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13 August 2022 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:00 GMT+2

12/08/2022New multimodal service of Metrocargo Italia for the transport of beets
Realized on behalf of COPROB-Italia Zuccheri and in collaboration with Medlog Transport & Logistics, Rail Hub Europe and Interporto Padova

12/08/2022Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +10.4%
Record volume in the first seven months of 2022

11/08/2022In Spain, preparations are being made for the next ban on truck drivers from loading and unloading
Failure to comply with the provision will be sanctioned with fines of up to 4,600 euros

11/08/2022In order to ensure traffic to Italy, German hauliers are asking Tyrol to suspend the restrictions imposed on trucks
From 19 to 29 August, the Brenner-Wörgl rolling motorway service will be suspended

11/08/2022Yang Ming again posted record quarterly revenues
Net profit for the period April-June increased by +60.7%

11/08/2022Freight traffic in the ports of Croatia and Montenegro increased in the second quarter
Recorded increases of +14.5% and +40.9% respectively

11/08/2022MSC Cruises ships are ISO 21070:2017 certified for the protection of the marine environment
All future units of the fleet will also receive recognition

11/08/2022Hapag-Lloyd again records record values of the items in the quarterly income statement and freight
Stable volumes of goods in containers transported by the company's ships

10/08/2022UPS has signed an agreement to acquire the Italian Bomi Group
The company specializes in healthcare logistics

10/08/2022Anti-piracy exercise in the Gulf of Aden
Simulated attack on the "Jolly Crystal" con-ro

10/08/2022Still record quarterly revenues for HMM
Exceptional increase in economic performance

10/08/2022The port of Long Beach has set its own new container traffic record for the month of July
In the first seven months of 2022 enlivened 5,79 million teu (+4.6%)

10/08/2022In the second quarter the revenues of Seaspan Corporation grew by +7.9%
The parent company Atlas closed the period with a net profit of 140.0 million (+112.1%)

10/08/2022The German terminal operator HHLA records record quarterly revenues
In the period April-June the quota volumes enlivened by the port terminals of the group have decreased of -3.8%

09/08/2022Brussels launches consultation on the effectiveness of the antitrust exemption for containerized shipping
The EU Commission has also sent questionnaires to stakeholders on the impact of consortia of liner shipping companies on their activities from 2020 to the present

09/08/2022Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings reports an improvement in economic results
The April-June period was closed with a net loss of -509.3 million dollars

09/08/2022Three bids for the privatization of the port of Igoumenitsa
They were presented by the Greek Attica and Aktor Concessions, the Italian group Grimaldi and the Port Authority of Thessaloniki

09/08/2022In July, Yang Ming's revenues increased by +24.8%
Reached the highest figure ever recorded this month

08/08/2022On Saturday, a new historical record of daily ship traffic in the Suez Canal was set
The average number of daily transits has risen from 48 ships before the doubling of the canal project to the current 62 ships

08/08/2022Yilport orders 27 port vehicles from Kalmar
Two reach stackers are destined for the Taranto container terminal

08/08/2022In the second trimester the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa has increased of +3.4% and in that of Savona-Vado of +14.3%
Respectively handled 13.4 million and 4.2 million tons of cargo

08/08/2022In the first seven months of this year the traffic of the container in the port of Gioia Tauro has increased of +15.4%
The movement of cars grew by +147.7%

08/08/2022Published the project financing proposal for the relaunch of the historic port of Cagliari
Deiana: will allow the landing of mega yachts directly in the heart of the city

08/08/2022In the second quarter the net profit of Wan Hai Lines grew by +58.8%
Record half-year performance

08/08/2022New monthly revenue records for Evergreen
Last month the turnover increased by +36.9%

08/08/2022Maffei: The FMC will do everything in its power to force maritime carriers to recover empty containers left on the docks
For the president of the US federal agency, it should be shippers and hauliers who should be compensated for prolonged container stops rather than the other way around

