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15 May 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:07 GMT+2

14/05/2021To April the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +29.1%
Hard increase of the goods several and the solid bulk

14/05/2021Completed the work of modernization of dock 22 of the port of Ancona
Giampieri: with the rebirth of the infrastructure, for the first time the port of call has on hand four docks for handling of several container and goods

14/05/2021Confetra confirmation the intention to carefully follow the performance of the PNRR
Russian: in this historical phase all we must make a effort in more in order offering to government and parliament a strategic contribution and of vision that it goes beyond the usual directory of unsolved knots

14/05/2021Of confirmed Sarcina general secretary of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Oriental
Unanimous voting of the Committee of management

14/05/2021HMM records revenues and operating profit quarterly records
In the first three months of the 2021 fleet of portacontenitori of the company it has transported 944 thousand teu (+6.7%)

14/05/2021Federagenti, necessary that the promises of the PNRR for the development of the industry of the sea are translate in facts
Saints: without an attention concentrated and priority on the resource sea, the possibilities of I throw again of the Italy system are reduced drastically

14/05/2021In the first trimester of the 2021 traffic of the goods in the port of Koper it is dropped of -5,8%
To recorded March a resumption of +15.7%

14/05/2021The port of Los Angeles in April establishes own record of traffic of the enlivened container
In the first quadrimestre of the 2021 total it has been of 3,54 million teu (+42.2%)

14/05/2021In the first three months of this year the value of the new acquired orders from Fincantieri has grown of +15.3%
In the period the revenues are increased of +9.1%

13/05/2021Messina (Assarmatori) has met vice ministra Teresa Bellanova
Emphasized the importance of the PNRR for I renew green of the marine fleet

13/05/2021In the first trimester the traffic of the goods in the Croatian ports is increased of +15.5%
In the field of the passengers a bending is recorded of -7,0%

13/05/2021Wan Hai Lines orders four portacontainer from 13.100 teu to Samsung
The investment will pile to 445 million dollars

13/05/2021Performance quarterly financial institutions record for Yang Ming and Wan Hai
In the first three months of this year the revenues of the two companies are increased respective of +79.8% and +114.4%

13/05/2021The port of Long Beach has established a record of traffic of the container relatively to the April month
In the first four months of the 2021 port of call it has enlivened of 3,12 million teu (+41.8%)

13/05/2021To April the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore is returned to grow
In the first quadrimestre of this year the port of call has enlivened 201,4 million tons of cargos (+0.8%)

12/05/2021Evidencing that the market not rule alone, the CLECAT renews the exhortation to the EU so that inquires on the developments of the shipping containerized
In occasion of the Maritime Forum - it has denounced the association - the Europe Commission has remained in modality "listening"

12/05/2021EMSA and ECDC have published the first review of the guide for the cruises in the era Covid
The first version goes back to July 2020

12/05/2021Entrusted the editing of the town development plans of the ports of the Central Adriatic
The contract includes the drawing up of the Document of Strategic Planning of System

12/05/2021HHLA returns to record an increase of the quarterly economic results
In the first three months of this year the enlivened containerized cargos from the harbour terminals of the group are dropped of -6,6%

12/05/2021The charter of Textainer container records turned out quarterly records
The consistency of the fleet is gone up almost four million teu

12/05/2021Port of Gioia Tauro, started the work of realization of the dock of West
To days they will begin the operations of characterization of you alleviate me harbour

12/05/2021Hapag-Lloyd closes the best trimester of own history with financial results record
Decrease of the -2,6% of the transported containerized cargo volumes from the fleet

11/05/2021The prompt IMO a fair distribution of the vaccine so that they can approach also the marine ones to you
Currently those disabled are 200 thousand to leave the ships or to reach them

11/05/2021The assembly of Assoporti confirmation the nomination of Giampieri to president
It succeeds to Daniele Rossi

11/05/2021Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal begin the activity of railway maneuver in the port of Livorno
Employees initially four locomotives

