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28 June 2022 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:58 GMT+2

27/06/2022Mattarella received Emanuele Grimaldi and Guido Grimaldi
Meeting this morning at the Quirinale

27/06/2022Contributions of 220 million euros for gas liquefaction plants and LNG and Bio-LNG transport
The funds are also intended for the purchase of bunkering vessels

27/06/2022Thamm (Costa) and Vago (MSC) reassure VTP employees on their intention to support the relaunch of cruises in Venice
Expressed the hope that Marghera can soon become a valid and viable solution also in the long term for the landings of white ships

27/06/2022Fedespedi presents its periodic analysis of the containerized shipping market
In the first trimester of 2022 the traffic of the container has suffered a decline of the -2.4%

27/06/2022Saints (Federagenti): too little is said about ports
This - he stressed - does not mean that everything is fine

27/06/2022Bureau Veritas certification of the correct loading of containers
Also check on the possible presence in the container of parasites and pests

27/06/2022In 2021 the net turnover of the Spanish navalmeccanico group Navantia grew by +20%
Contraction of -10% of the order book

27/06/2022Saipem sells an FPSO to BW Energy for $73 million
The ship is operated in Brazil

27/06/2022In the autumn, Ukraine could be invited to accede to the Convention on a Common Transit Procedure
Mission to Ukraine by representatives of DG TAXUD and Croatia, Turkey and the United Kingdom

27/06/2022DB Schenker buys the American trucking and logistics company USA Truck
The transaction will be valued at approximately $435 million

24/06/2022Carnival closed the March-May quarter with a net loss of more than -$1.8 billion
Revenues recovered by +4,702.0%

24/06/2022New delivery of works for the construction of the container terminal of the port of Augsburg
Three docks will be built for a development of about 600 meters

24/06/2022In Ancona Fincantieri launched the Viking Saturn
The Viking cruise ship will become operational in April 2023

24/06/2022ESPO calls for the establishment of the EU ETS Emissions Trading Scheme outlined by the European Parliament
Ryckbost: Further refinement may be needed, but now all the useful elements for a solution are on the table

24/06/2022Another quarter of record revenue for FedEx
In the period March-May of this year have piled to 24,4 billion dollars (+8.1%)

23/06/2022Presented in Germany a plan to create a primary rail network for passengers and freight with high performance
Hosseus (ZDS): in the creation of high-speed corridors give the highest priority to German seaports on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea

23/06/2022Assarmatori, the exemption from the EU ETS of sea routes operated under a public service contract is good
Messina: perplexity for the provision of mandatory contractual clauses on the transfer of costs from the owner to the operator of the ship

23/06/2022Satisfaction of the Greek Shipowners' Association with the allocation of EU ETS costs to commercial operators of ships
Travlos: The European Parliament demonstrates its determination to promote solutions that take into account the proposals of the shipping industry as a strategic partner of the EU

23/06/2022The recovery of international trade in services is continuing
The rise in the air passenger transport index is the highest among those that make up the specific composite indicator of the WSC

23/06/2022WSC, no to the transfer of EU ETS costs to ship operators only
Butler: Rapid investments in environmentally friendly ships and fuels require the EU ETS to involve all parties: ship operators, charterers and shipowners

23/06/2022In the first five months of this year the traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports has increased of +7.3%
Containerized cargo decreased by -2.4%

23/06/2022Fincantieri starts the construction of the first of two cruise ships for TUI Cruises in Monfalcone
They will be delivered in 2024 and 2026

22/06/2022Emanuele Grimaldi has been appointed president of the International Chamber of Shipping
He succeeds Esben Poulsson who has held the position since 2016

22/06/2022Greater administrative and financial autonomy, among the requests of the Italian Port System Authorities
Giampieri: it is necessary to give quick answers to the needs of companies

22/06/2022The EU Parliament votes in favour of including maritime and road transport in the European Emissions Trading Scheme
ECSA's satisfaction with the transfer of costs to the commercial operators of the vessels and the creation of a sectoral fund. Also applauded by Transport & Environment

22/06/2022Navios Maritime Partners buys two new 7,700 teu dual fuel container ships
They cost $241.2 million. Option for two more ships

22/06/2022Costa will entrust two ships to Carnival which will operate them in the North American market
The recovery of cruises in Asia, the market for which they were designed, was slower