05/08/2022In the second trimester the traffic of the goods in the Tunisian ports has fallen of the -6,0%
In the first half of 2022 the decrease was -2.8%

05/08/2022Evergreen recorded record quarterly and half-yearly economic performance
In the period April-June revenues increased by +75.1%

05/08/2022In the second trimester the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna has increased of +1.9%
Historical record in the first half of 2022

05/08/2022Decisive increase in rail traffic serving the port of Livorno
In the first six months of 2022 there were 1,368 trains (+56.2%)

05/08/2022Three other ships loaded with corn left Ukraine
The intention of the Ukrainian authorities is to also allow the arrival of ships in domestic ports

05/08/2022DHL reports record quarterly revenues
Decline in air shipments. Maritime ones are on the rise

05/08/2022Viking Line sells the Amorella cruise ferry to Corsica Ferries
Built in 1988, the ship was sold for 19.1 million euros

05/08/2022Published the call for the execution of extraordinary maintenance work in the port of Augsburg
The work will have an amount of 25.1 million euros

05/08/2022Maersk buys compatriot Martin Bencher Group
A division dedicated to project logistics will be established

05/08/2022The cargo airline Atlas Air will be acquired by a group of investors
Transaction worth approximately $5.2 billion

05/08/2022Atlas Corp. (Seaspan and APR Energy) received a takeover proposal
It was advanced by a consortium formed by ONE and Atlas' largest shareholders

04/08/2022Alfa Laval buys the Danish BunkerMetric
The company develops software for the optimization of fuel consumption and bunkering activities in the naval field

04/08/2022Global Ship Lease raises its quarterly revenue record again
The period April-June was closed with a net profit at 56.9 million dollars (+77.4%)

04/08/2022Agreement for the construction of the third route connecting the port areas of the island of Augsburg and the mainland
The construction of a third bridge will cost about 21 million euros

04/08/2022In the second trimester the port terminals of ICTSI have enlivened 2,9 million container (+6.1%)
In the first semester of this year the traffic has increased of +5.4%

04/08/2022Hupac recorded moderate traffic growth
Concern about the difficulties caused by the work on the railway lines

04/08/2022The Port of New York will impose a tax for the over-parking of empty containers on the docks
It will be applied from the first of September

04/08/2022In the second trimester the traffic of the goods in the port of La Spezia has grown of +1.1%
Decline in containers. Sharp increase in bulk. Positive data from the port of Carrara

03/08/2022Rete Ferroviaria Italiana has acquired from the Calabria Region the railway assets of the port of Gioia Tauro
RFI will be able to proceed with the implementation of the intervention plan envisaged for the stations of San Ferdinando and Rosarno and for the railway section connecting with the port

03/08/2022Agreement between the European Shippers' Council and the Digital Container Shipping Association
The aim is to cooperate in the development of standards for the digitization of containerized shipping

03/08/2022After six quarters of recovery, the performance of European combined transport deteriorated in the period April-June this year
Schultze (UIRR): Without effective intervention, the current dysfunctions in rail transport will continue for several years

03/08/2022In the second trimester the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto has increased of +3.8% thanks to the growth of the dry bulk
Container traffic amounted to only 2,899 teu

03/08/2022Presented the new waterfront of Trapani, a project that includes the construction of a new port terminal for passengers
On August 11, the deadline for participating in the call for tenders for dredging interventions in the port worth over 60.5 million euros will expire

03/08/2022The increase in the price of energy products weighs on the activity of Swiss ports on the Rhine
In the first half of 2022, imports of liquid fuels decreased by more than -43%

03/08/2022In July, the historical record of ship traffic in the Suez Canal was recorded
In the first seven months of 2022 traffic grew by +15.5%

03/08/2022New quarter with record financial results for the Maersk Group
In the period April-June the volumes of cargoes transported by the container fleet have decreased by -7.4%

02/08/2022Fincantieri launches the cruise ship Norwegian Viva in Marghera
It is the second of six units of the new "Prima" class for Norwegian Cruise Line