11/05/2021Fedespedi makes the point on the situation of the economy and the traffics
Published the last edition of the four-month one of economic information of Centro Studi

11/05/2021In the PNRR the realization of the last railway mile in the port of Augusta is included
Cost of the work: 50 million euros

11/05/2021Practice anti-piracy in waters of the Gulf of Guinea
Involved a ship of the Grimaldi group. Synergy between Marina Militare and Guardia Costiera with Confitarma

11/05/2021To March the traffic in the port of Genoa is increased of +10.9% and to Savona-Go it is dropped of -22,5%
In the first trimester of this year the two ports of call have enlivened respective 11,87 million tons (- 5.3%) and 3,07 million tons (- 12.5%)

11/05/2021In the first trimester of the 2021 harbour terminal of ICTSI they have enlivened 2,7 million container (+7.9%)
Performance quarterly financial institutions record

10/05/2021Uiltrasporti, necessary sure guarantees of protection of the places of work of the marine ones of Tirrenia CIN
Tarlazzi and Fantappiè: the situation remains more and more confused and full of uncertainties

10/05/2021Two new cranes of dock to the container terminal BEST of the port of Barcelona
The two means will become operating in June

10/05/2021Agreement in order to expand at the market Chinese the TradeLens platform
Understanding with China Unicom Digital Tech

10/05/2021Global Ship Lease closes the first trimester with revenues record
Profit clearly in increase of +276.2%

10/05/2021To April the revenues of Yang Ming and Wan Hai have grown respective of +103.4% and +178.9%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2021 increments they have been of +85.3% and +129.2%

10/05/2021APM Terminals yields the container terminal in the harbour area Maasvlakte di Rotterdam to Hutchison Ports
It has a annual ability to traffic of beyond 3,3 million teu

10/05/2021ONE widens the producing ability to transport of perishable
The Japanese company has bought 27,000 container reefer

10/05/2021To April the revenues of Evergreen Marine Corporation have grown of +95.2%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2021 rise it has been of +104.7%

10/05/2021In the fleet of Cosulich Siblings a new lighter of the ability to 8.000 mc of LNG and MGO will enter
The investment for the construction of the boat is of about 45 million dollars

07/05/2021Western From Liguria AdSP, adopted the Document of Strategic Planning of System
Confirmed the suitability of the Nautical Dock for the positioning of the New Tower Pilots of Genoa

07/05/2021Giampieri announces its availability to the candidacy to the presidency of Assoporti
The nomination will be up to the assembly that will meet tuesday

07/05/2021Evergreen archivia the best trimester of its history
The revenues are increased of +106.9%

07/05/2021Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has closed the first trimester with a net loss of -1,37 billion dollars
Still practically annulled the revenues

07/05/2021APM Terminals tightens an agreement for the development of the new harbour area of Plaquemines, in Louisiana
The terminal for containers will be able to receive ships from 22.000 teu

07/05/2021The service of territorial continuity on the marine route Civitavecchia-Olbia will be guaranteed without burdens publics
During the winter the connection will be carried out by the same authorized shipowners to carry out the service in the summery season

06/05/2021In the first trimester of the 2021 traffic of the goods in the port of Venice it is diminished of -4,9%
Decrease of the goods several and the liquid bulk. The solid bulk returns in increase

06/05/2021Messina (Assarmatori): with the PNRR we can modernize and throw again a fundamental field as that of the marine transport
First reunion of the specific table of job on the "Harbour Marine System"

06/05/2021The shippers of restate the absolute necessity of the doubling of the Pontremolese
Fontana: on the issue one settles and she maintains yourself, responsibly the unit of all the ruling class of the interested territories

06/05/2021To Gioia Tauro the bases for the creation of the new agency for the harbour job are set
Agostinelli has remembered the necessary mixed presence of public and private share capital

06/05/2021Forum of Assocostieri and Assarmatori on the role of alternative fuel in the shipping
One will hold on 19 May in television conference

06/05/2021In the first trimester the revenues of Finnlines are diminished of -5,0%
Operating costs in increase of +1.4%