22/06/2022Published the call for the feasibility design of cold ironing in the ports of Sardinia
For the electrification of the Sardinian docks, the PNRR has allocated 70.83 million euros in funding

22/06/2022ANAVE calls for a growth of the Spanish merchant fleet in view of the strategic nature of the sector
Spain - underlined Vincente Boluda - needs a national policy on merchant shipping

22/06/2022Record order to Samsung Heavy Industries for the construction of 14 LNG ships
The orders have a value of about three billion dollars

22/06/2022Kent and Lefebvre d'Ovid bring Crystal Cruises back to life
Buy the ships "Crystal Serenity" and "Crystal Symphony" that will return to sea next year

21/06/2022Ok of the European Commission to Italy's aid to rail freight transport companies
Funds of EUR 374 million will be disbursed

21/06/2022Alessandro Pitto has been appointed president of Fedespedi
Renewed the governing bodies

21/06/2022RFI, race for two fast dual fuel ships for the Strait of Messina
Option for the supply of a third ship

21/06/2022New bitumen traffic at the port of Civitavecchia downloaded in ship to truck mode
Expected a volume of 70-90 thousand tons per year

21/06/2022Americraft Marine (Libra group) buys the US shipyard St. Johns Ship Building
The aim is to build ships, particularly for the offshore wind industry, that meet the requirements of the US Jones Act

21/06/2022DHL buys Australian Glen Cameron
The company has over 820 employees and a fleet of a thousand trucks

21/06/2022Fagioli has formed a 50:50 joint venture with Australia's Monadelphous
The aim is to exploit the opportunities of the expected growth of the Australian market in particular in the oil & gas, mining and infrastructure sectors

21/06/2022A virtual museum to introduce eight Adriatic ports
On a multimedia platform, the airports of Ancona, Venice, Trieste, Ravenna, Rijeka, Zadar, Dubrovnik and Split present the maritime and territorial culture

21/06/2022In May the port of Valencia has enlivened 477 thousand containers (+0.2%)
In the first five months of 2022 they were pairs to 2,18 million teu (- 6.3%)

21/06/2022In the first three months of 2022 the French ports have enlivened 73,1 million tons of goods (+6.7%)
The figure represents a decrease of -10.5% on the same period of the pre-pandemic year of 2019

20/06/2022New railway association
It will represent the interests of the railway logistics sector in the institutions

20/06/2022Swan Hellenic is confident that he can get hold of the second class cruise ship "Vega"
The first departure of the "SH Vega" was set for July 20 from Tromso

20/06/2022The Russian MODUL activates a direct maritime service St. Petersburg - Nhava Sheva
A ship with 1,094 containers set sail

20/06/2022The EU's fleet of commercial vessels is growing more slowly than the global fleet
First edition of the European Maritime Safety Report

20/06/2022HMM will long-term rent two 7,700 teu container ships
Investment of 408.8 million dollars to operate the two ships for 14 years

20/06/2022G4 Logistics will create a new logistics hub for Oil & Gas in Tuscany
Ati is owned by MVN Logistics, MEDLOG (MSC group), Fagioli and Fratelli Foppiani

20/06/2022In May the port of Algeciras has enlivened 407 thousand containers (+5.5%)
In the first five months of 2022 there were 1.95 million (+0.9%)

20/06/2022After twenty years of detention, yesterday the maritime connection between Cyprus and Greece was reactivated
It is made by the new company Scandro Holding with the ro-pax "Daleela"

17/06/2022The EU Commission approves an Italian rail transport support programme
Aid amounting to EUR 130 million

17/06/2022Angopi, the port docks must remain state-owned spaces
Bertorello: the invisible hand of the market must be flanked by the visible hand of the State

17/06/2022The World Shipping Council implicitly accuses the US government administration of schizophrenic behavior
On the one hand, the Federal Maritime Commission absolves containerized shipping carriers with full formula. On the other hand, Washington continues to accuse them of damaging the US economy

17/06/2022Memorandum of Understanding for the Interregional Ionian SEZ Puglia-Basilicata
It was signed by the Ionian Sea Port System Authority and the extraordinary commissioner of the Ionian SEZ government

17/06/2022Fincantieri will build for the US Navy the third missile frigate of the "Constellation" class
The value of the contract option is about 536 million dollars

17/06/2022Ukrainian cereals could be exported through Moldova
Possible hub the international free port of Giurgiulesti. The need is to transport at least four million tons per month