02/08/2022Seventh consecutive quarter of record financial performance for Textainer
In the period April-June revenues increased by +8.4%

02/08/2022Port of Ancona, in the quarter June-August is expected a recovery of + 38% of passenger traffic
In the ferry segment a growth of +37% is expected and in the cruise segment of +56%

02/08/2022In the second trimester the traffic of the goods in the port of Livorno has increased of +1.2%
The port of Piombino recorded a growth of +19.6%

02/08/2022Agreement between the ports of Rotterdam and Singapore to establish a green and digital maritime corridor between the two ports
The first sustainable ships are expected to be put on the route by 2027

02/08/2022In the quarter April-June the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice has grown of +6.5%
There were 74 thousand cruise passengers compared to 556 thousand in the corresponding period of 2019

02/08/2022The Court of Auditors has approved the 2020 management report of the Western Ligurian AdSP
The institution has received significant extraordinary funding for the implementation of infrastructural interventions

02/08/2022Maersk expects better quarterly results than previously optimistic estimates
Increase of +52% in turnover in the period April-June of this year

02/08/2022The strong increase in revenues of container ship charterer Danaos Corporation continues
In the period April-June they amounted to the record value of 250,9 million dollars (+71.4%)

01/08/2022In the first half of this year the Panama Canal was crossed by a record number of ships
In the second trimester alone, ship traffic increased by +8.4%

01/08/2022ONE celebrates its eighth consecutive quarter of record financial performance
In the April-June period, revenues increased by 56.1% percent

01/08/2022In the first half of this year the ports of Taiwan handled 7.52 million containers (-2.5%)
In the second quarter, a decline of -2.7% percent was recorded

01/08/2022Intercargo calls for the creation of a secure maritime corridor for cereal exports from Ukraine
According to the association, ships should be accompanied by a naval escort

01/08/2022Uiltrasporti, reduce the fee for railway infrastructure to support rail freight transport
It is necessary, the union explains, to cope with the extraordinary increase in the cost of energy

01/08/2022In the first half of this year, Yilport handled record container traffic
The total was equal to 3,41 million teu (+36%)

01/08/2022In the second trimester of this year the maritime traffic in the Bosphorus Strait decreased by -15%
Tomorrow the transit of the bulkcarrier "Razoni" is expected, the first ship has restored grain exports from Ukraine by sea

01/08/2022In the first half of the year, the revenues of the logistics group French GEODIS increased by +34%
Operating profit up by +53%

29/07/2022Appointed the panel of experts to analyse the two proposals to carry out Genoa's new foranea dam
It is made up of Felice Arena, Renata Archetti and Claudio Giulio of Prisco

29/07/2022The port of La Spezia signs with the terminalist LSCT a long-lasting development pact
New investment of 232 million euros and increase in traffic and employment levels is expected

29/07/2022In the first half of 2022, freight traffic in the ports of the southern Adriatic region rose 21% percent
Growth in all major merceological categories

29/07/2022AdSP of the Southern Tirreno and Ionian, approved variation and Assesting of Budget 2022
Ok also to the variation of POT 2022-2024

29/07/2022Assiterminal, despite the crisis of government the measures for ports must not be postponed
Ferrari : We have and will also need to have interlocutors prepared with actual proxies

29/07/2022In the second quarter, the traffic of goods with overseas in Chinese seaports decreased by -2.0% percent
In the first half of this year, national seaports handled a total of 4.97 billion tonnes (+ 0.1%)

29/07/2022The financial and operational results of Royal Caribbean are close to pre-pandemic ones
Liberty : The propensation of consumers to travel and cruises continues to be high

28/07/2022Record-breaking quarterly revenue for the Costamare container charterer
The April-June period was archived with a net profit of 122.0 million (+ 34.6%)

28/07/2022In the April-June quarter, the crucierists in Malta were 137mila
Activity in progressive recovery after the peak of the pandemic

