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March 21, 2012

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ANITA asks the government to take part on the arrest warrant of the bisarche

The association denunciation damagings and aggressions and demands the restoration of the order and the legality

ANITA denunciation an increase of the damages caused from the arrest warrant bisarche in existence by now from a month. "Set on fire Motors vehicle, assaulted and threatened pebble launch from the flyover, drivers, headmasters of block that - accusation the association - they force also who wants to work to stop himself. Episodes - ANITA emphasizes - than cannot certainly be defined pacific, as the promoters of the protest declare".

The association observes that "the arrest warrant continues to oltranza, in spite of the availability to favor confronts demonstrated from the main actors of the row, comprised ANITA - that represents the larger enterprises of road haulage in Italy, between which also those which transport cars - and that since last February, before the protest began, it had become available to favor the dialog between the enterprises of the section".

"I do not comprise - the ANITA president asserts, Eleuterio Arcese - because in Italy he is assisted periodically to similar actions of protest without nobody takes part. The enterprises that I represent continue to signal the impossibility to me to carry out own activities because they endure threats, intimidations and damages to own means. It is unacceptable that a driver can risk the life because its bisarca loaded with cars is set on fire". In support of own denunciation ANITA has diffused the photography of a bisarca that it is set on fire some days before.

"The representatives of such organizations - critical Arcese - continue to resort to the instrument of the arrest warrant of the services in irresponsible and uncivilized way causing damages to the economy of the Country. Fiat has closed some plants and blocked the production of the cars and to pay of the consequences they are the workers of the factories, the dependant of the concessionaires and all the workers who operate in the row that they risk the loss of the job and the redundancy fund. A productive field cannot be blocked in order to claim of the costs. These go negotiate with own outsourcers".

ANITA asks therefore the participation for the government. "The government - Arcese explains - cannot continue to assist to such situation without to make nothing. Such actions damage not only the row of the automotive but the entire collectivity. We expect that in the next hours the Ministry of the Interior takes part in order to restore the order and the legality".

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