06/05/2021Sommariva will propose the confirmation of Of Sarcina to general secretary of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Oriental
On 14 May the nomination proposal will be subordinate to the Committee of management

06/05/2021Neptune Declaration, the crisis to take it in turns of the crews of the ships anything but is ended
Huns (Synergy Group): with the fast spread of new stocks of Covid, we find worrisome signs that they would have to constitute reason of great worry for our field

06/05/2021Round table of Propeller Club of Genoa on naval gigantism
One will hold on 13 May via web

06/05/2021The port naval of Carrara consolidates the traffic of lapidei materials
From the terminal of the FHP two trains leave weeklies magazine loaded with great directed blocks of granite in Veneto

06/05/2021Agreement UIR - Enel in order to realize a net of customs warehouses in the areas not used of some electric power plants
Gasparato: previewed it requalifies it of the assets of some of the main Italian ports

05/05/2021In the first three months of the 2021 turnover of Deutsche Post DHL it has grown of +22.0%
Profit clearly in increase of +295.3%. Considerable increment of the contribution of the segment of the solutions for the e-commerce

05/05/2021Initiative of Federlogistica Service and Assagenti Services for the continuous formation
Twenty webinar on thematic of cross-sectional interest to the field of the logistics and the marine transport

05/05/2021Port of Ravenna, in the first trimester of 2021 enlivened the 5,8 million one tons of goods (+4.1%)
To March the traffic has grown of +20.3%

05/05/2021In the first three months of the 2021 fleet of portacontainer of the Maersk group it has generated revenues pairs to 9,5 billion dollars (+31.1%)
The operating profit has recorded an increase of +675.9%

04/05/2021To March the port of New York has established own historical record of traffic salary of the container
+40.8% are enlivened 790 thousand teu ()

04/05/2021In the 2020 volume of transactions of the logistic group Gefco it is diminished of -19,7%
Operating profit down of -31,5%

04/05/2021In the first trimester of the 2021 traffic of the goods in the port of Civitavecchia it has grown of +18.1%
Decided decrease of the passengers of cruises (- 94.0%) and of the ferries (- 29.9%)

04/05/2021Assoporti institutes a bottom of solidarity for the families of the workers passed away during the harbour activities
Previewed also an extraordinary campaign of sensitization on the topic of safety

04/05/2021Evergreen considers that the caused economic damage to the company from the incident of the Ever Given relatively will be limited
It has announced of having sufficient a insurance cover

04/05/2021In the first trimester of the 2021 traffic in the Swiss ports on the Rhine it is diminished of -2,9%
The container has been pairs to 27.309 teu (- 5.3%)

03/05/2021In the first trimester the revenues of the charter of container CAI have grown of +16.9%
Page: the state of the market will continue at least to positive being until end 2021

03/05/2021In the 2020 intermodal traffic to the Interporto of Padua it has grown of +13.8%
Franco Pasqualetti is the new president of the company

03/05/2021To March the traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports is returned to grow
In the first trimester of this year tons (- 3.0% are enlivened 129,3 million)

03/05/2021The Trade-union Union of Base proposes a new model of development for the ports
8 May an encounter to Genoa in order to discuss about the criticalities of the Italian harbour system

03/05/2021Lineas buys the railway company Independent Rail Partner
It is specialized in the connections with the port of Rotterdam

30/04/2021In the first trimester of this Royal Caribbean year it has accused a net loss of -1,13 billion dollars
The revenues are dropped of -97,9%

30/04/2021CMA CGM orders to CSSC the construction of 22 portacontainer
The store clerk is for six ships from 15.000 teu, six from 13.000 teu and ten from 5.500 teu

30/04/2021Ok to consuntivi budgets 2020 of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western and Mare Adriatico Centrale
From the first of May adriatic agency it will begin the division of the refreshments

30/04/2021Vettosi (Confitarma): the application of the taxonomy to the marine transport is much complex
The risk is the removal of the financings for innovative solutions