28/07/2022In the second quarter, freight traffic in Albanian ports decreased by -14.7% percent
Passengers growing by +107,0%

28/07/2022Di Blasio appointed as commissioner for the realisation of the new container terminal in Porto Marghera
It will have a capacity of one million teu

28/07/2022In the second quarter, revenues from the Marine & Offshore division of Bureau Veritas grew 8.4% percent
Acquired new orders for about 2.5 million tons of gross tonnage

28/07/2022Venice Port Community, the tender landing of the Cruserists does not damage Venice nor its role as a home port
The committee specifies that such a solution cannot represent a stable alternative to the widespread approx

28/07/2022Container charterer Triton reports record quarterly revenues
Market growth is expected to ease

28/07/2022Hapag-Lloyd expects to close the first half of 2022 with a significant growth in financial results
The containerized volumes transported by the fleet are stable

28/07/2022Global Ports Holding recorded an improvement in financial performance, but these remained in negative territory
A more decisive relaunch is expected in these months

27/07/2022Record quarterly financial results for DSV
The group's air and sea shipments grew strongly

27/07/2022Construction of a new DHL Express hub at Munich Airport has begun
Investment of 104 million euros

27/07/2022DP World celebrates new records in container traffic
The containerized volumes handled by HPH Trust in the first half of the year were stable

27/07/2022Federagenti, the government crisis must not stop the sea sector
Saints: an incumbent government exists and can take important decisions

27/07/2022In the port of Olbia will be made an approach for cruise ships
At the quay they can also moor the ferries alternately

27/07/2022Konecranes recorded a remarkable growth in orders
In the period April-June revenues increased by +3.7%

27/07/2022Finnlines posted record financial performance in the second quarter
Revenues grew by +36.2%

27/07/2022Collaboration agreement between the Corps of port authorities and Assoporti
It provides for the sharing of data and information on ships acquired within the national AIS network

27/07/2022The Port of New York set its new historical records for quarterly and semi-annual container traffic
In the first six months of 2022 it was enlivened a total pair to 4,9 million teu (+11.4%)

27/07/2022The two offers to build the new breakwater in Genoa have arrived
The AdSP announces that they will be evaluated by an independent panel of experts

27/07/2022Logistics and transport company completely unknown to the tax authorities
The Guardia di Finanza of Pavia has seized assets for about 700 thousand euros. You denounce two people

27/07/2022In the first half of the year, Fincantieri recorded growth in revenues and a decline in new orders
The period was closed with a net loss of -234 million euros

26/07/2022Five vice-presidents of Fedespedi appointed
They are Alessandro Albertini, Domenico de Crescenzo, Guglielmo Davide Tassone, Manuel Scortegagna and Ciro Spinelli

26/07/2022DFDS buys Irish trucking company Lucey Transport
It has a fleet of 400 trailers

26/07/2022The Three-Year Operational Plan 2022-2024 of the ports of the Central Adriatic has been approved
Garofalo: the programming will be further deepened and completed in the System Strategic Planning Document

26/07/2022Spanish ports set their new historical record of quarterly freight traffic
In the period April-June of 2022 have been enlivened 147,98 million tons (+8.9%)

26/07/2022In Gioia Tauro, the agreement for the port employment contract was signed intermittently
It was signed by MCT and the trade unions

26/07/2022In the second quarter the revenues of the UPS group increased by +5.7%
In the first half of 2022 the growth was +6.1%

26/07/2022Joint venture of EGAS, Leth and Kanfer Shipping for the bunkering of LNG in Egyptian ports
The company will rent a new bettolina ordered by the Norwegian company last year

26/07/2022Global Ports Holding will operate three more cruise terminals in the Canary Islands
They will be built in the ports of Arrecife and Puerto del Rosario

25/07/2022CMA CGM integrates GEFCO into its logistics division
Obtained the ok of the EU antitrust authorities to the acquisition of the company

