Region allocates 130 million euros for the purchase of three ships and two hydrofoils
They will come destined to the services with the smaller islands

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