30/04/2021New warehouse of Gruber Logistics to Lainate (Milan)
It rises on an area of 15.000 square metres

30/04/2021Signed to the port of Taranto the concession that assigns to group GPH the management of the cruises
The contract has a duration 20-year-old

30/04/2021Green light to consuntivi budgets 2020 of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Northerner and the Sardinia
The two harbour agencies are confronted with the effects of the sanitary crisis on the entrances

30/04/2021Approved of General Statement 2020 of the Authority of Harbour System of the Strait
About to definition a project for the support and I throw again of the harbour economy

30/04/2021The assembly of Assoporti unanimously indicates Giampieri to the presidency of the association
The proposal will be discussed in the next sitting

30/04/2021Hard increase of the financial results of the company of containerized navigation ONE
Down, instead, the volumes transported from the fleet

30/04/2021Shipowning group Chinese COSCO records turned out financial quarterly records
In the first three months of this year the fleet has transported 6,78 million container (+21.0%)

29/04/2021Vittorio Torbianelli is the new general secretary of the AdSP of the Adriatic Oriental
Record of traffic for freedom of expression to the container terminal of TMT to Pier VII of the port of Trieste

29/04/2021Interferry wishes the ready institution of the Green Certificate Digital volunteer proposed from the EU commission
Corrigan: it will contribute to create confidence between the passengers and will encourage the economic resumption

29/04/2021In the PNRR about 111 million euros in support of the development of the port of Gioia Tauro
Agostinelli: draft of a decisive moment of the process of I throw again and development of the port of call

29/04/2021Much positive the first trimester of the container charter world leader of the market
Triton has closed the first three months of 2021 with a profit clearly of 139,8 million dollars (+81.5%)

29/04/2021In the last trimester of the 2020 harbour terminal of Eurokai they have enlivened 2,9 million container (+7.2%)
The German group has closed the exercise anniversary with a net loss of -30,6 million euros

29/04/2021Refreshments for 700 thousand euros for beyond 30 enterprises of the ports of La Spezia and Carrara
General Statement 2020 of the AdSP anticipates an economic remainder of beyond seven million euro

28/04/2021ICS and ITF mutually accuse for the failure of the negotiations near the ILO for the adaptation of the minimum wage of the marine ones
The shipowners complain that their triennial agreement is rejected that previewed an increase of 3%. The union denunciation the attempt from datoriale part to freeze the salaries and therefore to determine a cut of their real value

28/04/2021Pool of Scorpio Pool and Sea World Management in the field of the Handysize of beyond 15 years
Initially the fleet will be of four ships

28/04/2021Quarterly decrease of the volume of transactions of the Finnish Cargotec and Konecranes
In increase the new orders, in particular for Cargotec

28/04/2021In the first trimester of the 2021 traffic of the goods in the port of Rotterdam it is increased of +3.0%
Increase of the volumes in all the fields with the exception of that of the container

28/04/2021Today one celebrates the "world-wide Day for safety and the health on the job"
Confitarma, Assarmatori, Assorimorchiatori, Federimorchiatori, Filt, Fit and Uilt evidence the necessity to continue in the distance in order to annul the incidents are on board of the ships that to earth

28/04/2021In the first three months of the 2021 traffic of the goods in the ports Albanians it is increased of +14.6%
The passengers are diminished of -29,8%

28/04/2021The European Parliament has approved of a resolution for cleaned a more efficient marine transport and more
The document emphasizes the necessity that the objective of zero setting of the emissions must be based on the involvement and the participation of the operators of the field and on a support of the EU

28/04/2021Positive performances quarterly financial institutions of the UPS group
In the first three months of this year the profit clearly has grown of +396.6%

28/04/2021In the first trimester of this year the revenues of COSCO Shipping Ports have grown of +20.3%
Profit clearly down of -17,3%

27/04/2021Sea Consortium orders to Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding four portacontenitori new from 7.000 teu
The Chinese yard has entered in the market of the portacontainer in 2013