25/07/2022In the quarter April-June the traffic of the goods in the port of Civitavecchia has increased of +18.1%
The cruise passengers were 572 thousand (+784.2%)

25/07/2022Decisive increase in the half-yearly turnover of the Genoese port terminal operators
The turnover towards Italian customers is up by +20.3% and to foreign customers by +12.9%

25/07/2022In the second quarter, the net sales of the logistics group Kuehne + Nagel grew by +45%
Net profit up by +79%

22/07/2022Shippers and freight forwarders are once again calling on the EU Commission to reinstate the block exemption regulation for containerised shipping companies
They call for an urgent review of the rules

22/07/2022Agreement signed for cereal exports from the ports of Odessa Oblast
Lim: The IMO's instruments are the basis of this agreement

22/07/2022CMA CGM increases freight rebates for imports into France
Reduction also in export tariffs

22/07/2022AIDA Cruises experiments with the first bio-bunkering of one of its cruise ships
It took place in the port of Rotterdam with a goodfuels bettolina

22/07/2022Porto della Spezia, signed the agreement to fluidify the traffic of heavy vehicles
The agreement was signed by all trade associations and trade unions, with the exception of Assarmatori

22/07/2022The port of Barcelona has set its own new record of semi-annual container traffic
In the first half of 2022, 1.8 million teu was exceeded for the first time

22/07/2022Growing half-yearly traffic in the port of Ancona
In the first half of the 2022 have been enlivened 5,47 million tons of goods (+9.2%)

22/07/2022In the second trimester the traffic in the port of Rotterdam grew by +3.0%
Decisive decrease in container cargo (-12.3%)

22/07/2022In the second trimester of 2022 the traffic of goods in South Korean ports has decreased of -5.1%
Containers have been pairs to 7,29 million teu (- 6.0%)

21/07/2022The J M Baxi - CMA Terminals consortium has been awarded the management of the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Container Terminal
Planned investments of approximately 109 million dollars

21/07/2022New intermodal service Interporto Bologna - Gioia Tauro for the transport of MSC containers
It is carried out by three pairs of trains per week

21/07/2022Claudio Tarlazzi confirmed secretary general of Uiltrasporti
The new national secretariat has been elected

21/07/2022Hupac, Kombiverkehr, Hoyer, Paneuropa, Lokomotion and KTL create a data hub for intermodal transport
The system will offer access to all actors in the supply chain

21/07/2022The board of Federagenti renews the appointment of the four vice-presidents
They are Laura Miele, Gianluca Croce, Giancarlo Acciaro and Domenico Speciale

21/07/2022Vago (MSC Cruises): the closure of the Wärtsilä production line in Trieste could generate negative repercussions on Italian shipbuilding
We therefore hope - he said - that on this decision there will be a rethink on the part of Wärtsilä

21/07/2022In June, the negative trend of container traffic in the port of Algeciras continued
In the second trimester in the have been enlivened a total pairs to almost 1,2 million teu (- 1.1%)

21/07/2022Wärtsilä's quarterly economic and commercial performance was positive
In the period April-June net sales grew by +24.4%

21/07/2022ABB recorded a deterioration in quarterly financial performance while the positive trend in orders continued
The Swiss group has announced its exit from the Russian market

20/07/2022Bronze medal of merit of the navy for the commander Sinisi of Costa Cruises
The recognition for the work done for the rescue in 2018 of the 11 crewmen of a Turkish motor ship

20/07/2022A MIMS report confirms the growth in ferry traffic in the second quarter of 2022
It is higher than the pre-pandemic level. Cruises are recovering, although still lower than the 2019 data

20/07/2022Record quarterly orders for the Cargotec Group
In the period April-June revenues increased by +12.4%

20/07/2022Nomisma Mare highlights the consistency and strategic nature of the economy of the sea
To the value of the maritime cluster is added that of the tourism sector