17/06/2022SLALA relies on Alessandria Smistamento to bring Switzerland closer to the docks of genoa and Savona-Vado ports
Rossini: "What has not been achieved for over 40 years is now at hand"

17/06/2022Offensive and threatening writings against the president of the AdSP of the Strait
Solidarity with Mega was expressed by the National Association of Port Companies

17/06/2022The Spanish logistics group Logista acquires control of its compatriot Transportes El Mosca
Agreement to buy 60% of the capital and then the remaining 40% within three years

16/06/2022FBH reorganizes its activities in the logistics sector by creating ALS Spa
The operating sub-holding specializes in the management of outsourced warehouses

16/06/2022Today in Barcelona the baptism of the new flagship of Costa Cruises
"Costa Toscana" has a gross tonnage of 185 thousand tons

16/06/2022Last year the traffic of the goods in the Greek ports was of 149,6 million tons (- 0.6%)
Growth of +27.7% in passengers and +39.3% in rolling stock

16/06/2022Tomorrow in Venice an Angopi conference entitled "Ports: what functions and public goods?"
Among other things, the repercussions of the growing tensions at international level on Italian ports will be discussed

16/06/2022MSC in talks to buy cruise terminal operator Global Ports Holding
The offer could be made official by July 13

16/06/2022Last month the traffic of goods in Chinese seaports decreased by -1.9%
The volume of cargoes traded with foreign countries alone fell by -1.6%

15/06/2022CLIA calls on governments to make more efforts to enable the decarbonisation of the cruise industry
Vague: ensuring fair incentives and the development and accessibility of the necessary infrastructure. Public investment in ports for cold ironing was also urged

15/06/2022Last month, the port of Los Angeles handled the third largest volume of containerized cargo ever
In the first five months of 2022 recorded a decrease of -0.3% in flow

15/06/2022MSC has joined the International Cargo Handling Coordination Association
Dirk Van de Velde on the board of directors of the organization

15/06/2022In May the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +21.7%
The containers have been pairs to 333 thousand teu (+18.5%)

15/06/2022Santi confirmed at the helm of Federagenti
This was decided today by the shareholders' meeting

15/06/2022Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is decreased of the -3.8%
In the first five months of 2022 the decrease was -6.4%

15/06/2022Costa Cruises establishes a department dedicated to decarbonization
A new generation of exhaust gas purification systems is being developed

15/06/2022Memorandum of Understanding AdSP of the Northern Adriatic - Guardia di Finanza for the correct use of the resources of the PNRR
The aim is to ensure transparency and fairness in the use of funds

15/06/2022In the first quarter of 2022, ocean containerized carriers recorded record EBIT
Sea-Intelligence highlights the exceptional growth in the ratio of operating profit to volumes of containerized cargo transported

15/06/2022Wärtsilä buys Canada's PortLink Global
The Vancouver-based company develops technological solutions to increase the efficiency of ports and maritime transport

14/06/2022New intermodal service from the PLT terminal in Trieste to Central and Eastern Europe
It has a weekly frequency

14/06/2022Port of Livorno, green light to the financing of the Raccordo project
The connection between the Vespucci Interporto and the Collesalvetti-Vada line will be included in the RFI 2022-2026 program contract

14/06/2022The Ocean Shipping Reform Act 2022 awaits only the signature of US President Biden
The World Shipping Council said it was "stunned by the continued misrepresentation of the industry by representatives of the U.S. government."

14/06/2022In April, freight traffic in the port of Ravenna was affected by the impact of the war in Ukraine
Total down by -17.2%

14/06/2022Paolo Pessina has been reconfirmed as president of Assagenti Genova
The new board of directors and the other statutory bodies have been elected for the two-year period 2022-2024

14/06/2022Germany's tkMS buys MV Werften's Wismar shipyard
In 2024, the production of submarines could be started

14/06/2022The long social peace on the German docks is in danger of ending
On Friday, Ver.di interrupted negotiations with ZDS, considering the offer presented far below the guarantee of maintenance of the real wage

14/06/2022Lineas activates a new train service between Belgium and Italy
Connection between the terminals of Ghent and Piadena

13/06/2022Agreement between the AdSP of the Eastern Adriatic and Intesa Sanpaolo for the development of port activities and the economy
Allocated a ceiling of one billion euros of new credit

13/06/2022Six new Gottwald mobile cranes for the MST terminal in Porto Marghera
They have a capacity of 125 tons