27/04/2021Chinese SITC International records quarterly revenues record
In the first three months of this year the fleet has transported 696 thousand teu (+29.1%)

27/04/2021Chinese CIMC remarkablly increases the new sales of container
In the first three months of this year the revenues have grown of +82%

27/04/2021DSV Panalpina will buy the logistic activities of the Middle Eastern Agility
The transaction will have a value of about 4,1 billion dollars

27/04/2021Increase of the quarterly performances of ABB
In the first three months of the 2021 new orders they are piled to 7,8 billion dollars (+6%)

27/04/2021Maersk attends to record the first trimester of 2021 with optimal financial results
Previewed an increase of +30% of the revenues

26/04/2021In the first three months of the 2021 port of Algeciras it has enlivened 1,13 million container (- 13.2%)
The Spanish harbour port of call has enlivened a total of 24,8 million tons of goods (- 9.7%)

26/04/2021Costamare finds the entire property of five portacontainer from 11.000 teu
Found 60% of the property in the hands of York Capital

26/04/2021Assoporti, well the insertion of beyond three billions of euro for the ports in the draft of the PNRR
Rossi: now we go ahead with the reforms of some norms for the realization of the infrastructural works

26/04/2021In increase Marine the quarterly results of the Offshore division & of Bureau Veritas
In the first three months of the 2021 new orders pairs to 2,2 million tons of tonnage have been

26/04/2021Stable the traffic of the goods in the port of Antwerp in the first trimester
Down only the liquid bulk

26/04/2021ANCIP, Filt, Fit and Uilt denounce the attempt to distort the norms on harbour self-handler and concessions
Possible - it has announced the association of the harbour companies - all the actions in order to block this scempio, enclosed the block of the ports of Italians

26/04/2021Confetra, the PNRR recognizes value and function to the section of the logistics
Nicolini: finally our field is recognized as a industry and not as a commodity

26/04/2021Kuehne + Nagel records turned out financial quarterly records
They return to grow enlivened the marine and aerial shipment volumes

26/04/2021Today the final conference of the Smartlogi project is carried out guided from the port of Trieste
Goods is centralized on the topic of the sustainability and the innovative solutions in the within of the transport

23/04/2021Twenty-four million euro of indemnifications for 2020 to the ormeggiatori
Refreshments for the endured losses because of the pandemic crisis

23/04/2021Quarterly revenues record and in extraordinary increase for OOCL
In the first three months of the 2021 fleet of the company almost two million container (+23.8% have transported), activity that has generated revenues for three billions of dollars (+96.0%)

23/04/2021Giuseppe Grimaldi is the new general secretary of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central
It succeeds to Francesco Messineo

23/04/2021The containerized companies of navigation - sentenzia the UNCTAD - are not responsible for the escalation of the value of the marine hires
The organ of the UN confirmation that the increase of the rates of marine transport will have an important impact on consumers

23/04/2021SNCF will sell the Ermewa to Caisse de dépôt ET placement du Québec and DWS Group
The company is active in the field of the chartering of railway wagons and wagons reservior

22/04/2021The port of Zeebrugge has closed the first trimester of this year with a bending of the -16,5% of the traffic
Increase of the container and the solid bulk

22/04/2021Signed the contract of concession of the Logistic Platform of Trieste
The agreement has a validity 31-year-old

22/04/2021In the first trimester of the 2021 traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto it is increased of +9.1%
In increase the liquid bulk. Decrease of other cargos

22/04/2021Dorman (ECSA): unjust to penalize the financings for the decarbonizzazione of the shipping being based on the goods transported
Besides to put off destined innovative solution financings - it has emphasized - is run the risk to accelerate an inefficient modal transfer

22/04/2021PSA realizes 500° the train on the railway line Genoa-Basel
The service previews three travels weeklies magazine of round-trip

22/04/2021In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the container in the terminals of DP World has grown of +10.2%
They are enlivened beyond 18,4 million teu

22/04/2021To half May GNV will put in service ferry GNV Antares
The ship has an ability to 2.100 linear meters of rotabili and beyond thousand passengers