20/07/2022Inaugurated the expansion of the logistics hub of Dissegna Logistics within Interporto Padova
The aim is to develop intermodal connections to and from central-northern Europe dedicated to semi-trailers

20/07/2022In the first half of 2022 the port terminals of CMPort have enlivened 66,3 million containers (- 0.3%)
In the second quarter alone, a decrease of -3.9% was recorded

20/07/2022Brazil's CLI will acquire two terminals in the port of Santos
Macquarie will buy 50% of the South American company through a capital increase

19/07/2022Bucchioni confirmed president of the Propeller Club of the ports of La Spezia and Carrara
For the first time, two women joined the board

19/07/2022Ok of Brussels to a Spanish aid program for the transfer of goods from road to rail
The budget is EUR 285 million

19/07/2022Maersk warns customers that the surpluses for the EU ETS will be substantial
They would be applied from the first quarter of next year

19/07/2022Home arrests for six executives of S.I. Cobas and USB as part of the investigation into strikes in the logistics sector
The two trade unions have called for a 24-hour strike

19/07/2022DP World will complete the acquisition of African logistics company J&J
The Dubai group will obtain the remaining two tranches of the share capital

19/07/202221 Invest sells the Polish logistics company VGL Solid Group to the English ligentia
The Gdynia-based company has a network of 28 branches and employs 800 people

19/07/2022First unified Sustainability Report of the three PSA terminals in Italian ports
It presents the objectives achieved in 2021 and in the two previous years

19/07/2022Renewed the concession to the Spanish shipyard Nuevo Astillero de Huelva
The contract expires in 2062

18/07/2022The luxury cruise ship for polar expeditions Crystal Endeavor will be part of the Silversea Cruises fleet
It will be acquired for $275 million

18/07/2022In the first semester of this year the port of Valencia has enlivened 2,6 million containers (- 6.6%)
In the second quarter alone the decline was -3.6%

18/07/2022A project for the production and transport of green hydrogen between the ports of Sines and Rotterdam is being studied
It will be run by a consortium of Shell, Engie, Vopak and Anthony Veder

18/07/2022Two rivers in Ukraine included in the TRANS-European TEN-T network
They are the Dnieper and the Eastern Bug

18/07/2022In the first half of 2022 the traffic of the containers in the terminals of COSCO Shipping Ports decreased by the -1.7%
Decrease of -6.1% of the volumes enlivened in the Chinese ports

18/07/2022The Italian maritime-port cluster asks that Mario Draghi remain at Palazzo Chigi
Continuity is needed in government action that - explain the representatives of the sector - cannot and must not be jeopardized. Assoporti is also worried about political instability

18/07/2022On Friday, Algerie Ferries' summer maritime service will start on the Algiers-Naples route
Five trips are planned until September 18th

15/07/2022La Spezia will be the first port to start the national experimentation of the Single Customs And Controls Window
Summary: the strategic objective of simplifying and making efficient services to goods is becoming a reality

15/07/2022SBB CFF SBB Cargo leases 35 new locomotives
They will be taken over in 2024 and used for eight years

15/07/2022In the first half of 2022, cruise traffic in GPH's terminals was significantly below pre-pandemic levels
However, there was a consistent recovery of +2,521%

15/07/2022Navantia, with an agreement with Repsol, aims to become a leader in hydrogen technology for the shipping industry
They will explore opportunities in the field of renewable hydrogen generation

15/07/2022The Adani Ports - Gadot consortium won the tender for the privatization of the Israeli port of Haifa
The concession contract will expire in 2054

15/07/2022The port of Termoli under the jurisdiction of the AdSP of the Southern Adriatic Sea
Toma (Molise Region): historical result

15/07/2022In Trieste, TMT sets new records in container traffic
In the first half of 2022, 378,112 were handled (+19.9%)

15/07/2022In the first six months of 2022 the port of Hong Kong has enlivened 8,4 million containers (- 3.5%)
In the second quarter alone, an increase of +2.2% was recorded