13/06/2022The project to extend the Lötschberg Base Tunnel has been approved in Switzerland
The aim is to increase the capacity of rail passenger and freight traffic

13/06/2022In April the traffic of goods in the ports of Campania has decreased of -3.9%
In Naples growth of +3.6%. In Salerno, a drop of -11.8%

13/06/2022Assagenti asks for certain times for the execution of five projects that Genoa and its port cannot do without
They are: Third Pass, Railway Node, Motorway Gutter, digitalization and new port dam

13/06/2022In the next six to nine months, the momentum of the economy in OECD nations could lose strength
Considerable uncertainties related to the war in Ukraine and supply chain dysfunctions

13/06/2022Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore fell of the -8.3%
In the first five months of 2022 the decrease was -5.0%

13/06/2022HMM activates a digital platform for reservations
Initially the online service, it is available for exports from Korea

13/06/2022Goods traffic from Russian ports was stable in May
Growth in volumes handled by the ports of call of the Sea of Azov-Black Sea and Arctic basins. Decline in other regions

10/06/2022Outcome of MEPC 78: The World Shipping Council sees the glass half full. At the ICS it seems almost empty
Ok to the establishment of an Emission Control Area in the Mediterranean

10/06/2022In May the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is decreased of the -1.8%
However, this is the second largest volume ever

10/06/2022Tarasis (Intercargo) urges governments to take steps to accelerate research and development of zero-emission technologies for shipping
The commercial development of these solutions - he highlighted - is under the direct control of other stakeholders and not of the shipowners

10/06/2022In May, the revenues of Wan Hai Lines increased by +65.1%
In the first five months of this year the growth was +89.6%

10/06/2022On June 15, an event on the ecological transition in ports will be held in Trieste
The projects and objectives of the ports of Trieste and Venice will be presented

10/06/2022NRF believes that containerized imports into the U.S. will increase in the summer and then decline in the fall
An unknown factor is the outcome of the labor negotiations between the Pacific Maritime Association and the International Longshore & Warehouse Union

09/06/2022Green light from Brussels to 70 million for Italian shipping companies penalized by the pandemic
Aid for lost revenue in the period between 10 March and 30 June 2020

09/06/2022The shipowners' associations Assarmatori and ANAVE highlight the critical elements of the proposal for the inclusion of shipping in the EU ETS
Catani: it is necessary to avoid taking untimely decisions that risk going against the objectives set in terms of sustainability

09/06/2022Hapag-Lloyd is fined in the USA for violating the rules on the costs of demurrage and detention
The company will have to pay its millions of dollars to the Treasury Department

09/06/2022MSC aims at a further development of the transport of liquid goods in flexitank
They can hold up to 24 thousand liters of non-dangerous loads

09/06/2022In May, Yang Ming's revenues increased by +40.9%
In the first five months of this year the rise was +64.3%

09/06/2022ABS releases to SHI the AIP for a neo-Panamax container ship design powered by ammonia
Ahn: Samsung Heavy Industries will be a technology leader with a focus on research and development

09/06/2022New China-Italy rail service of Contship Italy and Bahnoperator
Initially the frequency will be weekly and then rise to biweekly

08/06/2022Ok from Brussels to the 55 million euros of aid to intermodal transport in Italy
It is aimed in particular at the modernization of equipment

08/06/2022The European Parliament is voting against the inclusion of shipping in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
Dardenne (T&E): Ambitious measures for maritime and road transport have been delayed. Grimaldi (ALIS): averted the risk of a modal back shift with the return of millions of trucks on the highways

08/06/2022The port of Toulon will be equipped with the largest cold ironing system in France
The project will be carried out by a consortium formed by ABB, Eiffage Construction and Fauché

08/06/2022On June 22 in Rome will be held the public assembly of Assoporti
The theme is "Ports do not stop"

08/06/2022In 2021, the incidence of transport costs on the value of Italian import-export rose for the second consecutive year
Significant worsening of the deficit of merchant transport in Italy's balance of payments, which was equal to the record value of -10.9 billion euros

08/06/2022In May, Evergreen's revenues grew by +69.7%
In the first five months of 2022 the increase was +87.6%

08/06/2022Capital Product Partners buys three 13,278 teu container ships and a 174,000 cubic meter LNG vessel
Sold two container carriers of 8,266 teu