22/04/2021In the first three months of the 2021 revenues of the Wärtsilä they are diminished of -19%
The value of the new orders has remained stable

21/04/2021German BLG Logistics has closed 2020 with a net loss of -120,2 million euros
The revenues are diminished of -8,1%

21/04/2021Activated in the port of Ancona the project for the digital control and tracking of means in disembarkation and boarding on the ferries
The initiative has afforded to move all the heavy vehicles in an external customs area to the port

21/04/2021BIMCO, CLIA, ICS and WSC exhort the governments to discuss about the measures based on the market for the decarbonizzazione of the shipping
Restated not to the adoption of unilateral systems as that proposed from the EU

21/04/2021Agreement MSC Cruises - Cruise Saudi in order to realize cruises in the Red Sea and to develop crocieristico tourism in Saudi Arabia
In winter season 2021-22 in the region ships "MSC Vituous Magnifica" and "MSC" will be employed

21/04/2021Federagenti, to have enclosed the dredgings in the ports between the strategic objectives well
Saints: "great satisfaction, certainly. But now it is the moment not to wind down the guard"

21/04/2021To March the Chinese ports have established a new record of traffic for this month
The enlivened international traffic from the single marine ports has been pairs to 352,5 million tons (+11.3%)

20/04/2021The EU fine railway groups ÖBB, DB and SNCB in order to have constituted a trust in the segment of the rail shipment of the goods
The endorsement of beyond 48 million euros is almost all at the expense of the German company

20/04/2021In the first trimester of the 2021 traffic of the goods in the Moroccan ports of the ANP it is dropped of -2,3%
The container has been pairs to 354.388 teu (+0.5%)

20/04/2021Minister Giovannini asks the presidents for the Regions the understanding on five new presidents for the Authorities for Harbour System
Indicated Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, Andrea Agostinelli, Alberto Chiovelli, Ugo Patroni Griffi and Matteo Africano which presidents respective of the AdSP di Northern Adriatico, Gioia Tauro, Sicily Oriental, Southern Adriatic and Adriatic Headquarters

20/04/2021Al via the contest in order to make of the port of Ravenna one of the hub crocieristici of Royal Caribbean in the Mediterranean
The concession contract will have a duration 35-year-old

20/04/2021In the first three months of the 2021 port of La Spezia it has enlivened 328 thousand container (+6.1%)
Altogether the goods is diminished of -8,5%. To Carrara recorded an increase of +3.6%

20/04/2021Appeal of Assiterminal and Assologistica to the MIMS so that the harbour terminalisti can benefit of the promised supports
Inconceivable - they denounce - than some companies with turnovers in "red dark" they have not still given sure on the being up refreshments

20/04/2021Sinotrans, in 2020 is recorded a consisting increase of the e-commerce activities
The revenues of the Chinese logistic group are increased of +8.9%

19/04/2021In the 2020 revenues of the Liebherr they are diminished of -12,0%
In the single field of the cranes for the marine field they are dropped of -10,4%

19/04/2021Nicolini (Confetra): well the start of the implementing phase of "Fast Italy"
They are not permissible - it has emphasized - other delays

19/04/2021To March the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +13.9%
Hard increase of the containerized trade with 312 thousand teu enlivened (+41.7%)

19/04/2021Merlon (Federlogistica): still no therapy for the ports
Dredgings, which blocked works, town development plans (and not varying) and regulations on the concessions between the knots to melt

19/04/2021Fedespedi on 31 December asks the dismissal for the application of the new rules on the radiometric controls
De Crescenzo: expanded times and costs would put to serious risk the ability to the Italian logistics to compete to total level

19/04/2021The Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Sicily Oriental applies reductions in price to the concession canons
Refreshments for a total of 635 thousand euros to the operators of the ports of Augusta and Catania

16/04/2021Completed the Serravalle gallery of the Third Pass
The completion of the entire work is previewed in 2024