15/07/2022The unions announce battle against Wärtsilä's decision to close the historic marine engine construction business in Trieste
Fedriga (FVG Region): unacceptable choice in methods and ways

14/07/2022CLECAT, it is time for the European Commission to radically change the rules of the containerized maritime transport market
Appreciation for the ITF report urging greater attention to be paid to this area

14/07/2022Agreement in Trieste to apply quantum cryptography also to the port and logistics sector
It has been signed by AdSP, SISSA, University of Trieste, Area Science Park and CNR

14/07/2022Collapse of container traffic handled by the Russian company Global Ports
In the second quarter of this year there was an overall decrease of -37.1%

14/07/2022The increase in the six-month traffic of the Antwerp-Bruges port system was slowed down by the decline (-9.8%) in container cargoes
In the second quarter alone recorded a growth of +1.2%

14/07/2022The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles set new container traffic records for the month of June
Long Beach also recorded its own new historical peaks in quarterly and semi-annual volumes

14/07/2022In June the traffic of goods in the port of Singapore decreased by -1.3%
In the first six months of this year the containers have been pairs to 18,4 million teu (- 1.8%)

14/07/2022German port companies are asking the union to resort to arbitration to unblock the renewal of the contract of port workers
Today a 24-hour strike begins on the docks of Germany

14/07/2022HMM announces a five-year investment plan worth approximately $11.5 billion
The growth of fleets for the transport of containers and bulk and investments in terminals, logistics and in the environmental and technological sectors are planned. Diversification of activities is envisaged

13/07/2022CEVA Logistics increases its presence on the African market
Spedag Interfreight has been acquired, with offices in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan

13/07/2022The captain of vessel Minervino is the new secretary general of the Port System Authority of the Central Adriatic Sea
He was appointed unanimously by the Institution's Management Committee

13/07/2022Confitarma calls for urgent decisions to address the shortage of Italian seafarers
Among the proposals, to finance the basic training courses necessary to embark young people on board ships and temporarily allow the embarkation of quotas of non-EU seafarers on cabotage trades

13/07/2022The Shipping portfolio of the commercial bank NIBC exceeds the value of one billion euros for the first time
There has been a steady growth in funding in this sector

13/07/2022The Commission for Phytosanitary Measures has set up an advisory group to assess the potential pest contamination of containers
The International Cargo Handling Coordination Association will participate in the work

13/07/2022Fincantieri starts work on the basin of the luxury cruise ship Seven Seas Grandeur
It will be delivered next year to Regent Seven Seas Cruises

12/07/2022Negotiations for the takeover of MSC on Global Ports Holding were unsuccessful
Today the two companies announced the interruption of the talks

12/07/2022Memorandum of Understanding between the Navy and Sparkle for the protection of submarine telecommunications cables
The agreement provides for the development of research activities and shared operating procedures to improve the protection of submarine communication infrastructures

12/07/2022Started the S.U.Do.Co., the Single Customs and Controls Desk
Giovannini: it will allow us to regain competitiveness compared to other countries that have invested before us in this direction

12/07/2022Acts of piracy against ships fell further sharply
In the first six months of this year there were 58 (-15%) and in the second quarter alone 21 (-30%)

12/07/2022Fincantieri has signed a revolving credit facility with Intesa Sanpaolo for a maximum of 500 million euro
It will cover the financial needs related to the construction of multiple cruise ships

12/07/2022Messina (Assarmatori): shipping and the national economy cannot afford a government crisis
The problems to be solved - he underlined - require decisions

12/07/2022The International Transport Forum calls for greater control over containerized shipping and proposes to charge more taxes to the sector
It calls for a rethinking of competition rules and denounces that shipping companies in the EU contribute only 4% to the cost of financing and maintaining maritime infrastructure

12/07/2022Last month the traffic of goods in Russian ports fell by -3.2%
In the march-june quarter of this year the decline was -3.7%. The decrease in import goods was accentuated (-28.5%)

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