08/06/2022Intesa DNV - Saronic Ferries for a fleet of zero-emission ferries
Memorandum of understanding to develop an all-electric vessel

08/06/2022Cooperation agreement between the Greek ports of Patras and Thessaloniki
Among the objectives, the promotion of intermodal transport

08/06/2022Order to the South Korean KSOE for the construction of six container ships of 8,000 teu
The value of the contract is about 739 million dollars

07/06/2022For BIMCO, the containerized shipping market could be close to deterioration
Forecasts for the solid and liquid bulk transport segments are more optimistic

07/06/2022Project for the construction of ships for the transport of large capacity liquid carbon dioxide
It is carried out by ABS, HHI and the Marshall Islands Maritime Administration

07/06/2022Spinelli expands the area under management in the port of Genoa
Ok of the Management Committee to the release of an additional 1,340 square meters

07/06/2022Singaporean Sing Fuels buys Greek bunkering company Prime's Bunkers
Planned investments to increase staff and expand services

07/06/2022The volumes of Ukrainian cereals transported on the Danube are growing, but the rates of transport services are increasing significantly
Moskalenko (UDP) assures that the growth in the size of the company's fleet will have the effect of stabilizing prices

06/06/2022The Global Shippers Forum fears that the decarbonization of shipping will bring another inflationary boost
The association urges the IMO to ensure that it does not lead to a further increase in freight prices and that costs are not passed on to customers

06/06/2022The Canadian pension fund CDPQ invests in the port of Jebel Ali
It will also acquire stakes in the Jebel Ali Free Zone and the National Industries Park. Five billion dollars made available

06/06/2022MSC Cruises' fleet is back up and running
Yesterday the "MSC Musica" departed from the port of Monfalcone

06/06/2022EU sanctions do not work in the case of the maritime transport of Russian oil
This was denounced by the British newspapers "The Independent" and "The Sunday Times"

06/06/2022Seventh consecutive quarter of record revenues for CMA CGM
New maximum values also recorded by the other main items in the income statement. Volumes transported by the fleet down by -2.8%

03/06/2022Cyber attack on the site of the Port System Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea
Merlo (Federlogistica-Conftrasporto) denounces: our competent dicastery does not move

03/06/2022Santi (Federagenti): even more collaboration between agents and maritime brokers is needed
It will be able - he underlined - to bring constantly updated know-how on ports and characteristics of ships and goods

03/06/2022The Trans-Caspian International Transport Route is establishing itself as the main land corridor for China-Europe transport
A doubling of containerized traffic is expected this year

03/06/2022EU ministers agree on improving stability requirements for ro-pax ships
The Presidency of the Council of the EU will start negotiations with the European Parliament

03/06/2022In March the Russia-Ukraine conflict led to a decrease of -23.4% of maritime traffic in the Bosphorus Strait
In the first three months of this year the Turkish strait was attacked by 8,738 ships (-6.2%)

01/06/2022The US FMC believes that there is more than enough competition in the containerized shipping market
The exceptional level of freight value, according to the agency, is the result of market dynamics

01/06/2022Russian airlines intend to pay for aircraft rentals in rubles
Ten carriers would open type "C" bank accounts and five more would prepare to do so

01/06/2022Montenegro is a member of the European Sea Ports Organisation as an observer member
The Balkan nation is preparing to join the EU

01/06/2022Yang Ming invests to grow the container fleet
Agreement to acquire the right to use 5,199 SEACO containers

01/06/2022Wrong - emphasize the operators of the port of La Spezia - to identify only in the terminals the responsibility for congestion at the entrance of the port
It is necessary - they highlight - to define a more effective and decisive measure

01/06/2022Hapag-Lloyd completes the acquisition of DAL's containerized shipping business
The full commercial integration of the company into the group's network is expected by the end of the year

01/06/2022The procedure for the award of the new breakwater of the port of Genoa has begun
By the month of July the award

01/06/2022The war leads to a reduction in the volumes of goods transported by rail by Russian Railways
In May recorded a decrease of -5.6%

01/06/2022The AdSP of the North Central Tyrrhenian Sea wins in the Court of Appeal against Compagnia Porto Civitavecchia
The arbitral awards that had condemned the port authority to the payment of large sums were annulled

01/06/2022Ok to contributions of over 3.7 million euros to the Genoese port company CULMV
Resolution of the Management Committee of the AdSP of Western Liguria