16/04/2021Assarmatori, the introduced industrial plans from the CIN are founded on solid and credible bases
Messina: callback the attention of the institutions to look to this event with great sense of responsibility

16/04/2021In the first trimester of the 2021 traffic of the goods in the ports managed from the AdSP of the Southern Adriatic it is dropped of -8,2%
To Bari tons (- 6.0%) and to Brindisi 1,61 million tons (- 13.1% are enlivened 1,29 million)

16/04/2021Cerame-Unie and ESC denounce the damages that the rise of the marine hires produces on the export European
The exporter of producing ceramic of the EU - they emphasize - have serious problems in making sure their shipments

16/04/2021Named the 29 extraordinary commissioners in order to unblock 57 public works
Draft of projects of the total value of 82,7 billion euros

16/04/2021To half May in the GNV fleet enters ferry GNV Aries
It will be employed on the route between Naples and Palermo

16/04/2021In the first trimester of the 2021 containerized trade in the port of Valencia it has grown of +5.4%
To March the increment has been of +9.2%

15/04/2021Fincantieri has delivered to Viking the new Viking Venus cruise ship
It is constructed in the ship yard of Ancona

15/04/2021Approved of to Genoa the first floor on a national level of ship recycling
The Large cementiera "Sea" will be demolished near the Saint George Ship yards of the Port

15/04/2021The Authority of the Channel of Panama hat sends back the increase of the rates for the reservation of the transits of the ships
The modifications to the system will be introduced the first june

15/04/2021In the first three months of the 2021 terminal of COSCO Shipping Ports they have enlivened 24,6 million container
Increment of +9.8% on the correspondent period of 2020

15/04/2021Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong has grown of +7.1%
In the first trimester of the 2021 +2.4% are enlivened 4,2 million teu ()

15/04/2021Great concentration in the segment of shipping the Heavy Lift attendant
The Dutch Jumbo and the German SAL Heavy Lift attendant constitute joint venture Jumbo-SAL-Alliance

15/04/2021Port of Palermo, 180 assumptions between PortItalia and CLP
Todaro: the family of our societies increases itself ulteriorly reaching the number of 300 dependent

15/04/2021The port of Los Angeles marks the new record of traffic of the container for freedom of expression
In the first trimester of this year +44.0% are enlivened 2,59 million teu ()

15/04/2021In the first trimester of 2021 CIMC it has recorded a fort increment of the container sale
Attended useful consisting for the shareholders

15/04/2021The Central Americans Seatrade and Jamaica Producers buy the Geest Line
The British company is specialized in the marine connections between United Kingdom and Caribbean

14/04/2021Evergreen appeals to the parts involved in the incident of the Ever Given so that a transattivo agreement is reached
The objective is the revocation of the order of forfeiture of the ship

14/04/2021Signed to Brindisi disciplining of service for the clearance in sea
Grimaldi will introduce a third ship on the Ravenna-Brindisi-Catania route

14/04/2021Saints (Federagenti): rather than to criticize the shipping containerized, the alert would have to be for the potential risk of productive monopolies
Sterile - it has asserted - some controversies or crashs on the supply chain marine

14/04/2021Navigation Mountain is re-entry in Confitarma
Fabio Montanari is named councilman

14/04/2021Project in order to reduce the acoustic impact in the ports
Involved the harbour ports of call of Livorno, La Spezia, Cagliari and Bastia

14/04/2021Messina (Assarmatori): for the decarbonizzazione of the shipping they are necessary incentives publics
Necessary time before fuel methanol, ammonia, bio-fuels, hydrogen and cells effectively become applicable solutions on wide scale

14/04/2021Hapag-Lloyd invests 550 million dollars in order to buy new container
They are ordered in China

14/04/2021In the first trimester of the 2021 containerized trade in the terminals of CMPort it has grown of +27.8%
Enlivened 31,9 million container

14/04/2021Sea-Intellingence, the introduction of portacontainer of large-capacity has not determined a deterioration of the quality of the service
The society has compared the reliability of schedule in the 2018s and 2019

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