01/06/2022Snam has bought the storage and regasification vessel Golar Tundra
Venier: alone it will be able to contribute to about 6.5% of national needs. The Italian company is looking for a second FSRU and is in exclusive negotiations

31/05/2022The Xeneta Shipping Index records a record-breaking percentage change in long-term maritime noli
In May the increase was 30.1% percent and on a year-on-year basis growth was +150,6 percent

31/05/2022Gian Alberto Cerruti has been confirmed as president of the Young People of Assagents
Vice-presidents Lorenzo Giacobbe and Simone Carlini will be joined. First edition of the Youngster Shipping Summer Party

31/05/2022The Port of Livorno closed the first quarter of this year with a -17.2% percent drop in freight traffic
Only conventional goods are increasing

31/05/2022In the first three months of 2022 the traffic in goods in the port of Venice increased by 15.1% percent
In growth both the miscellaneous goods and the bulk

31/05/2022In April the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa has increased of +5.9% and in that of Savona-Vado has fallen of the -0.9%
In the first quarter of 2022 there were increases of +8.1% and +19.8% respectively

31/05/2022ECSA and T&E are urging to include in the FuelEU Maritime suppliers of fuels such as parts responsible for decarbonisation of shipping
Renewed the call to use the resources of the Regulation and EU ETS to make sustainable shipborne fuels cost competitive

31/05/2022The associations of self-transport protest for the abolition of the rules on loading and unloading and waiting for trucks at the port of Spezia
It is-denouncing-an irresponsible choice that blocks the concrete attempt to improve the operability of trucks in the port

31/05/2022Taiwan is preparing to introduce a 10% percent increase in port taxes
The tariffs have been unchanged for 24 years

31/05/2022The Japanese ONE orders the construction of ten 13,700-teu container carriers
Five ships will be carried out by Nihon Shipyard and five by Hyundai Heavy Industries

31/05/2022The European Union bans imports of Russian oil, but not its transport on EU flag vessels
Temporary exemption for imports of crude oil through pipelines

30/05/2022Raffaella Del Priest appointed director general of the crucieristic activities of GPH in Italian ports
It comes from the San Cataldo Container Terminal

30/05/2022The contents of our newspaper on social most frequented
The articles of "inforMARE" on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

30/05/2022In Russia, a significant increase in rail freight fares is expected
It proposed a 11% percent markup as early as next month

30/05/2022The FVG Region sets out directives for the commissioner for the deepening of the grounds of the port of Monfalcone
It will also deal with the dredgings of the seabed of the port areas of San Giorgio di Nogaro and Marano

30/05/2022Intercargo, for seafarers the Covid is not at all behind
Fafalios : Our efforts to highlight the difficult situation of seafarers do not have to stop

30/05/2022Finnlines has taken delivery of the second of three new hybrid ro-ro ships
It is part of a programme of new constructions worth 500 million euros

30/05/2022Launched the first of the four new luxury cruise ships of Explora Journeys
It is under construction at the Monfalcone shipyard in Fincantieri

30/05/2022Russian logistics operators to the stark search for containers for their shipments
For purchases of containers they are mainly turning to China

27/05/2022The Higher Council of Public Works has approved the project of the new Genoa foranea dam
Giovannini : The efforts made in the past few months to start the National Plan of Retake and Resilience are bearing the desired fruits

27/05/2022An EU ban on the import of Russian oil and gas to third countries could have a decisive impact on Western shipowners
The ICS underlines it. As cross-trader John Lyras (Paralos Maritime Corporation)-European shipowners, and Greek ones in particular, are more exposed to these exchanges

27/05/2022The port of Ravenna is participating in the project that won the 2022 IAPH Sustainability Awards
The aim is to create a platform for the management of drones to improve safety in port areas

27/05/2022Accident at work in the port of Gioia Tauro
A worker who fell from a height of three metres was taken to the emergency room and then discharged

27/05/2022Under investigation, the president of Numer 1 leaves the post of Vice-President of Assologistics
Filt-Cgil and Fit-Cisl, the solution to avoid the recurrence of these episodes in the area of logistics is the re-internalization of the work and thus the elimination of the procurement

27/05/2022In April the port of Algeciras handled 385mila containers (-5.2%)
In the first four months of this year, it was more than 1.5 million (-0.3%)

27/05/2022The Russian navalmechanics industry tries to take the path of autarchy
United Shipbuilding Corporation enters the segment of container carriers

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